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Aircel brings iPhone 4 to India, also brings a ‘tricky’ money back offer

The news is already out, it’s not Airtel or Vodafone that will be launching iPhone 4 in India first, but its’ another Operator by the name Aircel, which will (officially) introduce the latest and greatest iPhone to Indian consumers. The launch date, is tomorrow, the 27 th of May and the iPhone’s will be available at Aircel stores, Reliance iStore, Reliance Digital, Croma and various other mobile retailers such as The Mobile Store etc. While the 16GB version is priced at Rs.34500, the 32GB version is priced Rs.40900.

Along with the introduction of iPhone 4, Aircel seems to be making noise about its ‘Money back plans’. It claims that over a 24 month period, you can get back up to 100% of your iPhone 4 cost. Looking at those plans, it clearly looks like a marketing gimmick more than anything else.

The general impression that people get when they hear 100% money back is this:

Let’s say Mr. Awara purchases the 16GB version for Rs.34500 thinking that he’ll get back his Rs.34500 over 2 years. This means, he’s assuming that Rs.34.5K will go out of his purse at this time, and will return back to his purse at the end of 2 years. My friend, Mr.Awara, this is not the case.

First of all, this ‘Money back’ thing is only available for Postpaid subscribers.

Let’s see, how you can get 100% back, according to Aircel, for a 16GB version:

You purchase the phone for Rs.34500. Aircel demands you to subscribe for the Rs.2139 postpaid monthly rental plan. Okay, Aircel will be a little generous here and will offer you a discount of Rs.1440 per month. Effectively, you are paying Rs.699 monthly (for which you get 2000 local minutes, 1000 local and national sms and 750MB data every month).

Understood the trick? No?

First of all Aircel isn’t selling iPhone 4 on a contract basis like in US. You are paying complete cost upfront and even then, you are forced to subscribe for Rs.2139 monthly rental plan. Out of this, Aircel is giving you a discount of Rs.1400 per month. This Rs.1440 multiplied by 12 makes Rs.34560, which is the cost that you afforded to purchase the phone. And this is what Aircel is trying to make you to believe as your ‘money back’.

If you still didn’t get the trick, just get this into your mind. You purchase the (16GB) phone for Rs.34500 and you ARE required to spend Rs.699 every month and there will be no money back thing at the end of 24 months.

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