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Maxx Smart charger 2600mAh (PBS 26 SDI) Power bank review

What will you do if you’re not satisfied with the battery backup that your phone is giving? You might change some settings on phone, or replace the battery with a new one if it’s really old. If both these don’t solve the problem, you might think about replacing the battery with a larger one; which would need special back cover and make your phone look fatter. Or else, you might go for a Power Bank (or a Smart Charger, as it is also called).

I did and here are my thoughts on Maxx Smart Charger 2600mAh Power bank (PBS 26 SDI)

Now, my needs are a bit different. I don’t have any issue with the backup but bought this for emergency situations. I absolutely don’t need it when I’m in home or at work since a power point is always available and charging the phone directly is not a problem. But, it is just for one of those emergency situations where I forget to charge the phone in the morning but have to go out urgently. Or I’m out roaming and the battery goes down completely. There’s no charging point in site and this is where the Power Bank comes handy. It’s really small, something which you can completely cover up in a single closed palm. If it’s not comfortable to carry in your pocket still, throw it in your bag and it’ll lie there happily.

Now to the real product experience

There are many companies which produce power banks. You can get banks with capacity from as little as 1500mAh to as much as 30000mAh. What is important is to have a good battery inside. The battery inside Maxx Smart charger is made by Samsung SDI.

But what I’m disappointed is with the way Maxx is handling things. It doesn’t seem to have any quality checks for its products. You see reviews for this product on various sites and you’ll realize that there are far too many people complaining about dead product. I’m one of them. I received a dead power bank for the first time and it had to be returned for a new working product. Maxx 2600mAh Power bank

Charging this thing takes time, any where from 4 to 5 hours. There’s only one way you can charge this up; via a USB cable. So obviously you need a laptop or any computer with a USB port. I found this uncomfortable at times. There are 4 led lights on the power banks indicating the amount of charge remaining in the power bank; from 25% to 100%. You can press the On/off button to see how much charge is remaining.

Stand by time is advertised as 90 days. I haven’t had this product for 90 days yet to really comment on it but general observation says that this is a far stretch. Any way, 90 days stand by means that a completely charged power bank will get completely discharged if not used for 90 days. In other words, it starts discharging slowly from day 1.

Also very important to note that 2600mAh is just a figure and should not be taken as an absolute number. For example, if your phone is Samsung S3 which has 2100mAh battery; you may think that you can charge it completely once and still have 500mAh left in the power bank. This is not the case. One reason for this that I can think of is the discharging thing that I mentioned earlier. But there are other unknown reasons as well.

For instance, even if you completely charge the power bank and immediately try to charge up a dead S3, it may hardly get completely charged once. I tried this twice, once it got charged up completely (0 to 100%) and the power bank still had some charging left. The other time, the power bank gave up early.

So I’m really not sure if it’s an issue with this power bank or all power banks function in the same way.

Price I bought for Rs.500. Site: Groupon.

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  1. i have the similar charger in white color……what i would like to know is how to switch the damn charger off (when not being used) as i connect the cable to the thing it starts charging automatically.Any suggestions would be really helpful…Thanks.

  2. Great Review.

    I would like to ask one question, this power bank is taking a lot of time to charge !
    do you face this problem?

    • Not sure what ‘lot of time’ means. It takes 4 hrs on average for me.
      But as I said, there is no quality check. Its just another Chinese product with Indian company’s branding (Maxx).

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