What does Uncleared balance in your bank account mean?

Uncleared balance in SBI

Asks one of my friend Ashok. It seems a relative of his has deposited an account payee cheque a couple of days ago and that amount is showing as ‘Uncleared balance’ in his online account (SBI). In this case, Uncleared balance means that amount which has not yet been credited to Ashoks’ account. When Ashok’s relative has deposited a cheque …

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ATM card blocked after entering wrong PIN 3 times?

HDFC Titanium Royale debit card

Recently, a friend of mine tried to withdraw some cash using his HDFC Debit card at a Union Bank of India ATM. May be he was in some sort of hurry, he entered his PIN wrongly, thrice. As you’d expect, his Debit card was blocked. It was written on the ATM transaction slip: ‘ATM card blocked, please visit your branch’. …

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Create a 3D secure password for your State Bank Maestro Card

3D secure password for Maestro card

This post explains how one can get 3D secure password for their State Bank Maestro ATM cum Debit card (also called cash plus card). State Bank of India and all its associate banks’ which issue Maestro cards now require you to enter a 3D secure password when you use your card for any online transaction. To get your 3D Secure …

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Visa and MasterCard have highest transaction success rate at IRCTC

IRCTC Succes rates

Yesterday I was booking a ticket for my uncle on the IRCTC website and observed an interesting thing. In the payment page, IRCTC has categorized different payment methods (credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, cash cards) into Gold, Silver and Bronze categories depending on their respective ‘success rates’. Although there was no official description provided for this ‘success rate’, we …

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Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t turn on (dead screen display)

Galaxy S3 dead screen

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (International version – GT I9300) which I’ve been using for 7 months or so. Something strange happened this morning. As usual after checking morning mails, I left the phone at home and hit the Gym. It had over 60% charging when I left it. I returned after 1 and half hour only to find …

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Nokia Lumia free 3G data offers with Airtel and Vodafone

Nokia Lumia airtel data offers

Forget reducing data limits, telecom companies these days are even increasing voice call tariff’s too. In these times, it will certainly not hurt if you get something for free, especially to add to your new phone purchase. So, in case you have purchased a New Nokia Lumia or other Nokia phones, here are the data offers that you get at …

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Airtel’s feasibility problem with high speeds Broadband plans

Airtel Broadband

Airtel changes its Broadband plans fairly regularly, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. This time, it’s for good, or so I thought initially. Recently I upgraded to a 4Mbps plan (50GB) which nearly costs Rs.1500 a month (including taxes). I was under this plan for 2 months and soon I realized that I am hardly consuming about 35GB every month. …

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Flipkart launches marketplace for 3rd party sellers; Good bye eBay.in

There’s Junglee from Amazon, but there’s very little doubt that Flipkart wants to be the real Amazon.com of India. Here’s another step in that direction, Flipkart.com Marketplace. There aren’t many details right now but as we can imagine it’s a marketplace where third party sellers can list their products on Flipkart and reach out to its large base of customers. …

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Download or print your aadhaar card online via e-aadhaar

In my last post about making corrections to aadhaar data online, I also mentioned at the end that UIDAI has developed a dedicated resident portal as a self service tool. Here’s briefly what you can do with the portal: Check your Aadhaar status (using Enrollment number and data/time, printed clearly on your Enrollment Acknowledgment Slip/EAS) Get your Aadhaar number (if …

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Now you can update your aadhaar information online

Earlier we’ve written a post on making corrections in Aadhaar card mentioning that a procedure will be laid out in future. It now appears that the procedure has been laid and users who need to make corrections to their aadhaar data can do so either online or offline (by post). You can change (or make corrections, as applicable) your name, …

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Paying LIC premium bills via SBI Internet Banking (Onlinesbi)

Inspite of clearly explaining the benefits of registering one’s policy on the LIC’s customer portal, multiple times, people just keep on asking me for their policy status and payment status. So while I certainly cannot give you your policy status (which can only be known if you register your policy), I can atleast give you a better and easier way …

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Saholic.com will pay you for delivery delay at Rs.50 per day

For many people, including me, Flipkart has been the go to destination to buy anything electronics. It’s tough to even think about any other site other than Flipkart, unless there is a really compelling discount on offer. The prime reason for this is the trust factor. I know I’d get my product delivered with in 3 days (except when Saturday …

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Airtel reduces Rs.98 2G data from 1GB to 600MB and validity to 21 days

Arguably the Nations’ favourite mobile data plan is undergoing yet another change. But, as I see it now, the change has only been effective in few circles. Other circles still continue to get 1GB for a recharge of Rs.98. Whether this stays on as it is or if all remaining circles will, too, eventually get reduced data remains to be …

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Does a HD Set Top Box work with Non-HDTV?

In the past we’ve had a series of posts on DTH services, including Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV (Dish+) and even Hathway STB. Recently, we’ve been seeing HD PVR’s (Personal Video Recorders) flooding the market and it seems there’s a lot of confusion among customers regarding the compatibility of these Set Top Boxes with their TV’s. We constantly …

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Lock SBI Internet Banking account to prevent misuse

If you use SBI Internet Banking account, you should always give top priority to its safety. But sometimes, even after taking all precautions, it may happen that our login credentials are stolen and your account is being misused by somebody else. In such cases, SBI gives you an option to ‘Lock User Access’. This feature stops the access to your …

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