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TRAI TV Ads rules & regulations in India PDF

It’s no secret. In the good old days, few Ads used to come in between daily serials/movies (let’s call these as ‘content’). Now, it’s the other way around; some content is being shown in between Ads.

You sit to watch your favourite movie, thinking it would finish in 3 hours, which, it actually should. 15 minutes into the movie and you’re greeted with the first set of ads which run for 5-10 minutes. 30 minutes into the show, the second set of ads creep up. The 3 hours which you’ve set aside for the movie is no longer enough and you mostly end up not watching the whole content.

If you’ve counted any time, a 30 min daily soap only runs for about 16 minutes on average every day. The rest is all ads.

As if this wasn’t enough, in the recent past, you might have seen a new kind of ad delivery which shows ads at the bottom or at the sides of your TV screen, confining the actual content to a small area.

All these woes might soon come to an end; thanks to the new regulations put forward by TRAI. Few of these regulations are as follows:

  • Only (up to) 12 minutes of ads can be shown for 1 hour of TV content
  • There should be at least 15 minutes gap between 2 sets of Ad breaks. In case it’s a movie, this gap is 30 minutes
  • Ads should only be shown full screen and any other kind of ad delivery (such as those half screen ads where the other half of the screen shows the content) will strictly be not allowed

These regulations, however, will not be applicable to live sports content. In this case, Ads can only be shown when there is actually a break in the game, such as in between overs in cricket or between 3 games in tennis etc.

Overall, this is certainly a welcome move by TRAI but it remains to be seen how the content owners react to this regulation. After all, advertisements are their primary source of revenue.

You can see the notification with complete regulations here.

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