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ICICI Bank B2 Zero Balance account

We’ve see how to apply for a normal ICICI Bank account online. But that requires one to maintain a quarterly balance of Rs.10000. If you wish to open a zero balance account online, and experience a new kind of banking where everything is virtual, you probably should apply for a B2 (Branch less) banking account.

In B2 savings account, your account doesn’t come under any ICICI Branch. You will simply have a account that can be operated online to send and receive money (and do most other things that you normally do with Internet Banking).

The application process is completely online. Head over to ICICI Bank site and select ‘b2 branchfree banking’ on the left menu. Fill up the application form and also select your choice of login ID and password (and remember them). You will be contacted by a Bank rep to collect your documents, after verifying which, your account will be activated for transactions.

Few things you should note

You will not receive any ATM card or Debit card and hence cannot withdraw money directly from ATM or any ICICI Branch. However, you can transfer money from B2 account to any normal account and then withdraw using that account ATM or debit card.

You will receive a virtual Visa card using which you may perform online transactions as if you have a physical card (all you need is few numbers).

If you have any issues, you can chat with support online in your B2 Dashboard. ICICI Branches may not be able to assist you in this case.

You will also not receive any cheque book.

So all in all, this kind of account is completely online, and you will have nothing physically to tell, ‘hey, I really own this account’.

For me, I’m really not sure why anyone would want this kind of a banking account. May be it’ll save them a few rupees in account and card maintenance charges but apart from that, with the effort that it takes (and document verification process that follows), one can easily open a normal banking account and get everything physically apart from all virtual things that a B2 offers.

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