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Credit Card PIN- verified by Visa/Master card SecurityCode

Effective August 1, 2009 to make any online transactions with your credit card, you’ll need a separate PIN number or Password. This PIN/password can be obtained by registering your card with the bank with which it belongs.

Previously, to make an online transaction you’ll only need to input the 16 digit card number, the expiry date, card holder name and the CVV number as the security code. From now on, RBI has made it mandatory to have an additional layer of security to make any online purchase.

All you have to do is visit the Bank’s website and register your card as Verified by Visa (VBV) or get a Master card Security Code (MSC).

For example, if your credit card is from SBI card, visit and in the right side pane you can find Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode. Just click on that and register for a new account (this is different from your Card’s online account).

There you have to enter some details like your card number, your DOB, CVV number, Expiry date. In the next step, you’ll need to enter a ‘Shared secret’ in which you have to type something that reminds you that you are dealing with SBI card and not something else.


Next you’ll have to type in the password which you’ll need to remember to make any online transactions later. Make sure you choose a strong password else, this extra step of security would be a waste. It should be a minimum of 8 characters with at least one alpha numeric character and 2 numbers.

Note 1: This process may be different for different banks but the bottom line remains the same, Create a separate password/PIN for your credit card.

From now on when you make any online transaction using your credit, after entering all your details, the transacting merchant (For eg. Flipkart) will redirect you to your card’s website to enter your password, which will again be redirected to your merchant’s website to complete the transaction.

Note 2: Verified by Visa and MasterCard Security code can also be set for debit cards provided they are Visa and MasterCard. You cannot set it for something like a Maestro card, which is normally given by State Bank’s. For Maestro cards, you should have something called as 3D secure code.

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  1. Sir, please send my password. My PIN number not received till date. I m requested to pl send pin immediately. Info me , how many days we’ll received pin code. Info by mail.!!!!

  2. I receiive the credit card of sbi bank. but i not receive the pin number. so please send me the pin number
    of my credit card

  3. please give me a my sbi credit card pin number

  4. Please send my credit card pin number because I’m not use my card without pin, so please send my pin immediately. Thanks.

    • If this is a new card, you will receive your PIN in a separate postal mail. If you didn’t receive it after 1 month of receiving the credit card, or if this is an old card and you lost the PIN, you should contact the customer care of the card issuing bank.

  5. I forgot my secure code and i want that code again please give me procedure how to get that secure code or pin code whatever.

    • Which banks’ card you have? You can visit the banks’ website and go to the Verified by Visa / Master Card SecurityCode section and reset it.

  6. I want know the verified by visa no. on credit card and how to register the cvv password for the vbv number.

    • Looks likes you are one really confused person. Vbv is NOT written on the credit card. The 3 digits that you see on the back of the card is the CVV. You have to separately register for VbV password. Just visit the credit card section of your bank website and you can easily find how to get a VbV password.

    • d s shivarudraiah

      Dear Sir,

      I am so many times asking pin, till con’s receive.

  7. Thanks a lot … you’ve have saved my lot of time..

  8. Received card but not yet received the PIN. How many days will it take?

    • When did you receive the card? Actually there is no certain time, I once received the PIN before the card and once a week after the card. So wait for a week at least.

  9. madhukar narayan zemse

    Kindly note I need security code for my S B I Credit card.

  10. how to creat pin code for credit card

  11. if some one take my card and purchase in time of bill pay it should be ask pin code this is security that one i want for that any procedure

  12. Thank you so much for the detailed info on vbv password. Have been struggling to find it and I somehow landed here and I just followed what you have penned down. And finally I was able to set a password for my SBI Credit Card. Thanks a lot!

  13. not able to get security 3d code against my credit card
    hence i am not able to authorize payments for booking airlines and railway tickets
    pl advise how to get security code 3d for my credit card at your earliest
    with regards

  14. i want to know the security password

  15. i used my canara bank debit card for online billing…..and now i used my dad debt card for billing but its asked security code ….i forgot my security code pls tell how to get ….urgent

  16. How shall i register for 3d secure code for my icici mastercard.
    for internet payment.

  17. I have SBI ATM CUM DEBIT CARD. I forgot my secure code …plz tell me how to change the code???


    i want to have visa card or master card…what are the requirements and how many days i can get my card..thanks

  19. how balance check in maestro in online

  20. Sir,I know my atm pin in just

  21. sir i wanna buy some products online on various sites like ebay there they ask for verification code to buy an item now i have a sbi atm-cum-debit card sugges me how to get this code ……………..

  22. sbicreditcard verified karana chata hun.

  23. In how many days is 3D secure pin of ICICI bank Visa credit card activated. Please tell me?

  24. How to get OTP from website to use ICICI CCard I need to use make online payment badly and request to guide me only at 98681409xx on urgent basis.

  25. ramvilash joshi

    how can we verify our meastro card by visa there is no expiry date

  26. how can i set 3d secure password can u give me one exanple of passwoed

  27. i want to know where is mentioned the expiry date and card no. on PNB ATM card

  28. vidya surendra narsale

    please give me a my sbi bank pin number

  29. I forget my security cord, my card last digit is 9892 and validity to 2013……… plz send my sec. code to my gmail ID……..

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