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Idea 3G Unlimited data plans at Rs.750 and Rs.950 (Conditions)

When the top carrier reduces its 3G plans’ prices, it’s almost imperative for others to follow. Idea Cellular, has done exactly that; it reduced its 3G charges by over 60% for some plans. You can see the tariff plans by going here. While going through the tariff plans (for prepaid), you might have also had a second look at the Unlimited plan for Rs.949 a month. Idea 3G reduced data plans

Two reasons for that:

1.)  The next immediate plan, for Rs.1250 a month, is a limited plan which gives 5GB (plus 5GB additional data; additional data benefit available till 31 March 2013).

2.) There are a couple of asterisk marks over the ‘Unlimited’ text, which, obviously means there is some litigation.

Good thing, Idea Cellular didn’t just say ‘Conditions apply’ but has clearly mentioned that the ‘Unlimited Plan’ will be subject to a ‘Fair usage policy’. According to the policy, the 3G speed of 21.1Mbps will only be available till 6GB usage (no additional benefit for this plan) and any (unlimited) usage after that will be at a dismal 128kbps.

For Post paid users

Similar to the Rs.949 plan for prepaid users, there is an Rs.950 plan for post paid users with same fair usage policy. But in addition to that, there is another Unlimited plan at Rs.750, where the fair usage policy kicks in after 5GB usage.

Update: Currently, there are many other plans apart from Rs.950 plan which offer unlimited data with a high speed cap. But what is notable is that the speed after the high speed cap has been further reduced to just 80kbps, instead of earlier 128kbps.

For example, in postpaid, Unlimited plans start from Rs.649 a month. You will get 3GB data at 3G speeds post which the speed reduces to just 80kbps.

If you don’t like reduced speeds, you can either top up with recharge vouchers or subscribe to plan that will charge based on usage after the completion of bundled data. Like in Rs.599 postpaid plan, one would get 3GB of bundled data after which you will continue to get 3G speeds but till be charged at 0.5ps per 10KB.

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