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Sun Direct introduces India’s first HD television experience

Sun direct today launched the first ever HD experience in Direct to home services called, Sun direct HD. It boasts wide variety of features including many firsts.

Picture clarity:

Due to its High definition (HD) feature the picture clarity will be five times that of a normal TV. Also the images will be sharper than others making television viewing more thrilling. It has a 16:9 wide aspect ratio which nicely suits with most of the HDTV’s.sun-direct

Sound system:

It powers a 5.1 channel dolby digital surround sound which promises a theatre like experience in your house.

At present, only Tamil and Telugu channels are supported with HD quality (there are 8 HD channels including 4 English channels). Efforts are being put in to add more channels to the list.

In order to view HD content with this set top box you need to have a HD capable TV set.

The advantages of having a HDTV is, it will have 5 times more pixels than a normal TV which makes the images look sharper. Also the resolution must be set to 1920×1080 pixels to take full advantage of Sun Direct HD.


The price of Sun direct HD seems to be way too much compared to other normal Direct to home services. But since these are just initial days of HD TV viewing, I believe the prices will come down in the future.

The HD set top box is priced at Rs.9999 plus additional taxes that are applicable.

Installation charges are Rs.1250 (plus taxes), HD content access is charged at Rs.100 per channel per month along with a basic Package of Rs.499 for 5 months (Minimum hire period).

So all in all, to watch a single Tamil or Telugu channel with High Definition experience, you have to cut down your pocket weight by nearly Rs.11850 plus all extra taxes that are applicable.

And some 30000 or 40000 Rupees to buy a High definition TV if you don’t have it now (it is not mandatory to have a HD TV but its useless to buy a HD Set top box for a normal TV).

Update: The prices have indeed come down. You can get a Sun Direct HD (with recording) for just Rs.2290 plus 2 moths free subscription to super value pack.

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  1. The service of SUNDIRECT is the worst. They are the most irresponsible people in this business.

  2. Hi everybody,
    The SUN DTH service is too poor. I keep getting E-48-32 /E16-32 code while viewing the channels. I have complained to them many times and each time they say they will send somebody, but its been Two months now and even after umpteen calls, nobody has attended to this problem and the issue still remains unresolved.

  3. Very worst customer service and response from the dealers, once problem encountered in the set off box, we called the service representative and they informed to bring it to service centre and found that the set off box has not performing it has been send for servicing and they informed that it will be returned within ten days, but ten days we asked the readiness status of set of box, SUN DTH / Dealer informed that it may or may not come after a month so you purchase a new one. (This kind of worst responsible person are making customers unhappy). Better to get a cable connection instead of facing lot many irresponsible and irritating unsatisfactory response from the SUN DTH representatives)

  4. very poor response to customer complaints waiting for the past 6 days same reply that will be attended in 48 hours
    but when that 48 hours will start or end no one knows

  5. Pathetic Service….and horrible distributors. I have been facing issues since last three months. Out of last three months…..2 and half months…the STB was in repair centre. It is a sheer wastage of money. They don’t refund this money of 2 and half months. Moreover, the call centre is horrible. They lof a ticket and ask you to contact the distributor. The distributor on top of it is aware of the service standard…and hence does not listen as well.

  6. sun direct is very slow service my complaint after seven days that not solution my smart card no. 41144500554 plz sort my solution patna

  7. i can only tell that the experience with sun direct has been pathetic for the last few weeks…. When we call their customer support (I dont know whether it is their own or it is outsourced to some third rate party), we get the same standard words played back at us : Your problem will be resolved at the earliest ….

    Different people come online when we call the support and give the same line as the answer. We have been having issues in the lasst 1 month for not getting the entire Sun tv, Vijay tv etc. in our installation and till date even though we call them up everyday to register the complaint, NO ONE has come in and resolved it till date for the last 1 month.

    I heard from another source that this is primarily because that they are not paying the distributors and support people when they come and fix the problem to such an extent that they are loosing out the distributors and support people at a rapid rate. Maybe Mr. Maran is busy taking out all his money out from Sun Direct and divert it into his new investment – Spicejet airlines….

    The experience was very pleasant and positive till 3 months back for a duration of around 1 year but the last 3 months, I would rate it at around 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)

    A strong NO to go with SUN Direct but if you still want to go with it, do not say that nobody warned you in this forum…..

  8. I am using sun direct for last one and half year and faced many problems. Especially for customer care service, they rather solve the proble nor never listen ur proble. They will give utmost false commitments…

    The channels have lot of signal problems and service center never attends to it, the customer center executives as well as managers are useless, they all keep fooling you with new reason everytime you call them. They tell that some body from distributor will visit to solve the issue, but this is going on since last two months. I have fought a lot with them but all in vain.

    I contact sun direct customer care about the satellite change but the advice me to do nothing as they will send their technician to align the dish to the new satellite.

    Also worst average waiting time is 20 mins and remember it is not toll free… i waited for 20 mins and the call will get disconnected automatically after tat. so dont be a victim of it

    To add to it they did not even had proper distributor number with whom I could cancel my sun tv connection.

    This is a serious advice…do not ever buy this…dont think of this even in your dreams.

  9. Well the best part is to get an FTA HD stb and watch Luxe-tv-HD from ASiasat-5 and NHK world from IS-10

  10. sundirect hd is very nice and hd channel is fantastic and it fell like watching in theatre plz put tamil vod channel soon iam waiting

  11. Customer service really suckkkkss.. I have an issue and I have been calling them every day since last 2 week, but no use. The package is cheap..but at a cost.

    People!! If you are thinking of getting a new connection, never go for sundirect.
    It will be cheap. But if you face any issue, its gone case.. all you can do is get one more connection..

  12. Very poor service . make fool to the people. very bad customer care support. we are thinking to go consumer from against this sun HD

  13. Dinesh Kumar Sharma

    Sun DTH services is verry poor.

  14. The channels have lot of signal problems and service center never attends to it, the customer center executives as well as managers are useless, they all keep fooling you with new reason everytime you call them. They tell that some body from distributor will visit to solve the issue, but this is going on since last two months. I have fought a lot with them but all in vain. To add to it they did not even had proper distributor number with whom I could cancel my sun tv connection.

    This is a serious advice…do not ever buy this…dont think of this even in your dreams.

    • I had Sun Direct connection, but there is not coming any one channel? I face problem from one and half months. I complaint the customer service by message, but they are not responding till now. Dist alignment is not completed till today. Sun Direct is very poooooooor service. I suggest it is not customer support best DTH provider.

  15. It is the worst DTH connection. Customer services are highly frustrating. Please do not ever take this. Want more on this story..contact us.

    • Hi,

      I agree to you completely. The customer care of Sun Direct is pathetic if not more. Have you cancelled the connection? I’m planning to cancel the same. Pl advice the process & the receiveable amount

  16. Ramkishore a, Chennai

    Hi everybody,
    The SUN HD DTH service is VERY VERY poor. I keep getting E-48-32 (No Signal. Check Cable) code while viewing the HD channels. I have complained to them manytimes and each time they say they wil send somebody, but its been Two (2) months now and even after umpteen calls, nobody has attended to this problem from SUN HD DTH and the issue still remains unresolved.

  17. Only NGC, Discovery, IPL are true HD format. Colors and Sun are non HD and just ‘upsampled’ pictures, and yes, they maybe far better than the normal SD; truth is they are not HD. So, sun tv’s promotion of Colors and Sun are totally ‘rip off’ and ‘fake’ and they never mention it in disclaimer too.

  18. Hi,
    No man, no body can fool everyone with HD or not HD content, first of all, competitors will kill them otherwise too Samsung has a tie up with Sun Direct, have you seen their advertisement, if you buy their specific LCD and LED TV you get Sun Direct HD Set top box free, I don’t think Samsung can make the mistake of not identifying the content and making poor content available for their customers

    And for people who are getting bad signal call their CC if not, there is one more solution, they are now in facebook.


  19. Sun Direct HD service totally Sucks 🙁

    Very immature. I keep getting E-48-32 (No Signal. Check Cable) code every 10 minutes. Even after several complaints, this problem is not yet fixed. They say it is their network problem or they say it is a unique problem just for me. No kidding the service sucks.

    Never recommend anybody for SUN DIRECT. Very Poor Customer Service.

    • Problem is not with Network. It is Dish angle or the Cable.
      I monitored the Dish installation and angle setting during my HD connection and observed as below.

      Dish is first adjusted for regular Channels ( based on Signal Strength )
      HD channels will not come at this angle.
      So, Manually they further adjust the dish and see about 35% ~ 45% of regular channel Signal Strength.
      At this particular angle only HD content is received.

      This means they are not equipped with proper setting of Dish with measurement.

  20. SunHD is not a high definition. Such a fraud by just writing HD on ordinary reception can run in India only. Govt should look into this multi millionaire scam.

    • Dear Friend,
      SunHD has HD channels ( NGCHD, Discovery HD, IPL-10, Tamil HD & Telugu HD )
      & Standard Channels ( all others ).
      We should appriciate the availability.
      The quality is about 90% of 720p compared to a laptop playback of mkv source files.
      We do agree that it is not FULLHD ( 1080p ). but far better than DVD (576i).
      Please view in 40″ & above size FULLHD TV and review your comments.

      • Dear Amaresa and Mohan, the HD content in Sundirect HD is 1080i, they broadcasting their HD Channels through Measat and the other regular channels are from Insat 4b, that is why their Dish is bigger in size too.

        I hope I cleared this confusion.

  21. The reception of sunHD is very very bad. I had demo at chandigarh. Very poor quality of picture not better than ordinary reception. I am a great fan of HD but felt very sad after seeing sunHD. Frankly speaking it just looks like a fraud.

    • I had a demo at EZone in bangalore and was very disappointed. However I checked with the staff there and they said the signal from one STB was fed to 8 HD TVs and hence the poor quality.

  22. this is too much amound but service is good news

  23. I think its a very good option . Now since sun direct is the only channel which has the rightsto beam IPL in HD format and that too without any advt breaks . Its such a great option for people who have HD tv to sit at home and feel just like sitting inthe front row of the place of action . for a cricket freak like me these kinds of options are really great . Moreover thier are fair chances that now i can watch fifa world cup formula one racing etc all in HD and thebest clarity . this will be exactly like abroad when you invite friends over to watch a cricket match like a party . Sun sounds to be very advanced .

  24. Good news

  25. Alok,
    The movies shot using a 35mm film can be scanned to make them in HD format.
    A 35mm film has enough resolution to support at least 4096 lines of resolution, which is much more than the 720p or 1080p lines of HD format.

    Hence there is fair amount of content in form of movies already available in India.
    In my hometown, there is a DLP movie theatre which shows mallu movies. All these movies are scanned from film and shown in Digital format. They look really good on the screen.

  26. I hardly feel that sun’s claim is correct. HD content is hardly a decade old and not many programs are being made in the world. It is found to be expensive and there are not many takers for it.
    In India there is no HD content . HD movies require special cameras to be shot and no indian movie has been heard to be shot in HD camera. The box maybe HD ready but it may not have HD content or very less HD content. There is no point in going for the box as the complete HD experience may take another 10years to be fruitful.

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