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LIC Insurance complaints

If you have any complaints regarding your LIC Policy, there are various ways to get your problem solved. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, you may first start by calling at the general customer care number 1251. If the executives there are limited in powers to assist you, they will advise on how you can proceed further.

In this case, it clearly means that your problem requires a senior person’s perusal. You may then visit your Policy branch and meet the Branch Manager there (or Sr. Manager) who also is responsible for redressal of customer grievances. You can meet Grievance redressal officers at Branches on all Mondays’ between 2.30 and 4.30 pm without any prior appointment.

In case the Branch Manager proves helpless, you may proceed to divisional level officer, then to zonal level Officer.

If everything goes in vain, you may then proceed with registering your complaint with IRDA Complaint registration or mail your query at complaints@irda.gov.in

Note: Going through this hierarchy may be essential since officers are each level only deal with certain levels of problems. You cannot simply complain to IRDA without discussing the matter with your branch even once since all IRDA would ask you to do it first and tell what LIC has said in their response.

If you think the responses from your LIC branch is not fair, as a final resort in this hierarchy, you should approach the central Insurance Ombudsman.

Note: If you fancy consumer court, you may go that way too, but generally the courts would ask for you to settle the issue with company first and only come there if the company is showing a higher hand. So any way, contacting your local branch should be the first step you should be taking which will support any future action that you may hence take.

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  1. Sir,
    I applied Under policy no. 842 of PMVVY 2017 about One and a half month ago. But till date I did not get my Policy Bond except the receipt. My Particulars are as under:
    1. Policy No. 303797556 2. Amount Involved Rs.7,50,000/= 3. Date of Application: 2-8-2017
    4.The receipt was issued by LIC Br No.202 from Jabalpur 0n 3-8-2017 Vide Tr. No 22355.
    I wrote an e-mail to DEM Jabalpur, but got no reply. Kindly see that why this huge delay is being made for issuing the Policy Bond.
    Kishori Lal Soni

  2. hi,
    iam srikanth.my father was died policynumber 842241949 he died on may 10th 2016 due to heartattack for claim i contact to agent i give him policy bond paper ,death certificate and application But till date my father nominee my mother sana .sugunamma did not get her claim she is very stress so please do help as soon as possible.

  3. I am having 7 LIC policies with premium amounting to Rs.42000/-P.A.. I once (10 years back)got registered for online payment of premium but forgot userid and password to login to your website. I sent mail to your Bangalore HO for getting one more userid /for second time registration. Whenever I enter my policy No I get a message that i have already been registered. I humbly request you to enable me to get registered once again for online payment of premium since it is becoming very difficult for me to put a days leave and pay premium every now and than.

  4. Sir
    In spite of my repeated attempts, I unable to make on line payment for LIC premium renewal. Their web gate way seems CRASHED. No help from LIC help line.What to do? Please help.I have contacted CRM, but no help. I have requested them to send workable link that too they are not responding.

  5. DEAR SIR ;

    • What was the message content? If you didn’t submit ECS form then you’d receive the proceeds via cheque which will take some time to reach you.

  6. Apurba Krishna Mukherjee

    I had given my Policy ( Policy no.411513553 ) for surrender on 4th February 2015 ,and requested to credit the proceeds in my account for which I had given one cancelled cheque also to your CT Br-5 branch at C.R.avenue, Kolkata.. Unfortunately after one and half month also neither i have got my money nor any correspondence from your end.

    Can you update me about the status since i feel i have made a mistake by opening a policy with you.


  7. T.R.Venkataramani

    It is seen from lic website that premium payment through online shall be made by the policyholder only. As my daughter has no online account, Can I pay the premium on behalf of her.

  8. My policy no [removed] for Rs 80000 under which I have timely paid the premium >the policy was matured and due for payment amounting to Rs 1,70000(approx) on 19.2.2014 I also give the bank details together with the cancelled cheque in the LIC office which was update in their records in the month of December,2013 so as to enable them to electronically transfer of matured value on due date . Now on surrendering the the policy instead of making payment of matured value they have change the policy into new jeevan nidhi without giving any reason and kept the original policy with them.

  9. My policy no is 35***90. I took this policy in may 2009. I also paid the premium in 2010,2011 also. Unfortunately my wife was demised in sep 2010. I have already submitted all the required document to pipariya branch which is under bhopal zone. I have called to pipariya and bhopal many times but there is no positive response regarding to my claim. So i request you to look the matter and take positive action.

  10. I purchased a money back policy from Life Insurance Corporation of India Ltd, Kolkata (servicing branch – 415) vide policy no: 414***829 in 02/2001. Last premium was due on 02/2012 and it was paid in due time. This is evident from LIC website under the report of premium paid statement under customer services for the FY 2011-12. The Policy status shows (in the website) that the above premium is due. (though it was paid).
    The Branch is denying the payment of my Survival Benefit showing various reasons.
    The Branch, Zonal even Central level Managers were approached through mail with out any result. Initially they told me that as the NEFT mandate form was not filled up so Survival benefit could not be paid. Accordingly i visited the servicing branch and fulfilled the NEFT mandate. Now they are telling me that the premium is due advising me to visit them again to show the money receipt. I stay in a place approximately 190 km away from kolkata hence it is quite impossible for me to visit the branch again and again.
    Even after repeated followup through mail no action was taken.

  11. Yesterday i had received a call from # 911409580325, on my land line, favoring me that i had received a dividend for my daughters komal jeevan plan, stating the policy number & verifying my details, how far this is true? and kindly let me know, the caller had taken all my relevant details, Is this a fake call? How did they get my details? Is this will effect my LIC policy? Kindly advise.

    Peter Xavier.

    • I just made an enquiry with LIC and they said they never call to inform their customers about bonus (there is no dividend for insurance policies) details. So this is definitely a fake call. How they got your policy details; that I’m not sure. If you have posted your daughters policy details on the internet any time before, then that’s there for everyone to see. Else, they could have got it from your agent; and there are many more serious ways.
      This call doesn’t effect your current policy any way. You might get another call asking you to purchase a Mutual fund plan and so on, just neglect it and if you can, warn them.
      LIC or IRDA will NEVER call you, unless you have specifically requested them.

      From here on, I can only advise you to not give away your financial details over phone to anyone.

  12. Shyam Naryam Yadav

    Dear Sir
    I am Mr. Shyam Naryan Yadav
    I have taken a LIC policy no.282***472 on dt.21/03/2002 from lic of india, Jalalpur Jaunpur 222136.
    Following are Details
    Date of Vesting annuity-22/3/2012
    Date of first annuity installment -22/4/12
    Date of last payment of premium- 22/3/2011
    But till date I have not received any installment. I am suffering a lot running here and there but agent from which I had taken this this policy told me that you got your first installment when you completed your age of 50 means after 5 years.
    I am very much surprise to this unexpected circumstances. As per concern of Life Insurance Corporation of India which is very trust-able and renounce in our Insurance sector I had recommended many of my friends in past for lic Policy but after this incident i had stop referring LIC .
    I need your attention.
    Please help me as I am needed this money very urgently.

    • If give me your policy and contact number i will tell you about your policy any time.
      B.N. Pancholi(lic advisor – delhi).

  13. Hi,
    I have enrolled for Jeevan Anand Policy and i have paid the premium amount (half yearly) due on Sep -2012 on October 25th 2012 via cheque through LIC Agent (Agent ID – 15286764) and i got the receipt for the payment also.
    But the payment made is not yet reflected online and says no premium have been paid for the fiscal year (2012-2013).
    I need online proof for the payment made for availing tax benefits.
    Kindly help me in addressing the issue.

  14. Policy in the name of Abdhesh Kumar, SA Rs 200000, premium Rs 12,759, Table 75-20, due date 10th October every year, premiums paid upto date. Completed 10 years on 10 oct 2012. Money back cheque of Rs 40000 suppose to have been received by 10 oct 2012, has not been received till date.

    May i know whether cheque for the amount has been issued or not. If issued, cheque no / date and bank details of the cheque and also when dispatched.
    kindly let me know the above details at the earliest. Please expedite.


    Abdhesh Kumar

  15. My policy matured on 15.09.2012 but till date I have not received payment for the policy?

  16. prateek bhatnagar

    Subject: for getting the policy amounts

    I Mr. Rajendra swaroop bhatnagar made LIC Policy type SSS of sum Rs.50000 with nominee my wife saral bhatnagar.
    I got a phone call from your head office delhi that my policy have credit balance of RS 162000 with file no.IR00031. So please consider my grievance and make arrangement for the same refund the policy amount.
    I contact twice to the branch but response is unsatisfactory.

  17. I am a policy holder and I have not received any pension cheque due from 28-4-2012 onwards please check and clear my pension cheque early.

    • Verified with bank account pass book and found the amount has been credit on 03-07-2012 thank you for giving immediate response.

  18. My policy has not received any pension cheque is due on 1st sep 2012 please check & send soon thank you.

  19. Brij Mohan sharma

    I am holder of policy number 130638428 and my policy has already matured last early premium of Rs 505 has already been paid. My policy bond has been lost during shifting of my house from Ambala to New Delhi. Due to non-availability of policy bond i could not prefer maturity claim of the policy kindly guide me for preferring maturity claim in respect of above said policy.

  20. haleema mahemood husain momin

    My mother’s policy D.O.C. 12/03/2007 and our lic agent name rasheeda a. ansari {01648-91m}. We have to complaint on agent he said that our money will be doubled in 5 years. But now the office is saying that the money won’t get doubled, only actual money will be refunded. What to do now tell me help now. Otherwise we will publish this cheat in media and news. Don’t ignore.

    • Well, if your agent has said so, it is clearly his fault. Also, it is policy holders fault not to go through the terms of the policy. Insurance is basically not for earning money, it is to insure your life. Even banks take around 7 to 8 years to double your money, so forget insurance policies doubling your money in 5 years.

  21. My LIC Policy has matured on 31.03.2012. I have submitted discharge vouchers in LIC OF INDIA Fatehpur Branch (UTTAR PRADESH) in June 2012. My maturity claim is not paid till date in spite of my request visits to the LIC Branch. We request you to cause payment of the same together with interest and the premium amounts excessively paid for the months of March to May 2012.

  22. My father had an accident (death) in month of 19-05-2011. He is having lic policy. I have deposited all concerned doc to the lic office in April-may. But till to date i haven’t received any kind of information and amount.


    My LIC Policy has matured on 31.03.2012. I have submitted discharge vouchers in LIC OF INDIA Nalgonda Branch II (ANDHRA PRADESH) in May 2012. My maturity claim is not paid till date in spite of my request visits to the LIC Branch. We request you to cause payment of the same together with interest and the premium amounts excessively paid for the months of March to May 2012.
    No intimations are sent to policy holder about maturity of policies please advise the branch officials.

  24. Ram Krishan Goswami

    I have pension Plan policy in my name. the pension due w e f 01.06.2012 I have not received the respected cheques inspite of complaint loged on Delhi Office. No one is attending the telephone No mentioned on the counterfoil of cheques already received related to the previous year.
    Pension plan is 29278 122.
    Early response is requested.
    Thanking you.

  25. we have taken lic profit plus plan number(188) on 21/01/2008.bwe have been paying subscription till date. knowing that there is a decline in the share market, we planned to withdraw the policy. But the lic authorities has not refunded the full money paid as subscription. around 14,000 has been cut from what we paid. please do the needful.

    • You do know that Profit plus is a ULIP? It’s value is linked with stock market. If you withdraw when the stock market is down, it also means that you are withdrawing when your NAV is less. Since you said you got Rs.14000 less than what you paid, the current NAV is less than what it was at the time of ULIP purchase.


    This is to inform you that I have received one email from your side on 22/05/2012 that you have already close my policy& chq. no.603010 on 16.05.2012 rs. 45854 so I am thank full to you .But very sorry to say you after 12 days also I have not received your cheque if you send by post pl send me the bill no or if you deposited on my account then pl send me the transaction id no on my Email id.

  27. i have taken a policy / premium are 2042/- per month. from your side direct marketing supervisor come to my house and take a cheque of rupees 2042/- indian bank, mayur vihar phase -1 cheque no.447840 dated 14-3-2012 this cheque present in my account 14-3-2012 and credit to lic, in between my briefcase lost, i have no no. of policy and no receipt provided me through direct marketing supervisor, i have fill my form /payment made by select through ecs after one cheque debit in my account no more ecs present in my account plesae look this matter..

  28. I paid premium of my policies at LIC premium collection center “wealth city” Bellandor ring road, Bangalore on 2-9-11 of policy No:615822011 Rs 30,000/- and 615550080 Rs 50,000/- by cash are not up dated inspite of payment and issue of bill, my complaints to LIC is of no use and legal notice was also issued, but they ask me to pay the premium, they say that bills are not printed in K.N.Padma portal, the bills are paid in her office and the bills shows her name, I got the report from forensic lab they state that on the same day I paid another 4 bills of small amounts they are updated, but the above bills are not up dated and my complaint to grievance cell is not yet answered, the LIC say that there is vigilance inquiry on the bills, the safety of policy holders amount is the responsibility of LIC, ask them to up date and to take action against the SBA which issued the bills. My agent promptly reported the mater and also sent the lab report to top officials.

  29. pranali. p. gawas

    lic has informed that they have sent the cheque of the matured policy No. 907109395 dtd. 14.03.2012 on 1st March’2012, whereas when inqured with the Bank, they have informed that they have not received any cheque from LIC as on date. I have neither received the cheque on my residence address nor in the Bank till date. When contacted LIC office on phone No. 26267167, she just speaks rudely and does not answer properly. Pl. let us know how to trace the cheque which is sent by LIC. Give me the proper address and telephone number where I can contact for getting the cheque of my matured policy which has already expired on 14th March’2012.

    • LIC cheque would be normally sent to the policy holders’ residential address. Did you change your residence in the recent past?

      If the cheque was sent on 1 March 2012, it will be a post date cheque on 14 March 2012. This does not mean that the cheque is expired. Cheques generally have validity period of 6 months from the date of issue (this is reduced to 3 months from 1 April 2012).

  30. sunil kumar Bharadwaj

    How can I access my account skrbharadwaj

  31. sunil kumar Bharadwaj

    I am having the lic user id (skrbharadwaj). but I m unable to access my account. please help me.


  33. dear sir,
    my policy no 48392537 branch office 481 guwahati all the relative document were submitted on 18/10/2011 & assurance was given to me that your cheque will be dispatched in 2 working date, i lodged complain in lic website bearing no 1112023100,1112023502&1112023799 no response from their site.

  34. please tell me the procedure to register my lic account again ( a fresh one) online as i have lost the password and is not able to get it back even with help question

  35. pollicy no 715247936. policy surrender for encashment through mrs.sarala, 38, anna salai ladies branch CA BRN South india co-op building , Chennai. tapal regarding final settelment have been sent in the name of c. Lakshminarayanan he out of station has been returned by post office.I am the bonafide party and claimint for the said policy tapal beeing mistakenly sent by lic branch the matter may be suitably corrected and setteled to the name of C.Rajam. 90Gandhi Street, Chittlapakkam, Chennai-64 by process With Agent N.C.Sarala immediately.

  36. Dear sir, I had surrendered my policy no-761005677 in the month of August 2011, in R.S.Puram Branch, Coimbatore. At the time, they said server problem so we cant see the surrender value and after two days i went to the branch and again i asked the details of surrender value but they said only after 30 days we can tell the surrender value. please do the quick response and do the needful for the surrender value. kindly help me for this subject. I shall be highly grateful to you for this kind of act.

  37. amar singh rawat

    my tds refund year 2011-12 not received

  38. bhaba sankar das

    My LIC policy No 414106781 has been fully paid through ECS in February 2011, but the ECS debit is still continuing even after full payment of the policy. Lake Town branch Kolkata has surrendered that they are unable to resolve the matter since the matter is beyond their control. You are requested to take it seriously and please do something to stop the ECS deductions against the policy and advise Lake Town branch, Kolkata to pay me the additional deductions made so far along with the interest on the deducted amounts.


    I,have taken a LIC policy no.494767573 dt.17.05.2011 from lic of india,city branch no-10(418) brabourne road,calcutta-1 ,but till date i have not received my original policy bond,what action i can take,please let me know.

  40. ramkishan nagar

    sir my policy n. 203456227 d.o.c. date 22.02.2011 my actual date 28.05.2010. i have complaint branch manager & c.r.m.manager division gwalior m.p. but no preference my complaints. so please correction back date 28.05.2010. im waiting your suggestion ?



  42. SUB : COOLING OFF/CANCELLATION OF POLICY NO 346531203 & 346531046

    1. This is in connection with my Jeevan Surbhi Policy numbers : 346531203 & 346531046. I wish to cool off/cancel both my policies due to the following reasons.

    (a) Till date, I have not got my policy bond documents neither stamped nor unstamped for my personal analysis due to which I always remained in ambiguity regarding the returns of the policies.

    (b) I am very much unaware and unsatisfied by the terms and conditions of these policies.

    (c) Moreover the amount of returns assured by LIC agent through whom I took the policy are fictitious, and much more than the actual. (copy of pamphlet attached) e.g. The amount of final Terminal bonus assured is Rs 10 lacks on each policy which is not factual as the approx amount comes out be Rs 6,56,000 on each policy (41/1000 x 20 x 800000)

    2. Since last one month I have been writing to Senior branch manager LIC of India Branch office
    93, cemetory Road Mehta KI CHAAL,MHOW MP ,from where my policy is issued but there is no response, to the extent I have written to RM CRM zonal office Bhopal and also spoken on phone regarding the case but of no use.

    3. With regards to this you are requested to direct LIC OF INDIA to do the needful & cool off/cancel my policies at the earliest & credit back the amount paid by me as the 1st premium of Rs 1,47,314.

  43. my name is Tejveer Singh policy no 250792574 & last date of premium was 15-09-10.but by mistake two extra installment premium ( OCT’10 & NOV’10) paid to LIC .
    But so many times I reported to LIC office & agent to refund my premium from LIC.but today onward my amount not refund.so pl help me to refund my amount.

  44. i have given to lic 3.4 lakhs cheque for unit link policies through agent. but agent misuse my rupees for another persons policies . now how i recover my money, if agent financially ruined to pay my money.

  45. Dinesh Kumar Tripathi

    Sir, I have not received up to now the Policy Paper of Policy No.222 while I have deposited Rs 20000 on 02/02/2011 in Faizabad Main Branch. Please do inquire in to my case & make available to me so that I should not face further complications.


    Dear Sir,
    I would like to inform you that I have two LIC policies which are having disability benefit and now I am a disable person due to an accident, so that I asked my disability benefit to Life Insurance Corporation of India at Kharagpur Branch through proper channel on July 2010.
    My disability claim no- KGODO/CLAIMS/KBO/186.
    Life Insurance Corporation of India kharagpur divisional office claim department asked me two documents on 04.02.2011.which I was submitted on 28.03.2011.
    Till date I am not getting any correspondent letter or enquirer by Life Insurance Corporation of India.
    I am very much surprise to this unexpected circumstances. as per concern of Life Insurance Corporation of India which is very trust-able and renounce in our Insurance sector.
    I need your attention.

  47. I have appeared for the AAO examinations conducted by LIC on 27th February 2011, but on receiving my hall ticket it was found that my date of birth was written wrongly instead of 10.09.1981, it was 09.09.1981. I contacted several branches but never got a satisfactory reply.When will be the exam conducted again.will i get my birth date corrected.


    i have taken a money back policy named jeevan surabhi from lic of india.My policy no. is 512882837. i have paid all premiums. on the completion of 8th year , i suppose to receive 25,000.00 as money back. but i received only a cheque of rs 22,710.00. pls look into the matter and rest amount be cleared at the earliest.


    My husband approached LIC Office at Sushila Building Panjim, to enquire about Maturity Status of my Policy No. 9301345551 about one & half months back. The officer in-charge was rude with him saying there is still time and that he is busy. After that he visited 3 more times just to remind the date 02-06-2011. My Policy is under Loan and lying with LIC. We don’t know how much we are going to recieve to plan our liabilities. Upto now no form is received to be filled and returned. As Senior Citizens we expect better and decent behavior from PUBLIC Utility Offices. Perhaps they forget that our revenues are feeding them!
    Immediate action in the matter is awaited.

  50. hi , i am umendra ram. my brother sikander ram died , which policy no 115501068, he dead 28 oct 2010 due to dengue fever . for claim i contact to agent , i give him policy bond paper, hospital and mcd death certificate and application. but till date my brother nominee her wife poonam kumari did not get her claim. she is very stress so please do help as soon as possible. mob. no 9911853207

  51. r/sir, I had surrendered my policy no-215637207 in the month of September 2010. but check of surrender amount rs.12576.00 has not yet received. I have given complaint physically to lic office Lucknow on 19 DEC 2010, but no response has been given by office. Again i have given a letter (327369/lic/fri/pf dt 04.03.2011) by registered post sl no 3412 dt 04.03.2011. Again there is no response given by lic Lucknow office. Sir as an army person i have to go posted here and there after every three year, so i am facing so much problem regarding above matter. kindly help me for this subject. I shall be highly grateful to you for this kind of act. Thanking you. my present mobile no is :- 09893568569

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