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Hike messaging app (by Airtel) can send ‘real SMS’ for free, too.

Message packs !! Still use them? May be you don’t have a Smart phone or you are living under a rock. WhatsApp, Kik, Kakao talk…….these are messaging apps you need and use these days. But there’s one drawback; you can only use these apps if the other person also have these apps installed. Having said that, there are also other apps that can send ‘real sms’ to those friends who don’t have a smart phone, for free (either through a different phone number or using free web sms gateways).

Now, how about getting both these via one app? Hike does it for you. Hike: Free SMS and IM app

Brought to you by Bharti (Airtel) and Softbank, this app can be used as a messaging app similar to WhatsApp and can also send ‘real sms’ for those who don’t have Hike installed. There’s a limit though, at 100 free ‘real SMS’s’ per month (app to app messaging remains free without any restrictions). There’s also a referral system using which you can get 10 more ‘real SMS’s’ credited to your account one’s your friend joins Hike through you.

Currently only available on Android Platform, Hike will soon be available on all platforms, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia.

Registration is quick and simple. Just install the app from the Play Store, enter your phone number, then enter the code that you’ll receive via SMS, enter your name and you’re ready to go. Inviting your friends is just a tap away, too.

Hike has gained tremendous traction in India ever since it was launched and I think most of it was done through word of mouth and also thanks to its referral system. Looking at its install base graph over at Google play, its clear that it is slowly loosing its ground to other players, WhatsApp being a major one. Just comparing this to something like Wechat, which is so heavily advertised in India, I do not remember seeing hike any where on TV, even once.

Obviously, getting one’s friends to use the new app is the main issue with any of these messaging apps. When everyone of our friends is on WhatsApp, it doesn’t make much sense to install something else and sit quite. We may get them to try once but to keep them using it not in our hands and its not our business too.

Note: Although this is developed by Airtel, Hike is available for users belonging to other (Indian) networks as well.

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