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Beam upgrades Broadband speeds; Now get 15Mbps Unlimited for Rs.1110 a month

We’ve written a fair bit about Beam (fibre) Broadband on this site already. This is just an update to their broadband plans which will come into effect starting from 17 November 2012. If you are already a Beam Broadband user, you might have already experienced the speed change since a week or so itself. But officially, starting from 17 November, Beam will be increasing the Broadband Speeds of all plans (except for the base B Max 450 plan) without any increase in the plan tariff. So you may well consider this as a post Diwali bonus.

New Beam Broadband plans

The above table gives you the latest plans with its respective speed and FUP (fair usage policy) limits. For Rs.1110 (which includes all applicable taxes; so will be your final monthly bill amount) a month, a user would get 10 Mbps 15 Mbps speed upto 30 GB. Usage over 30 GB will be at 2 Mbps, which isn’t the worlds’ worst broadband speed either.

I currently use Airtel Broadband and I have said many times before that although the tariffs are higher on Airtel, it’s the most reliable Broadband I have used till date. Believe me, I haven’t seen Airtel service guy for like, a good 2 years. For my home office needs, an on-off Broadband is the last thing that I need. There are other Broadband service providers, such as YOU broadband, for example, who provide similar high speeds for lesser tariff than Airtel. I have tried YOU for 2 months, and I have nothing positive to say about them.

At Airtel, I currently pay around Rs.1050 for a 2Mbps 30GB FUP Unlimited plan. For (almost) the same price and same FUP limit, at Beam I’d get a massive 15Mbps connection. I haven’t tried Beam Broadband till date but it surely is tempting. I have enquired with a few friends in the city who use Beam and they seem to be positive overall with the service.  But when I asked them whether there will be situations where the connection will go off abruptly (hoping for a NO, fingers crossed), I heard the unfortunate answer of YES. But they say it happens a lot less frequently than before.

So will I give it a go? Probably not this time.

For others, who don’t need such a high reliable Broadband, there’s no harm in giving it a try, especially if you are paying more at present. Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks?

Note: Beam is currently only available in Hyderabad. In Bangalore, it is available as ACT Broadband (Beam is a part of ACT group).

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