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Tata Sky mega pack renewal & changing base pack

Getting your Tata Sky DTH recharged is quite an easy task. You can do it online through Mytatasky portal, or by calling their IVR number, or buying a retail voucher or through your mobile. But for the Annual Mega pack users, since they do not (or are not) recharge every month, they may be confused on how to get their Mega pack renewed when that 1 year period comes close.

The Mytatasky portal doesn’t help you to get your Mega Pack renewed as such as it says ‘You currently subscribed to Mega pack’ when you click on the Mega pack link.

I’m here to inform you, all you need to do to get your pack renewed is recharge your account with Rs.6000 (annual) or Rs.3300 (semi-annual), or what ever the amount you have paid in the previous year. The rate mentioned here (Rs.6000 is for Mega South SD pack which includes all Sun TV network channels). Unless you inform Tata Sky, you will continue to be in your previous package.

The only caveat here, as I learnt from their customer care, is that your new yearly subscription starts from the day you renew/recharge your account, instead of continuing from the previous year’s last date. Hence, it is recommended to recharge exactly on the day your subscription will expire (Update: This is no longer true. You can recharge before the due date and your pack will extend for the intended period from the previous due date. But, in between your recharge time and actual due date, you may see incorrect ‘Valid till’ period. This will get corrected on the due date by itself. If it doesn’t just contact the customer care).

Changing base pack from Mega pack

Mega packs are costly. Infact, if you are a Mega South HD pack subscriber, you belong to the highest class of Tata Sky subscribers. You gain privilege access.If paying Rs.6000 (or Rs.7200 with Rs.100 monthly HD access fee) seems to be high, you can change your base to other available packs or completely choose individual channels on a A-la-carte basis.

There’s a Mytatasky portal but apparently, users with any variant of Mega pack cannot change their base pack online. The system will throw up an error (something like, ‘you have paid for this pack in advance and hence cannot change it now). That is good since it prevents mistakes from uninformed users who try to change their pack when still, say, 11 months are available. But even if you try to change the base pack 1 day before your annual due date, the same error appears. So you will need to contact Tata Sky by phone if you wish to change your pack.

Note: The prices mentioned above are per current rates and may change any time. Please check with Tata Sky to get latest Annual and Semi-annual Mega pack charges.

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  1. What is the package of channel annually for Rs. 6000/- . Whether it is divided per month equally?

    • This is Mega South SD Pack. You should pay Rs.6000 at once every year. You’ll get everything Tata Sky has to offer, except Topper and HD channels.

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