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FCI Joining process

Here you can discuss everything related to the FCI joining process; the appointment letters, the formalities, posting region etc.

Congratulations to all those who are selected. I wish you all have a long and successful career at FCI. Work for the people.

For all those who’re not selected, as many already said, this is not the end of the road in any way. Better opportunities are always ahead.

(Use English as much as possible in the comment section below).

Note: If you are a new recruit and have a doubt, please first search for it in the comments below using ctrl+f and the keyword. For example, if you want to know about accommodation; press ctrl+f (without + symbol) and type accommodation and navigate to every mentioned of the word.

For your benefit, here are some points from the below discussion:

Accommodation: This is very limited. Mostly, there won’t be any accommodation and people will have to search for one on their own. However, FCI will provide you with HRA. In some areas like Punjab, it seems, the RO has provided accommodation to all trainees.

Training: This will be for 6 days. For Technical and Accounts people, there will be 3 additional days of training.

After training: There will be no gap between training and job. One will be posted to any location in the state and will have to report there immediately.

Job Profiles: It seems AG III Depot is the most tiresome of all. One will have to be in the godown and will have to deal with maintaining records of loading and unloading of stuff etc. Some say they may even have to deal with cases filed against them. Rest of the cadres (General, Technical, Accounts) are based in an office setup and can be relatively easily managed.

Mutual Transfer: I’m not sure about this (any informed person can correct this), but from the comments below, it seems transfer is only possible after 1 year of work. And that too, with in the same zone. In case you want to completely go to a different zone, it will affect in your seniority in the future.


  1. Joining letters kab ayega.

  2. what is the mean of nomination in fci? and what is the process of it please tell me.

    • Nomination means all your certificates have been verified and the file is sent to fci office, now fci will send appointment letters. Don’t know how much time it may take.

  3. Please share experience of working in technical cadre.

  4. Hai all, I have been selected for the technical and my name s mentioned in the 1st nomination list, what does this nomination list mean, and how much time will it take for the joining process still. Where can I expect my posting I am from Hyderabad.

  5. Hi all. I was selected for ag3 technical south zone. SSC south zone has published the nomination list. But i couldn’t find my name and it published only 100 names, what about others.

    • bunadri srikanth

      I’m also selected for ag3 technical south zone. May be we will find our names in second nomination list of another date. Please share any information about recruitment process.

    • they will give another nomination list..

  6. Hi, i am selected in south zone depot. I wanted to know what is the job of AG3 in depot being a lady is it worth working in depot/godown. Please reply is there any choice of changing from depot to general.

    • Hi, I m also selected in south zone depot. Work of AG3 depot is to loading and unloading the stuff. Girls can do it.
      there is no way to change depot to gen..

      • I am from Hyderabad and I am selected for south zone AG3 technical. Can anybody know the role of AG3 technical person?
        When can i expect appointment order from FCI?
        Do we get it by post or through internet?
        Please provide me information if anybody knows.

        • Hai Ajay , even I am selected for south zone AG3 Technical only, I am from Hyderabad itself. I have called to FCI people , they are not giving any info regarding , they are just saying date election code’s there , so the process will move further after the elections. Even I am eagerly waiting for the appointment letter. If you get any info regarding please share.

          • Hi radhika, i have also nominated for the southzone technical and i am from hyderabad, if you got the appointment letter please let me know.

  7. I am selected in fci ag 3 technical for north zone, when we get appointment letter, if any got the appointment letter please share on this, what is the next procedure after nomination list please tell me I am waiting for your fruitful response.

    • jyothiswar reddy

      After nomination by respective regional offices of ssc. It depends on time taken by respective regional offices of ssc. If your dossier is forwarded early from your regional office then you will get appointment soon. If all the records submitted by you at the time of verification at cpt is clear and no doubt about your candidature then your dossier(all information pertaining to your examination) will be forwarded to fci head quarters, then your will appt soon. Generally clear cases will be sent as a group and that group will get appt soon, unclear classes will get appt in the next batch.

    • deepcvhand kumawat

      15-20 days after you will get your appointment letter.

  8. Kya koi second revise list aayegi please tell me coz technical me 1053 seats khali rakh di h or mere cpt error sirf 10.9% he

  9. deepcvhand kumawat

    I am selected in fci technical assistant ag3 from north zone. kya is vacancy me obc ko age relaxation milega?

  10. Hello the new comers….
    WelcoMe to FCI!! :)

    I have joined FCI in the previous SSC Batch. I have got lot of information and updates from this site and i thank Admin sahib.. :)

    For you all..
    Appointment letters will be issued may be after minimum of three months atleast!!
    Happily enjoy your last vacations.

    FCI is one of the comfortable jobs except some cadres and places.
    Nothing to worry.

    Genuine queries are welcome

    • Hi dear senior!
      I have got selected for the South Zone (rank 219) in technical cadre. What are my prospects of getting posted in my home state(Kerala)?

      • Hi rajesh,
        could you please let me know how we will come to regarding appointment letters, will they publish in ssc web sites?

    • Hi Rajesh
      I am selected for AG3 tech, south region. Do you have any idea about the exact nature of work for tech cadre.
      Where are you working now?

    • Do we have to work on Saturdays?

    • Hi sir, having some queries regarding fci depot. Want 2 discuss that with you. Can i get your mail id ?

    • Sir, i am selected for east zone. Can i know the in hand salary and allowances job profile of technical post please sir my career depend upon this.

    • Hi, after nomination by the ssc now what is the next step to join FCI taken by fci.

    • Dear Brother,

      Yesterday april 18th SSC southern region has published the nomination list in which only 100 persons get nominated in technical side. Please let me know whether any additional list will be posted and whether all in recommendation list will get appointment.

      • Please check sscsr region where in you will find your name in nomination list if you belong to Andhra/tamil nadu.
        for candidates from kerala, karnataka and lakshadweep check ssckarnataka site.

    • Hello sir , I have been selected in the 1st nomination list Technical side, You have mentioned that job profile is comfortable except some , what does this mean? is technical job profile good? what will be the profile sir.

  11. In 2012, the “List for appointment” was published in August and the first batch of people received the appointment letters in December asking them to join in about a month.

    This time (2013), the “List for appointment” was published in March 2014. So, the first batch would probably get the appointment letters in July asking them to join in August.

    The process is painfully slow. The notification for these posts came out in August 2012. The first batch is going to join in August 2014. The entire process took 2 whole years! Ridiculous!!

    • hi
      friends i got selected in south zone ag 3 when could we expect the joining letters any idea?
      i feel that again issue of these letters would take a lot of time.

  12. Please latest update of appointment process of fci SSC.

  13. Hello every one just 3 days back we got latest results of AG III its been one and half year already and its too late. Can any one say now how many days we have to wait to get appointment letter. And one more question is how they will appoint to respective cities in the zone.

    • Hello Deepthi,
      I want to know in which zone you’re selected
      My self Vishal Gupta I’m selected in North East Zone but I live in UP (Bareily)
      by fault I first proffered North East Zone, then North.

      • hello vishal,
        I am from south and also selected to south zone

        • dear deepthi , i think you are the right candidate to know when the posting orders will be despatched.
          i am selected for south zone in hyderabad. Please intimate when you receive yours.

          thanks and regard.

          • Hello! i contacted an employer from FCI. She said it may take 3 to 5 months. Actually after the seniors transfers, FCI will send us appointment letters to us. As then only they will come to know the vacant positions.

        • hi friends this is Ajay kumar. I have been selected for south zone AG3 tech. When will we receive appointment letters?

    • I came to know that appointment will be done after election mean while SSC have to hand over the dossier to fci and appointment letter will be send to individuals by fci (will take around 2-3 months more ). Regarding posting , it will be carried out by regional offices of the respective zones and cities shall be decided latter only and will be done in random.

  14. Will any body throw some light on comparing sbi clerk and fci assistant. I mean salary, accommodation, job profile, thanks.

    • It has been well discussed before. Use ctrl+f on this page and input sbi clerk.

    • Dear Admin, please i need some information. Please go through my query n provide me with a solution or provide me with the information that u have related to my query.
      ” How many nominated lists of selected candidates is published by SCC for FCI AG3 posts in their websites? To be clear, does SSC release only one nominated list or more? For example, if in a nominated list over all 700 candidates are selected, of which 400 join and remaining don’t join.Then does SSC release another list of candidates who are in order of merit so that other candidates get a chance to get employment. Please do reply, very urgent. I gave my exam on nov 2012 for FCI AG 3. Hope you would answer my question. Thank you very much well in advance.

      • I don’t work for FCI but a simple search for ‘FCI AG3 wait list’ gave me a wait list of people as per merit list. So I guess yes if the candidates in the first list don’t join then the next best candidates should be employed. That’s what wait lists are for.
        Is this what you’re asking?

  15. My letter has not come yet. I’m also waiting. Can anyone tell when next list will be published?

  16. FCI is the worst job, I joined and also left.

  17. Sabki joining aa gayee kya koi naya post nahi?

  18. @ Mintu, thank you for the information, do you know what does “candidature under verification” mean.

  19. @ Sanjeev, sir do you have any idea when my join will come? my candidature status was “candidature under verification”.

  20. @ mintu fci north zone has published list of 72 candidates but name is still not there, so now can you tell me when the other next list will be published?

    • @divya , after receiving the dossier from ssc, they will be published the region allotment list.

    • One divya is in third list, from patna bihar, is that not you?

      • @ Mintu my full name is Divya Tiwari, in nomination list my status was shown as “candidature under verification” and ssc RO told us that dossier was sent on 28 nov so can you guess when this list will be published?

        • @divya, my dossier was sent to fci on 28th sept and I got my joining letter on 7th dec, so I think you will get your call letter in feb or march.

    • I am nominated to west zone from south for ag3 tech on 3/12/2012. When i will get my appointment order. I am very much tensed. What is the delay.

  21. Anybody need mutual transfer from wb to punjab ag 3 tech contact me.

  22. @ sanjeev, sir do you have any idea when the third list of north zone will be published?

  23. Any one have to join on 30th jan at panchkula, haryana?

  24. Joined FCI today on 29-12-2012 as AG-III (Technical) in Regional Office Haryana, Panchkula.

    • What was your experience please share here. Will they provide accommodation during training.

    • Hello Shoyab
      how was the experience of joining and are they providing you accommodation?

    • @shoyab Please share, have they provided any accommodation, or some time to set accommodation and when they posted you at depot?

      • At R.O. Haryana, there is no accommodation provided during training. Although they have assured that they will provide Rs.300 per day for staying (Not sure). Right now training is going on (6 days combined + 3 days extra for Tech and Accounts people). Posting will be provided after that.

        • Hi shoyab, please mention how will you manage your accommodation during training period where did you stay and did you get your posting.

  25. Who are the superior officers (other than dm and sdm)from whom we can get our conduct certificate attested? Do we need to produce our conduct certificate (from college) for their attestation? I’m asking this since I have not received my conduct certificate from college. What are the other options?

  26. Hi, anyone any idea when will next list of north zone be published?

  27. Hi I was selected in the final list of FCI 2012 AG 3 post in technical cadre from eastern region but did not find my name on the nomination list. When i contacted RO they said my documents have been sent to SSC HQ for verification. Its been almost a month and still no updates. I am really worried now..Is anybody in here who have faced same kind of problem? Thanks to all.

    • Hi sipra, its sunny. I have also got candidature under verification, i don’t know what happened, RO told me the same thing. I’m qualified for technical north region.

  28. Hi everybody
    I got offer letter and asked to submit my latest caste (OBC) certificate (did not mentioned any time). I have the certificate taken during verification (31/05/12). Now I was in a confusion do i need to take a new one or the previous one is sufficient?
    Can any one help me please.

    • It is enough. Latest means its below one year i think so. If its more than one year go for the new certificate apply it once again.

  29. There are some question going around on new recruits are some common answers:

    1 -No matter whenever you join fci, either this year or next year, you panel year would be same for considering seniority it means your seniority list will truly lie upon your marks and rank got in ssc exam, your joining date and time won’t be considered in respect of seniority.

    2- If you guys are looking for Zone transfer, it comes under Inter zonal Transfer, last year, a new inter zonal policy was introduced by FCI, it states that you can get inter zonal transfer only in two conditions
    (a)- If your spouse is a state government / central govt / PSU employee, and you want to make transfer on this spouse background
    (b)- If any person is having a serious disease and he is truly dependent on you, then your can might be considered for Inter zonal transfer

    In both the cases, you would loose your seniority, and would be placed at the lowest seniority number, however your salary part will not hampered.

  30. Hi I am selected from ap to west zone for ag3 tech. I am nominated on 3/12/2012. When will i get my offer letter and my probable date of joining.

  31. Can i get transfer to other zone on permanent basis (home region) as my wife is working in state govt.

  32. Hi,
    Anybody posted to raipur (chattisgarh) here? Plz reply. Everybody i know is saying things against the living conditions there.

    I have also been selected for bank clerk (posting mostly hometown). Which one should i select? somebody plz advice.

  33. @ sanjeev Hi, can you tell what does “candidature under verification” mean?

    • It means you have the complete eligibility qualification and your credentials i.e your mark sheets and your caste certificate if any. This is required at the time of joining.

  34. harish kumar badgortra

    My exam was held in 11-11-2012. I’m commerce graduate. I clear my exam but I applied for the post of account, general, depot. But my first exam result shown in technical for the (paper -3). I’m prepared for the paper of 2(for the post of acc, gen, dept). So answer me quickly what can i do.

  35. Hi
    351 candidates list got posted in north was published today. I got posted in rajasthan. Any body got posted in rajasthan please reply.


  37. Hi..
    I got offer letter to join MH Region for AG-3 Technical. Can anyone please tell salary split and take home salary.

    • I have also been intimated to join in MH region

    • Basic – 9580 (If you join before 1st jan 13 then one increment adds in your basic i.e 9300*3%=280, so its 9300+280=9580)
      DA@67.3% – 6898
      Total: 16478

      Now CPF@12% – 1977

      Basic+DA-CPF = 14501

      HRA@10% – 958

      Medical Fixed – 625

      Tiffin – 250

      Transport – 413

      Operational – 125
      Medical Fund – 60

      BF – 10
      Basic+DA-CPF+HRA+MF+Tra+Tiff+OA-MF-BF=16802/-(17K approx)

  38. Hey there, I’m new to this website. I’m working in fci RO haryana Panchkula….you can query here.

    • Hi,
      I got appointment letter (Tech) and asked to join on or before 15 jan 2013, Tamil Nadu RO. Is it necessary to join before 15th? I mean, if am joining on 15th, will it affect the seniority? Or is it ok to join on 15th & the documents are told to reach the RO before 30-12-2012. Should it be handed personally?

    • Hello sanjeev, firstly thanks for being here to help the new comers. I am from gurgaon and i got posting in north east. Still appointment letter is not sent to me. Is there any way to migrate to north as north east is not considered good 4 gals. How much time it would take to migrate back 2 north zone..kindly suggest..

      • pooja : North east gets some bad image and I’m shocked to see that you have been allotted that region as you’re a girl but if you are allotted a zone you got to go there at once and after 1 year you are eligible to put a own request transfer request but in that case you can choose only north east states as your selected region. In case you want to transfer yourself to north zone you have to sacrifice your seniority.

        • @sanjeev- thanks a lot for the info. I visited headquarters today and they also said you cant change until you join..bhle north region k seats vacant rahe still tab bhi they will call another candidates from lower merit. But once i am allotted north east, it would be the same.

        • Hi Sanjeev. I got posting in zonal office Maharashtra. I am asked to join on or before 15 Jan 2013. And also I have to acknowledge the acceptance before 30 Dec. If I join on 15 Jan, with all the required documents, will there be any problem. I mean i did not understand the seniority thing. How will joining some days later will affect the seniority. Please help.

          • @monica– join on or before means.. 15th jan is the last date to join, you can join before too, i would suggest you to join before 15th Jan so in case if somehow any problem regarding documents verification occur, you can easily rectify within time.

            don’t worry, whenever you join, your seniority will be depend upon your ranks and marks got in ssc exam..

          • Yes of course a single day matters a lot. I’ll suggest you should join as soon as you can….

    • Hi Sanjeev,
      I’m from AP posted in Panchkula and yet join on 29th dec. AG-III Tech is my post.
      Please tell me
      1. what is the procedure for joining.
      2. What about training and where? and how many days?
      3. accommodation? whether FCI provides or not in training after training ?
      4. How much time we can get for shifting my family to panchkula, If that was my actual posting place? whether they will give leave?
      5. Can we get posting in any where in North zone or in Haryana? because I want south. Is transfer possible immediately after joining or after how many years it is possible?

      please answer these Questions with patience.
      Thanks a lot.
      Pramod on 20.12.12

      • @ Pramod : Procedure for joining is very simple. You just have to follow the instructions which have been written in your offer letter like acceptance of the offer letter and the date of joining etc. Most of the TA staff recruited for haryana region is basically from AP region. Your training is proposed in first week of jan and is of approximately 7 days and will be conducted in Panchkula only. No accommodation is provided to you but you get TA & DA for the same. No time is given to you after training you will be posted to RO or at district office or at a depot purely depending on the requirement and decision of RO officers. If you were allotted to Haryana Region you will not have posting outside Haryana Region. In case of transfer you can get after 1 year by putting a own request transfer application but in that case too you can only put transfer request for north zone only because zone cannot be changed. It can only be changed in a special case where you lose your seniority. Hope you get all your answers..

        • Hi Sanjeev,
          First of all thanks for the info provided.
          losing seniority doesn’t matter for me as I will be near my home town then.
          But it is still one year left to take decision.
          Thanks once again.
          I just wanna ask one more question that what will the working days be for a week and how can I plan to shift my family as early as possible?

    • Hi Sanjeev
      Will you please tell us what will be in hand salary in FCI Assistant grade III Depot. I had received my appointment letter for Borivali Mumbai and will they give us accommodation atleast for some days after joining…

      • You will get a basic of 9300+DA 67.3 % + some other allowances, after deduction you will get in hand salary about 15500. On Jan 1 you will get a increment and your basic becomes 9580 then you will get around 16400 in hand….

    • Hi Sanjeev
      Will you please tell us what will be in hand salary in FCI Assistant grade III Depot. I had received my appointment letter for Borivali Mumbai and will they give us accommodation atleast for some days after joining…

    • I have been intimated to join in boravali east (mumbai) what would be the in hand salary in mumbai region?

      What is the job profile of FCI Tech cadre?

    • How should we communicate the acceptance of offer? Is it through sending a signed copy or we have to go there in personal?

    • @sanjeev
      Can we resign anytime during probation?

    • When will haryana ro dispatch letter for 3rd list of 351 candidate?

    • Hello,
      Sir, can i join 2-3 months later because I’m doing my msc last semester. Is there any provision for late joining or taking medical leave?

      • @sameer, You can take extension before joining. What so ever be the region allotted to you, go there and meet personally with your documentary evidences, you will get extension easily.

    • @ sanjeev sanjeev ji haryana RO 351 wali list k offer letter kab issue karega?

  39. When fci is going to display the 3rd list of AG 3 candidates?

  40. Have any one joined ag3 technical in north zone?? Pls share after joining formalities.

  41. Anyone from Trivandrum joining FCI AGIII(Depot)? Then, do tell me the procedure to get conduct certificate and medical certificate attested.

    • Hi dhan,
      I am joining Fci trivandrum (gen). I don’t have a clue how to proceed with conduct certificate and medical. Please let me also know the procedure, if you come to know.

      • @Dhan
        To get character certificate is very simple. First you need to get the certificate attested by any gazetted officer to whom you are known. Then take the form to civil station (in kudapanakunnu) and meet RDO (who is the SDM) . He will attest the certificate.

        • @jith. How many days are required for the conduct certificate to get attested? Wht about the medical?

          • If you are from TVM, you can visit General Hospital, General Hospital Junction ,Trivandrum for getting the medical Certificate. It wont take more than two to three days for getting the same.

      • @jith did you get your conduct certificate attested? I don’t know from where i have to start from. If you have done it, kindly let me know.

        • Yes, I got it.
          1. Get the character certificate filled and attested by any gazetted officer. This person has to fill the form saying he knows you for this and this many years and months (Make sure his name, his name seal and office seal are present)
          2. Now take a copy of the character certificate and write an application letter to the SDM, saying you need this certificate for joining Fci. Paste a court fee stamp of value five rupees on this letter.
          3. Produce all the above mentioned to the SDM(RDO) office in Civil Station, Kudapanakunnu along with following photostats – 10th marksheet copy, your id card copy, your father’s id card copy, ration card copy, a copy of original appointment letter from Fci. (These are the things i submitted. Don’t know exactly what are the necessary documents).
          4. The SDM will just attest the original certificate and give it back to you. Just make sure his sign, his name seal and office seal are present.
          5. I got it on the same day itself. Just had to wait for around 1 hour.

    • Conduct certificate means certificate of character, you must have the performa you have to get it attested by your local SDM. Medical certificate can be attested by CMO of your local district..

  42. Info. about new recruitment joining process: As per first list of 451 candidate announce by North Zone, Punjab region allotted
    (39-Depot out of 123)
    (Gen-16 out of 75)
    (QC-87 out of 220) and
    (A/Cs-7 out of 19).

    But it is shocking that only
    (Depot-12 out of 39)
    (Gen-4 out of 16)
    (QC-66 out of 87) and
    (A/Cs-2 out of 7)
    join the R.O. Pb.

    And some new joining are asking that if they are allotted any District Unit, they immediately resign the job. They want posting at R.O. level.

    • Hi rakesh, why is this so that candidates didn’t join? I’m from north and i got north east, but still waiting for appointment letter. Will you please help that anyhow i can try 4 north on request or any other mode. I’m ready 2 accept any region in north. North east is not good for girls, that’s why..kindly help.

      • I don’t know how and why you have an opinion that NE is not good for girls. I understand people see NE states as some alien region, but believe me, you’ll see some of the nicest people on earth in those states. I don’t know in which state you will get posting but I have worked in Meghalaya for 3 years while I was with SBI. Absolutely fantastic people; very respectable and very civilized. And more over, very little gender preference among people.

        • Thanks admin. But I’m not concerned much but my parents are because its very far from home, we had never been there, no relative, accommodation problem and all. Just these things make them worried so i was trying to find out to be here only; anywhere in north. But i think that’s not possible. Still no problem. I value this job and I’m happy to hear good about NE region. Hope i too have a good experience.

          • Hi Pooja…
            Don’t worry. I’m also selected for NE zone from South, Technical! I saw your name in the list..
            I have made many inquiries and gathered lot of info on our zone and nothing to worry. Very good environment and work load is less, also we will get around 2,000/- more salary than other zones!! Its just lack of awareness on that place making it complicated…
            Happy to know atleast you from that zone..

            Thanks to Admin for providing a positive feedback and encouraging words…
            Sir pls reply about the cost of living there and availability of houses for rent…
            Thank you sir…

            • There are no big metro cities in NE region so even if you get posted in state capitals like Dispur (Guwahati), Shillong etc, your expenses shouldn’t be more than any other smaller city in India.
              Back then, I stayed in shillong for 3 years in a rented flat for around Rs.3000 a month (paid by SBI).

            • @rajesh- Thanks for the info. Happy to hear good words from you. Please intimate if you got the appointment letter because i didn’t saw any NE candidate getting letter and our exact joining place would be known after reaching RO Guwahati? And if you come to know any accommodation related info, pls update. Thanks again.

  43. I have a doubt. Can one resign any time we want (during probation) after joining FCI as Assistant grade- III?

  44. When will be the third selection list of north zone will come?

  45. I am from north zone and selected in West Zone Depot.
    I didn’t get my appointment letter yet. If any got the appointment letter in West Zone, then please let me know.

  46. Hi friends i am from south zone. I got my appointment letter on 15/12/12 to join AP region Tech.

    • Hi praveen, when did they tell you to join? Any information regarding the joining because me too selected for south (AP) tech but not yet received the appointment letter. So please inform me.

    • Can you please let me know, where you got appointment / place of posting?

      • Hi friends. I have received letter from FCI today and its not an appointment order; some forms. We have to fill and submit in the Hyderabad regional office before 9 th january.

        • Its the appointment order only. Just check the place and date of reporting. I received my appointment order today morning and I couldn’t see the letter as my parents are out of station and me too out of station by tomorrow evening I’ll be knowing of it.

        • Yes it is not a appointment order. It is offer letter. You have to submit all the forms (medical, sub divisional magistrate, Identity certificate) to regional office HYD to get appointment letter and place of posting. Getting character certificate from RDO is a major task. It may take one week or more.

    • Hi I am sharath from south zone. I got my appointment letter today…

  47. West zone ki list aa gayi hai.

  48. I got offer letter…south region..asked to join on 9-1-2013…

  49. Hi,
    I am from south zone (kerala) and selected for General post. I received the offer letter today. Asked to join by 11th January at Trivandrum Regional office.

  50. Anyone have any idea when will the remaining 691 candidates selected for north zone will get their appointment letter? When will 3 rd list be published on fci website.

  51. Hi everyone…
    Do anyone have the 1st or 2nd list of 451 posted candidates for north zone. Now this list is not there on the fci website.

  52. Hi, is there anyone else whose candidature is “candidature under verification”?

    • Hi divya i am from east region and my candidature is under verification.

      • @ Sipra , hi did you get any information or instructions about action to be taken by such candidates or any other information in this regard?

        • I contacted regional office of eastern region 1 month before. They told me our dossiers are sent to Delhi for verification and they will let us know by letter. However,I didn’t get any communication so far. Did you get any?

  53. What about the candidates of west zone?

    • Enquire at (022) 28947060.

    • Go to the fci website and then
      zonal regional west zone
      go to personal and in recruitment 2012
      there is a list of candidate of west zone and there is the state allotment list
      and everyone from west zone will get their joining letter with in 10 days coz joining deadline is 15 JAN 2013 and all letter has been dispatched from respective regional offices.

  54. I have received my appointment letter on 8-12-2012 for AG-III technical for Panchkula (Haryana). The date for joining is 29-12-2012. Anybody joining by this date at Panchkula contact me. My FB id is ‘singhbal265′.

    • Hi friends,
      I have received and told to report the duty on 29th dec. at regional office Panchkula. My Doubt is what will be the acceptance letter? Because I have sent my acceptance in written in a separate paper( but not any of the forms given along with the offer letter).
      Is it Ok?
      I also enclosed my offer letter (xerox) to the letter.
      Mr. Baljeet please mention how You have communicated?
      Pramod katikala

  55. Hello Friends..
    I have received my appointment letter for AG III (Tech.) from Haryana Region and I have to join on 29/12/2012 at Regional Office Panchkula..My name was in the second list of allotment (in 451 candidates).

    • What are the joining formalities? Have they demanded any thing other than character and medical fitness certificates?

      • The enclosed forms are as follows:
        1. Attestation form
        2. Medical fitness certificate which is in a proper format and we need to get it completed by the CMO
        3. Latest caste certificate (if applicable)
        4. Character certificate which we need to get attested from District Magistrate , SDM or higher officer
        5. Cardex form
        6. Statement of immovable property
        7. Candidate’s declaration form and
        8. Certificate of marital status.

  56. Did anyone received appointment letter from west zone?

  57. Can somebody tell about whom to call for enquiring about appointment orders? I am for the west region.

  58. Bro,
    I am helpless because FCI sent me an attestation form and they said if I unable to communicate within 14.12.2012 or my appointment will be cancelled.
    I just want to know, if I can FAX or Email my attestation documents to them, is that okay?
    OR I have to sent by post, because I don’t think with in 14th my documents can reach Chandigarh, Punjab WHICH IS MY POSTING. PLEASE REPLY.

    • kapilkumar.yadavally

      Don’t worry bro. Go to office in person where you are supposed to report your joining along with the appointment letter.

    • Hi,
      Are you from First list 451 candidates?
      Because I’m also from the same list but I haven’t got the letter yet.
      I’m from south posting at Haryana.
      Please help whom to call for the postal delay if any?

  59. Hello friends..
    As informed to us by ‘Deep’, the stay as directed by the Delhi High Court has been lifted up with one post kept vacant for the petitioner..Information available on the Court’s website.

    Any one else from north region received the offer letter?

  60. If anyone receives the appointment letter in the south zone please let me know. I am very tensed because I have provided the address for communication as kolkata but I am currently at my permanent residence in Bangalore. So please inform me if anyone gets it…

    • Yes friend i got joining letter on 28 nov2012. I’m told to join in lucknow, but i don’t know that whether there is any bond sign?

      • To which region you got appointment and when will fci dispatch appointment letters for south zone.

      • @alok..
        First of all many many congratulation for receiving the appointment letter… would you kindly tell me the joining date as per letter and the training period….

    • kapilkumar.yadavally

      Only the people who have opted for north region have received their appointment, but not the candidates who opted for south region…

  61. Lot of you have been asking about the Delhi Court case. So here is the link for it. Anything related to the court case, please discuss by replying to this comment so that it won’t get lost among other comments.

    Credits to Rajesh for providing the case number.

    • Technical par jo stay lagi thi delhi court se ab vo hat chuki hai last hearing 30 ko hui thi usme ye decision liya gya ye but aap log confirm kar sakte hai 09041038502 ye chandigarh office k number h jo mere joining letter k sath contact k liye diye the or mai technical candidate hu meri joining 21 december se h or training 23-31 tk.


      • @deep and all friends kya ye really hath chuka hai? We are very much worried about it. Whom to ask for Delhi region tech cadre.

      • Hi,
        First of all congratulations to you.
        If the stay on that case was removed by the court, the candidates in the 451 members list published by North zone FCI will get appointment orders or not?
        If yes when will be the possible date of appointment for those people?
        what the AGM told you please share with us if You know!
        If any body not received the appointment orders in time… what such people supposed to do? Please clarify.
        This was dated 03.12.12

    • Does this affect candidates in non-technical streams?

    • Case status show that re notify on 30/11. But they didn’t notify.

      • Yes I called chandigarh regional office and he said the case it striked off, as he heard from an AGM from HQ via phone. But written information is still not available. May be by Monday, they will get written information about the case being striked off.

  62. SSC North Zone has uploaded a list who were having “Under process” and Pending status…

    Court case regarding Technical cadre is true and refer Delhi court site for its status
    Case no: W.P. (C). 5689/2012.

    • Hi,
      What about the case?
      North zone FCI already given postings for about 1300 members (total of two lists).
      It means These candidates who got postings also will be suffered from Court case?
      My Question is the candidates in those two lists will surely get the appointment letters na?
      Please reply.
      and I have not got the appointment letter yet. I’m in the 451 candidates list in FCI web.

    • Hi, i am north region candidate posted for north east region in technical cadre. I didn’t get the appointment letter yet due to some problem in nomination status. I visited hq, ssc delhi and cleared the doubt but still my nomination is same as the list is not updated. My name is not in the under process or pending ones also. Where to check now my status?

  63. Thank you for information Shakti , does this also mean that my joining will be late?

    • @ divya

      FCI Headquarter send an email to all RO that do not dispatch offer letter to candidates selected for technical cadre, candidates who have already got the letter, will be suitably intimated by RO’s for new date of joining as directions given by HQ/Delhi high court.

      • Hi but I am selected in Gen (North zone), court case has been filed for technical cadre.

        • @ divya.. Then no worry for you. Just get all the documents ready for joining.

          • Yes, but my status in the nomination list was as “candidature under verification” and I have still not received any letter, when I approached SSC(RO) they said that they have sent such candidates documents to SSC(HQ), no detailed information was given by them. Does that mean my joining will be late?

  64. Is it true that somebody have lodged an FIR against ssc fci ag iii technical vacancies and then fci have stayed joining of ag iii technical candidate?

  65. Hi, is there anyone else who is having the same problem i. e. “candidature under verification”?

  66. FCI north zone has uploaded second list of 451 candidates with their allotted regions….
    Offer letters will be issued to them in 10 days
    Find the list in FCI-north zone-press releases-list of 451 candidates

    lets wait for the other zones to upload their lists…

  67. If somebody has any idea about “candidature under verification” please tell me.

    • It means SSC has not clearly verified your documents, they have not forwarded dossier to FCI, once it is verified, they will send to FCI.

  68. Hi can anyone plz tell me about the nomination status P under process what does it mean. I am selected in ag3 technical from north region and in the list of 770 candidates my name is not included. I am very tensed what will i need to do to overcome this problem help me.

    • Rajani have you seen your status in the nomination list which is on ssc (cr) site over there your status is ‘nominated’ (R. N. 301007843)

      • Divya this is not my roll no. and I’m selected from north region and my full name is rajani bala but thanks for your information.

    • I received appointment letter from chandigarh office of fci joining date is 14 December.

    • Due to court case in delhi high court for technical cadre, FCI stopped sending offer letter to technical people. Who have already got their letters, they will be intimated suitably for new joining dates as directions given by FCI HQ.

  69. I have got selected in AG iii Gen for north zone my rank is 42, my nomination status is ‘candidature under verification’ could anyone please tell me what does it mean?

  70. When will the appointment letters be sent to the people selected from the south zone?

  71. What are the required documents and process after getting your name for posting in FCI website, but i have not received the appointment letter yet. Should I wait for appointment letter or should start the documentation work…Someone guide me. I am confused now.

  72. To Jo….
    Even my condition is the same! I m allotted to north east zone from south…
    Accommodation facility is there in only in few cities with limited chances for the new joinees!!
    Until you were placed to specific place after training, you may not know about this…
    Dont worry

    • @rajesh

      Thank you for your reply. If they don’t tell anything prior to joining, what should we do? be ready with our own arrangements?

  73. .. As per the latest update from FCI Site , FCI already shortlisted few North candiates ( 254 Technical,360 Depot,51 Accounts,105 General) and there is no information about the other four zones…
    Do anyone have any updates about West & South Joining Dates / whether we can expect the same by Dec End / Then when will be the Joining Date…
    Please reply..


  74. Hello everybody. Can someone tell if FCI provides accommodation? Seeing as they post people from one area in some other area…. not everyone has contacts/acquaintances in the area of posting. I am from south allotted west. I do not have anyone in all the 5 states of west zone. So what about accommodation? Anybody who has received joining letter plz tell if they have mentioned anything regarding accommodation in the letter?

  75. Yes i have seen today what about other zones list any information.

    • HI,
      Can anybody please tell the route FCI– Personnel?

      If that was the list for 770 candidates .. what about others?
      This was posted on 19.1.12

  76. FCI has uploaded a file with list of candidates selected for North zone and even mentioned their allocated regions…!! You can see in FCI website under Personnel section…

    • Cannot find the above said list in personnel section of FCI website pls help…

    • Hi, rajesh sir can you give the exact link in the personal section of fci. I’m not able to recognize that. I would be much obliged to you. Thanks.

      • Thanks rajesh for info…yuppy i got it, link is as below

        see this posting list its wonderful……if you got ag3 tech in north zone.

    • I can’t see any such file bro.

      • Link is not allowed to post here!
        Follow these steps
        fci website, select north zone, personnel>employees corner> recruitment>list of 770 candidates
        Waiting for other zones also to upload!

        • In some other comment by ‘dev’, I shortened the link and allowed it to be posted. Instead of posting very long links, which is difficult for everyone to even copy, you can shorten it by using and post here (without ‘http’). I will certainly allow it.

          • @admin, the process u follow for link is very complicated, so allow the link as natural otherwise, people will always be confused, and they find it very difficult. I posted the link for the benefits of the follower of this blog, else your wishes but let the people know about the useful info.

            • From the stats I see, the short link that I edited (from your original full link) has been clicked/used 54 times in 2 days. So rest assure that people are seeing your link. If you don’t have the time to shorten the link, just post the full link and I will shorten it. But shortening is very essential for our site management.

        • Thanks Rajesh for the path provided.
          Please add updates If you know.
          I’m selected for the post of Technical from south and nominated to North.
          Pramod on 20.11.12

    • sir, what about the west zone list if somebody have information please give link….

    • I want to know that I joined in FCI Assistant Grade III in Central zone I belong to Bihar and I want joining state in Bihar any District then what will I do for this purpose.

  77. @ Admin !!!

    Happy Diwali Sir Ji!! Kaise ho aap?

    @ Pranay

    Pranay Ji !! Ki haal ?? Kaise chal raha hai FCI mai?? Hamara din to Customer ke saath sar ghapane aur Manager ki khari khoti sunnane mai chala jaata hai.. lol :p

    Happy Diwali Bro !!!

    @ FCI Colleagues

    Happy and Prosperous Diwali to all of you…

    S J M (Asst. Manager, Scale-I, Vijaya Bank)
    Ex. FCI- AG III (Depot).

    • Happy Diwali to you too, Manager saab :) Its fantastic to see you guys go great distances in your careers. All the best.

    • dear SJM,
      I got selected in FCI-2011-12 in Asst.III(depot) and want to know about the job profile. Can you tell me?

    • @ SJM
      sab kuch badiya chal raha hai yaar. Happy Diwali. Sorry for late wishes Kai mahino baad ye blog dikha. I am in regional office Lucknow. And I am happy and satisfied with my job.
      @ Admin
      Hello Sir Ji, kaise hain aap. All well?
      @ All
      FCI me general cadre ki job sabse jyada acchi hai. Office work hai. Tension nahi hai, work pressure bhi kam hai compare to all other cadres.

  78. Hey two people from North zone claimed that they have received offer letters yesterday!!
    I have seen this in facebook group!
    if it is true, we will also get in this month….

    • Yes
      north zone selected candidates receiving there call letter from tomorrow.
      And joining date is 28th Nov to 10th Dec.

      and One good news is that FCI award one increment on 1st Jan of every year to all emp.
      So it is gift for new recruitment on new year 2013, they will get one increment after 20 days only.

  79. Hi, Anyone have information about joining date? Any other information about further joining.

  80. Will there be recruitment for manager cadre in upcoming years?

  81. Hi i am nominated for FCI AG 3 technical post but my name is not on the nominated list published by SSC Eastern region website. What does that mean? Am i rejected? or there will be any other nomination list too.

    • It doesn’t mean that you are rejected. Don t worry.
      They might have not clear with your documents or Educational qualifications…
      Your name will be nominated for sure..

      • Thank you rajesh but its been almost 2 months the list is published and there is no communication from SSC side so far. Once i asked them personally in the office they told me to wait until a formal letter arrives..How long such procedure takes usually?

    • ssc chief has tweeted to fax a rep at 011-24360120 if your name is not in the nomination list.

  82. Good evening friends. I am giving the FCI Exam on 11.11.12 and had a doubt which i need to clarify. In what ratio are candidates called for CPT (say 1:3 or something)?

    Suppose a candidate scoring 245 (last time’s cutoff) is called for CPT and he/she qualifies it then will he get the job or is it again based on final merit?

  83. When will FCI send appointment letter to the successful candidates? Some people are saying that the joining will be before January 2013. Is it authentic??

  84. Hey people!!

    The SSC-south region site has also published a copy of the final list of candidates nominated to all posts (General,depot, tech) of FCI 2012. It is addressed to Executive Director (Personnel), Food Corporation of India, New Delhi and is dated 25.9.2012

    There is also another another list wherein some candidates are directed to furnish proofs of attested certificates (as required) immediately to ssc-south office.

    Please go through it.

  85. For you all, nominations list is published in the northern region ssc site for selected candidates…have a look there, if there is any problem then inform the concerned office.

    • Hey do any of your nomination status is EQ not clear? mine is..contacted ssc nr office but they not picking the calls..will you pls tell me where i am lacking because all the doc verification was done during cpt, it was all good. Kindly suggest i should report to ssc nr or fci delhi??

      • Dont worry pooja, EQ means your educational qualification not clear, it doesn’t mean that you are rejected. Get information from your concerned zonal office. They will consider you with some affidavit/conditions. So keep your information updated.

  86. I am an esm from south selected to west region. My doubts are whether i could know exact working place after getting my appointment letter if not from whom i can confirm my appointed place if any contact no is there plase post it. Is fci considering place of posting for esm. How many years have to work at a place before posting. Can we change out posting at the time of training, because i have to settle my family please post need full.

  87. Dear All,
    Any information about the Official joining letter and Joining Date…! ,
    Do we get any such details from any other sites..!

  88. Congrats to everyone who got selected this time and best of luck for those who are preparing for the coming exam. I have a query regarding future prospects in FCI. Do FCI give time to do PhD after joining. If yes, then what is the procedure and to whom should i contact. Please guide me. And how much time is required to be in job before asking for such request.

    • Same question is mine, can we do part time or full time phd after joining FCI. Can we get study leave, and how much time we have to spend in the FCI before taking study leave. Any fixed date for appointment letter or joining date. Why they are checking our patience? No notice from last two months. Should we join it or do phd? any positive suggestions?

      Hey sandy are you Sandeep bhardwaj from Md nagar UP?

      • @dev. No buddy I am not the person you are referring. Bye the way, I talked to fci headquarters in delhi. Although they didn’t offered any particular date, but be sure that joining will be in this year. According to them, it can be any day after diwali but before new year. Most probably in November itself.

        • Thanks sandy, how much time they will give to join the post after getting the appointment letter. If you or ANY one know plz inform…

      • @ Dev, Sandy…first of all, I must congratulate you for your selection. Now, let me tell you, you can continue with your part time study.
        I’m working here for fci as AG-III(tech) in north zone, Punjab and I am doing my part time MBA.
        You will get an additional increment too for your study.

        • @ shivalika

          Offering an increment for further study is good. But as sandy asked – ‘how much time is required to be in job before asking for such request?’ and since you are already there, can you tell which is better with respect to future prospects – phd or mba?

          thanks in advance……

        • @shivalika thanks for the info, can we do long term study like phd/mba along with the job and what is the additional increment? I could not get it, give some details if you know?

      • jali ko aag kehte hai

        For getting permission for regular course 5yrs service completion in fci is required and that too if gods grace is on you but no such criteria is there for distance learning program.

    • Actually I’m very much confused regarding selection in fci, they have published list for west zone with the heading of “Recommended for appointment”. What does exactly it means? My name is included in AGIII technical list, so am I selected or not? I have also filled the application for 2012-13 for the post of AGIII technical. Please guide me regarding this. What should i do?

      • when did west zone published list? There is no nomination list on regional website.
        And recommended means you are not appointed till you fulfill all laid criteria like documents certificates, medical police, original proofs etc.

    • Hey Sandy I do have the same doubt regarding PhD. I have been qualified for AG III technical in south zone and now in middle of my PhD too. I need another 1 year to complete the same. Here in Kerala PSC jobs if you are pursuing your higher studies at the time of appointment for a job they will grant leave for completing the course and then join and complete the probation and the only thing is your seniority will get affected. Sandy you got any such information regarding the PhD like this with FCI job. If so kindly share with me the details.

  89. Congratulations to everyone who are successful in getting fci. Someone clear my doubt, I wear contact lenses and its power is little high so can I get medical certificate or will I be rejected?

    • Wait for the call letter. Further details will mentioned there..

      • Hey,

        Did u get any such information from anyone to take medical certificate after medical checkup.. As per my understanding we have to wait for the Offer letter, then need to follow for the instruction mentioned in that.

        Just wait for few more days to get clear instruction and dont get confused.

    • You will be getting medical certificate proforma and some other proforma with joining letter. Your medical certificate would be issued with glass, whatever your lens power, certified that… no problem.

    • Hey dont worry…. Eyesight is not a matter for this job. Even I have a very high power!
      Whatever the medical requirements they prescribe will be mentioned in the notice only like Defense & Police jobs.
      Check FCI website for annexures and specimen call letter for the medical tests to be undergone by us.
      Don’t worry…..

    • jali ko aag kehte hai

      Yes you will get your medical certificate and you wont get rejected on such minor issues with your eyes its common now a day and my dear friend its FCI not Indian army.

  90. Any idea about the Joining Date? No information available in any other sites ..
    Please reply if you have any information.

  91. Hi I am rahul ag3 (depot). Is there posting of depot cadre in delhi? And did anyone get offer letter?

  92. How will be depot job in andhra pradesh?

  93. Should we have a new caste certificate at the time of joining in fci? Mine is of 2002 is it ok?

  94. To Admin

    Sir, I have a request. This site is excellent. But, only thing is, since no dates are mentioned, it is difficult to find the new comments. Can you incorporate dates into comments so that navigation becomes easy?

    • Sure, hope you can see dates now. New comments will any way appear at the top.

      • Admin Sir,

        Why have the dates been disabled? Plz reset the dates option. I visit this site twice daily. Its really good and is keeping most of us from tension due to this prolonged wait. Thank you.

        • We have a few issues with dates. We are working on a fix. New comments will always be on top so you should not miss any updates.

  95. Anyone got offer letter from FCI !
    I hope we will get atleast 1 month time to join after getting offer letter.
    Any idea to anyone..!

  96. What is the average salary+INCOME in north and west zone respectively in ag 3 TECH

  97. Hi ,
    As per previous comment, joining time will take few more months/ after Jan 13. But as per latest comment 2 persons from North region got the same with Joining Date on Nov 1st Wk. Is there any valid information and update from FCI officials regarding the offer letter and Joining Date.

    • FCI officials are also not able to give exact date of joining, as the documents from SSC has not been received yet! But as per SSC Chief in twitter this process may finish in Oct.. So lets expect in November or for sure in December! But not at all in Jan or so….

      • I also heard from some of my friends of west reg that they got appointment letter then why there is a variance in sending letter and still nomination has not been issued….

      • jali ko aag kehte hai

        Trust me it will be in jan-13 by no means you getting your appointment letter/dates before jan-13.

  98. I am selected for tech. post in west zone. I want to know where our training will be going to take place, in zonal office or any other place?

  99. Here’s a good news for all of guys… 2 candidates from North region got an offer letter.. you can check it out on “” so have patience all of you… very soon you will get yours…as per the post i read.. joining date will be 5th November.

  100. I also got selected in FCI AG-III accounts of my friend is suffering with diabetics type-1 from the age of 12 yrs. Does he need to mention about his disease? Or he can hide about this matter?

  101. I have been selected in fci ag3 general. In which state did we get posting where will we find this?

  102. Hi everyone!!!I am Ashim and have been selected for AG III(General) this year. I have been allotted West Zone and am waiting for the dossier to arrive. Could you plz through some light on the job profile of this post and the promotional prospects in FCI after you join as AG III. Is it possible to lead a comfortable life by joining as AG III in a metro like Delhi or Mumbai?

    • AG-III(general) is a office job.. normally posted in district offices… it is clerical level job… safe cadre, where you will not get chargesheets and recoveries… promotional aspect is ok…

  103. Hi guys, when the verification of document should be done? before joining or after joining?

  104. Dear aspirants of FCI AG3….

    Those who are waiting for the offer letter, RELAX!!
    It will take another two months time as per officials of FCI
    Hard to wait but no alternative…..

    • are you sure it will take 2 more months?

      • Yeah sure, the information is from many FCI managers i contacted personally and some by phone & mail.
        Also SSC chief announced in public post in twitter that it will take 2 months time!

      • Vipin Kumar Mandal

        @ ruma

        It is true that your batch will join from or after January-2013.
        I have joined FCI on 4-4-2011 as AG-III(D.) in Kurukshetra [Haryana].

        Actually many employees from our batch have filed their transfer request to their native [Me as well] and the delay is due to this reason. After adjustment of transfer of old batch the new batch will get entry in FCI.

        Vipin Kumar Mandal

        • @Vipin Kumar Mandal

          Thank you sooooo much Vipin Kumar……
          It means my (2012) selected batch can also get transfers soon after the latest recruitment- 2013 gets finished!!?? Am I right….
          Please share the info so that we can have a hope to get transfered….!!

          Thanks in advance

          • This is last high bunch recruitment by FCI… there is no 13 fci batch in progress..

            • Hello Shakti….
              Another notification has been issued on 25 August 2012 for almost 6500 posts!! Dont you know or what??
              That batch will join obviously in 2013 know…..

          • Normally girls are given to their native home state and home town if you are selected in same zone and your home state in comes into your selected zone.

        • Will you please tell me about the future promotions in FCI Grad III Technical.
          and about the work we will have to do and about salary of the post.
          And also it will be helpful for us who got selected in the exam in 2012 if you can
          inform us about the joining time as we yet have not gotten our joining letter.
          When FCI will send it to selected candidates.

          • Go through the comments. You will find answers to your questions. Use control+F and search for promotions, salary, joining letter etc.

  105. Is there any bond paper for signing at the time of joining in fci ag3 catagory?
    reply me as soon as possible.

  106. Hi friends! I got selected in agiii technical in west zone. Hoping that mutual transfer is possible, I want to know if anyone is interested from south zone. I am from Kerala.

  107. Hiii Friends I’m selected for technical post ag3 in fci, rank 137 then what are the chances 4 getting posted in my home state rajasthan.

  108. Hi,

    My wife got selected FCI AG3 at western region, we are basically from Kerala (Southern region). Awaiting offer letter for the same. Now the concern is she was confined on 16th July and the baby is undergoing some critical medical treatment. What is the possibility for getting the posting in southern region and how to apply for the same. Need your reply.

    • she has to join western region only… zone change only possible in following cases

      1- If her spouse (that is you) works in State/PSU/Central govt.
      2- Suffering from serious decease/or any other in your family who is truly dependent on you

      As said before, you will loose your seniority being treated as a fresh appointment in other zone, it will not reflect on your salary part.

      In rest all cases, zone change is not possible.

      • According to your second point she should be eligible for zone change. Her family member (daughter) who is clearly dependent on her mother is going under serious medical care.
        So I will just ask Anoop or his wife to put forward their request and see what happens.

    • Dear Anoop…
      I Can understand you situation. After getting the offer letter, first tell her to follow the requirements and join first, then you can contact West Zone- Zonal office and request for the help. I think FCI officials concern more about Women employees. Transfer is just a matter of their will and wish. All you need to do is convince and please them effectively!

      Try for a strong reference or influence for speedy process!!

      • Thanks Shakthi, Pranav, Rajesh for your valuable comments.
        It is almost one month over after publishing the result. Is there any delay for getting the official joining letter from the zone. (Or any intimation through E mail )

  109. Hi guys, I have been selected for ag3 accounts in north india region. Will anyone tell me what should be the gross and in-hand salary? And what is the further joining process?

  110. Which zone is considered the best zone w.r.t. to promotion , work load, etc…

  111. hi anyone posted in north region from south………………for technical cadre……………..

  112. I am an ex service men from andhra pradesh (vishakapatnam). I was selected for accounts in fci and allotted with west zone please any one who interested for mutual. Please tell me any pay protection is there for ex service men. Whether to join or not.

  113. I have seen many post regarding, Mutual transfer. So I would like to aware all of you that recently FCI has updated its inter region transfer policy.

    You can transfer from your zone only in two case:
    1- If your spouse works in State/PSU/Central govt
    2- Suffering from serious decease/or any other in your family who is truly dependent on you

    In both the cases transfer is possible outside the zone but you have to loose your seniority, you will be treated as a fresh appointment in other zone, it will not reflect on your salary part.

    Rest all the cases of mutual transfer is not applicable in FCI…

    • Thank you for the info shakti.

      I have another doubt. Are these transfers possible at the time of reporting itself or only after probation is over? Coz many people here are trying even before joining….. kindly clarify

    • What is the meaning of to (Loose your seniority) if a person becomes Manager from ag 3 and then he gets transfer to other zone then he will remain as Manager or will come back to Ag 3…

      • When an ag becomes manager, then his category changes like from cat 3 to cat 2. So if he becomes manager and changes to other zone, he would be having lowest seniority of manager of his cadre in that zone.

  114. Hi, I am selected for fci Ag 3 technical cadre from south zone. I didn’t receive any call letter. Any of inform me about the joining process and still how much time it takes.

    • Hello kiranmai, as per the SSC Chief tweet, all regional offices should send selected candidates details to the FCI 2 months from the release of results i.e before 18-10-2012, so we can expect call letters from FCI within 1 month from the date they received the candidates details.

  115. I am selected in fci technical in north zone but my 1st preference was east zone.
    Is mutual transfer possible?
    And how is the technical job profile?
    please anyone having knowledge give a reply.

    • Hey ruma i am from north region and i got north east region for posting in technical cadre…i wish mutual transfers are possible but chances are less..I’m facing the same problem…where are you from east and do update when you got appointment letter that which region you got in north…thanks.

  116. Hi friends.

    I have been selected for technical cadre (fci agiii 2012) in northern region. But I still didn’t get call letter yet. If any one is from chandigarh and have received call letter than please inform here..

    And what exactly is the work in technical cadre? Is it needed that we have our own conveyance?

    • Exact work can’t be described here! Wait until your training
      Briefly, we need to test the grain samples and should maintain its quality.

      If you have your own vehicle registered in your name, you will be entitled to get a conveyance allowance of 10 liters petrol and 300/- maintenance charges per month, which is approximately 1000/- per month.

  117. Actually i am selected in ag 3 tech and wanna join this. So kindly tell me where to see the name of states for north zone!

    • North zone – Himachal, Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Rajasthan, UK.

    • @ Ritu, Hi, open FCI website, you can see ABOUT US on left side of the page, place the cursor on it, a list will be open, click on last one ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, there you can see Headquarters, below that Zonal offices, followed by regions, click on which zone you need.

  118. I need to know the joining dates of fci ag III(technical) and the exact salary and why gross pay is not added to the salary?

    • Joining dates are not yet known….. Everyone is waiting for that only!!

      For any job, Gross pay is the total of basic, all allowances and DA… and the ‘Salary’ means Net income subtracting the usual deductions like PF etc.,
      Our Net salary will be in between 14,000 – 15,500 depending on the place of posting!

  119. avishek sengupta

    I am from kolkata but selected for west zone technical assistant… please can anyone take mutual transfer.

  120. Hello all. I have been selected for West zone. I am from the South. So, If there is anybody here from south zone posted to west zone, plz reply with mail id so that we can be in touch…. Mutual support.

    Also, how far will calling up ROs and asking for posting in areas we wish to be work out?

  121. I’m from north east, due to be posted in SOUTH mutual transfer possible?

    • Hi….
      I’m happy to hear from you!!
      I’m from SOUTH but posted in North East zone….
      If mutual transfer is possible, We can change together.

  122. Hi i am from south zone but posted in North east zone!!
    How will be the duty there?
    Pls inform when anyone receives offer letter

  123. Hi friends I’m selected in fci ag3 technical cadre in north, but I’m from south tn. Anybody want mutual transfer.

  124. When will i get appointment letter of fci? After how many days it will be issued?

  125. Hey i have got selected in fci ag3 technical and got west zone…. anyone who wants mutual transfer north to west pls reply.

  126. I got selected 4 fci ag technical.
    When will I get my appointment letter and by which means
    What are prospects of this job.

  127. @ all

    Currently i am in a private company getting 30000 Rs./month.
    I have qualified FCI AG-3(Technical)-2012.
    Please tell me will it be beneficial to join FCI.
    Give me some details.

    • AG-3 (Tech) is better. If you would have been in AG-3(D) or AG-3(G) then my answer for you would be NO.

    • If you consider money as a matter, then half of what you get now ie. Rs.15000 only you get as AG III. Else for other cases like job timing, work pressure FCI is a good choice.

  128. Is there any grade pay or departmental pay in salary of AG III technical. and what are the job of their and promotion in future?

  129. FCI final result will be displayed next week on any day from monday to friday.
    And also ssc will conduct fci ag3 exam for 2013 batch in which there are more than 5000 vacancies; the advertisement will be displayed on 18th aug 2012.

  130. I request a new page,”FCI AG-3 2012″.
    Response here is so cold and brief, very few aspirants of 2012 here to discuss.
    Hope you understand Admin/Madhu.

    • As a policy, we have stopped publishing (new) career related posts. You can still post your comments here. The activity is less, yes, because predominantly, this discussion was for 2010/11 batch. So you will not find many replies now, but we are helpless. May I suggest you to find the FCI Orkut community or even on Facebook to clear your doubts?

  131. Hello! kya koi batayega FCI AG3 ka merit kab ayega… aur uska cut off kitna gire ga…..iske result ke chakkar me mujhe raat raat bhar neend nahi arahi hai….

  132. I have gone through this forum, I came to know about few things but have a doubt which I think for now only you may clear.
    How we get joining locations in FCI, i mean the priorities of places we have given at time of registration are considered as per our marks in merit list or there is any other criteria?

    • I don’t work for FCI, but I think the posting is as per your preference and merit list. If for example, you wanted to be posted in West Bengal as your first choice and UP as second choice. If there are only 100 seats in WB and there are already 100 people with more marks than you and have WB as their first choice, then you will be posted to UP and so on….

      [Open for correction]

      • Then what about the ranking? how does it enter into the scene while filling up? And please someone clarify me on Waiting Lists. What are these and when are they given?

        Also, many people here have requested for mutual transfer. I would like to know whether reservations (SC/ST/UR etc) are considered or not during mutual transfers? Suppose, an UR person from West zone (native South) finds someone belonging to SC for mutual transfer, will this be granted or atleast considered?

  133. Just a simple rule for any govt organization ‘if you want to join it, join as an officer’…rest all are waste…and in fci its 4-5 times more than any other organization. god help fci………..

  134. Please tell me what is the Current Dearness Allowance in FCI as on date and also tell me the method of calculation of DA.

  135. Hi,
    I am also in FCI (NE Zone) & my designation is AG-III. FCI is one of the worst department of Indian Govt. Less salary, No benefit, No promotion & no transfer. Never join FCI.

    • Dear Aravind…
      I got AG3 technical in north east region!
      Pls mail me your mail id to help in clearing doubts…
      mine is sairajeshkvv at gmail

    • @arvind- Hi i got posting in north east, technical cadre. Will you please tell me about the accommodation scene. In starting we would face problem of accommodation or does fci provide it?

  136. can anyone tell me about d tech cadre ag3 of fci.
    what kind of job is this and about d promotion hierarchy n all?

  137. can anyone let me know about the procedure after clearing paper 2..
    is there any interview??

  138. 7500 called for gen/depot vacancies hardly 1800. for now cutoff 245, but when final list will be issued what do you think the cutoff could be?
    My guess 260.

  139. And Plz join this job if u have no other option or you will be regretted whole of your life.
    yahan no salary
    but work culture and work timings and work pressure and recoveries and so many things, it will make worst for you..

  140. @XYZ
    Dear much more than that
    DA will increase two times in year but it will be less than even one increment of central govt.
    You will have to do all the work and No gain here and at last you will get frustrated here in first two months, bank clerk is far better job than this, they have very bright chances of promotion and at least they will sit.

  141. My advices to all do not join fci. There is no peace and you want to leave alone from your family and they will not give posting to their native zone or native region. if we ask any transfer they will tell simply u want to work their 3-5 years. If we ask mutual transfer they will tell there is no rule for mutual transfer in fci. in fci if we ask or tell any our family situation they will not consider .
    Negative point:
    1) less salary
    2) as it is clerical level they will give post native region to other region
    3) no transfer
    4) no promotion
    5) da will increase yearly two times
    6) work pressure
    my sincere advice not to join “food corporation of india” friends
    Better try any other job
    7) no higher authorities to guide

  142. Hi everyone,
    Am venkatesh from south..
    Got total of 184/400 in grade3 from sc cat..
    I applied for all the 4 zones what’s my chance of qualifying for next round?
    Pls reply me ..

  143. I am seeing many people who are from top mnc like infy and accenture having high packages are going back to fci..
    I don’t know why is that happening. I have been in to my company for a month only so i don’t know what will happen next.

  144. hi i have got a job in big mnc ingersoll rand with package of 4.5 lakhs should i join fci ag(iii) depot job. please help me i am in very big dilemma and very confused not even able to sleep or eat also please help me i am not able to decide anything

    • I’m not an FCI employee but I’ve been listening a lot from employees from a year or so. And most of them strictly advise to keep away from ‘Depot’ cadre job of FCI. So, stay put with your MNC job.

  145. koi confirm kar sakta hai kya ki stenographer post kaun si post hoti hai, promotion aur baki sab kuch

  146. hi all, i want to know about the caste certificate submission in case of sc/st/obc, whether we have to submit new latest certificate, or our old certificate is valid which we have used on document verification time.

  147. Frankenstein's Monster

    Things are much colder here now…
    Cum’on tellme..what could b a safe score in tier2 for me..i got 110 in tier 1..poor me…!
    Cumon i need guidance… much in maths n eng each i should get for a nice total score.

  148. What Any one know ?
    1. Upsc cpf assistant commandant exam (held on 9 oct 2011) ka result &
    Rajasthan police S.I. ka interview result declare?
    In fci comb. exam i’m pass for all 3 post in tier first, my question is? Tier2 ka exam ki date kab hai tier3 cpt ka pattern kya hai? Final selection me kitna time lagata hai?

  149. @charu….
    this is not like all govt job ….itz like police … 24 hour working they can call you any time at any place… i’m ag3 depot in haryana…. and working condition is very bad there is no security at all… in loading and unloading of food grain all responsibility is yours … thousands of depot and tech are getting chargesheet every month…. so if u get selected anywhere else fci join it…

  150. Hi,
    I appeared in interivew for the position of DGM (Gen Admin) and am sure I should be shortlisted.Written was in the month of April last year.
    Can anyone let me know when can we expect result for the aforesaid post.
    its pending since ages.

  151. @Bhavya : No have to give technical only..!!

  152. can anyone tell is there any chance for the candidates who qualify for fci grade3 technical post in paper 1 to appear for depo and general posts paper2

  153. One more test will be held on 15-04-2012..then CPT will be held..!!

  154. Hi guys..I’m new to the 141 in fci was your score..??

  155. can anyone tell me what will happen after written test result, i got select in AG-iii, which held on 05/02/2012. tell me anyone got call letter?

  156. @charu
    ya you are right.
    i m in govt job. study ke liye time nikalna padta hai..

  157. Do not join FCI depot. the work pressure is tremendous and the in hand salary is less than 15000. FCI depot cadre will be given only punjab or haryana. Please go for general, accounts or technical. there is no grade pay…….work hours are fluctuating……… is just not like any government job.

  158. @Beeno: bro please use nice language….thanks….what you said…i just explained that….a good engineer is always expected to behave seriously and sincerely….jab yahan private main 12 hours ke job ke bad time nikal kar bande kahan se kahan panhoch gaye…to government sector ke 7 hours ke 10 se 5 ke job main tumhe time nahen milega….strange man….!!!!!!!!

  159. @all : How much score out of 400 will be enough to get delhi in FCI grade 3..??

  160. @alok : According 2 me cut off should be around 225 as the number of vacancies is more..!!
    In English, questions on comprehension, active passive,narration, spelling, antonyms,synonyms and fill in the blanks will be there..!!

  161. @ varun n all knowledgeable ppl..

    What minimum marks would be needed in general category of both ppr.(ie from 400, combine paper 1 n 2 of 200 each).

    Plz reply soon and also express type of question in English language.

  162. @ buji ko rakh kehte hai : Yar 1 baat batao job me padhne k liye tym milta h ya naahi..coz mujhe further prep karni doesn’t matter right now time does..bas ye batao tym milega padhne k liye..??

  163. @Charu : okay mataji i completely agree wid u..:P
    why are you getting so serious.. chill !!

  164. @BEENO: It totally depends on one’s perception….in private also you can easily find people who don’t have any dressing sense. As an engineer i have almost an experience of 31 months (including pre qualification also). HERE in IT industry also people work for only two things in life, money and onsite chances…so if only these two concerns are there in some one’s life then, he or she must go for private but now a days in PSU Sector also salaries are continuously growing. So it varies person to person…one line…entry in government sector is very tough but survival is very easy once you are in…entry in private is very very easy…no crowd in lacs…no higher cutoff’s….but survival is very tough…

  165. @SUBBU: Congrats….but Subbu for Technical one must have degree related to Agriculture. I also qualified for Accounts and technical section and also we can give paper iii but no use as at the time of document verification, they will ask for particular document, failing of which they will disqualify……it is sure…BE/B.TECH – COMPUTERS are only eligible for GENERAL AND DEPOT….

  166. koi confirm kar sakta hai kya ki ag3 post kaun si post hoti hai…promotion aur baki sab kuch

  167. @charu
    in salary of fci please add grade pay rs 4200 also.

  168. bujhi ko raakh kehte hai....

    and by the way jo loog pension ka sooch rahe hai plz ek to usme bahut time lage ga…aur CPF system hone k karan+ IDA pattern k karan maximum admissible pension is 1800/- chae wo GM hi kyu na ho….

  169. bujhi ko raakh kehte hai....

    mai bhi fci me bhi hu 2011 batch- a.g tritya(III) aur jaisa app loog soch rahe hai govt job me work burden private k hissab se kum hai to mai promise/assure karta hu aap ko ki aise thoughts na laae apne maan me kripya……aur jo loog west zone C.G region, North zone punjab U.P,south zone A.P ka soch rahe hai plz apni private job na choode…….bhaiyo/behno. han job security future planning k hisaab se thik hai….aur mai bhi yaha aa kar dusri govt job k liye try kar raha hu. kyu ki ye govt job ki tarah ek dum nahi lagi CAG wale aapki barah baza dete hai. but ye job better hai 90% private job se better hai but infosys accenture se nahi han wipro se bahut better hai…. baaki ka mujhe pata nahi…at last join karo fci yar tum loog mai buudhe logo ko dekh dekh k tang aa gaya hu……all the best..will be back for another comment…..

    • I had just started the PhD and getting 21000 per month. I’m selected in AG III technical.
      Should I join the FCI or not as the future after PhD is also not so bright.

      • Just continue with your PhD. You do understand that this is an ‘Assistant’ job and not some ‘Officer’ category job?
        Even if it was an officer job, I wouldn’t leave Ph.D to join FCI.

  170. cleared tier-1..expecting 140….Congo 2 all who cleared FCI tier-1 ..!!
    @subbu : No, you are not eligible in technical cadre..BE in food technology is required for that..!!

  171. Hi, I got cleared in FCI AG III 2012 Technical paper I. But i completed BE-computer science only. Can I attend paper III with this BE computer science?

  172. @ Charu : I just said what i feel..!!

  173. cleared Tier-1 FCI…..for all the posts….accounts/go-down/general/technical…..expecting 120….let’s see when they upload marks….

  174. My prediction was right..cut off is 105 for general..i got through..prep start 4 2nd exam..!!

  175. @Beeno: so what was your last 4th comment…..

  176. I really agree with your viewpoints Charu, even I am desperate to get a good life,money is not a big issue,we can have it anytime, but living a life of dignity and content is above all.
    What I see as the biggest difference in Govt/Private job is, a person will work in a MNC located in metros and other cities where living and fooding cost is the highest.
    In a govt job, atleast u can save money,if not in shorter span of time but yes in longer period.
    Things would be clear for me in coming months.

  177. 1 thing i don’t like about govt. job is the dressing sense no party time..!!

  178. Cut off will be arnd 100 in tier-1..paper was very easy as compared to other ssc exams..!!

  179. Even i left infosys as well as Accenture, because i’ll be more satisfied with a govt job..!!

  180. Its not about Govt or Pvt. job..its all about one sanctification..!!

  181. @Kiran: The same thing i was describing about. In Government job, you can live your life and do the things you want to do…..i have so many dreams, but here in private you will be forced to pass off your life day by day…..But still people want private jobs as they offer more salary …but the difference is not much

  182. hii, i got 82 marks in fci ag3 exam held on 5th feb. I’m an obc candidate belongs to south zone. Can any one tell me will i be shortlisted?

  183. @ Charu:
    As i am going through the comments by the Private Employee everyday, I’m getting more n more excited try Govt job till the age 27 (i m juz 23 haha), Everyone n including me is stressed out working for Pvt Sector, WITH GOVT JOB IN HAND WE CAN LIVE n DO WHATEVA THINGS WE WANT IN LIFE, I LUV IT. Nice to read the comments by By U Guyz..

  184. Agar Union m thoda sa bhi dum hota to 40% fringe benefit mil sakta tha, par abhi union bahut weak h, may be when new joinee will reach union will get strong, aur kuch increment mil sakta h, but currently in the city like delhi gross salary is more than 19k and in hand salary must be around 17k in delhi.
    total in hand (10% HRA)-15k
    Total in hand(30% HRA)-17200.
    Aur shayad kuch aur benifits bhi hote h like PLI but wo early milta h

  185. Thanks. I am also working as a Project Engineer in One of the Asia’s top Software Concern WIPRO Technologies. And Package is also very fine 3.25 lacs per annum. And IN May it will be reaching about 4 lacs per annum. But still i appeared for SSC FCI Pre ( Tier- 1) ans expecting 115 marks. It’s totally depends on a individual Perception that how he treat his job. In private salary is better than PSU but you have to count no of hours we work for. In a day you will be working approx 12 hours. The whole week, you will eagerly wait for saturday and sunday. No personal life is there. For whom, i have explained the salary, she was also working in One of the World’s TOP Software Company ACCENTURE, but she got selected in FCI and joined. At that time also we were in the situation of dilemma, but a friend guided us that PSU/GOVERNMENT jobs are far better that Private Jobs. As once you get Government job, your life upto your death will be secured. It is a fact. Pension is there. Gratuity is there. And so many emoluments are there. Even if you want to prepare for further good exams like SSC CGL OR IAS/PCS/IPS OR BANK PO any OFFICER level Exam, then you can only continue while working in Government job. I think i am quite clear. I also have a dream of becoming an OFFICER IN India’s Biggest PSU, but here i can’t prepare for it. So looking for an entry in Government job. Private job you can get at any time, but after a fixed age, you will not be able to get Government Job. If any one is having other query we can openly discuss here.

  186. Do not join FCI depot. the work pressure is tremendous and the in hand salary is less than 15000. FCI depot cadre will be given only punjab or haryana. Please go for general, accounts or technical.

  187. Thanks for the descriptive answer Charu, I appreciate your endeavor.
    So, salary is by no means more than 17k-18k in FCI.
    Rather, I would be getting some ~20k at training in a software firm when I would be joining it. But, I’m looking for a Govt. Job in fact.

  188. @charu
    U have provided a
    very authentic information regarding fci salary….good job dear

  189. Er. Charu Agarwal

    Salary in FCI depends on some Factors.

    My fiancee is currently working in FCI District Office as Assistant Grade-III.

    Her Initial salary was as follows:
    Basic = 9300 ( 3% increment every year on previous one )
    House Rent = 20% ( 1860 ) of Basic ( in Delhi it is 30% Max, also depends on Class of City as A,B,C,D )
    D.A. = 52% ( 4836 ) When she joined.
    Tiffen = 200rs
    Petrol + Maintenance = 700 + 330 ( for Petrol, Bike/Scooty should be on yourname)
    Medical = 500 rs per month

    up to one year no deduction for cpf
    deductions = 70 rs
    so total in hand salary=17726-70 = 17650 rs.

    Now when increments of jan 2012 applied

    basic = 9580
    da = 5365 ( it revises every three month by approx 4 %, this time she got 56% )
    hra = 1916
    medical = 625 ( when da cross 52%, some things grow by 25 % that’s why it got increased )
    tiffen = 250
    Petrol = 700
    Maintenance = 400 ( approx)

    deduction will be 12% ( basic + da) but 12 % will be cony=tributed by FCI ( in private they will deduct it also from your salary like me in WIPRO – PROJECT ENGINEER )
    So deductions will be approx = 1800

    in hand will be = 17000

    NOTE: In private job they consider the pF as a part of your salary as mine:
    so here you can interpret as ( 17000 + 2(pf)) = approx 21000

    My Salary stack is as follows:

    Please see the difference:

    Salary Component Amount
    BASIC 5800.00
    GRATUITY 308.00
    QPLC 2290.00
    MEDICAL 325.00
    MONTHLY GROSS 27086.00 ( After a work pressure of 12 hours a day )

    But maximum i got 24000. All other deductions.

    I think now it should be clear to all what are the differences between salary structure of Private employee and Government Employee.

  190. @san
    Whenever u will join fci………… In that place where hra is 30% of basic u will get nearly 170000
    In hand and nearly 3700 rs will be added as your cpf saving per month.

  191. @Vipin
    Thanx For your information
    Yea may be by the end of the year,, thank u

  192. Mr. Vipin,thanks for sharing, will you please mention your post @ FCI?
    The salary differs in gen,depot,technical n accounts?
    if yes, what’s the difference?

    People are so curious for joining FCI and even some compare it with bank PO jobs, how come this desperation, if salary is only~15k? No central govt. facilities too as its a PSU.
    Hoping for some clarifications!

  193. @san

    I’ve joined on 4-4-2011
    my initial basic was Rs. 9300

    This is my salary slip of February 2012

    Basic 9580
    D.A. 5432
    House Rent Allow 958
    Transport Allowance 413
    Lunch Subsidy 250
    Operational Allowance 125

    Benevolent fund Recovery 10
    Medical Health Scheme Deduction 60
    CPF Deduction 1801


    Net Salary 14887

  194. @ varun,thanxx for info.

    At Twitter, sscchief told that no of appeared ppl is around 5 lakh only,in comparison to 12.15 lakh in ldc deo. so expecting lower cutoff. finger crossed till 7 march.
    @ kiran
    FCI target,as declared,was to hire 6000 ppl within 6 if they follow their words,and show some urgency,they might put advt within 1-2 month,as it take 4 month to notify exam,conducting it,then putting result.
    but if they delay(being govt organ have higher probability) then it make take 9 month ie end of this year.

  195. @Varun: Sir, what will be the in hand salary after joining? One of my senior who joined last year in FCI said , it will be 21k.

  196. @san
    Most probably result will out before 7th march
    But ssc can display it on any day 1st march onwards………. So just keep checking ssc website regularly.

  197. @alok
    Dear cutoff for tier2 can be 100 (max possible) for your and you are in obc cat………for which cut off can be at most 90…… you must start preparation today itself………
    @ kiran
    Whenever I get authentic info I will tell you…………its very much sure that this new recruitment will be held very nearly may be in 2012 itself.

  198. @Varun n Alok,
    That’s the good news for the ppl, who had high expectation in this exam, can Re HOOK in the next Attempt with well preparation, So VARUN When could we expect the announcement of next 6000 post, May be end of this year right?

  199. Thanks Varunji for the info. Perhaps we’ll get the result by 7th march.

  200. @ varun
    and even if they intake only 40,000 what can b cutoff. In ldc deo exam more than 12 lakh appeared but in fci max 6 lakh appeared against 8 lakh applied. In ldc deo cutoff was 107.5 general category.

    half no of candidate will how much decrease cutoff.plz ans as very confused whether to prepare for mains or not.My marks 102.5 obc non-creamy layer.

  201. @ varun
    i was expecting this.when can b next announcement for 6000 seats.
    but because it is 3 tier exam. 1)PT 2) MAINS 3)COMPUTER EFFICIENCY TEST. So there will be 3 tier elimination. So I am expecting approx 8,000 ppl (atleast double than seats) after main exam and so atleast 75,000 after first exam for mains. Then cutoff for general will be max 90.

    I’m saying this because they mention in advt that computer test will be qualifying nature. Means though its marks will not be added but it will be for rejecting non computer students. So they will take atleast 8000-10000 after mains.
    like recently in grade 2 of fci result they take 771 ppl against 35 seats.

    what your view? I’m expecting 102.5 marks and obc candidate. What are my chances. My 1st ssc exam.

  202. @san
    Dear vacancies are only 3800 in this recruitment and later on new recruitment will be done for 6000 vacancies due to no approval got by fci from ministry to add these vacancies in this recruitment itself.
    So cut off will be around 100 marks for your and around 40000 candidates will be passed for appearing in tier2

  203. Oh really it will be 10k from this intake only! That’s an awesome news for many people who are in fear of losing the paper 1 by a margin, great work Varun sir,
    looking forward for more from you,thanks a lot!!

  204. @all
    recently i read some where(at orkut FCI community) that supreme court has said fci to announce new opening for additional 6000 seats. That guy was referring an official mail of FCI HEADQUARTERS. I don’t know whats the truth but I think its true as even ssc chief didn’t confirm additional seats inspite asking several times.

    i hope it increases but if it doesn’t then what can be cutoff for level 1 exam. I think 90-95 for general. Any comment or info???

  205. @san
    It will not be very tough, nearly same of tier 1 but with some more calculations
    And in English grammar will be asked like narrations, active passive etc.
    I think 110+ will be safe score.
    For final selection 210+ will be sufficient if vacancies are 10k
    And would be 225 if vacancies are 4k.

  206. Another favor please, there will be tier-2 exam, with Quant and English, what will be its level? The quant part of paper 1 was ok. Paper would be of 200 marks, at what % in that paper one would be safe?

  207. Thanks a lot bro!!!
    Please keep us updated.

  208. @san
    Today I saw myself the notice board in which clearly it was written that additional 5500 vacant seats will also be recruited in this exam itself to the prior announced 3800 vacancies.
    So you can assume it true nearly 100%
    After some time i will tell you with 101% surety.

  209. @kiran
    Ya good attitude and my best wishes for you.
    Dear i have heard about that notice has been issued in hqrs but till now i could not see by myself.
    I will tell you tomorrow after seeing it myself whether these additional vacancies will b recruited by this recruitment itself or not.
    But if vacancies are 4000 means 40000 will be qualified in tier2 therefore, in that situation cut off will be around 100 marks..
    This year ssc cleared 25000 candidates for ldc and deo exam and cut off was 107.5
    And last year in the same exam 17000 was passed and cut off was 106.5 for your

  210. @Varun: Its really great to have words from you,
    your experience would be worthy for us.
    But, quoted this-”State-run food grain procurement agency FCI will hire additional 6,000 employees in the next six months, Food Minister K V Thomas said here today”
    So doesn’t it imply the extra vacancies won’t be absorbed through this recruitment.
    So, if 4k is the vacancy(atleast assume it),what could be the shortlisted strength for tier-2 and the cutoff?

  211. @Sam, Varun,
    Coooooool Wotsoeva, now we just have to wait and watch, anyway i appeared for the 1st Govt exam, no matter Fail or pass as Sam, and i got 75.25, We’ve lot of time to prepare and crack other exam in next attempt.

  212. more than 8 lakhs registered for fci exam held on 5th feb
    Result will out till 15th march and tier2 will b on 15th april …. Source is ssc chief

  213. @kiran
    I’m in fci hqrs and there has been an announcement was made through notice that vacancies are now 10000 which will be recruited by ssc this yr….
    I have a very large experience of ssc exams. ssc will clear 10 times people….means 1 lakh for tier 2
    And dear this yr in cgl2011 by ssc nearly 70000 was passed for tier 2 and the cut off was just 87
    And exam level was nearly same……….
    So its conform that cutoff cant be greater than 90 for qualifying tier 1

  214. Yeah agree wid Kiran,that only 4k would be recruited by this process.
    @kiran: Yes,the answer key was posted on on 10th Feb.
    From there only I calculated.
    @varun: how come 6 lakh? can you post the source here? ANd yes they wd call in huge numbers for paper-2.

  215. @Varun,
    Dude though the vacancies are around 10k, but the exam which is was held on 5th feb was only for 4k, so the rest are yet to be approved, AND MORE OVER JUST TO FILL THE VACANCY I DON’T THINK THEY WoulD COMPROMISE WITH THE CUT OFF TO 80-90 rather in the coming days they will conduct another round of exam may be next half of the year.

  216. @kiran,san,charu and all
    The appeared candidates in fci exam will b nearly 6 lakhs.
    Vacancies r 10000.
    Nearly 1 lakh will b qualified for tier 2
    So cut off will b nearly 80-85 for unreserved category
    Must b 70 for obc cat
    60-65 for sc and st cat.

  217. @san: its not more than 49k i have the list and, Are the key Ans available in the FCI web how you calculated 110.75 mark?

  218. @kiran: I just managed to score 110.75. First SSC paper ever i wrote. Yes competition is huge, no doubt. And y 4k? vacancies were to be increased to 10k as per ssc chief tweet.
    @charu: No, not that much, its around 3-4 lakhs.

  219. @Charu,
    No Dude its 49.8k who appeared for exam,This is for sure not more than this

  220. Cut off will surely touch 100. Competition was tough. Approx more than 10,00,000 appeared i think. Paper was some what easy.

  221. @san
    Total number of candidates appeared r 49k this i have seen in the list, and as far as i know this time there s very huge competition bcoz of around 4k vacancies, so i cut off would b around 110 marks, how was your paper, n how much are you expecting?

  222. What could be its cutoff Kiran? Any idea how many appeared on 5th feb on national level?

  223. Hi Archana How was the AG3 Xam, even I did Appear for it on feb 5th,
    this is the best opportunity in Cen Govt Sector.

  224. This year FCI AG3 (general/depot) examination is conducted by, SSC yesterday.
    There were 200 questions, with 200 marks.
    I want to know the last year cutoff for all categories.
    Is there any sectional cut-off?

  225. Hi @SJM,
    Good to see you again
    I hope you have join as Bank PO, So hwz ur job going on

  226. I’m a AG-III(TECH) in gaya. but my home is in kolkata. I want to be posted in kolkata or any one want mutual transfer. pls contact me. 08309405821

  227. @ T. Pradan

    Bro!! I appeared for the last time exam, so I can give u a glimpse about the Comp. Section Awareness Paper.. Paper will typically come from MS- Office, so be well acquainted with it & also be thorough regarding some computed hardware questions. Trust me you will be through.. All the Best.

    S J M

  228. i am from south zone applied for AG III technical i didn’t yet got my admit card can anyone give me information of this

    thanking u

  229. i myself kumar sahil i want to say that i fill my fci ag3 gen.,ag3 depo.,ans typist hindi of 2012 my status are showing form rejected due to over age sir my date of birth is 02-01-1986. please suggest me that what should i do because exam date is on 22 jan 2012 and 05 feb 2012 is very near and i am a poor student so i cant go regional office for this so please suggest me soon.

  230. I have applied for AG III post in FCI ,can any one kindly tell me about the minimum score in written to qualify for computer proficiency test and what is the percentage score in previous year exams.

  231. I am preparing for ssc exam FCI GENERAL ASSISTANT GRADE III. I am going to give first time such competitive exam . What is cut-off marks before this time for FCI GENERAL ASSISTANT GRADE III? Will they ask any question related agriculture?

  232. Hi,
    I m AG III (D), Posted in District Office: Karnal (Haryana). I want to transfer near by Lucknow. If any one interested then contact me on +91-9991373713.

  233. @ Vikrant
    Thanks a lot. Can you please give me a few tips for preparation?

  234. i am posted in Wardha,Nagpur as AG III(D) i want to transfer nearby Jabalpur plz if any one want mutual transfer then contact me on 8421037136

  235. @archana

    you can ask about karnataka offices from the below phone no and address

    Food Corporation of India:
    No.10, East End Main Road ,
    4th T Block Jayanagar, Bangalore ,
    Phone: 080 26633282

  236. Hello Everybody,

    I am Archana. New to this blog but I have read every single comment present here. I have applied for FCI SSC exams coming up pon FEB 4th and 5th. Can somebody kindly provide me the location details of FCI branches in Karnataka? I See that all of you are kind and willing to help others. Please help me too. I tried to access FCI website, however it says I am not authorized to view the site. Help. Thanks in advance

  237. i am AGIII (D) in west zone, D.O. Sagar in tikamgarh FSD, pls contact me 7509304689

  238. And the union is so sweet they just finished agitation without fulfillment of anything,just keep the work to rule until the demands got implemented

  239. I would suggest,,, if any one having two or more options including fci, then go for other options without even thinking a second…
    Join FCI only, if you don’t have any option…
    because, FCI is not a easy department to work…you guys can think by this.. that when recently ongoing agitation was going on at that time,,, work according to rule was more successful than that of strike,, because, in fci all the work goes beyond normal office hours, weekends, holidays….by 10 to 5.30 rule, FCI management was shocked, and requested to union to call of agitation.

  240. @vikram
    anjali is not fci employee. dont worry about that.

  241. @pranay
    fci m work load kam nahi h banks s double h aap logo ko achi jagah posting mili h na thats why u feel that there is no workload,work load banks s bahut jyada h ,and i m in account section aur is baar public dealing jaisa hi raha h apna,koi bhi aake dhamki de sakta h ,aur banks m security to hota h yahan to wo bhi nahi hota,aur humne to yahan suna h aisa koi quality inspector nahi hota in haryana and punjab jo kabhi maar na khaye,and i think anjali is fci employe isliye to wo fci ki reality jante h ,har 1 jagah situation 1 jaisi nahi h sir,work load k bare m pata to punjab m aake pata chalta h,haan if u will got posted in regional office or in Up,tabh to no work load bt aise log kitne ho sakte h 30% aur baki 70% ko to pta h na what work load is ,employee itne kam h ,kaam itna jyada

  242. i am talking about increase in basic pay

  243. @pranay
    I dont know about UP and other states, but in punjab and Haryana… work pressure is too much, I am from up but posted in punjab.. boss work pressure too much, no sunday, no second saturday, even on diwali we could not make it to our home. this is for Accounts, depots … general guyz can relaxed on weekends… . as I am in QC so I would having risk all around.. even on procurement season on mandi… unnecessary recoveries, chargesheet. I joined on april and got a chargesheet in which I did not have any role.. I am not the only one to get a chargesheet on probation, n no of guyz I know personally who got it, specially field guys
    these days work to rule is going on, thats why we guyz are enjoying in sundays and other holidays, but before you cant imagine.
    I would suggest specially

  244. @anjali
    loot thode hi machi hai ??
    u can observe yourself by viewing basic pay structure of insurance company which is increased from 14700 to 17100. other bank will also follow same pattern.
    40% increment from current rate will happen from 2017.
    pay structure of central government employee and other psu like fci is always greater than bank employee. only in earlier case pay is revised after 10 years. last time in fci they almost doubled basic pay. lets see what happens in 2017.

  245. @ skt
    ya its operational allowance not field allowance.

    @ anjali
    it might be possible, but workload in fci office is less than bank. In fci there is no customer dealing. Bank po is transferred after 3 years of service but in fci thr is no any transfer rule in cat 3 and cat 2 post. Mere office me managers sari jindgi 1 hi office me kaam kiya and unko abhi around 65000 salary mil rahi hai. In fci u will be posted very near to ur home city and sometime in ur city if vacancies are there. Timing in office is 10 to 5.30 so i think it is better service specially for girls.

  246. @utkarsh

    But according to the Bank unions sources that the Increment in pay of bank employees will be around 40 %. Usually bank employees always enjoyed more salary than central govt. employee before 6th pay commission so its likely that this time the bank employee salary will beat central govt. counterpart.So i believe the salary goes like this Clerk -20K+ and PO- 35K+

  247. operational allowance 125
    hill allowance 480
    but that doesn’t matters. what matters is posting during procurement season where if one gets posted in a mandi then he gets cda of rs 620 per month for 3 months. which means around 56 000 including everything.

  248. i am in QC— but i don’t get field allowance … only operational allowance

  249. And one more thing jo field me kaam karte hain (depot and qc employee) unhe field allowance bhi milta hai and jo hills me kaam karte hain unhe hill allowance milta hai. But mujhe nai malun ki kitna milta hai but it is true…

  250. but yes from future prospective of ag3 joining in 2012 iam not sure.
    hardly few of them will become manager in their lifetime.
    this case even applies to newly recruited managers in 2011 too as hardly anyone of them may become agm because depot and general cadre gets merged at agm level and all over india seniority list is taken in consideration instead of zonal at manager level.

  251. @anjali
    they will not be treated as private employee. they are govt employees but their pay structure and hierarchy is not like central government. thats why it is written that they are not treated as central government employees.
    as for salary structure. don’t get fooled by inhand monthly. in reality an fci employee specially in qc and depot cadre gets much more than that.
    as for bank salary hike. let me tell u that its true that their basic pay will increase from 14700 to 17100 but eventually their da will also be decreased and starting da will be around 20-25% instead of present 61%. so hardly salary will increase by 1000 rs initially.
    at cat 2 and cat 3 level only depot and qc cadre of fci is better to join if u want more money.

  252. @ anjali

    SSC mention the line, that all the selected candidates will not be treated as a central govt employee, it does not mean they will be treated as a private employee, SSC mention this because FCI does not provide all the central benefits, FCI is a PSU and provide its benefits. It does not concern with grade pay, central D.A. and other benefits.

    All the selected candidates would be treated a permanent employee after completion of 1 successfully year of probation.

  253. @ nitin
    no bond here and u can apply for higher rank jobs after joining fci. Don’t think about salary, think for preparation and its a govt job.
    Basic pay 9300
    D.A. 9300*52/100 = 4836
    H.R.A 9300*20/100 = 1860 (Varies wrt cities population, in lucknow its 20 % and in delhi its 30 %
    conveyance 330*125/100 = 413
    lunch 200*125/100 = 250
    medical = 500*125/100 = 625
    total – 9300+4836+1860+413+250+625 = 17284

    cpf deduction (9300+4836)*12/100 = 1696

    total in hand salary 17284-1696=15588

    but u will get double of cpf after retirement so u can assume ur salary 15588+1696*2 = 18980

    and also add children allowance if u have children = 1200 per child

    so total in hand 15588+1200= 16788 if u have 1 child.

    D.A. increases (sometime no change but most of the time it increase) in every 3 months.

  254. @ all

    FCI AG3 salary is 14 k.Facilities cant be compared with other PSUs or Banks.As FCI has clearly mentioned this time in recruitment process that the prospective employees will not be entitled for many facilities which are meant for central govt. employees.This means they will be treated as a private employee.FCI is taking a cost cutting measures but on expense of low grade employees.Try for Banks as the salary is going to be increased by around 35-45 % in next year.FCI has a dim future ahead.Hope FCI chairman think about the needs and requirements of low grade employees

  255. hi to all…
    plz tell me.. whats the in hand salary of FCI AGIII post..
    also tell if there is any bond after joining.. can we give any other higher rank examination after joining FCI…

  256. i am posted in raipur Chhattisgarh as AG III(D) i want to transfer in Maharashtra(Nagpur, wardha) plz if any one want mutual transfer then contact me on 7415439400

  257. its qc cadre employee which along with depot cadre participate in procurement on the behalf of government.

  258. @all

    hello guys as FCI has come with Ag -3 vacancy, i am eager to avail this opportunity.I have over 2 year experience in kissan agro with responsibility of i want to know which one is involved in fci procurement. Is it generalist,depot or QC.? I Have to choose the preference,plz guide me so that i can utilize my experience.

  259. @ Admin


    • If you have provided a correct email address here, you would have got a reply day before yesterday itself. I emailed something useful to you but it bounced back.. Now be kind get back to work.

  260. and workload varies from place to place.
    there are some places in punjab and haryana where work is done 24*7.

  261. the day when these new recruits’ will join fci there salary will range from 17k to 19k.
    but if ongoing strike went successful and demand is met then salary will range from 19k to 21k.

  262. anonymous
    FCI employee is better than bank clerk, but bank po is better than fci employee.
    Salary of bank clerk 13500
    FCI AG III Employee 16000
    Salary of Bank PO 24000
    bank me workload jyada hai.

  263. @ nkaran, puja
    ssc ki books market me available hain. And general cadre me office work hai, depot me godown me karna padta hai. But gals ko office me hi preference di jati hai. General cadre me workload kam hota hai.

  264. Dear All,

    I have read your comments, I am working in Indian Navy, as Petty Officer Seaman, aged 33 with salary of (Rs 35000/- + Rs 3500 HRA +2500 Food Allowance +Free Medicals for family) voluntarily retiring in July this year, i have reservation to Join FCI as AG III & I can also Join Bank .

    I can Join merchant Navy as pilot of ship, but there is only sailing and travelling all over world with montly payment of Rs 1.3 lacs almost & increasing but no family life. Share your views will this job suit me, as I like challenging job & can’t work in job where there is no work. I am also MBA (HR&IT).

  265. hi can anybody tell me what is the diff between ag3 depot and general? which 1 will posted in a city and has less work load?

  266. somebody provide me preparation material for fci recruitment 2012

  267. Visit ssc website for fci AG III 2012 new recruitment.

  268. I am AG III depot posted in Rohtak, Haryana region.My home state is rajasthan.Anyone haryana guy posted in rajasthan and want mutual transfer then please cont. me 09782220855.Surely I make mutual transfer possible between haryana and rajasthan.

  269. Hi friends,
    i’m from south selected for management trainee cat 2 depot. Nov 28 i’ll be report in IFS gurgoan for training next 6 months. can any one help what are the process doing there and how can i prepare for that. Also accommodation and other facilities about that institute.

  270. i am posted in wardha maharastra as AG III(D) i want to transfer in M P (bhopal indore ujjain etc) plz if any one want mutual transfer then contact me on 9561647635

  271. Dear Admin,
    FCI is going to announce new recruitment of AG III on 29th of oct. This is a ‘Diwali Gift’ to all who are preparing for a Govt Job. So i request you to upload a new page of
    ‘FCI AG III Recruitment 2012′
    Thank you sir.
    Pranay Jain
    AG III (General)

  272. soumya ranjan mohapatra

    hello i m soumya ranjan mohapatra posted in fci mahasamund as ag III depot under raipur district office in chattisgarh region west zone. i m interested to transfer orissa.if someone interested to come here plz contact me

  273. Last yr aima ko contract mila tha. Is saal ssc ko. ssc sara recruitment karega. And final merit list banakar har fci zonal office ko dega. And exam me fci ke kisi officer ka involvement nai hoga.

  274. @pranay

    what is consultancy basis recruitment of AG-III?

  275. @sunny
    listen guys clearing a competition is a different thing and having a good educational qualification is different thing. what iam trying to say that work profile of manager in fci doesn’t require an mba. a simple graduate after 6 month training can also do same work.
    they don’t have to achieve target or sell policies etc. even in many psu selection at mms-2 scale doesn’t require mba degree.
    and every mba institution is demanding huge amount of fees. tell me any institute which is taking less than 20k per semester as tuition fees and u r calling them poor? and majority of mba institute are black listed or blue listed which clearly shows that they got approval due to corruption not because of their quality of education is under ugc norms.
    there students are not even attending class and still everyone got passed.
    note: iam not talking about all mba institutes but i strongly believe that majority of mba institutes are product of corruption because of which degradation of quality of education is taking place.

    and i know what happened in recruitment process for management trainee. AT ANY STAGE OF RECRUITMENT THEY NEVER CHECKED MANAGERIAL ABILITIES OF CANDIDATE. it was just for eligibility sake and nothing else.

  276. Good News
    Hmmm. Nishant is right
    3000 Vacancies for CAT III employees on 29th Oct advertisement, see the page no 18 in dainik jagran pf 11-10-2011.
    SSC is going to recruit these vacancies

  277. transfer allowance ag3 depo ko same district office me hone par kitna milta hai

  278. Fresh recruitment of AG-III
    The Chairman Staff Selection Commission has made the following tweets today.
    1. SSC to recruit over 3000 class III personnel for FCI on consultancy basis. advt to appear in empl news and website on 29th oct.
    2. FCI recruitment- selection will be on zonal basis and thereafter posts wil be allocated as per merit.
    3. FCI rect-minimum qlfn degree in any subject for 2 categories, B.Com for accounts cat and Degree in Botany/zoology/agri for technical posts
    4. FCI is a PSU and a statutory body. these posts are regular
    note: twitter users can follow him at the tweeter handle @sscchief for further updates.

  279. @ sunney

    Strongly agrees to your comment and you poterated it nicely. I found many students from third class institutes( because of low fees and they belong to poor families) but when they come in open market with others, they shown up themselves upfront even better and now they are serving in different global organisations and in govt sectors too just because they could qualify themselves by their degree thats why in India, whenever there is a demand of degree, they dont want that MBA should be from IIM or B class college, they want degree from UGC approved or AICTE approved colleges.

  280. @ utraksh,

    degree is not a parameter to judge people, its just give u a platform to represent yourself, now if you are an ag3(QC), so you might (AG) or MSC(AG), so what do you think, you are a master of your degree that you did. if we believe somehow its true, then no body is going to entertain you by this degree. off course you have to come upfront in different exams to show yourself that yes i have something in me, check myself. There are n no. of meritorious students who are very good in their academics, but when they go in cracking exams, they are poor. so you can judge now,

  281. @utkarsh

    you dont think mba as a degree, it does not matter that its worthless in today’s market. just give me an answer how many NIT and JNU type of colleges could provide degree to such a enormous strength of young population of country, you can count on your hand if it happens. Only because of many institutions we are able to handle such strengths of people. If a third class student does mba from a third class institutions it does not mean he gets a job, he just qualified enough to represent himself among different exams, now its his turn to show that he can do something or not, I found many mba’s who does not do at all after finishing their degree, even some of them sell policies, sims and bla bla bla, now if that third class student from a third class institute could able to crack government exam (not by luck) so that would not be magic, off-course he worked hard, because in today scenario its just a dream to get a government job, Isn’t it? i dont think its a by luck to crack written+GD+interview, so after cracking his name in final list, you type of people think that third class student is become my boss, he does not know anything at all, he is from third class institute and all…..
    boss,,, forget this,, if you have guts show them in show time, they shown when they got chance.

  282. Will fci nz release waiting list of mt 2011. Plz let me know when fci will release waiting list

  283. within 8 years those who belong to reserved category have joined before 2011 will become manager.
    isse pehle jab itni vacancy nhi thi toh bhi reserved category wale 10 years mein manager ban jaate the. kuch examples to mere region mein hai.
    however maine kabhi nhi kaha ki sabhi manager ban jayege. even from 2011 batch bahut muskil hai ki koi within 20 years promote hokar manager bane (in case of general and account) kyuki unki staff comparatively abhi kafi young hai.
    jo ag3 1997 mein recruit hue the lagbhag unme se sabhi reserved category wale manager ban gaye hai. kafi kuch aapke clear vigilance report se bhi fark padta hai
    aur mujhe maalom hai ki har psu mein children allowance etc milta hai. mein to bas yeh bata raha tha ki fci for even non officer post paise kum nhi deti.

  284. @all….

    Fci is good for those who don’t want to work….and for knowledge of utkarsh…..tuition fees…of children is reimburse by every psu…every bank…..if you earn 21k does not mean that every single fci employee will earn the same amount…..i am from haryana region and every one is aware of procurement of rice and wheat at haryana and punjab….even i don’t reach 20k…when i go for tour ..minimum of 10 tour a month..and those who are thinking of being a manager within 8yrs…forget it…for just see the seniority list of north zone…you will come to know…one have to wait atleast 12-15 years to be a manager…for those who are senior by age…..because even a one month gap is too much..

  285. @pranay
    to tell u very frankly the latest recruitment of ag3 on the basis of computer proficiency was the idea of our cmd only as he belongs to UP and maximum number of people do computer proficiency from UP .
    and i even d0nt think that MBA is a real educational qualification at all because it is not technical. moreover system of quality of MBA education in india is very poor and totally money making profession.
    and after watching the list of selected candidates i came to know that no one there is from a reputed MBA college. approx 90% are from those institutes which are not even qualified to be a good b school.
    i strongly opposed such type of education which don’t has any quality and what really pinches me that someone from a third class mba institute like baba vaijnath becomes boss of a graduate from nit or jnu or any prestigious institute.

  286. If, there were internal mgmt trainee exam for fci experienced employees (graduates). I am not an MBA. I think experienced cat 3 emp can perform better than fresher MBA because they have sound knowledge of working culture of FCI. They are aware of risk, pressure, problems, precautions, and they know practical approach rather than only theoretical training program. They can perform well for betterment of FCI. And also i think only in accounts and technical cadre requires a specialist PG degree (MBA in Finance and Science degree), for general and depot there is no need of MBA. And experienced emp in account and tech also can perform better without these special degrees. Please god this thought might have come in mind of CMD.

  287. as about salary
    iam posted in dehradun on 8/12/2010
    right now my basic pay is rs 9580
    and salary 17600
    after october it will be 18600 because da will be increased beyond 51 % so additional fringe benefits like hill allowance, lunch, conveyance,medical etc will get increased by 25%
    plus at time of procurement iam getting at least 16ooo additional for 3 month. it will become 20k next year
    so i can say that after end of this year and with starting of next year my salary will be 21k+ 20k in procurement.

  288. @all
    hi guys, back after a long time. i think utkarsh is damn good . dil ki baat bol di yaar. i m post graduate wanted to do ph.d, even after ph.d if fci allow me, even after ph.d i wanted to continue my this job….

  289. utkarsh is right,we should not curse our present job just because it pays you less salary,
    Every job has its pros and cons , within a year or 2 this meagre looking salary will look fine.

  290. good to see so many blogs here.
    however i am deeply disappointed after watching demotivating comments of many bloggers here. some of them actually comparing it with bank po. now bank po is an officer post and pays better than fci but in reality only in hand salary of bank po is better than ag3. fci in case of ag3 approaches la carta approach means pay when u required. like children allowance, tuition fees etc that is out of taxation. also ag3(qc and depo) are posted for procurement of food grains too for nearly 3 months where additional ta and da are also given that is around 15k which is also not included in taxable income. there is also facilities of overtime allowance which is not present in bank. its job is not demanding in nature . u can prepare well for other exams. because of current policy there is guaranteed 2 promotions for ag3 in next 6 years may be they can be absorbed to manager post in 8 years if they have clear vigilance report
    only this current recruitment they made easy in which selection was on the basis of o level proficiency otherwise getting this job was never easy. it was even harder than mt recruitment because every science and commerce graduate can apply for it. for a change just apply for upcoming ag3 recruitment and u will then know importance of this job.
    aur jo keh rahe hai ki ag3 ki aukat nhi hai toh sahi baat hai aukat nhi hai par ag3 ki nahi tumhari. isliye tumse fci wale job chodne ko keh rahe hai because they dont need u.

    • @utkarsh- I am selected for technical cadre. I am a postgraduate in microbiology, GATE, NET exam cleared. I’m trying 4 p.hd from top research institutes but as i got this govt job, I want to join. Please suggest me whether i can do p.hd during this job and whether it would be beneficial for promotion. Wat is the growth in technical cadre. I’m posted in north east. Please suggest frankly as it is a matter of my career. What should i opt?

  291. hi friends this anil from west zone i was deleted from revised list of DEPO (SC), closing marks 44 and my marks also 43 despite i am rejected . is there any chances of waiting list? and SELECTION CRITERIA IS FAIR OR NOT?
    my cont. no. 9703336103

  292. @PRANAY
    i know yaar 3 zones results out
    m just saying if u r capable than enquire about north zone result

  293. @ Himanshu
    MT North Zone result is not declared yet, rest all other are declared. I don’t know the reason but you should wait.

  294. @pranay
    as you’re in fci
    cud u plz find, when will fci mt result declared

  295. @ Manoj
    yes, manoj dear, what do u want from me ?

  296. hi comment from u since long time?

  297. @Pranay
    thanks man…

  298. @ Jaiprakash
    ok. so ur job is not confirmed. U r 1st in s.c. so good chance of final selection. But at present no other option than wait. O.K. All the best.

  299. @Pranay

    thanks man.. but i’m in waiting list. Is any chance to me get the job.. for south zone totally 21 posts. i’m 5th in UR and 1st in SC waiting lists. that’s y i’m asking.. please any one give your suggestion..

  300. @ Jaiprakash
    congrats. In which cadre u r selected ? Well salary and position both are handsome as a manager in FCI. Join this org.

  301. hi friends,
    I have selected as management trainee from south zone in WAITING LIST. can anybody advice me, what are the things i’m gonna do now and how should i response to this result? Is any chance to get this post?…. reply soon.. bye

  302. I am AG III depot posted in Haryana region (hisar).My home state is rajasthan.Anyone haryana guy posted in rajasthan and want mutual transfer please cont. me 9802753838

  303. I am AG III depot posted in Haryana region.My home state is rajasthan.Anyone haryana guy posted in rajasthan an want mutual transfer then please cont. me 8901474234

  304. @pankaj
    congrat for selection

  305. @ pankaj
    congrats yaar…
    Lucky dear, 2nd extended list bhi a gai.

  306. @all @west zone
    extended list came i m selected but joining date not shown

  307. @ Pranay

    that “PO’ pot-shot was on me… Anywyz!! by the bottom of my pristine heart I never made fun of FCI. Don’t know why u felt so?? I was just stressing on this fact that at least u guys should raise your voice against the top brass of FCI management..

    @ Virat

    Rightly said Bro.. too meager salary…
    Rather leaving everything on luck & expecting things to be goodie, prepare well & try for some other entrance exams too.. Have my good wishes.

  308. @ALL

  309. @ all
    fringe benefits proposal for cat 3 is going on in headquarter, there is a committee of 5 people in headquarter who are analysis it and might be possible we will get good news after 2-3 months. I accept in hand around 14k + 330 (food allowance) + 500 (med) is not a great salary but there r so many who are rejected after qualifying the written scoring just 1 or 2 no less compare to last cut off. So just ask the value of 15 k from them. And that is natural after getting something we want something more… We are never satisfied by our present comfort… If we have bike we will desire for a car… And yaar don’t compare assistant salary with bank po salary. If u are talented go for po and other management trainee exam, think positive and after qualifying these exam, don’t make a fun of your previous job… Many are happy who are working in do, ro, zo, and head quarter but some are appointed in field/depot so they are not happy…

  310. @ sjm
    respect your words… But satisfied with 16000 and i am treated well with the behavior of my seniors. Love u FCI and no more comments…dear

  311. @all
    hi everyone,i m feeling that everyone is so happy here in getting 13k per month,wow gr8 salary yaar,and not anyone of us is bothered about fringe benefits,i don’t think by this way we are going to get it,it just in our hand , atleast we must be aware of these things we can inquiry about that are we gonna get it or not,should we prepare for other jobs because 13 k m to bache bhuke marr jayenge

  312. @ Pranay

    Bro!! I’ll rather defer what u just said.. though nonchalantly I said that FCI loves his/her employee.. but the hard fact is they are not even bothered about us…. The top brass of FCI has indulged itself in utmost luxuries & in turn they have become callous for most of its junior employees & see the irony they don’t forget to add Fringe benefits & all the stupid benefits available at their disposal.. but jab baat AG-III walo ki aati hai.. the most nagging and rather cliche’ statement is … ‘ We r working on it & sochte hai wagerrah-wagerrah ‘.. lol :p

    On the prima-facie’ I’m stressing on the monetary aspect.. u temme kis bande ki gross salary ajkal ke time mai 16,000 hoti hai?? .. the hard fact is salary batane mai bhi dar lagta hai tht smhw we don’t become the butt of the joke amongst our near & dear ones…

    But if u r happy working in FCI, am more than happy for u but I had made the right decision by shunning out from this callous organization.. but thts my perception only.

    Regards-> S J M

  313. @ SJM
    han yaar FCI apne employees se bahut pyar karti hai… I will not leave RO… Happy and Peaceful life, nice friends, seniors and down to earth AGM, DGM… And also don’t want to go my home district now… Maja aa raha hai kaam karne me…

  314. @ Debarshee

    Yeah Bro!! u can have my mail id : mansudeep at (or +919990006621)… bro!! don’t temme tht u have opt for FCI -AGIII(D) instead of BOI PO?

    @ All

    I want to communicate all of u a v funny instance…

    Just for a discharge letter I had to to & fro between Ludhiana & Chandigarh.. not twice but five times… shucks!! wht a(n) organization it is.. but finally discharge letter mil hi gaya… lagta hai FCI apne employees se bada pyaar karti hai isliye discharge letter nahi dena chathi… ( lol :p )

    @ Admin

    Hi Sir!! kaise ho?? aapki well wishes se aakhir mai PO ban hi gaye… :p :d
    Regards -> S J M [ Ex FCI employee, AG-III(D) :
    Now: Asst. Manager - Vijaya Bank ]

  315. dear sjm
    i need to talk to very important pertaining to me.if u r still reading the blogs please give me your no.i shall be very grateful or if u dont want to disclose ur no you can even call me in my no i.e 8982989665
    debarshi mukherjee

  316. @all ag3
    training is over,in 6 days our senior told us that ag3 is ag3 ,so don’t expect anything,punjab region is bit difficult for depot people,(ag3 ki aukaat k bare m achhi tarah bataya gaya on training),even fci officials was saying us to prepare for banks and other jobs.

    about fringe benefit
    there was a mixed response from officials on it, they said fci had already passed it ,now its depend on govt. to accept it or not,but better is that we should not expect increment.

  317. @ Anubha
    Please provide me the Books as well as the pattern for Examination , My mail Id is tp_singh2000 at . And also let me know the possibility For another waiting list to be published if any idea or information regarding this . Thanks a lot for the efforts .


  318. @kamal
    u know some about , this is good. but friend designing is different. i also did this, it is totally different. but if u can do , it is good. designing certificate won’t matter here. give me ur id, i will mail u.

  319. @ Anubha
    Thanks For replying Actually i did web designing course from arena multimedia but i don’t have that certificate bcz i left it in middle due to some reasons. I do know computer not only basics i m also technical. As u were saying that FCI is having another Recruitment, Just tell me the key books to prepare for this exam and the sections of exam like G.K,Maths,Reasoning,Computers like this or diff pattern for Exam …

    Thanks once again for replying Bcz u r doing a wonderful work by sharing some important points to our Friends who didn’t come up with good results in this exam but hopefully with ur this sort of Motivation towards life will help them a lot and they might make this time …


  320. @kamal
    i’m not forcing u. u can do as u want. but i just want to tell u ki comp knowledge is different. or me itni sari language aate hue bhi facing difficulties in fap, even my seniors too. rest as u wish.
    u r right.this is coz of safety of girls. i requested to gm top give me depot coz i want to go to depot. i requested very much . they gave me depot in interior where not a single hostel for girls. i requested for depot that is present in city . he said that depot is risky for girls. i can’t. n during our training we all gave 3 test. 1 for general, 1 for technical, 1 for comp. on the basis of that they selected 11 candidates for comp work. they announced already that u all knows comp. we know but who r interested for this work only can give there details. i gave .
    fa is not a word or excel based program, it is a oracle based program, jis bande ko system operate karna nahi aata vo oracle kaise operate karega….

  321. Well I just want to add something, its true that operating knowledge of computer would be enough for fci. Now question to given different responsibilities of different cadres. Its only given specially to girls only, like its not possible for a girl to do quality control work because it needs to be in fields, depos where you would hardly find a female. Very few girls given these responsibilities in district labs, district offices, regional labs only. Not a single girl in the field. The same story for depot cadre girls, depot job not at all suits to girls that’s why all girls given different cadres responsibilities like account, general, admin. This is all going in FCI

  322. joined north zone , in accounts ,kaam to bahut hota h abhi,depot and qc guys don’t have this much work,everyone suggest ki keep preparing for some good job because salary is on 13k in hand after cpf deduction, but i got my hometown for joining.

  323. @ kamal
    i wanna say u that two of my friend priyanka and varun from this blog are working in headquarter new delhi and vikas is working in zonal office noida and they told me this year recruitment is open for all graduate and no need of o’level or any computer diploma so just work hard for qualify the written test only and 1 more thing in only technical cadre work only in thr cadre and no other cadre can work in technical and working in any cadre only ms word and excel is required my 1 friend working in fap in ro lucknow there is no difficulty in it . All guys have some basic info of comp ie ur account in orkut and facebook. So fap is only a s/w and u need to work as data entry operator. Work is very easy in all section so don’t worry and before joining u will get a special training program so u can learn how to work and fci senior emp are very nice, humble and they will help you if u ask anything.

  324. @pranay n anubha

    Thanx for the information. I have start the treatment in mum. Will submit the bills later.
    Sry could not reply earlier. take care yourself bye

  325. @ kamal
    no need to ask any1, to generate vacancy is responsibility of ZO, not DO or RO. any1 who is from general cadre posted at ZO might be tell u, not sure.n one thing i want to tell u, if they will generate new vacancy, definitely they will need comp qualification. ha “o” level, mca, btech is not necessary. they will give graduate + 1year diploma in comp. i will suggest u specially, join comp, coz every organization needs only those guys who knows this . u did, u won’t be able to survive in account section of fci if u don’t know about comp.. i m from technical cadre, but they put me in account section coz of my good knowledge of comp. they want some people to handle fap. they choose 11 candidates for that. i was 1 of them. even i heard gm of my region gave special order to account section ki relax new recruity from other work n give only fap work…

  326. @ kamal
    this time this recruitment is for any graduate no need of comp degree and o level, and i can’t say anything rest of the comment bcoz i am not sure.

  327. Hi
    @ Pranay
    The upcoming Vacancy are coming U R Talking about are for only Graduates or for Graduates + O’ Level Guys , Mca ,Bca … Bcz I m didn’t have that Computers qualification i m only bcom Graduate . Have u asked ur Fci Staff about the recruitment procedure what will happen to those candidates who have been Qualified from the exam but not Posted for the job ,, will they be keeping these Guys in Backlog something or what …? Or when they have the Candidates those have passed in Test part fill those upcoming Vacancy through Those candidates Then Go and recruit For Other Vacant Post


  328. @ kamal
    can’t say anything about 2nd extended list but new recruitment of ag3 is going to announce very soon. Bhai don’t loose hope, fci nahi to kuch aur sahi. And there is also a possibility of another list but don’t believe and prepare for other exams. and there are so many who are not happy by this job. So ye samajhlo bhagvan ne isse better koi job likhi hai tumhare bhagya me….
    O.K. yaar

  329. @ Anubha Gupta , Pranay

    Is there any hope for another Waiting List to Come or the chapter Of FCI for rest of the candidates are closed , Bcz as earlier information People were telling that almost 450 people didn’t join FCI but waiting list call only 170 Candidates, What does this mean ?. One of my Neighborhood who is Retired From FCI was telling Us that FCI keeps on calling the persons who are selected in Written Test Upto One Year. Those who had qualify the test will get call in Near Future .Is this True Reply Yaar ?


  330. @kailash
    i already asked about this topic to admin section.they said u all r eligible but after when u got your file from RO. before us all records was maintained by DO. but this time they took document verification n maintain records at their own level. after that they will send our service file to our respective DO’s. then we have to give your full details with 3 postcard size photographs in which u n ur all dependents are there u will get medical with u. but they want issue medical card until unless they got our file coz they made joining on the basis of joining order. they don,t have any records. but 1 thing u will get benefit of medical only empaneled hospitals from fci. if u are going ti non-empanelled hospitals, u have to submit all ur papers, fci will reimburs ur money according to rule , but u will not get full amount fro non-empanelled. it is limited , i think 2000. this time u don’t have medical card, so go to private n submit papers then after.

  331. @ kailash
    u can ask this matter in E-2 section , it is sunday today i will let u know tomorrow after 10 by inquiring in E-2 section at RO. What is your e mail id. Get well soon yaar.

  332. hii all,
    @pranay n all
    I want to know that if we eligible for medical scheme now or after probation/6 month. I had an accident got injury in my eye now they r saying that you’re new so not eligible now. Then how can fci providing doc. consultancy fees of Rs.500/month. Pl get back to me asap. Tc bye

  333. Hmmmm. We were taught a difference aspect of FCI when we were having training. FCI is this, FCI is that, don’t do wrong things, don’t involve in wrong activities. ( you guyz are smart enough to understand wrong activities, Isn’t it ) But reality is quite different, Bhaish ki aankh, We have to, have to involve in that. I really personally don’t like this kind of work culture, coz i have never faced this before, sometimes i feel I have chosen wrong option. Hmmm, Its a safer job for the guyz who are sitting in offices, but what about those poor guyz who are in field, depot. Please God Save Them…

  334. @ ajay dahiya
    hahaha…very true…
    Cat 4 ke employee ko experience jyada hone ke karan jyada salary milti hai… And it also depends on how many bags they are carrying in one day i.e. labors. Ok bhai i also love FCI and also love my General cadre…This is my first job… But tumhara comment mujhe bahut accha laga. Haha…

  335. i visited the ro and simple depot of fci ,there is big difference in working culture,one more surprising thing i come to know from some employee that cat4 employee earns a lots more even they earn 5-6 lakhs in a year legally i don’t know how but the person showed me the data,and catg 3 are only getting 13k. but still love u FCI because this is first job, FCI aisa ladoo h jinko nahi mila wo dukhi aur jinko mil gaya wo bhi.
    best of luck to all.and depot and quality walo ki job is best .unko bus thoda starting me problem h uske baad they are far far ahead than of the accounts and general cadre.

    • avishek sengupta

      I cleared ag3 technical. Should i join? How is the work pressure? I am from kolkata but selected for west zone…

  336. @ gaurav
    call to regional office and share ur problem with dgm or any admin representative… He will tell u the right solution. Maine ye cert nai banvaya so i don’t know but shayad dm nr sdm ke counter sign karvana padega .

  337. hi friends i am selected in first waitlist for ag 3rd depot in punjab region i belongs from sc and our sdm is not issue the latest sc certificate for me because i have already a sc certificate since 2001 he said that it is not issue again plz tell me what i can do?

  338. Hmm , sunney is right…

  339. @ kailash
    bro i am fine , cool and happy . Enjoying in RO with friends and today going for watching movie.
    Bhai jab tak dusri govt job na mile , ise mat chodna… Prepare well for SBI PO. Try to learn well of working culture of FCI , It will help you in interviews of other govt exam… And know something the profile of other friends in comml , admin , accounts , pension , contract , vigilance etc. Ok bye , wishing u a happy and prosperous life ahead.

  340. @prakash
    Hii, i have joined manmad. Job profile is quit boring bcoz have to deal with labourers sometime. And now its one month is over but still there are lot of things which needs to learn. But no matter till i get any opportunity i have to do

    Hii bro. How r u ?

  341. @ ajay- here in fci da increases not after 6 months, it changes after 3 months, it means 4 times in a year, now the very next would come in july.

    @anubha- this rules has been revised before some time fci used to merge the da into basic salary when da reaches 88% but now due to some union pressure, it was revised before some time to 50%. now another thing, its true FCI is giving very less pay comparatively to another corporation, if you talk for state agencies they give 10300-34500 with 5200 grade pay in punjab itself for the same post in which we are working, so dear there is a huge difference, We cannot expect good salary in fci because next pay revision would be in 2017 as the MOU is already signed/

  342. @anubha
    In all central govt. job if da exceeds more than 50% it got merge to the basic,Its not 70% and i think in psu and banks this is not applicable so may be this is not applicable to FCI,and this time central govt.’ jobs da exceeds 50% but govt decides not to merge it into the basic salary.I am very happy to be in FCI,but still we can try for some better opportunities also because here salary structure is not very good.and we have a platform now so we can prepare more freely now.
    I m selected in the second list, i haven’t joined yet, can u tell me whats the total salary u got in hand for first month.

  343. @ajay,
    as we all knows when D.A. exceeds 70% , it merged into basic. but fci merged D.A. when it will be 50%. n right now fci is giving 47.2% da. D.A. increased in every 6 months. so in next increment your basic will be 9300+50% da, in which u get hra n da. n in every January there is a 3% increment for every employee. now u will get ur 3 % increment on your this new basic coz i thing da will going to beyond 50 in september.chill yaar. if u want to go anywhere else, prepare. but koi bhi organization ekdum se tumhare join karne ke 1 month me hi salary double nhi kar degi. everything needs time.

  344. As i have heard from some friends and orkut community there is not going to be any increase in the salary of ag3 till 2016.better way ki jon pakdo and keep preparing for other options we will be selected anywhere else also.

    pay of Unionized employees are fixed through negotiation process. The recognized Unions and the FCI management have already signed the MoU and MoS for the period 1.1.2007 to 31.12.2016. Pay and allowances for Cat.III & IV employees are payable as per the signed agreement.

  345. @ priyanka sharma

    This same event happened with me also & my name is not in 2nd extended list , I am from Patna.

    I know that you have file against FCI in Patna High Court.

    3rd list may come after the joining of 2nd list candidates , I get this information from Zonal Office Mumbai.

    My Contact No :- 9608229690

  346. @ chandra
    i think it must be okay , better call to regional office , phone no is given in your appointment letter .

  347. Hey guys from south zone listen all waiting list candidate will receive appointment letter directly to there home.This info i got from orkut community:

  348. @all friends
    hi friend plz. suggest me i am selected in waiting list of west zone depot chhatisgarh region yesterday i got my appointment letter. as i am confused whether i have to make medical, character certificate again as i have already made my all certificate two month back when final list of west zone was declared which was plz. suggest that old med. ,char. certificate will be ok or not.

  349. @ prateek
    after joining follow to your seniors , manager and try to learn working culture from experienced senior , learn typing in hindi and never involve in politics and talk in respect to ur juniors also ie. Cat 4 employees and labour , and always remember do work honestly .

  350. thanks anubha and pranay!
    I will definitely keep your words in my mind before making any decision.:-)
    I got selected for west zone in 2nd list located at C.G….
    also plz help me with does and don’t things for this job.

  351. @ Debarshi & All those candidates who are in dilemma whether to opt for FCI/Bank PO

    Hi Bro!! I was in the same dilemma whether to opt for Bank PO or to stick with FCI. Look Bro there is incentive working in FCI too & the main reason is stability. I was working in FCI as AGIII(D) & frankly speaking I’m quitting FCI just for the salary perspective otw my first love will always be FCI. On the other hand Pay Band of PO is quite lucrative & incentives are quite good. If you compare the pay structure of FCI-AGIII its 9300/- plus few incentives , gross would range somewhere around 16-17k but on the other hand Pay structure of PO is 14,500/- but PO job is v much demanding and there is no fixed timing when you will reach home.
    So my strong suggestion to you would be if you are looking for stability and compromise for few bucks stick to FCI & start preparing for MT. Otw if u can’t wait that much choose P.O. I have chosen the later 1 bro but still I would maintain quitting FCI was a v tough decision for me.


    S J M a.k.a Sudip ‘J’ Mandal AG-III(D)
    Now Vijaya Bank ( Asst. Manager )

  352. @ Debarshi
    hi , If i were on the place of you i would definitely go with BOI PO . No chance of thinking 2nd time , as a PO u have two work in AC cabin , good salary , respectable post . So don’t think again and join BOI PO . I am not selected in 2nd phase of BOI PO , only qualified written test .

  353. @ west zone
    hi friend have u received the offer letter i have not received yet.

  354. west zone candidate

    hi pranay,this is debarshi name is in the waiting list of west zone depot cadre posting at cg.i am in a puzzle coz i have the opportunity of bank of india po in my other always give good suggestions to all your mates.plz suggest me too,what should i join?i just want to know ur personal viewpoint…………plz rep

  355. @ prateek
    hi , just tell me your cadre in fci and any other option of govt job and if no other option then something is better than nothing and u should be proud to join FCI because the main function of FCI providing good quality of wheat and rice to each and every corner of India in cheaper rates by procurement then store then through movement . So it is a noble work and to serve FCI is to serve our NATION . I think it will help you in decision making .

  356. @ akeel
    my intention was not to hurt you and also not increasing the tension , i was very happy on that day with admin and my some friends of this blog , whatever your said me , i respect your words bcoz these words spoken in mannered otherwise some people use very dirty language . And south zone waiting list will be published very soon . And other recruitment of ag 3 is going to be held in june .
    Pranay Jain

  357. @akeel,
    good i like your words.
    when u called me , i was busy that time. i will call u.don’t mind it, plz
    some1 told me once that ”nothing is obscene, obscenity lies in the eyes of the beholder”. so every thing is as, as u see it n think it. don’t ask to others, their thinking is different. if u have better payscale option, don’t think fci is good or bad, just quit n go other side. if u don’t have any other option, then come to fci, analyze it according to your view. if it seems good, continue, if not , atleast stick here until unless u get another better option.

  358. priyanka sharma

    i selected in 1 list (general) in fci west zone,but list was cancelled.Now 2 list is published.
    My name is not in this.Is 3 list is published in upcoming time??

  359. @ SJM
    I wanna say u you are a nice human being and mannered boy . And your speaking and written english is excellent , mine is not good so always i am disqualified in 2nd phase ie. interview . And congrats bro . God bless u and i pray a happy and prosperous life for u . I am in RO Lucknow and i am happy here , and will try for MT Exam after MBA . And u took good decision.

  360. @ All Depot Cadre Aspirants, Pranay & all of my lovely friends

    Hi!! to all fellow FCI colleagues and FCI’s wannabe colleagues.. with heavy heart I have to say that I’m quitting FCI now.. before u guys make a(n) ill notion regarding this lemme tell all of u that I’m through with Bank PO (Vijaya Bank, Second Waiting List)… Quitting FCI will be a tough task for me as I made very good friends here and found myself in good ambiance specially in Punjab Region. Though many of u were saying that working in Godown is a bit challenging job.. I will have to differ on this front. There are many advantages working in a godown: a. U can come & go at ur own free will ( I was in good books of my Depot Manager) b. Taking casual leave is a cake walk ( again u have to be in the good books of Depot Manager). c. Work Ambiance: My Depot Manager & my colleagues are the best people I ever interacted they really help me a lot in every possible way.
    Now I’ll highlight some ill effects working in godown or in broad aspect working in FCI:
    a. Salary.. Salary is really very pathetic I think FCI needs to revise its scale otw talented guys wont be staying here for long.
    b. Work Pressure.. Work Pressure sometimes can be very challenging
    c. No Incentives… FCI needs to give incentives such as OT to AG III . They are giving incentives to hired labourers too.
    d. Promotion.. They are giving promotion on seniority basis & they lack departmental exams.

    On tht note I’ll end here.. thanks for ur valuable time & all those candidates who are opting for FCI in waitlist category do kindly focus on other papers too but working in FCI will be a pleasant experience for sure…. to be honest I’m quitting FCI just for meager salary…

    Regards.. S J M a.k.a Sudip ‘J’ Mandal

  361. prateek again, there are lot of scary stuff you guys have written here..

  362. hello everybody its my first time on this blog.. those who have already joined fci plz kindly tell me about how the job is, is it good or bad also should stick to it or try for anyother plz help me so that i can make decision. any one who got joining for fci west zone extended list for chattisgarh plz contact me on prateeksingh359 at gmail lets hope for the best

  363. @ KAMAL
    How u know that fci is going to release another another waiting list?

  364. Dude FCI chapter might be closed to you and in your zone… but many zones have not yet released their first waiting also …
    and don’t worry your zone is still yet to release their second and third waiting plz don’t give tension to your fellow mates who are hopeful of second list…

  365. Finally FCI chapter is closed , recruitment is done , waiting list is done . Thanks to admin for providing such a beautiful space in this we shared our views , ideas , advices , and met with some good friends . Even many are not selected but they are now my good friends , they call me , mail me but i will remember 3 special one who are not selected but i learned many good things from them like what r the manners , how to talk , sweetness and the most important thing a great attitude never say die attitude , and i know they have great future bcoz they know all whatever leads to a great life . Ok friends always be in touch if change ur mo no please send me ur other no. Thanks admin for supporting me in many steps of this blog . And i love FCI . To serve FCI is to serve our NATION .

    Pranay Jain
    RO Lucknow

  366. @nikhil, all
    yes right info ’bout d salary hike……..its abha working in north zone.
    bknk union has proposed the agenda for 40% cafeteria allowance on basic pay before management.
    let’s c what happens…..
    n yes hope 4 d best.

  367. Dear All,

    Can Anybody tell me when is the waiting list coming for South Zone..

  368. Hello Friends,
    I just wanted to share a good info for North zone candidates those who were not select in extended list …don’t loose hope bcz by tomorrow or day after tomorrow another list is to be published in which all the needy people wil get the job ….just pray for the best….

  369. i am himanshu (wait listed) selected in haryana ag 3 depot.person who r going to join haryana on 6 june cont me. 09722024995

  370. @ nikhil
    good info dear , try to know it in detail.

  371. @gajanan,
    don’t worry chill yaar. there is a huge shortage of staff in fci already n apart from that 90% of the staff which is posted here is going to retire in 2014-15. fci is going to be a empty glass. every district office is giving pressure continuously to RO n ZO to give staff. n 1 thing more is that they give only account n depot list. coz they cancelled it earlier, it is there responsibility to do somethng. even i heard that after s-me days ~ 17000 vacancy is coming in fci from ground to top level.

  372. @ gajanan
    hi gajanan thanks for your reply.i too hope nothing goes wrong this time.
    may i know in which branch you are selected ?

  373. When will come south zone w’list?
    any idea.

  374. @ Debarshi
    i think fci west zone will send a offer letter to all extended list candidate till Tuesday.
    after that we must need to send our acceptance letter.may be training will be in 2nd week of june.I hope this time nothing will go wrong.

  375. Hey guys im Nikhil..
    Working in West Zone as Depot cadre….

    I got to know from our Union BKNK sangh that FCI have agreed for 40% hike in our salary but, the only condition is other Govt. corporation also has to increase then only FCI will do the same…

    so Hope for the Best…
    If it happens we will get 40% Cafeteria allowance on our Basic….

    wat say..??
    if any1 have the same info about it let me know..


  376. Don’t be sure for ur selection till joining date cos every thing is possible in FCI recruitment you should don’t forget the cancellation list of West zone which comes near the joining date

  377. hi gajanan,my name is there in the wait list of fci west zone.but they have not given any annexures or important notice of joining dates till now.can u say whats the reason for this? debarshi mukherjee.

  378. @west zone
    the much awaited extended list of west zone has finally comes so congrats! to all west zone candidate.

  379. no home transfer for min 3 years….new order issued…..this is what fci is first giving lollypops and then issuing new new orders….my date of resign is fix 30 may….i am so happy and tension free for arriving to a right decision….here life in depot is miserable….

    You will never get time for further studies….from the joining every sunday i have to work…this is some thing ridiculous…overtime ka paisa bhi 2 saal baad ayega……hindi jo letter likhe unka koi paisa nh milega….fci is worst then private….people talk about job security…but i say that when present is not good and why to think about about future…

  380. anyone who is selected in extended list and got the appointment letter,can anybody tell that where the candidate who are selected in haryana have to report,plz tell location in haryana,and third plz tell about the medical,is fci taking medical or we have to give them medical and whats the procedure for medical

  381. Hi SRG sir I was also in waiting list of north zone but today i see the extended list result but my name is not in the extended list I got 46 marks but obc cut off was 47 in final list and my dob was 02/11/1984.Is there will be a chance of selection…..what will happen of remained seats in which many candidates gave resign..

  382. most awaited Fci west zone list is out,check out on
    Congrats those selected

  383. is there anyone from punjab zone for godown assistant extended list ?

  384. i am selected in the extended list of FCI north zone in godown post…the call letters were issued on 04/05/2011 and i think within 10 or 12 days every selected candidate will have their own appointment letter and the date of joining is 06/06/ congrats to all the selected candidates and i m selected in PUNJAB region so any selected candidate who has allotted PUNJAB region can contact me at 9878909140.

  385. I am himanshu from jaipur.People who r going to join haryana region(waiting list candidates) on 6 june cont me on 09722024995.

  386. @ anubha..

    i have told you in respect to what have you told to pranay that lunch is 180 not 200. Pranay was saying about the whole month salary not the 27 days.

  387. @ kailash
    when the extended list of west zone will come as u have joined mumbai r o any info.

  388. @srg….u have mention all the figures wrong….basic is wrong….and even according to your basic hra is wrong…it wont come 1761 when 20 percent of 8700 is calculated…

    So its humble request to you to write exact figure as every one has pay slip….and everything is mentioned on that..


  389. @ srg,
    it is a common sense. i know i even every1 got less pay. i was telling to pranay that lunch is 180 not 200. n he counted hra wrong.
    @ all
    yaar it’s a humble request to u all please first u read what is the topic of discussion then give comment. like sabko common sense hai yaha ki salary 4 din kat ke milegi..

  390. @ anubha. you got less pay because we dint get out 30 days pay. It depended upon our date of joining as my date of joining in punjab region region was 4th of april so that i got 27 days pay. it means
    Basic pay – 8700
    DA- 4106
    HRA- 1761 (20% of BP)
    Food- 180

    this is all for 27 days.. that’s why you got lesser pay.

  391. Much possibility of 2nd extended list bcoz many time north zone has published 2nd extended list and that time vacancies were less compare to this time , but it is confirm news FCI is going to recruitment for AG 3 posts in coming june – july 2011 for any graduate , so u can apply again for this post . Ok bro bye….,

  392. @ Pranay

    Just tell me is there any chance for another waiting list to be declared for north zone
    bcz as the seats are around 400 but the second list has declared only 200 persons…so just wanna clear this is anybody having any info regarding this please answer….


  393. @anubha…no issues….hardly matters from which zone we r….we r from fci family….until n unless i resign.

  394. @ pranay
    it is not like i am always right. i got salary slip with salary. i told u what i got. might be u r getting more ….

  395. @ abhishek
    first of all i want to clear u . i m posted at jabalpur o.k. i m from technical cadre but doing work on fap at account section.clear..

  396. Hi,

    Congrats to all who have their names in Extended list
    All the best,And we FCI people welcomes you in our organization.
    Be prepared for the joining formalities.
    You will be getting the appointment letter almost with in a month and have to prepare some related annexures (like Medical certificate, Character Certificate etc.)
    And then Simply have to report on the respective RO and from their you will be getting the further district wise distribution.

    Again Congratulations and All the very best.


  397. @ anubha
    my maths is very poor , u are right hra is 1860 , and u r always right mam.

    @ abhishek
    petrol allowance is applicable when ur Basic pay is more than 10000 , and i don’t know about lux , i think it is for only depot and technical guys.

    @ saif
    read old comments of this page , u will get info about medical , character and identity cert.

  398. @pranay….add 1643 in cpf…which fci will submit in cpf that also comes under salary 30percent of fringe benefit is going to increase…

    @Anubha….u got the salary any ways u will get 30 percent of hra…well anubha can u tell the name of girl i have seen her and u all at karnal rail head….she was with glares…hehehe..

    @pranay…bike walo ko 700 +300 for maintenance…aur han ek lux every month…

  399. @all west zone candidate
    only 10-12 candidates are absent in bhopal

  400. @pranay
    hra is 1860 not 1960. and i gt 180 for lunch not 200.

  401. @ saif khan
    congrats bro , u know my contact no and my email is
    pranaympec2008 gmail com
    wish u a happy and prosperous career….

  402. @all west zone candidate
    hi friend any info about when the extended list of waiting candidate of west zone will come . how many vacant seat r there in depot & general in ur category.

  403. @ all
    i have allotted punjab region i am from rajasthan any one can call me on nine seven eight four five double three one two three
    can any body tell me about medical examination(detail) , and whats the procedure of joining?

  404. hello guys fci north zone extended list is come. check site


  405. FCI SALARY inhand per month in lucknow (Y Class)

    BP – 9300
    HRA – 1960 (20 %)
    DA – 4390 (47.2 %)
    Lunch – 200
    Total 15890

    CPF – 1643 (12 % of BP + DA )

    Total – 14247

    Deduction – 70
    Total – 14177 in Bank Account

    Medical – 500 (Avg 1500 per 3 months)
    Foot allowance – 330

    Total – 15007 in hand per month

  406. good news
    fci north zone extended list is declared my name is in list
    check for your name.
    any one tell me whats the procedure of joining.

    @ pranay
    i want to talk u bro please call me

  407. Extended list has been published. Congrats for all selected guys .

  408. results are out………..again lost the final battle even though i got 49 marks and cut off was 51……any how now no more expectation from FCI…..Bye to all…….
    goodluck for your future!


  410. @anubha..
    my no. 09255522202

  411. @all
    i saw i think good news is related to waiting list.
    every organization has its own section for rti, i can’t discuss it here, give me ur no. i will tell u…

  412. When second list will published..

  413. whats gud news der? i have already seen it

  414. check the orkut community of Food corporation of India!!! for good news

  415. @all west zone candidate
    hi friend any info about when the extended list of waiting candidate of west zone will come . how many vacant seat r there in depot & general in ur category.

  416. @ vipin
    RTI (suchna ka adhikar) office is situated in every district , so search in google ur near by RTI office.

  417. @vipin
    If u din get the reply with in 45 days
    Than there is a provision for higher complaint as well as 15000 as penalty

  418. @anubha….
    but anubha yaar problem is that where can i contact these higher authorities rti… i have no contact address………plz help me yaar……..n k pranay….

  419. @vipin
    reply of rti takes max 30 days, but in some cases 35 days also… but if they they didn’t ans you, you can make direct complain to the higher authority of rti. there is a hierarchy of rti authorities, u can further make complain too.

  420. please call these no 0120-2411605,0120-2411608-18, extension no. is 202 call on these no of north zone office noida and get information about rti.

  421. @ vipin
    no idea of RTI.

  422. @pranay
    thanks yaar you gave imp info to us… n yaar tell me one thing i have applied RTI …wanna know my marks but 48 days crossed didn’t get reply yet from RTI .. only last month got acknowledgement card….now how can i got my marks?

  423. North zone extended list may publish any day from now , most probably on this week . this news is given by my one close friend working in zonal office noida. And new recruitment for ag 3 will be conducted in june 2011 and this time it is for all graduates and vacancies are more than previous recruitment . So guys give ur 100 % . Ok guys bye. Take care

  424. @ kailash
    mutual transfer is possible , means u can go for transfer if any other candidate also want to get transfer so both of u can interchange of ur joining city but it is possible after probation of 1 year , u have to give relieving letter + 1 application of transfer to ur AGM. But yar if u get zonal office or regional office then u will learn good knowledge of working and u have to work in the presence of ur Manager , AGM , DGM and GM so if u do good work , in future u will be benefited.

  425. @pranay n All
    I have joined in Mum Ro there was 68 selected candidates among those 52 r present(not confirm got this info from friends). now feeling good but still having tense. like where I get posted. does any body having idea about transfer like when we can get or apply.
    One more thing my appeal to everyone that work for people don’t let this (problems) happen with others like we face.

  426. @all i have not receive yet any info by rti(30 days complete) after that what should i do.plz reply

  427. @rahuk Kr

  428. @ All who join west 23/25 April
    How many vacant seats are available in Depot in SC category in all four regional office in west zone.
    I want to know…..guys plz help

  429. How many seats are vacant in Gujarat and M.P in Ag3 Depot

  430. hello guys i am from north , all the disst. will give the report to the ro chd who not join or give resign before 1 may . and i hope those candidate waiting the second list will be selected. i wish u best of luck.

  431. @ Vineet

    Which zone/region is calling absent candidate.

  432. Can someone tell me when waiting list of north zone will come.Please reply if someone has any information.

  433. @all raipur
    thank god training start for depot and account . I am join in depot (raipur) . And total candidate are join 137 only fci depot and account section
    Thanks for all

  434. why FCI is calling the absent candidates?? its unfair to those who are in waiting list…

  435. hello AK_Kumar
    as per my info there is 10-15 seats are vacant in Maharashtra zonal & region in General
    plz get info about other state & depot joining.

  436. @KAILASH:
    congrats buddy. anyway from where u got confirmation about your name in second list?
    bcz there is no notice on fci website.

  437. @ All

    How many vacant seat are available in Depot+General in UR. category in West Zone :-

    Mumbai R.O = ?
    Bhopal R.O = ?
    Ahmedabad R.O = ?
    Raipur R.O = ?

  438. @ kailash
    congrates bro!

  439. @ all
    finally it over and out, late is better than never.
    have to join tomorrow. guys thanks for all of you for ur help.
    wz depot

  440. 41 candidates have not joined Raipur regional office on 23.04.11

  441. no……..they did not join other zones

  442. @ All who join west 23/25 April
    How many vacant seats are available in Depot in UR category in all four regional office in west zone.

    I want to know immediately.

  443. @all waiting list candidate
    candidates are leaving fci so fast,lets get prepare for other exams we have other opportunities also,if we got in 2nd list fine and if we don’t we will have other option, so don’t worry dosto jo hota h ache k liye hota h, its just that we have a better chance now to prepare for other exam also and if we got in fci then we will have one more option.lets be brave.

  444. @ Rohit

    Are you confirm that all 12 candidates really not join other other zones. Because i saw these same 12 candidates in west zone AG.Depot list. It seems that they will join west z.

    Please reply me soon.

  445. @rohit where 12 candidates who resigned from punjab is joining other zone or not.

  446. actually they r not happy with godown job. from the joining they have 2 complete their job till 9 or 10 pm. I think they have better option than fci that’s why they leave this job

  447. @ ankit
    not at this time but when any information regarding west zone extended list i will provide u……

    i m also waiting for North zone extended list…

  448. @ Rohit
    Why 12 candidates resigned the post in Punjab.Are they join in other zone or not or resigned to all zones where they have selected.

  449. @rohit….how do you come to know….what is the procedure… give resign….@anubha….before saying any thing…u should first join depot…i know everything about qc delhi once……till date u are not posted..just seeing various depot …i have seen u all…were roaming as if picnic banane aaye ho…

    Its good that you like this job and the bitter truth is that in qc there is no work…come to my depot i’ll show you the risk….

  450. @all
    Sorry guys this is not waiting list…..its a intimation to all selected but not joined candidates…………….i am sorry to all waiting candidates

    but why fci south zone is doing this and fci east zone called waiting candidate

  451. @ Bikash

    Have you any link or information related to West Zone.

  452. Hello dear it is not waiting list it is reminder for those candidate that not join on specific date of joining. please check carefully all candidate are same on finally selected list if south zone.


  453. good news for waiting list candidate 12 candidate from bhatinda (punjab reigon) have given resign today

  454. south zone waiting list out………..
    this is the link….

    best of luck all the south zone waiting list candidates
    also congrats to all selected candidates….

  455. @shivendra
    i am also waiting for the extended list of north zone….

    no bro i have no idea about the south zone but when i find any
    information related to south zone then i will inform u…..

  456. hiii all
    anybody applied 4 fci management trainee post (gen) & (a/c)…
    then plz send me some material regarding exam……. i need its very urgent 4 me…

  457. can any one tell how many seats r still vacant in north zone ?and how many r in waiting list?i m very worried because financial condition of my home is very poor so this job is very imp to me.i m very depressed ..pls any one help me pls its really imp 2 me ….m very poor
    and m from ad group and obc.and what % for my selection pls tell me…… home condition is not good pls any one tel

  458. @mr. bikash kr
    ur information is valuable 4 east zone waiting list candidates
    but it is panic 4 other zone waiting list candidates
    if u have any information regarding other zone waiting list candidates then please share
    that as soon as possible
    and if u don’t have any info of other zones than also share
    and also share that from where u got this information
    all waiting list candidates

  459. @ deepali
    i wish that u r right nd i am wrong , and pray to god waiting list for north nd all other zone must be published very soon nd hope u all will get ur name in extended list . And one more thing i am already working in fci regional office lucknow (general cadre) nd i have not any benefit for demoralize u and all other but whatever written by me or some other student is bitter truth and it was advice from us who got training nd working in fci , nd we all r getting experience but i know u all r needed this job badly so listen tn ur mind nd heart only and also this is not the end of ur career , it is beginning so all the very best for ur future nd don’t stop preparation of govt exams.

  460. @pankaj

    RTI Reply takes 15 days.

  461. @Bikash kr
    if u know the link for south Zone plz reply me

  462. @ pranay
    i think u are wrong this time when the extended list for east zone has come i think it is clear that for north zone it obviously will come,as the number of vacancies was almost thrice in north if for east zone it has come i am sure north’s extended list will definitely come.
    all the best everyone to those who r waiting for second list like me.. pls don’t loose hope..
    whatever people comment here just to demoralize u..
    so don’t loose hope and hope for the best..

  463. @ shivendra
    my id pranaympec2008 at

  464. @bikash kr

    From where u got info about this link? because there is official notice on FCI website for such waiting list. ya its working but how u came to know. Do u have any info about north zone list?
    Nyway good job bro…

  465. where is the link for North zone?

  466. @Pranay:
    May I know ur no./email id?

  467. @all anyone get rti reply in west zone

  468. this is east zone extended list of waiting candidate who will receive appointment letters soon

  469. @k k guin @all how many days takes rti in reply.

  470. How many vacant seats are available in West Zone including 4-Regions for the post of AG3-General in General Category(UR).

    And Also inform me vacant seats in AG3-Depot in General Category (UR) later.

  471. I am from East Zone and I have ranked 52 (As per RTI info). I have not received any appointment letter like TAPAL. FCI EZ not published the Extended List (Waiting List) in the portal yet.

    Anybody have any idea about TAPAL is saying about in the ORKUT forum.

  472. may be north zone also send appointment letter like east zone .because there are many seats are vacant….i thing it will be fast…..

  473. @ vineet
    no idea of tapal . And i wanna say u 3 statement.

    1 dear wait for some time , extended list will come after 15 of may bcoz already around 225 didn’t join in north and surely i can say many will leave the job if they get better option in banks , ssc or other sec.

    2 There is a huge requirement in fci for specially in ag 3 and management trainee post and this yr + next yr around 70 % employee will be retired from fci , so if waiting list does not publish surely next recruitment will be conducted by fci , so dear all , prepare well for this recruitment once again.

    3 don’t wait for extended list , do well in other govt exam , if u work hard u will get more than 2 govt job offer letter in a month , u all r very intelligent and sharp minded only speed , accuracy and efficiency is required , for getting any good govt job only 3-4 months practice is must so dear work hard , govt job is waiting for u in front of ur door , open the door by hard work and enjoy it for lifetime.

  474. How many days takes rti in reply

  475. @Pranay

    do u know anything about extended list appointment letter, which is received by “TAPAL”?

  476. @ALL

    anyone got appointment letter like TAPAL in north zone?

  477. @vineet

    No tapal is not making fun.
    he received appointment letter from kolkata regional office.
    he was in the east zone waiting list and his joining date is 18 may.

  478. Hi @abhinav im moiz is there any chance of extended list from south zone is there any idea about how many seats r left in group BD general in south zone and if s then when 2 b expect the extended list.plz reply me who ever knows im in very depressed mode of not get plz reply me as soon as possible.

  479. @Bikash

    I think he is making fun…

  480. Ashish Choudhary

    hello Guys …..
    I am from AG3 North Zone (AD GROUP)
    I have got my reply From RTI that I had not been selected in the Final list due to 2 Marks less than the cut off of OBC candidates .
    guys if anybody knows about the no. of seat vacant for OBC candidates in depot cadre (north zone) please tell me .
    And plz Tell the total no. of seats vacant in Depot+general .

  481. important information from orkut FCI community. Tapal received an appointment letter form east zone kolkata on 18 April for AG 3 General. He was also in the waiting list before.
    He says that FCI may be calling waiting list candidates individually, since there is no extended list on the FCI website. Can this be happening to other zones as well.

    [Admin edit]: Any one who want to reply, please use English.

  482. Hi
    I am joining West Depot any one from Ahmedabad

  483. can i help those guys who join in faridkot ( punjab ) north region. dont worry

  484. hello ankit
    As per my information there are total near about 12-15 candidates who not join in General dept.But as per info in Tech near about 90% people are join.
    above info is in Zonal office & in Maharashtra regional office.
    So plz anyone give no seats vacant from Gujarat,M.P & Chathisgarh.

  485. when the extended list will come for north zone?

  486. Please tell no. of seats are vacant in west wone.

  487. absentee
    Delhi HQRS 20
    J & K 7
    UP 24
    UK 7
    Raj 13
    Punjab 120
    Haryana 64
    Delhi Region ?
    Zo noida 20
    HP 9
    but these are all vacant seats includes Gen, Depot, Acc & Qc
    but 90% Acc & qc r filled
    total 380 candidates in waiting list.

  488. arvind kumar diwadi

    Please read this:

    i am selected ag III depot
    bahut bekar job hai salary 13000/ rs hai
    responsibility hai
    meri advise hai
    agar koi ag 3 deot next list ka wait kar raha hai
    but dusri job bhi uske pass hai like bank po, ssc, railway
    so please don’t leave this job . fci join kar ke pachtayenge aap .
    arvind kumar diwadi

  489. i have talked to pranay and other who have joined in Up, Uttrakhand, haryana, punjab,head quarter’s, they are all telling that waiting list will come in month of MAY, it may be around 15 may,becoz many candidates are not joining depot as it is too far from city and very responsibility kind of job.

    so let see what happen next….
    around 100 not join in punjab
    64 around haryana
    20 around head quarters
    20 around lucknow
    10 around uttarakhand
    20 around rajasthan

  490. @ all awaited
    100-120 vacant only in punjab, so over all vacancies for second list are near about 200-225

  491. can someone assure me whether waiting list will come or not?.i m really depressed now.

  492. Hi all. Don’t worry guyz. Extended list will surely com because in punjab region itself more than 60 seats khali reh gai. So sabhi zones me around 110 – 150 seats ki to extended list niklegi. But when its not sure

  493. can someone tell me whether waiting list of north zone will come or not.if yes then when it will come.please tell.

  494. Hello friends , i joined lucknow regional office , couldn’t get home city jhansi district office . What about u? Most people in lucknow got posting out of their home district.

  495. Hello all dear please tell me anyone selected whose qualification is simple graduation + “o” level in north zone. if anyone have idea than please mail me (mahobbatsingh at gmail dot com).

    i am waiting all positive response.

  496. @pranay
    You’re saying selected candidates who did not attend joining process will receive last warning call. But in appointment letter it is clearly written that if acceptance is not received by 31th mar. & does not join by 5th april .the offer is liable to be cancelled. & if fci will send again offer letter to the absent candidates then who has told u. & when the second list will come.

  497. @varun
    i think through RTI u can apply only with in 30 days after ur result declared….but im not sure….u can ask others….and no other process without rti know ur no….

  498. @all
    i wants to know my marks of north zone. so plz tell me how can know my marks through RTI. And if there is some other way by making a call then plz give me that number.

  499. Hi

    I am Himanshu Gupta selected in AG 3 Depot and will have to report in Ahmedabad on 25th April.Anyone who is selected and have to report on Ahmedabad cont me on 9782220855

  500. Anand- west zone(Raipur)

    thanks Rajib.. I have received my new
    appointment letter.. Will be reporting there on

    To Raipur candidates- what are you doing for
    accommodation? If you guys know anything about accommodation then plz share it..


  501. Hi , i got selected in west zone as AG III Depot.. I am from mumbai suburban and have to join on 25Apr at Mumbai RO. Please contact me if anyone from Mumbai suburban.

    My contact no. is 9022560845

  502. @ pranay
    maine kisi ko gali nhi di. agar tumhe lagta hai to mention tht word which u consider as gali. n i had spoken the truth, or sach to kadva hota hai aisa sabhi kehte hai. or tum kyo tension le rahe ho maine tumhara naam to mention kiya nhi, jisko kaha vo samaj liya hai khud. n 1 thing i want to tell u ya to tumne suna nhi ya btaya nhi gaya , n tht is ki account or general ko kya kya problems ho sakti hai. unko kaise charge ho sakta hai. or technical ko kaise problems ho sakti hai . or kaise nhi ho sakti hai. n 1 thing abhi 4 star hotel me training le rahe ho is liye lag raha hai ki kaise handle hoga itne sare truck kaise count honge bore. we all r getting training in depot from 1st day. keval 2 min lagte hai 150 metric ton count karne me.

  503. is there any one who joined in south zone please tell me. Is there any one joined in kerela ?

  504. @who joined in west zone..
    Have you people got the posting place or you will get after training?
    @who got cg region
    Is raipur ro provide the accommodation for training period ?
    i got depot in cg region.

  505. plz any one tell me
    North Zone ki first extended list kab tak aayegi?
    i m from north zone candidate.

  506. @SUMIT

    How u know that “candidates has filed case against west zone soon there will be stay within 1 or 2 days” or kya yeh baat sahi hai to inform me kitne logo ne case kiya hai .And also reply me Stay ke baad kya ho sakta hai.

  507. @ anubha gupta
    maine apke bahut comments pade hain and some time u write negative words , whatever u want to say u can express it in polite manner but kisi ko gali mat do. And jisne jo bhi likha hai vo sab sunkar hi likha hai jo unhe classes me bataya gaya hai, kisi ne bhi jhooth nai bola and it is clearly said ki general and accounts vale safe hain , unhe hamesha office me baithna padta hai and yadi kabhi koi galti ho bhi jaye to vo asani se recover ho jati hai but vo log faste nai hain. Like kisi ki salary 1000 rs jyada print ho jaye and bad me malun chalne par 1000 rs kam karke print ki jayegi. And koi bhi keval ghooskhori aur aram farmane ke liye nai ja raha hai , but vahan ka atmosphere hi esa hota hai ki kam karne ka man nai karega , 300 truck , unke driver unke cleaner , and 500 labour ke sath apko kam karna padega and ap hajaron and lakhon boriyon ko to check nai kar sakte. And jo kuch bhi hame lec me bataya gaya hai uska keval 1 matlab hai ‘honesty se work karo,bribe kabi na lo,apne kam ko jano and apne efforts lagakar kam karo and yadi kabh kisi wrong activity ko dekho like boriyan kam hain , or goods kharab grade ka hai or in any other case sabse pahle r/o or headquarter me fax karo or mail karo. And yadi kabhi apko koi fasa de to be cool ap par enquiry hogi and vigilance vale 20 sal se yahi kam kar rahe hain vo log expert hain don’t need to worry . Ok dear i expect ab ap koi bhi wrong word use nai karengi , after all u r a govt emp be polite and share ur view in nice language. I am in general cadre what about u.

  508. Hey friends , how r u . I am in lucknow and training me bahut maja a raha hai . Best lecture hai ‘RAJ BHASHA HINDI’ and hum log training me bahut masti karte hain , faculty bhi boring lecture comedy karte huye padate hain , and they are very down to earth and simple human being and all are in higher post (agm , dgm , manager). Khana bahut tasty milta hai bcoz we r in 4 star hotel , and we all 162 r good friends. And yahan par bahut member bhi hain sriraj blog ke.

    Pranay Jain
    pranaympec2008 at gmail com

  509. @ all
    aisa nhi hai general or account cadre safe hai unhe koi kaam nhi hai. or aisa bhi nhi hai ki sab koi vaha tumhe hi fasane ke liye baidha hai. staff regulations dhang se padho or lectures dhang se sunoge to samaj aayega. n if anyone is thinkng it is risky to leave n go to safe mode so that other needy one can get chance . but kisi ko bhi demoralize mat karo. jab koi nuksaan hota hai to charge sheet to aayegi hi , it’s a procedure , a rule. but aapko bhi mauka diya jata hai apni baat rakhne ka. agar aap doshi paye gaye or aapne aanjane me kiya hai to bhi aapko kuch nhi hoga. u will warn by vigilance team only. but agar jaan pooch ke karoge to fasoge hi.sabse jyada problem unko ho rahi hai jo soch kar aaye the ki aaram farmayenge ya ghoos kayenge. har kaam me mehnet karni padti hai n u should be loyal. general or account ke paas bhi jimmedari ka kaam hai. don’t worry. samjho or mehnat karo. u can do it. abhi to aaram hai . kam se kam ag 3 ko ek chota sa kaam sopa jaayega . jaise jaise oopar badoge jimmedari badhegi. socho agm ko to poore dis ki tension rehti hai . tumhe apne fasne ka tension hai socho tumhare jaise jaane kitne nauseekhiye poore district me kaam karenge . uski kya haalat hogi. tum to ek galti karoge or ek recovery me sambhal jaoge. vo bechare tumhare jaise 2 ne bhi galti kar di vo to 2 baar recover ho jaayenge…so don’t take tension. just be alert n loyal..

  510. I am selected from west zone(Depot). My posting is in Raipur. Joining date 23rd April. I am from Kolkata. Is there anybody from Kolkata who selected for the Raipur Region?

    If u don’t get the new appointment letter there will be no problem. Fill up all the forms of the previous appointment letter. FCI will give you the duplicate appointment letter(first 3 pages) at the time of posting. Today I went to the RO. They told me.

    contact no: 9039237538
    email: tama.dipr at gmail com

  511. jyotsna
    han yaar training mein btaya hai abt 15% increment hoege june tak

  512. @all
    In one of the post someone was talking about increment in salary in near future. Does any of you got any info in any training or somebody from trainers told you about any chance of increment in near future?

  513. @ shivu
    job kahin pr bhi ho bt shuru me kuch bhi cake walk jaise nhi hota.plz dont demoralize others.jaise jaise senior honge sukun bhi ayega.private sector kbhi face kro to dekho kya hota hai.n depot me job krni hai to simple bnke kro kuch ni hoga.

  514. @shiva
    tumhe kisne kaha overtime allowance ke bare mein ? abi eski baat chlrae hai phlan tha ye available lekin fir cancel hogea tha misuse hne k karan ab june tk dobara milega par overtime allowance nai milega pay hoge fix hoge jo

  515. @abhi
    bhai kal aaya kya tera rti wala???

  516. @all…jo be waiting list mein hai..dont worry fci mein hamesa vac rahegi…..mass mein resignation honge……bhyiya sab ko govt job milegi…fci ghar mein ja ja ke bulayega ki join kar lo……worst place to work….not for general /account…..unke liye sahi hai…..sukun ki hai…..but depot walo ki toh what lga dete hai….labour bhi lagaye….manager bhi lgaye….har jgah se bajte hai ye….

  517. @ all
    lucknow me vigilance (anti-corruption) ki class me sir ne 1 story sunai jiske bad hum sab logon ki ankhon me ansu a gaye . Unhone bataya ki unke 1 senior fci me job karte the , he was very honest but unke upar bribe ka case fas gaya jisko sunne and ltr padne ke sath hi unhe heart attack a gaya , and he had passed away but bad me pata chala he was clean . 20 saal imandari se kam karne ka unhe ye result mila. We were shocked.

  518. @ Ranjeet

    Thanks a lot For ur valuable Information…it may get help for doing dis. job..
    Agar kuch aur information mil jaye ro plz jarur bata dena…
    Thanks once again..

  519. Hi Friends,
    I will join @ Mumbai RO on 25/4.
    today i visited one of the depot in my home town(indore). the staff is very very supportive for u. but they told me that fci (depot) is risky one , if losses will be hang on over a limit then their should be provision of recovery by salary.

    in peak session and at the time of railway racks the overtime could be upto 10 pm. but their should be incentive of 150-250/hr.
    aur han purani bharti retirement ki dahalize per hai yani apne liye jaldi jaldi raste saff ho jayenge promotion ke liye.

  520. At last i got RTI Reply after 35-45 days……..
    I got 49 marks out of 100 in UR CATEGORY for AD GROUP IN NORTH ZONE
    Cut Off for General-57

  521. @Rohit
    no dept exam, totally base on seniority

  522. @Rohit
    depot mein tuhme sara godown ki maintenance and all n kitna maal aya n gaya n trains ki loading unloading depot mein jada bhr ka kam nai depo mein he rhna hoga ., kam thek karoge to jada risk nai par ek ek bag check karna mushkil hota . bags kitne ae gae agar panga hua to tum fasoge agar kahen mall pura na rakhwaya n off., chaheye vo bhul jao over time to roj ki baat samjo n abi allowance ki baat chal rae hai over time ki shyd milna shuru hojaega n inc hoge salary b vaise ye jada problem punjab n haryana mein hai coz bulk production n procurement yahen hota west mein jada burden n tension nai hai ..

  523. @all

    what ever shivu is talking he is very right on his points abi tk training mein aise dare hue hai sab esp. qc n godown wale. n exact job to posting k badh he pata lagpaege

  524. my rti reply took around 35-40 days

  525. Hey all specially girls jo fci me waiting list ka wait kar rahe hain , don’t wait , prepare for other govt exam and bank. Fci me sar dard jyada hai and risk bhi jyada hai specially depot and quality me. Apke upar and apke niche kam karne vale ap ko misconduct me fasa sakte hain. General and account secure hain.

  526. @ ankush

    i have to report Mumbai RO, MH…

  527. @ Rohit

    aap kaha post huye ho me raipur chhattisgarh me hua hun ag iii depot aapka bhi vahi hei to contact me 9975351864

  528. @ himanshu

    I have to report Mumbai on 25th…

  529. Hello friends,
    Congrats those who join FCI, for others who are expecting there names in West zone Waiting or extended list,they just wait & watch.
    on 8th april 2011 i went to FCI west zonal office,where i get information that in AG III Tech & general out of 100% only 88% candidates may be we all have chances to select in extended list.
    I have excel sheet which contain 119 candidates those are selected in West zone in diff dept Viz-account ,Gen,Depot,Tech & these candidates are also selected in more than 1 Zone except West zone.So we just assumes that even 50% people join FCI west zone even then near about 60 seats will vacant in west zone.
    those want to see that excel sheet plz sms me your email id on my mob-9822908067.
    that excel sheet i already submit in west zone zonal office for there reference.

  530. @rohit….

    Depot mein pehla prb h departmental labour…..
    Second….jaise kisi ne poora truck maal bech diya aur tumhe fasa diya toh gye….bhale he baad mein clear ho jaye case but charge sheet mein nam koi nh chayega….

    3rdly…..manager agar khyi sign krne ko kehta h aur tum kr dete ho toh b risk nh krte ho to manager c pnga….

    Yaha labour b maal gyab kr dete h…aur agar check nh kiya toh napega cat 3 wala….

    Koi b storage loss hua toh b risk…

    For promotion toh ag 3 c ag 1 mein promote ho jao ge….10 – 15 saal tak bt manager 20 or more years….and those who r in waiting list and selected toh wo bhool jaye…manager banna…coz 4 april ke joining wale senior hnge….yaha p ag 3 ke kayi employee mile jinka pehle promotion 20 sal meein hua….

    Bank mein apni galti ki wjha c prb aa sakti hai…but fci mein dushro ki galti ki b saja milegi…if ny body is jealous of u nd if he complain against u…fake b toh bhi prb…

    Aur ek bat cat 4 ke employee cat 3 mein promote hue toh wo ag 2 pehle bane ge coz of seniority….and wtso ever b thr qualification even 10 pass…

    We r over qualified for ths post….kis ne yaha pehle bhi kaha tha ki employee frustrate hoke chor deta hai….

    Wo bat mjhe ab mehsosh ho rhi….i have interacted wid so many of them but response khyi c bhi ache nh mil rhe….

    Fci ka entrance exam ima ne conduct kiya tha.

  531. @ Rohit


    I have to report Ahmedabad.Where will u have to report in west zone?

  532. @ pranay & shivu

    I hv agree dat depot & QC main job mushkil hai, namumkin to nahi na..aur kounsa bhi job rahene do us job main risk to rahegi hi,
    agar bank clerk ban jao to cash lene – dene main risk hogi.(kahi ek 500 ki note kam -jyada na jaye)…har job main responsibilities to rahegihi frnds..

    meri training 25th se start hai…
    Can you tell me, exactly depot ki job main kya mushkiley hai…?
    kyu ye job hard hai..?

    @ pranay

    Depot ag-3 main promotion kaise hote hai ( limit of work ex. 3yrs -5yrs etc.) ?
    Any depart Xams. ?

  533. @sonu…ye sirf meri bat nahi hai….lagta hai tum select nh hue pehle list mein ….lekin dost ye 305 haryana and 450 aprx punjab region ke bacho ki khani hai….inna sab pta chalne ke bad sab regional office he join karna chate hai koi district office nh jana chata….and rahi bat chorne ki toh wo toh main 3 months bad chor he dunga…main kisi ko demoralize nahi karna chata….ye job unko toh satisfy kar sakti hai jo recession ke mare hai…but jinke pass option hai unko nh…secondly,bhut se logo ne fci ish liye join kiya ki wo further studies kar sake toh dost kal he ek official ne btya ki study leave bhut muskil hai…..aur wo tabhi milegi jaab wo fci ke interest mein hogi…..yaha pe kuch aise bhi log hai jinhe right information milni depends on u u take it positively or negatively….

  534. @ sonu
    waiting list ane me time lagega bcoz fci absent cand ko 1 intimation bhejega jisme likha hoga ki fci again apko job offer ke liye call kar raha hai and ye last warning hai , iske bad aap fci join nai kar sakenge , so i think this process will take around 20 days and last important thing shivu told us a bitter truth and he is right , depot and quality me soch samajhkar decision lene honge and job me risk involve hai. Esa lucknow me bhi training me bataya gaya hai.

  535. candidates has filed case against west zone soon there will be stay within 1 or 2 days

  536. @ shivu

    u have lots of negativity so not spread it here… if u have any problem then leave FCI for the remaining ones…..

  537. when the extended list will come? now the joining is over… fci ke pass record aa gaye honge ki kitni seats kaha pe vacant hai…

    so list jaldi aa jani chahiye. na ki “end of MAY” according to PRANAY…

  538. deepali wanna know something rti ………kitna time lega kab aaply kia tha kb result aaya gher tumhara??? n after acknowledgement card recieved then…..kitne days lege ???

  539. @shivu
    tumhari training phd chamber sec 31 mein ho rae hai? kaunsa hall no hai ?

  540. please is there anyone got selected from south zone (Tamilnadu) ?
    I got Information that after election only i can join. is that true ?
    Do any one knows the detailed information about his delay due to election ?

  541. @thanks rohit but ye batao ki ye absent candidate kis ro ke group ki aur info ho to batao

  542. i got reply for mt rti in which they told me i got this marks

  543. Anand- west zone(Raipur), AG-III(Accounts)

    My name is in revised list too but I haven’t received my new appointment letter yet.. Can anyone help me how i get to know my joining date. I called on the number given on old appointment letter but no response..

    I’ll be very thankful for any help and suggestion.

    My roll number- 463810650
    Name- Anand kumar singh

    Ph- 9018987720

  544. congrats all of u …waiting list kab tak aa sakti ha…plz reply me ..i belong to sc category..any body sc category plz contact me ..

  545. Ashish Choudhary

    @ Hi…..
    Congrats for ur joining ..
    I am not in the successful list of north Zone . i am in AD group…
    Can anyone tell me how many people didn’t joined yet . So we can assume about the second extended list for NORTH ZONE .
    when will be extended list coming …. Plz reply guys
    My email id is ashishchoudhary.delhi at gmail

  546. hi anybody information regarding north zone kitne candidates ne joining nahi kia plz tell me true n when will come 2nd list?

  547. hiii deepali,
    who told u abt ur marks 44???

  548. @all…..jishne nahi join kiya wo lucky hai…..fci mein job karna bhut difficult….aap agar exam dene jatein toh wo misconduct hai….agar aap part time padhna chate hai toh dist 1 hrs ki ho toh manager allow karega warna nahi….aur most amazing….departmental labour ki annual income 6 lakh aas pass……..matlab unko inna incentives and ag 3 ko 15k….can u believe this….aur agar aap imandari se bhi kam karo toh farji ke mamle mein bhi fasa dete hai…..over all its a worst job…..especially for depot and qc…ish se achi hamari software thi….atleast image toh nahi khrab karta koi…binaa kuch glat kiye…bhai btech…mca wale….fci mein toh kabhi mat aana…seriously….sab kuch se compromise kar liya … name…but farji mein fashne ka …ye gllat hoga…wrong decision to join fci leaving mnc……aur han 2015 tak poora staff retire ho jayega..

  549. @all
    kafi chances hai waiting list agar ati hai to ., coz sirf punjab mein he apprx 570 ne join karna tha n sirf 450 ne he join kiya hai

  550. @ pankaj

    West zone – total 20 candidates are absent from ag-3 (general & a/c ) in training program.

  551. @ganesh
    Friend those selected in andhra pradesh district april 20 to 30 training declare in Hyderabad

  552. how many general categary cand. have joined in ag-3 general in west zone & how many vacant seat r there

  553. i got 44 marks,ad group north zone and iam obc candidate..
    do u think there is any hope for me in second list?

  554. @west zone me waiting ke kya chances hain

  555. @ kk guin
    are bhai wait list abhi nai ayi hai and it is expected in the last of may and don’t believe in wait list , prepare for other exam .

    @ rohit
    training is easy program and mumbai me jane ke bad maharashtra me kahin bhi bhej sakte hain.

  556. Is there not second pranay which can give us exact info about the absentee of there place,pranay agar aap north zone k full absentee ka pta kar sakte ho yaar plz pta karke bta dena yaar.

  557. @ pranay

    Main west zone Depot se hu…hum logo ki training 25th april se start ho rahi hai…
    can you Tell us , exactly training program main kya bata rahe hai…? depot k liye shuru main Working kaisa hai..?

    Aur appointment letter main aisa diya.
    He’ll b temporary posted in RO , mumbai for further deployment ..
    Means training hone k baad Maharashtra jaha jaha depot hai waha posting dene wale hai, ya fir Posting RO , mumbai hi honga..

  558. @Pranay

    You are saying about Wait List. East Zone me to koi wait list publish nahi hua hai. Kya tum ye bata sakte ho ke Wait List kahan par milega.

  559. Lucknow me 186 ko call kiya and 162 aye means 24 cand absent and delhi hq me bhi 60 me se 20 absent hain so great chance of waiting list around 150 and yahan par bataya gaya hai fci me employees bahut kam hai so har sal recruitment honge and 2013 me mostly sabhi retire ho rahe hain , lucknow me in hand around 16000 salary milegi , training 4 star hotel me ho rahi hai , fci managers , staff are very nice and nice faculty , we all 162 are now frnd and hansi majak karte huye sara faculty padate hain , kul milakar maja a raha hai.

  560. I want to know that how many candidates are not joining to the post of AG-III General and QC in East Zone. If any body have any idea about this please post some comments.

    When the second list will be published? I am waiting for a chance to get one post …

  561. no of candidate in J&K region 36

    Joined 29

    absent 7

  562. @anubha….lucknow mein max up wale h..ya haryana and all se bhi hai…

  563. pls inform me anyone when will announce extended list in southzone

  564. second list aane ka koi chance h ya nhi,i heard from someone that very less chance of 2nd list in north zone ,and if it come it will be a very short one because only around 40-50 overall candidates n join nhi kiya h in whole north zone.
    plz agar kisi k pass koi correct info. ho to batana we will be highly thankful of u guys jo select hue ho.

  565. hai friends,
    andhra pradesh region people who got selected for quality control.did they inform training program details please inform me whether the training will be chennai or hyderabad because i am tamilnadu person i got posting in andhra (Guntakal)

  566. @ Are Bhaiyo Ye Batao kab tak waiting list aane k chance h ……
    Aur kitni seat abhi fill honi baki h….
    They shortlist around 2500… Seats are just 1600,… Baki ka kya hoga …That’s the point…
    Reply soon….

  567. @jyotsana
    I think hqrs me only ek hi selection hua hai in quality control…….

  568. @all
    yes this is true salary inc.hone wali hai abt 3 -4 thousand . apprx, gross 20 tk hojaege,,,,, fci walo ne kuch xtra fringe benefits ki demand rakhe hue hai grade 3 k liye to next 6 months mein increment pakka hai salary mein

  569. @all,
    we heard 1460 in hand salary n 16+ total.but i also heard about 4000 increment of something. but this is not right that depot cadre ko paisa katega hi loss me , there r some vigilance rule. but now a day some new rules r coming in which all r safe from every loses…….

  570. @pranay jain
    please come with some new calculations about north zone waiting list in AD group 4 Gen,Obc etc categories

  571. @shivam
    how do u came to know abt the salary? is sixth pay commission applicable to us? is ur info true?pls tel me.


  573. @Varun
    Do know how many QC people did not join the HQ?

  574. fci ki bhut gambhir condition hai….haryana mein toh lagbhag poore aye….but ummed ye hai ki 6 months ke ander poore chale bhi jayege….lekin suna hai salary increase ho rahi hai…june se….4000 aprx….and 6000 lease bhi milega….and suna hai sixth pay commission bhi lagega….toh june tak ye ummed hai ki salary 21-22 tak hogi…

  575. @all who r waiting for waitlist
    In headquarters only 40 candidates joined out of 60 means still 20 seats r there for waitlist.
    And yaar agar headquarters ka ye haaal hai to imagine karo other regions…….
    Means all who r waiting have a very good chance for final selection in north zone…

  576. some imp facts…
    Salary in hand is 13108 at haryana region…depot walo ka paisa cut karlete hai agar maal khrab ya loss hota hai…30yrs tak 2 promotion dene he dene hai by rule…agar general category ho toh dikat hai…sc prefer kare jatein hai….this job is not a bed of roses for depot ones…

  577. plz tell how many were absent who do not join FCI in depot
    so that calculation can be made for waiting list in North zone

  578. hi all..

    I am selected in west zone(raipur) AG-III, Accounts..
    I haven’t recEived the new appointment letter yet.. I just want to ask you guys that is there any difference b/w old nd new appointment letter?? And do we have to make new character and medical certificate..??

    And to all others candidates who joined in other zones can plz lets us know what are the documents required (other than our school and college certificates) at the time of joining.. And since you guys are in FCI now can you plz tell us what is the salary we get in hand…
    All the best to everyone

    Thank you
    003anand AT

  579. @all
    friends good news for punjab ppls,…. r.o will provide food n accommodation from 7th april i.e from training day….. njoy …

  580. I friends i am from maharashtra & posted in Raipur Chhattisgarh as AGIII DEPOT

    If anyone posted in Raipur Chhattisgarh thn plz contact me 09975351864

  581. Congrats all for their joining… best of luck

  582. @ Ranjeet i am also searching for accommodation in chandigarh, my joining is on 5th april in r/o chandigarh plz mail me ur contact number praveshdelhi at gmail

  583. ramanpreet deol

    Don’t wry bro me too going to join on 6th april at chd…..don’t wry at all…..that’s my contact number 9041547479….c u there…….me basically from punjab….come there and discuss the matter of accommodation with others too

  584. hello @ all
    plz tell me any one who select for maharastra region in AGIII (Depot) and join on 25 th of april plz contact me .
    when you are join or when u will come to mumbai . i am from bhopal plz contact 9893962245.

  585. What are the Necessary documents required on joining time?

  586. AL d best to evry1 & Hope to meet u all someday in FCI…

  587. @Vipin
    no issue at all don’t worry

  588. @all
    I got my character certificate from my present address and not from the permanent address. Is it compulsory to have it from the permanent address? Will there be any issue in future?

  589. @all
    who all are going to join on 4th april? chandigarh r.o in quality control dept? mail me ur contact no., on ranjeet.singh02 at yahoo co in

  590. @Rahul

    i will tell u about accommodation. I’m from chd. stay in touch vd me, n when is ur joining?


  592. who is going to report at Lucknow RO on 4th of April.
    i m going for A/C.

  593. hey. any body from chandigarh, where we can stay for 9 dayz. any guyz.. any local guy

  594. Aaj aur kal se sab joining ke liye jayenge , so all the very best for ur new life , now u all are independent and earning person and also wish for india’s victory over srilanka and 100 times 100 for sachin.

    pranay jain
    pranaympec2008 at

  595. @parveen
    hiiii parveen
    me from punjab will goin to report on 6th april at chd office and you????

  596. @anubha….appointment letter page 3 point number 13…..ushme hai…

  597. I am selected in AG 3(depot).I will have to report on 25th as new date in Ahmedabad.So person who r selected in Ahmedabad and have to report Ahmedabad.Contact me on.


  598. @shivam
    10 z min.. Year 2 gt promoted 2 manager n max 30 depend on vacant seat in upper level… N bt 10 yrs me manager na b bane to u gt manager scale..

  599. gyan

    sdo is very inferior to sdm ., sdm n sdo r not even close to each other ., sdo is a gazetted officer only ., but u need sign from sdm on character certificate. sdo can verify ur character certificate after that u can get sign from sdm on it .

  600. @ all want to change their state / zone..
    as i told 1 of my fri’nd is already working in FCI. yesterday i went to meet him, he said come to FCI office so that u can see how,s the FCI office n know other ones too. so i went their, his colleages r too cooperative yaar. i was ~ 45 min there.they all told me many things. i enjoyed too much there, one mam told me that if want to take transfer from 1 state to another, u can it is easy, in comparison to zonal. but if u want to take zonal transfer , it requires headquarter permission. so when u join after some months fill on request transfer application. if u get zonal transfer within 1 year.i will better coz in zonal transfer u will loose ur seniority. so make it quick in 1 year. she give me 1 example, one mam took transfer after 5 years coz of her marriage. she is still in ag3 instead of manager, coz in new zone she lost 5 years seniority… big issue for unmarried girls…

  601. i m select for punjab region
    my joining date is 6 april in chandigarh
    any one can suggest cheap accommodation like hotel
    for stay during training period


  603. i have one confusion.

    is sdm or sdo is same or not pls reply me.

  604. @ shivam
    where it is. tell me the exact location… mujhe nhi mila… but i will suggest u take 1 whole set of annexurs without filled, one filled, n 2 photocopy of filled, 1 for u further n 1 extra . might be that sanki soldiers will ask more than one copy.
    i have 1 query too. passport size photograph is not 5*7. is it necessary to take 5*7 . i will take both one but 5*7 is too big , kya karenge mala cadhayenge kya..

  605. @anubha….yaar TA is technical asst….after 10 yrs tum category II mein hogi

    Yaar tum he batao….ye attestation form in duplicate kya hai…appointment letter mein likha hai…

  606. Anyone selected in gujarat.I have to report on 25th april in ahmedabad.

    Cont me-09782220855

  607. @all

    salary is near about 16-17 k ., n abt dedt., of 1500. apprx. inhand 14500- 15500…i had already confirmed it from r.o chd.,,,,,,, but salary will fluctuate every month coz after every 3 months we will gt medical allowance of 1500rs

  608. @shakti

    i will join on 4th april qc n m from chandigarh

  609. @ shivam
    my friend told me that this is ag III TA III post, after this we promoted to AG III TA II then AG III TA I then after AG II . it will take around 10 years. i was actually confused what he said. but there is a link in fci website this TA system is written there, i saw . but i didn’t understand what’s the meaning if this TA.

  610. @rishikesh from punjab selected in north zone
    are you sure about the salary package for AG3 depot.Because some people discussed here about lesser salary package than u given there? and from where you got that information
    Are you sure about that? and overtime will b given to depot candidates for extra work is it so?

  611. @all…what is attestation form in duplicate….mentioned in appointment letter

  612. Salary is definitely above 16.5K
    11-12 K to aaj kal poen ki bhi hoti hai…

  613. I will report on 4th april at Chandigarh for Quality Control

    How many of you will join on 4th april in chandigarh.

  614. @ venkatesan
    If the marks of new added candidates in second revised list were high then why they were not in the first list ? The numbers of new added candidates in second list are about 40 or more in AG-III (Depot ) west zone.

    @ all candidates ignored in second revised list
    Individuals are free to go to court for justice. They should also raise question of fairness of second revised list against first list and appointment letter issued on 3/ 4th march 2011 to so many candidates. If somebody have contact in press, they should also raised these problems created by or manipulated by FCI West zone in print media and paper media.

  615. @Tarun
    Hi,tarun just send the acceptance letter through post its enough.The date of joining in Zonal Office is 05.04.11.Dont feel tension just come on 04 or 05th with certificates.u can also join without acceptance letter.I am starting my journey on 3rd ,i will meet on04th.I heard that they wont provide accommodation we have 9 days training at the time of training we can search for accommodation ok…..send me u r no to my mail ID sathish.agoodfriend at gmail

  616. @anubha…yaar ab main kya bolu.

    alag alag salary….alag alag jgah…

    @all….asst manager nh…bhai manager..i.e category 2
    promotion is like this….ag 3 —–after 3 years —- ag 2——after 3 years —–ag 1—–and after 3 years —manager preference given to mba one…..

  617. hi guys i got offer letter by two weeks before itself from bangalore for AG III (depot) ..
    i heard abt salary nearly 20000….. and in future they ll increase too so don’t worry guys…

  618. @ parvesh..

    its ok dear, now we all have decided to join, whether 12 k or 14 k. lets see, you are right, we would be manager after spending some years in FCI. I am also an MCA and left my IT job just for the shake of security and i can get time to find some better opportunity in govt sector that’s what I was not able to do in IT sector. I am happy, satisfied which is more important in any job.

  619. @venkatesan

    i put my no. here at very first when i saw revised list, many candidate started to call me and discuss abt it,
    i was happy to see my name in 2nd list also, suddenly my mood change and my parents also said to me to play safe side
    the reason only writing that i m going to east is just only people do not call me on this topic

    i am always a well wisher , i just said one thing that if u are selected more than one zone and ur name is not in 2nd list, or it was not in first list it will be better that u join the other zone , and it was m y personal advise

    as u said fci reserve right to increase and decrease seat,
    but they did not increase any seat,knowing that many candidate are fall out
    it make clear that seat will not increase

    just try to talk to candidates on phone whose name is not in list 2nd, u will know how much anger they have in their heart, they r very nervous,

    in early days zonal,regional office did not promise any waiting list
    they said

    ” app jo chahe vo kar sakte hain, court jana chahe to vahan bhi ja skte hain , purana list ko cancell kar diya hai aur naya list k acording apointment hoga”

    u are lucky coz south zone did not make any mistake,

  620. @pravesh
    u get wrong information regarding salary…i got selected in 3 zone..4m south account dep.. I got information salary around 18.5 k 4rm april 2011 n same 4m west zone n 4m north zone gt around 16.5..don’t know y there r differ.. But got dec 2010 pay slip 4m fci site.. Ag3 got in hand salary 16,425 n one of my friend selected last yr n also he gt 16,425.. Bt der r ag3 depot gt more salary due 2 overtime work acc 2 situation..150 rs per hr..

  621. @ all @ pravesh,
    one of my friend is already working in FCI . i asked him about the salary. he told me in detail, it can’t be discuss here.. but in short in hand it will be around 13 – 15 coz of increment in DA n some other ones..

  622. @venkatesan @ guru
    u r right guru. but if venkatasen can’t say anything thn why shobhit should . if 1 got thn 2nd one also got. going to court is not a solution, he is jst giving a suggestion at this situation , coz we all r just discussing here. no one is forcing . but if anyone is not going to west then it is not his problem.
    sme are from west zone n saying wait for 2nd list, coz court is nt a solution n it will effect directly to some n indirectly to others.
    but sme r nt going even nt related to west zone n unnecessary forcing tht go to court , go to court…. n creating problems…

  623. @Radhey Dost always look at positive side…..
    actually i meet the main accountant in Chandigarh at 4th floor, he is very calm and helpful person, when i asked him salary , he called a madam who is in salary department, and that madam call the person yes sir, as he is not peon ….. then She told new joining gross salary is near 14500 , then i told , mam in hand will be near 13000 then She told no it will be 12500 … ab jayda calculation to maine ki nahi , jo suna vo bata diya, join main bhi kar raha hu, aap bhi…… i also want that U will be right, at least i got more salary…… i am also not satisfied with 12500 in hand as i am MCA, but what i can do…… every one need job first…… ha one positive thing which i know that we will definitely assistant manager with in 12 year if selected as AG3(a/c).

  624. Don’t believe FCI, Anybody having chance in bank PO,clerk then go there….

  625. @guru

    This is not a matter of zone wise thing, matter of fci and national integrity.
    we youngster should always want a job and we don’t get it we will try to spoil the process.
    moreover, i left CTS programmer analyst job for this fci job .
    if u r not in the revised list means it is based on the marks u obtained and preference u filed. a single post is cancelled which makes competition heavy,that’s it.
    so no need to approach judicial procedures.

  626. @ venkatesan

    What if FCI cancels your south zone results and releases another list where your name doesn’t appear?
    Common man, don’t be that greedy. You got your job, whether they go to court or not, your process won’t stop.
    Let them do what they feel is correct.
    shobit is clearly not trying to fool any one.
    I mean, there are few candidates who’ve left their jobs to join fci and suddenly they know that they are not selected. That’s clearly not fair and thats not their mistake too.

  627. @chandan raj i got new appointment letter on 30th appointment letter has signed on 23rd march and sent on 24th march.

  628. I just got a Acknowledgement of RTI but not the answers to my Questions..How Long will they take now to reply as only 6 days are left for maximum 30 days time limit for replying to RTI Query.

  629. @shobhit

    Already it was clearly mentioned in the advertisement that fci reserves the right add or remove the posts. There may be problem with the first list so they removed a post and prepared a new list based on the preference candidates filed
    u r going to east zone that’s why u r trying to create problems for west zone selected candidates. stop this.

  630. shiva maheshwari

    Now 2 list has been published. i am quiet happy to see my name in that list@west zone
    some candidates wants to claim a case on fci. but i suggest them if they feel that the process is not fare then 1st they will be gone to use RTI to know their MARKS , if they found eligible then only going to claim a case.

  631. the decision of going court by candidate not in 2nd list is good,
    fci cheated them , so they should fight for that

    i m obeying what my parents are saying to do with me
    and i m joining fci east zone,
    reason is simple this year i got 3 chance
    1) dmrc i left
    2) fci west zone i m also in 2nd list depot se a/c kar diya but joining date not confirm
    3) fci east zone where i m gong

  632. i m selected in west zone of depot post .which date of new appointment letter dispatched..
    plz information about this..
    rajchandan40 at gmail

  633. i am selected in south zone of depot post.which date new appointment letter coming.
    plz information about this….

  634. @All West Zone
    hi friends. plz inform when u receive new appointment letter for west zone.

  635. @ rohit
    All sunday and 2nd saturday of the month is off only but u are in depot so sometime u have to work on sunday as per requirement but u will get extra salary according to work from fci.

  636. @ shivam,
    don,t mind, but aisa pehli baar hua hai u thnk ki itne ne fci ne apply kiya sayad unke comp qualification mangne ki vajah se. but this job is not for . ab iim se mba kar ke banda fci join karne ki qwahish me aayega to fci apni salary 1 crore to karegi nhi .u r to aap us tareeke se soch rhe ho, but ye bhi socho ki us 28 ke badle kaam kitna karna padhta tha, no stability also…. by the way i jst completed my from biotech saw notification , worked hard, got selected in north n west both in technical. this job is from my field too. so i m happy with this…

  637. @radhey @pranay

    What about CCA?

  638. @anubha…nh re i am not shivam gupta i am shivam dwivedi…
    han govt job achi hti hai …jaldi nahi milti….but yaar ye bhi smajhna chayiye ki when all psu heir btech ones as management trainee…they are astt…never mind with astt grade..but they even don’t disclose the salary ….only giving payscale…..what is da …etc..nothing…..ab yaar infy mein 28k yaha 12500 ….khale ga nahi kya….thoda difference chalta hai….itna toh aaj kal peon ki salary hti hai private firms mein…..hmare btech karne ka kya fayda…that is reason i was sad

    @radhey ..i hav also calculated the same but my figure was diff coz of da….at the time of document verification i have seen 78% da…..(that was for pre revised pay scale for 1997 employee for them it is 91.5)

    in every six months da is revised…so in july it will….and if 6% increase is done then it will 49% at present…

  639. @radhey
    U r right but dear one stat of yours is wrong
    Cpf will be 12 % of (basic salary + da)
    So from our salary 12%(9300+3999) = 1596 will be deducted and same amount 1596 will be contributed by fci as contributory pension every month instead of 1100 sth that u have calculated.

  640. @ pranay, & all

    Hi, i am selected in depot west zone..
    Can ny one tell me, FCI main working days kaise hai…?
    Har Saturday working rahega ya fir nahi..?

  641. what all you guys are doing about accommodation during the training period. as you know fci did not provide any facility.
    fcl ag3(depot ) punjab

  642. @ radhe
    good work , thank you for salary information.

  643. hi friends…
    my name is also not in the west zone revised list, i have talked to ro mumbai they r saying to wait for d waiting list. whatever that fci has done is not fair. i think we all should take any action against them.
    my no is 9039400488

  644. @ hi Ankita
    I am rohinika from modinagar i am also selected from north zone Ag III QC. my joining date is also on 6 April in Lucknow regional office.When u Will reporting there?
    my email id is rohinika_06 at Yahoo co in.

  645. One more thing i want to clear….out of u people some may be truely genius…u might have got really better job than fci….its not like u were bound to join it……u were given the job profile….payscale is also known to all…if u were not interested why u have snatched someone’s job? If u r so much genius why u have applied for it..


  647. @all north zone
    is there any one who is joining at fci zonal office at noida then contact me soon regarding acceptance letter.
    my acceptance letter is revert back to me by zonal office which i was send by speed-post. after that i called several times to zonal office but the telephone of that office not working properly and the operator is the way i didn’t get any answer from the office.
    so please give me exact no. of personal to talk about acceptance..
    my mail id is mahesh.meghwal at gmail
    mahesh kumar

  648. @ all west zone cand
    west zone me old list me kisi ko bhi 2nd choice nahi di gayi thi for ex if someone scored 60 and he din’t cross the cut off of his 1st choice but he crossed his 2nd choice tab bhi he is rejected matlab ki acche no lane ke bavjood vo cand out ho gaye the and kuch cand jinke no to kam the lekin unhone 1st choice vo bhari jisko jyada no vale cand ne 2nd choice bhari thi to unka kam no hone par bhi 1st choice de di. But new list me ye galti sudhar li hai. Fci bhopal ne ye process pahle bar ki hai so unhone ye galti kar di. maine keval north ke liye apply kiya and mera selection ho gaya so mujhe west zone ke selection/rejection se koi fayda nahi hai mujhe 4-5 cand ne phone kiya and rejection ka reason pucha they are going to court but jo cand reject huye hain vo fci par case kar sakte hain jaisi aap logon ki marji but jinka selection hua hai vo totally deserving cand hai .

  649. @pravesh…
    i think you have asked to a peon, thats why he told you this amount…now see this is exact figure of ag-III for all post

    Basic 9300 + 3999( d.a.43% of 9300) + 500/month ( 1500Quarterly) for medical + 500 petrol(if applicable) + 200 (lunch) + 930 HRA (take worst case) + 100 (washing allowance) + 250 (dusting operator allowance) + 100 (operational allowance) +1162( 12.5% employer contribution in cpf ) = 16772/ GROSS SALARY

    now deduction- 1162 (12.5% of basic employee contribution) + 1162 (12.5% of basic employer contribution)+ Medical Rs.60/-, + Benevolent Fund: Rs.10 = 2394/month deduction

    Now in hand salary = 14378/- (for z grade city-) for y- 15308/- for z- 16238

  650. dear all friends
    I was called in raipur they are said new appointment letter was dispatch in 26 march . I hope appointment latter will come soon.

  651. @saritha

    i gave my acceptance march 21 and a madam their said” joining will not be 6th april, we will send u a letter regarding joining. get ready with the annexures”

    my id is ven.s1986 at gmail

  652. @shivam,
    is it u shivam gupta, from jhansi. tumko kyo feel ho raha hai tumne to mujse fci ka exam ke liye kitni ladai ki thi. tum to keh rahe the tumne to 3 mahine lag ke taiyari ki hai tum to top karogi, mera to hone hi nhi wala , kuch taiyaar nhi hai, govt job asani se nhi milti. ab kyo ro rahe ho….

  653. @satish kumar
    hi i’m also selected for ZO (mumbai)
    plz. tell me you’ve convey the acceptance n which mode u convey the acceptance by fax or post or personally plz.
    is it necessary to go personally for acceptance?

  654. FCI has not clarified about the new selection criteria followed for revised list . If marks of new added candidates in second list were high then why they were not in the first list. It indicate that there may be some hidden agenda of FCI . The numbers of new added candidates in second list are about 40 or more in AG-III (Depot). Therefore the candidates ignored in second list should not have hope/ illusion for waiting list because role of FCI is suspicious/doubtful.

  655. @venkat
    thank u so much for sharing d info.when ur going to join in fci before 6th r will u wait for their intimation?pls give me ur mail id if u have no prob


    I received appointment letter on 14 Mar 2011.

  657. @saritha @tamilnadu

    Fci employees have election duty so they postponed the joining date after elections.

    Truth is that they have election classes only on sundays and they can allow us to join on our station and training can be provided after elections, this what happening in andhra region.
    in tamilnadu, due to their laziness they are saying this reason.

  658. every one is telling me to wait till waiting list but i cant wait. bcos of fci i cant sleep they destroy my sleep ….how can i wait ? i know i have full chances in waiting list but those are so far from new merit list n they ware selected in first list what about them? so final and revised final list candidates has right to grab this JOB. today i had talk to lawyer he said just u put up the case every thing is in candidates favor. i shown him all documents from advertise to revised list, on 29th march i am going to put up the case in mumbai high court, those are possible to come plz come.
    contact me 9860056692.
    before 6th april we have to put up the case in high court. high court will take a minimum 2 days for stay order.

  659. @hiii all
    i hv completed the full form
    but some problems are there plz solve out
    1: photo form me kaha kaha chipkane he
    2: immovable property ka kya karna he form me
    3: cardex form ko abhi bharna he kya
    4: ek set full bharke mene to 3 xerox karwa li coz
    they are asking about 3 copies of each

  660. Agar court jane se job wapas mil sakti hai to hame court jana or milkar fight karna hoga. Kyoki isme sabhi ko job mil sakti hai .Bat 1 candidate ki nahi balki lagbagh 100 ke career ka hai.

  661. is any one from tamilnadu region know about the date of joining.they are telling that it will be after elections?wats happening actually.if anyone knows information pls share here.tamilnadu candidates are in a big confusion

  662. dear
    any person receive new appointment latter in west zone in raipur plz cont. me

  663. @ all west zone
    me n my one relative was discussing about general topics, we usually used to do this. i asked him coz he has this type of exp, he told me that if anyone claimed n after that he got his name in 2nd list. he can’t zone in 2nd list until unless they have to took his case back or wait till result of court. i don’t know whether he is right or not. but a big point if he is right.

  664. @ALL(plz help me for mutual transfer)
    I am from Andhra pradesh .I have got selected in fci WEST ZONE,(ZONAL OFFICE),Mumbai , as Technical Assistant.If i can get a transfer to Andhra pradesh(any place) as i have responsibilities of my parents…i would be really thankful

  665. @anubha….bilkul sahi kaha tumne..
    @all west zone….bhai jarur karo case…lkin ye dekh lena ki tumhare marks un candidate se jada ho jo second list mein ho…warna kuch hath nahi lagega…

    @all…ye jo alag alag salary in hand wali bata rahe ho please for god sake bandd karo….12500 toh bank clerk ko milte hai in hand jinka 7200 payscale hota hai and 39 DA hota hai…..
    Interesting thing….20000 start se discussion start hua…aur 12500 pe aa ke ruka….sab nee ristedar…frnds….sabne poocha but xact figure koi nhaii bata paya….

    Truly saying toh btech and mca walo ke liye ye perfect job nahi hai…coz there are some very cheap guys also selected…

    Yaha p ek banda accenture chor ke aya…don know y…he left thet job…i my self left infy….but now i regret 3.25 lkh kaha 1.4lakh according to someone mentioned 12500….yaar pehla aisa psu jishne mca …btech walo ki dho di…12000 toh inter pass ko milta hai bank mein…aaj maain sahi soch raha tha ki it was a wrong decision of leaving infy…:(…really depressed…ruined my life….

  666. @cheeku

    i m from allahabad selected in haryana region
    n u?
    @ haryana region’s candidate

    any one submit d acceptance at panchkula?
    plz tell what is d process?

    AG 3 (General)

  667. @all west zone-
    we are planning for moving to mumbai on 6th April for final answer.. agar unhone satisfaction answer diya than we have no problem else apan wahi case fire kar denge..
    aap log agar interested hai than pls confirm bata dijiye chalne k liye…

    Avin Garg

  668. hello to @all
    please tell me can our character certificate can be signed any DM/SDM officer. or is it to be signed by our area DM/SDM.

  669. @all
    what u thing people that ppl who are selected for quality control how much computer work will they do / means how much computer work senior will ask them to do, or only field work is there?