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NEFT process status

NEFT system operates from 9am to 7pm on week days and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays (see footnote). Any transaction initiated in the first 9 hours of Week days or first 4 hours on Saturday will most likely be settled (amount credited to beneficiary) on the same day. On the other hand, if the transfer is initiated in the last two hours of week days or on Saturday, the credit will happen in the opening sessions on the next working day. This is no hard rule, but on average, taking into account the number settlements to be processed every day, this is what happens.

The Bank from which you’ve initiated a NEFT will have access to the transfer status from time to time. You may contact your branch to know the transfer status or if you have Internet Banking access, you can check it yourself. If the transfer is done from a State Bank, the process to check NEFT status from its Internet Banking is as follows:

Log in to your IB Account

Go to Payments/ Transfers

Select Inter Bank transfer (same bank transfers happen instantly using bank’s own internal network without NEFT, so there’s no need to check for status)

On the left side, you’ll find Status; select that

Choose the date on which the transfer was initiated; Enter

On the next page, select Status to see the Credit and Debit status of each banks (yours and Beneficiary’s)

If the transfer is successfully completed you’ll see an appropriate notice, and if the funds are yet to be credited, you’ll see ‘confirmation from the other bank awaited‘ notice.

Note: Some banks process NEFT transactions till 6pm itself. In very rare cases you may also observe that the transfer takes more than a day or two. It could be due to a system failure or there could be a problem in completing your transfer. If there is any problem, the amount will be credited back to sender in appropriate time. Unfortunately, if you have mentioned wrong account number and it belongs to some other active account, funds will be transferred to them. NEFT only work on the basis of account numbers and IFSC code so the beneficiary account holders name is not verified before crediting the amount.

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  1. please help us KARBN17271007406 my ref no please what is status in found

  2. Dear sir neft transer cheaq in my kotak bank account. Which hour create kotak bank accout

  3. I m Amar Jana ,I have a complaint for I was transferred money in credit card (0875).But it’s doesn’t transaction it was 706208745389.I need to know where is my money…

  4. dear sir i get sms 23/12/2016 from sbi bank imps refferenec number rs 24,000 is credited. ichek my balance .but still now my acccount is not credited.
    this payment is sent my brother from icici bank through i mobile . fund transfer. he ask icici customer care. theay are informed . my side is clear payment is successfully credit to sbi account . u contact sbi branch. then i approched sbi they are chek . but still now amount not confirm. how to solve the problem.

  5. I really appriciate sbi payment transfer system which is Neft . I experienced very simple,fast and safe.If credit message available to ous, much better.

  6. Debadyuti chakraborty

    I have confirmed that an amount is transfered from SBI to my account through NEFT on 26.02.2016 afternoon. But still today the amount does not hit in my account.The transaction ID is delivered to me.How can I identify the problem or check the status?

  7. i have received message like can anyone help me to find out bank details and account no detail

    Neft transaction with reference number ALLAH16040591241 forrs. 15000. 00Has been credited on 09/02/16

  8. My father as received a NEFT message Regards that made a transaction of rs.10000 1/1/16 and the transaction is successful and we dont know that which amount is transfers and to which bank..
    My reference no .PKGBH16001829225
    Can anyone help me to findout

    • Only thing I can say (from the UTR) is that the amount has been transferred ‘from’ PKGB bank (Pragathi krishna gramin bank). If anyone of you hold account in this bank, kindly check that account to know where the money went.

  9. Hello sir
    I want to ask
    That a payment of 14000 has done my hdfc bank to united bank of India
    But thy says money is send and they have given the transaction id but its not reflecting on my account

    I have asked they bank for the same but they says till now no money received..please tell me about this. 2 days have been passed.

  10. NEFT system is total non-sense….. cause the charges are less in neft, there is no guarantee on the time of credit of the funds….. so the receiver is always hanging and on mercy of the banks. RTGS is the best but expensive…..

  11. i have been doing NEFT through Allahabad bank of india for my credit card payment fund are transfer 05-03–2015 Time 6:18 pm my transaction reference number is BALB3693816574 amount 5056.32 transaction status show me success money has debited from my account but i have no any confirmation msg and not reflect amount on credit account.

  12. Good Evening
    My friend transferred money to my a/c i,e sbh from his IOB bank’s A/c through NEFT. He said that money has been debited from his A/c but i didn’t get the amount. I have got the transaction id and his ac number, can i know the status of the transaction using IOB customer service. Please provide the details.

  13. My Friend has transferred money through NEFT & Provided me with the Transaction ID for the same, But the amount has not hit my A/c. The Transfer was made from SBI.
    Is there any method to find out with the Transaction ID whether the amount has really been debited from his a/c??? and what is the status of the transfer?

    • As a receiver, you unfortunately cannot track the transaction status. Only the Sender can.
      But since he gave you the transaction ID, the money is definitely debited from his account. Normally NEFT transfers happen on the same day, but if there are too many transfers in the pipeline, it may take until the next for the money to arrive in your account.

  14. Someone has transferred amount to our current account through NEFT, how to find out the payee.

    • If you look in your Internet Banking account, you should have the name of the person or the company who sent you the money in the description of the concerned transfer.

  15. I have a friend doing neft transfer from France. Last time it took 5 working days. This time it is over 6 days. What could be the reason?

    • I don’t know how your friend can do NEFT from France since NEFT is strictly an Indian clearing system. It only works for Indian banks.

  16. Is there any facility on the net wherein one can check the status of the NEFT/RTGS transaction by providing the Transaction-id, much like the PNR status enquiry of the railways.

  17. My friend has initiated NEFT transaction from AXIS Bank.
    He has provided invalid account number. And he is saying that money was deducted and has not received that money back.
    In this case how can i check whether money is refunded to him or not.

    • By ‘invalid account number’, you mean that no body else is holding that account number right? If it is the case, then refund must happen in 3-4 days time. If in case it is ‘wrong account number’, then the money is gone to somebody else. The refund won’t happen automatically in this case. Your friend has to approach the bank and find an appropriate solution.
      Either way, you cannot know if they money is refunded to him or not. You just have to take his word.

  18. I have been doing NEFT regularly through Union Bank Of India if funds are transferred @ 12.30 pm, then the funds are credited to the corresponding account at around &:30 Pm or some times late @ 10:00 pm., how can i track the status of the funds transfer while they are in float.

  19. I had initiated a transfer from HDFC to Canara Bank on 3rd Nov. The Canara Bank account was deactivated.
    1. How can i check the status of my transfer , online , from a private to a national bank .
    2. I have still not received the credit to HDFC account..?

  20. i have initiate a payment from my SBI to PNB account on 4/10/11 and as per your cycle theory it should have been credited by know but still it show awaiting conformation from bank. also on manual checking in PNB the funds have not reached there.

    Do we have any mean to track the transaction route to trace where are our funds stuck, or are we at the mercy of time?

    • I’m not sure, in which city is your PNB bank account since most banks’ were shut on 4 th and will again be closed on 6 th.. (so 5 th might have had heavy transfers to clear up). So waiting should be a good idea.

  21. sir i want to know that
    can we check status of NEFT payment any time on internet

  22. I have initiated to transfer the money from SBH to ANDHRA BANK account on 16/08/11 at 10:00Hrs but still (18/08/11 at 21:00Hrs) the status is that the confirmation awaited from other bank
    My question is how many days will take to return the money to same account because the debit status is succeeded

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