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Best Valued Recharge Coupon from Airtel ever – RC 141

I thought this was coming sooner than later from the countries largest mobile operator Airtel. Ever since Tata Docomo made its footprints in India, other mobile operators started to realize the reality to reduce their call rates and began introducing new plans.

Recently we even saw such an offer from Airtel called by the name ‘Special 5‘. Although it was just an extension to an already existing plan ‘Friends and Family’, Airtel seems to have special interest in promoting the new offer. Almost every day since the plan was launched; I see a ‘Special 5’ ad in the news papers.

But this offer which I came across may just beat the special 5 offer hands down.

Airtel presents RC 141 with a bunch of new features which according to me is the best value voucher ever came from Airtel.

(This offer exists in Andhra Pradesh circle. Call 121 to confirm whether this offer exists in other circles too)

With the recharge coupon 141, you get all local Airtel to Airtel calls at only 40 paise per minute and all local calls to other mobile networks at 60 paise per minute. All Airtel to Airtel local calls in the night time between 11pm and 6 am are charged at an un-believable price of only 10 paise per minute.

With RC 141 you get 100 free SMS to Airtel mobiles daily.

Hang on, thereAirtel-logo‘s a condition but that’s fairly reasonable. All the calls will be charged 1 rupee for the first minute after which the above call rates are applicable. And similar is the case with the SMS where the first SMS of the day will be charged at 1 rupee and the next 100 SMS will be absolutely free (only to Airtel numbers). SMS’s to other numbers will be charged at 15 paise per message.

You also get a talktime of Rs.32 with this RC and the best best thing with this Coupon is that the Validity lasts for ‘one long year‘.

Isn’t that fantastic from Airtel? Now you can talk with your loved one’s (at night time would be even better 😀 ) without having to look at your phone to keep track of the call duration. This coupon has the potential to sell like hotcakes and also make the existing customers stick with Airtel, much to the delight of Airtel.

Update: RC 141 no longer exists. It’s always advisable to check with airtel (by calling  CC or atleast visiting their site) before recharging. For discounted calling rates, one may now look for RC 123 which offers local airtel calls at 20ps/min and other local calls at 1.5ps/sec. Again, this may change at any time.

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  1. I want A to A std cheap offer in assam.

  2. how much call rates low?


  4. How can do validity extension of airtel friends sim card.

  5. hi please tell me a to a best offers then reduce the call rate local call

  6. plz tell me call reduce of all local call

  7. I hate airtel i don’t know how its existing with such expensive offers when compared to other networks

  8. plz tell me call cutter of all local call


  10. This offer sucks ………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It is Ridiculous as Airtel to Other are being charged at 60paise per minute and sms offer only to airtel numbers that is true partiallity and mind you on a recharge of only 35 on aircel can give you aircel to aircel at 10paise per minute and aircel to other at 40paise per minute either be night or day

  12. I already have a plan that all STD and Local calls are 50 p/Min give me the plan for lower prize for std calls……….. better then this…………

  13. some set of better offer
    but not good
    ok can u send any offers in airtel which is updated
    to my mail id plz

  14. Hey Sriraj.. This site is great and i seriuosly bookmarked it.. Cheers.. Wat about STD call rates and sms in this RC

  15. can i use it in mumbai

  16. 141 is totally waste. if u have that offer and want to remove that offer .. do .. Rc with 22 and later recharge with whatever you like.

  17. The problem with Airtel is it lets you use ONLY ONE value voucher. Meaning you cannot add any other package while one RC xx is valid. I was happy in the past even when that happened because, they wer valid only for a month and after the expiry, I could go ahead and add on whatever I wanted. But the new revisions are valid for one WHOLE YEAR. meaning, if you recharge a value voucher form Airtel, your other offers go *poof* and you are stuck with them for one year with no exit option. I called CC on 121 and the lady there asked me to discontinue Airtel because My SIM is valid lifetime and I do not have an option. She suggested I come back after a year if i am interested. Im switching to Voda.

  18. hey guys this same offer already exists in vodafone and also a slight change is that the local sms rates is not 15ps but 2ps

  19. is the Special 5 offer available in postpaid?? and please tell me about cheap local call rates in Maharashtra(Pune)….

  20. Hi..Can i use RC 46 to reduce std call charges along with RC 141.

  21. Do you think this offer will be applicable with mesage offer RC 49?????? RC49 has a valdity of one month and RC 141 has one year………….can i have both the offers simultaneously??

    • I don’t think so. You can only have an additional STD value voucher along with RC 141 but no local or SMS vouchers as you are already getting those features in 141.

  22. Man, you must be crazy. I just bought a docomo SIM card and sat in front of my laptop to see this post land in my reader. I use Airtel before and now I’m in a big dilemma which one to use.
    Any help? 🙂

  23. Fantastic offer really. No such offers exists on other networks. Even Tata Docomo doesn’t have call rates as low as 10 paisa.

  24. Yes, looks like a great RC from Airtel. I contacted 121 and they said in Karnataka also this offer exists. One year validity is amazing where I expected it to be for 1 month.
    Thanks for this post and letting me know about RC 141

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