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Single login for Multiple Banking accounts

If you have a lot of money, chances are that you have many Bank accounts as well. And chances are that you also have Internet banking accounts for all those Bank accounts. If some of those many bank accounts are in the same bank, say State Bank of India or its associate banks’, you can club them and maintain a Single Internet banking account (a k a, single login) for easier access.

Your accounts can be in the same branch as your primary account or in a different branch, but should be in the same bank.

All you need to do is Map your other accounts with the username of your primary Internet banking account.

Without this, if you visit the Fund’s transfer section of your Internet banking account, you’d get an error like “You have only one account mapped to this username. You are therefore unable to do funds transfer”.

You can’t do this from your online account though. You need to visit the serving branch of the primary account (in which you want to see your other accounts as well) with proof’s of your other account’s. The branch will then Map your other accounts with the login user name of the Primary Online Banking account.

From then, you can access all your Online banking accounts in the same bank from a single login. This will be a easier work if the other accounts are recently opened and all with in the same branch (but then, why would you have multiple accounts in the same branch?). In case the other accounts too are old accounts belonging to other branches, you may find the officials thinking twice.

Note: Unhelpful bank officers will generally say you this is not possible but if you persist and tell them this is possible, they will do it. But to their defense, the internet banking accounts are managed by their respective branches, so they may not be able to map other branch login’s to their branch one’s. So, the bottom line is, it is possible to have it; I have 4 of my accounts mapped to a single username; but you may find it difficult to get done.

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  1. I already have individual SBI account (net banking enabled) and recently I opened a new SBI joint account and successfully added new account in my existing net banking account.
    The issue I am facing is: I am able to see availabled funds / transactions done from new account, but not able to pay/transfer funds from new account.
    For instance, in case of funds transfer, I am seeing just one (old) account number in ‘Transfer from bank accounts’ section; but seeing both the account in ‘Transfer to bank accounts’ panel.

    Not sure why I am not been able to transfer funds from my new account.

  2. I’m newly registered my State Bank of India Account online. I’m logged successfully but there is some problem Alert = You do not have any account mapping. Please contact your branch.

  3. send me fee payment slip for data entry operator

  4. please accepted my account

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