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My webhost review : ZNET INDIA

As you can see I run a wordpress powered site which is hosted on ZNET INDIA servers. I made quite a research before choosing ZNET INDIA as my hosting service provider.

Let me explain why an indian web hosting company and that too ZNET.

  • ZNET is one of only service provider in india which supports fantastico script (all that i need to run my site).
  • Provides latest PHP an My SQL database (Both 5.0+) for every hosting plan in linux.
  • Very quick in providing wordpress updates. Recently when wordpress 2.7 was released i saw an update link my cpanel just a day later.
  • Being an Indian webhosting company i can call them whenever i run into any trouble which i cant afford if it were a US based server.
  • Good effective business model and good management. Recently ZNET has gone green to provide services more efficiently.

When I started my research on webhost’s i first started with Indian companies.I shortlisted Net4, Znet and Indialinks.

I also had a look at manashoting but later dropped it from my list (you too better avoid them).

The problem with indialinks was that there was no onsite hosting packages rate and I had to contact their support. And when i did contact, it was a shocker; 2500 Rs for 50MB of webspace (way too high).

Net4 did not have any issues with it. It could have been either way in choosing between net4 and znet.

I wanted a web space of 1 GB for which the price tag at net4 was a touch higher. (Remember, I’m not looking for that ‘cheap’ hosting which you’ll find with other webhosts in india)

Therefore I had no hesitation in choosing znet as my webhost. I purchased a domain and also a hosting package from them and believe me my site went live in just under 12 hrs which is exceptional.

You may find some words of mouth against net4 and znet on the web but common net4 is the leader in indian webhosting market and znet has a class of its own.

But before I made my final decision for znet i even had a sneak  at US hosts. Most of them offer hosting packages at 5.95$/month but that’s for a contract of 3 yrs minimum. So you got to to pay 5.95$ * 12months*3 yrs at a single time.

But they give much more than just a hosting space like adwords credits, yahoo credits, unlimited web space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited subdomains. But the point is, do you need them?

I made use of this website (link removed; site no longer exists) as my tool in my research and you too may find it useful.

Coming back to ZNET, their support is good, prices reasonable both for basic and premium plans. Their downtime may not be 99.99% as they say but its right up there with the best. I log onto my site atleast 15 times in the day time and never did I find my site down.

I’ll be very strict against this on ZNET and update this post should i face any problem in this regard.

Update: I have mentioned in the comments below that I have moved on to Hostgator. I really don’t remember any major issues with them while I was using their shared plans but as you can read below, there are people who are disappointed with their services.

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  1. I think ZNet is the worst in the Industry. Any web hosting company in Nepal provides a better service.

    They have a pathetic team. In fact when I was in Jaipur, I visited them and ask to meet Munesh Jadoun, CEO. They refused and told he is not in yet.

    All the team members I met was under-graduate kids, chewing tobacco all the time.

    Beware of ZNet India (rebranded as ZNet Live)

    • They simply are a pain in the neck. They said their chat support are available 24×7 but what is the use, they will ask you to raised a ticket for a simple problem. HostGator guys provide assistance through Chat support, why can’t ZNet do the same instead of asking to raise ticket for a simple problem? I purchased a Gold hosting with them. Everything was fine for the first month and after that, a total chaos. I had to raised a ticket whenever i had to add a subdomain or an addon domain. I have to wait like 4/5 hours to add a subdomain/addon domain, coz i have to raised a support ticket and wait for their reply. How ridiculous it can be than this? Do i need to write more?
      My email was not working on Mozilla Thunderbird and asked for their help, as it was some server related. But they didn’t give a satisfactory reply. Instead they keep saying that Webmail works at their end, so it must be a problem at my end. Hey, I know how to use Mozilla Thunderbird and am not a 6 year old kid. Also, they will ask you not to store ZIP or PDF files on your hosting else your account will be terminated. How can a site that provides ZIP file or PDF file(say small file, application form) for its visitor expect to work in such restrictions?
      Your account will be suspended if your site attracts huge visitors.
      I am moving all my sites and files to HostGator, they are somewhat costlier(only a few dollar) but they are worth the price. Their support staff are also just awesome. What you expect from a company

      is a good support and service, isn’t it? A support staff of theirs even help me in fixing some hosting unrelated problem (it was a PHP programming problem)..
      Those who want a 99.9% downtime, go for ZNET…

      Stay away from them..I am a very patient type guy, I never make negative remarks/reviews about other company but ZNET India has made me do this. Sorry guys, i had to blurt out something bad about a company, I don’t want others to have the same problem and frustration that i am facing.


  2. Znet is the worst service providers. i bet i am having service with them every week the server goes down. they don’t know how to chat as well. if you go with some problem they don’t respond to your chat.

  3. What is stated is very true. I have had very bad experience and most of their reviews are fake. The technical team, sales team and their service is pathetic…. In one word if i have to describe “Fake”.. Worst service ever. their chat keeps getting disconnected when you ask them for the solution or then you have raised technical query. Finally at last i got my domain cp and moved to another hosting company in Bangalore. i am finally happy moving to manashosting

    • Can’t tell if this is a genuine opinion or a troll by the mentioned company, but I’m sure you’ll find that the company you’ve chosen will turn out to be as bad as znet

  4. Znet is the worst service providers. i bet i am having service with them every week the server goes down. they dont know how to chat as well. if you go with some problem they dont respond to your chat.

  5. I would advice never to use znetindia. I have been with them for more than 5 years. their support is just terrible. however, I stayed with them as I didn’t really needed to change my domain registrar and all i had was few domains and no hosting. But recently had to sell 2 websites which required transferring domains to namecheap. even after doing every procedure properly ( EPP code, approval of transfer.. the whole thing ) they still haven’t released the domain.

    I called them multiple times, sent countless emails and none of that got sufficient answers or explanations.. just some plain dumb people trying to learn English. heck they can’t even speak properly and I very much doubt if they know anything that they are speaking about.

    the next step for me is to get a lawyer and file a complaint against them for sabotaging my business deals and causing monetary loss. I am done with these people.

  6. I liked their services. They have whole range of services which an online business requires. I availed their services and felt spellbound by their quick and to-the point response. Nobody can just like that become India’s 4th largest domain and web hosting company. They are currently serving 20,000 plus customers and you can’t attain this number of customers without great service.

  7. Yesterday on shared hosting my znet account was suspended, and the reason they give is high usage of resources, damm shit. Very low traffic site got this reason.

    They have advice me to take premium hosting, today i’m thinking to go for it. Can u please suggest me is it worth to go for znet? coz on shared hosting i got 75% up time and every week twice there is down time of 2 hours.

    Their premium hosting package offering windows 2008. Should i go guys? please suggest?

    • No. See this as a good time to move on to another host, something like Hostgator, which will also transfer all your files for free.

    • hi got this same from the znetindia on 10th July..
      they told your using more than 4% of our cpu usage..
      damn shit this one..
      my traffic also low only..

  8. Horrible company, extremely rude and unprofessional support staff. They will phone you endlessly while promoting something in the hope of extracting money out of you, but once they get the money they’ll disappear. Typical sleazy attitude characteristic of Indian Marwaris/Baniyas.

    Their prices are always higher than industry norms – Goadddy.com offers cheaper domain registration and hosting with much better features, reliability and support. Znet India is trying to capture the domestic market – those folks who don’t have credit cards/can’t speak good english and therefore can’t get themselves hosting/registration with a good international company.

    I hosted my first domain with them for 2 years, then moved elsewhere as their service sucked. Continued registering domains with them, but their support staff have become progressively ruder as time has gone by.

    I’m actually going to spend my hard-earned money to transfer my domains away from them.

    Take my advice – if you value yourself and your money, steer clear of these jerks. Do yourself a huge favor and go for Godaddy/Hostgator. It’s cheaper and just plain damn better.

  9. Why to stay away from this company?
    so what if all their servers are worse?
    so what if they all are [removed]?
    so what if nothing work on their server? so what if uptime is zero? so what if they know nothing?
    so what if Znet india is worse company in india?
    come on chill man, there is hostgator, lunarpages, godaddy, myhostingweb, justhost, host blue, host monster companies in market, try to host with them.
    so what if you host with Znet india and having problem with them, its your mistake in the past as i did also the same, but I have improved my mistake at present day, and left znetindia.
    so what if you don’t leave their hosting still now?
    The answer is, your website is like a hell if you are hosting with znetindia.
    Think about it carefully.

  10. “If you want the feeling of Shooting yourself in the Head – Go for Znet India.”
    They are only running because some people believe that they are ZDNET.com which they even once cheatingly claimed to be. I’ve hosed with them for 3 months and would not like to recall the horror. The support is REALLY BAD and they will only respond to issues as “We have made some changes, Please check now”, while they do nothing and make you get soo very frustated. These people are basically cheaters and money minded and only will do anything to make more money. The brands they advertise as their clients are not even their clients, I double checked that recently and found that some DSA’s of the brands have taken some services from them, so Znet advertises these brands as their own clients, which is not true and complete misinformation.

    You will either find reviews of Znet India as VERY BAD (one star) or VERY GOOD (5 stars), this because they themselves put their good reviews, all the bad ones come from their clients.

    This is where the Indians get a bad name.

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      I remember those ‘We have made some changes, Please check now’ replies.
      They claimed to be Zdnet? Lol, can I get any email or piece of information to see it my self when and where they did so?

  11. Well, i wish i had read all this before but unfortunately i got znet too recently and that was start of all pain and frustration.
    Trust me only thing znet is good at is marketing.
    Support staff is lame
    They don’t care about customer
    Server speed too slow
    Email system as mentioned above crappy
    After running into some mssql problems, email was the next worst thing waiting to be discovered.
    For some reason i am not able to create any email account and for past 2 days all they are saying is there’s some bug in the panel they are looking into it
    I’ll suggest go to foreign server rather then any indian unprofessional server.

  12. Sriraj, I don’t agree with you.


    I was with them for 6 years and over 20 websites. They were good initially. Now they are plain and simple HORROR.

    The only thing and only time they will appear prompt is selling. And even in there, if you are a webmaster, even sales advice is inadequate.

    1. Support responds in 3/4 hrs earliest.
    2. Tickets are not solved very quickly. They have this strategy of asking one question a day. So you can look at a week before your problem is even understood.
    3. Downtime is at least 5% for shared hosting. Assuming you have no visitors.
    4. You will not be able to upload big files.
    5. Their own website is regularly hacked and they cannot maintain it.
    6. Forget your backups. They just wont be there when shit hits the fan.

    Well, anything you expect from a host – don’t expect from them (including refunds).

    Contact me for anything you want clarified

    Tarun Chaudhry
    info at smsCarpool.com

    • Hi guys,

      You’re right. ZNet India SUCKS! One of the sites that I maintain on their servers was recently hacked. It is definitely an FTP attack or something similar.

      ZNet India support are never helpful and just dodge you with stupid answers. I would strongly recommend DO NOT buy hosting from their company!

      Sumeet Grover

  14. We are using Znet India for the last two yeras, we are very satisfied with their support and service. Being a web and multimedia company we have reffered and uploded many of our client sites using Znet’s service.

    All the best to for Znet India

  15. i am looking for some web-hosting services for my company’s website.
    I thought of ZNET, their package seems to be good.

    What do you guys suggest, should i go for it?

    Site is developed in PHP/MySQL.

    I do not know much about web-hosting servcies.
    So please also suggest whther it should be Windows or Linux server.


  16. Stay away from ZNetIndia, don’t try to save few $. These guys are extremely unprofessional. They don’t care for customers, nor do they have any clue about customer’s question/queries.

  17. Horrible service from Znet India
    Horrible service from Znet India

  18. My site was hosted on znet India’s server with shared hosting service for 2 months, at first its was going well but since last 15 days its was down regularly, when ever i see it down i put an ticket to solve the problem in few minutes or half an hr it start working and again get down after few hrs, now i have transferred my site to Net Craft India and very happy with them.

  19. We are using Znet India for the last two yeras, we are very satisfied with their support and service. Being a web and multimedia company we have reffered and uploded many of our client sites using Znet’s service. All the best to for Znet India

  20. i am in search of alternate for net4. then i came to see this post.

    Frankly speaking net4 being dumb. funniest thing is they dont even aware of basic terms.
    i have asked for 301 redirection – answer was NO
    i asked for server log – answer was NO
    i asked for control panel – answer was NO
    whenever i am opening a trouble ticket same automated reply coming.. hoot ! terrific support
    but one thing i was happy. they provide better uptime, my site never went down. that only one advantage.

    guys guide me, any good alternate for net4??

    • Go International, HostGator, dreamhost, BlueHost etc… All of those have good discounts this Autumn. And you can’t question their professionalism, could you?

  21. We had a very bad experience. Znet india servers were down for 3 days consecutive and they have no explanation for that. They used to change their servers frequently. We always get email mentioning they are doing maintenance and the site may be down for 1 hour etc. I don’t know what really they do. I honestly feel there are many good hosts apart from them.

    • And that’s exactly why I’ve shifted to HostGator. But as a Start up, I needed a cheap and yet some what reliable hosting for me and I choose Znet. To be fair, I was happy with their service for nearly 7 months I hosted with them but now I need a really good host and hence the change.

  22. Dear but,
    as my experience says the ZNETIndia peoples are not technical and i purchased a VPS from them on 4th Sep but till this time my email issue is still pending and they are saying that the name servers are not resolved but the name servers are fully resolved.
    and the server they had given to me is not as per there commitmetn.
    I am able to connect my VPS but the problem is this when i am sending the email from my account it shows that the email is sent but it neever reaching to destination and other side when i send the emails to this :info@smtpserver.in account i also not receiving the email and nor i am getting any bounce emails this is happening because the ZNETindia peoples are not seems to be technical or it may be there first VPS on Windows plateform.
    Ranvir Sharma

  23. I live in the UK and am thinking of setting an Indian based site. Most users will be from India. Do you think its work using international or India based hosting.

  24. There might be some temporary problem. So better you try other service provider.

  25. Hi Siraj,

    We have taken a premium hosting package from Znet India and unfortunately we never got more than 75% uptime with them. every 3 days we face issues with its ftp server, mailing system goes down for 2-3 days at an stretch and the mails in the spool get lost. the customer support service has been pathetic, I am pasting an example of the latest communication.

    QBY-5496350 (URGRNT: Emails not working)

    Created On: 5/14/2009 2:58:26 PM (IST) Status: Open
    Last Update: 6/12/2009 11:14:21 AM (IST) Last Replier: By You

    Author Contents
    Posted on 5/14/2009 2:58:26 PM (IST)

    We have just realised that our emails are not working since 11 AM today. Receipients are not getting our emails and we have not received any mail in last 4 hrs which our clients and contacts have sent. Could you please check this urgently and release all the mail from the spool.



    Posted on 5/14/2009 4:26:19 PM (IST)

    Kindly update us with email ID and password so that we can check and assist you further

    Posted on 5/14/2009 4:47:56 PM (IST)
    Hi Dev,

    As discussed over phone. This problem is on all the email addresses we have configured.



    Posted on 5/14/2009 5:20:41 PM (IST)
    Any update on this? This is getting very frustrating and we can”t afford to keep waiting on this.


    Posted on 5/14/2009 6:05:42 PM (IST)

    Kindly wait for some time we are looking into it and will update you shortly.

    Email: vaibhav.jaiman@znetindia.com

    Posted on 5/14/2009 8:32:13 PM (IST)
    How much more time do you think you will need to resolve this? Its already close to 10 hrs now???

    Can anyone please call us and update us on what is going on?




    Posted on 5/14/2009 11:30:57 PM (IST)

    Kindly wait for some time we are looking into it and update you shortly.

    Email: umesh.dubey@znetindia.com

    Posted on 5/15/2009 10:19:00 AM (IST)

    Can you please check now and let us know if you require any further assistance.

    Email: vaibhav.jaiman@znetindia.com

    Posted on 6/9/2009 3:09:10 PM (IST)

    We are facing the same issue again on all the emails. We are not able to log-in to webmail and outlook is also not working. We are unable to send and receive emails.

    Please resolve this ASAP.




    Posted on 6/9/2009 6:07:08 PM (IST)

    Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced,there was some temporary issue which is being resolved so kindly check once again from your end and let us know if you require any further assistance.

    Email: vaibhav.jaiman@znetindia.com

    Author Contents

    Posted on 6/10/2009 5:17:27 PM (IST)
    We are facing the same issue again? Can you please resolve this and make sure that it does not happen everyday???


    Posted on 6/10/2009 8:28:35 PM (IST)

    We have checked and found that there are some mails in spool.That why you are not able to send /Receive your mail. we resolve problem very shortly and you will be able to send your mails.Let us know if you require any further assistance.

    Email: sachin.gupta@znetindia.com

    Posted on 6/10/2009 8:36:21 PM (IST)
    Thanks, I hope we don”t need to change any MX records ourselves?


    Posted on 6/11/2009 1:24:26 AM (IST)

    Sorry for the inconvenience, The mail issue has resolved now. So please check and update us if you have require any further assistance.

    Email: gaurav.sharma@znetindia.com

    Posted on 6/11/2009 2:53:25 PM (IST)
    We are still receiving delivery failure messages from a lot of our contacts. Please see below:
    Reason: Remote host said: 550 does not pass SPF requirements for domain



    Posted on 6/11/2009 9:53:53 PM (IST)

    Email: gaurav.sharma@znetindia.com

    Posted on 6/12/2009 11:14:21 AM (IST)
    Now this is getting over board, no satisfactor replies and the emailing system is down for the last two days and there is still no clarifications on when would the same be restored and what would happen to the numerous mails which have not been delivered as yet.

    I have never seen a more pathetic service provider with absolutely clueless customer support team.

    My next step would be to go to the consumer court for deficiency of services and cheating the customers. We are suffering losses in the tune of Lakhs of Rupees on a daily basis, the entire team is sitting idle and our international clients are shouting.

    Would any body in this crooked organisation hear to our plight?

    I want the mailing system restored and all the mails in the spool delivered else be ready for a very severe action from our end.

    Raghavendra Srivastava
    Impetus Research Pvt Ltd.

    • Sorry to here about your problems Raghav. Which platform do you use for hosting your account, Windows or Linux?
      I use Linux and never faced such serious problems. At the most, I remember my site being down for 2 hours once. Other than that, it was an OK sort of service.
      As I said in he above reply, if your customers are International, there is no point restricting yourselves to Indian hosts. Go International and you’ll find many A class hosts. You are talking about loss of lacks of rupees on a daily basis, so I’m sure that Hosts like Dream host or Hostmonster aren’t that costly to you in terms of money.
      Any way, mine is a simple wordpress powered blog which was only started in January this year. So I’m new to this business and thought of seeing how it goes with Indian hosts initially and later on when this blog gets a multi national impression (Which it does now) I’m surely moving to those hosts that I mentioned above.

  26. So since you have posted this, have you faced any issues with znet india?

    We are soon moving with znet, so would like to know if its worthing opting for.


    • I should say ‘Yes’ to be frank. But those problems weren’t to big to make an update to this post.
      From where are you coming to Znet?
      If your target audience are in India and if you can afford a bit more money I recommend Net4.in. Znet, I would say is next best to Net4.
      Or if you have global audience, there is no point sticking to these Indian hosts. I’m thinking of moving to dream host probably when my hosting period ends in march 2010 with Znet.

  27. I wish to change my Nameserver on Znetindia.com but since morning the site is down.

    Please have a look.

  28. Something I try to do, several times, each and everyday.

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