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Nokia N8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S, in ‘India’

If you are looking to buy a Smart Phone in India in the price range of Rs.20000 to 30000, chances are that you’ll end up with these two phones, Nokia N8 priced at Rs.26000 and Samsung Galaxy S, priced at Rs.29000 (both 16GB versions).

I won’t list the specifications of these here, but simply recommend which one to choose on Broad usability terms.

First the positive’s of Samsung Galaxy S. It has fantastic looks, coupled with an excellent 4 inch Super AMOLED screen. Its based on Google’s Android OS, Personalized by Samsung’s TouchWiz UI (which, make no mistake, most people dislike). Its Hardware is just perfect to play Videos, Games (arguably the best phone to play Games).

The Negatives. No Google Maps Navigation in India and no sights of it in the near future, at least in a year too come. Third party Navigation’s too are virtually Non existent in India.

GPS is practically un-usable. People are still waiting for a fix. No proper phone management Application for PC’s (Kies is just Trash). No flash. And depending on how you describe ‘Lag’, you might be annoyed at times, being stuck at the Black screen (but there are work around’s)

Positives of Nokia N8. If you are a brand follower, no Brand is as popular as Nokia in India. N8 is a Multi Media King, with its Massive 12 mp camera, Xenon flash and a dedicated HDMI out. This is base on Symbian^3 Platform, which is slightly better than the S60 5th edition OS found in most other Nokia Smart Phones.

You have Voice Guided Navigation (completely Offline) with excellent Maps and Business points. Have complete phone Sync, including the loading of Maps through Nokia Ovi Suite. N8 is a Nokia Ovi music Unlimited phone, using which you can download Unlimited songs for one year through Nokia Music store.

The Negatives. Nokia is sinking each day in terms of Smart Phone Market share. Symbian^3, even though is a new OS, is not as Intuitive and user friendly as Android.

Bottom line: If you a frequent traveller exploring new places or simply want Navigation even for your daily commute to Office/ School, N8 should be your choice.

If you instead want to be an early adopter of the fastest growing OS community, and don’t mind missing some features, go for Samsung Galaxy S.

Personal note: Just to show off the ‘Smartness’ of your Smart Phone to your family and friends, no feature comes close to the Voice guided Turn by turn Navigation. People will be amazed by it (I’m talking about India). Just think 🙂

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  1. nokia is the best product because it having so many features.

  2. Samsung galaxy s is awesome….android os too good. 1GHz processor really working super fast….. Swype keyboard input method works great……

  3. Nokia N8 kharidu yeah samsung galaxy please suggest very confused 🙁

    • Lol, that’s what this post was about. Since you are not able to decide even then, it looks like Nokia would suit your needs for now IMO

  4. Galaxy S is really good, but Samsung has to do a lot to make it sell in India. US versions of this include free movies like Avatar 3D and NFS games, nothing like that here. Just a plain phone with nothing extra from ‘Samsung India’.

  5. Nokia n8 is a complete ‘paisa vasool’ phone.

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