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Dell WM112 (Wireless Mouse India) Review

It was a wired mouse with a circular connector (at the other end) that I last used for my desktop. It was a good 5 years ago. I have been using laptops since then with great touch pads so obviously there hasn’t been a need to use a mouse. Three months ago, I hurt two of my right hand fingers when they jammed in a friend’s car door. They had plasters all over them and I absolutely could not use the touch pad. I had to get a mouse, I bought one, it’s a Dell WM112 Wireless optical mouse.

Dell WM112 review

Why wireless mouse? No brainer. Its meaningless to buy a wired mouse these days.

Right, I’m really not that technical a person but I can tell you frankly how something works in real life; which is what matters most. There are 3 primary things that I made me buy this mouse:

  • Brand: Dell
  • Price: Rs.500
  • Size: Just the right size, to fit in one’s palm

This also comes with 1 year Dell India warranty but that’s not something that you should care about for a Rs.500 odd product.


How does it work?

Really fine. It has two parts, the actual mouse and a small receiver (called a ‘nano receiver’). You just plug the receiver into a USB port of your laptop or desktop and it just works out of the box. No setup nothing. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; it covered everything. If you’re just wondering, no it doesn’t work with Ubuntu.

If your laptop has a dearth of USB ports, then that is something you should think about before buying this mouse.

There’s a physical On and Off switch at the bottom of the mouse. There’s also a normal 1.5V cell to power up the mouse. As far as the mouse buttons go, it has a left and right click and also a middle button which also acts as the scroller.

Now the real life experience. First of all, its precision; just top class. Tiles, table top, on news papers, on bed sheets, on sofa; it works everywhere with excellent precision. Next, the battery; top class again. I was a little apprehensive about this before buying. I hate frequently replacing batteries. I use my laptop for atleast 8 hours a day and its nearly 2 and half months that’s this mouse has been running on the battery that it came with. I am not experiencing any reduce in its performance so it should be good for a few more days. And what’s more, there have numerous occasions where I forgot to switch off the mouse and only realized it on the next day. That’s the only inconvenience that I experienced till date. It would have been atleast better had the on-off button been at the top or atleast somewhere on the sides. Then, the range of the receiver. It says upto 10 meters but that’s ridiculous. Not that it doesn’t work at that distance, its ridiculous to work from such a distance. For the sake of testing, I could keep the laptop at one corner of the room and operate the mouse from the other corner without any problem. If you’re wondering, the room is about 7 meters long diagonally.

You can remove the top of the mouse and see that there is a provision to place your nano receiver when not in use. But really, ever since I bought this mouse, the receiver has by default occupied one of the usb port. My fingers are fine now but I still keep using the mouse. The track pad feels so weird.

Update: Exactly 15 days after I write this, the first battery has died. There’s a small red light on the top that glows and goes off every time you switch on the mouse. When the battery is about to die, it keeps on flickering instead of completely going off. To my surprise, I used the battery for a good week since it started to flicker and today, it just wouldn’t turn on at all. So that’s a clean 3 months that this little champ has lasted. That’s about 720 hrs in my usage (8 hrs a day).

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