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Tips on answering bank PO/clerical exam questions

Bank exams, be it PO or clerical aren’t that difficult as people think. But the problem is the vacancies: applicant’s ratio. So all you need to worry is about your preparation and not the toughness of the paper (Update: A new Common entrance test for Bank’s has been finalized wef 2011)

If you are preparing for PO exam, the first thing you need to know is the pattern of the exam. A written test for a PO exam consists of 2 parts, objective part and a descriptive part . The objective part consists of four sections namely, English language test, quantitative ability, Reasoning and General Awareness/ Marketing aptitude.

The exact pattern for a specific bank (see update below) can be found in the ‘acquaint yourself booklet’ which you get when you apply to an exam.

But for now I’ll discuss on how to attempt a standard bank PO exam which has 225 questions in total with 135 minutes time i.e., 2 hrs and 15 minutes (this has changed with IBPS CWE for PO; see Update below).

225 questions in 135 minutes comes out to be 36 seconds per question. It may seem daunting but it’s not the end of the world since we aren’t attempting every question. If you can attempt 175-185 questions (> 190 is excellent) with 90 percent accuracy, you’ve done a good job.

So as soon as you are told to start answering, I would recommend starting with the General awareness/ Marketing aptitude section as there won’t be much to think or solve in it. Just see the question and mark the answer. Attempt as many questions as you can in this section (only if you’re sure of the answer) but you should be able to complete the section in 25 minutes (20 minutes would be excellent).

The next section to go for would be English and generally the first 9-10 questions in it will be that of comprehensive passage. So I would recommend leaving that part of the questions as the rest of the section is pretty Basic English which is very easy. Again you should be able to complete this section in 20-25 minutes.

So we’ve done with 2 sections in 40-50 minutes and left with another 135 questions which should be done in 85-95 minutes.

Depending upon your strength, go for either Reasoning or Quant but remember to solve the easiest questions first (this will be the deciding factor). Any thing that requires serious calculation in Quant or serious thinking in Reasoning should be left behind at first and come back to it if time permits at the end. For example questions on circular arrangement in Reasoning and compound interest calculations in Quant could be avoided.

From the feedback given by many test takers, what I found is that the DI part in Quant will be an important part in the test which is also very easiest part. Most of the question in it could be solved without even using your pen. So work hard on DI.

Coming to the time for these 2 sections, 50 questions in Quant (or all that you could solve) should be completed in 40 minutes which leaves out 45-55 minutes to solve 75 questions in Reasoning. Don’t neglect the non-verbal part in Reasoning as there would be atleast 15 questions from it.

All said and done, you should have atleast 5 minutes at the last which you could either use to solve the Reading comprehension in English or the arrangement questions in Reasoning.

If you are accustomed with any procedure from the beginning, I would recommend following that so that you don’t mess up completely. If this is your first attempt for PO/ clerical exam, then this method would work well.

Update: With IBPS CWE, the number of questions and marks allotted to these questions has changed but the sections remained the same. So you can still get an idea on how to proceed with answering the questions. The faster you complete GA, English papers, more helpful it would be to you when answering Quant and Reasoning part.

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  1. Hello Every1,
    I took RBI on 6th feb.My attempts were

    tell me do i have a chance for mains?

  2. In ubi cler. exam-2011, I attempted.
    QA- 32
    TR- 35
    GA- 30-35
    English- 25
    Comp .- 42
    (Accuracy level, 80%) .
    If thr is any chance to clear the exam. I belong to OBC category. Karnataka vecccancy – around 30 (for OBC category)

  3. hiiii
    Pritibimb Sinha
    Congrates for ur selection in pnb mt & ubi .I had also been selected in pnb mt .Can u give me some information abut d descriptive test specially format of formal & informal letter
    since i m little confused abut d latest format.And one more thing u r quiet helpful ,keeep it on .I wish u may get selected in po

  4. Hello friends, On union bank india exam held sunday my attempts are as follows

    Reas- 48 (90%acc)
    math- 47 (90%acc)
    gk — 35 (70-75%acc)
    eng — 32(qualifing)
    Comp – 50 (95%acc)
    comp mark is add with aggregate..

    can anyone suggest me whether i will qualify or not…… i m gen. and on my state only 13 vacancy.. so plz….. reply me…….satyaprakash or my friends…….

  5. guys please tell me your attempts in union bank of india clerks

  6. Hi frnds..
    i’ve appeared union bank of india clerk exam…..on 6th feb
    my attempt is as follows……..
    reasoning 50 (accuracy 99%)
    quants 50 (accuracy 100%)
    english 50 (accuracy 85%)
    g k 50 (accuracy 70%)
    computer 50 (accuracy 70%)
    so can anyone tell me whether there is a chance to get a call????

    • well done guddu…u have very good chances…all the best

    • Absolutely yaar……..

      You must qualify for interview. plz tell u r belong to which state and wt r the vacancy.

    • Yes Brother, U are definitely able to get a call. I think u got final selection also, if your attempts given above are true. So, best of luck for your good future.

    • impossible….!!! hadd hai yar…!!!if u have done all the sum then y u doubting over ur selection…..???

  7. hellow friends
    i have cleared idbi srd (for po).
    i needs your help .
    i required last year INTERVIEW QUESTION OF IDBI PO.

  8. anyone who gave union bank clerk exam…plz tell us ur attempts-
    in reasoning-47
    all with 90% accuracy………………..tell m i can get 4 interview call…….
    satya plz tell ur attmpt….

  9. hi!!

    In Sbi cler. exam-2011, I attempted.
    QA- 25
    TR- 30
    GA- 30-35
    English- 35
    Comp & mark.- 30-35
    (Accuracy level, in between 85% to 90%) .
    If thr is any chance to clear the exam. I belong to GEN category. Kerala vecccancy – around 650 (for general category)

  10. hi every1………………
    i have a good news for all of u ………………if u score more den 52-54%(GENERAL) in a po exam(standard HIGH)…………den u have a very good chance to get a call for interview…………but in that case u have to do well in d interview (100 marks).
    BANK OF BARODA:- 150/275 =54.5%
    SYNDICATE BANK:-130/250=52%

    • @Prateek
      yaar i have scored 60% in the written test and got qualified for PNB mains and United bank of india PO interview….plz tell me some thing about the interview questions…
      and how much am i required to score to get the joining letter….plz reply soon…..

      • @ pratibimb
        i m not sure about final cut off………..but for interview u shud have a good command over GK which is of 20 marks…………10 marks for ur communication skill………if u get 70-75 marks in interview u have a good chance to get job offer…………..all d best dear………..

    • hey thats a great news…m so much releived now…thanks a ton prateek

  11. satya prakash,sumit gupta,and for everyone ..please tell me what should be cutoff marks of a state where general seat is 70…how much one should attempt in each section for clerk exam…reasoning,quantitative,clerical,English,computer etc…and what should be the accuracy..please tell me..i need ur suggestion

    • Brother cutoff of this state will go high because no of seats is high and if regional language is applicable in this state then cutoff may go little bit low.

      • @Satya prakash
        yaar please tell me ki final cut-off kitna hota hai including interview marks??plz reply soon

      • @Satya Prakash
        yaar i have scored 60% in the written test and got qualified for PNB mains and United bank of india PO interview….plz tell me some thing about the interview questions…
        and how much am i required to score to get the joining letter….plz reply soon

    • deae as u say seats r 70 in ur state so compettition is tough
      u should attempt 90% for interview call
      for example-
      english-in most of banks it is just qualifying nature so attempt 30 -35 only
      ur all attempts should be 90% accurate …………..

  12. Hello, i myself preparing for bank clerk examination for the last 2 to3 years enough i work hard for it. MY problem is that i have no idea for how much questions i have to attempt so that i will be get selected. Please guide me for that. I will be thankful for that.

  13. anyone who give punjab & sind bank exam……….
    plz tell ur attempts………..
    mine was.
    numerical apti-45

    • i too wrote punjab sind bank clerk exam

      my score is

      REASONING : 37 (100 % ACCURACY)

      NUMERICAL : 38 (100 % ACCURACY)

      ENGLISH : 35 (95% ACCURACY)

      COMPUTERS : 38 (99 % ACCURACY)


    • sumit gupta

      i too wrote punjab sind bank clerk exam

      my score is

      REASONING : 37 (100 % ACCURACY)

      NUMERICAL : 38 (100 % ACCURACY)

      ENGLISH : 35 (95% ACCURACY)

      COMPUTERS : 38 (99 % ACCURACY)


      what about my chances

      • can u please tell me what will be cut off mark in general. I wrote only obc exam central bank is my second exam i am unable to prepare how should i prepare for the exam in which pattern. how many question should i need to attempts. all r telling we cant get bank exam so easily its takes years is it true
        can anyone help in this regard

  14. sir/madam
    i have applied for the post of clerk in central bank of India . i belong to S.T category and i choose Hariyana as a center but there is no seat for s.t category .so can u plz tell me the merit is only state wise category or it is considered as a whole…

  15. hi guys, i want to know about the expected cut off for federal bank clerk exam held on 5 dec 2010

  16. hello satyaprakash i am preparing for the bank clerk exam since november 2010
    now my speed in math and reasoning section is almost ninty percent but my main problem
    is clercial section this section takes almost 15 to 16 minutes please suggest me how
    can i improve this section and one more question to u i am frm obc cat. what number
    of question should solve so that i can expect my result in union bank clerk

  17. Hiiiiiiii Everyone…..
    I got selected for PNB management trainee(mains)……

    • Plz guide me for Mains exam and specially for interview….i really need you people now..
      please tell me what should i do to qualify interview…


    • congrats dear………dear can u please tell me what is the essential qualifications for management traineee…
      is BBA degree can work…..

      • @prateek
        no yaar i m fresher.i have done B.Tech in 2010 july…
        please tell me what are the areas i must focus on to get selected in interview….

        I have been selected for United bank of india PO too….My interview is on 23rd feb..
        plz help me….

    • hi everyone i am also selected in pnb mt (mains).can anyone help me for mains exam

      • @Neha,
        Hi congrats 1st of all….i got selected for United bank india PO too…on 23rd i have been scheduled for interview…Plz tell me if u have any idea of interview…
        My id is “pratibimb.sinha@gmail.com”…or use my number 9386959830…
        do reply plz…

  18. hi frnds, i hve very simple query.what sud we do to improve descriptive paper.does datas,illustrations help us perform better than other competitors in this section.how can one make this part strong. pls replyyyyyyyyyyy.

  19. Hello..can anybody tell me the cutoff for general candidates in corp bank po held on Jan 16. I there sectionsl cut offs?

  20. Hi everyone.I am a regular viewer of this webpage,first of all congratulations to all of the successful candidates.I had also appeared for many exams of bank clerk,
    like Uco Bank,UBI,OBC,SBI Ass., and my next exam is on 6th of feb(Union BOI).I am from OBC category and from DELHI.
    My attempts in SBI Ass. Banks was-
    Reas.- 35
    Q.A.- 35
    M & C-26
    ENGLISH-25(all with 90% accuracy.)
    Is There any chance?

  21. what is the expected cutoff in union bank of india clerk exam for general categry ?

  22. hey …can ny 1 tell me the examination pattern of uco bank for po……………



    iam going to take my SBI exam on 23rd.

    • best of luck……..

    • i wrote SBI exam on 16 january afternoon session my score is

      GK : ATTEMPTED 34 CORRECT : 31





  24. hai frnds, i m new to this site. i attempted 33-reasoning(with 85%accuracy),39-maths(with 90%accuracy),34-G.A.(with 80%accuracy),35-marketing&comp.(with 95% accuracy),37-english(with 90%accuracy) in sbi associates clerks exam.pls tell me what are my chances. i m from raj.&in general catagory.

  25. hi satya prakash and all friends
    i have attempted in sbi associate bank
    ca& marketing-35
    all questions with 98% accurecy
    is there any chance to get an interview call(in up)

  26. i have cleared boi bank exam.i dont have printed application.wat to do as its required for interview

  27. please tell me tips for union bank clerk exam held on 6 feb in order to clear it from general categry

  28. please tell me the expected cu off for the union bank of india clerk exam held on 6 feb ansd central bank clerk exam on 13 feb , i m from general categry and from haryana

  29. My icici bank exam is on 30th jan , plz anyone help me whether that is good career or not…..?? Actually i little bit confuse that i give that exam or not….. because so many conditions on that exam. Now i m preparing for bank clerical exam so plzzzz Help Me……

    • Hi Sambit i have also applied for that.

      See, Here you have to solve 75questions in 60 Minutes. After Clearing Written there is a GD then a PI. If you clear all stages sucessfully they will send you to Manipal University Banglore Training Center for 2 Years Training. For this they will give you AC3 Ticket for free. Here you will get 2,000 Rs Stiepend for 12 months and 12,500 Rs Stipend for next 12 months. This training will include lots of physical training and adventure sports apart from Full time banking studies.

      After completing training you will get a Package of Rs 4 lakh PA (At present).

      Main problem is that you can’t leave it easily after training or during training, A Heavy Fine is assigned for it.

      After Joing this Job at branch you have not only to work as PO in office but also you they will give you a target ( A heavy Target). In any case at any cost you have to cross your target otherwise they will charge a penalty on you.

      But if you complete all these thing sucessfully then you will live a royal life. You will recieve Meal Pass worth Rs. 8,000 P/M (At Present). In PO Rank you will get more salary and extra services in compare to a manager of a nationalised bank.

      • @Satya prakash
        Is it enough to get 55-60% marks in Indian Bank for interview call??
        mine is around 58-60% with every section clear…
        Do i have a chance of an interview call?I am general candidate and my centre was Patna…Can anyone tell me if i have a chance in Bank of India PO held on 31oct and 21st nov….
        i have cleared all the sectional cut-offs and my overall marks is around 170-180 out of 300…
        plz reply soon……..

        • you have bright chances but you should solve litle bit more

          • @Satya prakash
            thnax for ur attention and time….
            Could you plz tell me about PNB management trainees exam held on 28th nov..
            i ll score 60% in that.Do i have some chance??

      • Thanks a lot Satya for ur valuable information, thatswhy i fully confused but now i think that i leave that exam. I afraid for that situation,in my view nationalized bank is best for me. I can’t achieve that heavy target…… Money is more there but other way they torture us Nooooooo………

  30. hey friends idbi po held on 14th nov results n boi clerks held on 26sep are out

    • hey anand
      I didnt clear idbi exam..m soo upset..i was excepting to clear it…wud u pls help me wid the cut off marks

      • hey nandita the cut off for po generally goes to abt 60-65percent.however it depends on the difficulty level of questions.from the previous three exams i personally feel that there has been a slight increase in the difficulty level.even u can experience that there has been an increase of puzzle questions and that involving circular pattern.so there is a possibility that the recent cut off can go low.as far as your idbi result is concerned dont wory there are still a number of results to come.try ur best n hope for the best.

    • @Anand
      Is it enough to get 55-60% marks in Indian Bank for interview call??
      mine is around 58-60% with every section clear…
      Do i have a chance of an interview call?I am general candidate and my centre was Patna…Can anyone tell me if i have a chance in Bank of India PO held on 31oct and 21st nov….
      i have cleared all the sectional cut-offs and my overall marks is around 170-180 out of 300…
      plz reply soon……..

  31. hi friends
    some of u completed the the entrance for bank clerk several times.
    so, what u think a average mark to get call for interview in general category.

  32. what is the expected cutoff in state bank associates?

    • i guess more than 160………

      • hey sumit
        I just wnted to ask u hw muchshud i score to get interview call in a bank po exam? I am an sc candidate. I am so upset dat i didnt get thru idbi. I usually do 50- 53%…is this sufficient….pls help me wid this

        • actualy i not give any po exam….im doing BBA 2nd yr ……my graduation is not complete yet…so i cant help u…

  33. yaar mai general category se belong karta hun………..koi to rply karo….plz…gen ke liye cutoff kitna hoga obc po me……..

  34. i appered in indian bank po examination held on 2nd jan 2011.
    reasoning- 42(all correct)/75(80 marks)
    qunat- 35(all correct)/50(60 marks)
    gk- 26(approx 22 correct)/50(60 marks)
    and i had done well in eng …….as we had to only clear the eng paper………so what are my chances…….plz rply…i m waiting……..

    • well done…!!! sure u will get a call…but the main thing is that u belong to which category and state….no.of vacancies in ur region…?btw ALL D VERY BEST…!!!

      • thanx radhika……………i am frm general category………..

      • @Radhika
        Is it enough to get 55-60% marks in Indian Bank for interview call??
        mine is around 58-60% with every section clear…
        Do i have a chance of an interview call?

      • I am general candidate and my centre was Patna…

      • Hi friends,
        Can anyone tell me if i have a chance in Bank of India PO held on 31oct and 21st nov….
        i have cleared all the sectional cut-offs and my overall marks is around 170-180 out of 300…
        plz reply soon……..

  35. Hi Everyone, how many of you given SBI Associates exam on 16th Jan. Howz the question was.

    • hi…..the question was supreub and little bit easy also……but due to lack of time i slove the math sectio question very less reasoning section was good……computer section was very very easy……and the general awareness same as computer section…..

    • well i hv given th sbi exam…d exam was fine…not too tough….i attempted 158-160

    • paper is not so tough….
      i attempt 38 in gk in which 30 will be correct
      37 in marketing aptitude in which 30 will be correct
      38 in reasoning in which 33-34 will be correct
      40 in maths in which 35 must be correct
      in english i attempt 35 i guess 20 -23 will be correct
      plz tell ur attempt also…..

      • See Sumit you have done very well you will definetly crack the exam.

      • Yaar Sumit i have not applied for this bank so i have not given.

      • also i wanted to knw hw much cut off goes for sc candidates in po exam…i have given it for federal bank, vijaya bank and bank of maharashtra…aur abhi tak ek ka b result nahi aaya…so apprehensive i am

  36. hey friends………
    what about OBC PO cut off…………(held on 26 th dec 2010)
    reasoning:- 37 (34 correct)
    quant:- 33(all correct)
    gerenal awareness:- 30(all correct)
    english:- 22 (20 correct)
    some of my frnds told me that cut off of obc po will be around 125. can i expect a call for interview?

    • @prateek
      I also appeared for OBC on 26th dec….My score is around 125 out of 200…
      your friends may be right as 62% marks are sufficient for bank PO…..
      This year as the reasoning pattern is changed and is tough so cut offs are expected to come down to 55-58%….

      • @pratibimb………….so dear is there any chances for me??

        • @pratibimb……….yaar as far as i know……max marks is 225………..and i am expected to get around 121…………that is53.77%…………..

          • i guess chances are very little.i m not sure as i m too new to this field…but as far as i have heard from people cut-offs wud be above 55%…anywaz
            ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

            • thanx a lot Prtibimb….my id is…neha.aayu at gmail.com
              plz send me those files
              regards Neha

              • Hello Every1……..
                I got call from IIM Kozhikode 2 days ago…
                plz wish me luck for the interview………

              • @Neha
                Hi Neha,
                I have sent you the .docx file.kindly check the attachment…
                ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  37. Hi frnds, i m preparing for bank po exams.. i wnt to knw about descriptive paper..mostly its qualifying..so hw can i prepare for this..nd aprox hw many ques i should solve per section..kindly guide me

    • @Neha
      As far As i know you should get at least 70% in reasoning 85-90% in quant and in Eng and GK even if u just manage to score 45% then you are done with your job….
      for descriptive i have a set of pdf files you tell me your email id i ll mail you…
      For descriptive keep reading articles and essays of PRATIYOGITA DARPAN

      ALL THE BEST!!!!!

      • @pratibimb……..hey this is deepika.i m appearing 4 bank po UCO bnk.
        i saw that u hv pdf files 4 descriptive paper. were4m did u got those pdf files? cud u pls mail me those pdf files on shiny.newbegining at gmail.com

  38. Hi Friends,
    I am new to this field….Till now i have taken 5 P.O exams…My score in most of them is about 60% with all sections cleared.Can i expect an interview call??
    In Union Bank of india exam held on 9th jan’11 my attempts were:-
    QUANT:- 48/50 expecting 45 correct
    Reasoning:-53/75 expecting 47-48 correct
    English40/50 expecting 32 correct
    GK:-35/50 25 correct
    Computer:-49/50 expecting 45 correct
    Is it enough for an interview call?plz help me

    • @ P sinha yup you will get call, po cotoff goes aprox. 56% nd you should use the practice set for getiing sucess all the best:)

      • @Lalit
        First of all thanx alot Lalit….yaar if u r right then i must get atlst 5-7 calls by April’11.
        R u too preparing for banking exams?or,working somewhere?

        • @lalit
          hi i got two calls till now one from PNB and 2nd from United bank of india…
          plz guide me for interview….


  39. satya bhai congrats to u also
    i never give any bank interview before plz suggest me how to preare 4 them..

    • HI Sumit Congratulations to you. Below this page i seen that you are PWD. My Dear Friend i will help you upto maximum possibilty. Hats off to you, one thing i will say only you are not PWD you are a genius. In such circumustances you cleared written is very big thing.

      See about interview if you need any help just call me at 09304691356.

  40. How should I get minimum marks in bank clerk exam from 200 marks to get interview call.

  41. hi friends ,
    i am a new member to this web site recently i have attented obc clerk exam
    qa;28 question
    ra:30 question
    ca:30 question
    english:30 question
    i belong to sc.pls let me know is their any chance of clearing the written exam.

  42. Hiii
    Please help me in knowing cut off marks for bank clerical exams
    Recently I attended Oriental bank clerk exam on 9/1/11 and belong to OBC caterory. Please tell me the cut off marks in each subject. And qualifying marks in english.

    As per me, I may get below marks in each subject
    Subject Attempts/ corrects
    Reaso 26 /23
    Numer 30 /26
    cler 50/50
    english 15/ 13

    For above marks is there any chances to qualify in written test. Please reply me if any one know. Waiting for ur Pleasure reply………..

  43. n SBI Associates exam also dat to b held on 16 jan……do share with me

  44. hey anyone preparing 4 RBI bank officers exam.???????? 2 b held on 6 feb..

    • @angel
      yeah i m preparing for it…if you want to share or ask anything kindly get back to me on my id:-“pratibimb.sinha@gmail.com”
      ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

  45. hi friends….
    i m preparing for UBI clerical post which is held on 6 feb..
    i m good in all the Sections except English..
    i have problem in English . i m confident that i will crack all other sections but scared abt
    ENGLISH… anyone plz suggest me.. what i should do????

    • hey vinod….dont worry at all..u just need to get pass in this subject in bank clerical exams….u just need to crack 40%of this subject to get pass….but it is a qualifying paper…!!!u just have to get pass in it…dont think abt merits and all..!!!!

    • dear , according to me if u follow 2 books ,competative english(kiran publisher), another
      book is previous yr clerical paper(bsc pulisher).in those book u will get different type qus pattern & different clerical solved english paper.which will help you to overcome ur difficulties.one thing more side by side u have prepare writing skill on different topic
      because if anything uncommon may come u can write on this matter. thank you.

  46. i also select in bank of india….its time for interview

  47. i have cleare bank of india clerk exam.can anyone help of for interview.wat they will ask.

  48. hai friends………..
    how was d oriental bank clerk exam?
    how many questions attempted…………………………?
    mine was
    reasoning 46, accuracy is 85%
    maths 45, accuracy is 90%
    C.A. 49, accuracy is 95%
    english 37 accyract us 85%

    • …mine toh only
      E: 31, acc 90%
      M: 27, acc 95%
      CA: 31, acc 98%
      R: 29, acc 95%
      is there any chance for me to get selected????

  49. hi…dear friends
    i m new comer of this site. i hv applied for po in bob, n don’t hv idea that how many qsn i will hv to attempt in every sec to clear the cut-off marks….so please help me & suggest me wt hv to do for prep……this is my 1st ever bank exam.

  50. in federal bank po exam….i attempted 39/50 -gk, 24/50 in maths, 25/50 in reasoning, 30 something in english, 40/50 in mktng and 40/50 in computers….do i hv a chance in getting thru??

  51. hi
    I am Nandita..i am an SC candidate…can anyone pls tell me abt the cut off marks in po exams for sc candidates

  52. I am in my final yr.Can any 1 say tat, am i eligible to apply now itself.?

  53. hi… SANTHI AND SANDEEP and all friends ,i m going to give exam in march 2011 for bank of baroda PO ,can anyone help me as to how to study for reasoning and maths . I have 3-4 exams but failed in exams.. how can i study ,i am from SC category. atleast i want to pass if there is any clerk exam of any bank…….. i m really interested in working with nationalized bank ….. please help me. SANTHI .. SEND me message on my email id- nitin86kasabe at rediffmail.com . please…. please… please…….. there is no one to help …. all friends are criticizing me on my performance in these exams and i want pass this exam at any cost……..

  54. dear i watch this site from 4 months but i hav a ques that how u measure accuracy??
    plz reply soon……..

  55. how much i need for central bank clerk examination,plsss any1 help me

    • Hiiiiii Kritrath, I CBI exam u must to attain math-45, reas- 45-50, cler-50 & eng-35-40 with 90% accuracy. After that u have a chance for next………

  56. hi guys, this is hareram jha, i also preparing for bank clerk exam, i attempt all the bank clerk exam was held after may 2010. i take coaching for this but all exam was given during the coaching period,so i m sure that i will not select in any of that exam, after end of class we r preparing in four friends group, now we all friends attempt many time res-45 above math-40-50 clercial-45 above but english is many time confused me , if attempt 30 question then 5-10 question wrong oftenly, i think in present english is easier than past exam so can u tell me i will select or not.

    • Keep patients hareram, if u attained this much questions then thats very fine . If there 90% accuracy then have a change but always it depends on vacancy of your state.

    • i think u r from gen cate.
      always think greater then 90% for this cat.

  57. Hello all friends, on 9-jan OBC exam. how the preparations r going on plz share with me here.

    • hi sanju me also doing preaparations for obc in which state u have applied

      • Hello friend , I m from orissa…. thats the problem that in my state their only 13 seats are available for general. Ok lets see whats r happen…….

        • hey sanju m also preparing 4 OBC from panjab state n i think there r 104 seats in panjab …..do u think i have better chances n m frm general cate….

          • Hi angel , actually u r belongs to punjab or what…?? really there so much seats that u have best chance to crack the exam. I hope u really qualify…..best of luck……

  58. some other GK questions from Indian Bank PO?
    1. which country has the highest literacy rate? a) nepal, b) sri lanka, c) india, d) china, e) bangladesh?
    2. financial asset is :- a)gold, b) silver, c) shares in demat a/c, d) land & buildings, e) all of the above?
    3. Where is Statue of liberty situated??
    4. RTGS stands for??
    5. As per new guidelines issued by sebi, companies r required to list shares within how many days of the closure of the initial public offer??
    6. who is current CM of maharashtra??
    7. Sariaska wild life sanctury for tigers is situated at….??
    8. for which head of expense, Indian govt. Spent the max. Amt.? a) foodgrains subsidy, b) oil subsidy, c) maintenance of national highways ?
    9. which indian state is famous for sandalwood & oil??
    10. last amendment (may be 2000 or 2001) in companies act was due to…..!

  59. 17. who is Maharastra Chief minister
    these are some ques that i remember

  60. 13. Who is Union Telecom minister
    14. TRAI stands for
    15. India Rank in Human Development Index
    16. Who signature is there in a 10 rupee note

  61. Some Gk questions from indian bank po.
    1. IFRS stands for
    2.”God of small things” was written by
    3.2o1o G-20 summit was held in
    4.example for Teaser loan
    5.”Merdeka cup” is associated with
    6.Bank of Rajasthan merged with
    7.India Rank in Human index
    8.IIFCL Uranium project is in which State
    9. ASBA stands for
    10. $11 billion infrastructure Debt fund by
    11.”Kaveri” is a-
    12.related to “open market operations”

  62. Suggest an excellent book for english

  63. hai santhi……
    u r from which state? and from which state u applied in syndicate bank and corporation bank…………
    i also applied from different state in oriental bank clerk in jan 2011……..thats why i m asking.

  64. happy new yr to all of u…….
    i wish all ur dreams come true…..& all will select soon in bank exams….

  65. hey,anybody here preparing for OBC exams coming this january…..?

  66. Hello guys, solved this logic problem:

    if , 9*3=27 4*5=50 49*4=112 16*2=16

    then 64*5=?

    its a challenge when solved within 15 sec is good

    • Hi Sandeep
      answer is 200 within 10 sec

      • Hello santhi,
        First of all wish u a very happy new year 2011,
        good if u realy do this within 10 sec and now these days where r u & what’s doing

        • Hi Sandeep,
          Happy New year.
          I was rejected in syndicate and corporation bank clerks interview due to regional lang problem but i donno why i was rejjected in central bank po.And also facing the same regional lan prob in canara bank clerks interview.so am in confusion.
          Again i started my prep for Union bank po and Uco bank po.

          • Hello santhi,

            I wish that this year is lucky for u, and you get success because u deserve this.
            well i m preparing for ubi clerk exam please give me some tips to crack this.
            Thanks & Regards

      • how u did?plz explain?

  67. recently i appeared for OBC po exam held on 26 dec ,2010.
    i am expecting :-
    so overall total=114/200 ie 57%
    can i expect call for interview???
    plz help me any one. plz reply soon friends in my id:-durganandmondal@gmail.com………i belongs to SC……

    • Yaar in your category you have ok in math and reasoning but you are at danger line in English and in GS. Only pray that none of your answer goes wrong ini these two section.

  68. no body knows whether thr was negative marking or not because neither they have denied it northey have accepted it…so its banks prerogative to have negative marking or not for merit list..

    • See Sweta, in almost every Bank’s Booklet there is written about negative marks, you must have seen that. Why ank of india not wrote that? simply no negative was there.

      One more thing in SSC CGL 09 SSC had not written anything about negative marks so no negative was there, but SSc wrote about negative in SSC HSC Level 09.

      • one more thing u might have seen bank cut off are not same while declaring the results usuallly its high for merit list…in sbi clerk exam last yr cut off were high as given in the advertisement and in booklet..so its upto the bank to decide …not us….its banks decesion to have negative marking or not..i know it was not writen anywhere but they have neither cleraly stated it..so why to have so much of headache…lets wait for the results.it was tricky for students to attempt all ques blindly or attempt few ..its called risk…..

        • anyways how many ques u attempted and wats ur expected score… i have attmpted 160 ques and my score wil be around 200-220..othrs plz post ur score

          • heyyy sweta m preparing 4 OBC clerical in jan plzzzz can u tell me what shud b ma attempt in each subject…n english is only of qualifying so hw many questions shud i atttempt plzzzzz do answer me ….

        • Yaar are telling about two different cases. Negative is totally different from cutoff. Bank increases or decreases cutoff only in case type of SBI clerk held last year when bank not get enough number of sucessful candidates.

          Well let this topic away. Your attempt in nice. Yaar currently i can’t recall exect number of attempt.

    • Ashish is right. In Booklet of Clerks nothing such was written but in Booklet of Bank of India PO negative information was written. One more thing bank will never recommend any such notice saying that candidate can give wrong answer.

      • yaar i never said like candidate can give wrong answer..it was bit tricky..anyways guys post ur attempt

        • shweta i belong to pwd category
          my attempts for bank of india are…..
          clerical aptitude-50
          english – i attempt more than 40 but i was assuming negative marks so i not answer any ques blindly…..
          i m from u.p. so tell me is there any chance for me, i will surely get more than 220
          plz reply soon

  69. Hi. Is there any negative marking in Bank of india clerical because neighter in Advertisment nor in Aquient Yourself booklet Negative Marking was Written. I also discussed this issue with many people across the internet all of them said same thing.

  70. good thinking but i want to know how to prepare for g.k and suggest what books i should read for g.k.

  71. Hi ,
    I am a graduate. I have started preparing for bank exams. But my reasoning is really bad. Can anyone please suggest me how to prepare for it? and also the books to prepare from.

  72. thank u so much for ur guidance….but need more favour from u….how many question attempts will b good for such exams like in every subject..?thank u so much once again….!

  73. i will complete my mca 2011 & prepare bank exams at home kindly tell some related set material questions ,that i want to improve on myself
    if any kindly sent me in my email

    • hai manamayee
      start reading newspaper and monthly magazine like pratiyogita darpan…..
      for maths RS agarwal and M tyra (bsc publication) is good book for beginners…..

  74. sir..plz would u tell me how to clear the obc bank paper?what abt the time management in these kind of papers?how much time to give to each subject of the paper or how many question attempted will b get the paper cleared…thx…do reply soon…!

    • for obc bank attempt should be
      numerical aptitude-done all in 30 mins
      reasoning-25 mins
      clerical aptitude-15 mins
      english-20 mins

      • thank u so much for ur guidance….but need more favour from u….how many question attempts will b good for such exams like in every subject..?thank u so much once again….!

        • i think attempt should be-
          reasoning-attempt 45 minimum to 50
          numerical-more than 45
          clerical aptitude-50
          english-if english is qualifying nature than attempt 35
          ur score should be 80% than only u can call for interviews….

  75. hi ,satya prakash ji where r u ,please suggest me hw to prepare for bank clerk exam and give names of books for preparations.
    Thanks & Regards

  76. Hello kritika,congrts for ur success ,plz give me some tips for preparing clerk exam.
    Thanks and Regards

  77. Hi to everyone , i m preparing for ubi clerk exam please tell me some good books of reasoning,numerical and gk.
    Thanks and Regards


    hiii frends!!
    What will be the minimum qualification for P.O exams to be conducted under the C.E.T system by I.B.P.S from 2011 onwards.Like most of the banks now have the eligibility as 55% in graduation & some banks ask for 60%.Will it be 55% or…?And is there a fair chance for a candidate having just 55% & doing well in the written exam as compared to higher qualified candidates?I mean is an extra qualification mandatory to get a P.O job or do they also select fresher graduates?

    • no priya its not like that….the selection is truly on the basis of that how u perform in the written exam n interview..hmmm there is a possibility ki bank may consider a percentage limit but its not always 60% ..in some banks its 55% also so dont worry n just work hard …

  79. hai friends,
    can any one tell me that is English qualifying in nature for oriental bank clerk or carry weightage ?

  80. Suggest a suitable maths,reasoning book

  81. please tell me the minimum mark or cut of marks of bank clerk exam

  82. Hey friends,,,,
    Indian bank clerk results have been declared and I am in

  83. hey guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me . act. this que is not related to bank jobs but to SSC exam…hey there’s a prob.. regarding age limit…its written ki candidates age shud b between 18-25 as on 31 dec 2010 n i m 24 years n 11 months on 31 dec 2010 but ven i ll b givin d exam i ll b 25 years n one month it means more than 25 years so m i eligible or not….hey if anyone knws abt this plzzzzzzzzzzz help mee

    • Its not the problem angle, because age limit 18-25 is up to 31dec 2010 and that only be listed whether ur age limit cross on exam time. so don’t be hesitate abt age.

  84. hello sir,
    this is naveen. i have been writing clerks exams for one year. i just want to how much marks should i get to qualify for interview . Both sectional cutoff and aggregate cut off. please reply.

  85. hi frainds,
    i m also preparing for bank po examination, but not clear any examination. i attempt res-60, math-40, gs 30-35, eng 30-35, but i don’t know where is my fault. eng paper not sure for accuracy bcz i m a Hindi medium student. plz help me, and tell me how many Q attended to qualify the po exam……plz help me

    • Doing model papers regularly is one of the ways to improve time management. If you have done a model paper, check all your answers whether correct or not. If you have done any mistake try to correct it and don’t do that mistake again .

      All the best.

  86. hi,
    You all !!!!
    if candidate is hindi medium ,they should be preparation in english or hindi.
    i want to know that ,in PO exam or any other preparation You should be expert in english, and english communication .and im also hindi medium ,im facing so many problems …..plz suggest me….

    • Hi Preeti…. English appears as a qualifier, meaning marks you get in eng aren’t reckoned in the merit list….rest all papers are in eng and hindi….so point is Eng section although important but it won’t fetch you marks , prepare eng to solve atleast 30 ques…n that should do it, remember 40% or 20 questions out of 50 should be right…. all d best.

    • hi yaar
      u need to read english news paper daily and watching english news then u have interest in english and learn english basic grammer.

  87. try applying uco po online in internet explorer……it’s not opening in uco website but some other website from google…

  88. hi fnds…
    can u tell me if i score 140 out of 200 within 2 hrs (in PO) can i expect name in bank success list.if not then what is min. marks according 2 u……………….waitin 4 ur reply as soon as possible

  89. frns canara bank clerk results are declared. am in.
    but my doubt is why they are (nearly) calling 940 above candidates for 90 posts(karnataka region). is there any increment in number of posts ?????????????????

  90. wats wrong wit union bank of india online application its not working… unable to apply ?? anybody wit same problem?

  91. i felt very happy by all these comments.. Qs n As.. here it seems it has big gang of frenz… nice to see this n its informative

  92. can any one tell what they asked in corporation bank’s computer literacy test

  93. Hello friend
    Now i m working on a private sector along with preparing the bank clerical exam. Plz anyone suggest me how many hours is sufficient for study and how i will prepare for exam. Please reply soon

    • 2 hours daily is sufficient
      but a unique publication book
      & solve it daily……

      • Thanks sumit…. whether i need any coaching …?
        now i secured math 30-35 and reasoning 30-35 in time duration…
        How can i improve my speed. Plz reply…..

        • no coaching is required im also not pursuing any coaching
          try 1-2 paper daily ur accuracy will be good soon.

          • hello sumit…. in united bank exam i attained math-40, reas- 43, cleri- 50… with 90% accu. Is their any chance for qualify. Or how many is fine for qualify. i m waiting for ur respone.

    • Hi Sanju

      You need not to worry while working in Pvt Sector as many of my friends got selected as Bank PO while working with me.

      As per the study duration is concerned, you need to devote at least 3-4 hours religiously on Quant and Reasoning sections which will set you apart from the compitition.

      • Thanks Bhupendra for reply me…. Actually now i studying 3-4hr but i attain only 40 math and reaso. each..thatswhy…..?? how much is safe for clerical plz reply must……

        • see sanju not a single approach is safe in any exam if it is competitive exam.
          there should always be constant efforts to outsmart your competitors and for this always compete with you not with others.if you have attained this stage of attempting 40 Qs of Reas. n Quant section…..sharpen it further.

          Remember Winners do not have any magic tools but A SPIRIT to excel…….
          All the best

          • thanks a lot bhupendra, actually i disappointed abt this exam that how can i crack this. & main tension is that their not much posts are coming for my state in coming exams.

  94. When will indian bank clerk exam result comes ? Exam was held on 22 august, anybody knows ?

  95. subhasish bhattacharjee

    guyz… i am going outside of my home place.. because i m posted outside… i miss u all … i will surely come here after purchasing a laptop there.. till then bye.. best of luck to u all… work hard… u will surely succeed..

    satya prakash,
    u r doing a great job buddy… u will surely get success

    • All the best to you. Find a girl and get married soon, that’s the next step in life :p

    • all the best to you bro….wen u do log pl tell us how promotion happens, what post and its requirements..also is it good to join in a clerical cadre and then eventually apply for PO or to directly try and crack PO exam taking into consideration the very limited seats of PO exam and the difficulty level as well….

  96. Hi Sir,
    I have completed My BCA ( 3 year ) from Nalanda open university in 2010 with 67%.
    Can I apply for bank po examinations??
    I have doubt in mind for BCA or for Correspondence graduation.
    Please Clear My doubt.. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Rahul, i too have completed BA from IGNOU this yr, as long as that univ is approved by UGC and since this is a correspondance course so it has to have approval of distance education as well and i think for BCA or technical degree AICTE too has to have approval…..if in the affirmative then yes you can. all the best!

      • Thanks sir,
        Nalanda open university is approved by UGC and Distance education council.
        It follows ignou bca syllabus and books in it’s BCA programe.

  97. hi satya prakash, yar can u suggest me some gud book for preparation of Financial n Banking GK?? I appeard for IDBI PO exam on 14Nov. and found it difficult to solve Gk section.all 50 question were on financial n banking terms. Plz sugest me some magzine n books.plz reply fast

  98. subhasish bhattacharjee

    i got the offer letter from syndicate bank… joining on 22nd this month

    • hey subhasish, congratsss….for which post you got selected???….and from how many time you have been preparing for bank exams….??

    • all the best subhashish for ur future
      can u tell me what will be the initial salary of bank clerk

    • congrats….subhasish ji

    • hii subhasish..
      i also got selected in syndicate bank prob clerk..
      my joining date is also on 22 nov..
      they posted me around 100 kms from my city..
      i just wanted to know what is this Employment Exchange Registration certificate/card or a declaration which they asked us to submit during induction training..

    • Hello Subhasish and other Successful friends,
      How you get success in the exam give us some tips regarding preparation. I am working professional have not much more time to study but I will try my best I have applied for OBC and likely to apply UBI also. Previously I had applied for SBI but that time I unable to give much more time to my study at this I don’t want miss the chace. So I really heartiest request to you please let me guide how you get the success.
      Please tell me also how much time we have to spent for study and which study material is best for that..
      Waiting for reply

    • hi subhasish ,,, congratulations for ur selection ….
      can u suggest me what to consult for the general awareness… and how much minimum attemptation is required to get selected ..with how much accuracy… i’m from gen category..

  99. my attempt in uco bank –
    i belongs to pwd category
    satya can i select in this exam i m not sure??

  100. hi have anybody attempted UNITED BANK PO how was the paper according to me it was the toughest give your views

    • hi yash, i also appeared for the United Bank of India PO exam…. I too find it difficult…specially reasoning and gk portion…i think that sitting arrangement question was really complicated and time consuming….

    • UNITED BANK PO….paper was lengthy instead of tricky.

  101. can anybody tell whose signature are needed on character certificate?

    and what is this computer literacy test for corporation bank interview?

  102. Hai Friends!
    Anybody got the syndicate bank clerk final result. I heard some candidates got the result in mail. if you please reply me.

    • hii..
      i got selected in syndicate bank prob clerk..
      results are not put in website but are sent to personal mail..

      • Whats the matter written in that mail. Your any other friend recieved the mail. I have not recieved yet. Subhashish did you recieved the mail.

        • subhasish bhattacharjee

          ya i receive the mail almost 7 days ago… and also received the letter physically

          • hey,subhasis, this is swarnendu here.i’ve also cleared the written of syndicate bank clerical exam.my interview was on the 8th of october from 2pm.but i did not get any mail from their corner so far.another thing whether they asked u in the interview about posting in bankura?

  103. hi everyone
    yesterday i took uco bank clerical exam i think some reasoning questions were little different and these took some extra time. well q. a. and english portions were good.
    what you guys say?

  104. Hi Subhashish, howz ur UCO Bank Clerical paper was? How many question you attempted. My Attempt was Maths 48, Reasoning 49, Clerical 50 and English 40. My other friends you also post your attempt that we could reach for an expected cutoff mark.

  105. hey i was selected for corporation bank clerk and central bank of india po guys.

    • hi santhi may i know how many question u have attempted in corp bank clerk coz i also attempted but could clear it so plz tell me how many question

      • i attempted all questions from reasoning&quant(100Q), clerical aptitude(40Q) and gk(20Q). english i attempted only 35q. in that gk and clerical aptitude 100% correct.
        And reasoning section there may be 2 or 3 mistakes. English 90% accuracy.

        • Dear Santhi it means u must got Reas + Maths = 98 /100 approx , Gk + Clerical = 60/60 , English 90% Accuracy = 32/40 total comes out to be = 190/200…. that’s ur score (predictable) me too attempted 191/200… reas+maths+clerical almost all correct , eng 95% correct and in gk = 18/20… bt finally nt selected….. any comments from ur side..

    • hey santhi
      Can u tell how many questions u have attempted and with what accuracy in Central bank PO??
      Specify in each section …

  106. HI , FRIENDS (especially from BIHAR)
    Please note that the UCO bank clerical exam scheduled to happen on 14 nov (in BIHAR i.e. PATNA and BHAGALPUR centers) has been postponed to 19 dec i.e. in the next month. it happened so due to ongoing bihar assembly elections and chathh puja .
    so, be happy as you got extra time for preparations………..

  107. i just saw corp bank clerk result..
    i was shocked to see that mine roll no was not in the selected list.
    i was 200% sure to crack this exam coz i did very well in written.
    my attempts were 191/200 almost 99% correct.. bt today i found myself nowhere.
    it seems all * jugaad * is going on… and now i think all govt exams are fake..
    sirf jugad chal raha hai.. and 1 more thing 4 roll numbers in series got selected.. yaar co incidence dekha hai bt inta nahi.. frendz need ur suggestion ..
    how to file RTI for my Corp Result, plzz let me know..coz kabhi bhi kisi ke saath ye kabhi bhi ho sakta hai..

  108. Hi Friends.

    Congratulations to all who got selected in Corporation Bank. Prepare very well for interview because interview of these type of banks are of very standard level.

    I had not given that exam.

    • i appeared for corp bank clerk exam…didnt clear..i donno wat happen..everytime i am attempting aroud 160 ques…either its po or clerk..really disappointed…why cant corp declare the marks as sbi has done..any tips frm anyone…

      • one of my friend who had solved 182 questions with maximum accurecy has also not cleared this exam. He is is going to get his marks through RTI.

  109. hi, satyaprakash…i m preparing fr bank PO frm last 2 yrs..my reasoning n english r gud..bt i hv prblm in GS basically in economy..nd my speed is also slow…kindly guide me…




  112. ************TO ALL BANK ASPIRANTS***************
    Guys we as bank job seekers need to have a good information on gen awareness, even if some banks (indeed most) do not have GA section in objective tests , yet it’s knowledge is a must for properly answering descriptive and most importantly to crack interview. While i know most of us do read magazines like pratiyogita kiran, darpan or whatever still i think it could be more fruitful if we could discuss opinions on events that way we will not only come across new information/happenings but retain them more effeciently as well in our memory.
    so i’m putting up a question which i hope will be answered by most of you.

    what is repo and reverse repo rate? hiking these rates is the only way to contain inflation- agree/disagree- why??


    dear sir ,
    i m persently perparing for both clerical and po exams , i m daliy solving each section of clerical exam in 20 to 25 mins english , reasoning , etc is any diff pattern to perpare for the exams please if it is suggest it


  114. Hi Subhashish, from which state you are applying for Oriental Bank.

    • subhasish bhattacharjee

      i am confused yaar….. no position open for west bengal… and if i have to go to rajasthan or jharkhand or something else then i will face serious problem regarding staying place and also regional language…


      • See, i don’t know about this category. you discuss this issue with anyone knowledgeble and familier with this case. In notification you see definition for DXS. If you come within it then its a golden chance for you.

      • Yaar i also don’t know when result of indian bank will come. One more thing yaar, pls don’t say me bhaiya. i feel embarrassed. I am just 21 year old boy. Pls let me live my young age.


  115. Syndicate Bank Clerical Interview.

    1.) Tell me About Yourself.

    2.) You have done IT. What is the role of IT in Bank?

    3.) What is VSAT? In Banks where VSAT is used?

    4.) Tell me name of three Networking Software.

    5.) What is Modem, Switch and Router?

    6.) How many keys are there in a keyboard?

    7.) What is Core Banking System? How it is activated?

    8.) What is IMF? Where is its Headoffice?

    9.) What is full form of DC in Washington DC?

    10.) Tell me about some recent news.

    11.) What is Adarsh Society Scandel?

    17.) What is Capital of Uttarakhand?

    18.) What is 3G and 3G Spectrum.

    19.) What is NPA?

    20.) Who Discovered Jamshedpur?

    21.) Who is Haru-hiko-kuroda?

    I Given Correct answer of all Question. They were Happy And Satisfied with me.

    • yr i only know 7-8 ques out of them
      plz suggest me which book i read & how to prepare 4 bank interviews
      reply soon

      • See Sumit, there is no definit portion of Interview. It totally depends upon the mood of interviewer.
        One of my friend who is a maths graduate he was asked by an interviewer ‘What is difference between Isothermal and adiabetic process?’ See giving this answer is not possible for Physics Student at sudden. Basically interviewer also not expect answer of these type of answers they just ask these question to check your response at difficult time and at sudden. So there is no need to worry on giving answer of only 6-7 questions.

        Question no 3-7 and 3G Spectrum were asked to me only because i am an IT Graduate. They will not ask these questions to you.

        For interview atleast get full command over your graduation subject, current news and some terms related to banking.

        Never go for a book of interview because it will consist some limited portion and you will expect questions around it.

        TAKE CARE


    • satya bhaiya can u tell me when can we expect the indian bank clerical exam 2010 results

      • yaar i am also waiting for indian bank clerical result. generally result comes out withing 3 months. we had given eam on August. you can expect this at the end of november

  116. is there anyone who has given BOI po exam on 31.10.2010…how was ur exam and ur expected score????

  117. Hi All

    A new member has entered the forum it’s me. I am a computer professional but wanna change the profession and come to banking industry. I don’t have any idea how to go for it and prepare so would require lot of help from all of you. Hope you would not mind my silly questions.


  118. Hi does any1 know how many non verbal reasoning questions are asked in UNITED BANK OF INDIA’s clerical exam???
    Satya any chance u know this ??

  119. hi,
    Try to solve with in 2 min, really a good challenge

    if 146+195=341 then 367+763=?
    if any one solved this with out seeing before he has an “excellent” in apptitude .

    • As 146+195=341 is a very simple addition. So 367+763=1130.

      But the way you asked, it seems that answer is anything else.

      One more thing
      “if any one solved this with out seeing before he has an “excellent” in apptitude .”

      Here Replace ‘excellent’ with ‘excellence’.

  120. Brain Challenge

    Three Friends went for a party in a hotel. Total bill was Rs. 60
    All of them comtributed Rs 20 each. ie (20*3=60)

    Manager of hotel gave them a cash discount of Rs 5 and taken only 55Rs.

    On rest of 5 Rs they gave 2Rs to waiter as tip and equally distributed Rs 3 as 1Re to each other.

    Now the contribution of each friend 20-1=19Rs.

    Now, total deal
    19 Rs*3 friends=57Rs + 2Rs Tip to waiter= Rs 59


    Answer now. i am waiting

    • hi satya prakash
      answer is very simple- they spend 57Rs (including waiter’s tip)
      55Rs(hotel bill)+ 2Rs(waiter’s tip)= 57Rs
      and distribute 3Rs as 1Re to each other
      now total deal,
      money they spend+ remaining money= 60Rs
      57Rs+ 3Rs= 60Rs.

      i m sure that ur wait is over.

      i m regularly watching this site and u r really doing a good job by helping other ppls. keep posting this type of questions. i love to solve this.
      1 more thing, may i know what u have done regarding ur studies and 4m how many months u r preparing for bank exams?

      • see, the answer you have given i think a student of class one can also give easily.

        My Question is not that. My question is 19Rs*3=57+2Rs Tips=59 where is remain one rupee. Got it.

        And thanks for appreciating my presence

        • the 57 is including the waiter’s tip.

        • sir..plz would u tell me how to clear the obc bank paper?what abt the time management in these kind of papers?how much time to give to each subject of the paper or how many question attempted will b get the paper cleared…thx…do reply soon…!

    • Dear Satya prakash,
      Here three guy have 60 rs total bill.and manager give 5 rs discount.
      so originally bill is => 60-05=55 rs.
      so every guy pay 19+19+19=57 rs. so that cost is included 2 rs tip of the waiter in it
      because original bill is 55 rs.ans waiter gives them 1,1,1 rs back. so 57+3=60.

      • My Dear Brother, Your answer is wrong. First Read the question carefully.

        • actually u r placing question wrongly, their contribution is Rs 57 and it includes waiter tip i.e Rs 2, and three rupees they got back which they distributed equally.
          So 57(55-bill+2-waiter tip)+3(which they distributed equally)=60.

    • Remaining 1 rupee is in each of the friend’s pocket .

    • really intresting piece of ques, but if u go backwards you get Rs60. RS2 (waiter’s tip) + Rs3 (pocket) + Rs55 (bill).

    • this question 60 rs. and 55 rs. ur last statement is something wrong u said 19 rs of each contribution then it is 57. after that they remained 3 rs not the tip of the waiter.

    • when hotel manager returned 5 rs to 3 friends it means they paid 55rs and 55rs divided into 3 friends and contibution is each friend is 18.33. but you are saying each frind paid 19 rs so it is difference

  121. @Satya Prakash…i am new to this forum,but not new to bank exams …nice to see your efforts and valuable sharing for this community…GOD BLESS U!
    where u r working?

    • yaar i am waiting for my final result only. i am not in job right now. i am just preparing.

      As you said that you are familier with bank exams, i want to know your attempt in canara bank clerical & bank of india clerical exam. according to you what was the level of question in that exam.

      • canara bank main de nehi paya..main out of station tha..bank of india achha tha…
        english and clerical easy tha…but if taken into account numerical calculation was a bit tough..say one who can solve 50 question in 35 mins will take 45-48 mins…according to me..
        kona result ke liye wait kar raha hain?
        take care man…

  122. hi friends…i am new to this forum and found it pretty interesting for bank job’s aspirants…i am prepairing for bank po….quant. section is my weakness and i want to get rid of it. I don’t know how can one solve the DI portion without even touching the pen…i am very weak at DI…guys plz suggest which book should i read to improve quant. and to command over DI….

    • See, if you work hard on DI then it is very easy. first you start with basic. Use M Tyra Book for Numericals. you cannot get full command over this section in a day. Pratice more and more to get sucess.

      Learn square and cube roots from 1 to 30. One more thig never use shortcuts because time in exams are limited and you can calculate it easily, shortcut will take time.

      • Hi Satya Prakash….thanks for the reply…but i heard that M Tyra books is all about shortcuts and formulae…and u insist not to use shortcuts…so to which direction should i go??…..and one more thing i would like to know….how is it possible to solve DI part without even touching the pen???…sometimes i wonder why ppl find DI part easy??? I mean is there any technique to solve DI??….I know i am annoying…but this is the way i am..!!! So plz guide me….

        • See, which book you use depends upon your need of knowledge. if someone doesn’t have basic knowledge then he should use school level books. I sugessted to use M Tyra book because by using this you can get familier with problem which are seen at exams. Still i say don’t use Shortcuts. Get question from M Tyra and solve in your own convinient. Take care

        • See, time to solve a math highly depends upon your practice. Atleast solve 3000 questions of maths. Now you will also able to solve questions without using pen.

  123. did anyone attempt rbi intern exam on 24\10
    how much do u figure the cutoff was?


    • Hi Yogesh nice to know that you are from ranchi. I am from Jamshedpur.

      See, that’s not Picture Reasoning. Its Non Verbal. Use “Three Dimensional Reasoning” of Upkar Publication written By Dr. Lal, Mishra and Kumar. This book will enable you to solve all these type of questions easily.

  125. Hi Friends one thing i want to share with you. Ministry of Finance- GOI has passed Khandelwal Comitee report and its term to pass it from LS & RS.

    If this report is passed then there will be only one exam for all banks in a financial year. IBPS will conduct that exam. On that case bank will not invite application for their own requirment like today.

    So, keep yourself away from castism and work hard to achieve sucess.

    • I don’t think so. Even now the Bank written test papers are set by IBPS only (you can see IBPS copyright at the back of question papers), except for SBI (and its associates) which is conducted by SBI’s own CRPD department.

      • I will only suggest you to google search by writing Khandelwal Comitee Report. You will find the detailed information about this.

        Exam will like AIEEE in which seperate rank will be alloted to every candidate.

    • Hey..Satya,, I am working with ICICI Bank, but u know tired up with Sales…preparing for Bank PO for last 1 yr,,Yar Just tell me…do u have any friend/s who has cracked this PO exam and PI and working in PSU Bank?? It just seems to be a hallucination to me that PO exists in PSUs !!! Just wanted to know another thing can the centre of examination choosen be altered later on…as 2 times whenever i filled up the form I has been transferred…so please tell me that…

  126. hi satya prakash its nice to know that you are a rajput guy. i am also rajput.

    • hi satya prakash this is dev from bangalore.. can you tell me the full name and publication name of m tyra book..

  127. congtrsss stya prakash i knw that ur frm sc/st/may be u r obc guy thats u have selected for the bank… god helps to general people … and those people who is general here tumhara kabhi nahi hoga because sc and st and many more cast is developing day by day …..one day u cant even fill the form because of no reservation for general candidates …… go and enjoy the liberty of cast in our country ….. where u kind of cowards born….

    • My Dear Pankaj, I am Super General- High Class Person. I am totally Bihari and comes in a super class of our society. I am Rajput. I also hate Reservation system, but not to person who get this. Improve your thinking. By this kind of nature you will face lots of problem in your personal life.

      Your this kind of thinking is main reason of your defeat in exams.

      • To Pankaj,
        By making such comments you are frustrating yourself and creating big time confliction among the members of this forum. If you are not succeding than it’s not reservation system, which is accused for this because anyhow some general category’s candidate is fulfilling that space. And by the way, “Talent does not need any reservation system support…… Kabil bano, Safalta to jhak maar k aayegi.”

        And to Satya Prakash.
        Nice reply dear, Even I read you from your very first comment and your assistace to guys here shows your splendid attitude. You worth all the success, you’ve got.

        • Hi Sumit its very nice to see your view towards the reservation system.

          Our labour is the only key for sucess not our Category.

        • Hi ,
          BOth sumit and parkash guys u both give comments . Head off to both of u.

      • hi satya prakash….
        u have given v gud reply
        i m new here..
        can u plz suggest me as i want 2 appear for RBI

    • Hi Pankaj, ur thinkin clearly shows tat u r the real coward acting like this unable to face the competition. Only the one who works hard get succeeded in the exams. It has nothing to do with the caste r something else. If u really want to get succeed first change ur attitude and work hard. For ur kind notice I’m also from general category.

    • hey Pankaj ur a damn coward, scared to death man!!!

  128. hi satyaprakash,
    i saw that question in postal job paper,i solved this way
    then (square of y)-(square o f x)= 1225 x2 -x2=1224×2
    this is the answer=” x square of 1224″

  129. Hi guys, i’m stuck with a very basic division ques pl help me.! it goes like this, consider # as a sign of division (as this comp keyboard doesn’t have one) now what will be 8#4#2….till now i’ve been sovling this as 8/(4*2) or simply 8*1/4*1/2 giving 1 as ans but today while practicing from a new book it shows 8#4/2=8#2 giving 4 as ans..which one is correct??

  130. can anyone tell me about the syllabus for SBI Clerical exam which would be held in jan 2011. i would be thankfull to you.

  131. hi,
    Any one try to solve this atleast with in 5 min
    1)If 1.5 x= 0.04 y, then the value of (y-x) (y+x) is:

    • See Niranjan first of all no absolute numerical value of this question can be obtained as it is expressed in the form of Variable.

      First remove decimals. By this we will get y=75x/2

      (y-x) (y+x)=(square of y) – (square of x)

      by putting this value y=75x/2 in (square of y) – (square of x) and keeping x as it is
      we get the answer “1405.25*Square of x”.

      You have given time of 5Min. i always these type of maths within 30 Seconds without using paper & pen.

  132. solve it.it is easy
    if you know already please be silent.

    I come once in a day
    twice in an hour
    trice in a minute.

    • My dear brother. its answer is Vowel.

      I Comes once in a day- ‘a’
      Twice in an hour- ‘o’ & ‘u’
      Trice in a minute- ‘i’ & ‘u’ & ‘e’

  133. Hey Friends Please Help Me
    Please Guide Me How To solve NonVerbal Reasoning In BANK PO COz Its Very Important I Am Very Weak In Non Verbal Reasoning SO I Always Leave 15 Questions Of Non Verbal In Exam And I Now Its The Deciding Factor

    SO Plz Guide Me How To Solve Non Verbal ??????

  134. hi satya
    my speed is good now,but its not any worth untill i succeed.

    • See Ruchi, as you said that u have got ur speed now you will definetly get sucess. Specially you have to prepare very well as you are from UP and Competition is very high in this state.

  135. hi everyone is talking about bank clerical exam…. can any one tell about bank po exam. i want to know about average cutoff marks.

  136. plz tell me I have done BCA can I apply for bank PO exam

  137. hi , recently i applied for sbi clerk jobs.In that what is the cutt off marks for each section and overall cut off.

  138. no satya prakash i had never seen this question earlier,god promise
    well, i am not genius as most of the people can answer this question.

    • No ruchi i was just joking. I know you are a genius student. Houz prep going on. Whats ur speed now.

  139. hi satya prakash
    ya its very tricky question but we can answer it logically insted of givin up

  140. One question generally asked at WIPRO Kolkata.

    Q.) How much you are familier with highways of your neighbouring city?
    Ans. Very Much (Common Answer)

    As i am a resident of Jamshedpur they will ask me in this way.

    Q.) Suppose your are driving a car. Jamshedpur to Chandil car runs it with a speed of 30 Km/h. From here upto Bundu it accelerates a speed of 10Km/h. from here upro Ranchi Car reterds a speed of 20Km/h. What’s the Age of the Driver.

    Ans. Its very easy, but tricky at a moment of 30 seconds.

    Most of students had said ‘Sorry Sir’ in this question.

    • hi satya
      i want to know the answer of this question (…… what’s the age of the driver?)
      plzzzzzzzzz can u explain me the answer.

      • hi salu,
        its very easy
        actually the question was asked about the age of car driver,
        and u r the only one who is driving the car…………
        it mean they are asking about your age……

  141. hi satya prakash
    its a very easy question
    i think anyone can solve it

    • See ruchi, i think you are a genius student only in case that you had not seen this question earlier.

  142. hi all
    i really got good knowledge abt bank exams ,,, i ve started applyin now for banks aft finishing MBA and my doubt here is ,, is thr any sectional cut off marks for PO exams,,, pls let me know…

  143. hey cud u plz suggest hw to prepare for Financial GK? I use Pratiyogita darpan for general aptitute but i feel it is insufficient in po exams which asks for Economic and Financial GK. Hw to prepare this part?

  144. Hi All

    Only 1 Out of 100 Has been able to solve this. If you’re able to
    solve it you’re one of those 1.

    And your IQ is also above 150.

    7 – 3 = 124
    6 + 3 = 279
    5 – 2 = 63
    11 + 2 = 2613

    15 – 3 =?

    If you get the answer Don’t Write here. Send me an E Mail at satyaprakashjsr@gmail.com
    Also Don’t give me answer through mail only send your response.

    I will send you an excel file. Correct answer is the password of that file. If that file is opened by you then your answer is right; add your name and forward it to your other friends.

  145. hi every1
    today is vijay dashmi, so guys take a break from ur regular practicing and seek blessings from maa for ur success, which is as imperative as your preperation…HAPPY VIJAY DASHMI TO ALL!!!!

  146. hai shikha ……..thnks u very much

  147. Hi Friends Syndicate Bank Clerical Result for ORISSA State has been declared and i am selected.

    • subhasish bhattacharjee

      congrats bro… u r doing good

    • Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!111 i dont know u but accept my best wishes as iam also preparing for bank exams.. could u plrovide me few tips so that i too achieve my aim…. waiting for ur reply on my id

    • congrats yaar.. wen is the interview.?

      • my interview is on 1st November at 2:00 PM at Bhubaneswar.

        See, Bank exams are of standard level. To Get sucess you have to prepare well. More & more labour is the only key of sucess. Exam is About speed with accureccy.

  148. Hi , any one plese tell me b-tech E.C.E student can apply bank clerk exams .Is there any problem occured in intervies,please tell me.

    • See Pradeep, as of est of my knowledge. You are eligible to apply for PO/Clerical. But if u r trying for a govt job you can think about Specialist officer cadre Job acoording to your E.C.E.

      Your qualification is very high and there are lots for Govt job opportunities for B Tech Students other than Bank clerical or PO.

      But if you want to apply for bank clerical you can apply without any doubt, because in these exams only your written marks is valuable not ur qualification. At the time of interview they will ask some question regarding thing but there is no negative impact.

  149. Hi chakri..U r highly qualified that doesn’t mean,that u can never be finally selected for clerical post..i have many friends they r PostGraduated but now they r doing job in SBI and other banks as clerk…and About the PO exams …In PO exams Competition is comparative less than Clerks…and Cutoff is also less…Though i m triyng in banks from 4-5 months i m appearing in both clerical as well as PO .. i have cleared a PO exam..but i could not clear any Clerk exam..B’z here they wann high score.(80-99 %){u also told me earlier} while in PO (70-80% is safe ) …… .U Don’t loose hope…..and try to attend classes ,Specially for interview-practice…

    • hi shikha

      You have qualified bank po exam…i want to know that in each section how many questions u have attempted and at what accuracy??

  150. I want to asked you that can a student who don’t have 60% in 12th class and don’t have bachler degree ,he is in third year (final year).Has he attemp bank cleark paper ?

  151. hai i had written nearly 12 /13 bnk clerical exams and i was succeded in written tests but failed in intrvws due to higher qualification.
    so now i want to write p.o exams ,
    i dnt knw wht type of quetions there and how diffucult it is and how far d questions differ from clrical exam
    and one more thing what is the safe mark out of 200 in po exams generally
    plz tell me anyone …..if it so its very useful for me

    • No yaar, its ur confusion. recently SBI has recruited nearly 3800 Engineers as clerk. Its doesn’t mean how much qualified you are. What means is ur marks in written.
      My dear friend “Written is Base. Inteview doesn’t play vital role” i have got this point from almost every banking experts.

      however, what’s ur age and qualification.

  152. Hi,
    I applied for RbI Executive Intern. And i havnt received any admit card..whthr by mail or by post
    plz let me know if any one got rbi admit card.

  153. subhasish bhattacharjee

    KOLKATA PANEL 1 …. 8/10/10 ….1 pm
    every one of the employees were very friendly… even the members of the employees union is there and warmly welcomed us…
    document verification is a bit slow…
    my no. is 20 and my turn came around 5.45 pm…
    there were 4 members in the panel out of them 1 is lady…
    started the third member—–
    what is ur name?
    where are u from ?
    tell us something about urself and ur family…
    father’s profession
    2nd member—–
    why dont u complete ur grad after completing ur h.s?
    what type of business u are doing ri8 now?
    why do u want to shift from ur business to a job?
    what is the name of ur shop?
    lady member—-
    if we give u rural posting how would u manage
    2nd member—-
    tell me something about bank of baroda?
    why it is called india’s international bank?
    how many branches?
    who is the m.d?
    1st member—–
    what is cytoplasm
    from where nokia mobiles are manufactured?( i have mobile shop)
    what is the difference between cdma and gsm service
    how many types of services tata is presently providing in market?

    thats all
    took 10 -12 min…
    keeping my fingers crossed…
    best of luck to other candidates…………….

    • subhasish bhattacharjee

      this is the experience of bank of baroda

    • hi subhasish ji am frm tn
      frst i would like to congrats u.
      pls tell about ur practicing section , spending time for preparations, wht r think ur memorise like formulas or tables
      and which books u refers
      pls reply me
      thank u

      • subhasish bhattacharjee

        sona ji
        dont try to remember all the formulas provided in some books for every type of maths… just remember the basics and clear any type of doubt about the questions… and keep practicing , it will help u to improve ur speed and ur accuracy …
        if u want the name of the books i used for preparation , here is the list
        quicker maths by M.Tayara
        reasoning by R.S. Agarwal
        practice book on quicker maths
        computer knowledge by kiran publication
        marketing app by b.sc publication
        and previous year practice book of bank clerk by kiran publication
        for general awareness i read TOI and follow pratiyogita kiran
        this is it…
        best of luck….

        • hi subhasish
          thanks for ur reply another part of english tell abt that.
          and my question is which ORDER basically u started in exam clerical,english, maths, reasoning, gk and also tell spending time for each part

          think ur answers very useful for every one once again i thanking u

          • subhasish bhattacharjee

            sona ji.
            i used to start from the very beginning till the end .. but if there is computer awareness then I used to do the section first and then go for the rest… if there is general awareness then I used to go for the section at the end ..

    • can we use hindi in interviews
      i m not fluent in english plz suggest me in which language i should prepare for interviews

      • subhasish bhattacharjee

        prepare for interview in english… i have given 3 bank interviews out of that 2 was completely in english and the other one is bilingual… english and bengali our regional language

  154. hai satya , actually i dont knw abt allahabad
    i solve 80 questions in res & num generally for 95 mins exam
    but in bnk of ind exam also i solved 80 questions in res & num even 5 mins less time.
    so i said it was easy,,,,, because if it was not easy i could have solve max 70 quetions in res & num in 90 min. so i thought it was abit easy not somuch.
    i solved the quetions as below in boi
    res & num 80-85
    clerical 50
    english 30
    i attempted remaining questions blindly due to no _ve marks. my exp score is 230.
    but i have less hopes for my selections..what u say ? total posts r 130 in a.p.

  155. me 2 have given BOI clerk.. as of nw u have told me abt no (-ve), i ws assuming paper would have (-ve) marking..
    anyways my attempt were as follows –
    Reasoning – 50/50(100%correct)… (Each Ques 2 Marks)
    Maths – 49/50(100%correct)… (Each Ques 2 Marks)
    Clercical – 50/50(100%correct)… (Each Ques 1 Marks)
    English – 37/50(95%correct)… (Each Ques 1 Marks)

    Total—– Reas + Maths = 198/200 (marks)
    Eng = 33/50 (marks)
    Clerical = 50/50 (marks)
    so, frenz i have applied from UP (General ) seats are 188 only..
    will i get a chance for interview??
    plzz rply asap.

  156. hi satya prakash
    bank of india clerk exam is easy but 5 min less time effectd some much ..
    am i right ?

    • How you can say the paper was easy. There were two Sitting Arrangement circular and linear. What will be the third in CA was also confusing. Maths from question no 20-45 were also very tough.

      Fillers in english was also time taking.

      How many questions you solved.

      Is the paper was like Allahabad Bank Clerical Exam (March-2010).

      • i have solved 160 ques in BOI clerk exam and i am frm reserved catogery…is it safe???how many needs to be correct

      • can anyoone tell what is the salary of a recently selected clerk including all allowances
        plz tell me in detail……..

  157. subhasish bhattacharjee

    8th oct… kolkata … 9.30 am
    reached the venue 1 hr. earlier…
    my serial no was 12… out of 22 candidates
    but 10 were absent …
    document verification went smoothly…
    i am the 5th one to go for the interview
    panel has 3 member…one is a lady
    very friendly and supportive …

    middle member: your goodname?
    what is the name of the engineering company located at your residential place
    why dont u complete your graduation after completing ur h.s?
    why do u want to shift from ur business to a bank job?
    left side member:
    why a white paper is white and blue is blue?
    what is MSOFFICE?
    what is LOTUS? and did u use it?
    suppose u have given rural posting … do u have any problem?
    suppose u have given posting at a branch where u and the manager are the only employee of that branch and the manager is absent at a day and one person came and he wants to take loan against his fixed deposit what will u do at that situation?
    what is the work of a clerk?
    who is the newly elected chancellor of presidency university?
    lady member:
    what is our national anthem and who wrote this?
    left side member: what is our national song and who wrote this?
    what is ur subjects in higher secondary?

    then they wish me good luck ….

    lasted for 15-18 min

    • Hi Subhashish, about which you are telling. As you told 10 were absent. now competition is very weak. If you have scored good in written then ur selection is confirm.

  158. Hi Friends what you think about the question level of Bank of India Clerical (26-09-2010). It was Tough, Average or Easy.

    • paper was easy but thr was less time.need to speed up to clear bank exams..how many ques should one complete to qualify..i have done 160 ques

    • Hi. Wat would be the accurate answer for the question ” why bank job instead of software jobs??”

      • These answers could be helpful.

        1.) Government job
        2.) Atractive Pay Scale
        3.) Time-to-time Increment
        4.) Career Growth
        5.) Chance to work with knowledgeble people.
        6.) As you are a girl official work is suitable for you.

  159. hii….everyone..

    Can anyone tell me that what is total attempt is secure for cracking Bank of India clerical exam from Madhya Pradesh like 120/140/160/180/200, if canditate if not disqualify from minimun passing mark.

    • i think for general category more than 160 ques is necessary…..
      depents on merit
      nature of paper
      & state vacancy

  160. Punjab and sind bank notice for recruitment of clerks and po and other officers posts is out.
    Online submitting of applications starts from 9th october. visit ‘www.psbindia.com’
    Date for punjab and sind bank po exam and state bank of india clerical exam is clashing !!

  161. hii all..
    can any one tell me is computer knowledge certificate is necessary for B.Tech computer science background.
    plz answer me.
    thank u

  162. i am preparing for specialist officer in punjab national bank . i am from mechanical discipline. plz tell me how to prepare for this exam. i have also qualified maharashrta bank clearical writen exam .

    • you should try to solve previous year solved paper ,it will be help u in understanding the types of question. you should purchase short trick magazine to solve the question quickely.

  163. Hi,
    i got selected in syndicate bank clerk exam. But am belongs to Andhra but i applied in karnataka. thing is i dont know local language. what i have to do.
    please give me a suggestion

    • hai santhi, i am venkatesh. i know your problem. but some small fault is replecting is very big. dont worry santhi. this is the one of the experience is your life. do it well it. All the best for u r carrier.

  164. hi admin
    hii everyone
    my attempts were
    ca– 45
    eng 40
    all with 95% accuracy
    i belong to MP and from gen category
    vacancies were 130
    do i stand a chance?

  165. hai satya prakash
    i had wrtten boi on 26 th sept,,,
    my exp score is
    res & num 160
    clerical 50
    eng 30
    total 240 out of 300.( and i attempt remaining all because there was no -ve marks )
    any way i deduct some marks and my score would be around ”
    total posts in a.p are 130.
    can i crack the exam..

    • yr apne 230 count kiye hai
      apki mistakes bhut lam hoti hai ky paper me
      i hav doe 87 ques in reasoning & aptitude per maine 75 sahi mane hai may be kuch wrong to ho he jate hai jaldi me

  166. Hi all,
    i cleard BOB clerical xam…n my interview is dated on 10/10/10. anyone plz help me out to clear the interview as this is my first interview…plz share ur interview experiences so that i can get an idea…n what topics i have to prepare….plz help me out regarding this…


    First of all i would like to congratulate you ……U have done the gud job ….But tell me one thing I have attempted 140 questions with 100% accuracy so is there any chance of getting an interview call for me …And I belong to “OBC”.plz help me out

    • Yaar u have done very well in your category.

      • But may i expect interview call ?

      • Hi…….Satya Prakash
        I am preparing for bank clerk exams for past 1 year…….but cleared only sbi 11000 clerk exam but i didn’t get final selection……pls tell me how many questions to attempt to qualify the clerk exam ????? I am from U.P and general category.

  168. hi i always try to reach own destination but due to english i cant succed in english paper basically in english .how we can crack the examination what shoud be take steps for the examination .what shoud be take strategy for the examination .i knoe english but always fail in the examination so what shoud be take s

  169. Hello everyone!!!!!!!! i m khushi, i have given bank of india exam ,this was my first attempt i have done maths (49/50), reasoning(42/50), clerical (50/50), english(50/50, with 90% accuracy) what is my chance to get selected and how the result of this written exam will be declared, this is my first time, plzzz do reply thanks!!!!!

    • you wud be selected…for clerk 90% marks gv the gurantee of sucess.but depends upon ur accuracy…how much tym u spent for clerical??

      • thnxs for answering pratham,i use to solve one paper daily that’s sufficient for clerical exam , usually i take 18-20 min. to solve 1 clerical section.


    13837*73*Your Age=??????????

    Aapke Age k 4 tukde ho Jayenge.


  171. i have done 160 ques..i was in doubt whether thr is negative marking or not..to be on the safer side i have attempted 160 ques rather than 200 ques..others post ur attempt..

  172. hi satya prakash
    i am ruchi from lucknow
    i have taken atleast 10 bank clerical exams but didn’t get selected in any one
    i am good in in every section but my speed is not good
    in 95 minutes i solve
    maths- 30-35
    clerical aptitude-35-40
    please help me out and also tell me how did you work on your speed
    congratulations on your huge success.

    • See Ruchi, Questions in bank exams are of vital and tricky level. One can solve each & every maths on his own time. Work in Bank is Hard & Fast ; due to this bank tests out fastness with accurecy. You are good in every section, its very nice thing, but have to be fast in every section.

      I will suggest you only to make a group of your those friends who prepare for bank exams. With them you solve atleast one sets a day and Set time for 90 Minutes only. YOU WILL DEFINITLY GET SUCESS. BEST WISHES

      • Thank u so much Satya Prakash for your suggestion. I will definately try this. Next i have to take Uco Bank clerical exam. Any suggestion for this exam?

  173. i am too weak in aptitude section,,,,,,,,,,,give some tips ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  174. Hi Friends Today i wrote Bank of India Clerical. I solved total 200/200 questions with more than 95% Accurecy. In Maths, Reasoning, Clerical i not done any wrong. And in english i have solved with 90-95% Accurecy.

    Pls. You all post your score.

    One more thing there was no negative in this exam. Read Booklet carefully.

    • Hey dude congrats for ur attempt..
      me 2 have given BOI clerk today, as of nw u have told me abt no (-ve), i ws assuming paper would have (-ve) marking..
      anyways my attempt were as follows –
      Reasoning – 50/50(100%correct)… (Each Ques 2 Marks)
      Maths – 49/50(100%correct)… (Each Ques 2 Marks)
      Clercical – 50/50(100%correct)… (Each Ques 1 Marks)
      English – 37/50(95%correct)… (Each Ques 1 Marks)

      Total—– Reas + Maths = 198/200 (marks)
      Eng = 33/50 (marks)
      Clerical = 50/50 (marks)
      so, frenz i have applied from UP (General ) seats are 188 only..
      will i get a chance for interview??
      plzz rply asap.

    • hi satya i done
      numerical abilty-50(100% accurance)
      reasoning-35(100% accurance)
      english(25bits 100% accurance-remaining just rounded tryng luck)
      can i have hope for interview? plz tell
      can i have you NUMBER to talk about dis?
      my no is 9848143150

      • Respected Sir;
        Plz tell me How much should me attempt or solve Question To crack Bank PO and Clerk Exam.Plz tell What is the Minimum Percentage of Selection in this. plz Reply me quickly.

    • hi satya i done
      numerical abilty-50(100% accurance)
      reasoning-35(100% accurance)
      english(25bits 100% accurance-remaining just rounded tryng luck)
      can i have hope for interview? plz tell

    • One more thing there was no negative in this exam. Read Booklet carefully.

      You could have shared this fact pretty earlier. But we are rather aspirants for same exams. Thanks for reminding us.

    • hi Satyaprakash!
      congratulations,you have done very well espicially in english.How to prepared english since last year reading news paper or any books, please suggest me.I also attended this exam but i took 30 min for 30 questions in english.

    • subhasish bhattacharjee

      hey satya prakash… well done buddy …
      i have done
      reasoning 45/50
      clerical 50/50
      english 46/50
      total 190/200
      acc over 95%

  175. Hi Subhasish Bhattacharjee,

    According to you what is the least inevitable percentage of questions with percentage accuracy to be done in order to get through every clerk exam? Just like you do with each of them.

  176. 90% questions with 90% Accurecy.

  177. Yes sure you have selected wait your interview letter.

  178. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    hey all syndicate bank clerk result is out… i am innnnnnnnnn again

    • Congrats Subhashish. I am also waiting for my Syndicate Bank Clerical Result Because i had applied from ORISSA. Result of this state will be decleared in due course.

      • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

        thank u buddy… now i have two interview lined up on 8th syndicate bank and on 9th bank of baroda … wish me luck… hope that my interview will go smoothly

        • hii..
          even my interview is on 8th oct hderabad
          so how r u preparing
          as u already had one interview can u tell me wht all did they ask u in your previous interview

          • subhasish bhattacharjee

            my experience was bad at last interview.. they did not ask anything apart from Hr questions…. just prepare ur grad subject and general banking terms… best of luck vijaya

          • How was your performance in the interview?

        • Hi Subhasish….
          I am also giving banking exams but unfortunately did not clear any……………………………….could you plz tell me any trick . Even the bank don’t give feedback on performance………

          • subhasish bhattacharjee

            there is no other trick but practice…and lots of practice… if u do regular practice u will surely get selected in banks ajay

  179. is it necessary for a student to have studied the state language for which he is applying…plz reply cos in syndicate bank clerk exam results one of the criteria is this..i have not studied the state lanugage ..any prob for me.

    • I Advise you At the time of interview you say intervewer this line

      Yaar key formula of yoou selection is your Written + Oral. I have seen many candidated of Jamshedpur who has got selected in Southern India and Maharastra.
      Don’t Worry only pay your attension on your interview.

      • Hi satya prakash am also facing regional lang prob.
        your suggestion is too good.
        Thank you.
        Have you any idea regarding interview questions

  180. Sir, My score in Corp. Bank Clerical held on 12/09/10 is:
    QA & Reasoning: 62/100
    with 99% accuracy, and i belong to OBC Category. Can i expect a call for interview…. plz reply

    • whether u have studied the state lanuage for which u have applied..any prob for me cos i have not studied..plz help

  181. hii everyone..
    syndicate bank clerk results are out
    i am in
    time for the interview..
    we will make this website as a means to discuss interview questions
    those who got qualified plz reply

    • hey can u just tell me how many questions u attempted??? cos that was the first exam i wrote.. i dint get through .. can u give me some tips

  182. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    hey all
    not finally selected in punjub and sind bank…. though not expecting much from that because my interview was bad… next is bank of baroda interview on 9th of oct… hoping for the best

  183. Hi Sathya prakash

    Pls tell me how to attend the English part pls suggest book for practice
    am general so need to score more marks in english

  184. Hi.chakri.How many sectional question u have attempted in corporation bank?

  185. Hi guys, I’ll be appearing for the bank of India’s clerical exam on 26/10 from WB. It says 417 back log vacancies for ST candidates….anyone knows what that means?? and how that would effect the merit list for this one???? plz reply!!

  186. Hi,
    I cleard BOB clerical exam…n i’m frm complete science bground n i completed my MCA. On what topics i have to prepare for interview….i thought i have to know abt bob,current affairs n banking terms…is these topics necessary to prepare n r these sufficient for interview…Thanx in advance…

  187. hai satya prakash……i got selected for sbi writen also and i have been writing bank exams fro m sbi wrtn test.and i had written recently 3 ban k exams ………….
    my score is
    for syndicate 160-165 ( vacancy are 100) (10 mins extra time for syndcte i.e 105 mins)
    for canara 150-155 ( vacancy are 80 )
    for indian 155-158 ( vacancy are 110 )
    can i qualify in any of these banks?
    plz tell me …thank u very much 4 ur reply ….

    • hi,
      i appeared the SBI exam but didn’t qualified will you tell me how u studied for this written exams. plz reply i m waiting…

  188. Hi satya prakash and subhasish..
    i can solve all the parts of reasoning with good accuracy except the non verbal part. i don’t know how you guys crack it. can you please help me with this. give me some tips to solve the figure problems i mean non verbal part.
    plz help me guyz..
    Thanks in advance.

    • See Priya, the only key for solving Non Verbal Portion of Reasoning is PRACTICE. You have to practice more and more in order to do so. “Use Upkar Three Dimension Resoning” ( A White Covered Book). BEST OF LUCK

      • Hello,
        I had given Corporation Bank Clerical Exam which was held on 12/9/2010 and had attempted 57/100 in reasoning and numerical part,in clerical aptitute 35/40,in english 35/40 and in GK 14/20 with 90 percent accuracy.Is there any chance of getting a interview call????
        Waiting 4 reply n thanks in Advance!!!

        • See, You have done well in every section except Mths & Reasoning. If you are under Reserved category then its no problem. But if you are in General You have to score among toppers to get finally selected. In order to do so you have to score atleast 80/100 questions in this section.

          You can improve this easily by solving two sets daily day.

      • Hello s.p..i hd go thrugh all posted cmnts n it seems myte b u d appropiate guy,who cn really help me…dear,i m aspirant for bank exam,bt i hdnt qualifyd ny writen xam so far..i knw my weakpoint is maths..i hd heard dat many guys solvd maths in jst 15-20 min..how dey do this yar?nyway i dn have ny gud book,espcialy 4 maths,4m which i cn get maximum shortct tricks…cn u plz sugest me ny gud book 4 maths,n overall,ny way by which i cn solve maths in 20 minutes…plz help me..

        • Yaar you are telling about shortcut. Here i can’t help you as i have never used shortcuts for solving question. Practice is most important thing for Maths. Use Maths book of M Tyra.

          One more thing if you can do then you Teach Students from Class Seventh to Class Tenth, by this you will get all those study materials which are useful for bank exams and apart of it you will get sufficient practice.

      • Thank you so much satya. first of all congratulations for your BOB selection. And all the best for your interview.
        I have R.S. AGGARWAL’S REASONING BOOK, Will that be sufficient. For quantitative also i use the same AGGARWAL’S book. is that enough or do you recommend some other books.

        • See Priya, The R.S. Agarwal Book you have is for very High Standard. Its specially for MBA, MCA. You have to become familier with those questions which are common in all exams specially for clerical. Upkar’s Book is Best for reasoning. Its also very difficult to complete that 600-700 paged book easily and quickly.

          • Thanks yaar. How many hours do u spend for practicing daily? I’ll get an idea if you say so.

            • Yaar its not fix. Its depend upon my mood. Ya one thing i do regularly- Its “Adda Maarna”.

              • I didn’t get u…!! Anyway u do a great job..
                Yaar I’ve applied for Karur Vysya bank’s clerk exam. it’s going to be my first exam. It’s on 24th oct. Can u give me some tips. And where can i find previous years papers of this bank in net.??

            • Just joking yaar. By the way never give exam of these type of banks (karur Vysya Bank) Try for nationalised banks..

              • Hmm k yaar. Thanks for replying so frankly. I’ll surely look into it.
                And u ve done a wonderful job in bank of india exam. congrats yaar. I’ve to work very very very hard to match u. By the way wat is ur qualification yaar. U r workin or just preparing for exams.

            • I had done my Graduation last year in Information Tehnology. I am not working anywhere but i teach students of class 7th-12th only. In which subject u have done ur graduation. From where you Are?

            • I am from Jamshedpur (Jharkhand).

              • K fine yaar. Do u ve any collections of computer and marketing questions for clerical exam. if i give my id will u mail it to me.

            • i can’t say sure but i can give you a detailed file of questions related to bank exams. In this you will fine nice set of questions. My ID is [Edited by Admin: Forwarded to the concern]

              In this address you send me your id.

  189. hi all,
    i cleard the bob clerk exam. can any one tel the interview process… when ll d interview may happen? n on what topics interview may go around….??

    • Unless you are from a finance background, the Interview will not go into banking terms. There will be a Bio form which you need to fill before going to Interview, and mostly, questions will be asked seeing your what you wrote in that form. Other than that, general topics like what you see in TV these days will do it for Clerk Interview.

  190. hi satya, tu to edhar ka hero hai…good man…for how long you are preparing for bank exam?good to see you that you are sharing your experience and knowledge…god bless you!

  191. any body apllied ssc data entry jobs.what is the exam date?

  192. there were 200 ques not 260 in corp bank clerk

  193. Hi
    how to attend the english part?
    pls tell me how to prepare and suggest book for practice ( english )

  194. ravindra plz dont worry about such problems
    buy unique publications solved book in which 50 unsolved papers r given & than practise it daily & do whole one paper in 95 mins u can improve ur calculations & reasoning part by practising so much
    i also practise it from 2 months & now i can do 45-45 in both parts u definatly crack the exam

  195. Sir,first of all a lot of thanks for providing such information to us.I’m in deep confusion about the caste relaxation in bank recruitment.In case of bank recruitment whether a candidate who have applied as OBC or SC candidate can be selected as a GENERAL candidate if he or she has performed well.I’m waiting for your answer.
    Again,Thanking You.

  196. Guys can any One tell what would be the merit marks for reseverd category (OBC) to be selected for Bank PO.

  197. Hi to alll……..this is mounika from AP(general)……plz guys can u tell me how many questions can solved in each section inorder to clear the written test………..

  198. sir,

    iam shankar i have attempt 8 bank exams but i have not qualify any exam

    iam poor in mathematics and english please suggest me how to get success in bank exam with merit please suggest me

  199. how can u be so sure that u had a 100% accuracy???????

    • hey bro 100% accuracy means no error in maths and reasoning and clerical.. i have solved each n every question which i attempted in clerical, maths n reasoning.. ya in eng might b 2-3 questions may wrong due to grammer mistake or else… rest g if u know den it’s correct no “tukka” kinda type..

  200. to satya parkash ji and subhashish,

    How many questions u had attempted in the bank of baroda exam ?

  201. hey dude .. u did a wonderful job don’t worry u will get interview call certainly

  202. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    hi guyzz…
    bank of baroda clerk result is out… i am in for the second time…..

  203. Hi Friends Bank of Baroda Clerical Result is out and i am selected. Now its time for Interview.

    • @Satya prakash,Congrats. I have taken Bank of India clerical exam, can u tell me the minimum cut off for clerk and PO exam and also can u tell me the percentage of marks scored by u in BOB clerical exam,so that I’ll get an idea.

    • @Satya Prakash
      I have written Corporation Bank clerk exam,i attended 120 questions out of 200 with 100% accuracy(40/40 clerical,19/20 GK,35/40 English,35/100 Reasoning and quantitative).Is their any possibilities of getting selected???.Please reply,this is my first bank exam.

      • Yaar you have done everything well except maths & Resoning. you have done only 35/100. Its below qualifying marks. Prepare well

      • dear Satya prakash
        u did well in corporation bank even i appreciate your accuracy but dude let me clear u that ur speed is bit slow and u have to work on it . even i have taken the exam of corporation bank and i have attended 155 question still i have doubt for my interview call really bro u need to work on speed and try to make it 75 % then there is chance of interview call thanks ………..

        • My Dear Brother i have not given Exam of Corporation Bank Clerical Exam. I am discussing about score of Sri. He had asked me about his attempt. I have not given Corporation Bank Exam.

    • congrats to u sir
      i really wish u select in this exam

  204. HI GUYS!!!!!!
    i’m new to this site and bank exams preparation. you guys are rockin..
    i’ve completed my engg.. am i eligible to apply for KARUR VYSYA BANK’S clerk exam?? plz reply me..

  205. Hi, am appearing for bank exams. would u pls tell me how many questions u had attempted out of how many questions?

  206. hello everybody. I just want to clear out if i solve only reasoning of 75 marks, numerical of 80 marks and clerical aptitude of 50 marks in BANK OF INDIA CLERK TEST and i leave english part in test. Is there chances of mine. Please anybody clear my confusion.


  208. is it ok for selection in bank of india clerk test that i solve question for getting more than 85 percent marks instead of solving english question.please answer my question.

  209. Hi friend I read your comment about bank exam .
    Do u think one general candidate can get select by attempting 40 QA,40 Regn,50 Clerical ,40 Eng where total number of post is 20 or 30.

    Plz answer me .

  210. hi guys! is english just for qualifying in all the bank clerical exam, even if some banks don’t mention that???

    • Yes, that’s right.
      You’ve to qualify English inevitabely. It does’nt matter wether you are getting marks or not. You have to through the English test with minimum qualifing percentage decided by bank. e.g. for English paper you’ve to give 20 right answers out of 50 questions (where 40% marks are qualifing). The only difference would be that in qualifing nature test you’d not be able to score any mark.

      • @ sumit, hi yaar ,so is dat supposed to mean -marks obtained in eng are not reckoned while making the merit list???

  211. hello Everybody…
    who told u that the cutoff is 80%… its impossible to get a 40 to 45% aggregate in PO in any bank…. we cant make as accruate what some of my friends has menctiond that.. I have attened 154 in all… 27 computer, 30 reasoning, 30 Gk, 47 aptitide,

  212. Hi Friends, one more date of exam has been allotted to PATNA, BHOPAL and DELHI for Bank of India Clerical. Visit ‘http://www.bankofindia.com’ for more info.

    • Hi Satya, I am Dilip Pathak general category applicant I have given Corporation Bank 12th sep from Delhi region. I have attempted — Resoning 72/100, Clercial app- 38/40, G.k 18/20 & English 35/50 with 98% accuracy.

      Can I succeed get Interview calls ???

      Please confirm ASAP ?

    • Hi sathya,


      I have applied for IDBI Assistant manager, Federal bank PO, SBI clerk, Indian Bank PO..

      Could you pls suggest me the names of books that i want to prepare for each part?

      Thanks in advance…

  213. hai iam from A.P general candidate , i have been writing bank clerk exams .recently i had written syndicate and canara and indian bank clerk exams;;
    my score is
    for syndicate 160-165 ( vacancy are 100)
    for canara 150-155 ( vacancy are 80 )
    for indian 155-158 ( vacancy are 110 )
    can i qualify in any of these banks?

  214. hi guys h r u all
    i appear in syndicate po exam which goes i think very well
    bcoz i ve done abt 35 in resoning
    50 in maths
    46 in comptr
    35 in GA
    & in eng only 22 with abt 95% accuracy
    now u guys tell me that wats my chance in this.

  215. It’s not necessary to touch but you have to dig instead. Set target for 85%+ (marks )

  216. @Megha. Hi, wat ever u r sayin might be true for some, but trust me these num that you stated can secure seat only if competing candidates are average/good types. But as seats are very limited in proportion to the num of candidates appearing so only the very good ones survive.

  217. Hi All,
    anyone can tell me nabard cutoff for Assistant manager for IT.
    and how to prepare or IT technical objective ?

    Thanks in advance..

  218. Friend, You are trying a unique idea to keep competition weak. Pls. yaar don’t try to misguide anyone here.

    • I completely agree with Satya Prakash.
      Practising is like breathing for bank preparetion but rest all is dirty crap.

    • I am totally agree with SATYA PRAKASH. Bank Exams are Open Competitive Exams and nothing could be predicted about cut-off. You have to score high due to this More and more Practice is the only key of sucess. you are telling about BSC coaching. That coaching is BEST and never tells his any student to solve 35 reasoning and 40 maths. You are trying to misguide students here.

  219. @ sumit, Hi congratulations 2 u! Kiran Prakashan has an excellent book on Banking terms/ socio economic and gen awareness. I’ve myself read n loved it! all the best ahead!!

  220. hello subhashish…..hey can u help me by giving me some tips of how to increase speed and accuracy in maths. I m an average student but have the capability to improve to a great extent….I’m just a month old in preparation for bank clerk. And as of now i can attempt only 30 questions in maths/ 35-40 in reasoning/50 in clerical/and 50 in english but dont have an excellent accuracy except reasoning and clerical. HELP ME OUT FRIEND…PROVIDE ME WITH SOME TIPS TO IMPROVE SPECIALLY IN MATHS.

  221. thanku v much sir … cn u plz guide us for sum basics 2 improve speed in mathematics……..
    ill b highly obliged……

  222. subhashish ji
    i tell u my score plz tell me am i eligible or not
    reasoning & maths each 35
    clerical 50
    english qualifying(more than 45)
    plz tell me soon (pwd category)

  223. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    bank of baroda clerk exam result is coming this week… i called delhi hr…they told me that the result gonna be declared at the end of this week.. fingers crossed… best of luck to all those who have given that exam

  224. i have given indian bank clerical exam.i have done
    english and clerical with 98% accurate
    but in english and reasoning i could not answer all questions but i have done 50% questions with 100% accuraty.tell me my chances. what ever i have answered is correct but in english and reasoning i have attended 50% questions but all correct.

  225. hey satyaprakash and subhashish
    u both perform superbly….there is nothing much to say for qualifying when u both attempt 100% qs with 100% accuracy ; )
    My attempt in Indian bank was
    43 in reasoning, 43 in maths, 45 in clerical and 40 in english
    with almost full accuracy
    Seats are very less so i suppose cutoff will be above 45 qs (correct) in each section

  226. hey satya which state u belongs to?
    i done NA-47
    can i qualify for interview?

    • Hi Surya, I think you will crack the exam. But yaar you have done very few number of question in english. I agree its qualifying but you have done 23; its just three steps above pass marks. From here its necessary that u solve all question with full accurecy.

      English is sometime qualifying but yaar atleast solve 30 question in english in order to qualify easily.


  227. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    i think it will be high… because sit number is very low and good candidate attempted almost all the question… so i think that the cut off should be over 90%

    • HII………….I can’t understand how people attempt more than 45 questions in maths…..can anyone do me a favour by replying me…..if anyone can lend me some tips to improve in maths, i wud be grateful ot him/her…..thanks friends

  228. You will definitly crack the exam buddy.

  229. coaching is not necessary.. to get the job .. but confidence is very necessary

  230. I think you will easily qualify Written as questions were between Standard and tough.


  231. hi to every one, i just want to know what is the weightage of interview marks in a po exam, also let me know for clerical one also.
    how to attempt po exam

  232. hii niranjan,
    it depends on ur talent.
    but one thing i can say is by taking coaching u will get the clear idea of the exam.
    and ur level of confidence also increases.
    by coaching and solving more no of question papers u will certainly crack the exam.
    but the quality of coaching centers is also very imp.
    u better go for BSC academy if u hve it in your city.
    JTS institute if u r in bangalore(no BSC in bglore)


    hey guys! i m goin 2 appear in NABARD Assist. Manger tommorow. I will share my experience with all of u……bye….

  234. PLZ can any 1 tell out of 50 how much i want score in english for qualifying in bank clerical exam

  235. r/sir,
    i have taken 8-10 bank exams bt no one i could crack even written also..sir i can attempt 130 /200 ..hw can i increase my speed im doing regular practice also..also tell me how to crack english section im weak in eng.section.plz suggest me how to crack eng. and gk section. sir after failing in so many bank exams negative feelings are generating around me hw to tackle them sir really i m very serius taking bak exams i waaaaant to crack it.. plz help me and also tell me reference books

  236. r/sir,
    i had taken bob clerk exam on 6june 2010. i attempted 173 questions.out of 250 with accuracy 95 percent i belong to general caste .tell me is there any chance of my selection ……
    at my id harish_vatsmishra at rediff.com


    hi sir i m frist time applying for bank po and clerical exams in comeing months of sep/oct/nov i m affaired of the things that suround me that the paper come in exam in quit tough and its not able to clear it single attemp , i m already doing the job in pvt sector on managaer level but want to set my future in bank world , please suggest me how should i prepare for my comeing exams

    • Ma’m don’t hurry…… first make your basic concepts clear regarding maths and reasoning and others ,then move forward by solving papers within time limit and good accuracy..it will take atleast 2-3 months to getting used to it

      • hi sir,

        please guide me how to attend more than 40 questions in each part. am doing practise but am not able to go by 30 questions. please suggest me and how to allot time.am waiting for ur reply sir

        • @mano
          as u r saying u r practicing…then keep on practicing n don’t rush for speed…as u gradually know the qs they will get easy and will take less time

  238. hello exery 1, am frm tamil nadu ,i have completed my B.tech (2010 batch) but still posses one arrear now am preparin for te upcomin indian bank exam which require the minimum qual as 12th…will i be avoidied for havin arrear in my graudation..?
    pls any one say ….and help me .
    my mail id is manoj.xplod@gmail.com.
    thanks in advance.

    • if it requires only 12th then why thinking for graduation arrear…..but get it clear because in many exams u required to be graduate and until u didn’t clear your arrear u will not qualify
      bcoz u r still not completely graduate

  239. Hi guys, Any info on United Bank Of India clerical recruitment. plz share.

  240. SIR,

  241. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    all, punjub and sind bank clerical result is out… i am in from wb in only 2 general seats …. it is my first selection

    • Woderfull! Congratulation!

    • Subhashish First of all lots of congratulations to you.

      Dear, its your first selection.
      Do well. learn Each & Every thing about Your home town, Punjab & Sindh bank, About Yourself and pay special Attention on your Graduation Subject.

      How many questions you had solved in each section.

      • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

        satya prakash
        thank u… can u provide me any other tip relating interview?

        • Subhashish, first of all pay your full attention on your Graduation Subject. If you are a Commerce Graduate then Confirm that u know Three Golden Rule of Commerce. If you are Maths Graduate then confirm that u know WHAT IS ZERO(0)? If u are Physics Graduate remember to know what value is same for celcius and farrenhite? and so on.

    • hey subhashish
      congrats man…….u rocked
      also help us by mentioning your attempts andaccuracy in this exam


    ENGLISH– 40 TO 45
    GK-40 TO 45



      I did MBA (Marketing)in 2009. Will I get any preference during interview ?? Plz somone answer me……………….I am worried….

    • Dear Plz decrease the number of questions, you attempt in English, Bring it down to 30 and give this time to Mathematics because English takes more time as well as the weightage of marking is also not that high(sometimes it is only qualifiying).

  243. Hello frnds..i appeared for canara bank clerk exam .iam expecting 140/200, for 80 vacancy? and in syndicate bank clerk i expecting 155/200??for 75 posts..so any one suggest me is there any chance? and also could tell how much mark is safer side?

  244. Sir,

    I am from tamilnadu. I recently attempted syndicate clerk exam and the no of seat is 80. I attempted 25, 24, 40, 30 in each section with 90-95% overall. I am from OBC catecory. Shall I qualify in this exam?. my email id is balakumar79@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

  245. HI Friends, Subhashish & Superstar

    OBC Average national final cutoff was found at 177/235 (200 Written + 35 Interview).

    Means Your way for selection is clear after solving 150/200 correctly although here english was qualifying.

  246. Hi all, great see the rply for all queries….. first time am gonna attend the bank po exam, i can manage all other part expect GA/GK…am panic about that part alone…Plz guide me how to crack the GA part……..

  247. Hello friends..coould any one give a reply to my previous comments on dated august 7? bcz iam eagerly waiting for ur suggestions to improve my level?

  248. Hello sir, My name is Abhinav and i am preparing for bank po. My math and reasoning section is good but english is not good so please tell me how can i improve my english. And how to prepare gk and non verbal reasoning.please reply me sir as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to you for your kindness

  249. hello,
    i am preparing for nabard-AM exam. out of 225 how many questions i have to do correct,as to select for mains round.

  250. hi sir
    i appered many time in bank exam but my speed was very slow
    how can i improv it

    • To improve your speed one of the most primitive and precise way is to go on practicing and practicing sums based on simple arithmetic calculations (if your calculations are slow). Don’t think like a scientist cose every problem needs a simple thought. It is just like investigating like a detective where every thing is based on clues where u got find the smaller clues first,with the help of smaller clues u can only find bigger ones. While solving problems switch on ur cell phone timer and evaluate ur performance day by day.Do maintain a time based performance graph and keep a steady track. At the same time u have 2 maintain accuracy with speed.First comes accuracy and then speed.
      Best of Luck.

  251. hello sir
    i have one more ques
    i applied for indian bank exam but when call letter came there is a mistake in it
    in this letter my category shown as pwd (HI) but im pwd(OC)
    means orthopedic challanged
    they allot my centre to lucknow but i cant go far from kanpur
    so can they change my centre & also tell me what i do to correct call latter
    reply soon

  252. hello sir
    myself sumit gupta
    sir i want to know what is the minimum cutoff marks for a orthpedic handicapped person according to previous yrs for clerk exam
    my email id is guptasumit36 at gmail.com

  253. Hi Subhashish, Super Star and Everyone.

    What’s ur planning for upcoming Indian Bank Clerical Exam.
    In Which order you all will solve the questions.

    • subhasish bhattacharjee

      i am going to do as the questions will appear in the question paper. but i will do english last

    • hi satya prakash…definitely i will hit my strength first that is maths…and english the last

  254. Hello frnds..iamMurali. from tamil nadu,chennai. iam preparing for bank exams.. t ill now i had 7 exams…in syndicate bank clerk i am expecting 155/200..80 posts for TN..so is there any chance for me?plz tell..any one if u knw?? and in canara bank clerk exam i attended 148//expecting 140/200…so is there any chance..vacancy is same 80 from TN?

    and in BOB clerk exam i attended223/250 questions and expecting 215/300 marks..same 80 vancancy for TN? so is there any chance?/ so please reply me frnds…iam eagerly waiting for ur reply..iam dying for banking job for 1 year..still practising aiming to attend more question in each section..working hard to cross 45 in each section? whether my prev attempts will help or i need put more effort in upcoming exams?/plz help n guide me

    • u should always aim for above 160….as above 160 can be safe bet….below it chances become rare……same goes for BOB above 80%

  255. Hello sir, My name is aarti and i am preparing for bank po. My math and reasoning section is good but english is not good so please tell me how can i improve my english. And how to prepare gk and non verbal reasoning.please reply me sir as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to you for your kindness

    • need not to worry about english just qualify it and score in others
      regluar reading pratice is necessary in gk like magzine and newspaper
      nonverbal reasoning requires pratice

    • go for the practice of the rapid fillers & the errors, sentence arrangement portion, instead of reading comprehension ,,, improve word power & non the less practice will definitely help your strength, don’t go for each question leave those, which are confusing,

  256. Hello sir, My name is Deepak kumar and i am preparing for bank po. My math and reasoning section is good but english is not good so please tell me how can i improve my english. I will be very thankful to you for your kindness.

  257. HI
    I am preparing for bank clerk & PO exam. But my speed is very slow. How can I improve it. Plz give some tips.

    Thanks in advance.

    • hey kawari…as many people replied about this question in this blog and answer is practice and more pratice

  258. hello sir,
    myself sumit gupta from kanpur
    sir i m 75% handicapped person due to a severe accident
    i m not able to walk(in wheelchair) i cant go for any coaching for bank
    but i solve unsolved papers of bank clerk exams
    after solving 25 previous bank papers now i solve 30 reasoning 35 maths 45 clerical & 25-30 english ques which are right means i solve approx 130-135 ques after detucting negative marks in every bank paper, plz tell am i eligible for cracking this exam
    and also tell me how can i increase my answers
    my email id is guptasumit36@gmail.com
    im waiting for ur reply

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      first of all hats off to ur mental strength . the way u are doing is impressive. keep practicing. u will surely hit the target

  259. hi i m bhumika my speed for the paper is very slow i m from english medium but i m most affraid from english section only
    please give some tips so that i can clear the paper nicely

    • hey bhumika…..don’t afraid of english…it is a easy section which can be qualify by an average student….only read the paper carefully and just answer them…no need to panic as you are from english background and in many paper english is just of qualifying nature.
      for making basics strong in english grammar wren martin can help you

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      practice practice and more practice this is the magical word which can sail u through the exam
      for english prepare basic english grammar. other things will become easy because u are from english medium

  260. Hello Subhasish Bhattacharjee can u plz help me…………
    i have attempted 140 plus questions out of 150 as english is only qualifying…… in syndicate bank clerk exa with over 90% accuracy…..
    do i have any chance in 10-12 seats……

  261. HI FRNDS

    YA 105 mins is ok for me
    i appear in syndicate clerk which goes quiet good
    i attempt 48 correct in computer
    45 in reasoning
    42 in maths
    & eng qualifying marks
    with approx 90% accuracy
    wats my chance in this plz tell. i m applying 4m patna seat available 11

    • actually mira seats also play a vital role…as u got only 11 seats chances are bleak but not totally lost….u should attempt the same no of questions with almost full accuracy..as there will be many people who will do maths and computer all 50 qs with 100% accuracy…so try for 95% accuracy atleast for less seats

    • only set practice.

  262. Dear Sir,
    I have attampt 44 q of reasoning, 40 q of math, 49 q of computer and 35 q of english with approx. 95% accuracy. is there any chance to clear the paper plz reply me soon

  263. how to solve many question in po exam .mostly g.k. ,english.. tell me good book for english and bank g.k

  264. hey has any body given icici bank po exam….or anyone has previously cracked it….if yes then can u tell me what is the expected cutoff for the exam ?

  265. hi frnds my accuracy level is abt 73 % i m so much worried abt my clerical & po exams plz tell me how can i crack these exams

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee


    • Hi Mira,
      smtime bk even i faced the same situation, i’ll share with u wat had helped me then: see to develop accuracy ur basics should be v.clear first of all, then second step is leave aside speed while practicing at this stage because if you practice and practice accurately you will find that the speed automatically falls into place. best of luck!

  266. I want to know how i prepare Bank PO GK .Im to worry about it because it contains questions mostly on the basis of Bank percentage terms or selection 1,2,3,4 or none and they are also related on the banking terms.How can i find these terms from NET or guideme an trusted site who provides an specially questions on the bank preparations for GK . My big problem is that how i will get even an qualifying marks in GK

  267. Hi friends,

    This is L.P.Semalti,

    I Had attempted about 120 questions with 80-90 % accuracy in canara bank clerical exam. I applied from Uttrakhand & total seats are only 15 in gerneral category. can i qualify in next round.

    Please reply……..

    • In my view u will not qualify because seats are very less and in all bank clerical exam u should think of atleast 165+ with almost full accuracy

      • Thanks all of friends for reply,

        I will work hard for PO Exam coz my age now over for Clerical post. pray for me & my this canara bank exam so that i can clear this written exam.

        Regards & Love all friends & Sriraj team

    • Hi fren!
      If you calculate the percentage it should come within 55-60%, and considering the level of paper the cutoff would be atleast 80%+. Fren u r almost there a little more of practice will get u a clerical job soon. FYI, UCO bank , Bank of India ,have recently released vacancies

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee


  268. Thanx a lot guys (Vijaya, P.CHOWDARY and Deepak)….
    As for Syllogism which is the fastest and more accurate way to solve? Is it Venn diagram or simply using the deductive rules, Pl suggest.

    • hii sahil..
      using venn diagram is easier and quicker when compared to deductive rules

      • Subhasish Bhattacharjee


        • @ subhasish, hi i do the same and takes me similar time as well but when there are atleast 3 propositions and 4 conclusions then it takes much more time to derive conclusions and then take care of conversions and compliments, while on the other hand venn diagram does do that with speed but accuracy still remains dicey.

  269. sir i want know what is the expected cuttoffmark for indian bank clerk exam for tamil nadu state

  270. Hi guys,
    Can any1 pl clear my confusion, which is; in ques like
    “How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ABORGINAL each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the english alphabet?”
    do we count AB also as a pair ( some books do some don’t) pl help!

  271. Hi Friends !!
    I am preparing for Po exam and i found difficulty in soving questions like weak and strong points of statements. Please help me……..

  272. hi, frnds please tell me how to get call letter for pre-exam training for NABARD. as per their mail i checked their website but i didn’t get the call letter. people could you help me in getting it??

    if anyone know the link to download the call letter please paste it or mail it to me. my id is rasenc100@gmail.com

    please do this help!

  273. Hi Friends I am selected in PNB Clerical Exan. Now its term of interview. Pls share ur interview experience with me.

    • hey satya prakash
      can u tell us how much u attempted in each section with approx how much accuracy in order to get selected?

      • Hey Superstar, i had solved near about 178-180. But i had solved all those question with full acuurecy.

        • thanx for the reply…..can u make it more specific means can u tell us in which section u attempt how many questions?

    • Hi Satya,

      Some of my friends are designated as HRs in different Multi National Companies, and according
      to them the best interview takes place when interviewee as well as interviewer have a real good and healthy conversation. According to them interview is not about answering the questions of interviewer but it’s about presenting your reasonable and polite logics respoding to thier questions. So it’s kind of talking to them with maximum fit answer.

  274. From which book, I should prepare computer part…??

    • Objective Computer Awareness—-BSC publications

      • Subhasish Bhattacharjee


        • sure subhasish….and can u also tell us other books for other sections like aptitude, english and reasoning?

  275. I am preparing for bank po exams. I want to know about the sectional cut off marks for po.

  276. please do tell me how many question i should attempt

  277. hi i am preparing for syndicate bank po….. please tell me what to prepare i really want to get ino this please do help me…..

    • hi priyanka,
      If you already know how many questions u r capable of solving within your own stipulated time, then next important thing is accuracy. Having said that i’d like to suggest you books from BSC , Upkar, Kiran publication, Don’t go for a complete package book that has all the sections like reasoning, data int/quant apt, marketing etc they won’t help perfect your skills, instead go for books on particular sections like objective arithmetic,…. in the long run these books should develop your competence as they will clear the concepts and help you precisely apply the shortcuts. As regards to Gen Awareness read Pratiyogita Darpan or Pratigoyita Kiran and for Marketing just read a basic book as the answer options are preety followable from the question itself…..In the end practice, practice and practice….n success will be your’s 🙂

  278. sir,
    pleas tell how to manage time in bank exams.give some tips.also give guidence for preparing descriptive test.

  279. HI FRIENDS,
    I HAD ATTEMPTED TOTAL 140 question in Canara bank cleracial..with 95% accurecy

    what do you think any chance?plz reply friends…

    • hi Rupesh,
      which state and how many vacancies in that state?…. i too could attempt similar number of questions, i had applied for Sikkim.

      • Hi sahil,

        i am from maharshta state. i dont know how much seat are available.

        Even in the current Central Bank of India for officer i attempted 140 Question please give me
        feedback and inform me if you got anything…anyway thanks for reply even i think all the members
        (truithfully )should share inform how many Q they are attending so we can be more clear…

    • I think cutoff would be high apprx 160 to 170 .

  280. how can di questions in bank po be solved quickly . does it only depends on practice or is there some short cut to it please help me with it

  281. Hey Subhashish
    i hv attempted 44 qs in english, 45 qs in clerical, 40 qs in reasoning & 45 qs in maths in Canara clerical exam with 90% accuracy..what do u think any chances??
    Howz gone urs..?

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      nice attempt man…… u chance depends on the seat availability in ur state. i have done 44 reasoning, 48 numerical, 50 clerical, 45 english with 95% accuracy. best of luck to u for ur exam

      • hii subhasish…
        u attempted very well..
        i could do 46 reasoning
        35-38 maths..
        50 clerical and 45 enlish..
        by the way u belong to which state?

      • hey thanx for the wishing
        n u rocked the canara bank clerk exam…i m sure that u will defenitely succeed…all the best

  282. Hi
    Can anybody Know about the Expected Cut off marks for Canara bank which was held in 18.07.10. reply me

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      it depends on the number of vacancy in ur state. overall expected cut off is over 80 %

  283. hii, i m weak in eng……..
    wat should i do???
    plz reply soon..


    From where we can get fresh new set for practice.


    Hi Everyone. How many question you all solve in English Portion?

    How many questions are sufficient ?

  286. Good information given for those who are attending the test for first time.

  287. my name is kishore.i am weak in english.i am practicing well and all qus are correct till exam.in exam i have so many mistakes.pls suggest me like it is ur problem………..

  288. HI FRIENDS,

    I read almsot all the bank exam comments from the friends, My Question is I am able to solve

    the 140 Question and accurecy level be about80% which is i take hard effeort for them

    plz let me know it it enough? or what shoul i do….

    • miss.first sectional accuracy is impartent.quant,reasoning is being done by all.so concentrate which is weak to all.

  289. i im going to appear for bank clerk exam.i have seen in previous papers that all qs r easy.but time is short.kindly tell me how to manage time for solving qs.

    • actually, time management is easy. You should first try to solve your strongest section. Don’t stick to a question for long if you are unable to solve it.. Be smart.

  290. Friends please send some sample questions for indian bank clerks descriptive paper exam to my id: rajesh1333@gmail.com. And suggest some simple methods to do maths problems quickly..pls

    • Hello sir, this is rishabh. Actualy i wanna know dat which type of descriptive questions will be ask in indian bank clerical exam.pls suggest me sum importnt questions.pls sir i’m waiting

      • No need to get too much anxous about descriptive paper…its a normal and general paper.. if u read newspaper daily it will automatically help u..no preperation required

  291. sir i want the details of timing managment in the bank clerk exam iam going to write the canara bank exam this sunday and which will prescribed and good materials for it

    • My dear friend, you can go for Kiran’s or vijetha for bank post’s. But listen in englisht you should get merit Becoz many people will fail in that .take care and keep smiling.

  292. vinoth kumar.s.j


    shall i do diploma in banking in IIBF, tell sir,

    thanking u

  293. Hey subhashish how u obtain such a speed…any suggestions regarding bank clerical preperation

  294. dear sir i attempted ICET WHICH is held in andhra pradesh .i got the rank of 3161
    and marks of 108 .can you tell me whether the syllabus of ICET WILL be useful for cracking
    bank po exam .if so what kind of preperation i need to start for cracking the po exam
    regarding the preperation and hardworking levels and speed levels
    reply is must for sivasatya89@gmail.com

  295. amarendra kumar sahoo

    Can anybody suggest me how to prepare bank clerical exam.

    • jyoti prakash bhoi

      dear sir,
      I respectfully, I wish to inform you about my profile that i m 25 yrs old with sound health.
      I belong to ST category, have completed graduation in english literature since 2006. I need tips
      to achieve easily not only in clerical cadre but also in all competitive exams.
      therefore i request you to suggest me how can i learn from you for that
      I will be obliged for ever.

  296. Hi,
    am Heena from Ludhiana.
    Dear Sir,
    I am appearing for the bank clerical exam since last three years. I want to know the no. of attempts allowed for the bank Clerical Exam.Please answer me as soon as possible.

    • You can attept as many times as you like, as long as your age is not over 28 years of age for general category

    • friend its better you take coaching .becoz without coaching even u try for 100 times we wont get ,sorry but its true,take care and keep smiling.all the best

  297. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    candidate who have appeared in bank of baroda clerk exam & syndicate bank clerk exam… please put your no. of attempt & % of accuracy so that we can make sure what would be the cut off in these exam.

    • hii..everybody
      how did u ppl do syndicate bank clerk exam.
      i could do 40 from reasoning 40 from quant and attempted all of computers .
      english i just attempted around 22 as their is no weightage.
      so is their any chance tht i could get selected..
      everbod plz share ur views and how many did u all attemted

      • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

        dear vijaya
        i have attempted 43 reasoning, 49 math , 50 comp and almost 36-38 in eng. as the english question is not so easy like other banks.. i have to make sure that i qualified in english well enough. your attempt is also nice. keep it up. best of luck for results

      • hi vijaya,

        last week i also attend the syndicate bank exam ,the paper is not very dough i done well also ,but i dont know wt is the minimum mark for each section .do you have any idea about this please replay me.

      • Hi Vijaya, I have attempted almost the same number of questions as you have mentioned, but I am not sure whether that will be enogh to qualify for interview. Any way you belong to which state?

        • hello rituraj..
          i am from AP.
          and wat abt u?to which state u belong
          any way we have to do our best and leave the rest to god..
          wish you good luck..
          All the best

    • Hi Subhashish.
      In Syndicate Bank my attempt was

      Math: 48
      Reasoning: 49
      Computer: 50
      English: 40-45

      Yaar, i have done Math, Reasoning and Computer with 100% accurecy, but i have done little mistake in english.

      • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

        dear satya prakash
        u will surely crack the exam buddy……wish u best of luck

        • hii every body..
          dont u think canara bank clerk exam will be a bit tough than syndicate and all other..
          here the time is 95 min only where we need to do 200 questions.
          wht do u ppl feel ?
          plz reply

          • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

            dear vijaya,
            first try to do reasoning and math in 50 mins(25+25) then go for clerical app. if u can do this section in 15 mins u will have almost 30 mins in ur hand to do english

            • hello subhasish…
              in 25 min atmost i can do 35-40 in reaoning..
              nd same with math..
              is tht enough for this exam..
              how many u can do in 25 min?
              plz reply

              • subhasish bhattacharjee

                i can do almost 50 reasoning and 45-48 math based on the difficulty of the paper but in last two days my speed has gone down a little because of the world cup match. i have to work hard now. 🙁

          • dont worry yaar aplay ur 100% and leave rest on god .

      • hello satya prakash
        your attempt was very good.
        you will obviously crack the exam..
        by the way u applied for which state??
        i am asking you this bcoz the seats for tht particular state are also important..
        any was wishing you all the best..

        • See Vijaya, I had applied for Orrisa. Basically i am from Jharkhand. In Jharkhand the number of seats were not only less but also centre was PATNA for which we have to cover a big journey. From Which state u have applied?

      • hye S Prakash,

        I will appear for syndicate PO exam after a month. will you give me some idea about the level and the type of questions. your help will give me some approximations about exam to prepare well.


  298. sir,
    I am appearing from last 3 years for both bank clerical and bank po exams. but till now i have not selected in any one of the test. please tell me how to prepare. i am poor in maths and english. please suggest any tips for success in these exams.

  299. Hi Friends,
    I am LAKSHMAN from ANDHRAPRADESH.i saw ur more dicuss about banking exams here so i am giving my ID to u.Please give advises about how to prepare for bank exams because i would like to go for bank job and any materials about Current Affairs, Reasoning and easy tips for maths problem.
    My ID is : raju.yrl@gmail.com
    Thanks a lot in advance D e a r F R I E N D S.

  300. how to solve non verbal qstns ? any shrtct

  301. Please may anyone provide me with the material which i could use for Bank PO and cleark exams on my mail ID i.e. pravindeshmukh143[at]webdunia.com……..Specialy the tricks to solve numerical questions and reasoning questions.It will really help me out for preparation……….Thanks….

  302. Hi Friends,
    I am OM from Bhilwara Rajasthan.i saw ur more dicuss about banking exams here so i am giving my ID to u.Please give advises about how to prepare for bank exams because i would like to go for bank job and any materials about Current Affairs, Reasoning and easy tips for maths problem.
    My ID is : jai_new2010@rediffmail.com
    Thanks a lot in advance D e a r F R I E N D S.


    Hi Friends.
    I solve everyting almost 40-45 in each section with almost 80-90% accurecy. But In English I Can’t score good marks which make make my score average. What to do

  304. Hello, Everybody, This is Srikant. Every 1 give advice, thats good but exam depends on u r answers, caliber & u r presents of mind. how much problem u can solve in limited time. if u solve the porblen as possible as & correct, then u will get 110% job.

  305. hi friends,
    guide me how to tackle syndicate bank po exam….

  306. hi friends,
    I have completed B.E. CSE this year… I undergone one surgery… after that i cant strain much now… so that i decided to try bank sector job rather than software job…i hope in bank sector there will be less stress compared to software…
    also im interested in bank jobs too…. now im preparing for syndicate po exam… help me whether my decision s correct or not…. im vry confident that i can tackle this exam but i need ur guideline friends…
    help me!!!!!!

    • Hi Amala,
      Great to feel the confidence level you carry for P.O. exam. And trust me dear, you have chosen the best way of survival of entire life (after surgery, as i got it done twice). Your decision is perfectly fine.
      But if I try to get you a little familiar with the exam, for sure it’s not going to be a soft cake to taste. So practicising maximum with model test papers will give you a close feel of how much prepared you are. So tend yourself towards solving good amount of model papers now onwards, which will surely help you in evaluating yourself.

      • pls help indian bank clerk exam iam didnot no what books refer to me

      • hi amala
        this is very inspiring to see your decision. its very good not to leave hopes,you know your way.
        just get well soon and start self study to crack the exam. i think self study is best way or u can have coaching classes also. best of luck for the upcoming exams.

      • hi sumit,
        thanks alot!!!!!
        of course!!! this exam is not soft cake to taste but trust me i can taste it with my hardwork…..
        i started my preparation sumit….
        i bought SBI Bank Po sakthi publication guide…..
        tell me whether is it enough for beginner

      • hi friends,
        Tancet 2010 results out!!!
        I got 38.800 in tancet mba….

  307. results out………… nt selected………….. vry disappointed…………….. cnt make it out what must hv been the cut off for allahabad bank clerk exam…………………….

    • subhasish bhattacharjee

      i also not get selected. one of my friend got selected. he answered 220 question . so i think that the cut off of the exam is almost 92-95%. dont be disappointed. nothing happened. if u keep up the practice u will surely crack one of these exams. there are many upcoming exam. so best of luck. and if u want to keep in touch with me u can mail me in iam.subhasish[at]gmail.com .it will be great to keep in touch with u & share something about upcoming exams. bye

    • can u plz tell me for any govt job mba is good option or pgdm is good option..or both are equivalnt…??
      can u plzz help me in this???

  308. sir can you plz tell what is the cut of for orthopaedically handicapped persons in the bank PO exam of various banks

  309. subhasish. do u hv prepared the topics for descriptive paper??? what role will it play in the allahabad bank clerk exam?? and how was ur descripitive paper in dat exam??? do the descripitive paper play a vital role???

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      the descriptive paper doesn’t play a big role in the exam. it is just to evaluate the understanding & writing power of the candidate. but if you did not answer properly, or made too many grammatical mistakes then it was not good. so preparation is needed in this portion also.

      • sir,
        i want to know that what is the minimum scoring for qualify in bank po exam for obc candidate.

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      i have a question to you rini. can you please tell me your % of attempt in allahabad bank?

      • ya i attempted almost 200 questions bt not sure much about the accuracy…………….. dnt knw when will the result come out………….. sectional cut off will also play a vital role……… let,s see…………….

    • i think descriptive no require special preparation and also it is only to qualify



    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      its impossible to tell exact figure. but as i said to other before you have to answer at least 85-90% question with almost 90% (95% will be excellent) accuracy. then pray to God

  311. hey sriraj,

    here you talked about the bank po exam…i want to know about the bank clerk exam….
    how many question in maths,reasoning,clerical and english is required to be attempted in general in order to qualify??
    i m not specific about bank… in general
    any body solve this query will be a great help

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      its almost on the line with p.o exam. u have to correctly answer almost 85% question & then pray that you might got selected

  312. thankyou subhasish….. i also wish u gud luck………………. .thnx for replying……………. at least some people r dere who is making this blog active…………………. bt ihv one more question if the paper is easy do the cut off rises?? and do u hv any idea wht was the cut off in 2009??? den atlest we can make a fair idea………..

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      dear rini
      easiness of paper can make the cut off raise but not that much because if u take a closer look you will see that at least 90-95% people are not well prepared. so even the question is very very easy they find it difficult to attempt 60%-70% question. So dont think too much. ultimately the cut of raised among the well prepared aspirants. not among those people who give the exam to satisfy their parents request.
      the last year cut off is more or less same.
      wish u best of luck

  313. pls anyone tell me wwhat do u all think will be the cut off for allahabad bank clerk exam 2010?? as everyone is telling the paper is easy so will it be 90% …… i.m vry worried……… plz every one share ur views………….

    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      dear rini,
      the cut off will be 65%-70%, but u have to rank sufficiently higher to get selected. a very few can score 90%. if u can score 80% then u r likely to get selected . but as this is a competitive exam it is impossible to tell the % of marks to score to crack the exam. I am also hoping that i get selected. Best of luck for the result

  314. Hi Sriraj,

    I understand that you are getting frequent repeated questions, but not addressing the queries of the aspirant is not the expected utilization of this forum. You’ve initiated wonderfully than why putting all the efforts in vein. Atleast answer the guys. Please…

    • It’s not possible to say whether ‘a particular person’ will get through ‘a particular exam’ without knowing the difficulty of the paper and number of vacancies.
      Also, a forum is not ‘many to one’, but its ‘many to many’. Users put their questions here, and if any one (including me) knows an answer, they will/should reply to that question. That’s how the community builds. So if you could answer any of the questions put by other users, you should be first answering them before putting your question.

  315. i am doing BSc IT from PTU . am i eligible for bank po exam? i am not weak in maths but very weak in maths. i want to improve my maths skills. pls anyone sugest how to do that.

  316. Sir plz tell me tht is three year diploma Engg is equivalent to Graduation?. A Diploma holder
    Apply for Bank PO exam or not…Sir plz reply

  317. Sir ,
    I am an OBC candidate and due to my circumstances i am preparing myself for the bank clerical and PO exams with the BSC publications books. . I have written the BOB Clerical exam . Could you please tell me the no : of Questions I must answer in order to get into the rank list . Kindly give me an answer ASAP . Awaiting for your valuable result

    Thanking you


    • Subhasish Bhattacharjee

      dear anju,
      u have to score at least 85% question with almost 90% accuracy (95% will be excellent) & then hope for the best.

  318. Hello Sir,
    i m preparing for bank clerical exams.i have given BOB clerk exam.it was my first bank exam n found it difficult to complete the paper bcz ques ws not vry difficult bt time ws too short i cud nt complete the sections.Sir,nw i hav my next exam of Canara Bank.
    Can u plz tell me how to prepare for that n hw to inc my speed n plz sugg me some good books of GA ,Reasoning and English.

    Thank you in anticipation.

  319. sir please tell me how many marks we should get for passing each section in bank clerical exam

  320. Sir,
    How many questions one should solve for final selction in SBI Clerical Exam 2009.
    I Have Solved 100% questions in Math, Reasoning, Computer/Marketing and English with more than 90%-95% accurecy. But i have solved only near about 20-22 questions in General Awareness.

    My Interview was also good.

    What are chances of my selection.

  321. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    dear sir,
    Thanks for your previous support. i have appeared in bank of baroda clark exam last day
    there i answered 49 reasoning, 47 maths, 50 clerical app, 50 english, 24 computer, 19 gk
    accuracy level was almost 95% . i have appeared as a general candidate from west bengal.
    what are my chances?

    • Hi Subhash,
      Its great to see your accuracy. Can u plz tell me which books u referred for numerical ability for the first ten questions asked in aptitude. I want to know if there is any great book for speed maths. I want a nice book other than RS Aggarwal for numerical ability. Is there any practice book specially on those chapters. Good luck for ur exams. Can u give ur mail id plz?
      Awating your reply…

  322. need guidence for bank of baroda exam…

    thnax in advance………..

  323. Hi Sir,

    I want to know how to prepare english section.please give me details.


  324. sir,
    I am appearing from last 3 years for both bank clerical and bank po exams. but till now i have not selected in any one of the test. please tell me how to prepare. i am poor in maths and english. please suggest any tips for success in these exams.

    • i think you have to first generate confidence inside then u can achive your goak .

      bank of baroda

  325. Sumit Agnihotri

    Hi Sriraj,
    Hope and Wish, you are doing fascinating.
    Well these days everything’s running smoothly with all subjects, and the actual dilemma comes along with practicing more and more for examination with model test papers. Being refrained from coaching I don’t have sufficient test paper’s glossary, So Please name a book with enormous amount of model test papers for clerical.
    You might have named them earlier but Apologies me in bothering you about same.
    Thanks and warm Regards.

  326. Subhasish Bhattacharjee

    Dear sir,
    I am Subhasish Bhattacharjee. I am preparing for bank clerical exam for quite a long time. I also have given 3 exams. out of which sbi ( but i failed) , 2nd is Allahabad bank, in which i answered 204 questain out of 220. 3rd Punjab & sind bank, here i answered almost 245 questains out of 250
    my accuracy level is also good . its almost 95% . But the seats are too low (68 for Allahabad Bank in general catagory & 2 in PSB in general) so I am very much confused about my target of scoring. how much should i score to clear the written part of the exams… is this enough what i am doing right now? or i have to score more to crack? What are my chances in Allahabad bank & Psb? please reply…

    • If the accuracy percentage is really that good for those number of attempted questions, it should be a cake walk in Allahabad Bank. 2 vacancies in PSB is just too low to compete.

  327. ajay kumar verma

    dear sir
    Kindly let me know how to solve DI

  328. Hello,
    I am going to appear in Bank of Baroda PO and clerical exam both.I am strong in reasoning part with nearly 100 % accuracy but the aptitude part is eating my time, is there any way to do the calculation fast ? Also, please do suggest how to prepare well for English ( some good book ).

  329. Sir,
    thank you for such wonderful article, n am gonna write bob’s po exam on 30 th may, i would like to kno about d marketing apt section,s that enough to go thru previous po papers of all banks?

    • That should do for the marketing part. The questions will mostly be basic, revolving around the banking and insurance industry’s terminology.

  330. Actually i gonna write PO exam for BOB which s held on may 30th 2010..I want to know how to prepare english section and which book s good for socio economics and banking awareness.please give me details.

  331. Hello to everyone this is Parveen from delhi
    I want to know how many marks are required to crack the clerical exam of SBI both interview and written. i have qulified thrice the clerical written exam, two times SBI but yet not be selected in anyone. I dont know the reason, my interview is average. Some question asked by them i answered but not all.

  332. Jitender Singh

    Sir, is the TIMES CAT material is easily available in book shops or not, i need it for improving arthematic short cuts. And, Sir, can u pls tell me what % is required to qualify in bank clerk exam or come in merit (if the vanacy less say 1000 and applications are in lakhs) and what is final selection cut-off i.e.Written+Interview to get the job.
    Jitender Singh

  333. Hi Sriraj,

    Thanks for giving such an excellent article. As you told, its very easy to tackle DI (Data Interpretation) part in the Quantitative Aptitude. But i found that part the most time consuming one as most of the questions were asked to find the % or the ratio and i don’t know any tricks to find those so quickly. So could you please give us some tips on how to crack the DI part?

    • It’s best to memorize some standard fractions like 1/3rd, 2/3rd , 5/6th, 6/7th etc and their relative percentages. I some how stumbled on the TIME’s CAT material few years ago in which I found all these little techniques that I started recommending that material to any body that asks me ‘how do solve [anything] related to Quant’.
      Other thing is to look at the options, if they are too close, you may have to dig deep into the question, else a wild (with some thinking of course) guess will do.

  334. I want to know how to prepare english section.please give me details.

  335. Hi Sriraj

    It’s beyond awesome to have the forum as well as the personas like you. Firstly A big thanks for it all.
    The question comes up as you have almost shared with us every major possible way to ring the exam but, Can I please go slightly little and ask you about the those little tactics, which are used in the coaching institutes? If there is any specific book about this or we can start sharing in this forum itself.
    Learning as in coaching.

    • I think I said this before in one comment. If you want those ‘beautiful tips’ to solve specific type of problems, there’s no better work books than the TIME’s CAT material. For every thing else, RS Agarwal or any Bank PO work book with lotsa questions will do.

  336. Hi,

    I am Abhinav Pathak i m week in english so plz guide me to improve it

    • first u change ur perception that u r week in english.u go through daily newspaper,practice sets and ya if u want then join any good english class.

  337. Hi
    I am appearing for the SBIbank po xzam 2010 can u plz give some tips on how to solve data interpretation part the tips u gave in ths article r very helpful thnx
    Also iam appearing for Staff selection Commision xzam can u tell me how i shoul go abt the preperations …..how to manage time…….etc

  338. what r all part should i want to concentrate to clear QA

  339. i need know how can i excell in the descriptive type paper in the po exams

  340. hey thannx …ur answers helped a lot but i wanna know that is it sufficient to prepare 6 months old data as general knowledge to prepare for P.O exam…please do help me

    • If you are preparing for a long time, there is no reason you should restrict yourself to the last 6 month’s data.
      Give more importance to it instead.

  341. good afternoon sir
    I have given many Bank PO exams but couldn’t qualify any.The problem I face is of timing,can You please suggest me how much time I should spend to each section so that the required sectional cut off could be achieved.

  342. hai sir ,
    u r suggests are very well , i was written many bank exams , but i could not select atleast one exam . i am basicaly maths student , i have solved the al section but i am in pure only in english .please give me some ideas , how getting the good marks at english test .


  343. Hi

    This is going to be my first attempt as well… I am trying to catch up slowly with my preparations…

    I will be appearing for the SBI PO Exam 2010 and I understand that to be good with the GA section one has to start off pretty much in advance.. But since that is not the case with me I’d really appreciate it if anyone might give me a tip or two on how to go about working on my GA.

    Thank you


    • Hi I would recommend u to study ‘ASPIRANT TIMES’ MAGAZINE. It helps u a lot in current affairs. Also i can send u some materials to ur e-mail ID if u wish. Put ur E-mail ID here

      • Hi Pradeep,
        This is mohan from bangalore,i saw ur advertisement here so i am giving my ID to u.Please give advises about how to prepare for bank because i would like to go for bank job and any materials about Current Affairs and easy tips for maths problem.

  344. hi,
    Good evening,
    I usha Gupta.This is my first time attend clerical exam.I don’t no how to prepare for exam plz help me.

  345. hey can u plz tell me how many questions will be there on current affairs in SBI PO exam

  346. sir,

    pls tell me easy way for how to solve english paper of bank exam.

  347. Tulika, feel relax baby.dont be fed up. Forget that u had written many times.enthusiastically prep all areas.u know u could have attemted all clericals.the way u had written the exam u can be qualified but not selected. Feel free to get ur query answered at 9006496780

  348. I have sat for many bank exams n i did well, but still im not being selected, even in the written exam atleast..i usually completed in prev bank exams, 35 questions in quant n apti, n the grammer section in english, n 35 questions in clerical apptitude..is that enough to be selected in exams if nearly everything of that were correct?
    pls rply

  349. n are der any particular books for prep?? m preparing in general from RS agarwal..is it enuf?

    • More than enough, if you are perfect with all the methods and techniques explained in that book.

      • nishant muzumdar

        how to calculate fast in data interpretation particularly wen they ask about total no of males and females and pi chart is given and total no is given

    • yah…is enough anjali…coz they maintain the standards of the exams..n better to try


  350. hello can u tel me if would should relocate if we pass the po exam? sry m just curious to knw..and i dont have a proper math background so jus worried abt aptitude..

  351. how to get through written exam?any tips to be followed

  352. Sir, What is the general cut off level for bank clerical exam.

    • satyaprakash ji kya aap mujhe maths 25minutes me50 question karne ke liye koi trick bata sakte h

  353. have a test tomoro. gonna use ur tips. will get back to u after the test. hope it’ll work. wish me luck.
    thnx a lot buddy

  354. i have read in the employment news that general candidate can apply for sbi po exam for only four time.i had submitted application for last sbi po exam but i couldn’t attemted the exam due to illness.will it be counted as one attempt and i have only three chace to fill the form?

  355. sir/mam..

    i just clear bank of india clerk exam this is my first competitive , but not get finaly selected now i feel so laziness and de motive of my sucess i always think how i got that sucess now my speed and accuracy in practice is also going down what can i do ,,, i my time is over plzzzz help.

    • foolish fello… do you have any sense ? just keep trying ..feel positive all the time despite your failures…

  356. sir,
    plz can u tell me, i have poor gk and how to prepare the bank exam in clerk, PO exam. when i ve writting exam not have enough time to write ans for knowned ans. help me sir. i have a ph quta. also i had written the 7 to 10 bank exam. some bank result awaiting.
    thank you sir,
    plz want additional info just call me :+91-9994901645

  357. sir,

    pls send me the syllabus for bank p.o.exam and also guide me.

  358. Hello Sir

    I had qualified the writtem examination of SBI management executive held on 13/09/2009 but hadn’t selected finally…..I am very much depressed…..but I am again trying for bank PO and clerical examination……I haven’t qualified any PO or clerical exam…..I don’t know the reason…Please help me out sir…….Should I leavemy current job as Bank’s job has become my DREAM??….as i m not satisified my current job profile……

  359. please help me to get out from english paper in PO exam………..

  360. I m going to appear in Allahabad clerical exam, Give me some tips for prepartion and what is cut off marks for these type of exams?

  361. Hi… i need some sample solved papers for PO exam. i’m going to write SBI PO exam this time.

  362. Hi sir,

    This is karthik from hyderabad, i am a B.Tech graduate doing job right now but an unsatisfactory job which i am doing only for crossing my economical needs.My aim is to get settled in bank PO.I have taken a decision to quit the job and to approach for sbi po’s exam. I am just scared of these general awareness. I just wanna ask u onething whether i can acheive my target in 2 months if i work hard.something is lagging me to take this decision.please sugggest me something to gain my confidence.

    • You definitely can do well in GA with 2 months of preparation. See news channels (National English channels mainly, and International news like CNN helps too), read news papers, that’s all you need to keep up to this section. Keep a special eye on Business news, RBI monetary changes in the recent past. Questions from sports in this section are damn easy (if you are a sports lover) which you can just tick as soon as you see the question.
      General awareness is the first section that you should be attempting in the exam, so make sure you mark most number (only correct that is) of questions in least amount of time.

  363. sir i would like to know that i am preparing for allahabad bank po on my own so i would like to ask that for the general awareness prep what will be the best way

  364. Hi,
    After a long time of 8 yrs i am concentrating in studies just to appear the SBI PO exam. I really find it very difficult and daunting to answer all the questions in the given time. Moreover, the negative marking is giving me seizures. The English passages seems so non-comprehensive that i need to read it very carefully that takes my time. Moreover i am working hard with General Awareness. The Mathematics are still under control but the workouts are very lengthy.
    I would be very appreciated if you please help me with some valuable tips and suggestions how to conquer the fear and come out with bright colours. Please post your comments in my given mail id: bhaumik.arpita13 at gmail.com.

    No time to ponder over things how it may go but time has come to run the show… please help.

    • First advice I have to gv to u is: Don;t Panic and dont wory….Bank exam are quite easy (atleast mch easier then our other “iit” competetive xms). First of all u hv to gv urself a realistic tm for preparation.I wud say 2 mnths if ur totally new with bank xm.By the mere assumption i would assume that math and english wud b easiest section fr u and then reasoning and last General awareness at start.But by practice u can get ur english ,maths ,reasoning at the same level and then study realy a lot to make ur GA strong. Initialy buy a book realted to bank exam.just any book wud do which deals with P.O xm.I have Upkars Sbi probationary officer book. After that just prcatice lot of reasoning from it for atleast 10 days along with maths section. Then goto english section gv it maximum 2-3 days. U will get hold off it by then. For GA start buying current issues of pratyogita darpan, mahendra’s master in current affairs, check with mahendra coaching if u hv that in ur city for it.Issues of last 6 months will be ample and start reading newspaper, i wud recommend The hindu everyday and atleast make notes about its economy section so that u can brush up later on aswell. Now once u have done these prep start solving papers .EVERYDAY!!!!..rem practice is the key to success. In start again by mere assumption, u will get around 40% aggregate, but u have to achieve at least 65-70% before sitting in xm beacsue remember u have to clear the second round i.e. G.D and interview as well and written xm marks are counted in the whole selection process. So the more u get the better. SO best of luck mate, i gotta go study got my xm on 7th :-). Hope u achieve ur dream, Best of Luck…..

  365. sir,
    how to prepare for descriptive. is it enogh from the editoprials of national news papers

  366. how i prepare for GK.

  367. I am appearing for the bank PO exam. I want to know the no. of attempts allowed for the bank Probationary exam.Please answer me as soon as possible.

  368. hi plz tell me how to crack the aptitude and GA section in the po exam..

  369. Thanks sir,         thank you so much for ur suggestions…

                             i am going to take po exam for obc bank for the first time….can u please suggest me some book for DESCRIPTIVE PART of exam or ideas.
                                                                                                      Also suggest me book for objective part but VERY VERY IMPORTANT FOR Descriptive part.
                                                                                             please my no. is 9780660163 & email id is :harrysingh300@gmail.com send me everything u have got about po exams

  370. Hello Sriraj, i am going on job which takes 10 hours completely my problem is i attempt only 55-60% question with accuracy… n for general you know i need at 85-90% how can i overcome with this problem? i am trying to hard but still same problem comes

    • I’d say practice and more practice.
      Another tip that I may add to the above time management is that, you should first make sure that you are crossing the cutoff marks in each section. So as soon as you feel confidant that you’ve answered enough questions in one section (and mostly correct answers), you can move to the next section and similarly hence forth.
      After you feel confidant that you’ll surely qualify (but not necessarily be selected), you can come back and answer more questions from each section.
      After all, its of no use if you answer 99% correctly in 3 sections and fail to qualify in 1 section.

  371. sir, i want  tips about how to tackle reasoning and numerical ability questions . i have attended
    sbi clerk exam ,but there was little time for me to complete the reasoning paper.

  372. sir

    i have applied for the post Of clerical in SBI &this the first time i approach such exam.

    Can you please send me the clerical exm. all type question & his solution for Bank clerical exam.

  373. Could u pls suggest me a good book for me to refer…mainly to the context of General awareness & Reasoning

  374. sir
    i have applied for the post Of clerical in SBI &this the first time i approach such exam

    i have only 7 days for the exam but i have no practice recently i have joined a coaching cener with in one week what should i do ? to perform well in the exam can i complete all the portion in the one week ? is it enough for [1 week] the exam i am in a confusion i need a solution from you

  375. Can you please tell me the standard book for Bank PO exam

  376. Hi Syed ,

    This is khalid , i don’t no which section i should attemp first ……. and i am refering kiran’s series books so pls tell me it is best or not , i have exam on this sunday on 08-11-2009 , so please kindly suggest as soon as possibel ………………….
    i am waiting for ur reply

  377. sir, i want to know how to prepare for union bank & obc clerical exams. which book i want to study?

  378. Reallyyyyyyy a GR8 helping article sriraj, i’ll definitely try n imple ds. Thanks once again .

  379. Hi

    plz guide me how i prepare for bank clerk exam which is held on 9 Nov 2009. plz suggest me about Current affair part, english, marketing,reasoning and quant what is strategy for this plz reply


  380. hii…thnk u so much for such a encouraging way of guiding n answering our doubts….sir i want to know the site where i can get uptodate information of all banking competitive (po/clerical…) upcoming exams in several banks…actually it’s very imp not to miss any of d opening information…which site can help certainly….neither finding in google for each bank is easy n timeworthy …nor always looking for advertisements in employment newspaper is promising !!! please help me sir….waiting for ur reply….thank u !!

  381. i have too much difficulty to attempt reasoning and general awareness portions.so plz tell some suggestions to improve it.

  382. Hi Syeed , Thanks a lot. Expecting more suggetions from you.

  383. For Harsha..

    DI is data interpretation. It carries 5 marks in QA. Diagrams and Graphs are the most popular methods of the data presentation. It gives a bird’s eye view of a given set of numerical data and help to grasp them,and draw inferences from them. My suggestion to you is just look very carefully the graphs or diagrams for 2 mins and then attempt the questions..

  384. sir,

    i am so grateful to you for your worthy instructions.
    kindly also inform me what is DI part in quant.

  385. For Kiran..
    Well.. to qualify in every part you must answer 40% questions with accuracy. But this is not the end. Your target should be answering maximum questions with accuracy. Though this percentage can vary depending on the banking authority regarding question patterns or toughness. So I must suggest you to keep focuss on answering maximum questions with accuracy within the time limit. However, to crack the exam you should score 80 -90 % questions in each part with accuracy.

  386. real help sir….
    Thanks a lot..

  387. For Sushma…

    Well.. Firstly, I’d like to assure you that just don’t get sacred of quantitative aptitude. It is just all about mathematics which you’ve done during your school time up to class 10. The most important thing about this part is speed and accuracy.So you must adopt short cut method to get success. The most trusted books on this subject is R.S. Agarwal’s and Upkar’s. You can consult these books. However, you must practise frequently to get over your problem. Remember, there is no alternative to hard practice. To reach a higher state everybody must be tested by hard work and experience.
    So keep doing practice and gain confidance and always think that if there is one post and that must be filled by me(you)..
    Try hard.. Success is near..
    Good luck.

  388. hii…
    Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
    I am poor in quantitative aptitude. when i am writing the bank exam for PO post. can u please help me how to over come from this problem.

  389. Hi Jaya ! This is Syeed.. I’m here to help all of you..
    The best way to improve general awareness is reading newspaper daily. Moreover, you can read Upkar’s magagine. This will also help you a lot. I can help you giving a trusted website i.e
    Good luck..

  390. Hi Sushma ! This is Syeed from North 24 Pgs.. To get prepared for the descriptive papers you must read Business Economics from Newspapers because most of questions given in exams related to this matter.So you must practise writing taking the articles from the newspapers.Then you can gain the power of writing with your own..
    Good luck..

    • syeed can u plz tell me how to clear ENGLISH PART in bank PO or clerical examination….i don’t know how to clear english part..is any book for english to clear……..it is the toughest part for myself…..plz help me sir………..

  391. i have applied for SBI clerical exam. i am nil in general awareness. can anyone tell me any website that give information regarding general awareness

  392. Dear Sir,
    Can u plz help me how to prepare and write descriptive paper.

  393. piz tell me about the selection procedure of sbi.also tell me which % should be needed.an upper average student can clear the exam.which type of person u needed

  394. Please suggest me which book is gud so that i can pass my exam of every clerical and Po exam

  395. sir plz tell me how much one should score to clear a bank po exam…(out of 200 and out of 175)…I think I will score approx 115 out of 200 in andhara bank and 105 out of 175 in central bank….wat do u feel will I be selected…I will get through the sectional cut off (i.e. 40%) in each section…dats for sure…

  396. Sir,, i must say the information about cut offs in bank po exams which would be quite good has really given me the idea to how to go for the po exams, i really appreciate ur work..I have 2 queries sir ,if u could plz reply at my email that would be gr8.
    1st-how to go about non verbal reasoning part imean how to study that so that i can crack it..and 2nd–kindly tell me for G.A in which iam not that good to which magazine should i prefer for last 5-6 months as for last three months iam taking banking services chroniles,,will that be sufficient to have a handy General awareness.?

  397. Hi I would like to know how frequently these Bank PO exmas are conducted

  398. hi….iam going to write bank of india exam on coming sunday…so plz could you tell me the importnat discriptive type questions with answers….

  399. sir, can u plz suggest me hw to prepare 4 d clerical xam of sbi.hw i prepare 4 tht ,plz reply me as soon as possible.as ur blog helps me a lot but i want to knw wht r the key points to which i follow to cler the clerical xam

  400. ThanQ sir

  401. HI, I feel uncomfortable in synnonum and antonyms that comes in bank PO.Please suggest how can i prepare it. any book or guidlines you think is best please email to me also in bank po in arthmatic the there are some calculative question lik large number is multiplyed by any other one
    then what approch i have to take

    • There’s nothing I can do about Synonyms and Antonyms except suggesting you to improve your english vocabulary. As every one does, you may try using Barron’s book for Vocabulary.
      For arithmetic, I suggest following the short cuts mentioned in TIME CAT material. If not possible, even an RS Agarwal will be good.

  402. sir, regarding GA, 6 months of currents affairs is neccessary. but from what point of time should we consider 6 months. whether 6 months from the date of notification or 6 months before the exam date.please clarify.thanQ for the valuable info

    • 6 months isn’t any standard given by any Bank for its exams but it is generally said to students to concentrate on the main events that happened in the past 6 months.
      And those 6 months are the months prior to the exam date.

  403. sir, i have given so many bank po andclerical exams but can’t clear the exam. i m good in math and reasoning but problem is in english. so what can i do for this. and also want to know that out of 200 numbers . how much minimum numbers are necessray to clear the cut -off if i cleared all the parts individually

  404. in quantative aptitude data question are creating problem is there any trick for that

  405. hai sir
    please tell me the pattern and the way of preparation for SBI management trainees exam thanking you sir.

  406. thanku very much sir…i will definitely follow ur instructions in future…..temme one thing also….i m ok in normal GA but i saw a lot of questions in GA are from economy n business….plz temme any buk dat can help me to prepare for dese typ f questions…..i only consult pratiyogita darpan for GA preparation…..

    • No special book are needed for any Banking exams. Bank’s only concentrate on the latest happenings around the world and particularly the economic development in India. Question will ONLY be asked from the incidents that happened in the last 6 months. So, be sure to read the Business page of leading news papers like Hindu or Times of India. And if you can, better subscribe to Business line news paper too which gives a detailed view of the current economic situation of various companies in India and thus broadly giving an Idea of Indian economic situation as a whole.

  407. hello sir….really thankful to u 4 d information u provided in this blog….sir can u tell me dat if somebody perform gud in all d sections except GA….will he b able 2 crack PO xm……????
    recently in Central bank of PO xm i did 62/75 in reasonin…36/50 in quant…n 37/50 in english…with almost 90% accuracy…but my GA section was not dat gud….i was able to do only around 15/50 in GA….is dere any chance for me to get selcted in this xm???

    • 15 is on the border Shantanu (that is if you get all 15 as right). You have to qualify in every section to be eligible and that cut-off mark will be decided by the bank seeing the performance of all candidates.
      Other sectional scores are ok and I hope you get selected. In case you are not through to Interview, there’s absolutely no need to worry as on an average there are 8-9 PO exams in any year.
      You can look at decreasing the allotment of time for English as most banks only look it as a qualifying-only section and allot that time towards GA.

  408. sir ,

    i have applied for bank of india clerk post, please suggest me which section i attend first one and how much time i give a particular section and how i prepare descriptive question for this exam(which type of question are comeing around)……….** please help me sir…….

  409. Sir,

    Greetings for the Day!!!

    I have applied for SBI Management Executive exam, please suggest me a book. I tried for previous year question paper in Chennai but I couldn’t get. Please advice me sir

  410. Hi sir,

    Good useful information………i want prepare for Andhra pragathi gramena bank po……what type of questions can we expect……………is there any preferenc for professional courses (Engg,LLb,..it is written in notification) what about competation…….this po posts only for resident of andhrapradesh…….how many days it will take to complete process?taotal 126 posts are there…….

    • Preference will be given to candidates with professional qualification during the Interview provided all other scores are the same.
      As far as compensation goes, PO have a scale of Rs.10000 -Rs.18240. So the starting salary may be around Rs.13500.
      Typically a recruitment process conducted by a public bank takes 4 months.

  411. hi Sriraj can you please issue me the previous paper of central bank PO. i cannot find the previous paper any were, because of this i am finding difficult in my preparation. so please help me.

  412. great suggestion but i will be benifited greatly if u guide me on how to prepare for general awareness part as i find it difficult to mug up so many GK topics history civics economics etc plz reply fast as i have many upcomming exams plz help

  413. hi sriraj good insight…can u tell me wat is the level of difficulty of the management executives exam of SBI….whether is as tough as CAT or as (MH)CET.

    N do u kno wat is the total no of application for Mgt Exec exam.

    thank you.

  414. hey sriraj,can you tell from were can get ebook of solved question paper for central bank po exam

  415. i am weak at english…..in basics also i am weak..how can i overcome……..plz suggest how to prepare and wht to prepare to over come.wht is cutoff for english

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  418. Siddharth Kumar

    Thanks for your article, it really help me to know how to start your paper specially when you are first timer.
    one question: as general awareness is a very vast area, and i am nill in that, could you please suggest me how to prepare for GK.

    Thanks in advance.
    Siddharth Kumar

  419. hello sir please tel me question paper pattern of management executiove post exam ,iam reallyyy very confuse how to prepare for this exam?

  420. Sir I am preparing for SBI-Management Executive exam, can u tell me the paper pattern of it, is it different from Bank PO, how should i prepare for it

  421. From which banks i can expect openings in July-September 2009

  422. Sir can u tell me what is the career path of bank po i mean about promotions, salary etc.

    Is their any certification course (in banking etc.) which can add value to my qualifications while facing banking interviews, Is their any preference for mba’s as i am an mba

  423. that’s true sir but i found that bank po papers are more or less similar so i think their wont be high fluctuations in cutoff scores. Can u tell me what were the cutoff scores in SBI, CBI last year for interviews. One more thing sir, from which banks i can expect openings in next few months

    • SBI will shortly announce recruitment for its associate bank SBH for which number of vacancies are 1000 (both clerks and PO inclusive).
      ICICI conducts PO recruitments every 4-5 months.
      Almost all PSU banks have conducted recruitments in the past 1 year so it has to be seen if they’ll conduct yet another recruitment so soon.

  424. Sir how much time banks used to take in recruitment, i mean from written test to final results and joining, i heard that SBI is going for 20000 openings this year how much PO posts i can expect in it and what will be the probable date of written test, does Sbi has two written tests

    Sir what could be the safe score in Bank po exams for making it to interview

    • Yes SBI conducts written test in 2 parts due to a large number of applications that it receives.
      And regarding Safe score, there is nothing like that. You can score 80% correctly and even then not make it to the Interview round. It means that it all depends on how other perform, how difficult the paper is.
      And regarding the total time for recruitment, for public sector banks, it would easily take 5 months (if not more) from the date of written test to date of Joining.

  425. Is this salary inclusive of all, or there are any other incentives too as in the advertisements it is written that CTC is 4 lakh. Does SBI provides higher salary than other banks, what i can expect from SBI (salary)

    • CTC is cost to company and not the salary per year what you get.
      SBI is said to pay a slightly more salary than other banks

  426. one more thing sir as in bank clerical the pay scale is 4410-13210 and in po it is 10000-18240 can u tell me plz what is the exact inhand salary in these two after getting selected

    • For clerks you can expect a salary around 7K and for PO’s it’ll be 14.5 to 15.5 depending upon your place of posting. If you are posted in metros like Mumbai or Delhi, you can expect upto 16.5 as your starting salary.

  427. thank u sir for this gr8 article, sir can u tell me wht should be the target score to b assured of an interview call and which magazines i should refer for gk section, will last 5-6 months gk will b sufficient

  428. hai iam baby plese send descriptive questions with answers and objective type of questions also plese send

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    plz give a adive to sole the bank clerk paper and attamp the 90% question in 95 min. becz i donot attamp the maximaum question in ques paper. so plz help me and give a advice and method to solve the ques paper specialy foe maths bcz i do not attamp correct question. plz help me. thanku your student

  430. k.chandrasekharreddy

    i read ur tips for cracking the bank exams which r very useful for me n friends

  431. hi! what was the DI questions in maths section? great tips thanks. I’m weak at numeric or quantitative analysis! left studies long ago and now applying because of a disability factor!

  432. Hi thanks for ur suggestions..it was well written so that a fresher like me will know which sections to answer first……i am going to write my first bank exam(andhra bank)… could u please suggest some book for reasoning,which i find it difficult ,i need a book where they explain the problem with clarity(i do not need solved book,whcih gives only with no proper explanation,i think so)…..and whcih book is better to study for general awareness..thank u

    • For reasoning, I suggest TIME’S material for CAT and for Gen Awareness, news papers and magazines of last 5-6 months will do more than just good.

  433. sir please send me pattern on andhra bank clerical exam paper

  434. Sir I am appearing for both Clerical and PO posts in the Federal Bank.Can you give me some tips of preparation? Can you send some Federal Bank question papers as they are quite difficult to find.My e mail ID is [edited]

  435. hello sir,
    this is swathi i am, applying for central bank for clerical post. i am not aware of clerical appitude can u plz help me my sending some sample papers

  436. hi, can u tell wat r the topics to be covered in general awareness?
    please send me on my mail id

    thanks Ruchi Yadav

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    I want know about the bank test for the post of clerk can u pls help me on this

    actually this is my first attempt .so pls guide me how to prepare? also tell me useful link fot this test

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  439. Hi sriraj,
    Thanks for ur valuable suggestion. Could you please recommend any books which will be helpful to prepare for Bank PO and Clerical….as i dont know from where shall i start. and i think a book can guide me in this…..Help is needed.

    • There is nothing out of the box stuff in banking exams. Its all the same quant,verbal,DA,DS stuff with an extra General awareness section. But since you’ve asked for a book, UNIQUE Publishers has a book on Bank PO exams which is quite good. Costs around Rs.250.
      There are many other books which you can find in book stores. The only thing is you have to go out there and make a search for the best book available.


  441. i am weak at english…..in basics also i am weak..how can i overcome……..plz suggest how to prepare and wht to prepare to over come.wht is cutoff for english

  442. for gk use pratiyogita darpan magazine.its excellent….

  443. hey this is an good technique as u suggested..but how to prepare for GK/GA which seems to be tough.is their any website or newspaper or any GK book ……..too follow ,,,,bcos in news papers we can get current affairs how abt the GK frm the past………
    could u pls suggest me a good way..
    ur suggestions are most precious to me
    please mail ur answers…………………

  444. Dear Sir,
    This is Syeed from Calcutta. For the first time I’ve given P.O Exam in UCO BANK. I performed well in the part 1 but i found the descriptive paper with a bit more unusual questions. So please please help me for the descriptive paper..

  445. Can I know the cutoof the bank expects/choses as a maximum limit in a clerical exam?

  446. Hi Sir,

    Very useful info.

    how to prepare for general awareness which book will be helpful . How to cover mandatory things in a short period.

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    can i get iob po model paper 2008,

    and how can i prefer for non verbalquestion ,and how can i improve in descriptive essays beacuse iam weak in that subject

  451. Hi Sriraj,

    Thanks for your Xlent guidelines to attempt the paper in a logical way.

  452. hi, really nice guideliness u hav provided!! With this, can u tell wat r the topics to be covered in general awareness?

  453. Is there a sectional cutoff in dese papers?????

  454. hi , thts great ,but i dnt understand the non verbal reasoning their my time is getting up, so canu suggest me , whether i have never followed your way i will try in this method this time and let u knw whether this method follows or not ok my mailid is kandatiphani@gmail.com be in touch ok.

  455. Hi, Excellent article. I would like to know as to what is the top level score in Quant apt and Test of reasoning sections. Also I request you to suggest a suitable book for Test of reasoning and some topics for Descriptive papers (NABARD test)

    • As I said, If you could attempt 80-85 percent of questions in each sections with 90 percent accuracy, you’ve done well.
      And regarding topics for descriptive paper, you can have look at this post.