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Uninor too joins the Price war-All local calls at 29ps/min

A week before its introduction, we already gave you an insight into the tariff plans of Uninor in 8 states across India. And now Uninor has officially launched its GSM services across all the 8 states mentioned before.

We also reviewed how Uninor could fare in the current price war situation and almost came to a conclusion that with the tariff rates that Uninor put on its website, it is most likely to be a disappointing start for the new player.

But to the surprise of most of people, Uninor looks like it too wants to be a part of the ongoing price war as it introduced and new plan called Talklonger where all local calls are charged at only 29ps/min.

Uninor-AP This plan is for those folks, who’d like to talk more than call more. The call setup charge is  39ps. Local calls will be charged at 29ps/min and STD calls at 49ps/min.

Coming to SMS’s, as a promo offer, you get 100 free Uninor to Uninor SMS each day and other local SMS’s will be charged at 10ps/sms, National SMS at Rs.1.49/sms.

Another plan Callmore@29ps is for those folks who’d like to make more calls (almost endless calls a day). In this plan, a daily rental of Rs.2 will be charged, subsequently giving you the same call rates as in the Talkmore plan.

Actually this is bit confusing, as I cannot see any difference between the 2 plans. There must be a limit on how many calls you make in day to be able to choose between Talkmore and Callmore plans.

Opting into this plan is simple, just type *222*8*1# from your Uninor handset and you can Callmore@29ps.

Coming to Uninor itself, the way the services were introduced today was magnificent. In is in evitable that we compare Uninor with Tata Docomo as it is the latest (or second latest) GSM player that was so successful. Tata Docomo launched its operations one by one in each state, but Uninor, Bang, all 8 circles at a single time. About 2 lakh 10 thousand point of sale centers have been identified across these 8 states, from where you can say ‘Ab mera Number hai’.

Are you changing to Uninor now?

Remember, Uninor doesn’t have a 3G license in Andhra Pradesh (in fact, it didn’t participate in the 3G auction at all). So if you have a smart phone and want fast Internet then you may have to look elsewhere (hello airtel, idea, aircel).

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  1. Could you please tell me where is the main head office of uninor in ap?

  2. connection is good. but better if any new STV’s for getting only 42k secs any local with low price

  3. Can you please tell what are the plans in uninor…
    i want better plan for U to Othernerwoks

  4. my sim is lose and then showroom is waste in miyapur telling your not responsible man

  5. can u tell me about the network in hyd when compared to airtel plz as soon as possible

  6. the waste sim card in kurnool waste sim no network coverage

  7. Uninor office Address in hyderabad?

  8. please tell me your service centre address in angola, West Africa. my simcard purchaged in ap. full signal in angola but in emergency mode. send me reply to my mail id.

  9. hai, my uninor sim is not working in angola, westafrica, but signal is full. iam purchased my sim in machili patnam, a.p. pls tell me this problem.

  10. Hi Sriraj

    i was very much impressed with your answers regarding uninor all after that just tell me one thing whether uninor is the best or not when compared with tata docomo in hyderabad

    • I’d say Tata Docomo.
      But remember one thing, all the price wars which you’re seeing now may not last long. It won’t take long for the new players to realize that we aren’t making any money even though the numbers are rolling, subscriber wise. It is then, the established players like Airtel will again lead (they still lead now overall, I’m talking about the monthly subscriber count).
      I stay in Hyderabad. I was almost lured by Docomo during its launch but I stood firm continuing with Airtel, the class of which can only be dreamed by others.

  11. i would have to agree with everyone who are saying uninor has good network..ever since i have started using uninor i have not faced even a single problem..thats just amazing!

  12. hi,well i want to know is there any difference between uninor and any other mobiles i mean for plans(tariff), how will be the network,how will be the customer care response
    when is this uninor will launch in Hyderabad.the plan which uninor is presenting now is applicable for all the time for life long or every time have to recharge.

    • Uninor is already launched in Hyderabad. Just visit their website to know the stores details. And regarding validity, yes, your prepaid sim will have validity for Life time or untill the license of Uninor expires.

    • hi Mr Anil
      This is life Time offer and this network is better then Docomo Network and improve this network in future

  13. Actually this is one step store …, in Future

  14. king in the gsm service

  15. you are much welcome to the race………………….


  17. i want the plan details in tamilnadu alone…

  18. Its great to see the price war, ultimately we users will have the benefit. I have got uninor connection and its great, apart from being competitive and cheapest of all I find the customer care service.

  19. uninor is a good fr among all of them I THINK BUT ,NETWRK is avaliableee

  20. wht r plana in ths uninor

  21. Offer is very nice. How can i get this?

  22. hi it is useful

  23. sir

    plsn give me more details

  24. not yet decided i am waiting for existing players to annnounced their plans after the entry of UNINOR here in KANPUR ( CIRLCE U.P. EAST.)

  25. Yes, and what about the advertisements in the news papers man?
    It’s all Uninor today in which ever paper I see. Remembers me of the recent Volks Wagen Ads.
    Its here to stay

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