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Linksys wireless G router setup

For LinkSys wireless router, here is a quick set up that will take you to the Wireless Internet world.

(I’ll be using WRH54G model, but other models like WRT54G can also be similarly configured)

WRH54G router can be purchased for Rs.1800 from any reputed computer store.

The setup can be made either by using the CD which will be given with the package or using any Web Browser.

I’m assuming you already have a compatible network card in your Laptop to receive the signals. Most modern laptops do have it by default; if not you’ll need buy an adapter.

The package contains the Router, a cable and a CD. I’ll describe the Browser based installation as it is the simplest and the preferred one.

wrh54g-linksys-wireless-routerYou router contains 4 ethernet ports and one Internet port at the back end.

Step 1: Connect the Router (Ethernet port no.4) to your Laptop using the cable that was given with the package and connect modem to the Internet port of your Router with some cable (You should have a cable that you used before for your DSL/ADSL)

Step 2: Open a Web Browser (Internet Explorer is preferred for this step) and type the address and hit enter.

Step 3: Directly go to Advanced setting and perform the following steps

(If a login window appears, just leave the username part and enter admin as the password and hit enter)

Go to the wireless settings tab and then click on the basic wireless settings sub-tab. Select ‘Mixed’ as your Wireless mode, change SSID from LinkSys to your name (or anything you would like your network to be named after), Change wireless channel to number 11 (you can experiment with this but lets just start with 11), Enable Wireless SSID broadcast (you can turn this off if you do not want others to see your network) and then save the settings.

Step 4: Performing the Security set up

Go to Wireless security sub-tab under Wireless tab. Choose WPA personal (or WPA 2 for even tighter security) and TKIP and then input a secret password which should be at least 8 characters in length. (If anyone wishes to use your network, they should have this password known). Save the settings.

Your Router is setup and you can now remove the cable connecting your laptop and router. Make sure you change the cable from your Modem from Ethernet port 4 to the Internet port of the Router in this step.

If you have faced any sort of problems like frequent disconnections etc, feel free to write a comment below. There are some other tweaks that you could perform to stabilize your connection.

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  1. I have a BSNL Broadband connection with 2MBPS Plan.
    connected with WRH54G router via ADSL modem,
    am not getting good speed. What is the reason?

  2. I am using Linksys WRH54G wi fi router and Internet provider is Tata Indiacom. I am getting frequent disconnection problem from many days.It disconnects and connects automatically without doing anaything . Broadband provider is saying that there is no problem from their end and the problem is with wi fi router only. Can you please suggest if there is any toubleshouting for thsi type of problem.

    • First thing to confirm is whether the problem is with the router as said by the support staff or with the ISP itself.
      Next time when the disconnection happens, just quickly jump over to the modem and see if all the lights are fine (I’m not sure how Tata Indicom’s Modem is, but generally Green and Red lights describe whether the Modem is connected or disconnected/connecting to the ISP (Web)). This way we can confirm what the problem is actually.

      • Thanks for the advice. I have checked the light status when it disconnects.
        Tata Indacom router has 4 lights POWNER, LINK, DATA, ETHERNET
        Generally when net is connected Powner, Link and Ethernet lights are on and data light blinks, as when accessting internet.
        When net disconnects Only DATA and LINK lights are on and ETHERNET light is blinking..data lights goes off
        Can you please advice me now what is the probelm and how to rectify this.

        • Can you please advice me on this.

          • I didn’t understand your last comment so couldn’t really reply to it. Your best best would be to contact the Linksys Support directly. They offer live chat support. Please proceed there and put forward your questions when you are free.

  3. Hi,

    I have a Tata Wimax connection which has a dynamic IP and i need to login on a web dialer to connect to internet. i dont have a modem. All i got was a LAN wire which i connect to my laptop ethernet port to connect to the internet. Recently i bought a LINKSYS Wifi router ( WRH54G ). I followed the steps mentioned here. The wifi access point is set and i am able to connect to it but the assess is “LOCAL ONLY” and i am not able to connect to the internet. OS: vista home premium , I tried connecting to the network using my IPHONE but the same problem persists. I get connected to the network but am not able to connect to the internet.

    Pls help me set-up .

    • “All i got was a LAN wire which i connect to my laptop ethernet port to connect to the internet”
      Where is that wire coming from?
      I don’t know how Wimax functions but if I understand correctly, you don’t actually need any wires or extra router for Wimax since it itself acts as a Wireless router (I said, I’m not sure about Tata Wimax).
      If it were a normal wired broadband, the structure is
      Your laptop/phone connects to the router through the wifi network – Router is connected to the Modem through a cable – Modem connects to the Internet.

  4. Hi Sriraj,

    I have a Reliance Netconnect datacard using which I connect to internet on my Dell Vostro laptop. My laptop has wireless capability too. I have recently bought an Ipod touch which can connect to internet only through wifi. For this reason, i am looking for ways to set up a wifi environment at home using a router. Is it possible to set up a wifi environment using the reliance netconnect datacard (usb based) so that my ipod can connect to internet? If so, please give some inputs.


  5. Hello,

    i have a tata indicom wimax connection.
    i have a WRT54G router.
    Sometimes my internet just wont connect.
    the wifi connection would connect properly , but sometimes the internet would not work at all.
    when i ping the router , the data packets are exchanged properly.
    if i remove the wifi connection and connect the ethernet cable from the POE box directly to my laptop LAN port , the internet would work fine.
    Any suggestions?

    • Yes there are a few suggestions,
      First ensure that your connection is secure. If you’re using it for home purpose, the best security type is WPA and TKIP combination.
      Second, you could try cloning your PC’s MAC address’ just to be sure that you aren’t getting any disturbances from other networks or computers.
      Third, I have never used Tata Indicom. What is your routers IP address? If it is, you could try and change that to and also change the channel from 6 to 11 as most people would be using 6 channel.
      Hope these changes would make some improvements.

  6. hi,
    recently i was testing bsnl nic data card inside my home. but sometimes its network showed upto 2 levels and sometimes none. but connection could not be done. On my roof connection was ok even if at very slow rate (27 to 75 KBPS).
    Can wireles router solve the problem? pls help honestly.

    • Wireless router for a Data Card? No.
      Leaving aside if at all you can use a router with a data card, Routers cannot increase the Signal level that comes from the Network operator. They are mainly used to make the wired broadband connection wireless.
      And you mentioned speeds of 27 to 75kbps, is that the download speed?
      If it is, then Lucky you. 75kbps out of a max of 144kbps is very impressive.

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