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8 Ultimate Gmail tips for better performance

Follow these 8 ultimate Gmail tips and extract more out your Gmail account:

Sign out of Gmail from anywhere

Some times you may access your Gmail account from a public computer and forget to logout. When you actually realize the fact, you are already in your home. Now you don’t have to worry about any misuse happening with your account as you can sign out of your Gmail account from any where. When you login to your account, at the bottom of your screen you can see a line that reads ‘This account is open in 1 other location’. When you click on details you can see the activity information for the last 5 logins from where you can sign out from all other sessions.

Create filters

You can setup different filters to the incoming mails to automatically append an already created label or to skip inbox and many other tasks.

To create a filter, click on the ‘create a filter link’ present just beside the top search box in your Gmail account. In the following page enter your criteria to filter the incoming mails. For example, in the Box ‘Has the Words’ you can type ‘tennis’ and in the following page you can make it either to skip the inbox or mark it as read or Star it or apply a label or forward it to another email address or delete it.

Creating Labels

Labels in Gmail are similar to folders in your desktop. You can group all similar emails under one label for easy accessing. To create a label go to settings present at the top right corner and then go to Labels section.

Then create a new label. For example you can create labels like F1, Baseball, soccer etc and put all messages under that label for easy access in the future.

Using filters in conjunction with Filters can make your job easier in accessing similar emails.

Undo a sent email

Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you may send an email to a wrong person. But you may actually realize that you’ve sent an email to a wrong person just after hitting the send button. You are helpless as you cannot undo the sent email but with this excellent setting from Gmail team you can actually undo the sent email.

Single email or Multiple emails

Do you use multiple Gmail accounts to manage your work related mails and personal mails? Actually, you don’t have to. For example, let’s say you have a Gmail ID at abcxyx [at] gmail.com. You can use the same email ID in many ways with + symbol.

Like abcxyx+work [at] gmail.com or abcxyz+family [at] gmail.com which will still be delivered to abcxyz [at] gmail.com itself. So you can give different email ID’s to different persons and set labels to create a separate folder to each group.

Use forwarders

How many Gmail ID’s do you have? Well I have about 10 but only use 1 account too see all the mails including those that land in other email account. I even forgot the passwords of some of the other accounts πŸ˜€

For this I use simple forwarding method that can be setup from the settings. Just go to settings and then to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then setup the forwarding email address and save the settings. You may also want to apply filters in your single used account and set the ‘to email ID’ to the forwarded email address and then label it accordingly.

Canned responses

Now there is no need to type a same reply again and again. Just activate canned response from the Labs and when you are replying you can select a previously canned response and send the same. You can even use filters to automatically send canned messages as replies to selected messages.

Do you know Gmail labs?

Have you ever visited the labs section in settings part?

It’s got a world of new features that you wouldn’t imagine an email application could have like accessing Gmail even when you’re disconnected from the Internet, Flickr photos in emails, emails translation to all major languages across the world, playing games, creating your choice of layouts for your Inbox, Inbox preview etc.

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  1. Am using about 30 filters now. I think filters are the best part of gmail. Love them a lot πŸ™‚

  2. could you explain a bit more about how to create labels?
    As i already created a label and set is as escape inbox but even then the mails from that source are landing in my Inbox.

  3. I never went to the lab section. But now I found some really fantastic features to experiment with. I really liked that Inbox preview one.

  4. Good information.
    Another addition to the forwarders trick is to setup the settings to enable replying as if from the forwarded-from email from forwarded-to email itself.
    Might be a little un clear but hope you understand.

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