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MNP application rejected?

Okay, for the reason that your current Mobile Operator sucks, you decided to move to another operator using MNP. But, you found that your application to move to another operator has been rejected by the existing operator. Here are various reasons why your application may have been rejected:

1.You have an un-paid Post paid bill with your current Operator – Don’t be mischievous, why would someone allow you to go free without paying their bill?

2.You’ve not been using the number for at least 90 days. That is, if you’ve taken this SIM card with in the past 90 days, you will not be allowed to port in to another operator. This also applies when last port-in date is considered.

3.You filled the porting application with a different UPC code than the one which you’ve received through SMS (wrong UPC code)

The above three are the most common reasons’ for rejection. Apart from them, there are also reasons like:

4.The current number has a pending legal case (first clear that case and apply again)

5.Current number has pending ownership change request (did you previously request that number to be transferred to someone else’? Or, did you get that number from somebody else?)

6.Your current Sim is taken on a contract (contractual obligation; generally doesn’t apply to most of retail people; some businesses take numbers on contract and hand over them to their employees).

7.Applied for Inter-circle porting (Say you are living in AP but your SIM card belongs to Karnataka. In this case, you can only shift to a provider providing service in Karnataka).

Note on 7th point: If your SIM card belongs to Karnataka Vodafone, you cannot change it to AP Vodafone. This is not really what MNP is for. You can only change it to some other operator in Karnataka, say Airtel. And what ever that operator is, when you bring that number to AP, you will be roaming.

So if you have moved states on a permanent basis, you should take a new Sim card in that state; MNP would not help you in this case.

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  1. can i change my tata indicom number in vodafone, im requested on mnp on vodafone office and submitted my id proof.

  2. i have karnataka airtel prepaid number i want to change to karnataka airtel network to andhrapradesh airtel network if it is possible or not,please give a reply .

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