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Airtel smartdrive: Voice guided Turn by turn nav app in India

So people, if you have an Android phone, there’s free Google Maps voice guided turn by turn navigation (with live traffic for metros) available. If you are on Nokia, there’s a Voice Navigation app there too, which is also completely offline. If you’re using iPhone, the latest Apple maps have turn by turn navigation too.  God help you if you are using a BlackBerry. Airtel smartdrive nav app

In case you do not belong any of the above categories, but have an airtel connection, you may consider airtel smartdrive, which the company announced yesterday. Sure, this (paid) app is also available for Android and other smartphones but I do not see any reason why you should forego the default nav app and go with smartdrive.

Charges and Smartdrive Installation

As I said, this is a paid app. The maps are provided by Wisepilot and will have live traffic only for NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore for now (be cautious with live traffic though, as it is only collected from people who use similar GPS Nav apps; so it might not be accurate if there aren’t many people navigating using GPS)

Charges are Rs.99 (plus another Rs.49 if you need real time traffic) per month or Rs.10 (plus Rs.3 for live traffic) per day.

You can install the app from airtel live portal, using your mobile browser (apparently it doesn’t work if you visit from a laptop).

Like Nokia Maps, smartdrive is offline navigation but will need your phone to be connection to internet at certain times, like to compute a route, re-route etc.

Note: Turn by Turn voice navigation and Live traffic are the premium features and the above charge (or call it subscription) is only for these two features. There are other things you can do with the app (for free, without any subscription), such as getting weather information, getting directions (just directions on maps, not the actual navigation), search points of interests, view maps etc.

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