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Airtel’s feasibility problem with high speeds Broadband plans

Airtel changes its Broadband plans fairly regularly, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. This time, it’s for good, or so I thought initially. Recently I upgraded to a 4Mbps plan (50GB) which nearly costs Rs.1500 a month (including taxes). I was under this plan for 2 months and soon I realized that I am hardly consuming about 35GB every month. So I decided to check if there is any other plan that suits my needs.

I found one. A dream plan, I should say. It’s an 8Mbps (40GB) plan with 1000 free local minutes and bills me about Rs.300 less than what I used to pay earlier. I thought it could be a ‘typo’ and called customer care to find that it’s real and not a mistake. I immediately requested the same person to change me into that plan from my next billing cycle. He sincerely obliged. Within minutes, I got an email with my service request, which has a clause. It says “Bill plan change is subject to network feasibility at your installation address”.

I didn’t give much importance to it since it looked like a general machine generated email.

5 days before my new billing cycle starts, I got another email, this time not from a machine but a real person. He says thAirtel Broadbandat an 8Mbps plan is not possible at my location ‘for some technical reasons’ and generously gave me a pdf with a list of other possible plans.

What? You cannot provide an 8Mbps plan at a prime location in Hyderabad due to some ‘technical reason’?

Why even list it as a plan then?

I could understand if it was a 16Mbps or a higher speed plan that generally is preferred over a dedicated fibre network, which needs new infrastructure. But from what I understand, 8Mbps is certainly possible with existing telecom wiring.

I followed up with the asking what exactly was the ‘technical reason’, they said they’ll follow up after asking their higher officials but I guess that will never happens, at least, it didn’t till now.

Update: I have received an update from airtel that only 5Mbps speed is possible with existing wiring and any speeds over that requires new wiring. Since there aren’t many users using Airtel broadband in my locality (thanks to Beam Fibre) requesting 8Mbps plans, they wouldn’t take the trouble of upgrading the infrastructure.

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  1. And they feel they can compete with Beam Fiber Spreading false News about them through pamphlets.

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