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Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t turn on (dead screen display)

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (International version – GT I9300) which I’ve been using for 7 months or so. Something strange happened this morning. As usual after checking morning mails, I left the phone at home and hit the Gym. It had over 60% charging when I left it. I returned after 1 and half hour only to find my phone completely dead. This happened before, the battery for some reason just falls of the cliff to zero and the phone gets switched off. I connected the phone to my laptop; charging symbol doesn’t come up. Tried with the charger; No luck. Recovery mode, download mode; nothing turns this thing on. Galaxy S3 dead screen

I searched and found few advices, one of which was to take out the battery for some time and then try to turn it on. Some people said it worked and some said it didn’t. Hoping to belong to the first group, I took out the battery for 5 minutes or so and then turned it on.

It worked. Lucky me.

Something was different with the boot, though. When it completed booting, the battery was down to 11% (from over 60% to 11% in less than 2 hours) and then I observed that the date and time were reset to 1 January 2000 and 5.30am (or pm, I don’t know). Everything else was normal, apps, files, messages, music were all there.

If you are in a similar situation, obviously try what I did. If lucky, it would turn on, or else, as some people said, it’s some fault with the Motherboard and needs to be fixed by Samsung. If in warranty, this will be done for free. Obviously, right now, all S3’s are with in warranty (unless you have rooted), so nothing to worry. Just take it to any Samsung service centre and get it repaired. In case you encounter similar issue later, after your warranty period ends or you have rooted your phone (and Samsung caught that); you need to shell out some money (quite a lot actually). Apparently, Samsung is asking around $150 to get it fixed.

Note: I was on a custom rom but people with Samsung stock OS also had this problem.

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