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Sai Digital Magazine on Facebook: Like it (and on Google+)

I am an Internet nerd but was never a Social guy; I never needed to be one. But times have changed; the Internet has changed in particular. Now it’s all about sharing and being social. My personality was imposed on this site too, which absolutely didn’t have a presence in Social Media at all. It was only recently that I have enabled articles on this site for sharing to all major Social media sites. Many users have asked if I was there on Facebook; Negative, was my reply.

Not any more.

I have finally decided to create a Facebook Page (Like it, may be?). I really do not know how actively I’ll manage the page but surely I’ll keep a constant watch on it through my mobile.

So what can you find on the page?

Sai Digital Magazine on Facebook

Obviously, the articles published on this site. From now on, every article published on the site will be available on the Facebook page too. Apart from the stuff from this site, you’ll also find some useful shared stuff, I mean, something that really adds to your knowledge or useful to you in your daily life. I am really not into sharing of useless jokes or satires, but if something really tickles me hard, you’ll see that occasionally, too.

Ask me questions

On a lot of occasions, people as questions via the comments section of respective articles. I only moderate comments once (or twice) a day. So if it’s something urgent, it is likely that I’ll be too late to answer them. Not from now. Head over to the Facebook page and Message me. A notification rings on my phone and unless I’m doing something serious, you’ll immediately get a reply.

A Google+ profile?

Not sure what to do with this, really, but I created one anyway. But if you do, you can add me to your circles.

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