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I will never buy another product from eBay.in

Until it implements user reviews for individual products, that is. Before Flipkart and stuff existed, eBay (India) was my go to destination for most of my online purchases. Now, I rarely use the site; and it’s mostly due to Flipkart. The first thing I look for when buying a product is to look at user reviews (both good and bad). That plays a huge role in my purchase decision. But there are still certain products that only eBay can get you and as you might know, eBay doesn’t have user reviews on its site. It has something like seller reputation but it’s hardly enough to assist me in making my decision.

eBay.in Deals

Stainless steel mugs from eBay.inAs I said, I rarely use eBay now but still, I keep a constant look at eBay deals to grab any interesting things that may come up there. Last week, this pair of ‘Stainless Steel mugs’ have popped in the daily deals section (Rs.220 for 4 such pieces). Look how beautiful it is and sure enough, tens of people have already purchased them before me. But there is no way for me to find out if those who purchased before me were happy or not about the item. It was available at a throw away price and I was pulled in to place the order. And so I did.

On receiving the product

First thing I observed was to feel how light weighted they were. From my experience of ‘Stainless Steel’, that is NOT how they weigh. I opened the package to find that the mugs were anything but stainless less. Make no mistake; they still look exactly like the one’s shown on the site, except that they are not made of stainless steel (it was described in the description as ‘Stainless steel’). It’s just made of some stupid random material.

My wife was laughing at me. Why? Because she told me before I placed the order that Stainless Steel cannot be such low priced but I convinced her that we can get things for lower price on the Internet. How wrong I was.

I contacted the seller regarding the product and if you have any eBay experience, you know how the sellers are. They literally cry for ‘5 stars’. Obviously I didn’t take the trouble of sending it back to the seller for a refund for it being just a Rs.200 odd thing.

That’s it eBay India. Get those review on (like you have on eBay.com) or I’m not going to buy from you again; not even your damn deals.

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  1. Raghav

    Your wife is right. At least once you must have checked stainless steel prices online. Anything too catchy is normally a fraud.

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