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Guess how much Dhoni earns per year?

Keep aside what might be Dhoni’s salary for the moment but look at this report from Forbes that lists Dhoni as the top earner in the cricket’s history.

According to Forbes, Dhoni is the one and only cricketer ever in the history to reach the $10 million a year mark which is a good $5426 for every run that he scored during the year. In Indian currency it is a nice Rs.2,55,000 for every single run.

How many of you have an annually salary of Rs.2.5 lakhs? Imagine that being given for just a single run.

And no wonder all these only started after the Introduction of the Indian Premier League. Normally any International cricketer depending on the country and the contract Grade that he is in earns any where between half a million dollars to million dollars for playing cricket a year long. And now with the introduction of the IPL, we are talking about &2 millions for just a 7-8 week long tournament.

Another interesting fact about the IPL is that, 9 out of the top 10 highest paid cricketers were a part of IPL with the only exception being Michael Clarke of Australia.

Having said that, Dhoni’s achievement of $10 million a year made us see the Actor inside Dhoni. It is interesting to note that $8 million out of his $10 million have only come from his 17 Brand Endorsements which includes the top corporate honchos like Pepsi and General Electric.

For years we were used to listening the fact that Sachin ($8 million a year) is the top earning sportsman in India and now its time for the Youngistaan’s to take it over from the Master.

And for that to happen we are really talking about a lot of money baby.

Update: Remember, Dhoni is not an Icon player for CSK. Icon players do not have a specific contract but they get 15% more pay than the highest paid crickets in that franchise. For CSK, Ravindra Jadeja is the highest paid man with a $2 million contract. Had Dhoni been an icon player, he would have received 15% more than $2 million.

I’m very sure, when IPL 6 ends, and when all contracts are finished, Dhoni will be made an icon player and will receive much, much more than his current fixed contract ($1.5 million).

Of course, apart from cricket, he also has his own business interests in Mahi racing, Restaurants in partnership with Bhajji, a Vice President post in India Cements and so many more.

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  1. What’s the use? Is he able to go out freely in beaches, malls or public places to have even a sip of coffee as like a normal person? Moreover money should roam around and should be useful and to cater for the needy which would add value to that instead of sitting idle and sleeping in the Corporate Bank’s Lockers? What’s use in that? Who knows the next morning what’s going to happen, none of us know if can we wake up or not from the bed after sleeping.

    • He may not be able to go to public beaches but there are dedicated islands for the ultra rich bro. Heard of Palm islands, for example.
      There are no rules to life, its just your opinion that money should be with the poor. We don’t know if he’s doing anything to the needy (everything doesn’t appear in the media). Even then, he’s free to do what ever he wants with his money. If you have just Rs.1000, you could give Rs.500 to a more needy person. We just don’t do that. Its so easy to say.

  2. dhoni 1 month salary hi me lalit singh in meerut

  3. Nyemwang wangsha konyak

    millions of indians are dying each day out of starving

  4. how much money sachin tendulkar givan ipl 4

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