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Buy Vodafone 3G USB sticks & get 2G speeds, for now !!

As 3G comes closer and closer to the India (public sector telecoms already provide 3G services, see BSNL 3G coverage), existing companies are gunning all their efforts to create a user base when the day actually arives. One such an effort is the never seen before push by Vodafone to buy its ‘Vodafone 3G USB Stick’. We’ve covered Vodafone wireless Internet USB before but this is a whole new story.

Vodafone 3G network

Remember that Vodafone still doesn’t have any 3G coverage in India and that will not happen any sooner than 1September 2010 (provided they are among the selected list of companies when the bids will be opened later this week). So no matter whether you buy a 3G stick or a 4G stick, you are only left with Vodafone’s GPRS/EDGE network that can give speeds of 144kbps. Vodafone 3G USB stick

3G stick while roaming

Roaming as always is completely free with in India. But where you might have an Advantage over other networks is when you roam outside India. Vodafone with its vast network all over the world and 3G being existent in most parts of the western countries, you will then enjoy the real 3G experience.

But for India, at least until 1 September 2010, you are left with 144kbps speed.

3G USB stick plans

Before we get to the plan, let me also add that this stick can support a MicroSD card up to 2GB. So you now also have a ‘real USB’ besides a device that can connect to the Internet.

Subscription charges are extremely less than other data cards, but are on an annual basis.

For Rs.5999 a year, you get 1GB of free data and for Rs.6999 (Rs.583.25 a month) a year you get Unlimited data (Really can’t understand the logic here, for only a difference of Rs.1000, a shift from 1GB to Unlimited).

For Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh add another R.500 to both the plans.

For 1GB plan, 1ps/10KB will be charged beyond free usage.

Here is the sweetest part, the actual USB stick costs Rs.2599 which comes your way for free if you choose the Unlimited plan. So you now have to pay only Rs.7999 to get the 3G USB stick and 1 year subscription. Sweet, isn’t it?

Update: Vodafone now has 3G network so you will no longer get 2G speeds while using a 3G data card (that is if you have subscribed for 3G plan). You can visit their site to check latest tariff plans.

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    I got connection of VODAFONE 3G with Rs.850 plan with a credit limit of Rs.6200? (Because I used 4 post paid gsm & 1 data card, I was considered as special customer & allowed this credit limit). I used 1.5 gb for my ordinary use and I wanted to download a film (Great Expectation – an oscar award winning film taken in 1946). After 3GB usage (my Free usage), I was disconnected with a msg. I tried to continue thinking that I will be stopped on my credit limit. I was stopped at 6GB total usage which was my credit limit and I was not informed about this info. But VODAFONE in its record has a detail that it has sent one sms to me. After 7 hours, without knowing that I have reached my credit limit, I tried once again on a SUNDAY. My download continued to download 9GB at a stretch (my total film’s size itself is 7GB) and the connection was cut without completing the download? I got bill raised for my number to the tune of Rs.1,57,609.10 for a download of approximately 15 GB. (up to 3GB free, up to 6GB credit limit) and after discounts, the final bill raised was Rs.29,303.89. When I asked why my internet connection was not disconnected on reaching my credit limits, I was told lots of stories that (1) the usage of internet connection is not as simple we think and all downloads will go to Vodafone server and then download will start. I doubt that double the usage of customer will be charged (2) it was Sunday and server will not cut (3) being special customer (boon or ban), the connection was not interrupted (4) the server will calculate the usage once in 4 hours and my laptop consumed first 6 GB on 2 days time and 9 GB usage all on a sudden within 4 hours (Like steeling water from corporation connection using motor) (5) it is a software mistake (6) Vodafone has applied to government and government has not sanctioned the plan resulting in non stop of internet connection on credit limit and (7) one customer has put a case for stopping internet connection on reaching his credit limit with a note that when he is prepared to pay, why the company interrupted the connection.
    Net result, I had to pay the entire amount on the note that the connection was used.
    This raises many questions :
    (1) At the time of purchase, the rate for extra usage after free usage of 3GB was told 10 naya-paise for 10 kb. A sum of Rs.10000 per GB will be calculated.
    (2) Later on seeing the bill, 2 naya-paise for 10 kb was charged and the balance was given as discount. My service tax alone came to Rs.3223.53. Net charge per extra GB is Rs.2000. If this amount is on advertisement paper, I hope nobody will prefer to have 3G data card.
    (3) The option to the customer whether he wants to cut on credit limit or not was not given to the customer.
    (4) when a customer prefers to go to put case, he is answerable for the balance amount and penalty for late payment also
    (5) No option is given to the customer to pay the amount on protest.
    (6) The customer care support is very poor.
    This is a bad experience. I paid the amount and surrendered the connection..
    98940 56056

    • Is this really true? I would have simply not paid the bill at all. Rs.29303.89 is ridiculous.
      If what you said is really true, I can clearly see Vodafone getting another slap from consumer court, if you wish to approach.

  2. The worst product i ever purchased, can’t believe they rip you off in broad daylight. Download speed that i got was 486 BYTES per second, max speed reached to 55 kbps which was like a ray of sunlight only to be covered by the BYTE clouds again, device disconnects on it’s own all the time. Wouldn’t recommend this for anyone!

  3. I want a 3g usb stick but i m totally confused in airtel and vodafone so friend plz suggest me yar who better airtel ya vodafone

  4. bakwas hai yeh sab aap to broadband lagao or enjoy karo net high speed ke sath…………..

  5. I was purchased vodafone 3g usb stick at rs. 1800. But after 1gb usage is finished and I have planed rs. 147 and its give only 15-20 kbps download speed. I am very nervous. vodafone is the very cheated and costly company. Really , vodafone 3g network is not properly coming in india. I think tata photon plus is the best usb stick than others.

  6. Pradip Kumar Dakua

    I want to purchase new vodafone 3g usb modem..

  7. rajesh ranchhodbhai maniya

    vodafone sabse bada chor hai,
    bakvas network


  9. guys its old news .now 3g is launched can you tell me what is the condition . Pls tell is it worth and about the speed

  10. how to increase the downloading speed in 2g vodafone stick

  11. I want to buy vodafone e stick recently.Any unlimited prepaid plan is there in kolkata.?please suggest me .

  12. Vodafone 3G usb stick work fast when 3G launch…..
    They give only 3G USB stick not 3G network……
    for example you are buying 3G phone but you have only 2G network then how will get
    3G speed…
    So wait for 3G and enjoy with vodafone 3G…..

    Happy to Help us

  13. I am from Namakkal(Tamil nadu State).
    Vodafone is Better to connect Internet and they provide good speed….
    2G give speed of 20 Kbps-25Kbps…

  14. sir i wants to know about gprs prepaid plans in haryana with speed

  15. Hei,i want to buy 3g usb stick 3.6 or 7.2 at cheapest rates . Pls message me the rates at 9033359120 .

  16. i have purchased vodafone usb card 3 months back under 6999 plan.they told me the speed will increase after 3g with the same price.3 days back i send ACT 3G sms to 111 and is activated on 8/04/11 and from that time i am not getting any tower.if u complain to 111 they will tell u to contact 55666 they will tell u to contact 111.who can help me?where should i write?DOT or TRAI.

  17. I bought TATA Docomo the most expensive & ok in service…not for a common men really..i went for BSNL 3G..which is far better than the take care before buying TATA…

  18. I want to purchase vodafone 3 G usb stick , but i want to know the price at Himachal pradesh , I am from Himachal pradesh, V.P.O Dharmpur, Teh. Sarkaghat, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, 175040 . I have received full signal of vodafone mobiles at my home. Kindly tell if i get full signal of GSM phones at my home then it mean vodafone datacard usb also running at my home place

  19. i m using tata photon, i m comfortable with it. But i m thinking to buy this vodafone 3g stick for more speed. Is that appropriate??


  21. i m using internet from my mobile . i m using vodafone 3G sim card and i using plan Rs.95 for 2 GB for one month. but i is very slow and very bad network of vodafone 3g . it is giving just 10-30 kbps per second. please tell me I how can increase the internet speed from using mobile

  22. Hi
    I want to purchase new 3g usb modem..
    plz send price and tariff

  23. Hi, every body before knowing any thing properly don’t purchase. Vodafone not yet officialy introduced 3G service in India in 9 circle. They will start this 3G service in all 9 circle in 1st weak Apr 2011, so how will you get a data transfer rate more then 20-25 kbps, in 2.5G service maximum speed can be achieved upto 256 kbps means data transfer rate max upto 28kbps. Vodafone, Docomo, Reliance, Airtel offering 3G speed max upto 21.2 Mbps means data transfer rate max upto 2.1 Mbps. BSNL 3G service you can get max data transfer rate upto 110 kbps. I believe BSNL is the world worst 2G or 3G service, I believe Vodafone & Airtel still are best.

  24. thnksvery much frnds

    me too planning to purchase a vodafone 3g stick, but now no way to buy it
    is TATA DOCOMO 3g stick really worthy?

  25. I first bought bsnl 3g evdo, pathetic is not the word. Max speed i got is 25-30 kbps. nonsense it was.

    I later bought this TATA Docomo 3g e-stick of 7.2 mbps. They also have 21 mbps which i could not afford.

    Trust me guys, its awesome. I downloaded a movie of 700 mb in just 25mins.
    I am from bangalore. If anybody wants this docomo e-stick, call me 9986620400, i have a friend who sells this. I can give u his contact details.

  26. Speed of vodafone 3G is tooooo slow …………
    its working like 2G……….

  27. I had called to vadafone customer care there i had askd information abt 3G & there they had told that you will be getting 31.1mbps speed & cost wil be abt 1200 only. I had planed to purchase it but by looking at ur comment i don’t want it. Thank you for awaking me.

  28. i want full detail of vodafone 3G.
    i want use of internet what vodafone prepaid data card plan?
    please give me full detail about internet of usb and data card ?
    send sms on 9990106667


  29. I bought vodafone 3g stick it is pathetic,are customers stupid? Sales man sold it saying it is 3g unlimited download stupids are sitting there, bluddy thiefs. They charged 1500 rs nd speed is in bits. What sud I do I dnt knw. Direct loss of 1500 and without any speed even 600 rs of bill every month.

  30. vodafone is [edited]… i purchased a vodafone stick and its 3 months now its still not activated… they said that even after paying rs.2500 you need to pay Rs.900 extra to get it activated. My cell no. 9819381801. I am to ready to take them to consumer court.

  31. Thanks to all you guys…..I was going to purchase the vodafone usb stick…but now after reading all your comments it is clear that its very bad to go with vodafone..

    Can anyone tell me that vodafone 3g services are available right now or not in Delhi NCR.
    My concern is faridabad basically.

  32. Hello Guys…
    Vodafone…Big shi being huge promises. Brought it after seeing futuristic view of 3G…but now getting the speed of 1/2 G. am requesting to all, dont go with DOG…they themselves are helpless…how can they be happy?…

  33. vodafone chya aaila 3g zawala ki kay

  34. vodafone best .

  35. Really pathetic speed of 10-15kbps on Vodafone 3G stick as of now.Waiting for 3G launch….

  36. Tata Docomo and BSNL is giving good speed for 3G…

  37. plz call me 8605004023 if u want to buy vodafone 3g-stick @ rs. 800/-(original price 1700/-)

  38. if anybody want to purchase the vodafone stick in 1000 rs , then plz call me asap. my no . is 9312982550

  39. thnnxx toall of u . we r saved after readin ur comments . thnxx for saving our dash dash…… switch to tata docomo …… hey are giving dwnlding sped of 100-150 kbps. bi tc all . and once again………

  40. I bought 3g stick plan 7499 and I was getting speed below 1 kbps, when i told them to close connection and refund, them have close the connection immediately but not refund the amount. I try with there customer care than nodal officer but these people are helpless, saying sorry but not giving any reason in writing and vodafone say ” happy to help”, anyway I will not leave the matter, I will go ahead and go to their Appellate Authority and than consumer court.

    • Ur r right that vodafone gives that happy to help. according to me that vodafone is helpless for all. but he shows that our service is better. if u check that vodafone is better or bad, then u would find 85% bad, and 15% good.
      i am facing problem from 3 years.


  41. how much speed can I get if I used 98 plan in vodafone usb stick.please inform me in my email id.

  42. I am from Chennai. Its faster compared to other service providers like docomo and aircel. If your signal is excellent, you wil get 30-35 kbps when download(use DAP). No hanging no fuss. only bad thing is vodafone call center service. They know nothing about data card.


  44. I received a stick 4 days ago and even after all the processes the same has not been activated. I am tired of chasing Vodafone as my calls are not returned. If anybody wants to take Vodafone to consumer court, please mail me at ramandeep.arora at
    As per Vodafone employees, the 3G plan will be rolled out next month – Dec 2010 and our plans will automatically get converted to 3G plans.

    • Hi Ramandeep i am a similar victim of the vodafone. I have baught 3g usb stick of vodafone i was promised i will get 512 kbps but the speed is pathetic it is only. 10 to 25 bits per second and they activated my number after 7 days and i had to visit vodafone store 3 times to get it activated. I want to take vodafone to consumer court. We can aproach consumer court together your email adress here is not clear. so please give me your correct eamail adress to co-ordinate with you or you can call me on 9999591387

      • Always buy a vodafone 3G USB STICK with a company letter head for downloading speed they promise. Since the promises made by saleman and actual serivces of company never matches. Letter let the person get the company under foot in consumer court if company do not fullfill the promise made at the sale of a product.

    • same problem m facing i bought usb stick and they took 1 week to activate number and nw m getting speed of 10-20 kbps it takes 2 mins to open please help me out i want to return device and they said their is no procedure to return device and they will resolve problem and 3 g will launch in this week , same thing they are telling me frm last 1 months please help me m contact number is 9999930920

    • My experience is similar. I get between 1-5kbps. Google takes several minutes to open, and gmail doesn’t open at all. What’s even more disappointing is their utter lack of response. Forget the money. But we really need to take these cheats to court. I have info on the Maharashtra State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. If anybody in this forum is interested, let me know. We can plan and make them pay much more than just repaying the money for the stick. I was planning on doing this alone, but if so many people are disappointed, our numbers should make for a stronger case.

  45. cant understand the plans.give aproper tariff and pls dnt give confussion to the customers

  46. I was using there VMC Its provides only 7-8 kbps which I checked in internet speed measuring website.I was using this in coochbehar.dont use this this is the time of real 3g shift to bsnl 3g.

  47. is there a way in which these companies can be made to pay compensation, if yes then please tell me I am any time ready to sue these kind of bastards! bloody cheaters.

  48. How much prise vodafone stick plz call my mo no. 9913407171

  49. I know.they are just cheating people in the name of 3G when 3G itself is not there

    • Recently bought a USB stick for 1600 Rs which can support 3g, but currently working with 2G N\W.
      Speed is pathetic, I get around 3 to 4 points out of 5, even then connectivity is bad, forget about even downloading a song,,,will take you more than 10mins for 5 MB downlaod.
      Device itself is not good, and GUI for connection is not attractive or ,,,,.
      Takes time to connect initially,,,Moreover it disconnects in the middle with some strange meaningless errors and getting it to work again is a struggle.

      Totally it SUCKS,,,,,waiting for 3G launch,,,,
      hoping for good speed,,,,but dont know hw good it would be….

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