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New 8Mbps BSNL Broadband plans in AP (Hyderabad) 2014

It’s been a long time since I wrote about a BSNL service. The company is reporting losses after losses and it appears as if (unless some magic happens) it is only matter of time until the whole company is shut down (for the benefit of tax payers). The only thing protecting BSNL is its presence in the Broadband market. By conservative estimates, it still holds over 50% of ADSL market share in India. Today, I’m going to exactly talk about that; an upgraded broadband offering from the state service provider.

These plans appeared in an advert in a local news paper (Andhra Pradesh) and is applicable to this state only. Other users may check their respective states’ BSNL sites for any upgraded plans. BSNL Broadband Plans in AP

BSNL’s plans not only differ from state to state, but also differ from different districts of s atete (it calls them as SSA’s). So for the purpose of this post, I’m going to post plans for Hyderabad (including Ranga Reddy).

New BSNL Broadband plans WEF 1 Feb 2014

Plan Name Speed (Mbps) FUP (D/l limit) Speed post FUP (Mbps)
BB Home ULD 525            2         15GB            0.5
BB Home Combo ULD 650            4         25GB              1
BB Home Combo ULD 800            6         35GB              1
BB Combo ULD 900            8         40GB              2
BB Home Combo ULD 950            8         60GB              2


For the 650, 900 and 950 plans, users also get free on network calls of 100, 350 and 400 respectively. The above plans are applicable in totality to the districts of Medak, Vijayanagaram, Krishna (Vijayawada) and East Godavari too.

For other SSA’s, both Speed and FUP download limits are lesser than this group.

For someone staying in Hyderabad, the last plan (Combo ULD 950) is totally value for money. You get good speeds of 8Mpbs for an excellent limit of up to 60GB. Plus there are 400 free local on net calls. A comparable (money wise) plan in Airtel (Hyderabad) is the 999 (plus txes) where you get 8Mbps speeds up to 40GB and then its 512 Kbps after FUP (plus voice benefits of 1000 local minutes). So actually, there’s no comparison at all. Numbers wise, BSNL thumps airtel by quite a margin. The only question is the service quality. For a starter, I will slide towards airtel than BSNL when it comes to service quality. But if value for money is your mantra, then there is very little doubt that BSNL must be your choice.

Note: Existing BSNL subscribers will be automatically upgraded to the new speed and FUP download limits.

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  1. I use bsnl kerala .
    my unlimited plan is 950 for 2 mb/s for 8 gb then 512 for the next.
    but i have never got 2mp/s i only get 200kb/s and after 8 gb 48kb/s

  2. Woah! 8 mbps is quite an excellent speed and the last package seems very beneficial. 60GB and 8 mbps speed at 950 plus free calls? That’s ridiculously awesome. Here, with MTNL, we get a snail 512 kbps speed @ 699 for unlimited downloads and 100 free calls. I wish MTNL would adapt the 8 mbps speed too!!

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