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SBI Credit card reward points

A credit card from the India’s largest bank is one popular thing in the financial world. If you are one of those customers’ holding a credit card from State Bank of India, you have much more than just using your credit card for shopping. With SBI card reward points (see State Bank ATM cum debit card rewards), spending money is just as fun as buying a gift for the loved one. Simply use your SBI card for shopping and earn points, redeem them later and get cool items.

Reward points

Depending on the type of SBI card you have, your reward points (power points) will be different. For example, if you use a SBI Platinum card, 1 reward point will be credited to your account for every Rs.50 spent while you need to spend Rs.75 and Rs.100 to get 1 reward point if you have Gold or any other SBI card respectively.

Redeeming reward points

A minimum of 1000 points are required to initiate redemption. Depending on the number of points you have, you can choose your product from various categories like Accessories, Apparel, Electronics, Entertainment and Dining, Health and Fitness, Home ware, Kids, Lifestyle, Travel etc.

For the complete list of products on offer and their respective points (needed), please download the PDF file at If the product you like requires points in excess of what you possess, you may also chose to pay the remaining amount through your credit card (part points, part money).

Apart from these there are many new products that are added to the list which will be available in the Card Statement’s that you may receive from time to time.

Once you have decided the product you want, you can dial 18001801290 (toll free), 18601801290 (not a toll free number) from a BSNL/MTNL landline or Airtel mobile or dial 39020202 (not a toll free) from any other mobile or landline and put your request of redemption.

A fee of Rs.99 will be charged against your credit card for delivery and processing your redemption request.

Important note: Reward points can only be earned and redeemed with in 2 years (from the date when you earned first reward point). Any un-redeemed points after 2 years will be lost.

In case you have surrendered (discontinued) your credit card, you will have 45 days to redeem your points (subject to them meeting the minimum required points level).

Also see HDFC credit card reward points

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  2. It has continuously seen that response from SBI help line is very poor due to lack of easy communication, as well as communication made after vigorous effort, resulting a loss of valuable time .

  3. I am holding SBI card and my accumulated reward points is 9700 i don’t know how to redeem these points.

  4. I am not able to redeem my sbi credit card points. The redemption number 39020202 is of no use.

  5. I want to redeem 2500 points. SBI helpline numbers, reward points redemption is not there. Please tell how to redeem.THANKS.

  6. I want request to SBI CARD REWARD REDEMPTION DEPARTMENT that kindly refresh your reward cataloge and add some more item/services in DTH like (TATASKY) videocon d2h/dish tv and TOP UP in data card of TATA PHOTAN + prepaid and Airtel prepaid mobile.

    • I want to redeem 2500 points. SBI helpline numbers, reward points redemption is not there. Please tell how to redeem.THANKS.


  7. bhaskara k mogaveera

    I am unable to redeem my sbi reward points. Number doesn’t work.

  8. Rajeev kumar Gupta

    Please tell me how to redeem the reward points. We even tried to call but there was not any choice for redemption of these points. Please send the procedure of redemption on my mail id.

  9. I am trying to redeem my sbi credit card points but am unable to do so please help me in my redemption. Please send the procedure to my email.

    • Currently, there is no online procedure to redeem. You have to visit, then head to rewards section, select something according to your reward points, note down its code and call the given number to get your item.

  10. There is no use of giving or asking questions to this site. I have decided to cancel my card. All promises are given only in paper. From the beginning I asked for printed statements. But no use. Even reward points redeeming also no use.

  11. anand singh parihar

    I have over 1000 points which I have to redeem.

  12. I am trying to redeem my sbi credit card points but am unable to do so please help me in my redemption.

  13. I want to redeem my reward points please tell me the procedure how to redeem.

  14. Avtar Krishan Tikoo

    My reward points as on date as per statement received are 3538 i want to redeem all my points please let me know the procedure to enable me to redeem my points.

  15. Please help me to redeem 8000 points against my SBI Platinum Credit Card. Please note I want to redeem 8000 points against item code no. AM002 for Jet
    Airways. Please confirm.


  17. shyam sundar juneja

    I have not redeemed any reward point so far. SBI should make it quite simple to redeem and stop false showy, cumbersome process to earn trust of customers. They should be true to their promises.

  18. Please advise me how to redeem my sbi credit card reward points as i could not redeem a single point since last five years and the hard earned points are being expired.

  19. pl. tell how to redeem reward points.

  20. Two years back I received call from SBI informing me that my MD has recommended my name to go for SBI card. Since I felt I may not use this card, I refused to go for the card. I was told that it is life time totally free and I need not have to pay anything. Since I was told that it was recommended by my MD and free, I opted for it. To my surprise after one year my account was debited with annual renewal fees!! Upon inquiry I was told that you have not utilized much so this charges are levied. I clarify the assurance given to me while dumping this card on me. I was then told that the fees will be refunded but it never refunded. When I reminded them, I was told ok i will get new card against old card only I have to tell that I don’t hold any card. I was shocked to know such a mischief played by No.1 bank of India. Their person collected the fresh application but I did not received the card but received letter stating that considering unsatisfactory dealing, my request for new card will not be considered. Using less number of time is unsatisfactory dealing to them! While giving me promise to refund the annual fees, I was also told that if I use min for Rs.20000/- in a year there will not be any annual renewal fees. To my surprise after one year again my account debited with annual fees of Rs.1500 plus ST. I fed up with this any contacted SBI to know procedure for cancellation to which I was told that I will receive call from SBI in 72 hours but till date no reply. Meanwhile, I issued cheque for payment which because of error on my bankers part for transfer of funds to my account, the cheque bounced and SBI has levied about Rs.800 charges. I appeal to card user to be careful of tactics played by SBI and coughing money once you accept the card. Will this reach to deaf ears of the management??



  22. It is not fair and just to eat away the points on hard earned spending after a certain period without giving any benefit to the customer. Change the rule if otherwise you earn lot of dissatisfied customers on to your account and adverse publicity on to your reputation. There should be certain benefit to the customer if the points are not redeemed on time for various personal reason. Your thumb rule has to add on the customer on attractive offers and not to loose loyal customers to your competitors / punish the customer for not redeeming the points on time. Be aware there are many standing to welcome the customers and make sure SBI do not loose their loyal customers to the rivals. No more leading business on past glory ….. Think it over…

  23. People who are not redeeming the reward points which are going to lapse may be converted into cash and credit to the card holder account so that he gains some thing instead of lapsing them. For not using the reward points there may be several reasons one among them is time factor. When we call on line for getting the service from SBI toll free how much time we have to spend one can imagine and some times at the end it will get disconnected and will be irritated to use the same again following the process.

    Instead lapsing some percent may be credited for the lapsing point may please be thought over to do justice to your loyal clients.

    G N Sarma

  24. The Monthly Statement dated February 08, 2012 (for my SBI Card) was received by me and the Payment (by cheque) was made on Feb.24, 2012, the receipt of which was acknowledged by SBI Card by SMS on Feb.25, 2012. The Due date of Payment was Feb.28, 12. Surprisingly, the Statement dated March 08, 2012 includes an amount of Rs.491.08 (depicted as Fee, GST & Interest charges). For some unknown reasons, I am being victimized. I had already requested SBI Card on March 13, 12 to examine the matter at their end and to waive off the undue payment of Rs.491.08. So far, no action has been taken/I have not been informed of the action taken at their end. Of course, I have been using the card even now, but if the undue payment of the above amount is not waived off, it would be better, at the end of the SBI Card, to lock the usage of the Card.

  25. My experience with the SBI Credit Card is the same as that of MR. K. N. YADAV.

  26. I’m using SBI card since a decade but could not redeem a single reward point yet. The rules are cleverly made so that they can easily deny the benefit, points lapsed regularly, whereas icici, city bank card gives lot of benefit to their customers.

    • I am holding SBI Card for the last 13 years. I have not redeemed any reward point that accrued to me during all these years and these all expired. While the monthly statement received every month carries a narration in small print about reward points expiring in a given month, but somehow it never attracted my attention.

      In my last statement received for November, I find that I have 5243 reward points to my credit and out of these, 1535 points will expire if not redeemed by 31st December. I want to redeem 5000 points to avoid further expiring of reward points.
      I called up helpline 1800 180 1290 which turned out to be a frustrating experience as my call remained un-attended even after holding the line for 15 minutes on two occasions. Then I called on alternate helpline 1860 180 1290 (which is not toll free). This line elicited response after about 10 minutes. I requested the operator at the receiving end to mail a catalogue of items on offer for redeeming reward points, when I was told that this would be mailed on my e-mail id and it would be received within 48 hours. While the hours indicated for response have gone by, I have yet to receive the list of items on my e-mail id.


      S K NANGIA

      • Why don’t you have a look here for the catalogue?

        Two days back, I had posted comments regarding my not having received the catalogue of items on offer for redemption of reward points, as assured & promised by the lady who attended my call on helpline number. I have still not got any response nor have I received any e-mail

        I am at a loss to understand the indifference being exhibited by executive(s) manning the helpline. Will some one please help me out. I want to redeem 5000 reward points. This is the first time that I have thought of redeeming reward points, after holding SBI Card for the last over 12 years

        S K NANGIA
        13th December, 2012.

  27. i have 15406 reward point.128 point will get expired by 31st march 2012 if I do not redeem it. Pl.advise me the process in detail to get it redeemed.

  28. I want to redeem my reward points by adjusting in my next bill. May I?

  29. Your services on card are good except for redemption of points.
    Redemption of points is a very cumbersome job. I lost about 3000
    points in the past one year due this problem.
    Why don’t you make it simple for redemption of points.

    Vijaykumar P

  30. I have 4334 points at my credit and 212 will expire by 31/3. I want a digicam urgently. How do I redeem my reward points against my purchase? Help me pl.

  31. How to redeem my point can you please inform to me

  32. Your rewardz redemption process is complicated. A simple online redemption process should be there. like many others i am also unable to redeem my points

  33. s it is correct u make the things simple any how good thing that u changing to microchip card very much appreciated

  34. Almost every statement of mine use to see the points are lapsed but why don’t u sent some information along with the stmt the products available people are always busy not seeing your network alone sitting in the system kindly send at least through email pl.

  35. regarding redemption of reward points there is no specific guide lines please guide in this mater about how to redeem the reward points

  36. how to redeem my rewards points earned.

  37. I want redeem 2500 points (39 points are expiring on 31 Jan.2012). Please help me.

  38. i am trying to redeem my sbi credit card points but am unable to do it kindly help me.

  39. Hi,
    I want to redeem my 1043 points, and i am in Bangalore for a week. How can i do it here as i belongs to Mumbai.

  40. your reward points redemption is complicated like any other SBI procedures. when u will become simple ! say after 100 years ? doubtful………….is not it…..
    thanks any way…..


    your rewardz redemption process is complicated . a simple on line redemption process should be there .like many others i am also unable to redeem my points .will you do favour for me!

  42. Subir Roy Choudhury

    show me my sbi maestro debit card’s rewardz points please


    I want to redeem my SBI Card reward points.product code ZX521 PRODUCT NAME-8GB PENDRIVE

  44. I am trying to redeemed reward points,please guide me for successful redemption.
    Please book Tupperware Lunch box Item Code No-ZX522

  45. i am unable to redeem my reward points earned,pl guide the screen to go and procedure

  46. i am trying to redeem my sbi credit card points but am unable to do so please help me in my redemption.

  47. Downloaded gift items thru “” & would like to avail Gift Voucher for Rs.500/- from Shoppers’ Stop – Item Code: IV 098 against my SBI Card No. [removed]

  48. Vijay Kumar Patel

    From – Vijay Kumar Patel
    SBI Card No – 4006676174217094
    CISF Unit ,HP/BPCL Mumbai
    Sector-10 Vashi ‘ Navi Mumbai

    To – The SBI Card and Payment Service Ltd.,
    Post Bag No. 28,GPO,
    New Delhi – 110 001


    It is intimated that, I have a SBI Credit Card bearing Card No. 40066761xxxx7094 issued in favour of VIJAY KUMAR PATEL against fixed deposit Rs. 1,00,000/- as per fixed deposit account No. 30992273930. Now some financial crisis I need the amount immediately. To credit in my account the bank authorities asking necessary cancellation certificate of my credit card details.

    02. I have already applied for cancellation of credit card vide my application dated 19/04/10 which was submitted at SBI Thurbe, Branch Code No. 03736, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

    03. Keeping in view the above, it is requested that, my credit card cancellation details may please be sent to Branch Manager, SBI Thurbe, Branch Code No. 03736, Vashi, Navi Mumbai at the earliest so that I can withdraw my credit amount.

    Yours faithfully,

    Dated:- 13/08/10

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