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Tracking USPS shipments in India

Tracking USPS shipments sent to India is a hell of a task that needs a lot of patience. We have a user reporting that his USPS priority international parcel is still not received by him after 2 weeks from shipping date. If you look at the post, you will notice that the parcel was shipped from USA to India with in 2 days of USPS receiving the information and then the shipping product itself. So clearly there is nothing much wrong with the service of USPS. It is only when the product reaches India, the delay starts, first due to a (really long) customs check and then due to our ‘efficient’ Postal service.

Shipments sent to an Address in India using USPS will be delivered to the local address using the Indian Postal service (India Post).

How to Track USPS shipped items in India?

There are two main services that can be tracked in India, Express mail and Priority mail (International) parcels. If the item is sent using Express mail service of USPS, and once it reaches India, it can be tracked using the EMS speed post service of India Post. Visit this page and (be sure to select ‘EMS articles booked abroad to be delivered in India’ radio button) enter your USPS tracking number.

If the item is sent through priority mail service and once it reaches India, it can be tracked using the IPS Web tracking. Just visit this page (and go to IPS Web Tracking on the right) and enter your USPS tracking number.

By using any of these tracking methods, in addition to the information that you can find by tracking the shipment using the USPS track and confirm service, you will also see where the item currently is in India, like Delhi Foreign Post Office, Mumbai Foreign post Office etc. If needed, you also call the respective post offices to get a clear idea on where your item is and how long it may take to receive it.

Note: If you are here to know why your shipment is delayed, you can read the comments below. Often, most people face similar problems. My replies to them should be good in your case too. If you want, you can post your comment too and I’ll see what I can do for you.

In case your parcel tracking number starts with ‘L’, you should be contacting respective customs office since it cannot be traced online by you and me.

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  1. Hi
    I placed two orders from a US website and they were sent by USPS without any tracking available.
    All I can find is that the parcels left USA and were scheduled to arrive at Delhi Customs Office. It has now been 2-3 months and I have no idea where my parcels are. My local post office in Kolkata has not gotten any information.
    Please kindly help me with who I can contact as I am extremely worried and the US website is not taking any responsibility.
    UM093793835US (shipped August 2017)
    UM094058086US (shipped September 2017)

    Please I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

  2. Hello, I ordered an International Priority Express package from USA, and they shipped it by USPS.
    I can see that the parcel reached in 3 days from USA, but it has now been 11 days I have no update.
    I am worried.
    Please help!!

  3. Hello,
    One of my partner sent me a package on 12th Aug and it was supposed to be here till 21nd Aug. But still i dont got my package . As per tracking it shows ” Held in Customs,DELHI FOREIGN (SAL), INDIA” since 21st of Aug.
    The USPS Tracking Number is CH022817122US
    Please help me with that so that I can collect my package as the same is very urgent and need to show the documents by tomorrow positively.

  4. Sir,
    My uncle sent me an parcel from America on 27th April, 2017. Still, I haven’t recieved it. He sent through USPS.Tracking no is : UH005295338US.
    This is really frustrating and ideally it shouldn’t take this much of time. Whenever, I try to search through tracking no it’s saying “IN-TRANSIT”. I don’t know where it got stuck. Can any one help please.

  5. this is my usps tracking number : UM351961782US .
    It is stuck at mumbai. Can you please help me with it

    • Hi my parcel from US IS stuck at airport.
      Can u please help

    • hi,
      facing same problem.
      did u receive ur parcel
      mine tracking no UH005981574US
      SHIPPED ON 5 TH JUNE, NO updates yet, pl help.tried all possible ways, till now unsucessful


    • My pakage with no EH002377280US has not yet arrived. Only update available is that it has departed from Amsterdam. I stay in Warangal Telangana. Please help.

  7. Hello,

    One of my partner sent me a package on 15th Dec and it was supposed to be here till 23rd Dec. But still i dont have any update on that.

    The USPS Tracking Number is CJ525861565US

    Please help me with that.

  8. Hi, I had ordered a package from US almost a month ago. I live in Khordha(approx 30 km from Bhubaneswar, Odisha). Can you please guide me on which customs to contact? Quick replies highly appreciated

  9. Request you all please never go with USPS.

    I had a very bad experience with them. The service i had choosen
    was International priority and the mail was to be delivered
    from United states to India. I was promised a delivery to the shipping
    address in 6-10 days but it has already been 3 weeks i still have
    no idea how much more time it may take.

    I would have understood if the parcel had electronics and would have
    stayed with customs but the parcel i sent was just an envelope with
    a three page document. I tried calling USPS several times they will
    never have an answer for the reason of delay.

    Go with FedEx, UPS or DHL. I am just very disappointed with USPS and on
    the other just mesmerized with the services provided by other courier

  10. Hi sai,
    I ordered cosmetics from LA worth $35 and the last status update I got was on 1st of october.
    My tracking no. Starts with LN4 ends in 81US.
    Please help me with that.
    Thanks in advance.
    And I really appreciate your work.

    • Iam having the same prblem i have too ordered from kylie cosmetic and it has been two weeks and i have not received my products because in india we cannot track first class mail thus it can be lost

    • Hi I have ordered Kylie Cosmetics and the shipment has left US on 5th oct and it still shows as in transit on the USPS Website. My tracking number is LN480508679US is there anyway I can track my shipment.

      Regards Suchita

    • Hi Shreya,

      I have ordered from Kylie Cosmetics as well and it has been 3 eeks and I haven’t receieved my package yet. Could you please update me regarding your package? Did you receive it and how?

    • Same is my case. Its been 2 months. I haven’t yet received my parcel from Kylie Cosmetics. Have any of you received it yet? Kindly let me know

  11. hello..i have ordered some cosmetics from kylie cosmetics on 24th august 2016 my order no is K2627725 and it was suppose to deliver in 2 weeks and the shippments is done via USPS and my shippment tracking no is LN466275562US and it has been more than a month and it is still not deliverd and i am unable to track my order…can you please help me find and deliver my order…its urgent..please help..

    • Hi Nikita,

      I have ordered from Kylie Cosmetics as well and it has been 3 eeks and I haven’t receieved my package yet. Could you please update me regarding your package? Did you receive it and how?

  12. hello im Nikhil from Kolkata…im waiting for a parcel from usps….i dont know where it is? please help!

  13. Hey, I just sent a package from Usa to India. The person who assisted me with it was pretty much lost in his world so he did not give me any tracking number nor did he ask me to put a receiver’s name plus it slipped off my mind too. What do I do now? Can i get the name of the receiver on the package by any chance? Else could i get the package held at the post office and get it collected? Please help me with my concern.

  14. Could you please tell me which customs office the package would go to, if the the delivery address is Bangalore?

    I have been waiting for my package to arrive. The USPS website says that it is in transit, and that it left Los Angeles on 1st September, 2016. It’s now the 20th of September, and I haven’t received any updates.

    My order number starts with ‘L’. What does this mean? And how do I find my package? It’s very expensive, and I have no way of refunding my money.

    Please do let me know as soon as possible, as this is quite urgent.

    Thank you.

  15. Hello,
    I ordered some energy/protein drinks from a seller in the US who is shipping it via USPS Priority Mail International
    Tracking Number: CV041350160US

    Last status is :
    June 8, 2016 , 2:34 pm

    Customs Clearance


    It seems to have departed Delhi 2 days earlier on June 5, so now i’m not sure if it is in Bangalore customs office or in the Bangalore Post Office ??
    Could you please help

  16. Prakash Wadhwani

    Hi Sai. I am from Pune, and waiting for an update on my parcel from US through USPS (tracking ID: LJ162145025US). Since May 5, 2016 there isn’t a single update. Even USPS office in US doesn’t have any further information. Would it be anyway possible for you to check for any update on the same.

    • Hi Mr Prakash Wadhwani,
      Seems u have ordered a watch from time pieces…
      I am also facing the same problem
      Mumbai tracking id is LJ910261889US

    • Hello Prakash,

      I am from Pune too and facing the same issue. Did you receive your parcel yet. How much time it took and what is the condition of it?
      Can you please let me know any process which you followed to get it. My tracking number also starts with LJ similar as yours.

  17. Hi,
    My order was placed on Feb 29th and it is right now located in the USPS Facility, NY. My tracking id doesn’t have any letters in it – which is apparently needed by most of the post offices here. Can anyone please help me out with the next procedure.

  18. Hi ,

    My parcel was shipped from California 3 weeks back, and the now when you track it on USPS site, it says cant track for India. I don’t even know where in India has it landed, I feel this is ridiculous how can USPS post just shirk from their responsibility of delivering the parcel. We signed up for delivering the parcel to a address in India and not just for it to reach India.

    Can any one suggest that which custom office should I try and reach when the parcel is coming to India from the US- Mumbai/ Delhi..

    Guys seeking help from you all.. any one any leads..



  20. hey did you receive the parcel and if yes what procedures did you hav to follow?

  21. My USPS Package was despatched from the Chicago sorting huub on 17th March. The tracking number is LJ895208019US. I am unable to track it beyond that point. Could you please help? I have been trying to get in touch with the foreign post office, but no one seems to pick up the number.

  22. Hello Sai,

    My shipment ordered on 3rd March 2016 shipped via USPS Priority Mail International Parcel #LJ161858532US shows the last status as “Your item arrived at our USPS facility in JAMAICA, NY 11430 on March 8, 2016 at 1:16 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.”

    Any suggestions on how to track it?


    • Ashish Kumar Agrawal

      Hello Akshara

      I also have the same problem. Shipped on March 3, 2016 showing the same status. Could you find any way to find the status update?


      • The local customs office and post office say there is no way to track these generic items. I am still searching for a solution and waiting.


    How much percentage they took as customs duty to your reference mail if its more than Rs.10000/- . Now I can say both Express Priority and Priority mail can be tracked in India, but major difference is Express service is with Insurance and quite costly.And also Express service parcels are not at all delayed.Customs clear it within 2 days if they have less work,otherwise Customs department take one week to clear because of their back log clearance.My articles are cleared promptly because every time as soon article held at customs I send a letter (with xerox copy of ID proof) along with transaction papers to their respective office for their calculation which is usually mandatory.

    • Ranjith Unnikrishnan


      Can you please tell me the address of the customs department to which to send the papers for customs clearence.



  24. I need help with 3 USPS parcel from USA ? As its been many days since these left United states but haven’t received them yet . Any help will be highly appreciated :
    1) LC541250752US : shipped on 20th January 2016 from USA —haven’t received it yet its more than a month & 6 days ?
    2) LJ161658615US : shipped on 1st feb 2016 from USA —haven’t received it yet —–26 days till today.
    3) LJ890069730US : shipped on 4th feb 2016 from USA —haven’t received it yet —-22 days till today.

    Can anybody tell me what can I do …to get this sorted ….I know about IPS WEB TRACKING but these don’t show there / the India post also doesn’t have any status for these …? the Phone no. of International foreign post office -New Delhi are useless as nobody picks the call ….tried it multiple times

    how can I get some help here ?

  25. My order No. 3042986 has reached Delhi and has left from there for Mumbai on 6th Feb’2016 with USPS tracking No. CJ503933985US. From here onward I am unable to track my parcel. The contact No. 1800-11-2011in India is not getting connected. I am unable to track the location of the shipment. Need help.

  26. I got the tracking no OF 13 DIGITS from USPS (IT’S WORKING ON USPS WEBSITE)

    It has been more than 15 days now, that my package hasn’t yet been delivered.

    I followed the instructions but the Ips tracking is not allowing 13 digits tracking no. It allows only 12 digits……

    What should I do???

  27. Please help me track my incoming package arriving from Chicago from where it had been shipped by USPS First-Class Package International Service Priority Mail International Parcel Tracking number LJ872644452US. It has been shipped to India on 19 January, 2016, 11.59 PM and ever since i have been unable to gather information about its whereabouts. Kindly look into the matter and I will be grateful.

  28. Hello,

    I have ordered items in Alibaba, but the shipment happened without specifying mobile number.
    So wanted to know without mobile number , did parcel can be delivered?
    Can anybody share Bangalore USPS customer care number????

  29. Hello can anyone help me in tracking my USPS.com parcel (US parcel that was send in India 7 december 2015 ) in India,Untill 12 January 2016 i didn’t receive my parcel .
    can any one help me in tracking why such delay and how can i resolved the problem.

    Tracking number- LC76126622US

  30. hello,
    My stuff was shipped on 2nd january 2016 from texas to india (j&k) through usps priority mail express intl. with tracking number EC203******US. But from 7th january status shown is departed from amsterdam, no update is available. I have already paid for it. Please help why this stuckness. Thank you.

  31. Greetings,
    Thank you for your instructions. I write to this to ask for help if possible.
    I ordered a shipment from a private seller in the USA who sent it through USPS priority international mail to be delivered to India (dharwad). It was sent to USPS on 23rd of December 2015. The last status of it was it departing USPS faculty Los Angeles on 31st of December. I can understand that the delay between 23rd and 31st can be accounted for christmas holidays but there has been no status update since the 31st. Is there any way of getting any further information on it? Such as the method of shipment, ETA, to which location (Mumbai, Delhi) it arrives when it first reaches India etc? so that I can try to speed it up by either manually picking it up or similar alternatives.

  32. Hello Sai,

    I needed assistance with my USPS Priority Mail International Parcel #LJ865943601US. The last update on usps.com was on 7th Dec, when the item left LA. I tried tracking it on the ips webpage, but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to track it?


    • hi sai

      i am also tensed my company had sent me a 204$ check from usa on 9th december and another on 16th december and another on 23rd december through regular USPS mail and they didn’t provide me any tracking number also i have not got a single check till now.is it lost or customs problem? im from kolkata. Please reply what have been the problem im so need of this money im unemployed now and this money is needed badly its almost 18 days but my company told me i will get it within 9 days but i have not received it yet,i’m tensed.

      • Ask your company for tracking number and visit kolkata customs with that number if you’re in a hurry. It isn’t normal for cheques to be held up.

        • they say there is no tracking number for regular mails but if i visit to kolkata customs can that will be helpful?and can u please guide me how long it can take generally for cheques to receive and is there any chances for theft or lost as it s a a/c payee cheque and no1 can do anything with that.

    • Did you got your shipment .????
      If yes please tell me ,which mail service was it and how many days it took ?

      • Hey ..I am still waiting. The parcel was sent using USPS Priority International Mail Service. I was shipped on Dec 7th. I have no updates after that. I called the foreign post office and they said that parcels starting with LJ cannot be tracked.

  33. Hi Sai,

    Thanks for your time in writing this article and all the support you are extending to all of us. I have ordered a package from amazon.com, shipper shipped it on 7th Dec and tracking number is EC203250918US. When I tracked it using various links and indian postal service, it shows last status on 8th Dec that it was bagged in San Francisco, there after there are not updates. I am in Jaipur and understand it was supposed to go to DELHI S.J. SORTING/I.

    Not aware how much time it will take. Do you have any idea from your experience how much time such deliveries take.

  34. Important Documents were dispatched from New Jersey through USPS International Express on 1st Dec 2105. It is showing status as Departed Chennai on 7th Dec 2015 at 0930pm but I have not yet received.

    1 Departed from Chennai means custom clearance over and it is on the way to Hyderabad, then why it is taking so much of time?
    2. Does it come from Chennai to Hyderabad directly or routed through some other place again?
    3. When can i expect to receive ?


    • Hi There! Hope you got your docs, when did you get them? I am in similar situation. It shows item bagged in Mumbai on Dec 24 after customs clearance but no updates after that.

  35. Bedadyuti Chowdhury

    I ordered one expensive piano accordion from Liberty Bellows, Philadelphia, USA.It was shipped through Priority Mail Service International through USPS. I got the updates till the departure from New Delhi airport on 09/12/2015.
    However after that there is no update. My tracking ID is CJ152691410US. My address is at Guwahati, Assam. Pin Code 781005. Even the IPS web track provides no clue…please help…

    • Hey Bedayuti… did you receive your accordion finally and how long did it take once it reached India? I have ordered a guitar and it’s showing – Item is being processed by customs – since 9th February, about 2 days now.


  36. Hi guys,

    I have a shipment to receive from US and the tracking number starts with LJ from USPS. This product was shipped out from US on 13 Nov 2015 but after that there is no updates. Could you please help me out on how to track this shipment and whom to contact for this matter.

    Thank you

  37. Need Help….very urgent !!

    USPS First Class International with Customs Number: LJ859113905US

  38. i ordered some makeup from new York . my seller sent it through usps first class mail international package . order placed on 3rd October 2015. the tracking website on 7th said it is in transit to destination in Jamaica new York. it has displayed the same message for the past two weeks. my tracking id is LK19******2US. I contacted the seller she asked me to enquire customs office in our country. if the parcel is not yet out of Jamaica as the usps website says then how do I get it. please advice about what I should do or the procedure involved to find my parcel.

  39. My tracking number starts with LNXXXXXXXXXUS. The last update which i got from the link sent by the shipper is that the item has been “Received by Foreign Postal Administration”, NEW DELHI on 10th October 2015. How long should i wait to receive the item? The destination address is Kerala so y the item got received at DELHI Foreign Postal Dept? I called the Delhi FPO and they said they do not have any information.

    I have ordered two mobile cases for myself and wife. Is this items duty payable? The both items costs me around 2000 india rupees. around 29 US $. Please reply.

  40. i send my package with ips shipped on5/21/2015 4:36:25 AM to Indonesia tracking number RD121672543IN . It has not been delivered until now..please anyone help me..thanks

  41. My tracking number is LJ69**31US. The last update was that it departed the usps facility on 16th june, there has been no update since then. Do they deliver to home or i have to enquire the post office? Please help.

  42. I just bought an apple watch my uncle is gonna ship iy by usps which all documents are required and does he have to put it inside or stick it out plss help sai

  43. can you tell me why i still didn’t get my package which i order through Unbeatable Logistic service company U.K
    its been 25 days from now track number is ARC7184769IN now it says it was on hold in Package Still At Sort Facility In Mumbai – India, On Hold,
    so can you help me out

  44. can anyone help me with the tracking of my shipment. the tracking no is LJ6830***2US. thank you in advance.

  45. Hi, My consignment number is :- LN24**35US. it was departed from jamaica on 18th February,2015. I want to know its status. Anyone Help me please.

  46. hi,
    i have send medicine package through usps on 16-feb-2015 . still not received .little bit worried. tracking number is CJ42***l2US . can u please help us .

  47. Thankyou very much for the website. The information provided helped me alot. Thanks again.

  48. Hi Sai,

    My parcel with tracking number LC272551048 has been sent from USA on January 15, 2015 to Mumbai and I still havent received it. It only contains some clothes sent by my sister. I understand this cant be tracked after it leaves USA and maybe stuck in customs. Can you please guide me on which foreign post office / customs office I can visit to track it or request them to clear it faster? Also, any idea how long such a parcel would take to clear in customs? I m just hoping it is not lost, since its been more than a month.


  49. I want to test USPS Tracking/Confirm API. Can anyone please tell me the sample track id for testing. i am using sample number which is mentioned in the USPS Site but its seems error.. Kindly update numbers

  50. Hi!
    My tracking number is EC505714308US and it is more than a day but still showing me pre-shipment.
    What does this exactly mean? Is my order not yet shipped by the shipper or it has reached thr usps?

    • This package has not yet been sent to USPS. Once they get it they would update it.
      You can get a package slip today but not ship it for another 20-30days depending on the type of shipment selected.

  51. Hello,

    I have ordered PS3 parts which has been shipped by USPS “Priority Mail International Parcels” on 1st Dec 2014 but still i havnt received my parcel. what to do..? please help!



    • Amar, I would suggest to track the package on ips web tracking (google ips web tracking india). once the package reaches india the ips tracking does a better job at tracking than usps. It is most likely stuck at customs.

  52. I ordered a mobile phone case from the US and was shipped on DEC 3rd through USPS First class. It left US from LA port on DEC 4th 10-02 AM. Arrived at my house via regular post on DEC 10 around 11 AM.

  53. I am supposed to a receive a parcel prefixed “LJ” for now USPS shows that its in transit from LA. The parcel was was dispatched on 18th November. When is it the earliest I can expect to receive the parcel? which would be the most effective way of tracking and receiving this parcel?

  54. Hi,
    I sent a package through USPS Priority Mail Express International on Oct 28th 2014. It was checked into Mumbai’s Customs yesterday Nov 3rd 9am. The box just has cookies, candies and 1-tshirt for my fiance.
    This is my 1st time sending it through USPS so i was curiuos as to normally how long you think it will take to clear Customs. You seem to have a lot of experience on this so i was hopig for an answer.
    Also i cant track it through IPS but not through India Postal Website.
    What is the difference?

    Thanks in advance for the response

  55. Hi,

    Feeling great to have landed in this page.
    I have recently ordered a dress from Amazon & they have shipped through USPS.
    The tracking number starts with LNXXXXXXXXXUS. The USPS website is not able to provide any information.
    My delivery address is Pune. Could you help on which post office/ customs office do I need to contact for this.


  56. Can I pick my parcel directly from customs office, and thereby paying all customs duty. If yes, then what other things they asked (identity proof?)

  57. Hi
    I am from Hyderabad. I have to get documents from USA through USPS priority mail. Now in IPS Web tracking, it is showing as “Send item to customs (Inb) Air MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE” on 10/04/2014. Could you please let me know when can I expect my documents.

  58. Hi there,

    There’s wealth of information in comments.

    I’d be glad if someone could help me out with mine.
    I am expecting a small shipment from Thailand. It has nothing to do with electronics but just a documents.
    Been able to track it online.

    Here is consignment no: [checked]

    I am tracking it both simultaneously on Thailand Post website as well as IPC mysore site.

    There has been no update since last 3 days. Can it be because of recent national holidays? (Gandhi Jayanti and Dusshera?).

    Last update it says was ‘Send items to domestic location (inb)’ with next office as ‘CRC Mumbai TD’.
    I take it as its on its way to Mumbai. Does it really take this long?

    I am not able to reach India post on any of their helpline numbers. I called up my local head post office but they were closed too.

    I am just worried that it might get lost.

    Thanks a lot.

    • The status is still the same as I see it today. Festival season is definitely one reason but sometimes the status just stops updating. You receive the shipment and it still stays the same. I wouldn’t really worry if those are just documents. You’ll receive them.

      • Thanks Sai for reply.

        And I am happy to inform that I did receive this shipment today.
        The status on Thai Post website as well as IPS Mysore didn’t really change but I tracked the same number on Speed Post (local) website and it indeed showed that it arrived in my city a day ago and to nearest Head Post office just today. I tried this earlier to track on local speed post website but it didn’t show anything.

        Just my two bits if it helps anyone.

      • Hi sai,
        A friend had sent me some old music CDs and vinyls as a gift. It has been 20 days since he posted it from USA. The parcel has been lying for custom clearance since 15th October. He sent the mail through USPS.
        Web tracking says it’s in Delhi foreign post office (since 15th October) and that next office is CED bangalore. There are no comments / extra information.

        What do you think is the status? Is it a mere delay or will I have to follow up with them for something?? the international mail helpline number does not pick up…..

      • Hi, you are providing nice information about tracking of USPS articles in India. But I saw you on most of the posts where parcel which is untrackable and supposed to be lost or stolen in India, you advice the people to file a non receipt of items on ebay or amazon or other site. I have a point to make, See the seller mostly are honest and they normally post the item but if some reason it doesn’t get delivered and the blame is put on seller, most of the sellers will stop offering shipping to India citing a lot of parcels get lost etc. problem. Lot of sellers don’t post to Russia and Africa countries etc. If India gets in the banned list, it will be very bad for Indian buyers who wants to buy some unavailable items in India with affordable postage.

    • Hi can you please tell me how many days it took for the packet to be received at your house sir after you saw this code CRC mumbai TD

  59. Just wanted to share my experience with USPS First class International. Ordered a used LG G2 through Swappa. The item was shipped from California on Sept 3rd 2014. LJXXXXXUS , No information after that, which I later realized was becasue the seller shipped via First Class, and tracking not available after it leaves the US. More than 3 weeks, and I started getting a bit worried, and called the local FPO, but they couldn’t help with tracking. But yesterday, the postman from the local post office showed up with the package, had to pay Rs 3400/- item was declared @ $199 by the seller…everything intact in the package, although it did appear that the package was opened for appraising, but nicely sealed back.

    Took a total of 26 days from the date of shipping, but I guess some delay might have occurred in Mumbai on account of Ganapati festival etc…all in all, happy that it reached me safely, although it took slightly longer. It appears that delays are not uncommon, but more often than not, the parcel does get delivered. This should gove some hope to those who have been worried about USPS parcels coming through First Class Inyternational

  60. Dear Sir/Madam

    My son mr mayur reddy has despatched a documents through usps courier on 23rd sept 2014 but till date i have not recd it.THE SAID DOCUMENTS ARE VERY VERY URGENT AS I WANT TO SUBMIT IT TO BANK. HENCE PL.HELP ME IMMD.

  61. Hi Sai,

    I had made a purchase and the product was subsequently shipped from US on 5th September by priority mail. The last status in ips tracking site has remain unchanged from 15th. It currently states that the product has been sent to customs, current location being DELHI FPO and next location is chennai post office. Will the parcel be checked by Delhi customs before being sent to chennai customs. Tracking nos is CF114733088US.


  62. Hello Sir

    Can you please check the status of consignment number: LN110381111US

    Avinash Ekka

  63. Very use full article you have don.Many thanks

    I have a question about my delivery via USPS


    I buy a new laptop from amzon on 21 aug 2014 .It reached in India in 30th aug 2014.But i did’t receive the product.still the item is in customs clearance since aug 30th.I don’t know why.Please help me to resolve this issue.I already contact the USPS and the seller they can nothing to do on it.Please

  64. I ordered elsa dress for my sisters daughter (kids dress) from a florida(USA) seller . seller promptly shipped it. it took 7 days to reach MIAMI Florida and then 3 days to change its status as ” Left USPS facility”. Then after a week no tracking either in USPS or in EPS. And no query on the PAD information link. Then it arrived suddenly on 3rd to my home. This is a new dress and packet is intact. Thanks USPS and EPS.

    Previously i ordered one second hand electronic component of my MAGNAVOX circuit Board. Which got stuck at bangalore customs went and spoke ot the officer there. he released it and i have ot pay some 2400+ officially to the deliverer ( postman) . it was written ont he paper he brought and he didn’t give me any receipt. but there was a form from customes and it mentioned this amount in it. SO i paid the postman( usually postmen from indian posts are honest as far as my experiences with them are concerned since my childhood.
    all this information is for public consumption . Thanks

  65. Hi Madhu / Sai,

    Thanks a lot for creating this article! I’m thankful that I found this article while hunting the internet for some positive hope. I’m pleased to see you’re helping people out here…
    Someone ordered a “First-Class Package International Service” (International Letter, a phone, Lumia 930 India CV) via USPS.com ( tracking code: LJ157792640US ) and the tracking page says, it departed from USPS facility on August 13, 2014 , 11:40 pm. Today is 31st August (two weeks passed) but it still says delivery status as “IN-TRANSIT”. I’ve never ordered anything via USPS earlier so I’ve no idea 🙁
    Please tell me Sir, is it normal to take this long?

    • Yeah perfectly normal.

      Sorry from my side for taking this long to reply. Hope you received your parcel by now.

      • Thanks for the reply sir!

        But sadly I didn’t receive it yet. I had gone to the post office and they told it’s probably got stuck in the customs or it’s delaying due to the distance but they’ve no idea where it is right now. Then I went to the main Custom office of Delhi and also to the post offices of Ghaziabad, Noida and Delhi only to hear back, “I’ts untrackable and we’ve no idea where it is.”

        Let me tell you everything in detail. I’m a windows phone student app developer. I, one more person from Bangalore and one of my Vietnamese friend had won Lumia 930 from a contest called “hidden gems” sponsored by Microsoft with WPCentral(dot)com. On Monday, that person from Bangalore informed me that he has received his package but the phone was not inside it. He suspected it’s stolen during customs. It only contained the additional items like the t-shirt, a coffee mug and two items. However, my Vietnamese friend got it safely although he had to pay few bucks at the post office.

        I’m from Noida (201301) so that’s why the delivery might be taking some more time (according to staff at my nearby post office) and I fear the same is going to happen with me. But, if by any chance it’s stuck in customs, how do I know where exactly it got stuck? I already checked the Customs of Delhi and its not there. (the track number starts with L so it can’t be tracked right?) I’m worried it might be already stolen. Its already 36 days from the day they sent it. Where can I complain about the missing package?

        Please guide me sir, I shall be thankful to you.

        I’ve been counting days and hours since I won it but looks like I’m really been too unlucky.

        • I hope you’ve received the shipment by now. Sorry for being very, very late.

          If its Noida, then it should come to New Delhi customs.

          Congrats by the way and wishing you a good career as a dev.

          • Thanks for the positive hopes! Sorry for being this late as I was very much broken to keep up with it. It’s been almost a year since my parcel dispatched US. But my fear turned true. My parcel was apparently stolen during custom checks in India. On doing a thorough web search, I realized I’m not the only victim. It’s a popular case with USPS service in India particularly. I reported Microsoft back about everything happened here. Those people were kind enough to believe me and send me another package of the gift (without T-shirts and cups obviously!) via UPS this time. I had to pay a custom fee of Rs. 5575 at Delhi UPS office. I have no faith in USPS anymore. I’d highly recommend anyone to use a premium service like UPS or FedEx if you really want your order delivered in a place like this should you spend a little more money for the package, it’ll be worth it.

            • Ohh, that’s good on Microsoft. And yes happens at our customs especially for parcels with no tracking options.

      • Hi Sai,

        I have purchased a camera bag from US which has been sent via USPS Priority international mail 22/09/14. Same is shown on IPS tracking (link provided by you) as Sent Item Abroad (EDI) Received on 24/09/14 at 4 pm US time. Its destination is Delhi International Mail Centre.
        I need this Item before 1st Oct, 2014, What are the chances getting it delivered by that time ?
        Would it get stuck in custom here ? I can personally go to Delhi International Mail Centre and expedite the matter somehow ?
        Is this office is open on friday & saturday 3,4 oct.
        Any help is would be much appreciated as this is giving me sleepless night which is apparent from timing of my post as well.
        Thanks for very informative forum

    • hey @gautam…did you finally receive your package…Im in a similar situation…3 weeks up now and no news

    • Your parcel is NORMAL parcel as it contains “LJ”.

      General thumb rule is FORGET about the normal parcels.

      It’s our fate to have such kind of service from India Post.

      I faced this 2 times & my friends also lost some.

      At least a customs notice letter expected. But, nothing. We tried in Mumbai Postal Appraising Section, Mumbai-FPO, Hyderabad, Delhi & Chennai. But, no use for these “LJ” or any parcel start with “L”.

      These normal parcels are not traceable. So, easy to steal by someone who is Money Hungry.

      I’m not discouraging you. But, telling you the truth about India Post service.

  66. Hi,

    I am supposed to receive a package from USPS, with tracking number starting with L.
    There is a possibility it might be held up by customs?
    I contacted customer care, and they said its non trackable. Its been more than 45 days, please help.
    Please help.


  67. Padarbinda Puhan

    Hello Sir,

    This is a great forum.

    I have sent a parcel to Bangalore from USA via USPS Priority Mail, USPS tracking code – [checked] . I have sent few documents and two dresses for my daughter. Current status on IPS Web Tracking site shows ‘Send item to customs (Inb)’ and location is DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE. this status was updated on 16th Aug. No updates after that. Could you please help me here.

    • Updates might sometimes stop showing up on the site. But if the parcel contains documents and dresses’ then there’s nothing to worry. A few days late may be, but it will be delivered.

  68. First of all thanks a lot Madhu, for creating such a helpful post on Sai Digital Magazine. Starting off with my problem right away-
    I ordered a Motorola Moto X (32GB) on 18th July, 2014 from a seller(from Abbeville, South Carolina) on Ebay pricing $344.75 (including a USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box’s shipping charge of $24.75). The seller shipped it on 22nd July and updated the estimated delivery to be 30th July – 5th August. It has been more than 1 month since I paid for the item and till date I did not receive my product. I asked the seller about its latest updates and the only information he gave me was that it has reached your place. I asked him to share the tracking no. but he never did. I went to a nearby India Post Office(shipping address: Noida-201307, Uttar Pradesh) but they had no idea about the package. I have not opened a case on Ebay yet, as from some comments on this forum I learnt that it might take upto 1 month 1 week to get delivered. Please suggest me steps that I should take (apart from opening a case on Ebay, as I am going to wait for this week). Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Any update on this?

      I would first look at opening a case on ebay as there is a certain time limit with in which you can file a dispute. You can cancel the dispute any time if you receive the parcel in the mean time.

      By the looks of it, since he isn’t giving tracking info, its most likely that he shipped it via first class instead of priority mail. First class won’t have any tracking number and parcels cannot be tracked.

      So I don’t know what you can do apart from insisting on the seller to provide you with the tracking number. If you have it, the postal people might help you further.

      • Yes, I did the same. I opened a case on Paypal on 21st August, 2014.When I got no reply from the seller, I escalated the dispute to a claim on 26th August, 2014. The seller has been asked to respond by 05-Sep-2014. Lets see what happens next. I will keep updating!! This was my first transaction on Ebay and the experience has been very bad.Thanks a lot Sai, for your valuable suggestions.

        • Hello confirm that whether item got stucked with customs.Iam sure you need to pay customs duty penalty etc or bribe customs officer to release your package.until unless you dont get your package.

  69. Hi Sai,

    This is really a helpful forum to discuss the real issues.

    I have ordered some items from Singapore and they were shipped on 29th July 2014 through Registered Air Mail and the tracking number is RF**********SG.

    I could track them using IPS WEB Tracking Tool and the current status as on 31st July 2.14 is Location: “CHENNAI (MADARS) AIR” and Next Office: “BANGALORE SUB FGN POST”.

    after 31st there is no update in the tool.

    Keeping the current status in mind. How long it takes to receive my package?

    Can I go to BANGALORE SUB FGN POST and get the package delivered?


  70. Hello sir
    Do First Class Mails Sent Through USPS to India usually Never Get Delivered? I made my first ever international transaction by buying a used PC component from ebay USA, because its unavailable in India. The seller has shipped it today through USPS first class mail. But I have been reading a lot of horror stories on the internet where parcels sent through USPS first class are usually lost or stolen by customs in India, so they never get delivered to their intended recipients. I feel like kicking myself for not having done my homework before buying a product internationally. The customs in India are pathetic. And since this is a first class mail (and not priority), there is no way to track it once it has left the US. I really don’t know what to do now. I have learnt my lesson, and will NEVER EVER purchase anything internationally again. But as of now, is there ANY hope of me receiving this package in the near future? I’m not saying that the package has been lost or delayed, because it has been dispatched only today. But I’m REALLY paranoid and have a very bad feeling about this, going by people’s experiences with USPS parcels sent to India. Using a website, I found out that I need to pay an additional Rs 1700 as customs. So can I just pay this friggin’ amount, get my parcel and be done with this stupid ‘international transactions’ stuff for my life time?

    • Hey,
      no need to be so paranoid. As I said once in a comment, you won’t normally see people coming onto internet and saying ‘Hey I received my product’. They will only come when they sense something is NOT right. If everything is right, then there’s no need to complain anywhere. Isn’t it?

      What I meant to say is there are many people who receive their products via first class routinely. So hope is not really lost. But make sure when you buy the next item, ask the shipper to put it into a priority category or send it via a private courier like dhl or fedex.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply sir. I’m slightly relieved now, but could you please clarify a few things for me?

        Firstly, I reside in Bangalore. So when my item arrives, will it be processed by Bangalore customs, or the customs of some other city like Mumbai or Delhi first (because Bangalore is not a Metro)?
        Secondly, to be on the safer side, could I intimate the foreign post office of Bangalore beforehand that I will be expecting a package from USPS and specify the original tracking id? Because they usually take ages to send the call memo and often the call memo never reaches the customer.
        The third thing I wanted to know. I came across this page (http://bangalorecustoms.gov.in/PAD_instructions.htm), where it is possible to find out if a query has been raised for a consignment. Does this actually work, or is it defunct?
        Finally, could I just bribe some customs officer to make this process hassle-free for me? Because in a corrupt country like India, bribing is the only thing that works in difficult situations.

        And yes, I have learnt my lesson now. Henceforth, I will always ask the sender to ship through priority or a private courier. Even this time, I asked the sender if he could take back the package he already sent (because it has still not left the US) and resend it using priority, but he said that international parcels can’t be intercepted once they are sent.

        • The problem is, it’ll first go to Mumbai, get through customs there and then come to Bangalore. But we don’t know if/when it’ll happen. So you can’t really tell someone in advance.

          I never tried that link before so try it and see.

          But normally the customs would be clueless about first class shipments so contacting them wouldn’t be of much help.

          Bribing? Don’t.

          • Thanks for response sir. I have decided to go for the product from a different US-based seller, who offers shipping by USPS First Class (least expensive), USPS Priority Express (moderate cost) and Fedex (very expensive). I’d like to opt for USPS Priority Express (because it can be tracked), and wanted to clarify one thing. Is it still necessary for me to pay customs for this mode of payment? It was mentioned on the USPS website that for Priority Express packages, the sender needs to sign a customs form. Does this mean the shipping cost includes customs charges too?

            Regarding my previous order, I have decided that there is no point in waiting for it indefinitely because I need it within 2 weeks for my project. If I do receive it, I will just sell it locally to somebody. If I don’t receive it for one month, I’ll claim refund from Paypal.

          • Hello Sir

            I’m happy to let you know that the item was shipped from the US on August 1st but it surprisingly was delivered to e on August 9th itself. Unbelievable that a first class parcel reached me so soon. Most importantly, there was no trouble at all with customs. I wasn’t asked to pay even 1 rupee. Our local postman simply delivered it as he would every other post. In fact, I wasn’t even asked to sign an acknowledgement for receiving it.

            • Haha. There you go. Finally a (positive) experience with first class parcel among all the negative experiences.

              • Yes, I guess I just got lucky here! But I have learnt my lesson. from now onwards, I’ll prefer to buy products only from Indian online stores. If I’m forced to import something due to non-availability in India, then I’ll buy it only if the seller agrees to ship through some means which can be tracked until I receive it, even if it costs more.

        • Hi Sunil,

          It forced me to write here because of what you wanted to do by bribing.

          These customsofficers, police, ppost are all used to it as they are government employees.

          You shouldn’t encourage such. It all starts with personal always. Please don’t encourage such.

          By the way, I had same issue. Even after 4 months, I didn’t receive. Not discouraging you. But, the customs & postal people sell them through contacts.

          • Yeah I agree, no use in bribing.

            By the way, were you able to claim a refund through either Paypal or ebay, for that package which was never delivered to you?

  71. Sri,
    Is it possible to track USPS package with “LN” in India. Whom should we contact for this.

  72. hello sir, please help me out i purchased a second hand mobile worth 450$ and seller shipped it from us via priority mail international and its 1 month from now. Customs says that we cant do anything about it. What can i do?

  73. Hi Sai,

    Wrote to you few days back regarding my parcel which was shipped from Tyler, Texas on 3rd June with a tracking number starting with ‘LC’. Is there any way that it can be tracked or known if at all I receive it or not. It’s more than a month now, getting much worried now.

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. I’m not at my regular work place so…
      L parcels cannot be tracked, unfortunately. So there’s nothing much you can do. Wait for this week to end and just register a formal complaint with India post. If no one is complaining these missing cases will only increase.

  74. Dear Sai,

    (1) “L***US” cannot be tracked anymore. do you know the cases someone received it?

    (2)Since you mentioned, “contacting respective customs office could give the details”. I called Chennai Foreign Post customer care number, immediately they replied that “L” doesn’t have any information! It will take its own time!! Does anyone received such reply from Foreign postoffice?

    • Yes many actually receive these parcels. Hundreds of first class parcels reach India every day, only few who don’t receive come on internet to know why. Those who receive just carry on with their job. You can skim through the comments section and find people who reported receiving their L parcels.

  75. Hi ,

    i haven’t received a parcel coming from June 18, 2014 , 2:59 pm Acceptance OCALA, FL 34474 , to Mumbai, but from 10 days it showing June 22, 2014 , 9:38 am Customs Clearance INDIA.
    Please help me sir how can i get my parcel very imp stuff inside, pl help me what to do and where to contact so that i can get the parcel asap.

    Warm Regards,

  76. Hello, would you be able to tell me if I should just wait for few more days or contact the customs. Also, could you tell me if this item can attract customs/duty? It’s a new DJI Phantom quadcopter worth $1000 shipped from US to India over ebay. (USPS Priority Mail Express International) Below is the latest status:
    6/20/2014 12:54:51 PM INDIA DELHI, EMS SPEED POST CENTRE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb) Air DELHI EMS SPEED POST CENTRE
    6/20/2014 5:40:40 PM INDIA DELHI, EMS SPEED POST CENTRE Send item to customs (Inb) Air SPC BANGALORE
    6/21/2014 4:55:16 PM INDIA BANGALORE SUB FGN POST Record item customs information (Inb) Air SPC BANGALORE
    Retention reason : Other

    • I think you can wait for this week. Nothing seems to have got really stuck. Duty is obvious for such a high value product. If you are from Bangalore, call the speed post centre if nothing changes after this week.

  77. Hi I’m wondering if you could help me. I shipped a package to India USPS Priority Express Mail on May 30th. It cleared customs on June 6th and the recipient still has not got the package. Thoughts? The tracking number is [checked]

    • It’s cleared and was also sent to the recipients’ address. So most likely it got stuck at the end delivery point, which is the local post office where the recipient resides. Did he try visiting there?

  78. I had mailed a package to mumbai on june 3rd from USA and it says it left chicago on june 5th. unfortunately i had a wrong flat number on the package which doesnt exist but everything else was fine. my tracking number is [checked]. Can you tell me will the package come back to USA or will it stay in India? Thank you

    • If its a building then the delivery person will obviously ask if there are any people with that name in that building.

      If he doesn’t, the parcel will conveniently stay in India itself. I can’t see India Post taking efforts to send it back to the states.

  79. My tracking no is LC*****8US. this is the mail containing international letter. It was booked on 3rd june from NY and on USPS tracking tool, it is left jamaica on 4th june.

    How many more days it will take?? it was booked under Priority mail and i was informed that it will delivered in 6-8 business days. if possible gave me contact details where i can make inquiry about my mail? i am really worried as i want this document very badly by this week end.

    • If you have luck, you will receive it.

      Never send by International Letter. Because, kit carries Low priority LC**. This can’t be tracked at all.
      See my experience below. It is 3 months nearly & I lost it.

      I’m not disappointing you. But, this is what happens to Low priority parcels starting with LC or LJ etc. That “L” stands for Low priority & not traceable in India.

      Good luck.

  80. Hi Sai,

    A person has sent a parcel from US, through USPS to bangalore. I have not yet received it, it has been one week..Its a pendant with semi precious stones. Can it be held by customs since its having semi precious stones?

  81. HI,
    My USPS tracking # is CJ453768484US, it has left US on 23rd APRIL 2014. I tried all the links you have mentioned above. I stay in Bangalore. the IPS website tracking shows the parcel at USPS, Chicago, IL. NO other information. ANywhere I should go to find out?
    Can you please find out.
    thanks in advance

  82. Hi sai,
    Tracking Number : LN0**5US
    Can you tell me what kind of mail type it is? Priority international or First class ? So that i can know when my parcel will arrive. This is the info i got till now. I know India post is not reliable but then what is the solution to make sure that it reaches in less than a month?

    Depart Post Office SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94123 May 22, 2014 5:43 pm
    Electronic Shipping Info Received May 23, 2014
    Acceptance SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94123 May 22, 2014 2:33 pm


    • This is First Class. And as you may know (if you read other comments), this cannot be tracked once it leave US shores.

  83. From the above comments I feel Like I will never getmy parcel. I am expecting my shipment frm Etsy dot com. It was shipped on 1st may and it left USPS sort facility Los Angeles on 4th may still no update even on 21st of May. But my product is a key chain made of 30.06 Springfield Bullet !!!!

  84. colin nikith pinto

    This is usps Tracking Number: LK1**8US
    may i know what has happened to it.

    and this is my other Tracking Number: RR26**IL.

    • First cannot be tracked. Second, I don’t think, is a USPS tracking ID.

      • colin nikith pinto

        this is 1st one: [checked]

        May 12, 2014 , 2:53 am
        Depart USPS Sort Facility
        MIAMI, FL 33112
        Your item departed our MIAMI, FL 33112 sort facility on May 12, 2014 at 2:53 am. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
        May 11, 2014 , 11:15 am
        Processed through USPS Sort Facility
        MIAMI, FL 33112
        May 5, 2014 , 7:46 pm
        Depart USPS Sort Facility
        MONTGOMERY, AL 36119
        May 5, 2014 , 7:26 pm
        Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
        MONTGOMERY, AL 36119
        May 5, 2014 , 7:00 pm
        Depart Post Office
        OPELIKA, AL 36801
        May 5, 2014 , 8:36 am
        OPELIKA, AL 36801
        May 4, 2014
        Electronic Shipping Info Received

        after this still today no info

  85. Hi Sai,
    My friend from US sending a bag bought from ebay.com. Seller is sending via USPS shipped to india. this is the tracking no LK1**7US all i have with me. as per USPS site it says item was booked on 3rd may. Delivery expected 13-20 may. I am unable to figure out where it is. Has it reached india, if so where and whom to contact. Can you help please.

    • Going by number of days passed, it should be India by now. But there’s no way to know where it is. Please read other comments too.

  86. Hi Sai,

    I have ordered a guitar spare part from ebay.com.
    It is shipped from US through USPS on 4th-April-2014 & left Chicago on 10-APRIL-2014. It has “LJ” as tracking number.
    Now, even after 1 month, I haven’t received any.

    From this BLOG, I understood that, “LJ” tracking numbers are not at all traceable in India.

    It is 1 month till now I have waited.

    Is it lost completely?
    The To Address is in Hyderabad.
    If I have to contact customs, where does Hyderabad fall into? Where to get this information?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajesh Kumar.

    • You should contact Mumbai customs. It goes there first and then comes to Hyderabad. You can easily get contact numbers either by searching on this page (ctrl+f) or on Google.

      I cannot say whether its lost or its there somewhere waiting for something. But unfortunately there is no way we can know where it is. Best to contact ebay and lodge a non-receipt request.

      • Hi Sai,

        I tried on the number from below on this page “1800112011”. This number is not a valid number.

        Should I call Mumbai Customs or Mumbai Foreign Post?

        Could you please help me with correct number?

        I have contacted ebay & lodged the non-receipt case already to be in safer side. They need 1 month time to investigate & close. But, time is important for me now.

        By the way, which type of courier or shipment is the best to get the complete tracking & receive without much of problems like this in USPS?

        Thanks & Regards,
        Rajesh Kumar.

        • Hi Sai,

          Does the spare parts like these(Guitar spare part which can’t be used in any other in fact) get stuck in customs?

          Below is the complete tracking status as of now. It is sent through “Priority Mail International Parcels”. In general, how much time it would take to deliver for this type of item & the postal service?

          [status checked]

          • Priority international should be traceable. Only first class parcels start with L and are not traceable.

            And, I’m not sure why this thing got struck or even if it did at all, or got lost somewhere. Difficult to know without any more details.

            Priority will take any where between 15 to 1 month. A week more than a month is also not uncommon.

            • It is 40 days as it is shipped on 4th April. And it has shown left Chicago on 10th April.

              The tracking says as below.

              Postal Product: Priority Mail International Parcels
              Features: International Letter

              April 10, 2014 , 5:39 am
              Processed through USPS Sort Facility
              CHICAGO, IL 60666

              So, as it is more than a month, should I still wait for it?

              Is it very common thing for this kind of postage?

              I tried that Toll free number many days & many times. That doesn’t work at all.

              But, when I talked to Mumbai-FPO & Mumbai-Postal Appraising Section, they said, they don’t have any information because this item is carrying “LJ” as tracking.
              Again, it is really very painful effort getting connected to those Landline numbers both Mumbai-FPO & Mumbai-PAS.

              Any suggestions?

              Thanks & Regards,
              Rajesh Kumar.

              • No this is not normal. First of all, to give a ‘L’ tag to a Priority parcel is itself not heard before. I don’t know what else can you do. eBay should conduct its own investigation where it is.

        • That should’ve worked. You should be contacting the Postal Appraisal section (PAS) in particular. This will be in FPO. Google for Mumbai Postal Appraisal section and go to official gov.in site, there are plenty of numbers there.

          • I have contacted PAS Mumbai. Personally, my cousin also went to FPO Mumbai to see if he can get any information.

            There is no information on this yet. It is 45 days now from the day of shipped (4th April 2014).

            Any suggestions?

            Thanks & Regards,
            Rajesh Kumar.

            • No. It could mean it got lost somewhere or its already in Hyderabad and no body bothered to deliver it to you. Try contacting Hyderabad GPO too.

              • Hi Sai,

                In Hyderabad GPO, can they give any information with this tracking ID? Because, the story again turns back when I ask them. What should be the reference & whom in Hyderabad GPO should I contact?

                • Sorry for being (very) late.

                  Normally, they won’t have any clue about it too; if you ask them on phone, since they use the same tracking function as us. But if you could personally go there and check with held back goods, may be there’s a chance. But other wise, its really tough dealing with undelivered first class parcels.

                  • Hi Sai,

                    From the day it is shipped (4th April 2014) & left US on April 10, 2014, it is nearly 3 months. I haven’t received any information on this.

                    It means it is lost forever?

                    This shows how much we believe on Government Post & Customs.
                    Very bad service by government organizations.

                    Rajesh Kumar.

                    • Sounds like it. Definitely shouldn’t take this long. And worse still is not knowing where it is.

      • Had bought a smartphone in India which was list in a theme park in Orlando . They found it and have mailed it on May 23 but have still not received it . They have sent it by USPS but do not have a tracking number. How. Do I get the smartphone

  87. I ordered an item from ebay.com on 10th April, and the USPS website shows it was shipped from NY on 15th April. The estimated delivery date was given to me as between 21st April and 5th May. However, I still haven’t received it. When I called the Speed Post office, they said that they haven’t received any package on my name.

    If the value of the item is under USD 30, could it still be stuck in customs? Is there any way to track where it is?

    • Value of the item is not the main reason for getting held by customs. But its the contents of the parcel itself.
      Just in case its lost somewhere, its better to get in touch with ebay now itself, the seller has to prove that the product is delivered to you or else, you can get full refund according to ebay’s policies.

  88. I have simply no idea why customs are so unpredictable and so dishonest and so lazy !!
    I sent two boxes to mumbai .. both same sized – one on April 30th , 2014 and one on May 2nd , 2014
    they May 2nd was delivered on May 5th !! { 3 days }
    and the other one reached customs office on May 4th and no update after that
    I chose priority express mail USPS .
    Now I am really scared , is it lost ? how many days it normal takes
    My box has some handmade paper albums { scrapbooks } made for cousin’s wedding . The box size is about 14 by 14 by 10 inches .
    Please guide me.

    • Yeah around a week is normal for priority express. It could be delivered in a day or two. The website may sometimes stop showing updates.

  89. Hello. I have ordered for a wallet from ainste. Usps tracking no LN0**US. It was shipped on 22.03.2014. I have checked with the indian post. I am unable to track it. Can you help me?

  90. Hi, please help me tracking this [checked] its a I-20 documents send from USA on 8th April.

    When can I expect it?

    • This cannot be tracked, unfortunately. But since the contents are documents, unless they are misplaced somewhere, you should receive them in like 15 days or so.

  91. Tracking Number: [checked] still it was in cutoms clearance can you help on this.

    • Contact them. It shouldn’t normally take this long in customs. If it’s retained they would mention that in the status.

  92. [checked]

    It’s a watch and I dont know where it is!. Please help me with steps to get my stuff.


  93. Hi

    Please help tracking [checked]

    Its a Google Glass


    • Its with customs in Delhi, that’s all I can tell from the status.

      Customs will most definitely have not seen Glass until now so it might take some time to evaluate it.

      But wow dude, GOOGLE GLASS !!!

  94. Hi Sai,

    My sister sent the courier through USPS with tracking number [checked] on 5th April. to my Bangalore address. The package contain the package contains a silk saree. As per the tracking, it shows processed in sort facility in new york.

    Even I called post office customer care, as per them it might have reached chennai and they are not sure about it. Even I asked if the package stuck in customs and they told if it is customs they will inform us. I am not sure whether it has reached INDIA in Chennai EMS post office or not.

    Please guide when I might receive the package.


    • Hmm, if we go by dates, it should’ve definitely reached Chennai by now. But there is nothing concrete to prove that. You should probably contact the customs in Chennai. I do not have particular numbers but you can try Google for ‘Chennai customs contact’

      • Hi sai.
        My sister has shipped food product (popcorns&other food stuff) from Seattle thru USPS on 14 april 2014. The tracking number is [edited] . When can I expect this package to be delivered at My residence.

      • I ordered two products both the tracking I’d starting from LN , local post have no information about it neither do the Delhi office..really confused at it.. One parcel has been in transit for 2mnths know and one for one month…cannot understand how to track or whom to talk to..please help

  95. Hey i have ordered a versace dinnerset ( online )from california and the it has reached customs. I checked it on the USPS site.
    I wanted to know how long will it take to clear customs and secondly within how many days will it reach my residence. ( mulund west)
    or how should i go there postal office in mulund and receive the product.

    • No fixed timeline for customs clearance. Depends on demand at any point of time. Generally, from the date its shipped, it should reach your house with in 1 month. Less than a month (or more is also normal) is more normal.

      No need to go any where. When it gets cleared it will be forwarded to you.

  96. I am expecting a package from the states, usps, tracking available. I live in Mumbai. Today tracking showed it left the sort facility and is on its way. How long will it probably take? Oh and it is USPS first class international package. And is there anyway to track it once it reaches India?

    • Depending on what’s inside, anything between 15 to 30 days is very normal. And no it cannot be tracked in India.

      • Its a xbox 360 game cd. Retails for around 30-50$. I got it off a free auction site..
        Yesterday, april 13th, early morning, 6 am(usa time) it left nyc. To my knowledge thats a port? So has it left for India? Are there other stops or straight to India? Also i have another package coming through UPS. But I have no idea how that works.

        • Yeah Buffalo, NY should normally be the last stop before it leaves US. Next is India but you will not know this since its First class. CD shouldn’t have any problem.

          UPS should be faster than USPS.

        • Hi Ron,

          As you have experienced already with USPS, have you received the item by now?
          How long it took to reach you?

          Rajesh Kumar.

    • supriya Malhotra

      My USPS parcel, was sent from Seattle, US on 2nd April 2014 but till now i have not received the same. Also my parcel tracking number starts with ‘L’. Please advise what and where shall I, and whom shall i contact.

      Also generally how many days it will take to reach me in Gurgaon.

      • supriya Malhotra

        Hi sai ,

        Please help me on the above said issue and which number do I need to call to check with customs.
        Parcel is sent from seattle to Gurgaon.

        • Its a first class parcel, Supriya. Even customs wouldn’t have any information about it. But still, if you want to call, you should be calling Delhi customs. Do Google for ‘Delhi customs contact’ for numbers.

          • supriya Malhotra

            Thanks for your advise Sai. Then please advise when and how can i trace my parcel. As the India post have no ideas , cause the tracking number I have its of USPS and the USPS says” that they can not help as it has reached india”. Please help, is my parcel lost?

            • We cannot trace it, Supriya. And there is nothing much you can do at this stage except to wait.

              Is it lost? May be/ may be not. I think you can wait for 1 more week before thinking in the ‘lost’ line.

              • supriya Malhotra

                Sai, Thanks alot. Inside my parcel is a “Jacket” , please let me know generally how many days it takes to reach me. Also next time which type of courier should i use , that is traceable till destination and safe.

                • Yeah, that’s what. A month is not yet passed, which is not uncommon. So I said wait 1 more week.

                  Global express guaranteed is their fastest (and costliest) delivery service. But most widely used service is Priority Mail International. A slightly faster service is Priority mail express international. Any of these three are safe and traceable till delivery.

  97. Hi Sai

    My i20 from a US university is coming via USPS. The University stated that they have despatched the parcel on April 9, 2014. the tracking id they shared with me is EG9***US. They mentioned that the parcel will reach me in 4 days from the day of despatch.
    I tried tracking the parcel on the USPS website with the tracking number provided. However, it said information not available. Can you please help me. I am really worried as it is an imp govt document for my higher education.

    • Absolutely nothing to worry if they are documents. Its delayed probably because of the weekend. You will receive it next week. No chance of missing; no worries.

      • Thanks for the reply sai. Why doesn’t the tracking number show on the usps website? Is that a thing to worry?

        • Even first class mails show status until they leave US. But if this isn’t showing anything, then its new to me. But, 4 days is too soon for USPS. If you read other comments, there were few who were expecting I20’s like you. They received them anywhere between 7 to 10 days.

          • I have a question, how can you say it is a first class mail?
            I checked the USPS website and observed that the tracking code formats. Priority Express mail has the format sample – EC ** US. My tracking number is similar to this one. Will it not fall in the Priority Express Mail category ? As per the standards mentioned on the website, this category takes 3 to 6 days.

            • No, I didn’t say this was a first class mail.
              Priority parcels can be tracked all the way upto the destination address in India while First class mails can only be tracked until they leave US. So I just that ‘even’ first class mails can be tracked atleast till they leave US so not sure why this parcels’ tracking is not showing up.

              Their standards can be left to air. You can see people even waiting for a month to receive their priorities. But since yours are just documents, they’ll be processed faster.

              • Hi Sai

                My i20 was picked on April 9th, (see the above post). I haven’t received it yet and don’t know how to track it. Can you please help me.

                • Hi, if still there is absolutely no tracking at all, then there’s some issue at the source itself. Either the University didn’t send you one (or gave you a wrong tracking number) or USPS messed up something.

                  You should definitely contact both the University and USPS. It shouldn’t take this much time for documents generally.

  98. HI Sri,

    USPS package (LK05**US) was shipped to my Punjab address from USA on 03/18/2014. I havent received the package yet. I think it was shipped using priority mail. IPS tracking systems shows nothing.

    Any suggestions


    • It’s not priority if tracking starts with L. It’s only first class so IPS doesn’t show any thing. You should wait atleast till 15th of April. That’s when you should start worrying if you still didn’t receive it.

  99. I purchased this item online and has been shipped from Sweden. Scheduled destination of the item is Mumbai. I am in Mumbai only. Please suggest me whether the item is on its way to my home or returned back. I talked to the “Mumbai Foreign Post Office”, and according to them, they have dispatched the item with some duty billed on it to my home. But the online status states the “Item returned from Customs (Inb)” and next desination “Delhi Foreign Post Office”. Why the next destination is “Delhi Foreign Post Office” when it is dispatched to me and duty has already been put upon it.

    ITEM no [checked] new search
    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Mail Category Next Office Extra Information
    3/13/2014 1:12:00 AM SWEDEN LONDON Insert item into bag (Otb) Air unknown
    3/21/2014 3:00:56 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb) Air DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE
    3/22/2014 12:12:28 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb) Air MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE
    3/25/2014 1:50:34 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb) Air DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE
    Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner
    3/27/2014 10:52:10 AM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb) Air DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE
    Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner
    3/27/2014 10:52:16 AM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Return item from customs (Inb) Air DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE

    • I think its on its way to you. That is either a display error or some representation which we are not able to interpret correctly.

    • My friend sent me a parcel (electronic item) from US on March 1st via U.S. POSTAL SERVICE. Label # starts with LC0. Its 1 month and I have still not received it.

  100. subhashis Bhattacharjee

    I have ordered one toy from Amazon.com USA. It was sent through USPS – LJ9**US. yet to receive the same in Kolkata. last status. is “Los Angeles CA. Package has left the carrier facility – February 15, 2014 8:16:00 AM”
    please help what should be the way forward.

    • Nothing. Just waiting is the way forward. No kidding.

      • Hey, Sai
        I sent my friend a watercolor paint set for her B-day on Feb 5 from NYC to Lucknow, India via USPS priority first class. I was given a LC tracking number which doesn’t help and its now been a month and she hasn’t recieved it. Should i be concerned and contact the Indian post office or should I simply just wait? Any help would be appreciated . Thanks 🙂

        • Contacting customs or post office won’t help too. She might receive it this week. There’s almost nothing we can do with first class shipments.

      • Hey Sai,
        One of my friend from Florida sent me a card & a parcel on 1st March,2014.
        On 11th March I’ve received the card but till now I did not get any parcel,
        This is the number she gave me,
        i can see on 6th March,2014 it left MIAMI, but I don’t get any more information or update, please help me, what happened with my Parcel, the card & the parcel posted in the same date that is 1st march 2014, ard I received in Kolkata, then what about the parcel?

        • It’s normal for you to receive them on different dates. I don’t know where your parcel is but you should be receiving it soon. It has to go through customs while there’s almost nothing to check about a card so its processed faster.

          • Hello Sai,
            Thanks for the reply,
            But Seriously now am thinking that where the parcel is, No trace in USPS or in India Post office, not sure either it reached to India or not .

            • Sure it reached India but just that it is a First Class Parcel, it cannot be tracked online after it leaves US.

              • Can I call the India Post Office or Customs Dept with the Id?
                because I don’t know what to do or either it can reach to me or not.

                • You sure can call. But they too will not be sure about your parcels where about’s. Still, give it a try.

                  • Hello Sai,
                    Yesterday I called & then Visited Kolkata Customs Office, from there I get to know that My parcel is coming through unregistered mail & the number I provided to you , the card I said I received on 11th March, The custom officer said that is also Un registered & luckily I got it. He said The parcel has “HIGH POSSIBILITY” to reach me, but when nobody knows. When I contacted my friend in U.S.A. that did she sent me unregistered parcel ?she told me “That is the way my post office told me to mail it. He said that IF I registered it (which I was going to do) CUSTOMS would certainly open it and take what they wanted because that would “flag” the package. So I took his advice. Just praying that you get it!!”

                    Now You tell me , is there any chance to get the parcel? Who is right then?
                    the U.S.A Post man or the KOLKATA CUSTOMS?

                    • The customs officer is more right.
                      Your parcel is a first class USPS parcel which our customs are probably calling as unregistered since they cannot be tracked.

                      I’m not sure about customs not opening the unregistered parcels. I’ll have to check on this. But this is the risk you’ll have to take. There’s no way to track this parcel, we’ll never know if someone has stolen it in between. USPS will be less responsible for a first class parcel than a priority (registered) parcel.

                      Customs will not just take away anything they want at their wish. Every content and every movement of a registered parcel will be logged so we’ll at least know where it is to question someone.

                    • Hi Sai,
                      I believe that my Parcel is lost forever , because today is 28 th April,2014, its more than 1 & half month, So unfortunately the parcel is lost, as it was unregistered, though when I visit Kolkata custom office they told me there is high possibility to get the Unregistered Parcel, but its almost 2 months, so I don’t think there is any possibility to get that 🙁

                    • That’s sad to hear. Email USPS one last time to see if there was any insurance cover for this shipment and ask how they deal with lost packages.

  101. Hi Sai,

    I really hope you can help me out with this one.

    I ordered some clothing from tobi.com as a gift for someone. The package was shipped by USPS international first class on Jan. 22. It still hasn’t been delivered yet.

    The tracking number begins with LJ. I called customs and they asked me to call the FPO in Mumbai. When I did, they told me they cant help with parcels beginning with LJ as they are ordinary items. Im really worried about this. This is what i see when i try to track my parcel on USPS: What do you suggest i do?

    January 22, 2014

    Depart USPS Sort Facility

    LOS ANGELES, CA 90009

    January 22, 2014 , 12:40 am

    Processed through USPS Sort Facility

    LOS ANGELES, CA 90009

    January 20, 2014

    Electronic Shipping Info Received

    • There’s nothing I can suggest you with this one too. First Class parcels simply cannot be tracked. If there’s anything you can try, you should start finding out about the refunds process at Tobi for undelivered items.
      But before that, if you have directly addressed it to the person to whom you want it to delivered (as gift), did you check if they have already received them? Because clothes normally won’t have a problem with customs.

  102. Hi Sai,
    My relative has sent me a tennis bat (worth 150$,marked as gift) through USPS on Feb 2nd , the last update I see in tracking is “Send item to customs (Inb)” on Feb 14. No updates after that, It has been more than one week now. What does this status mean, does it mean the customs have retained my parcel? Can you please
    help me on what I have to do further?

    Here by listed the events shown in online tracking

    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Mail Category Next Office Extra Information

    2/14/2014 10:45:51 AM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb) Air CHENNAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE

    Thank you

    • If it is retained it will be mentioned in the status. Pretty sure its with Chennai FPO at the moment. If Chennai is the end destination, give a call to the FPO or if you live in Chennai, you can go to FPO and make an enquiry too.

  103. Hi,
    This is venky,
    My friend had posted me a courier from Texas Kingsville US to Hyderabad India using USPS normal delivery on 29th Jan 2014.Till now I didn’t received it.They didn’t gave any tracker Id. I am very much worried about it.Please can you let me know why i haven’t received it and when I will receive it please.

    • It might have been shipped via first class mail. Your friend will get a tracking number but anyway its useless once it leaves the US. I cannot say why you haven’t received it till now but definitely its not a month yet. So you can wait for the next week too. Some parcels will be delayed.

    • USPS generally do not give the tracking number for international parcels. The Label number can be used. It’ll be printed on the receipt they gave him. Ask him to check that.

  104. Hi,

    I sent a package to India on 4th Jan 2014 through USPS and I was told that it will be delivered in 8-10 business days. The package is still not delivered. Package number LC9**US. It contains a knitted baby booties and cap that I made for my nephew.

    I contacted USPS and they said that once the package is out of the country, they cannot track it. May I know if I need to contact customs? If yes, it would be great if you can provide the phone numbers.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • It shouldn’t take this long. However, even customs wouldn’t be able to provide any details for this parcel. Phone numbers are available on this page. Use ctrl+f and search for 1800.

  105. Dear sai,
    this is my parcel details. Still I am waiting for my parcel.
    from 18 th feb. The status is showing customs clearance processing complete. I am so much worried can you guide me regarding my parcel.

    USPS traking No.CJ2**8US
    tracking Details:-
    Customs clearance processing complete INDIA February 18, 2014 11:39 am

    February 15, 2014 , 3:16 pm
    Customs Clearance



      • It’s definitely not late. It will be delivered to the address mentioned on it. You do not need to go any where. The duty will be on the final price mentioned in the invoice (I hope its there along with the laptop). If anything, you have to pay it to the postman who will deliver it to you.

  107. Here’s my details :

    Tracking Number: EI82**0US
    Product & Tracking Information
    Postal Product:
    Priority Mail Express International™
    $100 insurance included
    PO to Addressee
    February 6, 2014 , 8:24 pm
    Processed Through Sort Facility

    I opted for priority express mail and for international it takes 3-5 business days. It’s supposed ti reach Ahmedabad but has no updates. Today is the 7th business day. I called up and even met couple of USPS customer care associates and they say it has reached Chicago. My question is – would it tell if it’s left Chicago? Has no updates about leaving US even if tells processed. Any thoughts on it?

    • Those associates are just saying from the online tracking; nothing more. I’m 100% sure its in India now and going through whatever customs process it has to go through.

    • I ordered a courier from ebay for about $40 (a belt) and its been over 70 days since the shipping has been updated.
      All I get to see is a USPS tracking ID showing that its in transit for being delivered in Mumbai
      Dec-05-13, 16:18 PM, Compton, CA 90220

      How do i even get know where it is and what do i do to follow up.

  108. My parcel LJ**US was shipped from US and left US on 28th Jan. When enquired in USPS, they said it should reach by 10th Feb. But it has not reached yet. It’s a Lego blocks Toy under $50. They said that I should call up a number 91-11023096090. I am in Pune. Should I call up customs? or FPO?


  110. Hello Sai,

    Thank you for creating a forum where people exchange their experiences and info regarding USPS tracking in India.
    A parcel was posted for me with tracking number starting with LJ, which left Miami, FL sort facility on 7th Jan, 2014. Checked with Bangalore FPO, Customs and with local Post Office, they have no record of the parcel.
    Really at a loss what to do. Should I check with Mumbai FPO/ Customs?

  111. Sai,

    Thank you for your assistance with these packages. Great information! I am tracking a package sent from US to Kollam but the India Post IPS Web Tracking link is no longer working. My package should have arrived in India customs this week. the tracking number is [checked]. If you have an updated tracking link please share.

    Thank you! Jessica

    • No. It seems that link isn’t working since 2 weeks. It didn’t open at all a week back but now I can open it but gives some error instead of giving back the status. So some maintenance must be going on there.

      I don’t think I know any other tracking links. It must be in India as you said. You can try a few days later and until then USPS.com is the only option.

      • Sai, thank you for checking. I’ll check in a few days. I sent another package back in December for Christmas, package arrived at destination in 5 days!

  112. Hi Sai,

    I had ordered a mobile battery from Amazon (USPS) and it got shipped from Chicago on 12th December 2013 but I haven’t received the package yet. My tracking id starts with LN and so I visited the Kochi FPO but they couldn’t help me track the package. They said that they cant track it and that ideally I should have received it by now. What should I do Sai? Should I visit the Kochi Customs Office? Please help.
    Thank you.


    • Yeah definitely should. More than 1 month is time to worry. Also give a call to Mumbai (or Chennai; don’t quite know under which customs Kochi falls) customs once. It may not have got cleared from there itself.

  113. Please can someone help me i sent package over 3 weeks ago going to Bangalore, India and it has not arrived at its destination. It departed chicago, customs on janurary 3rd and has not made it to India yet can someone help me. It went usps. Thank you for any help with this.

    • It must be a first class parcel. If its 3 weeks it is surely somewhere with customs in India. It’s just that you’re not able to further track it online. There’s nothing else we can do at this point.

  114. I order a vitamin supplement through USPS first-class mail international on 13th Jan from US to Chennai, my tracking number starts with LN, when I check online it shows as given below.

    There is no other update after last 17th Jan, is there is any way to track in India and kindly reply me when I will receive this item.


  115. Hi Sai,

    I got an item shipped through my ebay seller to Chennai, Siruseri on the 23rd of December and I still haven’t received the shipment. The tracking ID starts with LJ. The USPS tracking says departed Canada sort facility on 27th December.

    I called up the local post office they checked this and said that they have not received the package yet. Its been almost a month now. Can you please direct me on how to proceed further with checking this status and where likely the package could be? Any contact numbers of customs etc if possible.

    Many Thanks

    • Read the post. First class parcels starting with ‘L’ cannot be tracked. But since its an eBay purchase, the seller has to worry, not you. Just report not received before the last date (as mentioned in your My ebay) and your money will be refunded after investigation by ebay.
      You cannot do anything else with these parcels.

  116. Hello my bro sent me parcel through USPS and track no starts with LC and as i track it says departed from LA on 28th of dec but there is no more tracking written. What happened with this parcel?

    • Nothing happened. It’s just that you cannot track this shipment online. You will receive it whenever it gets cleared. If you want it urgently, either call the concerned customs or go visit the FPO if you stay in the same city with ID proof.

  117. Hello Sai.
    I purchased an Item from CNC4PC. Its an electronic board related to my project.The parcel was shipped through USPS. The tracking no is : LJ9**5US
    The tracking information says that,
    Processed Through Sort Facility ISC MIAMI FL (USPS) December 30, 2013 11:40 am
    Depart USPS Sort Facility MIAMI, FL 33112 December 27, 2013
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility MIAMI, FL 33112 December 26, 2013 8:07 am
    Arrived at Sort Facility ISC MIAMI FL (USPS) December 26, 2013 8:07 am
    Electronic Shipping Info Received December 23, 2013

    Its been a month. As the tracking id starts with ‘L’ i’m unable to track the item now. Please help me in this situation.

    • You should callup customs. These circuit boards almost always raise suspicion. So until they can verify what it really is, it will be with customs. If you stay in Kerala, call Mumbai customs.

      • thank you.

        • Hey, i’m unable to find a contact number for Mumbai customs. Could you please help me with it?

          • I’m sure its there on this page. It’s a 1800 toll free number. Search on this page (use ctrl f) for 1800 and see all results.
            Repeating the same phone numbers again and again will make the page look bad, so please take effort to find it.

            • sir,
              as you suggested we inquired in bombay customs, they said that the product has not reach there. In fact they suggested that our product might not reach Bombay, there is a chance for the product to go to Delhi and reach trivandrum/kochi(kerala).
              The service we took from usps is first class mail international letter.
              when we inquired in Delhi they said that the product may reach by sea since it is first class mail. Now we don’t have any idea about the tracking of product. Any help will be appreciated.

              • What can we do when customs them selves cannot track. It’s over a month now if I’m not wrong. Some body else received their first class parcel with in 14 days and there are people who are waiting since a month.
                Sorry Jos, I don’t know what I can do in this case.

  118. The tracking number for my package (USPS First Class International) is LN0**8US. I read your comments above which say it is not possible to track packages starting with LN..
    The tracking info on the USPS site has been “Departed USPS Sort Facility at Miami, Florida” since January 10th, 2014 with no updates since. When would you say am I likely to receive this package?

  119. Can someone please help me track my item after it arrived in India?


  120. My friend shipped xbox one on 6th Jan, it has reached India on 15th and is at customs clearance, since I live in chennai will the Mumbai customs send it to Chennai customs or how does it work?
    If there is customs duty how will they contact me and when can I expect my item to be delivered?
    PS: The Ips tracking website mentioned doesn’t work at all.

    • Chennai has its own clearance but it depends on the flight. If it came directly to Chennai then the customs there will clear it. Or if it came to Mumbai first, then it may go through customs twice.
      You will get a letter from customs mentioning the duty or any other missing documents. You can pay at your local post office, if anything.
      Delivery will not take more than a week after it clears customs.

      And that IPS link; its the correct link but its not working for some reason since yesterday. Changed it slightly.

      • Hello Sai,
        After calling up various numbers found that it is at chennai customs and waiting for manual inspection, hope it reaches me soon.
        I am leaving the number here in case it helps anyone in the future.
        Meenambakkam Foreign post office (FPO) : 044-22341898
        PS: No one picked up when I called up the toll free number, it is just useless.

  121. Dear Sai,

    I had booked a parcel from US ( checked ). But the tracking reflects twice on different dates that its under custom clearance. Could you please help me out in this, by letting me know when could i receive this parcel at HYD.


    • Yeah, it happens sometimes. Nothing to worry. Hyd is covered by Mumbai customs, so it goes to Mumbai first. After this it normally goes straight to destination address but sometimes it again goes through customs in Hyderabad. It should be fine.

  122. Hi Sai,
    I had ordered a parcel on 2nd january 2014. As of 17th january 2014, my parcel has cleared custom checks. Now, what i am worried about is that many people report that the trouble starts after this stage only. They parcel is just stuck in this stage for almost a week in some cases. Does this happen often? do the Indian Postal Service work on weekends? Also, i just want to inform you that the links given on this page are not working for some reason.

    • If it has cleared customs, then that’s it. What ever delay there is, it is due to delay in delivery and nothing concerned with the customs. Speedpost works on weekends too but since its has got cleared just yesterday, its safe to assume that you’d receive your parcel sometime next week.
      I’ve checked links. All are fine. May be a temporary downtime on those sites.

  123. Sir, how long it takes to recive parcel from US to Mumbai. It shipped on 30 December.

    • 20 days is quite normal. It should be with Mumbai customs. If you cannot wait, there’s a toll free number on this page that you can call.

      • Hey sai
        My tracking number starts with Ln can I stay in pune can you give me details of proper office to contact phone number etc because I called bombay foreign mail they said they cannot trace it and the custom can eliminate it if the have any doubt. Its a mobile battery.

        • Yeah it cannot be tracked by anyone, including customs, since these parcels starting with L are considered low worth. No use calling any other numbers too.
          And they cannot eliminate it as their wish; its not a game. You will receive it Puneet. You should comfortably be able to wait atleast till 25th before you start to worry and chances are good that you will receive it before 25th itself.

          • Sai I have not received the parcel yet what should I do it says on amazon that I will receive it by 24th jan should I wait? Customs also doesn’t have any info and neither the seller who sell through amazon. Please help.

            • Okay now email Amazon and ask about resolutions. Generally there will be a cool off period like 10 days or 1 month (after the proposed arrive by date) with in which you have to report unreceived items. So definitely make a contact with Amazon immediately. Regarding the parcel, there’s absolutely no way we can get a track of it.

      • Hi Sai,

        My USPS tracking number is [checked]. Below is the detailed description that i get from the USPS website. Is my parcel stuck in customs or will it be delivered soon ? I am confused and don’t know what to do ? The parcel is a book

        [status checked]

      • Thankyou! Sai for quick reply. My tracking starts with CJ and other LJ, though the LJ parcel received before the CJ. CJ-priority usps LJ-first class usps.

        • First class is meant to be more premium than priority, so its apt that First class arrives before priority.

          • Priority is supposed to be faster than first class and is much more expensive!

            • Right. Got confused with Priority Express and First Class. Stand corrected.

              • I think the customs official might got confused between first class and priority mail. They give more preference to first class than priority because it sounds good to them.

                Also Sai, my parcel has CN22 Customs Declaration.
                From Jan 9 onwards it has been struck in customs Clearance. The value is less than $100.

  124. Huzeifa Haider Saifee

    Hi Siva.

    I was following up for my parcel with request no RE47**4US. There are no contact numbers available for checking when it will be delivered. Also tried calling on all contacts. Please help me whom can i get in touch to get an update on status of this shipment.

  125. Hi,

    I have a parcel from sent via USPS for Bangalore. Below are the status mentioned on USPS tracking website.
    04/01/2014 12:22:00 Origin Office Item Booked
    05/01/2014 10:14:00 ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) UNITED STATES Item Bagged
    05/01/2014 10:15:00 ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) UNITED STATES Item Bagged
    10/01/2014 06:05:47 CHENNAI INDIA Item Bagged
    10/01/2014 07:42:28 Exchange Office Sent for Customs Verification
    13/01/2014 01:27:00 Custom clearance processing complete.

    The parcel is addressed for Bangalore. Its a parcel to be received on an urgent basis so really worried how much time will it take.

    Few points of my worry and confusion is:
    – Is it to be cleared from the Chennai or Bangalore customs.
    – If from the Chennai customs, whether it will be directed once again to the Bangalore customs and then sent to the local post office or will it be directly sent to the Local post office.
    – How many days would it roughly take as the customs processing has been cleared.

    Kindly help me out so that i can get some clarity on this process.


    • Generally, all International parcels heading south, except Hyderabad, are headed to Chennai first. That is mainly because of lack of direct international courier flights to other cities.
      When it clears customs in Chennai, it will be stamped so it should normally not go through customs again in Bangalore. But I’ve seen parcels go through double checks. So, I can’t tell anything regarding this.
      But, it appears as if everything is fine and you should have the parcel in this week itself.

      • Hi sai these are the details I bought this product from amazon and is sold by third party
        I stay in pune and currently it says in transit do I have to worry about customs and delivery

        Shipping estimate: December 31, 2013 – January 2, 2014
        Delivery estimate: January 15, 2014 – January 24, 2014
        1 package via USPS with tracking number [checked]

        • Not yet. But this cannot be tracked by us. So you can only wait for it to arrive. Its definitely with Mumbai customs right now. It will get cleared or you will get a letter from customs if there is any customs to be paid.

  126. USPS tracking number [checked]. A small parcel.
    There is no update after Dec. 21 which state ‘Arrived at Sort Facility’

    Is there anyway to contact USPS.

    • Where is this headed to? Definitely contact customs. USPS might be of little help once it crosses their country and I’m sure it did and is with customs. There’s a toll free number for customs on this page (use ctrl+f and search for 1800).

  127. Hi there,
    My brother sent me an iphone from US through USPS. According to the latest status it is showing :
    “Processed through USPS Sort Facility
    Your item was processed through and left our CHICAGO, IL 60666 facility on December 7, 2013 at 1:46 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.”

    I talked to USPS office New Jersey and he told me that the parcel must have left Chicago and reached India and got stuck in Customs. I have contacted Customs many times then but I didn’t get any information about my parcel. It’s tracking no is LC3**US. Please help me on this.

    I don’t know the USPS counterpart in India to whom i can talk. It’s more than 3 weeks now. The destination add is Pune.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Yeah definitely with customs. This parcel cannot be tracked by us since it begins with ‘L’. You can contact Mumbai customs toll free (search on this page, ctrl+f) number. Even if they don’t have any Information, mostly it could be on its way to you.

    • Hi harshit,

      Did you received your courier or not? Because I am having same problem like you and its almost 5 weeks now.
      if you get it then can you tell me that whom did you contact for that?


  128. Hello, I’ve been worried about a package from US for a few days now. It was shipped around a week ago. What I’m worried about the status at USPS. It says delivered. To Houston.

    HEre’s my tracking number: [checked]

    and here’s what it shows at USPS site:

    December 19, 2013 , 8:58 am
    HOUSTON, TX 77040
    December 18, 2013
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    HOUSTON, TX 77201
    December 18, 2013 , 5:25 am
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility
    HOUSTON, TX 77201
    December 17, 2013
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90052
    December 17, 2013 , 2:06 am
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90052
    December 16, 2013 , 10:53 pm
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90052

    Destination is New Delhi. Please if you can, please let me know where the package is at the moment. I can wait for the package if I know where it is. Please. Thankyou 🙂

    PS – thankyou for the prompt response I’m seeing here for all the replies. Hard to find such sites!

    • Hi, if it says delivered then it is delivered. No second thoughts. If this a shopping item, it could very well be possible that the seller has given you a wrong tracking number. It happens occasionally. Two reasons why this could be the case, one I’ve not seen a India bound parcel beginning with VJ till now and two, if it originated from LA and headed to Delhi, theres no reason for it to go to Houston. So in short, this could be somebody else’s tracking number mistakenly given to you.

  129. Hello sai,
    I have had a friend sending me a xenon flashlight from Belgium and here the status from ips

    ITEM no RA704082786BE new search
    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Extra Information
    12/15/2013 9:48:00 AM INDIA MUMBAI AIR Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    12/15/2013 11:09:00 AM INDIA MUMBAI AIR Send item to customs (Inb)
    12/21/2013 2:26:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Articles importation subject to restrictions import- license
    12/21/2013 2:26:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Return item from customs (Inb)

    does Restriction import means I have to pay customs? It was sent as a gift ofc. And it’s not been updated from past three days. should I be worried?

    • It has been returned from customs so may be its ok. That retention reason means that there’s an import restriction on that particular item. It could be because an Indian company is officially importing those flashlights and marketing here under their brand. Or there could be some other reason.
      Cannot tell anything now. If its not more than 25 days since it was despatched from origin place, there’s nothing to worry.

  130. Priority Mail Express International
    $100 insurance included
    PO to Addressee
    [transfer status edited]
    Past 5 days no update.
    one tracking number starts with CW
    and one more with EI
    Please help.

    • I have replied to your email.

    • Hello

      This is the status of my shipment.

      [status checked]

      No update after that. I called the Foreign post office number and the person on the other end told me that the package has not yet arrived to India. Should I be worried?

      Thank you.

      • Whats the use? You’ll get more worried if I say Yes.
        I’m sure it has reached India. One other person who has commented before you has had the same issue this month. And there were 2 other people who contacted me over email saying there was no status update after it left US.
        So there must be some glitch in postal dept’s side updating the statuses. Wait out for this week and see. There’s nothing you can do too.

        • Heya!

          So I m glad that it did reach India. And now it’s with the Delhi customs.

          Can you please tell me on an average how much time does customs take to clear the parcel provided that its not a high value item ($106). The destination is Mangalore and it’s very urgent! The parcel contains two electric motors.

          • Normally 10% of the product cost but there are so many rules which are difficult to understand and explain. You may be charged nothing, less or more than 10%. But according to rules, electric items are charged at 10%.

  131. Hello Sai

    I wrote earlier to you and thanks for your reverts.

    The reason I am writing is because the item that I shipped still did not reach me post Mumbai Customs clearance.

    I contacted the Mumbai Customs and post office and per them they have already sent the parcel to Hyderabad on 19 and that It should have been reached within 3 days. They told me to contact local post office, which I did. They say that they are not aware of my shipment as it did not reach them.

    Can you hep me in next steps.

    See blow the current status.

    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Extra Information
    10/31/2013 8:31:00 PM UNITED STATES 11572 Receive item from customer (Otb)
    11/2/2013 1:31:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
    11/2/2013 1:36:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) Insert item into bag (Otb)
    11/7/2013 1:58:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    11/8/2013 11:43:00 AM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb)
    11/12/2013 12:10:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner
    11/16/2013 4:41:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner
    11/16/2013 4:41:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Return item from customs (Inb)
    11/19/2013 11:23:00 AM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to domestic location (Inb)


    • Ok it seems it got lost somewhere between Mumbai and Hyderabad.
      Or it is missed in GPO/FPO in Hyderabad. If you are in Hyderabad, a visit to GPO in Abids might help.
      I can imagine how frustrating it is when someone responsible behaves so irresponsibly and we cannot do much.

      • Hello Sai

        I have received after 2 weeks after dispatching from Mumbai Foreign office. I went to GPO in Abids, Hyderabad but they also did not have any clue. called numerous phone number which post office gave but in vain.

        Guess, Patience & hope pays.
        Btw, Phone numbers for Mumbai Foreign post office is 022 22620756 or 022 22613780. They were very helpful but you you need to try few times to get connected.

        Thanks a lot for your help.

  132. Hello Sai,

    I would like to Introduce my self as Potluri Sandeep. I got my I-20(Admission Letter) from Lamar university and also i have Scheduled my Visa on 26th Nov. Still am above to receive my I-20 without which i cant attend the Interview.

    Kindly track my case at the earliest and let me know when can i expect my I-20.

    I am ready to collect my I-20 anytime. Below given are my detail :

    Tracking Number : [checked]

    Present Status : Custom Clearance in India from 2 days.

    Awaiting for your Quick and Positive reply.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Potluri sandeep.

    • Looking at the status now it appears that it has been forwarded to you. It could be tight considering 23 and 24th are weekends. You might receive it on Monday.
      And sorry, I don’t work for customs nor do I know anyone from the customs. I just provide more information about them.

  133. I bought a graphics card from ebay USA on 28/10/13 . they send the item through USPS priority mail with tracking no : EC5**43US. I recently got a letter from cochin customs saying i have to produce original invoice and payment details to commissioner of customs. I live in trivandrum so can i send these documents by email.

    • I have heard people do that.
      There are contact numbers and an email address. Contact Help centre or PAD and email them if they are fine with it.

  134. Dipendra Singh Sidar

    Hello Sai,
    I had ordered a phone from amazon.com and the order details says that the order was been shipped on 29th Oct 2013 but I was not provided with any tracking detail. The only thing I was provided was that it was parceled through USPS priority airmail and estimated delivery date will be on or before 22nd of Nov 2013.

    However, I was googling missing stuffs and I found this- deccanherald.com/content/147012/goods-foreign-parcels-fall-prey.html

    I don’t know what to do if my phone becomes prey to India Post.
    Please help me out. I am from Bangalore.

    • Absolutely nothing to worry since it was purchased from Amazon. In worst case, it will be the responsibility of seller to prove that the package is delivered, other wise money will be refunded.

      Just going through that link, you better take a video while opening your package when you receive it; just in case, you will be prepared well to prove your point that something is missing.

      22nd is just a rough date, it may take longer, like a week more (it is normal).

      Also, persist for a tracking number from the seller. If they don’t give, contact Amazon customer care.

      • Dipendra Singh Sidar

        Thank you Sai. I’l wait for few more days. Hope its not become a prey.

        • Dipendra Singh Sidar

          Hello Sai,
          I received the phone but now the issue is they have sent me wrong phone and I’ve contacted seller and they gave me address to return. And the address is in PO Box. I’ve to send it to Israel. I’ve contacted few courier service they told me that they do not ship to PO Box. I checked with FedEx, TNT and UPS. DHL is expensive.
          My seller specifically asked me that the track must be from R….IN. I don’t know which service should I use.
          I checked with India-post as well, they said they do not do electronics.
          Please help me out.

          • Oh man. What a sad state you’re in.
            I went through your old comments and you said you bought it from Amazon.com.
            I have a few questions.
            Weren’t you provided any tracking number? If you have, where did it originate from?
            There is no Amazon in Israel yet and USPS doesn’t pickup products from with in Israel.
            So if the seller really did ship via USPS, it must have been from USA. If it is, I don’t know why they gave you an Israel PO to ship to.
            So first thing you need to do is contact Amazon and tell them its completely sellers mistake to send wrong phone and that you cannot afford to ship it back again and also mention that he’s asking it to ship to Israel and see what their response will be like.
            My initial impressions are that this appears like a new kind of rip off.
            What did you order and what did you get?
            If you need any help email me using the contact form above.

            • Dipendra Singh Sidar

              Hi Sai,
              Thank you for your reply.
              Thing what actually happened was I had ordered 64GB phone from amazon.com(U.S.) through a third party seller on 28th of Oct. On 11th of Dec I received that phone from Singapore(originated from Singapore). But it was 16 GB instead. I contacted the seller and he asked me to return it to Israel through track no. R…..IN. I checked with India post and almost all of those international courier services and they said they don’t deliver things to PO box.
              So now when I told the same thing to my seller he got ready to pay me my partial amount back. I think I’ll be good with that..

  135. Hi,

    I shipped a package through USPS Priority International mail and was stuck in custom since Nov 13 2013.

    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Extra Information
    11/2/2013 9:38:00 AM UNITED STATES 071029998 Receive item from customer (Otb)
    11/5/2013 4:46:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
    11/5/2013 4:49:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) Insert item into bag (Otb)
    11/9/2013 3:24:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    11/11/2013 12:03:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb)
    11/13/2013 4:18:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner

    The parcel just contains some baby clothes, toys and 3d eye glasses. I don’t know what makes them to search this parcel very deep. Its been already 2 weeks I shipped the package and expecting to reach the destination Hyderabad by this time. Any idea will there be any charges for these items and will there be any loss of items.

    Not sure to whom I can contact regarding this package.

    • Hi,

      No need to contact any one. I don’t see any disturbing thing in the status. Sometimes it doesn’t get updated on the site regularly. I mostly think it will go ahead and get delivered in Hyderabad this week.

      Regarding searching, they have to open up everything. They cannot simply trust the labeling and accept that its baby stuff and let it go. It could be something else. It’s their job.

      I think the delay is cause by the Eye Glasses. If they are branded, they may need to be evaluated separately.

  136. Hi Sai,

    I have online purchased 2 electronic items from a US Store on 23-Oct-2013 and it is supposed to get parceled in Pune, India. After a lot of follow up from the Mumbai foreign post office I came to know that my parcel is detained by Mumbai customs.

    Now I am in Pune and I don’t know what to do next?
    Is there any provision to email the receipt to Mumbai custom directly and does it works?
    Please suggest me what to do now. Thanks in Advance.

    Ashwin Khadgi.

    • Hi,

      You didn’t receive any phone call or letter from customs asking to provide more information about your shipments?

      There are email addresses given on Mumbai customs site but I am not sure if emailing works. Since you already contacted them, you could directly ask them if you could email the receipts?

  137. Hi

    I have placed an order from US and the parcel is shipped via USPS on 23rd October 2013, it is processed at Jamaica airport on 28 th and since then there is no update at USPS site. My tracking number starts with LN and is shipped for Mumbai.

  138. Hi, your blog is very helpful in providing information about sending packages to India. I gave sent two packages Both USPS first class and each was received in India within 8 days with no problems. I sent a USPS priority mail package on October 29 and the package has not yet been received. These packages are all gifts. The USPS and IPS tracking state that my package is in Kochi Foreign Post Office since November 8. Why is my priority package taking longer than the others? Is it too soon to be worried? Thank you!

    [checked movement]

    • I’m not sure but it could be held up there in Kochi. But I think you could waitout for the next week too. 20 days (give or take few days) is pretty normal for priority parcels.

      • Sai,

        Thank you for the quick response. My friend is in Kollam which is where the package is going to. I do not know what the comment “return item from customs (Inb)” means. I will wait it out another week. Thank you!

        • It generally means it has been cleared by customs. But sometimes it may again go back for further assessment.
          Better to wait this week, as said.

          • I just heard from my friend in Kollam that package has arrived at local PO but he must produce invoice or payment information of phone that is in the parcel. The phone is truly a gift. It’s a used phone. Can I send him a declared value letter? Will this satisfy India Customs officials?

            • I’m not sure Jessica. I don’t think the local PO has the negotiating power. They must do what the customs asked them to do.
              But I could be wrong, send your friend what ever you have, if that doesn’t satisfy them then there’s nothing else we could do.

              • Hi, I sent my friend a declaration of value letter and he provided to the PO on November 25th. I assume the PO forwarded this to Cochin customs. He still has not heard anything from customs or local PO. How much time does it take for customs to accept and determine the amount due to receive the parcel? The USPS tracking number is [checked] and the information from the Cochin Customs letter is No.S.50/A/582/2013 dated 8/XI/13. Parcel/LMA No. Local 9585. Any information you can provide would greatly appreciated.

                • Something should have happened by now had the customs received your declaration letter. Your friend should have directly sent the letter to customs address instead of the local PO. I am sorry, but I do not know what else can you do. Your friend here should contact the Cochin customs and ask for more details.

  139. Hello Sai

    Your blog is very helpful. Gave me lots of insight and I appreciate you talking time and replying to all inquiries.

    Here’s my issue

    I ordered a Sony Tab from Amazon nearly two weeks back and below is the status at this point of time.

    10/31/2013 8:31:00 PM UNITED STATES 11572 Receive item from customer (Otb)
    11/2/2013 1:31:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
    11/2/2013 1:36:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC NEW YORK NY (USPS) Insert item into bag (Otb)
    11/7/2013 1:58:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    11/8/2013 11:43:00 AM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb)
    11/12/2013 12:10:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner

    Can you suggest what should i do. Also if you have number for Mumbai foreign office, please provide the same

    • Forgot to mention, The item needs to be delivered to Hyderabad.

      • There’s actually no issue Sunil. Its normal to send item to commissioner for further assessment. You just need to wait further. There’s a toll free number someone posted before on this page before; ctrl+f 1800 and you’ll find it.

  140. Hi Sai,
    My friend has send me a post by USPS on 30th October 2013. My tracking number is [checked]. I checked at site it says it has been processed and in transit. I am worried. Can you help me out. This delay is it because of Diwali holidays.

  141. Hello Sai,
    I have bought two oakley sun glass lens via EBAY.com from a seller in US. He shipped it through USPS bearing tracking no LJ90**US which says it has left US on 5th of OCT to INDIA. After reading your previous messages I have waited for 1 month, the shipment is to be delivered in Hyderabad. I have contacted MUMBAI foreign post and they said that shipment with tracking no ”L” cannot be tracked. I need to contact the seller on or before 15th of NOV for any complaint so what would you suggest whether wait for 1 week or contact the seller immediately.

    • Hi,

      I think its better to have a contact with the seller and just keep him informed of the situation.
      There’s nothing much we can do for an ‘L’ shipment. But good thing is eBay has certain policies which will take care of undelivered shipments. Please go through those policies on eBay. As far as I know, until the seller can provide eBay with proof that the item was delivered, your money will be refunded.
      So first contact the seller and also open a dispute with eBay resolution centre if needed. If you receive your item in the mean time, well and good; you can cancel all your disputes.

  142. I had a bought a Cuckoo Clock from Germany on the 19th Oct 2013 and shipped via DHL express delivery, on the IPS web tracking portal it says under Event Type- Send Item to customs(inb), but this was last updated on 30th Oct 2013, Please can you brief me as to why there is delay in customs clearance. Is there any toll free no or contact no that I can call to check on my parcel. It has taken me 15 working days so far and its getting me worried.

    Thanks in advance,

    • If there’s no update after ‘sent to customs’ it means the item hasn’t been assessed yet by the officials. May be there are many items before you already.
      I wouldn’t worry yet and it isn’t even USPS. With private couriers (like DHL) you can rest assured that your item will be delivered. There’s no toll free number but you can find other contact numbers on this page itself or just Google for the respective customs contact, for eg Mumbai customs contact.

      • Hi Sai,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I also wanted to know about the custom duty fees that is going levied against me, I was not sure about this before placing the order. I got a letter from Bangalore Foreign Post office asking me to provide certain documents like Invoice/Bill/Receipt and also talks about claim of exception from custom duties. In order for me to claim exemption I would need to submit necessary documents, with relevant notification provisions under such duty exemption. I am not sure if my parcel falls under the the exemption criteria, If it does not fall under the exemption, how much would I need to pay to clear customs. I also want to know is this a fault from the sender, because usually this happens if only the item is suspicious or not formally declared, I am worried as to how the item ended up landing there, is this a appropriate way of process or is there anything to be worried about.

        Thanks in advance,

        • No this is completely normal. You are in fact in a better position since you atleast received the letter from customs. Lot of shipments get held up in customs (like yours) and the intended receivers won’t even receive any updates from customs. So they remain clueless through out.

          Duty will be 10% of its cost in India.

          As far as I know, duty can be exempted if the item is marked as gift and is less than Rs.5000 (INR equivalent). But I do not have an idea about the forms to be submitted.
          As far as fault of sender goes, since you bought this one, he obviously cannot mark it as a gift but yes its a mistake if he didn’t enclose invoices (or put false invoices) with the package.

          • Hi Sai,

            Thank you for your quick reply, I came across this link which I am forwarding it you, in it it says I need to pay 10% duty and Landing charges 1% ,Countervailing duty 12%,CESS 3%,Additional Countervailing Duty 4%. The price of the cuckoo clock is well over Rs10,000, I am worried about all these additional taxes, Is there any way that this is true. And is there a possible way of getting an exemption out of it.Thanks and look forward to your reply.

            [link checked]

            Thanks in Advance,

            • I checked the link Gagan, sorry that I can’t allow it in comments.

              Current import duty is 10% in India. But for some product categories this varies slightly. But I have observed (from experiences of other people), it is never exactly 10% that they charge. From what you say, these additional taxes could be the reason they charge more than 10%. But strangely, sometimes they charge less than 10% too.
              So exactly how the duty appraisal process goes is not known to us.
              All those taxes add up to 30%. I’m really not sure if this is legit, but I once paid Rs.1500 tax for a Rs.7500 odd purchase (at 20% rate).

              • Hi Sai,

                Thanks for your replies, you have been of great help. I had sent my cousin to the office of the assistant commissioner of customs, postal appraisal department hoping to pay of customs and collect my parcel, but they told him that the parcel has been cleared and that I would receive it on Thursday to my postal address. How sweet, does this mean I don’t have to pay anything for customs duty fee. I am a bit confused with the process. Is there something that I need to be worried about, because I can’t seem to believe my luck.

                Thanks & Regards,

                • Mostly I don’t think so. You’ll have to pay customs to the delivery person and take your parcel. Sometimes it again comes to your nearest post office and they’ll inform you about the customs charges to pay and collect it from there. If no customs, then thank your luck.

    • The toll free number is 1800112011. You may check about the status on this number or you visit to foreign post office in your city with IPS Tracking number. If it is taking time than it may be held by customs . It is better to go and check with foreing post office to know the exact status. Generally custom people do not take a day or two in assessing the parcel.

    • Dear Gagan,
      Infact, there is a toll free no. of indian foreign posts which manages the consignments from abroad.
      Here the phone no. goes -: 1800112011

      Since its a government assistance service, my past experience says that the server may keep you waiting even for more than 10 minutes but be patent and just hold on for I am sure there would be a cust. care executive to assist you.

      And make sure that you don’t forget to ask him about the current status of your item and estimated delivery dates. Also he can for sure answer you about the delays in custom clearance and the amount of bucks you need to pay as custom duty

      Best Of Luck

      Shivansh Sinha
      (A proud Indian)

      • Thanks guys, Shivansh and Agarwal, for helping him out. I didn’t know there was toll free number. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Hi Shivansh Sinha,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Thanks for sharing the contact details. I am hoping the custom duty fee is not going to be crazy.

        Thanks in advance,

  143. Hi, I have mailed for the first time a large envelope to Bangalore, India 10 days back from an HYVEE store (Contractor of USPS) in KC, MO and that person has mailed it using USPS Priority mail – flat rate envelope and I was told that using BILL# I can track my mail. Later realized that BILL# is different from tracking # and the person in HYVEE even doesn’t know about it. I have contacted USPS as well and they are saying there is no way to track this package and also said that there is no customs form attached to Flat rate envelopes. I have very important documents in it and want to find out a way if it can be tracked or at least want know if it will be reached with out any issues. Any help you can provide here is much appreciated.


    • Yeah unless they are just documents there shouldn’t be any problem. Any delay you witness now could be due to normal festival delay; either increase in imports or staff going on leave. 2 weeks is the norm for documents but a few more days should be normal.

  144. Hello,

    I shipped two phones to India as a gift on October 16th worth over $1000. I know that I should wait for some more time but I’m afraid the package will be stopped at customs especially because of the total amount. I have no way of tracking the shipping as it is the L number. The USPS office did not provide me with proper information and this is the first time I shipped to India via mail. I did not put false information on the customs form either as some people do. I was very honest so I put the right amount.

    At this point, I don’t mind paying custom tax but I just want the item to reach safely. Couple of questions I had:

    1. I am shipping this item to Jamnagar. What customs office would I be calling if I need to call later on?
    2. What is the duty % tax on mobile phones? I’ve read a lot of different information.

    Thank you so much!!

    • Hello,
      Sorry for being late. Not sure what’s the status now, but here to help just in case it is still not received:

      1.) Not really sure about this. But I would call Mumbai customs first, if no then Delhi. No other customs.

      2.) Its 10% officially. But the amount varies as it is 10% on Indian equivalent of the item. If that phone is available in India, then it is 10% of its value in India. If not, they normally use exchange rate to their benefit.

      • Hi Sai,

        Thank you for replying! Happy Diwali first of all 🙂

        The package still has not been received. I called Mumbai customs and Delhi customs but they are claiming they cannot help at all. They cannot track the packages and cannot provide any local tracking number. I’ve read some people that have been able to get local tracking numbers. I’m confused as to whether it is even possible.

        Any advice on what I can do besides waiting?

        At this point, I’m okay with duty tax. Just afraid package will not even reach.

        Thank you again.

        • Happy Diwali to you too.

          Does the tracking start with ‘L’? If it does I can’t believe they put a $1000 shipment in a untraceable package and shipped.

          I’m 100% sure its in India and with the customs.

          I do not know what local tracking number means. But on few occasions (very long back) I have seen they’ve put local Speed Post tracking number in the online tracking system, once it cleared customs. But that is not happening any more.

          Not sure what else you can do when the customs themselves cannot find it.

      • I had already ordered stuff worth $1500 from an online website which helped me to track my orders, while tracking it i realized they have reached India and they are cleared of custom, however they haven’t reached me, moreover it was a flat rate shipment for which i think i don’t have to pay any extra custom duty. Please help!!
        It is under mumbai customs, is there any number for that?

        • No, flat rate is just a name given for the shipment box. Normally, items are wrapped with customs covers or boxes but there are flat rate boxes which can be used for many items.
          I will be surprised if there’s no duty for a $1500 item. How many days back has it cleared customs?

          You can easily find Mumbai customs numbers, just Google it.

  145. My name is Nikhil and I am living in Konappana Agarahara, E-City Ist phase. I am waiting for the parcel from USPS which says the parcel has been dispatched from Los Angeles on Mar 6th I still haven’t received the parcel at my destination address . I don’t know who to contact, as the tracking will not show whether it is reached bangalore or not.

    Tracking Number

    • Did I read it correctly? March 6th?
      If it is right then I’m sorry to tell you that the unclaimed item might be lying somewhere in customs go-down waiting to be auctioned off, if not already done.

      • Hi Sai,

        Yes it Mar 6th. I have checked the foreign post office at Banglore, but they told me they didn’t got the parcel and I need to check with the local post office near my place, as this is not trackable and it is local courier -starts with LJ. I checked local post office, but not reached there also.

        • Nikhil, its either lost or has been marked unclaimed. If you can, call Mumbai customs one final time.

          Personally I think its hopeless to pursue it after so many months. I hope its not some valuable product.

          But, if the product had any insurance cover, you can atleast begin that process by contacting USPS or the seller/sender.

  146. Hi Sai,
    My US employer has sent visa interview related documents(CW***) on oct 14th , from 22nd october the status in ips web tracking website is “Send item to customs” and the location shown is “Delhi foreign post office”.

    I have few questions for u:-

    1>The parcels destination is Bangalore , so, is my parcel in the correct foreign post office i.e, “Delhi foreign post office”
    2>Will I be getting updates on the location of the parcel till my local post office from the ips web site.
    3>Can i trust the updates shown in the web site.I mean to say is there any chance that the parcel comes to my house but still its not updated in the website it shows the location as Delhi

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    • 1.) Yes, it appears right.
      2.) No. Atleast I have not seen it. Last update will be something like ‘cleared customs’ or ‘forwarded to domestic location’
      3.) Updates on site might be late sometimes, but not THAT late. It is pretty reliable.

      • Hi Sai, Thanks a lot for the reply. I have 2 more questions.

        1>How many days it will take roughly to reach my bangalore address from the day it clears customs or forwarded to domestic location status shown

        2>How many days it takes to clear the customs

        Please reply.

        • First of all, Sorry for being late

          1.) Not more than 3 working days

          2.) This really depends. But since these are just documents, there normally shouldn’t be any delay. They simply open, verify, pack again and forward. It just depends on how many items are before you to get processed.

  147. I ordered IP Phone from USA and the tracking number is LK17**1US it left MIAMI on 17 Oct but after that there is no tracking available. Since it was a phone so i can check online about it status. It showing that my phone got activated on 24th Oct but it wasn’t delivered to me. I am worried that someone might have stolen the phone. May be in custom or post office.. Can you please guide me how to deal with it.. I am staying in delhi and parcel is coming from USA.

    • Interesting.
      Not sure but it could just be the customs verifying the product.
      This shipment unfortunately cannot be tracked online since its tracking starts with L. How did you know that it was activated on 24th?

  148. Hi sai
    I purchased the product from us and shipped through USPS it showed that the shipment had been reached India and and we tried to deliver you but couldn’t happen.
    It relaxed me atleast it had reached india New Delhi but what makes me worried is that i haven’t opted for any kind of insurance for that product but it is showing for 100$ coverage.
    I’m worried should i pay the money for them? It cost 50$ for shipment and 100$ fr coverage?
    hope you will clear this for me.

    • Na, its just a coverage amount. Premium will be a very very tiny amount.

      Who will pay this amount? Definitely not you.

      The seller could’ve insured himself for additional safety. Or the courier company might have added insurance coverage since this shipment falls under a specific category.
      What ever it is, you are not paying anything more than what you’ve been billed for (and probably some customs charges, if any).

    • Hello,

      The postal product type is actually Priority Mail Express International.The packet was accepted on Oct 16th and on Oct 18th the status was “Processed through Sort Facility” at ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS). There is no update and change of the status since then.It has been accepted at New Jersey and they said the delivery would be in 3-5 business days.I am actually tensed because it is I20 with which I need to go for VISA.
      The tracking number is like EG ** US.When I click on the status it displays “Your item was processed through our ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) facility on October 18, 2013 at 10:35 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.”
      Could you kindly let me know when I shall be receiving the mail.

      Thanks in advance!!

      • Nothing to worry Ajith. You will receive it very soon. I guess you should be receiving it by the end of this week, if not very early next week. That 3-5 days is impossible for USPS, I don’t know why they still maintain that.

        • Is it supposed to go to the customs office and get checked there?
          I Don’t even know if it is even outside US or not?
          Is it possible to know if it has reached India or not?

          • Yes it will go through customs but there won’t be any hindrance there since they will clearly know they are University documents.
            There are only two links where you can check and they are posted in the article. Normally, once they leave US (represented by ‘processed through US sorting centre’) it will be in India in 2 days. Updating the tracking may be late sometimes.

            • The destination of the packet is Hyderabad. It was sent to customs in Chennai and today i.e; 25th Oct the status shows the item was bagged in Mumbai and sent to domestic location. I doubt if the item has cleared customs then why hasn’t it been posted to Hyderabad directly?
              Will the packet need to undergo customs at Mumbai too?
              What does sent to domestic location mean? Does that mean it is posted to destination address at Hyderabad?

  149. Hey there, i have a shipment from the US through USPS. This is my tracking from the website,

    Tracking Number: LN49**1US

    I still haven’t received my shipment. Its been 6 weeks almost.
    Which customs number do i call? for this tracking number starting with LN.
    Its been really late, I didn’t know that it would take so long, and will my item be safe with them?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Hi Christian, this shipment cannot be tracked by us. Your only option, if at all, will be to call customs. Which customs depends on where the end destination is. It will be safe don’t worry.

      • Thanks for the fast reply Sai. I stay in goregaon east, Mumbai, and this shipment is for Mumbai only. Can you suggest me the first place or person I should contact regarding this?

        • I don’t know any particular person in particular but just Google for ‘Mumbai customs pas’. That should take you to the Postal Appraisal section of Mumbai customs which has few numbers and email which you can try.

  150. Please give details about how to contact Delhi or Kolkata customs? I Google but cannot find information.

  151. Can you give the contact numbers for customs for parcels from usa to Chennai. My parcel was sent by express mail from 29 th September but it is yet to reach india. The seller says that several of his products are stolen in india and refuses to refund please help me. the tracking number is EC55**8US

    • Hi, first of all, I would not worry much about this product. It is insured with $100 by USPS. So you would atleast get than in the worst case scenario. Also, it is hardly 3 weeks. Wait for a month or so.
      I don’t quite know why it is not updated on USPS site but this is definitely in India at present. Go to chennaicustoms dot gov dot in and click on e-Helpline. There’s an email there. Send a mail to them.
      Or on the same site, there’s a link to Help Desk where you can find a few numbers. Try those.

  152. I bought an item on EBAY to Dhanbad, India. It was shipped on 24 september but last tracking available only sep 27. Tracking not updated please help it costly item around $200. How i know where is my letter. My tracking no LK109*US

    • Please read other comments. This cannot be tracked online. Since its 3 weeks, it must be lying somewhere in Indian customs. You should contact customs in Delhi or Kolkata.

  153. Hi,
    I am expecting a package from US (CW6***US). The ips tracking site shows the status: Record item customs information (Inb) – Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner since 30th September. Not sure if I should wait for a few more days for it to clear or should I contact the customs or postal department. Please help.

    • If this is a Mumbai bound package, then wait for a few days. Or, like in someone else’s case, if this is a Delhi package but some how came to Mumbai from Delhi, then there’s something wrong.

      If you want to call, you should be calling customs (or FPO), not regular postal department.

      • Hi Sai,
        Thanks for quick reply.
        The package destination is Pune so it was expected to be in Mumbai. So I will wait for a few more days and then call the customs. Any idea how many days does it normally takes for the status to change from “awaiting presentation to customs commissioner”? And do they contact the receiver if they need more information or such?


        • Yeah if its Pune the its in right place.
          In one other tracking information that I saw, there were multiple entries for ‘Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner’. So even if it comes out from customs commissioner, it may again go back; for reasons that I do not know.

          They should call. Some receive calls, some don’t for a long time (generally consider 1 month as a cut off time) and hence they themselves call the customs.

  154. Hey Sai,

    I’ve done a lot of googling since a week on this nightmarish issue but couldn’t find anything similar anywhere else. My cousin shipped 2 brand new nexus 4 phones on 10th Sept via USPS. One is to be received in Pune and the second is to be received in Delhi / Noida. The first is stuck with Mumbai customs since 21st Sept. That’s 14 days and still “awaiting presentation to customs commissioner”! Is that normal? And it’s strange, but any idea why the delhi one went 2 times to Customs in Delhi and now has landed up with Mumbai customs!?

    The first one:

    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Extra Information
    9/10/2013 3:29:00 PM UNITED STATES 926549998 Receive item from customer (Otb)
    9/13/2013 10:52:00 AM UNITED STATES ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
    9/13/2013 10:52:00 AM UNITED STATES ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) Insert item into bag (Otb)
    9/17/2013 11:42:00 AM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    9/17/2013 1:20:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb)
    9/21/2013 11:45:00 AM INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner

    The second one:

    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Extra Information
    9/10/2013 15:24 UNITED STATES 926549998 Receive item from customer (Otb)
    9/13/2013 11:12 UNITED STATES ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
    9/13/2013 11:12 UNITED STATES ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS) Insert item into bag (Otb)
    9/17/2013 11:54 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    9/17/2013 16:04 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb)
    9/26/2013 15:37 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb) Retention reason : Other
    9/27/2013 12:29 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Return item from customs (Inb)
    9/30/2013 15:42 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb)
    9/30/2013 15:43 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb) Retention reason : Other
    9/30/2013 15:43 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Return item from customs (Inb)
    10/1/2013 10:59 INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb)
    10/4/2013 15:52 INDIA MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb) Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner

    Any sort of reply will be highly appreciated!

    • Hi,

      The first one is definitely with Mumbai customs. Normally, if the lower level officers can’t ascertain the duty, they send it to higher level officers. Often, this is represented as ‘customs commissioner’. This is like a bottle neck situation. There are very few higher level officers who need to look at all the shipments that are sent to them. But, 15 days without an update is something not normal. I would call customs to find out whats going on.

      The second one is not normal too. I don’t know why a Delhi bound shipment would be sent to Mumbai after so many days. Going to two different customs is actually normal in some cases but all the time it’s moving forward. For example, a Bangalore shipment may be scrutinized twice, once in Mumbai and again in Bangalore. Call them up is all I can say here too.

  155. Hey Sai,

    My tracking number is LC1****5973US

    I shipped it on 5th September 2013 and it had a Nexus 7 tablet in it worth $229.

    Following is the information from the USPS website.

    September 7, 2013 , 3:10 am
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    JAMAICA, NY 11430
    September 6, 2013
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    TETERBORO, NJ 07699
    September 5, 2013 , 10:14 pm
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    TETERBORO, NJ 07699
    September 5, 2013 , 5:53 pm
    Dispatched to Sort Facility
    September 5, 2013 , 11:43 am

    I called them and lodged a complaint and got a letter from them saying that the package has left the United States. But it has still not reached it’s destination. It’s been over 4 weeks.

    I’m really worried.

    Can you help?


    • Hmm, surely customs retained it. Someone from India should call the concerned customs office. We can’t track this further online.

  156. Recently EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL VIA USPS has name changed to PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL. When I entered the tacking number EC***US in the usps page it showed details. But when I entered it in the speed post ems tracking it showed “consignment not found” but on entering the ips web tracking it showed some details. But the package is yet to reach india. It was sent from US on 28 September 2013. I want to know whether is tracking is for express or priority mail.

  157. I have ordered an item from US via Priority Mail Express International. The tracking start with EC********US.
    When trying INDIA POST or IPS web tracking no data is available but USPS tracking says it left USPS sort facility on 28 September 2013 when will I get it?

  158. Hi Sai,

    I bought a book via a bookseller from US worth ~34$, and it was shipped through USPS on 12th Sept by him. The shipment address is in Ranchi, Jharkhand, so I don’t know which city’s customs office would be handling this package. The tracking number starts with L, and so as you said it can’t be tracked on the internet. The current status of the package (as of 27th Sept) according to USPS tracking page is as follows:

    Label Number: LN****61512US

    Service Type: International Letter

    Shipment Activity Location Date & Time
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility LOS ANGELES, CA 90009 September 17, 2013 6:03 pm
    Depart USPS Sort Facility LOS ANGELES, CA 90009 September 16, 2013
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility LOS ANGELES, CA 90009 September 15, 2013 10:55 pm
    Electronic Shipping Info Received September 13, 2013
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 September 12, 2013 11:13 pm
    Depart USPS Sort Facility PORTLAND, OR 97218 September 12, 2013
    Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility VANCOUVER, WA 98686 September 12, 2013 5:00 pm

    The expected delivery should have been on or before 24th Sept. So my question is what are my options now? Do I wait out this month? And if even at the beginning of the next month I don’t get the package, whom do I contact, since I don’t know which customs office would be handling packages destined for Ranchi?

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi, thanks a lot. It seems you pretty much went through my other replies as well.

      Books shouldn’t have any problem at all. It’s just a matter of waiting. Give or take 1 week. No need to call anyone.

      But if you are in a hurry, I’m mostly certain Kolkata has jurisdiction over Jharkhand. You can easily find ‘Kolkata customs’ number by a search.

    • Hi Sai,
      Important document was shipped by USPS priority International parcels on Sep 18th from Kansas city. Destination is Chennai. Still not received it and no updates. Any insights would be useful.

      Wednesday, September 18, 2013 5:40 PM
      Wednesday, September 18, 2013 5:22 PM
      Wednesday, September 18, 2013 1:14 PM

      • If no further tracking, you should call Chennai customs if they are very urgent. Documents will be delivered without any issue normally.

  159. Hi Sai,

    I sent a letter from Texas to my address in Bangalore, India via USPS Priority Flat mail International (6-10 days). Unfortunately, I did not have tracking on this (due to ignorance). The mail was sent on Sep 4th and it has not been delivered yet. Since there is no tracking on this what do you suggest? Please this mail is important and it was my first mail to India so wasn’t really sure of tracking stuff. Do I need to check in any post office? Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • You and me, as outsiders, are helpless without tracking. All you can do is contact USPS, they will have records of your shipment by your name. From there may be you can get tracking number and know where it is.
      If its just a letter there’s no reason for it to be held by customs so I’m really not sure why its not delivered till now.

  160. Hi Sai,
    My package was shipped from NY on Sep 13, now the USPS website shows the status –

    Customs clearance processing complete- September 19, 2013, 2:59 pm- INDIA- $100 insurance included- PO to Addressee(Proof of Delivery)

    Wherein when I check IPS WEB tracking it shows.

    9/18/2013 3:05:00 PM INDIA DELHI, EMS SPEED POST CENTRE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Other
    9/18/2013 3:59:00 PM INDIA DELHI, EMS SPEED POST CENTRE Return item from customs (Inb)
    9/19/2013 2:29:00 PM INDIA DELHI, EMS SPEED POST CENTRE Send item to domestic location (Inb)

    I still haven’t heard from anyone about the my package. Can you please tell me in this case who do I contact, Delhi Customs or my Local Post office?

    I am kind of worried since I already paid for the product.

    Thank you,

    • Updates say its out of customs and is with Speed post for delivery, so you should be contacting local post office first.
      You should be worried only if you stay in Delhi (or any city). For remote places, even Speed Post takes time for delivery.

  161. Hi Sai,
    I ordered an electronic item from eBay.com on 10th September and its tracking number starts with ‘L’.
    How much time will it take to reach the destination, i.e. Mumbai?
    Its tracking history as following:
    September 16, 2013 01:03:00 MIAMI, FL 33112 DEPART USPS SORT FACILITY
    September 15, 2013 16:39:00 MIAMI, FL 33112 PROCESSED THROUGH USPS SORT FACILITY
    September 12, 2013 01:12:00 JACKSONVILLE, FL 32099 DEPART USPS SORT FACILITY
    September 11, 2013 18:03:00 GAINESVILLE, FL 32605 DISPATCHED TO SORT FACILITY.

  162. Hello Sai,
    I shipped model train from a store in US. They shipped it via USPS. My current status of that parcel is “customs clearance ” as of 17th September. Please tell me that, how much time will it take to get to the next step of clearing. some tracking website has shown me the location as delhi foreign post office. Now till when should i wait or contact customs office?

    • Hi,

      If you read other comments on this page you would understand how irregular and inconsistent the customs processing is. There is no particular time frame that your shipment must be cleared in, even if it is there, our customs wouldn’t follow it.

      I always say, wait as much as you can. 15-20 days is what most products take to reach their destination.

      • Sai,
        Thanks for the information, but I would like to ask you that 15-20 days from the shipping date or 15-20 days after it reaches customs?

        • From shipping date.

          • Sai,
            Thanks for the instantaneous respond.My order was shipped on 9th September. When should i contact Customs and provide me with the contact number to inquire the same if you do have!
            Thanks a lot.

            • So roughly you shouldn’t be worried much about your shipment in this month. Once you’re reaching the end of this month or early next month and still there’s no change in status, you may contact them.

              Phone numbers are already mentioned on this page (search for the Delhi std code 011 using ctrl+f) or simply Google for delhi fpo contact number.

    • I have received a letter and they are telling me to present the code number’s photocopy of the importer. What is that?

      • Not sure but they could be asking for your import license.
        We can buy 1 or 2 for personal use but more than that at a time requires you to have a import license.
        If you’re just buying one piece, either I don’t know what that photocopy means or they’ve mistakenly sent that to you.

  163. Hi Sai,

    I have ordered an item from ebay. That was sent through USPS. Now status shows.

    “Customs clearance processing complete” what would be the next step.

    • If you live in the same city in which the customs has cleared you shipment, it will next be handed over to Speed post for delivery.

      If you live in some other city, the shipment may (not always) have to undergo another round of customs in your city.

  164. Hi Sai,

    One if my friend sent me used iphone from NY. It was sent last Friday, i know its too early and will sure take time to receive the package in Delhi but I can’t see no information from the tracking number he gave me. It’s EI**42, can you help me track this please.

    Thank you,

    • Hi,

      I don’t have any secret tools to track packages. All I can tell you now is to wait a few days. Since its only last friday it can happen that even a record is not created for it to be updated online.

      In case if it doesn’t show anything even after a week or so, you can call Delhi FPO to enquire about your product since NY to Delhi doesn’t take much time.

  165. Mamud mohammed othman

    I was sent a parcel from the U.S by USPS delivery on the 24th of august, i tracked online since 2 days only to tell me it left the U.S on 26th of august. I went to the india post office here, they keep telling me no consignment found, what can i do sir to get my parcel?

  166. Hi

    The tracking status on my USPS priority package shows Awaiting Presentation to customs as of 3rd September. The value of the package is about USD 70 with an invoice from Amazon.com (but not shipped by Amazon). Is there anything I should at this stage, or should I wait out the week. Is it possible that I might have to pay duty? The item is a digital watch.
    Thanks Sai !!

    • Yeah, waiting is best advised since its just yesterday that it went to customs.
      There shouldn’t be any duty on a $70 item but you never know with out customs. For watches, max they can charge is 10% of its value.

      • Thanks Sai! Will update the progress here. Hopefully it should help anyone else with the same issue.

        • Hi Sai,

          So the tracking status has not yet changed. It remains “Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner”
          At Mumbai Post Office. The delivery destination is Mumbai.
          USPS says the estimated arrival date is between 6th to 16th, so I am wondering if I should hold out till the 16th and then contact the Post Office.

          Thanks for your advice!

          • Oh you still didn’t receive your watch.

            I think that’s just a rough estimate by USPS and our customs will have no binding rules to deliver before 16th. So I think now you can contact Mumbai FPO.

            • Hi Sai,

              The status has finally been updated! It now shows ‘Send item to domestic location (Inb)’. I spoke to the Post office on Friday. The person there informed me that the parcel would be processed through customs (but also added that he had no idea specifically when). Hopefully, I should receive it today or tomorrow. Will update when it is delivered and also add in the percentage of customs (fingers crossed in the hope there won’t be any) The parcel was dispatched on 22nd August. It is nearly a month now. So much for USPS Priority. I guess it all boils down to what customs feels like doing. Thanks for your advice Sai!

              • Ohh finally some good news. Thank you very much for updating on this. This really helps a lot of people.

                • It arrived at last! Yesterday evening. With a HEFTY customs charge of INR 923. Total bill value was USD 102 with shipping. And USD 70 for the watch. Not sure what random formula they used. Incidentally the package was opened, including the item. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was tried on as well.

                  • No idea how Rs.923 was derived but opening packages is very normal. They open each and every shipment and pack it again. That’s how they ascertain what’s really inside a shipment.

                    Anyway, you got your product, hope its nice and working surviving rough customs handling.

  167. Hey,

    Although my package just reached there yesterday safely in a months’ time. My question actually is that are you aware of any fees associated to anything upon delivery? As my relative has been asked to pay a sum of Rs.11,000 before picking it up.

    Please advise


    • That’s customs charge. You (guessing you’re the sender) will have the option of paying it upfront or else it will be collected from the receiver. This only applies when the shipment doesn’t satisfy the conditions of a gift (for which no customs apply) or some information is misrepresented (such as lowering of value etc).

  168. Hey Sai,
    I had ordered the item from the usps based seller on 8th of august. they said it had been shipped. But I haven’t received my parcel yet. I am worried. When I track the item no. on usps & their reply was
    STATUS OF YOUR ITEM :- Electronic Shipping Info Received
    DATE & TIME :- August 21, 2013
    FEATURES :- International Letter
    Please advise me what to do. It doesn’t show on the tracking sites suggested by you like EMS or PMS.
    Please reply as soon as possible.

    • This parcel starting with L cannot be tracked anywhere rocky.
      What can you do? May be call the customs. They too will only have information about it if they have retained it for some reason. Otherwise, it may be on its way to you.

  169. I sent a saree to be returned from where it was purchased about a month ago. They say it hasn’t reached to process my refund. I use usps first class international. The us tracking shows only until it has left US as shown below. The destination is hyderabad, AP. I have the US customs form #. how can I know where it is in India, as according to the tracking info, it definitely reached India by now.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    First-Class Package International Service
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    July 19, 2013
    COPPELL, TX 75099
    International Letter
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    July 18, 2013, 7:28 pm
    COPPELL, TX 75099
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    July 18, 2013
    DALLAS, TX 75398
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    July 18, 2013, 4:55 am
    DALLAS, TX 75398
    Dispatched to Sort Facility
    July 17, 2013, 5:28 pm
    DALLAS, TX 75229
    July 17, 2013, 10:36 am
    DALLAS, TX 75229

    • You cannot know where it is since this package tracking starts with L (Low priority).
      Generally, even a call to customs (Mumbai) wouldn’t help as even they cannot track parcels starting with L; unless it gets retained by them.

      If you didn’t get the idea; you can indirectly know where it is by calling the customs. If they say they don’t have an idea, it’s mostly likely forwarded to the addressee already since its over a month (unless it got lost somewhere even before reaching India). If they say its with them, then its there.

  170. Hi,
    I purchased an Item from Roots only.com. The parcel was shipped through USPS . The tracking no is : LN484365953US. I called up the office in Chennai. The advised since it is a normal post (starts with LN) , they don’t have any facility to track it. Before finishing the call they hung up. Only Express and priority mails can be tracked and not first class international. Kindly advice. I am worried i would never get my parcel. They spoke with least responsibility.

    • Not just LN, anything that stats with L cannot be tracked online. But there’s inherently some good news from what the customs said.
      The L parcels cannot be tracked but when they are retained by customs, they will certainly have knowledge about the parcel. Since they don’t have any, it could mean its on your way.
      When did you order it? There’s absolutely no need to worry if its in the last 15 or so days.

  171. hey, my tracking no: [checked] was posted in June, it does not show up in any of the sites for tracking. I dont know if it has reached India in the first place.

    Can you please help on what can be done.
    this is from the usps:

    Service Type: Registered Mail(TM)
    Shipment Activity Location Date & Time
    Processed Through Sort Facility NEW YORK June 20, 2013 9:51 am
    Arrived at Sort Facility NEW YORK June 20, 2013 9:49 am
    Dispatched to Sort Facility RICHBORO PA 18954 June 17, 2013 4:27 pm
    Acceptance RICHBORO PA 18954 June 17, 2013 10:41 am

    • You should definitely contact customs in your region. It mustn’t take this long and I can surely tell you that its in India and is with the customs.

  172. Hi Sai,

    I ordered an iPad worth $350 on 28th of July. It was shipped through USPS Express Mail International with tracking no: [checked]. The item reached India on 1st of August and the tracking shows that the item has reached Chennai and has been sent for customs verification. Till now nothing has changed and it shows the same info. I live in Mangalore. I am a bit worried that i might never receive the item. Can you please guide me towards the next step. Should I contact the customs office at chennai? or are there any custom clearing agents I can follow upto to as there is no way i can go to the customs office in chennai. Please help me.


    • No, never go for agents or call customs yet. They will milk your urgency. Even though express mails are said to be faster than priority international, 15 days is normally the benchmark for most USPS shipments. I really suggest you wait this week and then try calling the customs; just be sure to talk in a soft voice just as if you’re generally enquiring about its whereabouts and not like you want it urgently.

      May be you bought it from US for its price there, but I don’t think that will be your last expense. For all products that have official distributors in India, only Indian price will be followed. You’ll pay some customs and will be lucky if the total doesn’t amount to the relative price in India.

      • Thanks a lot for your advice. I will wait until this week. If the status doesn’t then i will call the customs in Chennai.

  173. Hi,
    A parcel was sent on 8th may with tracking number LC**US, but till now i didn’t receive it.
    When I check in USPS it shows the following status.
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility
    Your item was processed through and left our JAMAICA, NY 11430 facility on May 9, 2013 at 10:33 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination. No further information is available for this item. Information on this item has been restored from offline files.

    Could you suggest what needs to be done?

    • Okay, its 3 months now. If its something important, you should immediately contact customs in your region. Otherwise, you will probably never receive it.

  174. My husband has posted a imp documents to india from USA on july 20th. The status of the mail is

    Shipment Activity Location Date & Time
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility CHICAGO, IL 60666 July 22, 2013 7:42 am
    Dispatched to Sort Facility RIVERSIDE, MO 64150 July 20, 2013 5:38 pm
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility KANSAS CITY, MO 64121 July 20, 2013 5:23 pm
    Acceptance RIVERSIDE, MO 64150 July 20, 2013 9:10 am

    Still i didn’t receive the mail. And the status id starts with “L”. Can you suggest me whom i should contact. It’s kind urgent.

    • Since you specifically mentioned it starts with ‘L’, I think you know it can’t be tracked online. Only thing you can do now is to call up the customs in your city/region.

  175. I had a pair of boots shipped to me from United States to India (Mumbai) via USPS Express mail on 29th June 2013. However its been 3 weeks now (19th July 2013) and there has been no trace of the shipment neither any update. Repeated contact with India Post and USPS customer service has not shown any positive outcome. There was a mail sent to me via USPS when i had asked for a POD that they are unable to track my shipment. These pair of boots were called in from the states especially for my fiancee’s birthday and its past the occasion now. How can you help me track this shipment.

    • India Post will have no idea about the shipment until they receive it from customs. Since its 3 weeks, it is most likely with Mumbai customs. You should contact the Postal Appraisal Section of customs 022 – 22614585 (if this number doesn’t work, just Google for ‘Mumbai customs contact’ to find additional numbers).

  176. Hey can you tell me how much time will it take now TRACKING NO [checked] and can you check at ipswebtracking too other than usps .com

    • Yes you can track at IPSWebtracking.
      If the status remains the same, instead of again saying it is retained by customs, you should get it this week by speed post.

  177. Quick Question.

    Expecting a document sent by USPS Express Mail, mailed on June 18, status states that it left NY on June 19th, haven’t seen a update, could you please give me an idea when I could receive it in Bangalore.

    This is a document and not a parcel.

    Please guide me.

    • Express Mail documents shouldn’t take more than a week to get to metros in India, Bangalore included. So I guess you should be receiving it any time now, possibly in a day or two. Of course, this is the ideal scenario when the document is clearly mentioned as ‘Business papers’. If not customs might require additional declaration forms.

  178. Hey sai ,
    Can you tell me how much time it will take now?

    • As I said, its with customs of Delhi FPO. How many days will it take? I don’t know, but normally in another 2 or 3 days, you might see another update regarding clearance. It will either say Cleared or Retained. If its cleared, it will be handed over to Speed post and then it’ll be with you in 2 days time.

  179. What do you mean by waiting game and I live in Delhi so how time it will take till it reach my home and once again what’s waiting game?

    • Once it goes into Delhi customs, no body knows how long it takes to come out. You will have to wait. That’s what I said.
      Read some comments; some people get it in a week and some people wait for more than a month.

  180. hey SAI,
    I ordered a pair of headsets from ebay.com its was around 178$ and my tracking NO. [checked]
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    June 19, 2013
    KENT, WA 98032
    International Parcels
    Electronic Shipping Info Received
    June 19, 2013
    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    June 18, 2013, 10:09 pm
    KENT, WA 98032
    Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    June 18, 2013, 8:54 pm
    REDMOND, WA 98053

    • I see two more new statuses’. It has left SF and in 2 or 3 days time you’ll see it arrive in India. Then its a waiting game.

  181. Hi,
    My friend as been sent me a courier by USPS through Priority mail on 4th june from Atlanta(U.S). When i searched by track no. i.e [edited] showing in Indian customs from 14th june. I want to know when should i receive my parcel.

    • The last update I see is on 15 June. It doesn’t say retained by customs, so you will have to wait for some more time to get some clarity. If it says Cleared customs, it should be with you with in 4-5 days.

  182. Hi,
    I am from chennai. My friend sent me one parcel from USA on May 18th via USPS by tracking no. LC5***1US. In USPS website, it showing “Dispatched to Sort Facility on May 18, 2013, 6:06 pm”
    How I will track my parcel? It reaches india or my local area post office?

    • Since it’s almost a month now, it is probably stuck with customs somewhere. You should probably call chennai customs or visit in person if you can. We cannot track parcels beginning with L, so there’s nothing much we can do online to know its whereabouts.

  183. Please help me what it mean?

    6/5/2013 4:02:00 PM
    Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Other

    6/5/2013 5:04:00 PM
    Return item from customs (Inb)

    • I suggest you wait for a day or two to see further statuses’ since these last two statuses’ (with in a matter of an hour) are self contradictory.

  184. Please help.
    i want to know if my parcel cleared custom or not . what does this last status means .
    Please provide some info on this.
    Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Extra Information
    5/9/2013 7:13:00 PM UNITED STATES 08110 Receive item from customer (Otb)
    5/11/2013 9:18:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
    5/11/2013 9:20:00 PM UNITED STATES ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) Insert item into bag (Otb)
    5/17/2013 3:05:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    5/18/2013 12:14:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to domestic location (Inb)
    5/22/2013 3:36:00 PM INDIA AHMEDABAD SUB FGN PO Send item to domestic location (Inb)

    • It is soft cleared by customs in Delhi and has been sent to Ahmedabad. Depending on the item it might be required to go through additional customs clearance in Ahmedabad too.

  185. Dear sai,

    I have apple tv sent by my sister by usps tracking no CW82***90US and its tracking status 23rd april shows retained by customs in india for unspecified reason. I live in bhatinda punjab.The cost of apple tv in US is 96 dollar whereas its not yet launched in india but indian apple website shows 8295 rupees. It was sent on 6 th april with insurance. Now you are the only person I could find out to help me in this sai. God bless you buddy. Guide me.

    • I have edited the tracking number but the one you gave didn’t work, either on USPS or India Post. So where did you track it?
      Did you try calling any customs numbers? If not, you should call Delhi customs (011) 25654160.

  186. I stay in Gujarat. I had ordered a battery for my Bike from ebay.com
    Details of the shipment made by ebay.com are as follows:
    Package LN400****99US
    Date package was shipped from our warehouse: 01/29/2013
    Date package was dispatched out of the US: 01/31/2013

    Battery has yet not been delivered to me. I am following up with the seller and ebay.com, but they are telling that my shipment is suck in Indian Customs and they are helpless.

    Kindly suggest me how can I get my Battery, to whom and where should I contact in Customs? Do i have to contact custom people in Bombay or in Gujarat?

    • These packages starting with L are not traceable. Its been 3 months now, even its difficult for customs to scan for it now. You should definitely call Mumbai customs.

  187. My husband sold an iphone to someone in Bijapur, Karnataka, India, and sent it more than 3 weeks ago. He send it via U.S. priority mail international. Tracking no. LK039***5US. The buyer claims he did not receive it, but another person on the internet had the same problem with the buyer. How can we prove receipt? I tried the link to UPS Web Tracking and to EMS speed post service, but neither recognized the tracking no.

    • USPS shipments whose tracking numbers start with ‘L’ cannot be tracked in India, unfortunately. He may have received it, or he may have not, but there is no proof that you can show at the moment.
      If he really didn’t receive it, then its there with the customs who should know about the item now that it has been retained for nearly 20 days.

      • I was wrong – we have a customs number that begins with L, not a tracking number. We know that someone is using the phone in India, but we need to prove that the buyer has it, rather than someone else who might have stolen it in the mail. Is there a way to contact the customs office in Bijapur to receive confirmation of its delivery and customs charge payments.

        • I do not see how anyone can steal a shipment. I am not sure but I would think it’s the intended recipient himself in this case.
          Bijapur is just a small town in northern part of Karnataka, so its customs should be handled by either Mumbai or Bangalore customs (you can find phone numbers of these easily by Googling).
          If I may ask, how are you sure that someone’s using the phone here? Any installed software tells you so? (If you do not want to discuss things here, use the contact link above to send me a mail).

          • Apple can see in their system that the phone has been registered to an Indian network. We agree it is unlikely it was stolen. But eBay requires proof of delivery to the buyer. Without it, eBay accepts the buyer’s word for it that he did not receive the package and has taken the purchase money back from my husband.

            • Hmm, I don’t see a way you can resolve this. May be ask Apple for details? Which network/number/geo location? Most likely they won’t tell anything more for privacy reasons but you can try telling the same to eBay, so they can ask Apple for more details.
              Clearly its not your fault, and if the buyer is honest in saying he didn’t receive it, it’s not his fault too. Its useless talking to India Post here, they don’t have an idea what they are doing. You should perhaps ask USPS to trace the shipment.

  188. I have ordered item from Amazon same is despatched through USPS. Now after personal gone to Mumbai Post they are saying material is misplaced. Can you please guide what to do. As item value is 30K.

    • You should contact Amazon itself. It will be their responsibility to deliver your product. Just check their Help centre for refunds or explain the situation to their customer care. Normally, Amazon will will react to your complaint only after the estimated delivery period has gone by. For normal international products, it will be something like 21 days (?). So you may have to wait for that period to end, if it had not already.

  189. I have ordered for cufflings on 11th March 2013, they were sent for courier on 12th March 2013 from ebay and it is going to be sent by USPS. I still have not received them. When i track my order it says:

    Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
    2013-03-13, 14:55:00, JAMAICA, NY 11430
    2013-03-12, 14:42:00, SCHENECTADY, NY 12309

    • Is it cufflinks? It is with Mumbai customs and I think you should start calling them for something to happen.

      • Yes, they are Armani cufflings. How can I contact Mumbai customs?

        • Here is the link. Call the respective number or email, whichever is applicable to you (as per parcel tracking code).

          • I have received this email from paypal:
            Dear Aditi Bhatia,

            [email edited]

            Does it mean my parcel is not dispatched yet?

            • That is just a standard automated email from Paypal. What I don’t understand is what that email has got to do with your USPS Parcel?
              If you paid for your item using paypal and you got the order confirmation, your payment has been successful. The USPS status also confirms that.

              That email is for business and professionals in India who receive funds from their clients through paypal. If you just used paypal to pay for this one parcel, you really don’t have to take it seriously.

              • Ok thank you. I have emailed the customs. Waiting for their reply.

                • I received an email from the customs saying:
                  Such type of packets cannot be tracked; hence present status or location is unknown. Only when they are detained by customs for production of document or for examination, their status becomes known. Kindly wait for the delivery. It takes some time for such parcels to reach their destination or you may contact the Postal Authorities on telephone number 022-22611791 or email Id mumbaiforeignpost at gmail.com
                  I have email the above mentioned address too.

                  • Yeah certain parcels, such as those with tracking numbers starting with ‘L’ cannot be tracked.
                    There’s nothing much you can do now but wait.

  190. Hi,

    I bought 2 sets of watches from usa and they have despatched the same through USPS on 25.03.2013 and when i track my package in USPS portal, it showing the following message “March 26, 2013 10:21:00 LOS ANGELES, CA 90009 PROCESSED THROUGH USPS SORT FACILITY”
    what does it mean, i need to give this item as gift, will i get this item on or before 03.04.2013 or not? Please let me know the status of my package.

    • The status is what you see. I cannot tell you any more details regarding status.
      What that status means that your parcel has left USA for India. It doesn’t tell you if it has reached India, but it could well have.
      Its been just 3 days. If you go through all comments on this page, you’d know that it takes a LOT of time for people to receive their items. I highly doubt you will get your watches before 3 April.

  191. Dear Sai:

    I have ordered a gift from US via USPS. As per the instructions given above i tried to tracked the shipment. I get following message. Could you please help me in this.

    “3/21/2013 11:08:00 AM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Send item to customs (Inb) ”

    Tushar Bhave.

    • Hello,
      It means your parcel has been sent to customs for checking and valuation. Just wait for this week to end and if you see no change in status you might want to call the customs in delhi (just Google for ‘Delhi customs contact’) to know about your parcel.

  192. Hi..everyone.
    I have a doubt. Anyone who know the answer to my query can surely reply and help me clear my doubts. I will give one cookie to him or her.. Just kidding. Anyways guys i am waiting for a gift to be delivered from new york. I am in mumbai. It has not reached yet. its been 7 days.. Considering all the above comments , i am not even thinking of tracking it again till the next 7 days, thanks to the postal services.. What my real concern is, if someone sends some items to me worth $90 to $100, will I be asked to pay a custom or import duty on the products even though if it is marked as gifts and the value of the content is also declared. Will I have to pay for it? After all its just some gifts. Is gifts exempted from import duty. Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance..Raphy

    • Gifts under Rs.5000 (just the product value; without shipping charges) are completely exempt from customs duty. So I guess you are on the borderline. $90 should be fine, but $100 will attract some duty.

      • Hi Sai. Thanks for the reply, lets see. I hope i will not be charged. But in case they want to charge. How do they calculate the import duty? Suppose Its like 5600 something. So will they charge like 30% or 20% on the remaining 600 or then will fall under a complete different bracket and will they charge on entire amount? Thanks in advance.

        • I’m really not sure about this. I think it will be on the whole amount. I don’t know what the gift is but if its something electronics, it will be charged at 7.5%. See customs import rate for all importable items.

          • Thanks Sai. Hmm, lets see. I hope i don’t have to pay a huge amount then there is no use of asking my cousin to send gifts from u.s 🙂 Also its gonna be a shoe and few shirts and chocolates lets see. I don’t know when it will reach or will it reach to me or not. Its a big suspense. But will inform you. Thanks again Sai. bye.

  193. Dear Sirs,
    Transaction Date: 06/11/2012
    Merchant Name: Cell2Get.com
    Transaction Amount: 9057.54
    I ordered a goods (Mobile Phone) from Cell2Get.com and the same were expected to be delivered by date 20/11/2012, but I never received the same & asked for my refund, merchant is delaying the process of refund. below is the correspondence with the merchant for my refund.
    USPS Tracking No. LJ68***64US
    Please tell me what i have to do.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • I’m sorry to say that this item cannot be tracked in India. It’s been so many months, the site must have some sort of refund policy?

  194. Hello!!
    usps – priority int. mail.

    This was to be sent from New York to BANGALORE.
    last update on USPS and IPS website says “PROCESSED THROUGH SORT FACILITY, ISC, NY” dated 27th feb 2013.
    Its been 5 days since then. NO FURTHER UPDATE.

    Its a couple of pairs of spectacles for my father. Cost around 200 USD.

    Please suggest what should I do…

    Thank you so much.

    • I think you should wait a little more. 5 days is too short for any parcels to arrive to India, that too if its USPS. If “Processed through….” is the last update, it generally means its with the customs in India.

      • Thank you so much for the prompt reply
        Gives me some hope of receiving it
        I’ve read so much about parcels getting stuck in customs for ages…
        Thank you again
        I’ll keep checking and keep you updated.

        • Dear sir,
          My parcel was shipped from delhi for Bangalore on 05/03..
          until today I HAVEN’T received it here. I have been calling up the bangalore post, but they say they cant do anything till they receive it.

          My friend got his parcel form kolkata to bangalore in 2 days…

          Please suggest what can be done to figure out where is the parcel and get it.


          • Give or take 1-2 days, don’t worry you’ll get it.

            • SIR YOU ARE SPOT ON!!!
              here is the latest…

              Record item customs information (Inb)
              “”””” Retention reason : Other “”””””””

              WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? its a pair of sunglasses. About 200 dollars.

              Thanks in advance!

              • And what should i do in this matter?

                When i called the post office yesterday, the lady over there was pretty rude and said when it comes, we will send it!!
                Now I’m scared to call her!!

                • Haha, don’t be scared. Call her, and again, its their duty to inform you about your parcel. She may not be the only person who takes calls, anyway.
                  That status means that your item has arrived at Bangalore Sub Foreign Post Office and is held by the customs there. If that Post office is near to where you stay, you may even go there personally and make an enquiry.

  195. Hi thank you for the post, I have a parcel coming in from US it has automobile spare parts. I have been tracking it and today this message showed up in the ips website.

    2/23/2013 1:30:00 PM INDIA DELHI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Record item customs information (Inb)
    Retention reason : Other

    any idea what’s going on here?

  196. Some one can help me out its being long time my parcel from the usps was send on 9th of jan 2013 but still i have not received at Ahmedabad, India.
    When i ask my friend to check with the store of usps for the updation she says that the parcel might be held up in the India customs so is there any way i can check up my parcel?
    Please reply soon if anybody have the answer..

    • As your friend said, it is surely with customs. Unfortunately, once it enters customs, there’s no way to track the parcel. And I’m not even sure under which jurisdiction Ahmedabad falls, Mumbai or Delhi customs.
      If you have time, just go through other comments, you might get an idea what to do.

  197. Hi i have a same problem with USPS tracking LJ698******US
    I bought an item from from a 3rd party via amazon worth 90$
    It was shipped from miami on 10th of jan 13,
    Till now i don’t have any update of it,
    I have tried to contact, mumbai foreign post office, they are not lifting the call.
    Amazon says wait till 1st feb, 3rd party say you will get it soon, i am not able to track it in either of india post, or ips. My friends got their items shipped via usps in one, two weeks.
    It has been three weeks and till now no info about location of my item.
    Please help me with it.

    • Just go through the below comment thread between Aashish and Me. That’s all I can tell you in this case.
      There are different categories of shipping, so its not necessary for everyone to receive their shipments at the same time. As Amazon said, better wait till 1 February.

      • What do u expect in next two days, the problem is that from jan 10th to 29 jan no update is there.
        even if i will wait for two days on feb 1st they will say wait for some more days or its covered under a to z guarantee, one of my friend bought cell phone and he got in two weeks,another guy bought hard drive and he got in 10 days, my problem is for last twenty days before it was departured, from US and still its not in india atleast.
        Status should show some thing like in mumbai india or some thing like that.
        I don’t have any clue where or when it will come to me.

        • Rafeeq, if this was something in our hands, we could do something. All we can do now is wait. I know its hard to wait, but there’s almost nothing that we can do now. As Asheesh said in another comment, items starting with ‘L’ are normal parcels which are NOT traceable on IPS Web tracking.
          This is not any solution to your problem but I don’t understand why anyone would buy cell phones and hard drives from america which are available here too..

          • No yaar sai
            They bought it using site cramster
            They work in cramster and for payment they get amazon gift cards, that’s why they bought it from there.

      • Return item from customs (Inb). What it means? Its how on ips web tracking?

        • It means your item has cleared customs and is returned to the postal service for delivery.

          • Sai,
            I didn’t get the item by now and its feb 19th
            I emailed in customs, they said your mail is forwarded to postal appraising section.
            PAS and mumbai foreign post office says LJ means some letter mode and such packages are not track-able
            lot of time has passed.
            So what I’m i supposed to do now?

            • I already said that ‘L’ things are not traceable. And I also said everything I know about customs. Any thing more is beyond my knowledge. I’m sorry.

            • My parcel is shipped from US on 9th Jan by USPS and still didn’t received is someone can help how to contact customs in India because when my friend ask the USPS people they said it might be in customs.
              Please help me how to contact customs for the parcel.

  198. I ordered some items from amazon.com worth $40 to be shipped in Delhi. Seller shipped it through USPS. I tracked this item on usps website and the last update there is “January 6, 2013 05:40:00 AM Jamaica NY US Departure Scan”. I am not able to track it further. I tried the links given by you but both links are not showing any information regarding my package.
    What can I do now?

    • If it is shipped by Amazon, you should contact their customer support. Amazon handles everything, including customs in India, since it collects probable customs fee (if there is any) before hand. If you didn’t receive the shipment within the promised delivery date, you should contact Amazon.

      • Thanks Sai for replying…
        Yes, the product has been purchased from amazon.com but it is not shipped by amazon itself. It has been shipped by some another seller so I can not ask for support from amazon regarding this.
        Can you provide me any contact information in delhi (customs or indian post) from where I can get information about my shipment.. or is there any other website where I can track this information?
        Thanks again..

        Aashish Vishvas

        • Oh I see.
          I’m not aware of any other way to track your item. But this comment from a fellow user might be of help to you.

          • Thanks Sai,
            the link in the above post helped me. I called at one of the given number and got to know that my tracking id which is “LJ9488*****US” is an ordinary letter type for which tracking record is not maintained. The person said that your tracking ID starts with letter “L” which indicates that it is an ordinary parcel and you have to contact at your local postal office to know about it. My bad luck.. 🙁

            • Ohh, that’s sad. I didn’t know about this ‘L’ thing. Thanks for coming back and letting me know about it. I can now tell others who are in similar situation.

              • My order was shipped on 3rd Jan from USA through USPS. Today is 6 Feb and still neither it is delivered nor I have any information about it.

                Today I reported this problem on amazon’s website under their a to z Guarantee Claim. Let’s see what happens…

                • Omg, you’re still waiting for your shipment. Good job by reporting the problem, that’s the only thing you could do now.

                  • Got my parcel today (8 Feb 2013). Delivered by local post office at my home. Postman collected custom duty from me (almost 35% of total cost) and gave the parcel.

                    Thank God …
                    now I’ll never use USPS for foreign shipments..

                    Thanks Sai for all your support 🙂

                    • Finally, haha. Glad you got everything sorted out.
                      Yeah, never USPS again. UPS, FedEX or DHL is the way to go. If you order something insist the shipper to ship via any of these private services.
                      And thank you for giving me some knowledge from your experience.

  199. I have ordered an Ipod from ebay US. It has been shipped via USPS and reached mumbai via delhi. Last status is
    Send item to customs (Inb)
    I tried calling customs they asked me to mail them the tracking number. What should I do after this?

    • Mail them the tracking number, hehe.
      Even if you don’t do anything, the ipod will be sent to your local post office after clearing Mumbai customs. And if there is any customs fee, you will have to pay it to your local PO and collect your item.

  200. Hello Sai,

    I have shipped a return item to Delhi on 10 Dec thru USPS Priority International. The USPS tracking says “Processed through USPS Sort Facility” from NY
    When I track it thru IPS Web Tracking it says “No information, please check your item identifier”.
    Can you help me to track this item.

    • I cannot help you track this item but I can tell you that it is in India and with Delhi Customs right now. May be somebody in Delhi should contact the customs department to get hold of the situation.

  201. Hi,
    Can you please help me out. I ordered a guitar from TX, USA to WB, India through USPS Express. The seller sent it out on December 26, 2012 and I think it left the US on December 27 because USPS hasn’t tracked it since and I know USPS only tracks an item till it’s within the national boundaries. I checked the India Post website to try and track my item but they still don’t have any new details. The info only shows what it was booked on Dec 26 from USA. No Delivered at or on info.

    • Okay it might have reached India, but 1 week is too early for USPS shipments. You’ll mostly have to wait another week. Nothing might happen in this week but you’ll atleast be sure that it has reached India. You’ll have to show proof of purchase (to ascertain the value), pay applicable customs import fee and take your guitar.

  202. Hello,
    I am trying to find my package from USPS and Its says that the Package is in Delhi Custom Clearance, and Just so you know, the Item value is more than Rs 10,000.

    Is there any way that I can contact them? what are my next time to get that item moving to my Local area (which is Hyderabad). ? Or Should I have to go Delhi to pick it up?
    Advice or suggestions are welcome.

    • If your place is Hyderabad then I’m mostly sure your package will be forwarded to Mumbai customs (Hyderabad falls under Mumbai customs region). Please check other comments just below this where I gave contact info of Mumbai Postal Appraisal Section which clears imports and proceed accordingly.

      • Hello,
        Thanks. I got an update on my laptops on IPS Web Tracking. But I have a question
        When I was going through the shipping info, there was an info which dint make any sense to me “Retention reason : Hight-value goods – Official Customs declaration required”
        Please explain? And what I have to do?

        • High value goods mean those that are over INR 10000. These require customs declaration by the seller (or shipper). If not available, customs will ask the addressee (via a notice sent by post) to show them a receipt of purchase showing the actual value of the item.
          A piece of advice (in case you import something in future), better use private shippers like DHL and not a Government service like USPS.

          • Hello,
            So should I have to go to the Customs in Mumbai to show him the proof?
            Or does it comes to my Local Post Office.?

            • Look, it is the duty of customs to actually inform you that your item has been held for some reason. But our customs don’t do it (most of the times). So if they don’t hear from you for some period, they will value your laptop as it is priced in India. Then they will forward it to your local post office where you’ll HAVE TO pay the customs duty and take your item.
              Yes I know its confusing but our customs is definitely not the best in the world so we have to deal with it as it is.

  203. I sent my laptop from Baton rouge, USA using USPS Priority mail service and I used the Flat rate courier.Its tracking number is [checked].
    I couriered it on 18 december,2012 but it hasn’t reached at its destination (chandigarh) till today 31 december. Can anyone please tell me its status. I have checked the USPS track & confirm and IPS also.They say the same thing :the item was processed on 24 december at ISC Miami and is currently in transit to its destination.It should not have taken so much time.can anyone help me in finding its status in india.

    • It has mostly reached India and is with Delhi customs. Most things will be sorted out by itself, but if you are in a hurry may be you should ask someone from Chandigarh to contact Delhi customs to clear out things.

  204. Hi.
    I have bought an item on Ebay.com, value being 230USD. The USPS tracking no is [checked].The USPS site says its in transit since 21/12/12. Even the IPS webtracking /India post link, mentioned on the forum, says the same.
    How can I check where my parcel is stuck (delivery address is for Mumbai) Or any contact nos I can have so I’ll call and check myself.

    • Its left USA and is stuck with Mumbai customs. Any import worth more than Rs.10000 will under go a special scrutiny and mostly requires the addressee (that is you) to submit proof of value of purchase to ascertain the actual value.

      • Thanks for your reply. Could you please direct me with my next course of action. Whom should I visit (in mumbai) or could you provide contact nos/website where I may be provided info for the same. So far I have tried looking for nos on websites but am getting nothing except more nos.

        Thanks in advance.

  205. Hello Madhu,
    I recently sent (4th Dec 2012) a parcel to India through USPS priority mail (checked). Using USPS tracking facility I found out that this package cleared customs in India Delhi on 15th of Dec but I couldn’t track it on the Indian Postal Service website. Can you please give me any ideas about whom should I contact in this regard?

    • Hello,
      I could track it on India Post (IPS Web Tracking) but it says the same thing as in USPS tracking. But, the tracking says it is currently with the customs department and has not cleared it yet.
      If it is a high value shipment (greater than Rs.10000 in value), the customs will require a proof of value of item from the addressee. The person to whom you addressed the parcel will receive an intimation to submit the proof. Sometimes there will be delay in receiving this letter so it could be useful if you can directly get in touch with the Delhi customs department.

  206. I have not received the parcel yet booked from usa on 6th December docket no [checked] kindly let me know when will I receive the parcel.

    • Your item is with the customs in India. You should better get in touch with the concerned customs office for quick processing.

      • I had been to custom post office at Ballard Pierre as you asked me to find it out with them and they said its the LN-US booked article which is regular post parcel which does not have any tracking in India and they also said they are unable to trace it, so Now kindly let me know what is to be done thanks.

        • Ohh, that’s bad. And now I’m not sure if you can do anything but wait. The onus is on the postal department to deliver your parcel.

  207. Wonder if anyone ever received their parcels. If no, where do all these parcels go?
    I too am waiting for a USPS express shipment do I just give up hope of receiving it?

    • I received mine. Thousands of parcels are delivered every day, only those who didn’t receive theirs as expected turn up on the Internet. Mistakes do happen and if you didn’t receive your parcel in time as expected, you must call the concerned customs office. If, say you didn’t call them and you also didn’t receive it after few months, it goes to the store room of customs, where they will be auctioned off (only non-personal things)..

  208. Hi,
    I have ordered an item from US online and the seller has given me the shipping label. the seller confirms that the item has been sent on 24th Wednesday. I am unable to track the item online. Can you guys help me find where the item has reached so far and how can i track it further on.

  209. My friend sent me parcel before 2 months from usa…

  210. RA520014634CN is the tracking number of the product which I have ordered on 1st Aug 2012 from CHINA Seller told me that it got held up in the Indian Customs Dept.. Can you pls provide me with the status? what shall be done now?

  211. Hi, My names Heman Gaikwad and am from INDIA. A friend sent me a mail on December 13th 2011 and the details are, LC346561186US. I tried the local post office but they say it has not reached here. Where should I call or contact for this parcel? If anyone of you has received the parcels please let me know how to get mine? Or is it that once arrived in INDIA it gets stolen or something like that? Please reply with your comments.

  212. Hi all ,
    I read all the comments above but Friends did anybody able to solve this issue that how to track US priority mail in india as USPS can only showing tracking status within USA only.
    A friend sent me some expensive goods to India on 11th july for Mumbai and i didn’t receive it yet. Even i cant track it after 15th when its dispatched from LA.
    Please somebody need to find out the way where we can track it …..

  213. Thank you so much for the links provided.
    Very useful info!!!!

  214. Hi same goes with me i have ordered something and it says processed through sort facility and then no update the seller says check with your post office …
    I don’t know what to do now plzz help me out its been 1 month for 1st class and 2 weeks for priority mail..
    Tell me what to do, these parcels are important to me…
    thank you..

  215. Hi All,
    I had purchased a phone via ebay and the seller shipped it via USPS priority mail on 7th Of April 2012, But still it has not reached upto me. Could you help me out how can i track this shipment. Or is it stuck in customs. If yes then how can i retrieve it.This is worrying me a lot. Please help me..

  216. hi Please help me my label Number is CW173184166US sent via USPS on 17 May 2012, this package is really important for me, please if you anybody can help, i would be really obliged

  217. abdul saboor khan

    hi Please help me my label Number is EC205930842US sent via USPS on 22 May 2012, since 23 May 2012 its showing location of Los Angeles Port , this package is really important for me, please if you anybody can help, i would be really obliged

  218. I have the same issue I don’t know if this is a dead thread by now but I’m trying to get any information on a Priority mail parcel I sent on May 1 to Pune India. Does anyone have any information on Pune postal system? Where it would go to? How to track it. I checked IPS and it says its not available yet. Mine are sponsor documents as well and I can’t just do them all over again! LC60 0575 655U S is my parcel number.

    So stressed this is awful I guess it was worth the stupid 50$ to do express mail. USPS is ridiculous.

    • No information on IPS yet, as you said. I checked USPS tracking and its last update was “Processed through USPS sort facility” in LA, CA. So I’m not sure if it reached India at all. The USPS tracking would normally stop at ‘Sent to delivery country’ or something like that.
      So did you first confirm with USPS that this item was shipped to India?

      PS. Even better and cheaper (I think) than 50$ for express mail would be to use DHL or similar International private couriers.

  219. Hey my tracking Number from USPS is RE581679981US. But I may not able to track it through the web site. Please Help me out !!

  220. Santosh Narvekar

    This is regarding a Product Delivery; I have ordered one product and it is couriered through First Class – Mail International, this has been done twice once in the month of March 1st 2012 (LN250022579US) and now 19th April (LN271730493US).
    Yet I have not received any product; even I cannot trace it where it is… Can you please help to locate the same?

  221. Perumal Parasuraman


    Great post.. thank you so much..

    recently i ordered a product from US to Chennai address through USPS ..
    once i have ordered the product , Ii received a mail about my tracking number.. for the first 3 days i am using USPS tracking tool, it shows some updates .. but there is no further updates after three days.. then I got this wonderful post.. its very useful thanks..

    i got my parcel in 6 working days…

  222. My sponsor in Dallas,TX, USA send me visa documents through USPS International Express Mail service on 1st march,2012. I am located in Cochin,Kerala,INDIA.
    The tracking number given is Z849264916302729 Till this date unable to track or get any information. Please help me as I have to attend visa interview by next monday. Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Priya Thomas

  223. Hey my tracking Number from USPS is LM087030737US. But I may not able to track it through the web site. Please Help me out !!

  224. my dad sent me a parcel on 8th jan 2012 from hobart and i have not received it till now please help my parcel no. is LC762895864US

  225. Can anyone tell me what is the earliest time we receive the parcel from usps. Its been three weeks since my parcel been dispatched from new york. The papers are important and we are awaiting the same.

  226. I had purchased an item of worth 1000 including postal charges through ebay from US and they shipped my item on November 7th 2011 through USPS, but they did not give me any tracking number. Still I did not receive my item . I do not how to track my item whether it was shipped or not , whether it reach India or not . could any body help me and send your answers to my mail.

  227. I was able to track a USPS Express Mail package on the India Post website as above by typing in the USPS label.
    The USPS Customer service did not even know that this tracking is available and did not update the status after it cleared customs.

  228. hi my parcel has been cleared in the customs, almost a week back, and i haven’t yet received it……how long does it take to receive the parcels and can we please be provided the contact details of the postal service who are handling USPS postal

    Label Number: CJ44 4269 375U S

    Service Type: International Parcels

    Customs clearance INDIA 11/03/11 2:27pm
    processing complete

    Customs Clearance INDIA 10/31/11 2:49pm

    Processed Through Sort INDIA 10/31/11 2:40pm

    Electronic Shipping 10/28/11
    Info Received

  229. “CW109187040US” is the tracking number of the product which already shipped from SPRING, TX 77381 to Hyderabad (AP) INDIA through USPS on 31st October from US. Seller CPN Electronics, 1418 Forest Brook Sugar Land, TX 77479 Ph. No.:(281) 804-3473

    So Please let me know witch Customs Area this Product going to Reach in INDIA?
    Also Please let me Know If it is in Customs Clearance of New Delhi or south India Chennai Customs Whom to Approach to get Product Quickly Check out from costumes
    I mean is there an service agencies for quick Customs Clearance services Let us Know

  230. Hi!please can you’ll help me with the numbers who handles USPS in mumbai because i would like to track my order since i have received an information that my parcel has been cleared on indian port.

  231. hi
    my sister send me courier by usps . but steel parcel is not delivered and courier no is.cp892337249us

  232. Label/Receipt Number: LN77 2043 659U S
    Class: Priority Mail International Parcels
    Service(s): International Letter
    Status: Processed through USPS Sort Facility

    Hi my shipment was shipped on 1st of oct 2011 from USA for pune india ,and now i cant track it anywhere ! it has been like 24 days now ! it was supposed to reach in 8-9 days
    I tried all the above tracking options but none show anything about my shipment …. can u guide me what to do next ! as im clueless!

  233. Hi iam waiting for a parcel from US through USPS, when i searched through tracking number the flowing showed up. I cant understand is it transferred to india or still in US itself.. plz help me. thanks

    service : International Letter
    Status : Processed through sort facility

    Detailed report
    1.) Processed through sort facility , August 18, 2011, 12.09 AM, Jamaica, NY
    2.) Processed through sort facility, August 17, 2011, 12.35 AM, Springfield, MA
    3.) Electronic Shipping Info received, August 14, 2011

  234. Hi Tushar,

    I sent a package to Muzaffarnagar, India on June 30th. It contained some clothes for my brother’s new born baby. It hasn’t been delievered yet. When I try to track it this is all I get…..Please help me track my package. I don’t know how to work on this one….Thanks!!

    Label/Receipt Number: LC27 7194 250U S
    Class: First-Class Mail International
    Service(s): International Letter
    Status: Processed through Sort Facility

    Your item was processed through and left our TRENTON, NJ 08650 facility on June 30, 2011 at 7:07 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

  235. EG08 0071 365U S is the tracking no. When i see the tracking it is said that it is with customs of india on May 8th but till today i have not received any details off it and when will i get my package please let me know ASAP.

  236. Hi,
    Can you please tell me how to track the usps parcel, which was posted on 22nd April, 2011 (5 weeks ago from now). But I have not received the parcel yet.

    Label/Receipt Number: EC967551251US
    Class: Express Mail International
    Status: International Dispatch

    Any idea on how to track this?

  237. LC074143845US is the tracking number of the product which I have ordered on 30th April from US.Seller told me that it got held up in the Indian Customs Dept..can you pls provide me with the status?what shall be done now?

  238. Where to check the USPS First-Class Mail International parcel status in india?

  239. Great Information ! I was able to track my package. I just hope, we should receive it in a day or two. Thanks much again !

  240. LC72 5817 125U S number of that parcel sent by my friend from newyork on 20th april . can anyone tell me how i can track this parcel number in india . is there any website service from where i can track my parcel . plz give me any help line number . where i should go ??? india is great !!!

  241. Please advise me reg status of consignment no EG909547663US urgently.

  242. My customer has sent a document through USPS. It had left San Fransisco on 5/4/11. There is no track of this (EG815315949US) in India’s Postal tracking system!

    • When did you receive the parcel? And how long did it take to arrive at your doorstep from after being departed from ISC San Francisco? Please reply.

  243. Hi,
    My friend sent me one parcel from USA on Feb 3 via USPS by tracking no.CP91 1155 970U S . He said it will reach me in Noida (New Delhi,INDIA) with in two weeks, two week is over but the status is stuck at Arrival since 4 th Feb. I want to know if I have to do anything to receive the parcel. The complete status of the product is as follow:

    Label/Receipt Number: CP91 1155 970U S
    Class: Priority Mail International Parcels
    Service(s): International Parcels
    Status: Arrival

    Detailed Results:
    Bullet Arrival
    Bullet Acceptance, February 03, 2011, 10:45 am, PARLIN, NJ 08859

  244. Hi,
    I had a shipment from UK through the Royal Mail to India. Apparently it has reached the customs and they have sent it to domestic location. I tracked it on their international mail link…
    I got the info….

    1/20/2011 12:30:00 PM UNITED KINGDOM LANGLEY HWDC Send item abroad (EDI-received)
    1/28/2011 1:56:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI AIR Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
    1/28/2011 6:26:00 PM INDIA MUMBAI AIR Send item to domestic location (Inb)

    The postman though claims that he never received it till date…I really cant understand where the package went if they sent it and he didnt receive till now?


    • Hi,
      I also expecting an parcel send via royal but i am not able to track it on their website. can u plz give me link where to track it… bye the way didi u successfully received your parce…..thanks

  245. Thank you great information !!

  246. hi,
    i send my usps shipped on 8/19/2010 to mehsana ,india,no cp398292873us has not been delivered,


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