HP Gas: Online refill cylinder booking status, SMS and Aadhaar card

HP Gas Aadhaar link

If you are a consumer of HP Gas (LPG) any where in India, here is how you can book your next refill cylinder online. First head to this HP consumer zone portal and create an account. In this process, you need to select your HP Gas distributor and enter your LPG consumer number (you can find this on any previous …

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Pull Funds: New Internet Banking feature from Axis Bank

Axis bank Pull Funds

I always like when banks’ use technology and bring new products and services to their customers. Pull funds is one such feature from Axis Bank which I came across recently. As the name suggests, one can Pull Funds from any account that has registered the puller as a beneficiary. Axis Bank gives the example of a father and son. A …

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Paytm mobile app recharge failed? Check your paytm cash

List of supported mobile operators

As the title says, do not worry if your recharge isn’t successfully processed when you used paytm mobile app (or even the mobile/desktop site). I regularly recharge my mobile via the app and after tens of successful recharges, I experienced a failed recharge today. I was to recharge my airtel digital tv and somehow the app didn’t process it properly. …

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JaVAS (GoJavas.com); Jabong’s self delivery system review

GoJavas Jabong review

It’s not new anymore, for online stores to have their own logistics service. Flipkart has its own e-kart logistics delivery system and now with my first purchase at Jabong, I came to experience JaVAS, Jabong’s self delivery system. Flipkart exclusively uses its own delivery system for all shipments (or that’s what I would think since all of my over 25 …

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Airtel Re 1 video service. Any other extra data charges?

airtel Rs.1 video service

You might have seen the ads already. I did and I also downloaded a few videos (or clips, rather). Not that the service is really useful or anything but just to see if there’s any catch in it. Surprisingly, there’s nothing. Its just Re 1 and that’s it. I thought people might be charged for browsing and downloading/streaming of video …

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Sri Chaitanya and Narayana merging? Not quite

Sri Chaitanya Narayana start IIT Academy

Well, this is surprising. Something which I thought could never happen. If you are from Andhra Pradesh, you obviously know why. If you are not from the state, for a start, I’ll introduce them (Sri Chaitanya and Narayana Junior Colleges) as two rival education giants. So both merging together is like Congress merging with BJP. At first glance at this …

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ShopClues review (In short: not as good as Snapdeal)

Yet another online buy from yet another new store. It’s Shopclues turn this time.  This was offering the music player that I was looking for at a reasonable discount than Flipkart. There were others sites as well that were offering the product for a hundred or two less but those were not well recognized stores. I heard about ShopClues before …

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Zovi velvet Blue sneakers review

zovi blue velvet sneakers

Having used these sneakers for few months, I thought I’d write up my experience of using them. I bought the zovi branded sneakers (shown in picture) last year during the diwali festival season. The price was around Rs.700. At the time of writing this review, I couldn’t find the exact same sneakers on Zovi but I could find it on …

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Filing Online RTI application in India (fee and reply timelines)

Filing Online RTI application

I know there are a lot of people like me, who just didn’t knew the right was of filing an RTI application; or those who simply prefer everything online than visiting some office personally. Good news; you can now file an Online RTI request, and it’s an easy task that anyone can do. Keep in mind though that to start …

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Contribute to NPS tier 2 account (PRAN) balance via Online SBI

NPS Tier 2

If you are a subscriber of National Pension Scheme (NPS) Tier 2 account (open to everyone), you can now make your contributions online via SBI (or its associate banks) Internet Banking. The two main contribution rules to keep in mind regarding Tier 2 account are: You should make atleast 1 contribution in a financial year and that contribution must be …

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Snapdeal review (price, shipping, packaging, customer support)

Snapdeal review

From starting as a simple daily deals site in 2010 to becoming a major online Market place in just a couple of years, Snapdeal has really come a long way. Having said that, it never really did catch my attention all these days. In 2011, it was making rounds in social media after it adopted a village and named is …

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Reviewing the Flipkart reviews (& comments) system

Flipkart reviews

I’m a regular online shopper and more so at Flipkart. Although I bought a lot of stuff from the e-tailer, I have never bothered to write a review sharing my experience with those products. One day, I decided to write one, for a product that I hadn’t brought from Flipkart (if you didn’t know, for good or bad, Flipkart allows …

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Sai Digital Magazine on Facebook: Like it (and on Google+)

Sai Digital Magazine on Facebook

I am an Internet nerd but was never a Social guy; I never needed to be one. But times have changed; the Internet has changed in particular. Now it’s all about sharing and being social. My personality was imposed on this site too, which absolutely didn’t have a presence in Social Media at all. It was only recently that I …

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Airtel Rs.152 2G 3G Combo plan for Mumbai circle

Airtel 2G 3G juggle plan

Having shifted to Mumbai (temporarily) from Hyderabad, I was wondering where my darling Rs.151 plan has gone. It’s there, it’s still there, but it doesn’t give me 500MB of 2G and 3G data each, but instead puts my mobile number on ‘Safe Custody’ for 6 months. It’s a feature to keep your mobile number from being deactivated if you chose …

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BSNL 8, 16 and 24Mbps Unlimited Broadband plans in Hyderabad

BSNL Hyderabad Broadband plans

Sure, BSNL is losing a chunk of mobile subscribers every month but when it comes to Home Broadband, it still reigns supreme. If you are a resident of Hyderabad (or Hyderabad Telecom District, in BSNL’s terms), you’ve got very good reasons to subscribe to BSNL’s Broadband services. BSNL and Airtel are the only two major providers who provide a ‘Landline …

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