Thursday , 23 February 2017

My webhost review : ZNET INDIA

As you can see I run a wordpress powered site which is hosted on ZNET INDIA servers. I made quite a research before choosing ZNET INDIA as my hosting service provider. Let me explain why an indian web hosting company and that too ZNET. ZNET is one of only service provider in india which supports fantastico script (all that i …

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xml-sitemap error, make sure the file exists and is writable

If you got the above message when trying to implement the XML sitemap, then you have the solution here. I’m not touching the plugin installation part here as it is very well described by the plugin owner arne brachhold. ‘Make sure the file exists and is writable’. If we go by the sentence, we clearly understand that some file is …

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Airtel,Beep india introduces a whole new form of mobile advertising

I have always been a big fan of airtel,the number ‘one’ mobile service provider in India.It gives me the feeling that i belong to India.Did you watch the recent advertisement by Bharti(airtel),reminding its logo change? Wasn’t that inspiring? Now with its new leap into mobile advertising i can’t hold myself from becoming MAD about airtel. Airtel india with yet another …

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