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Nexus 4 India launch and how LG Mobiles can price it

If there’s anything that got me excited in recent times, it’s the announcement of the Google Nexus 4 device. The sheer pricing of the device, I thought, would shake up the industry. Sadly, that didn’t seem to happen; not yet at least. Not that the device is a failure, but Google has been suffering from heavy shortage of devices on its Play Store. The phone, having disappeared from the Play store after just few days of its availability, has made it’s come back only recently.

I stay in India and Google doesn’t sell Devices via Play Store (it does now, and starts with Nexus 7 tablet) in our country yet. Which normally means it will be LG Mobile which will take care of the device in the country, from selling to servicing. One good thing here, LG has announced that it WILL sell Nexus 4 in India, unlike Samsung which never bothered to release Galaxy Nexus here. And there’s one bad thing too; the price won’t be anything near the INR equivalent of US price.

The 8GB version is available at 299 USD, which is approximately equal to 16500 INR. Forget 16500, I will be surprised if LG prices it below 25000 INR. Why, is it greed? May be and may not be. May be, because while Google doesn’t want to make much selling its phones, LG Mobile on the other hand is looking to cash in on the success of the device; success, which is not a word you would associate with LG Mobile when it comes to Smart Phones. May not be, because LG surely cannot be restricted in any way with its pricing, for it is the manufacturer which made the phone. Just like how SamsLG Nexus 4 India launchung wants to make money from its phones, LG does have the right to price its mobiles to whatever it likes. Looking at the specifications, had it been a Samsung or a HTC phone, it surely wouldn’t have been priced below 30000 at least (for the 8GB version).

You could still get it for less here in India, of course not via an official channel. The 8GB Nexus 4 popped up at Ebay India for a pre-order price of around Rs.25000. Last time I checked it, it seems around 80 people have pre-ordered it. The phone is no longer listed on eBay at the time of this writing; may be due to the restrictions imposed by eBay on Nexus 4 devices.

So when does the phone launch in India Officially? November 30 was a suggested date earlier, according to an online retailer. That is now gone by and we are still wondering about the phone’s whereabouts. Any listing you will see on any site from now, before LG announcing it officially, is just pure speculation. For official word on the launch, you should keep an eye on the LG India twitter feed.

Update: The product has been launched and it is retailing for Rs.26000 for the 16GB version.

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  1. Lookout, Nexus 5 or that Google X phone will be announced before Nexus 4 makes its presence in India.

  2. Very disappointed. Had thoughts of getting the 16GB version for less than 25000 which now seems next to impossible.

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