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Windows ISATAP Adapter problem

Okay, I just somehow stumbled on to the Drivers section (Device Manager) of my Windows 7 Laptop and found that there is some Yellow coloured notification beside ‘Microsoft ISATAP Adapter’. Further information tells me that ‘Microsoft ISATAP Adapter device is not working properly and that Windows cannot load the required device drive (code 31).

I don’t see my Laptop having any direct effect because of that since everything seems to be working fine (FYI, other than ISATAP Adapter, I have Broadcom NetLink and Intel Wifi Link device), including connecting to a Wifi network.

However, since I didn’t like seeing that error notification I went on to find some solution and landed here.

If you have similar issues, head over there and click ‘Run Now’. It’ll then download a file to run an Automatic fixing program that will identify hardware errors (including their drivers).

Note: If you cannot connect wirelessly, simply use an Ethernet cable temporarily.

For me, the automatic tool quickly identified that Microsoft ISATAP Adapter isn’t working and suggested that reinstalling device driver may help. I went ahead (simply clicked on fix it) and the tool searched for the appropriate driver and installed it.

Now the funny part

I don’t know whether the problem is fixed since when I go to the same device drivers page, I can’t see any ISATAP Adapter in the first place. Instead, I see some Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter. Even that didn’t last long as the page refreshed itself and it vanished. Now I only see Broadcom and Intel devices listed under the Network Adapters section.

However, when I use the Show Hidden devices (View ->Show Hidden devices), I can see the original ISATAP Adaptor (this time without any error notification) and a bunch of others Microsoft 6to4 Adapters.

I know it’s funny, I didn’t know what problem I was experiencing and what problems I fixed. My laptop was fine before and so it is now. The only change is that there is no more that Yellow error notification beside ISATAP Adapter.

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