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Free Live TV Application – Desktop and Mobile

It was a long time ago that we talked about Mundu here and it finally looks like they got their product ready for release. If you didn’t know what Mundu is all about, I would first recommend you to read this post about Mundu Mobile TV. In short, it is an application that can be installed on your PC/Mac or a compatible mobile to watch live TV.

What we thought initially was that Mundu would compress the Video elements to work with phones that don’t have high end connectivity technology like 3G or Wifi. We think it still does it (hopefully not at the cost of video quality), but it also support those said high end mobile phones with 3G and Wifi options.

Channels list and pricing

While the talks are still going on to add more and more channels, what we can see at this time are few news channels like Times Now, Aaj Tak, NDTV, NDTV Profit, CNBC TV18 and Aawaj, TV9 (telugu) and a sport channel in Ten Sports.

Mundu TV channels

As far as the tariff is concerned, you can try Mundu App for free for the first three days without any registration. After the first three days, you should register with them and continue to enjoy free live TV service for one full month. Only after which you’d need to think whether to subscribe to its plans or cancel your subscription. The Tariff plans are Rs.40 for any 4 channels that you like or Rs.120 for access to all the channels that it offers per month.

The Unique advantage of Mundu TV App is that it is network Independent (when using on a Mobile phone) unlike Airtel Mobile TV App that only works on a Airtel connection.

Download Mundu Application

As said earlier, Mundu Mobile TV works on both Computer and Mobile phones. You can download the Application on your Windows PC or Mac by heading here.

To download the App for your mobile, point your mobile’s native browser (this is important as your mobile’s user agent should be known to present you the appropriate App version, so don’t use the likes of Opera mini’s etc) to www.mundu.tv and download the App.

Almost all popular Nokia Mobile are ‘said’ to be supported. Sadly, one of my older mobile, Nokia 5800 is in the list of compatible mobiles but when I tried to download it, it gives some nasty error releases/Mundu_TV_5thEdition_30136.sis not found on this server (If any one from Mundu team is reading this, please correct this).

Update: Just to quickly let you know that I no longer get that error report but it plainly tells me that Nokia 5800 is not a supported device (and may be other S60 5th edition devices too). If I wish to continue, I could check S60 Symbian 2nd and 3rd edition apps, it seems.

Apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone will soon be released have been released and are available in app stores.

As far as the Desktop Application goes, it is working like a charm on my Mac Pro.

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    • Hi Rohit and Pritam,
      We are currently supporting only some manufacturers like Nokia, HTC, etc and would be expanding our support to include devices like iphone, android etc. My apologies for the same but till then please experience the desktop app and let us know what you think at support [at] mundu.tv

      • Before they send their’s, Here’s mine:
        I guess it was my pure excitement at first and said ‘ wow it works like a charm on my Laptop’.
        Guess what, I’m not using it any more. First of all, the Quality of the picture is not up to the mark. I can barely see the letters if there is something scrolling on the screen, like in news channels for example.
        Second, there are hardly 10 channels last time I checked it out. Not much help either for your product either.
        I hope you can extract my 2 suggestions from this.

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