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YOU Transformer Broadband plan (30GB data at 10Mbps at Rs.749/month)

Well, we’ve seen this quite often. The big players (such as Airtel) on one hand, who are known for their quality of service but charge a premium on their tariff plans and the budding players on the other hand, who provide similar plan benefits for quite less but can’t be relied upon for their service quality.

But some times, the plans from these new players are so tempting that some may find it hard to resist joining hands with them. And if this budding company promises a ‘service commitment’ of 4 hours, then there is every reason for you not to think twice.

The new company that we are talking about is ‘You Broadband’, which has been around for quite some time now but still, is young compared to the big ones. People in Hyderabad, especially, should be well aware of YOU.YOU Transformer

Its new plan, called ‘YOU Transformer’ offers 30GB of data at 10Mbps for Rs.749 a month. Even sweet is the news that this plan is not capped at 30GB. Beyond that usage, you will still get a speed of 2Mbps for any amount of data till the billing cycle ends.

Just to compare with the big player that we mentioned before, Airtel currently offers a (Turbo 30GB plan) 4Mbps connection up to 30GB (beyond which the speed reduces to just 256kbps) for Rs.1399 a month.

Tip: If you are new to Broadband then there is no harm in trying with YOU first. Just check their service for a month and two and then decide if you want to continue with them or not.

In case you are currently with another service provider and want to switch to YOU for their low tariff plans, you will have to research a bit more about their quality. Similar to YOU, there is Beam fibre; if you wish, you may want to check their tempting plans too. Personally, I would prefer Beam to YOU just because it has a lot more user base and hence a lot more responsibility; besides the fact that even its plans are very good.

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  1. I’m living in dwarka, how can I get this plan (30GB of data at 10Mbps for Rs.749 a month)?

  2. Hi, This is great news. Could you please throw some light on such second tier providers in Bangalore? Thanks.

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