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Google Play Store Devices (Nexus 5, 7) shipping status

Now that something useful is put on the Google Play Store in India in the devices section, I decided to purchase a device. Since I already have a decent phone in S4, Nexus 5 wasn’t a choice. I purchased the new 2013 Nexus 7 for general browsing and home entertainment purpose. Payment in Play store must be made through Google wallet. Currently only Credit Cards are accepted although a few Visa Debit Cards are also accepted. Net banking and COD are simply out of question.

There are mainly Four statuses’ when you book a device:

  • On Hold
  • Pending
  • Shipped
  • Complete

On Hold Status: You’ll be shown this status when your payment is not successful. At this stage, your order is not placed. This could be because of incorrect card information, like wrong CVV, wrong card number, expired card etc. You will be asked to correct the information, if any, or add a new card to your Google wallet.

Important: When you update your card with correct information or add a new working card, your On Hold order will automatically be tried again for execution. So DO NOT place another order.

Pending Status: This status confirms successful payment and order booking. You will get an email with ‘Your Google Play Order Receipt’ subject. If you used a Credit Card, the price of the product will go to Settlement but actual marking of amount to your card statement will happen only when it is shipped. In case you have used Debit card, the amount may be instantly debited from your account.

Order confirmation Status from Google Play

Shipped Status: When the order is shipped, you will receive an email with ‘Your Google Play Order has been Shipped’ subject with tracking details. Also, your credit card will be charged finally.

At this stage, My Orders section in Google Play will still show as Pending but ‘Transactions’ section in your Google wallet will show as Complete.

Completed: Everything will be completed once your receive your product.

Cancelling or Returning your order

You can cancel your order before it is shipped. Atleast, this is what the Play Store Help Support article say. But in reality, you can do so only with in 1 or 2 hours of placing your order. You can cancel your order by clicking on ‘Info’ under Status of ‘My Orders’. If for some reason you are not able to cancel, it could be because your order is already being prepared for delivery.

If it is so, your only option to cancel the order is by returning the product once you receive it. There is no option in India to refuse the product from the Courier (BlueDart) at present. So you will have to go through the whole RMA process by contacting support with in 14 days of receiving your Google Play Product.

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