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FCI AG III Results

Now that the FCI Document verification is done (at least for North Zone, from where most of the commenter’s were), we’ve decided to close the earlier thread and start this new one.

We’ve seen many common questions asked, multiple times, which we didn’t accept. Here, we are providing a couple of those FAQ’s, so that you don’t ask them again here:

When are the results coming?

No one is sure about this. Your guess is as good as any one else’s. But, one thing most people are sure about is that they will be announced in February itself.

Note: Don’t try spreading rumours. If you sure about a date, please provide the source from where you got the information and leave your email so that others can contact you for more details. We will not be accepting comments like ‘Results are coming on so and so date’ without any support to your comment since they do not help the community in any way.

Is selection guaranteed?

No. If your document verification is successfully completed, your selection will depend on the marks scored in the written test.

Note: If you want, you can comment on the approx. marks you may get (according to you) to see where you stand among others.

Other zone candidates’ who didn’t finish their verification yet can discuss about the same. But before asking your question, please go through previous threads (you can find the links below) where most of the faq are already answered by fellow candidates.

And, please try to use English while commenting.

Update: We’re closing comments on this page. For further discussion, visit the FCI Joining process page.

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  1. @ All : Regarding Signature of DM/SDM in our character certificate

    Guys!! First of all take a chill pill , all you guys are taking unnecessary tension.

    First of all you guys have to visit the respective office of the Deputy Commissioner of your respective jurisdiction. I visited my respective zonal office in Nand Nagri and there Mr. Anil Banka ( SDM, Seema Puri ) told me to come with my original appointment letter, educational qualification and identity proof ( Voter ID, Pan card some thing like tht). Wht I’m trying to convey to all of you tht first grab your appointment letter then visit your respective zonal offices ( you just have to google it) and SDM’s are bound to sign our character certificate ( plz don’t take tension ).

    Regards-> SJM

  2. @all
    call letter sent by FCI at communication/permanent address……….?
    if anyone have an idea.plz tell me my frnds…..

  3. @ mr bhandari
    ad group me competition bahut jyada tha and mostly guys ne apply kiya bcoz only cs degree or o level is required and abd , acd group me competition kam tha , kam guys ne apply kiya tha bsc + cs degree , and acd group me 500 seats thi lekin fci ko itne cand mil hi nahi sake so unhone around 381 ka selection kiya hai . But general , acnts , depot me jitni vacancies thi sabhi ka selection hua . So 1600 se kam ka selection hua hai.

  4. @all

    I didn;t select in first list in north zone. i m obc candidate from ad group.i m extremely tense now.i m from poor family so i need this one badly.pls pls someone tell me there r 223 seats in ad group in obc.chances of getting selection in extended list? and how many will leave out of 223 seats in obc?congratulations those who got selected.

  5. @pranay @west zone candidates @all

    kya west zone ki 2nd list aaygi?

    plz reply yar becz i m not selected i m very tensd

  6. If I am right then the following steps will happen in the coming days.Correct me someone if I am wrong or any other details are needed to be added:
    1.An appointment cover letter having details like place of posting,date of joining etc.along with the appointment booklet(already uploaded on the website) is expected to arrive at our homes withing the 1st week of march or earlier.
    2.We are required to undergo the following requirements like medical test,attestations,character certificate attestation by DM or SDM and other details as mentioned in the uploaded specimen appointment letter.
    3.On completion of the above requirements, we are required to go to the address mentioned in the appointment letter (most probably in our respective zonal offices) to submit the required documents before March 31st.We are also required to take the original educational qualification certificates + a xerox of the educational qualification certificates(attested or self certified) along with other documents as mentioned in the appointment letter for verification and submission.The uploaded appointment booklet will be used to prepare our service book by the fci
    4.Then as per the date mentioned we are required to join at the respective zonal offices or any other place as mentioned in the letter on 4th,5th or 6th as per instructions to undergo a 6 days training(9days for quality n a/c).
    5.On completion of the training we are required to join at our respective offices.

    Please rectify,add or comply with me if any in the above steps.
    As per mahu, her friend has received an email regarding place and date of joining along with other details.Please clarify this guys if you have received any such emails.I haven’t received any email so far.
    Please mention the exact total salary with the salary in hand and total salary in cities and other places.

    • Hi Deep,
      I dont think we will be going there before march 31…But they wud chk all on the joining date for finishing the formalities…I have doubt regarding DM signature- Should we get it done in our district or at zonal region…No body is clear about this. But S J M wrote “SDM do have to sign our certificate as they are bound to be, only thing we guys need to do is just to make little bit of effort and make a visit at our respective zonal offices.”
      What is the right way of getting it done???

      • I have a doubt…DM or SDM has to attest.So am I correct that they have to just attest what some other officers written in that certificate?

    • @ deep
      u r right.
      I also din’t recieve any mail from fci.

  7. hi
    any engineering students got selected..i had confusion on tat…plz do reply on this

  8. congratulation for all who have been selected and those who have nt been selected dnt worry a better job is waiting for them.byetheway i have seen many common name in different extended merit list will come soon…

  9. @ All : Hs FCI sent an Email to all the selected candidates having info like place of reporting etc. ? I hvn’t got yet …bt a frnd of mine hd recieved …..
    Any1 of selected ppl can u plz tell me hv u got email ??

    • no 1 gt the mail ., u r friend making fool of u /.

    • Hi mahu I got selected for west zone..I didnt get any email yet…Are u from north zone???

      • @mahu:
        i didn’t receive any email yet and i dont think that anybody got this type of email except your friend, may be the case he is making u fool or anybody making your friend fool by sending a fake mail that seems from fci website
        so you should ask him to forward that one mail on your email id then verify it or just ask him to forward to my mail id(“”) then see

        kyonki dosto ab tention ka time khatam ab to offer letter hi batayega kaha jana hai or kya paana hai

  10. hey frnds..
    my heartly congratulations to all of u…
    also pray for me that i get to see my name in extended list…
    all the best for ur future…

    • aapka ho jayega…bhahut log chor rahe fci

    • @laxmi:

      you need to worry about your job very little this time because there are many candidates who qualified in more than one or two zones and obviously they will join only one so directly one seat or may be more than one (if that one was extra ordinary student who qualified in all ). so there is a great chance of extention of list.
      there are also other conditions , situations that are untracked and play major role in deciding the jobs(for example person got selected in other P.S.U as my friend who will join Bank but he selected in two zones).
      or aakhir main
      insaan sochta wahi hai jo wo sochna chahta hai or karna uski soch par nirbhar karta hai so think +ve(440 V). try for other exams also because first extended list will take minimum 2 months and i am sure that time ur name will be in list. kyonki agar ending sahi nahi hoti hai to wo picture ka end nahi hai , PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI

    • dnt worry due to many common faces in different zones i m sure about it…

  11. hii….
    can anybody tell me about appointment letter
    it will be issued from region for where we are selected or north zone noida head office
    and where have to submit it?
    have we to go FCI Noida to collect it……….
    if any one know.plz contact at anujdhiman17 at /8010539234

    • @ anuj
      issue kahin se bhi ho but home address par ayega. And sare instruction us par mention honge. 31 march ke pahle apko sare annexure fill karvakar given address par submit karna hai.

  12. @ all

    hi friends i got selected as AG III Depot in Haryana region . i would like to say thank’s to admin for creating such a help full blog and guiding to all of us through the whole process of this recruitment and also like to thank all the bloggers of this blog , who try hard to give us valuable information and clear all our doubts . hope this blog will help us in future as well.

    i also congrats to all the selected candidate and hope that who are not selected in this list will soon be got selected and join us in this organisation .

    Thanks and Regards
    Vivek Jaiswal
    (AG III Depot)
    Mob No. 09452785980
    Email : Vivek.rocks2 at

  13. The list is according to merit…
    Im the first one in all categories to get Delhi posting in Quality Control…


  14. @ Can

    Well Mr. Can first of all how can you put a big question mark on our credential … how can you say so tht we don’t deserve to be in the first merit list… very strange yaar.

    You are just sounding like tht fox who after repeated failure had to presume tht grapes were sour. I give u my example.. I was kicked out from 4-5 Bank PO exams before finally getting selected for FCI and I belong from Reserve category but they have promoted me to Unreserved category as my marks were satisfying the unreserved category cutoff. So how can you say tht selection were not based on merit???

    If you guys want to go to court you can rightfully do so but don’t put a question mark on our credentials.

    Regards-> Pratap

  15. @ Varun

    Varun Bro!! I’m from Delhi and I have already send u friendship request in gmail and do add me. And bro!!! thanks for those very special words, m really touched.

    @ Pranay

    Pranay is truly the most humble guy around here and no second thoughts!! he deserve a round of applause for his efforts, including all the geniune and active bloggers here and tht includes me too. ( Just Kidding)
    Bro!! do add me at gmail -> mansudeep at

    @ All

    Lemme clarify all your doubts regarding all your formalities one by one.

    Offer letter will be dispatched to all of us within this week and hopefully it will reach us by max to max within the second week of March itself (as it will be a registered post I strongly advice all of you to stay home during this tenure or either ensure tht some one is staying at your home to collect the letter). Now we have to convey our acceptance by 30 March.

    Now we do have to get our character certificate signed by SDM or either DM and trust me it is not tht much baffling as you guys are feeling, as SDM do have to sign our certificate as they are bound to be, only thing we guys need to do is just to make little bit of effort and made a visit at our respective zonal offices.

  16. @all: anyone can tell me…that state of posting can be changed or not…..plzzzzzzz….is it possible ???

    • @ Mahu

      Hey Bro!! u got selected…. Wow!! I really prayed for u… see I told u you will definitely head ur way in the first merit list itself. Well Bro!! its a bit difficult task but if you are having sublime contacts in FCI then might be its possible ( try to contact Union Leader of FCI in Noida), he will surely help you.

      • Thnx frnd…….aapki duaon ka asar ho gya bas hum pr…… Congrats 2 u tooo………..and all who r selected……..

    • Mahu,

      Changing state is possible but it needs alot of efforts. You can have any place of posting with in your Zone you have applied for.


  17. hai friends
    FCI asked us to get charecter certificate from sub divisional magistrate?is tahsildar and sub division magistrate are same?

  18. Hey frnds. Could you suggest me how character certificate will be dully signed by dm/sdm. As far as I know, character certificate is issued from college, Is n’t it? Please share your views.

    • @ Ms. Sakshi @ Essaki

      No Tahsildar and SDM are not same … and we have to attest our character certificate either from SDM or DM. Ms. Sakshi !! no second thoughts character certificate are usually issued by Principal or Gazetted officer but this time around you need to attest it from SDM or DM ( as it is clearly mentioned it the annexure too). All you guys ave to do is to made little bit effort by droppin it at your respective zonal office along with the appointment letter and your educational qualification and identity proof, after tht SDM will willfully sign your character certificate. I will follow the same procedure too ( but do take this step after receiving your appointment letter).

      Regards-> S J M

      • Hi S J M,
        I think we have to get character certificate attested by DM or SDM in the locality or district where we live. Read the character certificate content. It should be attested by the person who know us better for last few months or years. Am i right???
        What do u all guys say????

        M S Nath.

  19. Hi frnds i am from up and got punjab region- QC

    How many of you got Punjab region – QC . Contact me–> it.shaktimca at

  20. Hai frnds,
    I am selected for south zone(depot).pls tell me medical certificate is necessary or not. annexure IV is for cat I and cat II only,

  21. @ shobhit
    speciman appointment letter is given in website.

    @ satya
    original appointment letter aap ke ghar post kar diya gaya hai and uske bad apko govt hospital me medical test karvane hain , and medical form un dr se fill karvana hai and sari medical reports apko fci office me appointment letter ke sath and sare original documents show karna hai. Fci office ka address letter me hoga , apko sare docs with apntmnt letter 31 march ke pahle show karna hai. Medical reports ke bills ki fees fci office se vapis mil jayegi. Character certficate par dm or sdm ke sign karvane hain and iske alava sare annexure asani se fill kar sakte hain.

  22. @pranay
    kuch b ho u realy lucky guy jo tume UP mila..chal keep smiling always

  23. @pranay,
    aisa kuch bhi nhi hai ki ladkiyo ko hometown ki preference hai, coz i m from u.p. n got punjab…
    @ all not selected candidates,
    i wnt to say this to all frnds who r not selected. me aapko hurt nhi karna cahati, par me ~ 6months se fci ki site regular check kar rahi ho, to mene ek point notice kiya ki fci me abhi tak jo recruitment hue hai un sab me unhone ek particular point tak hi candidates select kiye hai, jaise in gen, it shld be more thn 60 marks, in obc-55,like this.or kabhi kabhi aisa bhi hua hai ki result me koi bhi candidate select nhi hua or likh kar aaya ki no eligible candidate tab ka hai jab GD n PI bhi hota mujhe lagta hai ki jaroori nhi ki vo next list nikale, rest vacant seats ko vo fresh exam lekar bhi bhar sakte hai….. to i dn,t wnt to hurt any1.i jst wnt to say tht being a frnd, i m suggesting u ki aap site regular check karo but prepare for another exams too….n dn,t loose hope.ho sakta hai next list aa bhi jaye.this is jst what i m thnkng.i dn,t knw it is rght or nt..

  24. Is thr anyone , who got job in u.p. Please contact me
    pranaympec2008 at

    • Hi sir i am pradeep ,i am not selected in AG III depot,I am OBC candidate.I want to know why did i not got selected being a reserved candidate and Only 32 were selected out of 35 as they mentioned in advertisement 35 post for OBC.I also want to know why we got rejected?
      Will waiting list come first?

      Is waiting list and extended list both r same or different?

      When will it come?

      How many chances for me to get my name in waiting list and extended list as i am OBC and Depot cadre?

      Plz sir help me in this.plzz any body help me.Congrats to all who got selected.

      • @ Pradeep

        First of all Bro!! cheer up and don’t need to feel inferior. Now coming to your question as I’ve already stressed upon this factor tht FCI will surely come up with its second extended list as they will see who all are accepting offer till 30th March. Keep your fingers crossed for FCI second merit list, as it will be out somewhere near April or max to max within the first week of May. FCI has come up with its second extended list too in few of its recruitments.

        Now Bro!! sorry to say but I think you were just short of cut few marks for tht first list but hey cheer up and gear up for coming entrance exams of SSC and Bank PO’s. Plz plz don’t sit idle and keep your preparations going on for Entrance exams. All the best and do keep a check on FCI website for its second extended list.

      • Dear Pradeep,

        Very sorry for you. I dont know exactly about this but I can try to help you.

        I understood from your comment that only 32 candidates are selected while they had mentioned 35 Vacancies in Adv. I dont know why this has happened.
        But I suggest to call up FCI Office of your zone to get to know about the reason, otherwise do visit the office if you can.

        2nd thing there is no waiting list to publish and FCI will definately publish Extended List which is the list of candidates selected.I have seen names 20% of total vacancies candidates in the extended list. So for you if seats are 35 then around 7 candidates will get the chance in Extended list (My assumption only).

        I heartly wish you the very best.

    • Hi pranay i am from south zone yaar

      • and there are only 120 candidate selected in AG III technical and 90 seats vacant.Do they consider us in that cadre?as i applied for Depot .will we get those seats ?

        Plz pranay i need ur help .If anybody know anything about this plz share

        • @ pradeep
          i am not sir yaar.
          I think u are not selected due to scoring 1-2 mark less than the cut off of obc cat and at your score (assume 50) thr must be many cand scored same marks so they can’t give job to all. But don’t wait of extended or waiting list apply for other govt job. In north zone many times extended list has been published and that time vacancies were very less compare to this time so i am 99 % sure waiting list will come in may.

      • one question which day you went for document verification

    • Dear Pranay,
      I got UP as a quality control.
      Thanks N With Regards
      jssmca1985 at

  25. @ sjm
    I am very happy, u got selected in fci……..
    R u frm punjab……..also send me frend request at varunkrbvcoe at
    Many many congrats to u…….. U r himself a great human being,thats why u always appreciates other’s efforts……..
    I do agree with u, all gjys in this blog r great, they r very supportive for others…
    I like ur attitude…..towards life…….. U all r very optimistic…..

  26. @all

    firstly congratulations to all who got selected.i haven;t selected in first list.waiting for extended list.I request all of them who got selected not to leave after joining becoz it will badly affect those who didn;t get selected.i need this job desperately so i really request everyone please cooperate.there are lots of guys who r not selected in first list but they really need it badly.So it is requested to leave if u really don;t wanna join.Thanks

  27. @all

    Iam from south zone. i got selected in Technical.
    anyone belongs to south zone

    • hi i am from south zone. i selected in technical.

    • Yes venket i am belong to southzone
      selected in technical

    • hai venkat i am ganesh i also selected fci technical in(south zone).pls tell when they give appointment order.reply me when they give or it will send by post or they will upload in website

      • Hai ganesh they sent the appointment order throw register post we receive with in 1st or 2nd week of march fill the form and submit it on the head office where your post mention on before 31st march don’t worry carefully read the specimen copy they give in their website

    • I am also frm southzone and got selected in technical

    • Hi Venkat..
      im Thushara.. i too got selected in south zone( technical.)..

  28. koi batayega kya ki MEDICAL CERTIFICATE jo diya hua he woh hame karana he ya wahan hoga …??????

  29. @ priyanka
    oh sorry its not before 1 march , its before 31 march.

    @ rakesh
    dost i wanted job in u.p. And i got it. Then what is the reason i am selected for u.p. My number in merit list is 10 and if u think this merit list is not according to topper then how u concluded many topper belongs to up selected in punjab. And one more thing girls and hp guys ko priority milti hai homestate milne ki chahe vo topper hon ya na hon. But if u think it is random then i am the luckiest guy who was given his fist preference in his homestate. Correct me if u think i am wrong in any stmt dear.

    @ sjm
    hey yar many guys are equally talented and helped others , so don’t need to write some particular name . I am not hero. I appreaciate many person over here not by just thr helping nature but also thr knowledge , great attitude , perception , thinking and thr names are varun , rakesh , shobhit , anil , rajesh , shweta , priyanka , laxmi , ravi , ashwani , manoj , sk meena , deepak , rahul and they all good human being not hero. Jab kisi ki problem solve kar dete hain nd vo person reply me thanks likh deta hai then this is the best compliment jise padkar bahut accha feel hota hai and iske bad true friendship ho jati hai.

  30. Dear friends 15 candidates are going to court on monday separately.probably there will stay on these post. Kyo fci ne kuch garbar to zaroor kiya hai .kyoki selection written base tarah unhone khi bhi kuch aisa nahi lika jisse selection na diya jay.

    • Court will kick directly from the door, on which bases they will ask for stay. This is not the prasad that you go their and they give you. Do you find any solid reason for it, if you could not find your name in the list, so you are blaming FCI for it. Hey dude, u r right that selection was on the written exam based but merit was the crucial factor, where you guyz missed out.
      Management has always right to conduct additional exam / call or something else and at the time of filling form, we accepted by signing there.
      So I would say if you guyz wish to go to court, then please you may, but do one more thing on the flipper side i.e. Pray to God for putting your name on the second list.

      Thanks and Regards,

      • @abd/acd group
        this is a solid reason to take stay from court…u can also check one candidate of abd /acd group select in general /godown….take any roll no. from selected general candidate and paste it “”..from here u got ur document verification call letter…check any roll no. of selected candidate of general or godown..sure it will be AD group only….why any abd/acd candidate are not here….may be there r a lot if candidate from abd/acd group…who got better marks than AD group for general/godown post only….

        • @ jitendra
          abd and acd me technical ppr mostly stu ka kharab hua tha. And ad group me 100 16 select huye the and abd , acd me 100 me se 60. Matlab ad me creamy std the and abd , acd me creamy or avg std the. Creamy std ko acnts or qulty mil chuka hai and rest avg could not compete with creamy of ad.

          • @pranay
            Considering ur view to be right for a moment, May i know how r u sure of ur logic of” creamy & non creamy” when fci has not disclosed the marks and neither the cutoff.
            Secondly if u have checked the entire result they have only selected 1481 candidates out off 1600+ candidates called for verification.
            I think ur logic fails here….

            • pls can anyone tell me how much candidate will place in extended list……..pls tell me i m very depressed because i m not selected …………and how much candidate still remain for job?

        • Becoz they hav already mention that for abd,acd group pref Wil be given to b and c group, either they want a or d group

          • @NIKHIL
            read it carefully…
            The candidates who have opted for ‘Account’ cadre or ‘Quality Control’ cadre along with ‘General’ and/or ‘Depot’
            cadre will compulsorily have to give first preference to Account Cadre/Quality Control cadre. Such candidates will then
            have to exercise their choice for second/third preference

  31. hello to ALL

    i got selected in west zone

    1) they said we have to give our acceptance of joining before 31 march … so, how we can do this, by making a call or we have to go there before 31

    2)after joining west zone, if i’ll get my name in second list of north zone, than can i join there or not

  32. 1stly congrats to al of thos who got selected, i m new to ths blog, now i jst wanna to know how to get owr appointment letter, and wht are the formalities to be done

  33. Hi @ all

    hmmm. I got an accident so that could not connect to you guyz.. Well first of all many many congratulations for the candidates who secured their seats. Now a new phase is waiting for you guyz, just get ready, and rock the fci.

    I too secured and got punjab region but I am not gonna join this, so my vacant seat can go to the person who needs more than me.

    Thanks all you guyz, I had a good time and fight as well with you guyz, but its all part of expressing one’s views which is being not liked by the flipper one.

    Best of luck friends……

    Thanks and Regards,

  34. hi 2 all, am new 2 this blog, and congratulation 2 all selected candidates… am not selected so would be next time??????????? thnx 2 all, this is a nice blog

  35. now we r allocated state.
    how will now district b allocated ?
    will they ask us?
    or just lik that..

  36. I was the first person to do so.

  37. Hi friends,

    Thanx and also congratulation to all of selected persons.

    I am selected in Accounts wing. for Haryana.

    is any body selected for there plz inform me when u get offer letter.
    My Number is # +91 9928283101
    mail to # deepakbandikui at

  38. I’m nw to ths blog,
    1st cogrts to al selected cand, i’m also selected in haryana(depot), can anyon tell tht how to get original appointment lettr

  39. @ all…
    by ven wil v get appmnt letter…? pls mention d nxt procedures dat has to b done after gettng appointment letter…..which all certificates needed …all…

  40. @ All

    Hey many many congrats to all of those who got selected in the first instance itself. M really so elated tht I just can’t stop jumping and giving thanks to God, my parents and again m reiterating myself…. very very thanks to Admin…. Take a bow Mr. Admin… trust me u provided all of us such a(n) interactive platform which really helped us a lot in clarifying our doubts and by helping all of us with your sagacious comments. ( Thanks Mr. Admin).

    Now lemme be lil bit snobby… I told all of you tht results will be out within the end week of Feb. and guess wht?? Results were out within the end week of Feb. ( so do trust us, as we were not trying to spread rumours or to make stories). And hey btw Mr. Pranay… where is my party?? Guys all of us have to agree tht Pranay is the unsung hero of this blog…. but I would like to convey my heartiest wishes to him as he got selected too. There are two more unsung heroes of this blog and they are Varun and Rajesh as they have done a very appreciable job in helping all of us in whatever way they can. SO thank you Mr. Rajesh and my dear and hearty friend ‘Varun’ too. M also quite elated for my dear friend UT a.k.a. Chetan Bhagat as he got selected too ( Bro!! Finally u proved urself a true roadie).
    M overwhelmed wit lots of emotions and I don’t know how to express myself but I would like to mention a special person who indeed motivated all of us in whtever way she can and she is Ms. Shweta… take a bow Ms. Shweta. She is really a strong character and little wonder! I see Ms. Sweta among the top brass of a reputed organization in coming years.

    Now we r just left with little formalities before the final joining but guys listen!! we all need to be proactive so tht this blog remains active in coming years too. Plz do extend ur support in keeping this blog active and making it as live wire as you can.

    So again many thanks to MR. Admin…. you rock….

    Before ending… just a joke… now we all guys are eligible bachelor and we can rightfully put our profile in a matrimony site… wht say???

    Regards… SJM a.k.a Sudip [ AG[III] Depot, Punjab ]

    • yes S.J.M i completely agree with you provides us a best platform to share the information over the whole web
      i tried to find out information on this fci post on google and find thousands of result but everyone had just and just scrap. but on i got information that was sufficient and some time it was more than sufficient. comment without login saves lot of time.
      i didn’t know this web address before this, but now its on my tip..
      thanks admin

      now guys its party time

      fci connecting people

    • bhai SJM aapka joke kaafi pasand ayaa….
      thnks to god i got a place in merit list(Hariyana Depot).
      thnks to all friends who contributed a lot for this blog…and heartily thnks to ADMIN sir
      for providing a space to share thoughts.

  41. Congrats 2 all who r selected…
    I am not selected n waiting for the next list.

    If any one have any idea about extended list then please post here. How I can know my score. I am from ABD group North Zone.

    • @ Khem Raj

      Bro!!! cheer up don’t u worry… Mark my words FCI will definitely come up with its extended list, as many of my friends too are not opting for FCI and instead going for Bank PO Job, my few results are awaited too, so I might be opt for FCI in the near future too. As you know DOJ is 4/5/6Th April… which indicates tht FCI might come up with its extended list somewhere near end of April or max to max within the first week of May.

      Now coming to ur second question… Bro!! Its really baffling task to predict how many marks you got… so bro no choice left you need to wait eagerly and keep your fingers crossed for the extended list.. But hey do try for other entrance exam too. All the very best.

  42. manoj i m also selected for punjab(09039299390).

  43. @ Hello Friends

    I got news from my friend sandeep about my selection.

    I belong to uttarakhand and got selected in Depot in Haryana.

    Earlier i have to join ACCENTURE Chennai on 2 March.

    But Now I am going to join FCI.

    Let me know who are going to join ‘Depot’ in Haryana.

    Best of luck to all of you.

    xmanxzone at

    • hm hai hry wale….but let c….hmari toh jindagi brbad he h….kisi ka bhala ho jaye…mere seat chorne c…:)

      • my frnd shivam is going to join….he is not joining infy..nd leaving syscom…for fci….he got hry depot….

    • me also join depot haryana . me belong to up
      amar.bca2008 at

      • hiiiiiiiiii
        congrats 2 all who selected in FCI……..

        i got GENERAL in Haryana……….
        Best of luck to all of you.

      • HI buddy.. m also selected depot/ haryana.. belong to UP.

        9560064798 uttamsharma.delhi at
        plz be in touch…

    • bhai y u leave accenture…..yaha toh salary is also less..around 18k nad there 25k..?

      • @Rahul

        good question.

        Actually there were many reasons to opt FCI. My parents want me to do job in nearest location. And I have to support my family also. After joining ACCENTURE in Chennai I can not do that.

        rahi baat salary ki….. to “Kuch paane ke liye kuch to khona hi padta hai…”


        where u have been selected?

        Keep in touch.

        xmanxzone at

  44. @pranay

    i dnt think so dat allocation given on basis of merit..bcz delhi region depot me total gals ko allocate hue hai n Up max ph candidate ko n topper also get punjab n haryana jo up n delhi k hai.. So randomly allocate kiye gaye hai

    • YES !
      me also do agree with u Rakesh……

      because i belong to DL n i allotted to Panjab Depot….
      So it’s little bit hard to digest…….

      But ………………….dosen matter

      It’s time to rock..
      Arun Kajal( akee)

    • Same instance here…have the first rank in abd-north, even though i’m been alloted haryana(don’t know anybody there man). Hope they atleast provide me with Gurgaon.

      Is anybody here for Haryana(Acc)?


  45. @ admin @ all

    Phew !!! Finally the results are out and sorry for being so clumsy and irresponsible. Special thanks to Admin for remembering me ( makes me feel special ).

    Now lemme have some footage… I finally got selected in FCI and posted in Punjab Region as AG III ( Depot). I would sincerely convey thanks to two of my very dear friends @ Pranay @ Varun… m very happy for ‘Pranay’ Bro as he got selected too ( See Bro!! I told u tht u will definitely head ur way to FCI ). Special thanks to Shweta for embracing all of us with her special words.

    Finally few words to all of those who are not selected…. Guys !!! plz don’t get disheartened FCI will surely will come up with its second extended list and We will definitely try to update all of you and rem. me too was kicked out from nearly 4-5 Bank PO interview before finally getting selected in FCI.

    And all those who are selected in FCI region.. get ready for full on ‘masti’ as I’m ready to rock the FCI… Punjab zone colleagues do contact me.

    Regards S J M a.k.a ‘Sudip’

    Email-> mansudeep at Phone: 9990006621

  46. hii frnds,
    am new to dis blog……can any one of u help me…………….
    am frm kerala(south),i got selected in technical post. pls any one tel me dat,we hav to fill and get attestation in al d annexures for getting d original appointment letter frm our state manager of fci……………………

  47. hey congrats to all selected candidates….
    i got depot in hry
    pankaj.sharma1085 at

  48. @ all
    west zone ki 2nd list aygi ya nahi yadi han toh kitne dino me aygi.plz reply i m very tensed becz i am not selected.

    and main ad group se hun mujhe apne number janne ke liye kya karna hoga.

  49. Haven’t heard anything from SJM. Is he Okay?

  50. Character certificate me aap log kis ke sign karwaoge……..
    kyoki DM or SDM to sign nahi karne wale… as they wrote…..

    For Category – III posts : District Magistrate or a Sub-Divisional Magistrate or their superior officers.

    Can any body please tell Superior officer me Principal ke Sign chal sakte hai kya??

  51. Congratz to all who got selected.. .
    & 4 who r not in dis list.. dnt loose hope.. may b u can find a place in 2nd list ..& join us..der is gr8 chance frnds.. Al d best .. not only 4 fci but 4 al d efforts u r gng put to make ur life successful.. Happy …4 Sure.. ..

    & a ****BIG THKS **** to all Who helped us through deir clear d doubts dat v had..get d inform wt v needed.. to b der as a console…to motivate… Thk U ALL.. escply ADMIN..

  52. Hey guys , In appointment letter thr r a lot of formalities , which we have to fill . now again we have to face difficulty in signature of DM in character certificate and many more .

    Is thr anyone got selected in U.P. for general post or any other post. Pls reply me
    pranaympec2008 at

    • Mere bahut sare doston ka selection nahi hua hai , Guys don’t be depend on extended list , prepare for ssc cgl , allahabad bank po cleark , indian oversies bank po , syndicate bank po , last date is 1 march. Many person are selected in more than one zone , and many will not join in depot , many will not leave thr state (specially girls) who have another offer letter of govt job in his hand. Extended list May me a sakti hai specially for depot.

  53. @all
    Regarding salary…..
    Its will be around 18000 in delhi like city and will be around 17000 for other cities whose population is less.
    @ who got hqr
    U r fortunate because in head quarters only 5 day works in a week while as in other offices 6 working day,so need to think whether one should join hqr or not….
    @all who has been slected in first list….. Congratulations to pranay,priyanka,chetan bhagat,rakesh,himanshu,priya,deeps,preeti joshi and all others………..

    @all who did not find their name in first list….

    Dont loose heart… u all r equally talented to those who have made thier name in first list….. U r not fortunate enough and just miss by whisker………….may be by 1 or 2 marks…
    But try to make urself calm, as many students will not join fci who,have find their name in first list
    As already they had many opportunities in their hand……..
    And i think fci got max 2000 students so only 400 r in waiting…… And u all will get ur name in 2nd list itself which will be displayed after 2 months……..
    And also do prepare hard for other govt exams, u will get better job than fci….
    Thanks a lot for providing such a blog for sharing info about fci…….now i m so much familiar here in thisblog i feel that v all candidates like a real friends.

  54. hi..
    Finaly i selected in FCI AGIII (QC)…….
    and I am happy with that……..
    I will go to…….

  55. @all
    Nice to see some happy expresions here…Afterall long wait is over…My good whishes to all people selected in different zones.I m selected in’ Royal’ Quality Control in Punjab.
    Extended list of around 300 ppl would definitly come so ppl not selected this time dont loose hope.
    Thanx 4 giving us valuable space n time…Due to Sriraj blog now we know many person from all over India.

  56. hai frnds,am from south zone,and i got selectd in technical…can u pls tel me further procedure …………..

    • browse through the following link download the specimen offer letter from the following link and read all the pages for ur further procedure but do the procedure after getting ur appointment letter it will sent by registered post to u.

  57. Hi congrats to all who r selected ….i am selected in nortzone(punjab)for all selected candidates for punjab region plz contact me 0n 9307870656


    see u all during joining …

  58. i know the expereince of not getting selected here 2 all of u is very bitter
    but always think in positive way
    i talk with my 1 mca frnd he said “are kya hua jo nhi hua ek baar de kar dekh liya na paper kaisa aata hai , manajment trani ka bhara hai na abki baar phod denge
    tum 3 saal lagaoge us post par pahunchne k liye hm direct bannge

    i like his atttitude

    is samay list se out hone ki condition mai bhut bura lagta hai par yakeen maniye mai bhi kai raat tak so nhi paya tha jb north ki 1600 seat hone par bhi mera nhi hua tha,
    blog par log predict kar rhe the ki cut off 50- 55 ya aisa hi kuch
    mere har frnd ka hua tha sivay mere kiya tha sab banglore bhag jane ki salah dete the
    par maine apna belif god par se loose nhi kiya

    it was the god jinki kripa se phle mujko dmrc ka ek platform mil gya aur result k wait mai dar dar k nhi jiya

    • For the guys not in the merit list don’t feel or worry about it so many persons apply for more than 1 zones and some gone to bank jobs and some are arrested in bond so don’t worry pray to god you must win.try again and again you must reach the has no end likewise the result is not the end.wait and see ok friends

    • is it tru that after 3 yrs we’ll be promoted..!!!???

  59. i m also selected in west zone for godown
    i will join west zone,
    soory very soory maine dmrc mai ek seat ko barbaad kar diya
    but mujko yhi job bettr laga
    for east zone candidate i met there maneesh and umesh i m vry worried for all of u
    not seeing ur name in list
    just wait many candidate will leave their seat
    so wait for waiting list

  60. Hello Friends, I have seen this blog first time. Nice to see your unstoppable emotions for selection and feel pity for those who could not clear it, but one thing, we did whatever was in our hand, rest of the things are in our fate, so never loose hope. I will say only that “Try & Try until you Die”.

    I too selected for QC-North Region

    Can any one tell me what would be approximate in hand salary.

  61. Congrat 2 all..

    I hve query regarding allotment.. I prefer godown 2 al my 3 zone where i cleared.. N final selected al 3 zone north west south in UR CATEGORY bt i m obc candi.. Bt got punjab in north region.. N i m 4m muje na delhi mila na up y?

    • I think punjab and haryana me depot ki seats jyada hain and tumhare 1-2 no kam aye honge isliye U.P. nahi mila. but yar 1-2 sal me U.P. me transfer ho jayega. and one more thimg U.P. and Delhi me competition bahut jyada tha (seats bahut kam , candidate bahut jyada).

  62. Congrats to all of you guyz… I got Quality Control- Punjab..

  63. Congratulations to all selected. I have not been selected. Well waiting list will be prepared on the basis of candidates leaving or not joining , I guess. Similar question well it will come? Fci should not have called so much candidate for document verification if the seats were 1600 . Could have called 100 or 200 extra.


  64. Hey DO any1 have idea what will be the in hand salary in Delhi region…

    Im highly confused…

    • @preeti
      arround 17-18k in delhi
      and other than delhi near 15000.
      my frnd working in firojpur(Panjab) in QC (agIII)
      he joined through last vacancy………..

    • hi……
      my self subhash nd also selected in delhi region.
      grate you have got job ……….
      if you are selected in delhi region /noida zonal office/delhi headquaters then you got 20360/- per month in hand other wise in other state you got 16500/- in hand.

  65. guys.. where they will issue appointment letter….on net or they will send it through post…you can also contact me at robo123bit at……..i hv been selected from east zone (bihar)…any one those selected for bihar plz discuss with me for further process…my no. is 7250821829

  66. extended list kab aayegi???

    Congrats 2 all who r selected…
    m not selected n waiting for the next list…

  67. can any one tell me west zone ki waiting list aygi ya nahi

  68. Waiting list kab aayegi???

  69. @all
    Hey guys results of all zone r out………….
    Congrats to all of u…………..
    Special thanks to genuine bloggers…………..
    Got selected in North Zone General Delhi Hqrs………
    Got selected in South Zone Depot……………..
    Did not get selected in my region West Zone……..
    So guys can anyone guide me which zone should i join……….. as im totally confused……….

    Sachin More

  70. south results declared i got selected in technical

  71. koi mujhe batayega ki north zone ki tarah west me region allotment kyo nhi show hai.coz i m selected in both…

  72. West Zone results are out.i m also selected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yesssssssssssss

  73. southzone result have declared

  74. guys plz help me…i m selected from east zone …i m persuing my mba that is going to complete in may…is there any provision for me to take joining after may….if u hv any idea plz share with me…and plz make me confirm that medical certificate has to produced or not for ag category 3 (general)…plz guys help..

  75. @all

    I’m selected for Accounts, North-east. Congratulations to u all who’ve got selected. And don’t worry u guys who’ve not selected in the current selection coz u’ll crack in the first extended list.

  76. congrats to all i got selected in headquarters its party time now enjoy…

  77. my friend sunil is selected in fci north zone
    he was in train coming to Delhi to Bangalore where he was going to join accenture tomorrow
    now he is coming back

  78. nah hua yaar mera exam clear for AD group…….bhut disappointed hu…iske chkar mein maine mba ke clges ke form bh nh bhrye……

    Bad Luck!!!!!

    • koi nh waitlist ka wait karo…and un clgs ke dalo jinki last date hai….nit nd all..maine bhi dale the…nd job b chori…cdac b chor diya…agar na hota fci mein toh b koi gum nh tha…kahyi aur try karta…:)

      • ya i am in search of now that clges only..lets see….
        But i would like to mention FCI was not clear in terms of their words in Advertisement for Recuritement..It was clearly mentioned the basis of selection is just written nd document verification..But they did something other.

        • bhai mera bi te hi haal hai.
          me to monday, noida head q. jaa rah hu plz meri help karo… sb H.Q chalte h….


    • Don’t worry abhinav, Extended list bhi niklega. Bt have li’l patience. U’ll definitely get selected.

      • hmm hope so……but cannot now rely just on waiting list…need to think something other too..cannot waste a year now.

      • Bhaskar @9707712739

        me too priya..i hav not selected in northeast zone……………..lets see…m waiting 4 that only…

  79. fci east zone allotted me quality control bihar region
    congratulation to all of who r selected

    i m worried for sanjay but dont worry u will be selected in west zone

    congratulation to rakesh and vibhav
    i did not know it was u vibhav from kiet
    so u have cancel to go accenture or not

    thanks pranay to inform me abt result

    i read ranjeet coment that seat r vacant in quality
    i really abuse that moment when i fill the form and did not select quality just seeing
    the line (prefer in agriculture)
    any way north was not in my luck

    • seats are vacant in quality control this means they donot have any more candidates in this .,,,,,,,,, they will conduct 1 more xam surely to fill these seats n other new seats also

  80. i am also selcted in depot for j&k

  81. hi all,

    got selected in hry zone.
    din’t even prepare for a single second nd i’m on the top of abd(acc) list….yippeeee

    hey guys…i too kept reading this blog from it’s inception to till date but never commented.
    thanks to all of you.

  82. jindagi ne jindagi ko gam diye.kitne mausam diye par kam diye.
    Well bhut jruri thi mere liye ye job,nhi hua.
    Congrats!!!!!!!!! to all who r selected.

  83. @all
    Im selected in delhi region -Quality COntrol…

    • me also selected in Delhi region General…contact me at my id.. stranger193 at…plzz tell me if u know any one who also selected in Delhi region in general cadre…

  84. god tussi great ho..

    dEpot/ Haryana selected

    Thanks to all/ @ SJM @ varun

  85. AND FRIENDSS ny1 selected for depot(haryana),please contact
    “” or rply with ur “email-id” or “contact numbr”

  86. Hey friends……congratulation 2 all who got selected
    and friendss who r nt selected dont b sad….i know its hard to b happy when u dont get what u r looking 4….i know this very well…..i was preparing 4 government jobs from last 2 years….selected for 3 interviews but failed at last
    nw i can say that this job is better than those jobs….so dont worry, a better job is waiting 4 u in future….all u need 2 do is DONT GIVE UP….TRY WITH EXTRA EFFORTS nd last and very important DO BLV IN GOD

  87. Congrats to all.

  88. @all
    i am not selected in northzone but congratulation to all who have been selected . aap log achche kismat wale ho .

  89. @all
    Congrats to all the selected candidates.
    i m selected in Punjab for AGIII Q.C
    any one here selected in punjab for Q.C?

  90. in quality control 381 are selected only ., seats are vacant dere .,,,,,,,,

    in general 250 total./ no vacant seat till now

    in accounts 150 selected ., no vacant seat/ till now

    godown 700 are selected no vacant seat till now.,

    • congrats to all who got selected..
      guys any guesses when will be the south zone result declared..
      and have any idea why guys who have successfully got docs verified were rejected??

    • what system has FCI followed for selections is a BIG mystery for me..
      i am in south zone and we had 5 days of verification and mine was on 2nd day in 2nd panel.. so what are my chances of selection ..can anybody comment..

  91. Krishna Kishore Guin

    Hi all and congratulation to all selected candidates. I am from east zone and I am not selected for any post. Hope second list will be published and get selected.

    …………Thanks to admin and to all members…!

  92. hii any one can see the specimen of
    appointment letter , i confused about salary as mentioned in letter are as follows

    He/she will be eligible to draw a pay of Rs.9300/- per month in the pay
    scale of Rs.9300-22940.
    what we get .
    ssandeepinfo at

  93. I m shocked when i dont see my name in merit list. now me & some my friends prepairing to going court. Contact all candidate to me who r not ph. Number is 09359708452

    • vaise y u r gng to court? u were in which group?

    • why are you going to court as FCI has selected as per the merit list and East Zone had even posted the candidates marks . So accept it that your marks are below the selected ones. nd if you hav any doubts you can seek RTI abt ur marks n cutoff. still if you are not satisfied then only go to the court.

    • Hi,
      I am also not selected in final list. I m too shocked. Just narrow escaped from heart attack.
      Not due to that this job was too important for me(indeed that was) but bcz that was too late to get rejected. Even I dont know my marks so that I could predict myself. Really I m too much disappointed.
      Nyway congrats to all selected, njoy frnds.
      My no is 08957268352, plz inform me if u guys get ny info regarding extended list or ny info or think abt ny that matters to us.
      At last thanks to all bloggers here.

    • i think going court will not be helpful to you because FCI already mentioned that it will prepare a merit list among all eligible candidates.

    • ye i m also not satisfied wid fci.pls help me what shud i do?????and how can i obtain my marks pls tell me

      • @ Rohit
        If u r not satisfied then you should use ‘Right to Information Act (India)’ about your marks n any other info you need regarding your selection. They will provide you the information. the process will take around 2 months (thats what i heard) but you will get the info you need.
        Also wait for the extended list as many candidates having selected in more then one zone will leave some seats n then the next guy in merit list will get the chance (thats what i believe) n you could b that guy. So, don’t loose hope n meanwhile try for other jobs

  94. FCI will again recruit candidates on same category.
    Posts will be around 1200.
    Likely to publish in May-June this year.

  95. hi i am west zone candidate .congrats for all selected candidates.

    • I m also frm WEST ZONE
      I got selected in DEPOT (9602732059)
      But in west Zone there is no specification of zonal posting of selected candidates, (where u have to posted) and there is no specification of cut off marks …..
      the final list of west zone is not as good as other zones list ………

  96. hiiiiii got selected in north zone in punjab (depot)

    congratulations to all
    @ admin
    thank you very much sir
    for providing this space for us

  97. Congrates mohit , amar ,maddy , saurabh ,d33p, sachin , varun , chetan , meenu , sachin garg , rahul , deepak and all selected students.

    If anyone not selected , don’t worry extentded list may publish in may and apply for po job in allahabad bank , indian overseas bank , syndicate bank. Always remember ‘koshish karne valon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti’ main 10-12 interview se out ho chuka hoon . Work hard , success is waiting for u.

  98. Congrats pranay and all selected
    i am not in list.
    Thanks Pranay for your good and help full nature.

  99. north zone result declared..i am in…delhi region alloted…any one who alloted delhi region plz contact me..

  100. me too from North(Godown) Punjab

    • @all

      congrats to all those are make it happen….
      and my frnds those are not so lucky..plea don’t loose heart because GOD KNOWS YOU PEOPLE DESERVE MORE…….keep trying

      remember ….LIFE DOESN’T ENDS ON FCI….

      @ mohit
      congrats dude

      I m also selected for North(Godown) Punjab..

      Contact me if possible
      Email-id kajalworld at

  101. result anounce and i am selected …….

  102. pranay also selected in north zone……………..

  103. result has
    selected for general in rajasthan

  104. Result of North, East n NE zone r out.
    Congrats to all the selected candidates
    congrats pranay bhai, u hv been selected in gen (UP)

  105. thanx all 4 ur support. finally result is out and m selected in fci east (general)
    thank u all

  106. Results r out for north,north east and east zone…………i have been selected in general at delhi hqrs……….

  107. @all
    Result has been published for north zone…..
    I got general post in headquarters in delhi.

  108. I got the job, A/CC UP…………

  109. Mine rank 10 group ad , category gen
    its time for celebration , u all are invited , come to jhansi (up)
    @ admin
    thanks sir for ur support. Please visit up and meet me.

  110. congrats for all selected candidates!!!!

  111. YAHOOOOOO……..


    I GOT SELECTED…………..

  112. @ all
    merit list of north zone and east zone with state allocation have been made by thr respected zone and they have sent it to third party (pvt comp) but some zones din’t send thr merit list to third party , so thr is delaying result of all zone . Third party will publish merit list of all zone in same time. So thr is no option other than wait nd watch , any day result may be declared.
    This all information is given by delhi headquarter.
    So i request to all don’t call fci noida and delhi headquarter bcoz they are getting hundreds of calls everyday and they can’t do anything now , they have thr work.

  113. Sachin Garg and Sajjan Kumar both have got the different Informations from same Centre……

    What the heck is this Yaar………. Why d Hell u all lie…. If u dont know , dont paste Here… y u all are creating Panic……… I know u all will say no… i m not lying…. but i know yaar they cant pick up the call coz they must be getting hundreds of calls daily … and on visiting there … Reception Personnel will not tell u anything abt Result coz He/She Doesn’t know anything………

    Someone says mere door ke uncle…… Somebody says Mere papa ke dost………. All bullshit … either u all accept it or not…

    Aur rahi baat Result ki …. woh to aayega hi aaj nahin to kal……..

    Hope u guys won’t mind my language…. coz frustration due to rumors is on Peak …..

    Thanks to all …

  114. Hello to All
    Today I talked to mr C.L. Ram General Manager of FCI North Zone . He told me that MERIT LIST will be putted on website by next week.If any one have doubt about this information than he/she can contact to following number
    Contact Number=0120-2411717 (FCI noida)
    Contact person= C.L. RAM (General Manager)
    I got this number from FCI

  115. I have just come from the FCI Office(North Zone Noida).. I got the information from the Reception that they have Uploaded the Result It Could Be shown by today Evening Or
    Tomorrow…… Maximum Monday..

    But I don’t Know How Much reliable this Information As i got it from the Reception Of the office……..

    • @ Sachin

      I think result will be uploaded by the FCI headqurter Lodhi Road or kalkaji where we had sent our applications.FCi noida to sirf verification ke liye tha.Now all process regarding result has being done in Fci head quarter, Lodhi road, Delhi.

  116. where r the astrologers who predicted the result date like feb 22 23 ?
    why r they silent now?

    • @ candidate a.k.a incognito sm1

      Lolz!!! Good way to prove ur point. Dear no 1 is trying to be astrologer here indeed we (Pranay, Varun, Rahul ,me and all the active bloggers here) are trying to gather whtever little information we can collect and keep on updating all of you. Even we don’t know why FCI is taking so much time??
      I missed the first leg of verification and was present on 11th Feb. The management itself told all of us tht they will come up with the result max to max within the last week of Feb. and hopefully we all agree tht it is the most reliable source in our disposal. Even I visited Noida office to gather information and from there I got this information tht they will come up with the result wihin the end of Feb. or max to max within the first week of March. Plz. there shld be atleast a decorum to point fingers on other. Atleast we r tht much proactive to gather information rather than sitting idle at home and just passing on obnoxious comments. Atleast do appreciate our efforts and we r not havin any vested interest to do it so.

  117. Hi @ all
    I am reading this blog since December.You people are doing great work and you all have correct information related with Fci Recruitment activities.I never posted comment but the delima related with result is increasing day by day so i want to ask can anybody plz tell me what is the issue regarding the result in FCI due to which they are delaying the result..As some of you have mentioned that there is some problem related with result in FCI Zonal office..Due to which there is delay..

    Gud Luck to all!!!!!!!!

    With Regards,
    Abhinav Batta

  118. Its 4:20 pm on the 23rd feb and results not yet published.Guess we have to wait for some more days

  119. mere door ke relationship me ek uncle west zone me officer hain unke according west zone ka aur all zones ka result march ke 1st week me ayga .west zone me total 750 selections hua hain .west zone me total number of candidates 850-900 se the docu veri ke liya.

  120. @ all

    very very bad news. My bro works for Adobe (Noida) and I asked him to visit the FCI office and from there he got the information tht result might be delayed further by 15 days to 1 month. Please do let me know too if you guys are aware of it.

  121. when d final result l published??? i got selected as syndicate bank po.but i m waiting for fci results. my joining date is march 7. i m confused.

  122. Hello All,
    I visited the blog after such a long time as I was busy with my office work.
    Still everybody is surrounded with the conflicts of declaration of result(s). We cant predict whom to believe or not.
    Any way the information provided by Deepak and Deepika is very crucial for all. Lets wait whats FCI is cooking for us.

    I hope they are definaltely doing some thing favourable for all.
    Eagerly waiting for results.
    Again wish you all the very very BEST.

    Warm Regards,

  123. Hi guys, i’m frm West zone….eagerly waiting for the result….. Group AD…. Anybody from AD group West Zone ? please reply ?

    And thanks to all the guys of this blog for sharing such a valuable information & guidance.

    “All the best to all candidates…”

  124. Evry1 has deir own issues & pblms..& all want to get into d first list itself….& God Knws r state better dan any1else… So believe in God..Trust dat he wil do wt is Good 4 u… Fingers crossed 4 d rslt…:) & al d vry best wishes to al l of u…..:)

  125. @all
    Result might come on 23,24,25…might be next week also….ohhh its so hard predicting Result date…my sources saying end of this week or start of next week…as there are few issues which are still to be resolved…My request to all is dont blame Deepika If result did’nt come on 23….I also knew this 23 (result date) from last week..but did not posted due to sensitivity envolved with the issue…We all are putting hard efforts to know the excate date….but believe me its the hardest task possible in the current circumstances.

  126. @all
    Guys as per info provided by deepika
    Total candidates =1632+296=1928
    I think no one is rejected who r waiting for final result as per my calculation fci can get max 2000 candidates from 2600 called,
    And for 296 whom r in waiting list, they have a very high probability nearly 100per will get job when 1st extended list will be displayed.

  127. @deepika
    Nice information, thxs a lot.
    @ sjm
    Dear u r really a very good human being……
    And love is just a part of life……….. “if whatever v r desiring it is coming to u in real,it means everything is going good for u,but if it is not happening in the same as v want,means it is happening due to god’s will and in future u will realise that it is better than whatsoever u had desired of it.

    • @ Varun!!!
      Thanks Varun!! No second thoughts u r a wonderful human being too, my heartiest wish is tht both of us get selected and we will be working in the same area,even if not we would be best of friends in the future too.
      Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the result as it is expected tomorrow. All the best to you Bro.

  128. will all waiting candidate get job ????? if not then how much % of waiting candidate get in final selection??????

    • @ Abhishek

      Well Abhi!! Frankly speaking this answer of urs can’t be concretely answered by any one of us till the results are not out. One person who can tell u the exact situation is the HR manager of FCI and the God himself. So there is no use of speculating and predicting how many candidates will be there in the second list. But my inherent feeling is tht u would see ur name in the first merit list itself. All the very best bro and mark my words u would join FCI in the first instance itself. Just be optimistic and strong.

      Now coming to ur question and replying it too it has been speculated by many of the active bloggers here tht since this time FCI is going for Large Scale recruitment there is very high chance tht all of the candidates whose documents were verified and were found satisfactory will see their name in the first merit list itself( it has been affirmed by most of the bloggers here too), so keep ur fingers crossed till the results and hope for the best.

    • @abhishek
      r u sure that u r in waiting list… think positive always… think only when such type of situation is comes…

  129. @ pranay
    thnx bro hope v all get selected…. all d bst 4 all guys………….

  130. hi. deepika.
    thanx 4 all these info. nw d game is on..
    any1 could be among thnse 500..

    kya baat hai , muje gyan mil gaya prabhu

    • @ ut

      Hey bro!! My intention was not to hurt you and plz I’m just a mortal human being don’t compare me with the great almighty. I know we all r tensed here and there is a(n) aroma of cynicism here , we all r just not ready to buy wht others are saying and it is acceptable too because most of the comments here are indeed made without any solid back up.

      But it is important to hold ur nerve in this crisis situation and be strong. So keep ur fingers crossed for the result and have my heartiest wishes.

  131. @ all today i was talk to Mrs. Meera giani they tell me all real things about recruitment my nu@mber is u can c@ll m e nine seven eight four five double three one two three

  132. @All
    Anyone can plz tell me that general candidate with physical disability has how much chances for getting selected????

    • @ Mahu

      Very high chance indeed. But you need to wait for the result to see the exact scenario but no second thoughts ur chances are petty high. All the very best.

      • thnx frnd….and all d best 2 u too………..
        m vry needy…i want dis job deadly…….m suffering 4m a severe Eye Disease since i was in 12…nd 2day my one eye has nominal strength 2 see and other one has -7 power….nd my family is pressurizing me 4 marriage w/o telling them abt my disease….i wnt 2 be self-dependent,so dat my family nvr take me as a burden ……….

  133. kya all zones ka result ek sath aayaga ?are bhai koi west zone ad group ka paper ya answer sheet post kar do

  134. @ All

    Since the results will be out very soon and we all are very tensed here, lemme try to ease the situation little bit. First of all I would like to say thanks to 4 people- Pranay, Rajesh, Varun and Rahul you all are doing a good job. Thanks to you guys for updating all of us.

    Now coming to FCI Job. This job will turn all of us into eligible bachelors what say?? Another funny thing, my girl told me to look out for a stable govt. job as her father was reluctant giving her daughter’s hand to a call centre employee so I was looking for a govt. job and appeared for the FCI exam. She gave me one year to prove my mettle and guess what I made my way to the initial list of FCI within the first three months of her stipulated dead line.

    But the cache’ is tht she left me in lurch few weeks before without waiting for me even. Ours was 3 year committed relationship. I was very tensed and upset, cried too but I have moved on, thts life guys…. Even if ‘m’ not selected in FCI will try to appear for another govt. job and will definitely try to prove my mettle.

    Wht I’m trying to say tht life can’t be stagnant just for a girl or in tht case just for a job. If you guys are not get selected, please don’t be disheartened instead take it very positively and hope for the best.

    Remember Thomas Edison before inventing ‘bulb’ had nearly 2000 failure attempts, so we just need to be optimistic.

    • i am totally agreed with you sjm

      one more thing i want to add …..
      Thomas Edison before inventing ‘bulb’ had nearly 2000 failure attempts, but he also knows 2000 ways that a bulb can not be made …

      so always make a move .. try every body

      • @ Deeps

        Wow!!! Deeps u r absolutely right too…. But you know wht I want this job very badly but yes agar select nahi huyi will try further. Thanks to you and SJM for this wondeful motivational speech.

    • @ SJM

      Very well written. It was indeed a motivating one. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us and trust me you will find your lovie soon.

    • Shri SJM,
      Why to worry…
      If you would be having a Job then lot of girls would be ready to marry u.
      Edison dude was right but we dont have to go with those many of attempts. We are supposed to do it in one go.

      • @ Ms. Kanchan

        Agreed and you r right too we r suppose to do it one go. But if somehow we r not able to do it we need to take it very sportingly and aspire for the next mile stone. And as far as marriage is concerned , no second thoughts this job of FCI will indeed metamorphised all of us to a perfect marriage material(just kidding).

        All the very best to you too for the upcoming result and hope the result would be fruitful for all of us.

  135. @ all
    mere papa ke friend FCI Noida mai hai kal sham ko wo hamare ghar aaye the wo bata rahe the ki FCI ne 1632 candidates ko select kiya hai aur 296 ki waiting list banayi hai result kal sham 23 ko 4 baje ke baad aayega

    • on your behalf one more day lets wait every body …..

    • @ Deepika

      Ms. Deepika! thank you very much for sharing this wonderful and elusive piece of info to all of us. At last the wait is over and as u said ( from ur reliable source) results will be out tomorrow, so all the very best to you. Now fingers crossed for FCI result.

    • Gud info deepika….i was also thinking the same… that few seats might be incresed…how..lel me tell u
      In north zone acd group there are 5oo seats 260 for general category n 240 for reserved category ppl…fine…
      there are around 300 candidates for 260 general seats…and 140 around candidates for reserved category ppl,,,,so there is shortage of 100 candidates straightway in acd..that means list of 1600 is reduced to 1500…
      but fci cant do that.. Fci has to manage somehow…as there are candidates who are ready to go to court due to absentee calling fci will try to satisfy maximum…
      To sum up in the end there might be 30-60 seats raised in ad group…15-20 in abd group…and 10-15 in acd group (for general candidates only as others are already inn)….JUST TO MAKE IT CLOSE TO 1600
      so seats might be a bit higher than 1600…As rightly said by above.

    • @ Deepika

      Siso!! are u sure?? result kal aa jayega?? plz don’t make any kind of stories if u r not sure. m fed up with this result thing now… waiting for the result since january.. m totally messed up now.

    • @ Deepika,

      Hii, maine west zone se doc. Verif. Kiya haii..
      Tumne information nikali hai, kal 23rd ko result hai..
      main ye puchna chahta hu ki, kal jo result lagne wala hai ye 4 zone ka milke hai. ?
      West zone ka kal hi lagne wala hai kya…?
      Aur kitne candi. Select kiye gaye hai..

      Plz agar aapko pata ho to bata dena ..
      M waiting..

    • @deepika
      thx yaar . for a good news

    • Hi deepika so u also be knowing that u r selected or not.According to fci only 1600 was required but u r saying 1632 and 296 waiting list .Is fci increased vaccancies

    • @Deepika,

      Thats really a wonderful news for all. Now we can hold on for tomorrow and lets wait for golden time i.e. 23rd Feb @ 4:00 pm. I thibk this is solid news for me to believe on.

      What idea do you have on this news. How many are agree?????

      Wish you all the very best friends..
      Hope to be the part of organisation.

    • @Deepika
      thanks 4 sharing valuable information…………….
      i think , u r selected.

  136. @ abhishek
    pls don’t say me hero , many person here giving valuable info , they r not hero ,they r good human being , helping us and removing our doubts. Fci is not the end of the road , many opportunities u will get , work hard . I am appearing in govt exams since last 7-8 months and selected in many written but always out in interview , but today i have 2 offer letter , so just chill. Alws remember ‘ koshish karne valon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti ‘ Nd merriage upar vala sabhi ki jodiyan banakar bhejta hai , yadi gf se shadi ho gayi to accha hai , nahi to someone special is waiting for u .

    • If you’re replying to a particular comment, please use the ‘REPLY’ button below that comment. Otherwise, by simply using @someone, it looks like you’re trying to grab attention by appearing at the top.

    • @ Pranay!!

      Frankly speakin Pranay is a very humble and modest guy… Pranay!! no second thoughts you are doing a fab job and three cheers for ur splendid efforts.

      Take a bow !! Pranay.

  137. itz 2 stressful condition …. i m praying to god tht jaldi se result aye n v all get job….
    i m regular reader of this blog bt didnt post any comment coz u all guyz were doin ur job vry well
    itz more thn 2 months over now n feels tht u all guys are ma family members… thnx 2 deepak , Vaibhav, laxmi, n d hero of thz blog pranay n guyz who gave their vauable comment
    2 Day i m feelin tense n lonely coz thz is nt only job 4 me it matters to ma life… ma love…
    i hve a committed relationshp wit a gal since whn i was in first class n now v r 23 her father want tht she would marry sum1 else i dnt kno wht would i do i would nt selected

    • @Abhishek

      Wow, more than 10 yrs of courtship!! Don’t worry, God is with u, coz u r honest with ur relationship. U’ll get ur fci job n ur gal too. Mark my words. N u should throw a treat to me when the result is out.

    • @abhishek am from south also in the same situation like ur girl..dont think -ve just think +ve. u will get this job.all the best for ur love.

    • @ Abhishek

      Hey Bro!! Don’t worry will surely pray for u tht u see ur name in the first merit list itself and u are able to woo your love as well ur lover’s father and u guys reunite forever.

      Now coming to result date …it will surely be out within this week or max to max within the first week of March itself ( Now I’m not having any magic wand to prove my point ) and as far as selection is concerned there is high chance tht we all will see our name in the first merit list itself. Bro!! I know you are strong but plz just hold ur nerve for few more days and mark my words ur wait will be fruitful.

      Have my heartiest wishes. Regards>> SJM.

    • dnt wory abhishek, u’ll surely selected in fci…keep faith in god and ur luck…and no1 cn stop u 2 get married wid ur gal…she is vry lucky having such a nice guy lyk u….gud luck bro….evrything will b gud….

    • @ Abhishek

      Oh cm1 Abhishek!!! be strong … Even I want tht you guys re unite but thts not the end of the road. Plz we all are tensed here come up with something motivational…. you are just aggravating the situation more. And ur life and parents should be ur top most priority and plz even if u r not selected in FCI thts not the end of the road. I strongly suggest you to read the SJM’s comment above. Please come up with something cheerful and motivational. You know for the last 2 years I’m appearing for PO jobs and till date mera kisi mai bhi nahi huya but em optimistic tht I will get select this time. Plz. don’t link a job with ur valuable life and rem. ur parents shld be ur top most priority. TC

  138. @ UT

    Dont’ mind bro but you are the one who is desperate to hog the lime light and trying to get tht uncanny attention. No one is trying to be hero here though I accept this thing tht predicting the result date is just too much without solid back up.

    Bro!! we all here are equally talented thts why we have made this far… Don’t try to be snobby and showing ur intellectual spree. Even I can gloat abt my linguistic skills here and I don’t need to wait for the result too. We all are anxious for the result and it is important to hold our nerve at this crucial stage but thts simply not the way to point fingers on other.

    Regards SJM

  139. ut aka Chetan Bhagat…………

    I know ur Brilliant at ur field but

    Nobody is spreading rumour over here…. whatever info is exact .. only that one is being Posted …. i m reading but not posting … coz i dont need it… i m getting the Answers which i need, only from this blog…. and everyone is True in my sense…. Except some people , i ‘ll not name them….

    Thanks a lot Guys for Spreading all these Info…. Specially Pranay nd SJM…

    • @ Rohan!!
      Thanks Bro!! for supporting me… You are the first one who applauded me… Will try updating all of you wht is going on in FCI to my best of capabilities.

  140. @all
    Sorry all,but kya kare yaar yaha par siuation hi itni tense hai, jitne muh utni baat.
    I regreted, that some people was hurt by me.
    I request to all, please wait for fci final result till 25th feb and u can check it daily from 22feb onwards on fci recruitment specialist website uptill resut must not declared.

    @ dear chetan bhagat

    It will not only be ur first job, me also in the same state as of u, infact in this stressful which is going on in india ,v all have the same state, not only u r so stressed……………….and especially i m saying sorry to u if u was hurt by me.

    • @ Varun!!

      Varun!! you are doing a good job even I visited Noida office yesterday and the gentleman told me tht result will be out within the last week of Feb.

      @ All!!

      No one is spreading rumour here… Varun, Pranay and me are all trying hard to gather whtever little information we can collect and updating all of you.. Please atleast do appreciate our efforts instead of sulking everytime to all of us.

  141. @ kanchan
    varun is not creating rumour , everyone here have some contacts in fci , and all are getting info from ths contacts and helping us. Result bahut jaldi ane vala hai , 1600 students ki state allocation ki process chal rahi hai , result 22 , 23 or max 24 tak a jayega , just wait nd watch ,

    • @ Pranay @ Kanchan

      Guys!! I visited Noida Office today and had a word with one of the employee there as I don’t believe in writing my comment without solid backup and I don’t believe in calling someone to gather the information, I rather give more emphasis on face to face interaction.

      The gentleman told me tht result will be out hopefully within this week or max to max within the first week of March itself and he also told me tht the cut off scenario will be only clear after the result is out. SO plz heartiest request to all of you , stop assuming cutoffs. I’m not here to fuel rumors or make stories as accused by some of you, I always try to be as specific and realistic as I can be.

      Regards>> SJM

      • @ sjm
        hey dear why this comment for me.

        • @ Pranay

          Bro!! I was just re stating what you said infact I visited Noida office yesterday and had a word with one of the gentleman there. He assured me tht result will be out within the last week of Feb. or max to max within the first week of March itself and as I said he told me this thing tht most eligible candidates ( those whose documents were verified and were found satisfactory ) will see their name in the first merit list itself. Another thing guys!! if the officials have used ‘FIT’ lingo while accessing your documents during verification very very high chance tht you will see your name in the first merit list itself. So all the very best to all of you.

      • i like ur comment.good one

    • we hope that result would come in this week…..

  142. very correct kanchan , sm people r just posting commemts 2 get sm attention bt they dont know tht sm people including me r eagerly waiting with r parents n we commit about dates of result n all. i m nt pointing sm1 bt bhai hero hero banne ha itna shauk hai to roadies me jao bt pls dont do all misguiding cñments. bhai dil pe lagta hai 1st job hai .
    ek baar 1st list me naam aa jaye then i can also show chetan bhagat se kam nai hai hum.

    • gd one !!!!

    • @ ut

      Ha ha ha!! very funny …. wht was tht??? Why are you comparing urself with Chetan Bhagat… oh pls!! cm1 Chetan is an IIT-IIM alumnus and he has jotted down nearly 4-5 books…. and from where you have in fluxed this ‘Roadie’ comment??

  143. Predicting result date is equally tuff as predicting cuttoff…both can only be guesed.

  144. @all
    Recently i got a call.may be result will be published on 25th feb due to processing delay.

    • R u sure Varun? I saw your posts where you were emphasizing on 22nd and now you r saying on 25th. Is it sure or its just your guess.

      I ask all not to spread rumours. It will affect your own image on the blog. Because what I have seen people like Pranay, Deepak and Rahul have done really well. Now the context is being deviating to SJM and you. Its good that you people are also posting regularly. But before posting anything think twice.
      I suggest all not to believe blind on anybdy as consequences are in front of u.

      • @ Kanchan

        I am not predicting result date Ms. Kanchan infact I’m among one of them who adviced people not to spread rumors or to speculate about result date ( you can take reference of my post too ). I’ve just said tht result is expected smwhr around end of Feb. or max to max within the first week of March itself ( and it has been affirmed by most of the active bloggers here too). I just don’t know from where you had this notion tht I’m deceiving people or speading rumors here. I also adviced all people here not to speculate result date or to fuel rumors. Really strange for me tht why u felt so tht I’m spreading rumors here.

        Regards SJM.

        • Hey Shri SJM,
          Chill down. I did nt say you spread rumors. About result date I put question to Varun. I dont know why people become agressive before reading anything.
          For your kind info I had said think twice before you comment.

          Its really too much. Be cool. We all are waiting the result nthng else. So enjoy your time.

  145. @ All

    Hey!! Why u guys are fighting just like kids over the result date?? I think you guys are making mountains out of the mole hill. Result will be hopefully out within this week or max to max within the first week of March itself.

    I know all of us are eager and anxious for the result as it will determine our next course of action but the hard hitting fact is tht we just need to be patient and wait for the result. Speculating abt result date won’t ease any one of us it will just result in piling up more tension. Guys!! be patient and be optimistic. We all would see our name in the first merit itself. Thts my inherent feeling.

  146. guys im very sure that result will com within 28th feb not in me.

    • Oh bawy!! Bro Sangram we do trust you… u don’t need to canvass so much to prove your point here.
      One very simple logic is result will be out when it has to isn’t it??

  147. ashish singh yadav

    on line application for all zone has over today for the post mt…….
    may be fci will upload result 22 or 23…….
    yar wait kar kar k tak gaye………plz yar result upload kar do…….

  148. @all
    can any body tell me that result of all zone come on same date, like on 22 th feb 20011 …..
    as it is good for all zone candt……

  149. @ all
    I sent a mail to ‘’, in which i asked that when the final list of result will come out, they replied “in March”.

    • I along with my some of friends also sent them mail asking about the display of first merit list but they did not reply to any one of us.So Amit are you sure that you got the reply??

  150. @all
    I got info that result is coming on 22nd ,those who can believe on it ,just trust on it and other can do wait till 25th feb or may be till 8th march as info provided by some other people in this blog.

    • would u please tell me source of this news, if u don’t mind..

    • @varun
      plz tell me from where you got info that result is coming on 22nd feb?

    • @ Varunji

      We believe on every date.NOone no exact date even abt the procedure of FCI selection.Whatever in the blog are only predictions.Bus sach to yeh hai result kabhi bhi a skta hai ab as the verification panel said that the result will be declared on feb last.Hope result jldi se aye or sbhi select ho jaaye…..bhut hope hai sabhi ko isse.

  151. can you plz tell me,
    when ll b declare west zone result..?
    Plz tell me confirm…

    Thank you .

  152. bass ab aur nahi, 27 feb is my deadline.
    after that I have to join that private sector once again..

    Ohhhhh God, please save me

    • @ Chetan!!

      Oh dear!!! I know Chetan wht situation u r in. Even I stomp out from my HCL job (though it was a back office job). We all r prayin tht result should come out asap.

      Bro can I give u one suggestion plz dont mind, I was working in Private sector for the past 2 years but the aroma and ambience of private sector is just not tht much friendly ( inflexible timings, huge workload etc. ) are a few to reckon with thts why I chucked out from my job and started preparing for Bank PO. Rest is ur wish and take my heartiest wishes for all your future endeavors. TC

      • @SJM:
        similarly I also have left NIIT job(SSE) for preparing my CIVIL Exams. As it was very very tough to prepare in regular office environment.

    • @chetan

      hey bro i’ve also left my job of private sector. i’m also waiting for fci result, cool man… i think u should wait till 8th march…

  153. hi frnds tell me result kab aayega
    koi bata raha 23 ya 24 feb ko
    is it rumour ?
    thnx prany well job

    • @ Nirbhay

      Well Nirbhay till the results are not out we just can’t predict the exact situation, so no choice you just got to wait for the results as we all are doing the same thing, no choice left.

      But one thing is very much sure tht results will be out within this week itself ( as confirmed by most of the active bloggers here). So ALL the best and keep your fingers crossed and be Nirbhay as ur.

      • thnx sjm i agree with u
        but actually i m weak in english so many interviews not clear
        i m selected 4 north zone
        its golden chance to join fci coz no interview
        plz yaar ab mujhe dua ki jarurat hai…
        best of luck 4 other candidates
        nd last thnx 4 active blogger and 4 given platform to discuss

  154. confirm news that result is coming on 22nd feb…
    good luck to all…

  155. when the reult will come for WEST ZONE ??
    any info ?

  156. Most of the people seems to be from north india. Bt do let me knw if anybody have an idea when the results might get declared for north-east region, I’ll be glad.

  157. hi guys……………
    i read ur comments……thanks to all
    i heard marks abt FCI ag-3 for 1st list candidate
    GEN >=60
    OBC >=54

    • @sonia thomas

      from where u got this information????always reply with proof.

    • From Where U get This information…..?

      I think 60 for Gen Is High…..
      It Should Be around 45 to 55 as Per Exam….

    • @ Sonia

      Sonia!! Are you sure?? From were you got this elusive piece of info?? Who told you so??

      M not cynic on you but if you can explain us from where u got this info would be a honour for all of us. Anywyz many thanks for sharing this info.

    • Sonia this data for which north zone or other zone.

    • Tell me on 9602732059 from the source where u get the cutoff marks of FCI AGIII my mail id is krish51083 at

    • Don’t Speculate cut-off marks…
      as par the level of Question paper cut-off marks would be fairly high.

  158. @pranay @all

    yaar u guys have cleared PO exams,and even selected in some others exams,tum logo ko darne k koi jarurat nhi h ,u guys are already selected,result to hum logo ko dekhna h,we have given the exam without prepration , yaaro dua karna,aap logo n definately humse achha score kiya hi hoga,all the best to virat.

    • @ Virat

      Bro!! its not like tht though good preparation is always co related with high performance but on the D-day it depends how well you are able to perform within those stipulated exam hours. Even I cleared 3-4 PO entrance exams but the dilemma is tht I just can’t see my name in the final list ( my bad luck ) , so even m eagerly waiting for the result too and hey all the best to you too.

  159. eagerly waiting 4 the result hope it come soon…….

  160. hi all,
    i am hereby try to clarify doubts regarding 5393 vacancies in fci.
    AND SO ON.

    • @ rajesh
      dear , may i know ur contact no , post ur no to my id
      pranaympec2008 at

    • @ Rajesh

      Take a bow Bro!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of info and Rajesh Bro!! we all r tensed here so there is a(n) aroma of cynicism here, people are just lookin opportunity to sulk each other. But full marks for your endeavor and efforts for sharing this wonderful piece of elusive info.

      @ All
      Guys!! As the result is coming on 22nd ( m not sayin it with full confidence most of u have rather said tht) take my heartiest wishes. Hope we all would be partying together.


      i have oe ques………………….
      all will be selected or not………………………..
      and abd ki group ki kya situation hai ………………….

    • What will be the exact salary in AG-III pay scale…….,i.e, 9300-22940. Is there any grade pay with it or not??????? They have not mention any grade pay in there advertisement….

      They have said that it will be in IDA pay scale means the same pay scale as BSNL. But BSNL has the grade pay system. then why not fci……

      • @ Naren!!

        Naren!! there is no grade pay. And we have already discussed about this topic at length and I got sulked by many of the bloggers here for raising this topic, scroll downwards and you will get ur reply.
        We have discussed about this topic at length. One thing is sure in hand salary will be somewhere around 18-19k.

  161. also vacancies r exactly 1600

  162. @ all
    I got a call from fci manager, he said our north zone result will anounce on 22nd feb ie coming tuesday in which result will be published with posting.

    • @ Varun

      Phew!! Atleast we can make out the whole scenario on 22nd Feb. Thanks Varun for sharing this elusive piece of info, hope this information is cent percent correct.

      All the best to you.

    • how it can possible yaar ki fci manager kisi student ko call karke btaye ki when result is cming,most of them does not know when the result is gonna comes out,my uncle is in fci,noida he does not knw when result will be out.

    • r u sure that on tuesday result will be announced, nd u know some manager over there kya..

    • monday 21 feb ko aayega mujhe bhi phone aaya tha…

    • r u sure results will come on 22 feb of north zone i prey to god u will select

    • Hi… Varun can u tell us the FCI Manager Phone no. so we can also make a call for our doubts……… When will WEST ZONE result will declared .

  163. @chetan
    releated to exams & other papers in FCI u should join us on orkut fci community in which we have more than 550 members… its an bettter option 4 us releated to fci matters

  164. Thanks sjm , shobhit , pranay nd all the active user of this blog , please share info of next recruitment of ag 3 nd shobhit next time i’ll apply to all zone ,

    • @ Shweta!!

      Honour for me too. We will keep active this thread after the results too and I will definitely share all the info which I’m aware of. Always a pleasure Ms. Shweta. and as Pranay said even m optimistic tht u will see ur name in the elite list of a govt. job asap. Have my heartiest wishes and all the best.

  165. I want to know one thing if you have good knowledge of DMRC and FCI,
    my joining is on 3rd march in DMRC, want to know about the priority between FCI and DMRC (for CRA post). As i dont know the facilities offered by them.

  166. @
    Pranay Jain
    Is it sure that result will be declared on 23rd or 24th feb?Sirji from where do u get this info?Sirji ab to inteha ho gayi….intezar(result) ki..
    Best of luck to all & wish that everyone is selected in first list.

    • @ himanshu
      bro , i m not sir , i m a cand of fci just like u , and result ki tension to sabko hai but result 22 or 23 ko a jayega…

    • @ Himanshu!!

      Bro!! I can easily make out wht u r gng through as I’m in the same scenario too , frankly speaking we all r facing the same crisis. Now coming to your query, I got info from one of the brass employee of FCI and he assured me tht result will be coming this week itself(22 to 26 Feb.)

      So bro!! be stronger and listen to Kanye West’s stronger to feel more stronger. Lolz..
      All the very best.

  167. Hello every one……. i am new on this blog…. Nice to see all comments

    Result 22 feb ko aa raha hai according to FCI (Internal Source) Last meeting me 22 Feb ko final result ki baat hui thi, or abhi tak koi or meeting nahi hui hai…..

    • @ Pravesh!!

      First of all heartiest welcome Bro on the behalf of all the active bloggers here. And fingers crossed for FCI result. All the very best to you.

  168. @all
    u must email to fci abt the common candidates selected in all 3 zones and give them a openion to give them joining only in one zone,they can find out it easily.we r not gonna loose anything by doing this , may be we can have some good result out of this.

  169. @Rajesh

    bro i mean to say that 5393 vacancies that u mention doesnt only cover AG3 vacancies,it also cover AG2 i.e FCI MT and AGM vacancies.can u please provide the data of only AG3 vacancies out of all 5393 vacancies?

    • no rajesh is correct 5393 is only for AG-3 vaccanies that is mentioned in catogory III in that pdf file sanctioned strength.pdf search in orkut forum OF fci to get the link

  170. hey all, and specially admin
    shouldn’t you think that we can use this space for future use…
    #as we can share the information about internal exams and other procedures in FCI, As I am very sure that all from here are going to join FCI next month.
    #we can share paper and study materials for next aspirants as there is no such site where paper pattern or all such things are under one roof.
    #we can also share information related to MT .

    we can think over it..
    hey all please give your response for this.

    thanks in advance

    • @ Chetan

      Its a very noble idea. … CHetan!! My support is with ya.

      We need to keep active this thread for future purpose too.

      • Thanks a lot..
        I have a clear idea of such a support from you. Now we can help here to our next generation of FCI or can say our junior who are aspirants of FCI.

    • Yup u r right…….. if any one have information about MT exam pattern and syllabus then plz update on this blog………. thanks

  171. @ All ( specially Pranay ji)

    Arey Result kab aayega?? Had ho gayi ab toh.. I’m not able to study too …

    Mera Vijaya Bank mai bhi nahi huya.. ‘m’ sachhi muchhi tensed now… God knows kya hoga??

    Mujhe godown bhi mil gaya toh woh bhi le lungi :p Bas kisi tarah ho jaye…

    Pranay Ji!! result kab aayega?? Aur kya sach mai FCI mai hone ke chance 100 percent hai?? plz do answer.

    • Result 23 or 24 feb ko ayega , i think u all from this blog will be selected but bychance yadi apka nam nahi ata hai to joining date ke bad 1 month ka wait kar lo , extended list jaroor ayegi .fci north zone me kai exams ki 1st and sometime 2nd merit list a chuki hai and that time seats bhi bahut kam thi comparison to this time.

  172. @pranay
    soory my cooment is for rajesh but pasted in repling yoou
    tell ur rol no yaar , result will declare soon ,and i wana see first ur result
    i was hoping that after 5,10,15,20,or 25 year once we will meet in fci during transfer
    but now i have no choise except dmrc, i have to fill up a bond of 75000
    so i can not leave it
    if result does not come before i pay bond
    i will leave 2 seats one in east and one in west
    i will be vry sad if those seat remains vacant
    i will be happy if they are alloted to waitng candidate

  173. @ Admin

    Admin!! you are doing a wonderful job. It is the sole platform where we can discuss what exactly is going onin FCI. And 3 cheers for all the active blogger s here. @ Pranay @ Shweta @Abhi @Rahul @ Kratika @ Rajesh.

    No second thoughts you all are doing fab job.

  174. @ Pranay

    Pranay Bro!! Atleast now we can hope to get selected in FCI. Frankly speaking till the results are not out, tension is just piling on, I know all of you are saying tht candidates are less vacancy is more but till the results are out we just can’t predict the exact situation.

    Hey Bro!! Many congrats for getting selected in Bank Clerk.. Party Due ..

    I’m also waiting for my Final PO result of Bank of India. Lets see.

    @ Shweta
    Shweta Ji!! We all are talented here tht we have made close this far now it is sheer bad luck if we can’t head our way in the first list itself, we just can’t deny this fact tht we all are equally blessed and talented. Just tht on the exam day some candidates were better than others.

    @ All
    Guys!! M praying tht we all would made our way in the first list itself and we would be partying together too. Now we all need to wait for the result which will obviously be fruitful to all of us.

    • @ sjm
      bank of india po ka result 15 feb ko a gaya tha , am selected in mp state, what abaut u

      • thn why r u not going for d po post in bank of india, a po hv a very gud career in cmprsn to fci according to me, go for it

      • @ Pranay

        Yup Bro I made my way to the first selection leg of Bank of India now preparing for Final Interview round but if I’m selected in FCI will definitely join go ahead with it.

        Pranay!! m optimistic tht u will be selected in the first merit list itself. Mark my words, all the very best!!

      • @ Pranay

        My interview will be held at Delhi itself. COngrats Bro!!

  175. getting lots of problem in getting dc/dm signature..
    any1 from delhi who got the dm/dc signature?
    i got signature of SDM but they told they want only DC/DM sign..

    • Ms. Laxmi!! U can tell FCI officials tht SDM signature is accepted by taking out the format of SC/ST certificate format which is given in the call letter link.

      It is clearly mentioned there tht SDM’s signature is applicable and you can see it yourself too. Many of the candidates SC/ST certificate has been signed by the SDM and it has been accepted too. SO I think u don’t need to worry about tht. You just need to take out a printout of SC/ST certificate format and show it to the respective authorities to clear their doubts.

      Getting a DM’s signature is a very tough job and I think u need to have high links to do it so… So I think SDM’s signature is accepted as it has been prescribed in the SC/ST format too.

  176. @ all
    here i want to discuss some salary details:-

    ….S130854C AJAY KUMAR VERMA TYPIST(H 16932 9300-22940…..

    as shows above Mr. Ajay is not working as Ag3 but he is in pay scale of 9300-22940
    and 16932 is his gross… for further clarification & full details of other please follow this below link:-

  177. Thanx Deepak for ur valuable information, but it is nowhere given in FCI advt. or website that they’ll provide special NE posting allowances. From where did u get the information?

    • @priya
      I read it somewhere….but i dont know which areas comes under difficult area….still the information given by me is 100% right.

  178. All the best everyone..
    i wish all of us get selected..

  179. @ rajesh
    ye sara data maine aur ravi ne bahut pahle hi paste kar diya tha , sari vacancies ag 3 ke liye nahi hain , ag 3 main general , godown , acconts nd quality ke alava bhi kai post ati hain nd the last thing seats nahi badi hain keval 1600 ko job milegi but kam cand ke join karne ke karan sabhi ko opportunity mil sakti hai , fci ag 3 ka naya recruitment bhi kar sakta hai but abhi iske bare me koi info nahi hai lekin mujhe lagta hai naya recruitment april may me ho sakta hai .
    Now wait till 25 feb nd enjoy the world cup .

    • @rajesh

      first i will say good work on on finding 5393 vacancy
      but sorry worthless

      pranay is right
      maine east zone ki site par dekha tha aur bataya tha ki grade 3 mai lagbhag shayad 16 categry hain

      ye pay scale k confusion bhi vhi se ayye hain vha par 16800 pay diya tha gross but vo revise nhi tha
      pata nhi ab vo link kyo nhi mil rha mujko par itna yaad hai ki staff strength mai dekha tha
      they have close
      vha staf strength mai diya tha kis catgry mai kitna staff hai aur unka post ka name
      to ag3 mai lagbhg 12-16 catgry thi

      but jo bhi is blog par phle se hain unko seats ko lekar koi confusion nhi hai
      jo new hai vo khush ho is baat par ki unka selection ho jayega purani seat par hi
      seat badh gai hai kyoki vacancy jyada hain ye sab afwah hai

      @ shweta
      next time plz apply karna to othr zone k liye bhi karna, maine 3 jgh kiya tha
      mera bhi north mai nhi hua par west and east mai hua

  180. thank u for all u people providing such a valuable information may result will come in this weak and we will partying together in FCI
    thank u ADMIN for providing this space for FCI recruitment for which in net ,book or newspaper nothing is available .
    Best of LUCK to ALL

    • m posting 1st tym 4 dis blog….bt m a regular reader of it………
      yaar,mujhe bas itna bta do ki aap logo ye sab info milti kahan se hai………..i hvnt got any call or sumthing from fci…..nd according u most of u result is cuming 2morro….so
      ALL THE VERY BEST 2 ALL OF U………………..

  181. Good info rajesh , any info abaut new recruitment of ag 3 , i am waiting for new recruitment since i am not selected this time , pls share and m not intelligen but most of the user of this blog are intelligent and providing the good info to thr level best.
    Thanks to all

    • U are the best in this blog . U are pure hearted, honest , optimistic , positive in short a person who always think for the betterment of others , no selfishness and very mannered nd polite . I learned a lot from u , might be u r not intelligent in study but u r wise in behavior , attitude and nature , i will miss u a lot . And try for govt exam , bank , ssc , railways , i will not say best of luck bcoz i know u have already a bright future.

      • @ pranay ji
        Hahaha , thanks pranay , this is the best complement i have ever recieved and all these qualities u have too , i will send u a friend request in orkut. Pls accept it.

  182. Hello Vivek,

    Your question is difficult to answer as it is concerning with your future n career. I will share my exp in IT.

    I am working in an IT MNC. I joined IT 2 yrs back. Life over here is good. Atleast not having bad politics. If anybody is logically strong then this industry is heaven like for that fellow. Also as Deepak said life style and standard is completely opposite. I am being paid more than twice as compared to FCI will do.

    Last option is yours. If your family supports you to be away from home then you should definately join TCS. Last year I spent 16 days in my home while rest of time I was in Pune,Mumbai,Chennai.

    You would be wondering inspite of this why I am switching then reason behined is my family business at my home town which I need to take care. As I belong to agriculturist family so FCI is the best option for me.

    You can contact me @ 0898 398 444 6.


  183. hello friends i am new to this blog but almost always read all your comments,here i am going to give some stats so that it may clear your confusion regarding vacancies and others,so here they are:
    there is actually 5393 vacancies in fci (north zone),and all of you have predicted that they called circa2600-2700 candidates ,and there is a possibility of any future recruitment by fci for ag3 ,so according to me they have divided 5393 into 2 halves or 1/3 rd and called 2600-2700 students , so if you divide 5393 into 2 sets it will be around 2696 so according to me most of the guys who qualified in written will certainly get a place in fci,whether they come in first list or second list .
    regarding allocation of position it will certainly be according to marks in written and your native place,i think most of the guys here are quite intelligent pranay ,sweta,varun,deepak and @ ,
    so keep your finger crossed .
    FROM 5393(TILL 30-09-2010)
    in uttranchal:74 VACANCIES
    in rajasthan : 674 VACANCIES
    in zonal office: 432 VACANCIES
    in J&K: 108 VACANCIES
    in HP: 93 VACANCIES
    in haryana: 1266VACANCIES

    • helo
      where u got this information . if u have any link plz paste here .

    • @Rajesh

      5393 vacancies is not only for fci AG 3rd cat. it includes fci MT and AGM vacancies also.Rajesh from where u get details about vacancies in all states?

      • dear ashwani
        MT and AGM vacancies are not come under 3 category .there is also cda and ida scales in fci.thank you

        • @Rajesh

          Bro u r not getting what i m saying, i know that MT and AGM don;t come under 3rd cat.I want to say that u mention about 5393 vacancies for next 2 years.These 5393 vacancies does not cover only recruitment of 3rd category,it covers FCI MT and AGM vacancies as well. ur data holds false bro becoz u r talking abt only 3rd category vacancies, but these 2693 vacancies covers MT and Agm vacancies as well. can u disclose data of only FCI 3rd cat out of 5393 vacancies???

    • @Rajesh

      What abt the vacancies of south zone?. If u have any info abt southzone plz post it here…

      Thank u

  184. @Pranay

    Yes fci will allocate the states according to the requirement in that particular state. without considering marks obtained in written test.

    • @ ashwani
      from whr u got this info and what requirement means that first in punjab seat will be allocated then in any other state. Please write ur comments in full detail.

  185. @ ashish singh yadav

    search fci north zone website….. there is a link of vacancy positions in all regions….
    but in first phase only a specific vacancies r selected… rest r 4 next recruitment process of AG3 2011… first try ur self… else i will give u the link…

  186. all we hope that result will be declare in this month
    but how much time they will take in appointment
    i.e. pvr and medical
    i know medical is not a part of process,
    but medical is a formality which is necessary

    so i think apointment will be in april last

    i will have no choise to choose except dmrc if result r not declare till feb 27

    • @shobhit
      first phase of whole process may end till mid March decided by FCI officials…. as they have very less no. of employees…

      • i also hope in march all process will be finish, but as u know in gov sector feb and marrch r vry imp month, they take 1 month in written result, 1 month+ in docs verification

        is saval ka javab to hm sab find krte rhe ki itna candidate kyo bulaya
        us par absent ko bhi bulaya

        if they have our marks list then it should not take much time to declare merit

        • Dear shobhit ,
          wud u plzz give me ur contact no.
          or make a call to me on my contact number(9990804162).
          just regarding of dmrc medical.


  187. Hi All,
    All the best to all of you for the upcoming result of fci.
    But I am in a great confusion these days because I have got selection in TCS also and I have to report there in mid of March. So where should I go.

    It will be a great pleasure for me if some of you great minds put your ‘s useful comments here.

    • again a difficult question for any student.
      but in my opinion no one can answer this question better than u.
      listen to your inner souls voice and think what u actually want to do in future.
      definitely both are excellent way to serve your nation…
      but if u ask me i will go for FCI.

    • there is d/f of lifestlye,working enviornment,money,stress factor,social status b/w fci n tcs.

    • @ vivek
      if u r enthusastic & dare to take challanges and changes in Glamarous life.. 4 that you may move towards TCS….
      r u think that you will have this energy and thinking power till the age of 50 to 55 then u should again move towards TCS…
      else FCI….

      ur answer is in my Questions… no need to think again…

    • u must join TCS yaar,there is no comparision between TCS and FCI,TCS m aapki salary gwowh will be very fast.from my openion TCS is much much better.

    • going 4 ACCENTURE on 28 Feb to Chennai….if result is not declared till that date…:(

  188. ashish singh yadav

    @ S J M,abhi,Kratika,Ashok,Prem,Shweta
    sab mil k kaya bache ki jaan loge???
    i had read ur comment …..nice at least u r patriot…..
    plz leave this topic….now i want give full concentration on management trainees exam……
    thanks yar aap ne atleast info to de,,,,,,
    how u know that tr r 50 vacancies in delhi????if u know about the vacancies than tell me how many in up, uttranchal ,himachal?

  189. Kya fci ne har state ke liye alag alag seats allot ki hain kya yadi han toh madhyapradesh ke liye ad group me kitni seats hain .and ek bat aur plz koi har zone ki docu post karo yar.plz reply karo doston.

  190. @Venkat

    Where are from ? i’m from Salem(TN).

  191. hai friends i went to doc verfication on 1 feb in south zone and my qualification is bsc computer science whether i qualify for technical post in fci please give any suggestion whether i qualify for techical post will help me

    • @ganesh kumar

      please answer to these questions
      1. ur category
      2. posts applied for
      3. year of passing
      4. ur age

      • venkat
        i finsihed my ug course ie .., bsc computer science in 2008
        i belong to obc category
        i applied for depot and technical post
        my age is 24 yrs

        pls give me suggection that whether i am qualifying for that technical post it will help me. at presnt i am doing my final year mca course.pls help me or suggest me whether i am qualifying for that post

    • @ganesh kumar
      yes u do qualify for technical post…………….
      i m also computer science from Delhi university and on mine doc veri they said that u r eligible for acd group……..
      tell me from where u complete ur computer science ……………
      send ur email add………. I’ll reply u.

  192. guys posting must not be an issue,most of the candidates gonna get in thier state,a very few gonna get out of their state,maine apne document verification karne walo s pucha tha ,he said ki most chances r tht students gonna get joining on their native place,and even we can get in the same don’t worry pranay ji.u gonna get near ur home.

  193. @pranay
    Let say in delhi , there r 50 vaccancies for ag3 ,but people selected frm delhi r 75 then in this case logically top 50 students should get delhi as posting station and rest 50 will get near by stations like punjab, haryana etc.
    But dear fci is not entitled to do it very fairly like ssc.
    So in fci jugaad r also the very big support for candidates, so those who have jugaads in it ,they must get their hometown as far as posting issues and also may be girls will also get priorities.
    Let say in delhi there r 50 vacancies and candidates r 75 out of which girls r 10 then 10 girls and some other who have some approaches at good level will get delhi as posting station and other left will get posting as per merit wise and remaining will get their nearby home stations .

    • @ Varun…

      Good One…

    • @ varun
      ssc cgl ke form kab a rahe hain , kuch tips do exam qualify karne ke liye and koi acche publication or author ki book bata do and tumhara phone bhi nahi lag raha hai , naya no de do.

      • pranay,when i got ur call i tried to paste here a long scrap regarding the books of ssc but it could not display here as admin said that here only fci related comments will be dispay
        Dear, i will write it on ur orkut scrapbook
        And my no is working as it was out of range due to mobile portability .

        • Also, if it is a direct lift of (copy) from any other website, it will automatically be sent to trash. Either directly email the person or as you said, write on his scrapbook.

  194. Dear all,

    Could anyone clarify me if there is any North-East posting allowance?

    • North-East posting allowance 12.5% of BP / Difficult Area – 20% of BP / More Difficult Area – 25% of BP

      • Thanx Deepak for ur valuable information, but it is nowhere given in FCI advt. or website that they’ll provide special NE posting allowances. From where did u get the information?

    • yes, there is hard station & hill station allowance,
      but whole north east is not an hard station only few of its cities comes under that…

      • Are you aware of the specific places of NE where the allowances will be applicable? Does Imphal come under the category?

  195. Well pranay i think sachin is right . it must be state wise , toppers in written exam will get thr home state nd if anyone don’t get seat he might have to go in punjab haryana or j&k . And congrates for selection in nationalised bank .

  196. @ all @ sachin
    What is the criteria for getting state , is it based on written exam , and most of the cand i look here from delhi , and u.p.and they want delhi or u.p. for working, then thr is a huge competition in delhi and up and cand from punjab and haryana can easily get thr state , very less competition in j&k and hp but i called today fci noida and they said state allocation is random process and anyone may be sent to any state but if it happens mostly person especially girls will not join. And perhaps i too will not go to any other state bcoz i have an offer in nationalized bank cleark job in my state and very near to my home city. So are u sure abaut state allocation that person will be alloted according to thr home state and after allocation if any person dont get seat in his state due to less no in written exam , he will be sent punjab or haryana ?
    Pls reply ….

    • Yah i quite sure by seeing their perivous result and region allocated list…
      one thing more on day of my verification one person from the panel told that if i get selected i will get home town posting as i belong to Punjab..

    • @pranay
      congrats again for bank clerk… hope u will be in FCI..

    • @Pranay

      Allocation will not be as per written exam merit list, thats for sure. fci will allocate as per their requirement as i got this info.

      • @ ashwani
        din’t get u , what do u want to say by this stmt it is based on requirement.

      • Yup dear 4m up n delhi states arnd 1000 candi qualify in final list bt in delhi n up total vacant seat arnd 100 4m data provided in fci allocate kaise karenge..?

  197. @ Shweta

    OMG! wht a funny one liner. Kaash kisi tarah we can impress FCI HR manager. :p

  198. @ Abhi

    Full support to Abhi and his sagacious thought towards his responsibility for the nation.

    One more thing, I dont’ believe in cajoling FCI employees, my emphasis was just tht we should stay 100 % honest and committed towards our job and responsibility.

    We all gotta accept this fact tht we r exceptionally talented tht we have made this far, so I’m optimistic tht we all would make our way in the first list itself.

    Fingers crossed and praying to almighty tht we r selected in the first merit list itself.

    • Thanks S J M……
      @ all… any organization in which u r… is the place which gives u a status in society, fooding and every thing for survival… so it is my humble request to all of u please do respect to any kind of job in all manner… & grow in ur own organization with out thinking to pick & leave….

  199. @Venkat
    In panel 1 there are 36 people and for panel 2 9 people. Which batch u are? How many members in your batch?

    • @ siva

      i belongs to panel2 on 31 jan and in my panel 11 absentees. 29 out of 40

      • @Venkat

        Where are from ? i’m from Salem(TN).

      • @siva @venkat
        I am also from south zone panel2 on feb 1 (9 am) in my panel about 10 to 12 absentees same in panel1 also maximum candidates are from other state especially AP & Kerala only few candidates from tamilnadu…….which state u belongs to iam from tamilnadu?
        any idea abt absentees those who attend doc ver on feb 11 & 12……..reply

  200. @ Prem

    3 cheers for Prem… Mr. Ashish!! serve the nation first and then think about ur individual interest later. Btw ajkal scandals wageraah jyada chal rahe hai so Mr. Ashish jara bachke ke.. hehe :p

  201. @Mr. Ashish
    1. Please think about jobless candidates so there is no issue of pension releated matters & salary…
    2. we all r here want to join FCI which an reputed organization in India.. dealing in food & grains supply for people above or below powerty line… and helps in running many government programs for poors… and u think about extra & black money…

    please try to watch ur self in front of mirror…

  202. @ all
    any idea of posting region ?

    • Region will be alloted to the candidate with respect to thire Home Address if there is Seat Aviable in their Region… As Most of the Fci Work In Punjab. There Will Be Advantage For Punjab Candidate If they Get selected.

      In Case their is not in respective Region Then they will be Alloted Other region.

  203. @Ashish

    You are so funny… apne abhi tak FCI join kiya nai aur apko retirement aur pension ki padi huyi hai….

    and one more thing Mr. Ashish!! for me extra income is not a priority. It is very disgusting to even write about it.
    FcI will follow ‘Contributory Pension’ scheme.

    • yes abhi pension khatam nhi hui h,contributory pension h in all govt job ,pension wohi hogi jitni abhi k retired employees ko milti h,diffrence hota h ki the pension will be given from our p.f,hum log jitna pf dete h ,utna hi company apni taraf s pf m dalti h,to abh jo portion p.f ka govt dalti thi uski pension bna di gayi h ,so dont worry abt pension,pension h .

    • yes kratika u r right , i m agree with you
      isse hi to kehte hain

  204. @ Ashish

    Ashish!! You are finding it disgraceful to compare ur job with Clerk but you are not having any second thoughts to mention about black money…. Man!!! wht dual standards u have.

    Plz!! Don’t write about ‘extra income’ here it is totally disgraceful for honest candidates like us who will join FCI to serve the nation not to serve ourselves. Thts a humble request.

  205. jobless ke liye salary ke bare me nahi sochna chahiye and jo already pvt job kar rahe hain vo sab bhi govt job chahte hain , and don’t take tension all cand of this blog ka nam merit list me a jayega bcoz u all are intelligent (by reading ur comments and good knowledge of computer nd internet). So wait till 25 feb enjoy the world cup.
    Ok guys best of luck for ur prosperous future.

  206. Mr. Ashish singh yadav what black money be honest and serve for The country.

  207. ashish singh yadav

    1: yaro fci main pension hai kaya…..waise to finished ho chuki hai govt main se but after retired ham logo ko kuch to milega ki nahi????
    2: retirement kitne age main hoga?????
    3: fci main salary k aalwa black money hogi ki nahi …..hogi to kitne tak hogi????
    yar kam se salary 18 +12(black money ) to honi chaiye
    plz answer this question ……
    yar plz apni job ko clerk ki mat bolo acha nahi lagta….waise bhi 5 saal k bad sab manager ho jaoge…….

    • dear ur questions can be answered by only a fci personnel.

    • Godown me extra money earn kar sakte hain but yar don’t say it black money its very negative word , pension nahi milegi but monthly salary ka kuch % jama kar liya jata hai , vo pura with interest milega and retirement age shayad 62 hai.

      • @ Pranay @ Ashish

        Why you guys are even discussing about prospect of extra income?? Atleast I will stay honest to my job and nation.

        My firm believe is tht most of us will stay 100% honest and committed towards our job. And ‘m’ havin this notion tht we all would make our way in the first list itself.

        @ Kratika

        Thanks for supporting me.

        • @ sjm
          i also want to serve my nation , but yar i replied to ashish’s query , blackmoney is very negative nd cheap word.

      • @ ashish
        kratika,sjm,pranay,prem all r right, don’t write any negative word related to fci , this blog is very popular , fci officer or manager may read this and u have to face problems. Hahaha

  208. Hi all,

    I’m 4m south zone. I have finished my verification on Feb 2 (1.30 pm)..In my batch 45 candidates have appeared for verification. Anyone have idea about your batch strength ?

  209. friends
    dont panic beleive in god he is the ALMIGHTY.
    if we get selected then it will be his will and if not then usne hamare liye kahi aur acchi jagah
    job bacha kar rakhi hogi.

  210. Hi Guys.,

    I am new to this blog and I read all messages.I am selected in 2 Zones.(North & West).All are in tension of result.And boss job is our preference not salary.Form bhara tha to job k liye salary to jo hogi milegi.Govt. job which is diamond in comparison to private sector all knows.And please result ki tension kro.Why someone criticise others in a blog?

  211. @ All

    Can anybody tell me out of 2600 , how many were from General Category …

  212. South Zone Candidate

    UR is not at all a category. Un-Reserved
    UR seats are filled only by meritorious candidates.
    Say, if there are 100 posts
    it will be filled by top 100 scorers of that particular competitive exam, irrespective of category i.e., All the top 100 scorers can be OBCs or SCs or STs or URs.
    It is not true that it is filled with eligible reserved category candidates when enough number eligible candidates are not available under UR. If it is so, UR become a category.
    Bitter truth.
    Though I belong to a reserved category I hate this ‘Roaster System’
    I’m Damn sure about this.

    • check this roaster system is not followed in fci….this is 3 month old recruitment pdf…
      what i and admin said below holds true…

      • South Zone Candidate

        What is there proving your argument!
        Those 97 UR people may fall under any category.
        The candidate ranked first may belong to SC or ST or OBC. Similarly all the 97.
        Was it given there?
        First you clear your doubt from Orkut forum, then come to confront.
        Don’t invite admin to support you

      • South Zone Candidate

        Given above is self explanatory.
        Don’t come with this topic again.

        • If u read my below comment u would found that has same meaning as of admin comment below….ANY RESERVED CANDIDATE can come in general category seats only if
          1)his/her category seats are filled and his marks are quit he comes in general giving way for another obc/sc/st(low marks den other obc/sc/st candidate) to come in obc quota seats but the primary condition is there should be more obc/sc/st candidate than seats only then its possible….f.g sc/st candidates are very few in every they will get seat in sc/st category irrespective of there marks….

          • these are your lines……..
            if there are 100 posts
            it will be filled by top 100 scorers of that particular competitive exam, irrespective of category…….
            and this is not true..u can check my pdf and ur pdf file link above…


  214. Fci has a holiday on 16,18,19,20…….so this week only 17 is left….in next week there are full five working dayz…so cross ur week after Tuesday any day Result would come

    • Deepak,

      You are right. Acc to an official it would be declared by emd of next week.

      Chances of decalaration of result of other zones before North zone is high.
      Tomorrow we can have fair idea of the same.


  215. @ All

    I’m not here to deceive and misguide people, I was just expressing my opinion tht our salary might be in the range of 18-19k and I was also not aware of the Grade Pay pattern which I have expressed in my last comment too and invited people to correct me if I’m wrong.

    I also know this fact tht it is quite precarious to comment about salary thing at this stage but it is much better predicting tht how many candidates were there for verification and what will be the expected cut offs as we can’t control such stuffs.

    Also one of you mentioned this thing tht don’t mention our grade with clerk but I was just trying to highlight this fact tht since our eligibility criteria is greater than clerk our salary would obviously be greater than clerks.

    And I’m damn sure tht our waiting for FCI would be fruitful we all would make our way in the first list itself, we all need to be strong and optimistic.

  216. guys i m very sure tht dis blog is going 2 b d most popular , bt guys can v make it more fruitful by adding /provide info of other competetive exam , fci fever wil last only wen u get job from tr side bt picture abhi baki hai dost..

  217. guys dont you think v r talking 2 much on salary, smtimes its irritating jab band bazi hoti hai tht wil u get d job or nt.
    salary to nikalwa hi lenge ek baar let us inter@ up wale hai

  218. hi everybody

    i m regular reader of this blog but did’nt post any comment because many guys are already doing a good job towards this.
    lot of dicussion is going on about resrvd catg.
    according to me a reserved catg student will get a place in unreserved merit list only when less no of unreserved candidate cross cutoff marks(if it is there).
    e.g. if there are 100 seats of unreserved and only 80 get qualified.then candiadtes from reserved cat will get occupie those 20 vacant seats(of couse if they are eligible).but vice versa is not true ie unreserved candidate will not occupie the reserved seats at any cost(drawback of reservation system plz dont mind).

    i sent a mail to fci( and they replied that result will be coming to last of feb or first week of march.

    finally for selary it will be arround 19-20k(depend on on posting location) as said by them(fci officials).

    • @Atul

      Thanks bro for sharing all these. i like ur patience that u didn;t post a single comment in such an uproar environment.

    • Hi Atul , pls let me know ur full name, r u from Bihar? Do u know me? U have studied from BITM? pls dont mind, one of my friends name is Atul…………………………………………………..

      • my full name is Atul Kumar Dubey.

        i m from up studied in MPEC kanpur.till now i dont know u.but now atleast know ur name.

        • are atul tab toh tum sanjhi….pawsi…ankita ….in sab ko jaante hge…

          • haan yaar ye sab meri class mates hai..
            par tum ye sab kaise jante ho???????
            plz tell..
            i dont know u.(plz dont mind)
            u can mail me ..
            dubeyatul87 at

            • are ye mere dost ke sath smart chip mein hai…toh maine nam sune hai…and pawsi was telling to him ki ushka frnd b fci mein select hua hai…as ma frnd also got selected….and here i have seen somewhere u have written mpec…..toh i asked ki mpec ke ho toh in sab ko jante hge….vaise uday ko b jaante hge…he was ma class mate at vsec….

  219. Cool guys cool ! Express ur views in polite manner .

  220. @all

    FCI Salary pattern is based on IDA pattern.
    In IDA pattern there is no gray pay like 4200.

    Pay band & Gray Pay is In CDA pattern .

    9300 in IDA Pattern is Equivalent to payband 5200-20200+Gradpay.
    So on 9300 salary could not be 19k.


    the candidate who belongs to reserve Cat. but not fulfill the gen criteria like age with more then 25yr could not affect gen. students even have more marks but other reserve
    cat. candidate will affect it.

  221. category issue..
    an sc obc candidate can occupy a seat in unreserved cat only if he hasn’t apply as a sc obc candidate[bcoz he can apply in unreserved cat].

  222. @ admin, deepak
    both of u r right…. most of times this policy is follows… may be this time

  223. @ all
    there is no grade pay (like 1900,2400,2800,4200,4800,5400) with basic because our pay scale IDA not CDA as central govt. employee have.. FCI in an PSU.. IRCTC, IOC, NTPC, BHEL, DMRC etc all r PSU’s and in all above org. there is no grade pay…

    no extra allounces r applicable to us, as they r in case of executives (all above ag-1)

  224. @ sachin
    no problem bro. And i am general cat and my written exam was average , expecting only 58 marks. Everyone is tensed , i am just writing comments that can give calm , peace nd happiness dear.

  225. Dear Shobhit,
    As i know today is your DMRC MEDICAL .
    please give me ur contact no or u please provide me information abt medical process.
    so plz give me ur contact .

    Thanx n With regards

  226. @ all
    any idea abaut posting region , i am from up , will i get any region in up.
    1 Is Region allotment based on scored in written exam means topper will get city near to thr home town
    2 is it based on requirement means in punjab and haryana thr is huge requirement
    3 girls will get preference joining in thr home city or homestate afterthis boys will be alloted in different region.
    Must reply if u r sure….

    • Hi Pranay..
      1. The person who got high score may get an option to choose the posting region.but

      3.This wil only b got after giving preference to the ladies (based on score) in dat region.
      im sayng dis coz .. on docum verifn day itself i got a chance to talk to a mger(lady ) der . she told dat girls wil b given preference for getting posted in deir home state. but dat of getting posting in home city may depend on the posting done from state headoffice.. dis is wt dat lady told me..

  227. bhai naukri de do …pahli salary humse le lena…ab to dukhi ho gye hain

    • @Vibhav: kafi kaam ka comment tha, isey FCI tak pahuncha diya jaye agar sabhi log agree kar rahe hain to..

      jo bhi agree hai h , haath utha lo…
      me Agree

  228. Yes SJM!! aap sahi keh rahe hoo, salary will definitely be in the range of 18-19k. I am very tensed, don’t know kya hoga, I want this job very badly.

  229. @ All
    Phew !!! At least now we all agree tht our salary will fall somewhere in the range of 18-19k.

    And tht is quite obvious too taking into consideration the hike after 6th Pay Commission, I don’t know why people speculate and demotivate others when they are not even sure about it.

    Now joining FCI will be a big incentive too. Best of luck to all of ya but I still feel tht salary will lie somewhere in the range of 20-21k as some of you guys have not included ‘grade pay’ factor while computing the total salary. Grade Pay of ours is 4200 I guess.

    Please do correct me if I’m wrong.

    • @sjm
      Now u come with ur misguided stories there is no grade pay in fci ag3…n till now 5th pay commision is not even implemented properly and u talking about 6th pay commision..fci ag3 is lowest post in fci and salary is not fixed by government but salary of ag3 fci is ammicably decided by union of ag3 with fci…m requesting dont post half cooked newz..actual salary will be known only once we are selected and get pay for the first month.
      Comparing bank clerk salary with fci ag3 would not be fair..
      Still loved ur motivated comments.

      • then why the hell they are hiering btech ones…..ek toh post bhut achi de rahe..uper se salary bhi kam…when ntpc ,sail etc are giving good salary….

        • Guys stop wining about salary. A friend of mine has also appeared for AG3 and is waiting for results. When you are applying for this post you clearly knew that this was ‘Assistant Grade’ and you also knew the salary scale. According to me, if you have a BE/B.Tech or higher degree and are applying for posts such as AG3 and bank Clerk, you are ‘underselling yourself’. There’s no point wining now for more salary. You are B.Tech ->you applied->you are Okay with the lower stay->Get over it->it’s simple.

    • SJM,

      We dont have Grade Pay at AG-III. Not mentioned any where in Advt. 21K is too high but definaltely its in 18K figure.


    • S j m 6th pay commission for only centre and stat govt. And FCI is PSU(public sector undertaking).
      Fci pay on IDA pay scale it means
      pay grade +pay band= 9300
      Prem Jodhpur

  230. Pranay,

    I dont have any idea on this. But I analysed some previous results declared by FCI where in I found marks of topper selected candidate of Reserved Cat was more than cut off of General Cat candidates (i.e. Marks of last selected candidate in gen cat).

    So lets hope this time also FCI follow this. Atleast this justice can be expected from FCI by Unreserved Candidates.


  231. @ admin @ all
    i have one confusion
    any talented reserved cat student scoring more than the cut off of unreserved cat student will considered in his respected cat or in unreserved cat.
    For eg suppose cut off in ad group is 55 for unreserved (gen) cat but any talented obc scoring 70 will take seat in his obc cat list or unreserved cat list

    • He will likely take seat in OBC cat first. But, if the number of such talented OBC candidates (scoring more than Un-reserved candidate) is more than the number of seats reserved for their category, they will encroach the Un-reserved category too.

    • @pranay @admin
      in such case,obc cand will get job in unreserved seat ……….
      all reserved candt who score more or equal to cut off of unreserved catg will get seat in unreserved(gen)………
      and it is for all Govt job…….

      • I dont think so. Admin could be right. reserved candidate scoring high than general cand will get into unreserved seats only when his reserved seats are completely filled.
        since lets say all (or most) obc cands score more than general cands, according to you they will take unreserved seats, then all obc seats will be vacant.

      • @vikas
        if obc seats are 100 and selected are 80…then all 80 will be getting seats in obc quota only ..irrespective of there marks….
        but if selected are 120 for 100 seats then top rakers in obc category can be shifted to general category(provided there marks are more or equal to cuttoff of general) so ppl ranking from 101 to 120 have still a chance to be in top 100 list.

        • Admin is Right.

        • hi every one
          i think u all r just doing stupid things this is not time to consult about salary or catagery which any person belong I had thought that at this blog more person would aware to their national rules FCI is going to break that and u all are discussing to these stupid matter please aware and just halla bol against FCI every one would get the job I promise Just use your legislation

  232. @ All

    I was going through lots of comments here and many of you were saying tht our salary will fall under the range of 15-16k.. howz its possible??

    Bank Clerks are getting 13-14k after the deduction and don’t forget the eligibility criteria for them is just XIIth pass. Ours is a graduate level job so salary would definitely be more than 19-20k, thts a very simple logic, plz dont write abt salary stuffs unless you are very sure.

    • SJM,

      This is the thing I was wondering about. A guy has mentioned we will get around 14K which seems to be inappropriate. I heard from some AG-III last yr recruited perosn he was paid around 18K bucks for 1st month. I guess we will get atleast 18K in small city, However same can be more in metro city or city with large population.


    • are right..13-14 k is the salary of the clerks ….and they are 12 pass……and we are….and if the salary is in this range..then fci must hier 12 pass ones….this is not fair with our degree.when all other psu’s giving a gud packages…..god knows what is the exact figure .

    • @ sjm , rahul , abhishek
      u all r right , salary is around 18000 pm. I talked a person who recently joined in ag 3 quality , he got 18500 in first month.

  233. hii @ all

    Frndz , m belongs to cat. General west zone group AD.

    In West zone 695 total vacancies. So anyone knws doc. Veri. K liye kitne candidates k liye call kiya gaya tha….?
    Aur group AD( total seats for general – 203) general cat main kitne candi. Ko verification k liye bulaya gaya tha..?

  234. @ sachin
    yes u are right , noone can predict exact figure but we all (i , deepak , rahul etc ) are trying to decrease the tension of all other member of this blog and discussing what may be next step of fci , will everyone get job , possibility of getting job and trying also removing doubts and confusion . I may wrong in some points but ths are not rumors . Many person are tensed and i am also tnsd , i cleared many govt and bank clerk po xams but always get out from interview bcoz my speaking eng is poor so i am very serious towards this job opportunity so i talk to many cand , call to noida office , and delhi office for getting more and more info. And whatever i get , i think and write in this blog.

    • @ Pranay

      Pranay !! U r doing a noble job and Spare me the horror!! no 1 is accusing you of spreading the rumors. My point was it is not worth mentioning how many candidates were there for verification.
      If u feel like I have hurt-ed you, big time sorry Bro…. And mark my words, we all would make our way in the first list itself, be optimistic Guys.

      • @ sjm
        oh dear , my comment is for sachin not for u bro. Pls give me ur contact no , i wanna talk something related to fci nd absent cand issue , its urgent.
        pranaympec2008 at

        • @ Pranay

          Ur right at some extent … i told u only that write only if ur very sure… or u shud write Approximate Probability….

          • @Pranay
            and one more thing… Whatever be ur Category … i m sure u will b the topper of that…So please dont get tensed… Have fun… i m too desperately waiting for the Result… i have the same situation like u…

  235. helo frd’s
    anybody here who blong to kanpur. plz reply

  236. Can anyone tell me?west zone me total candidates with absent candidtes.kitne bulay gaye group me.plz reply to kar diya karo yar.

  237. @ rahul
    brother u wrote getting same marks students will be considerd according to thr age (last cut off students) then gen cat student will get less preference compare to reserved cat students. Bcoz age limit for gen cat is 25 but for other cat more than 25. I am 23 gen cat . So will i get less preference ?
    Am i right or wrong ?

    • Pranay,

      No, This is not the case. There is no as such comparison between reserved and unreserved candidates.

      As each category candidates will be shortlisted in separate merit list so age factor will be applicable list wise.
      Unreserved candidates will be shortlisted in unreserved list, so they will fall under this scope.


      • @ Rahul

        Yes ur rite… Everything there will be Category wise… there will not b any Interference b/w any two Categories…

  238. kya extended list waiting list wale candidates ki aati h ya phir they gonna include those candidates also jo waiting list m nhi aaye the.and total no of students called are 2600 yeh bilkul confirmed news h yaar.

    • Virat,

      First it comes with waiting list ppl. But if after that call vacancies remains unfilled then furthet they can call others.


  239. @ All

    Happy V-Day…. Fingers Crossed for FCI Result….

    Have A Blast and don’t worry abt the results so much and lil bit advice to all of ya tht plz don’t speculate abt result date and plz plz dont spread rumors. We all gotta accept this thing that we can’t predict how many students were there for verification and out of those who all were eligible, we just gotta wait for the result.( thts the bitter truth …. Lolz :p ).

    • @ sjm
      i think u r talking abaut me , frnd if u feel that i am wrong in any point , pls correct me , u r most welcome.

      • @ Pranay

        Oh Bawy!! Bro Pranay! tht was not a personal remark just kinda making all you guys lil bit relax. Now some bit of information which I want to share all with you.

        I missed the first leg of Verification which was scheduled on 6th Jan ( Lolz I know I’m very stupid), so I was present on 11th Feb for the document verification, got information from one of the FCI employees working there tht initially 2600-2700 candidates were called for document verification purpose but some of the candidates missed the first leg of verification, so they gave chance to all those absentees.

        On 11th Feb., when my document verification was over around 70-80 candidates were present ( large candidates were for AD group ) but the main thing is tht many candidates were refused on this ground tht they passed their grads after 30th July 2010 and also few of the candidates were refused because their community certificate was not upto the mark ( OBC candidates were largely victim of it), so according to me 30-40 candidates were fit for document verification. Another interesting thing which I came to know from one the employee working there tht they were using a technical lingo ‘FIT’ to all of those candidates whose document were verified and found satisfactory, they stand a good chance to made their way on the first list itself.

        And Pranay is cent percent right, result is expected some where around end of Feb.

        @ Pranay .. Bro !! u r the celebrity of this blog forum how can a novice like me will have tht much audacity to make fun of you. :p

      • @ Pranay

        Yes i do Agree with SJM , Please dont Predict yaar, U cant Predict the Exact Figure..
        If ur very sure with the figure then only paste the comment…


  240. hiiii frd’s
    anyone blong to kanpur if yes plz tell me one thing . muje dm k sign krane me problem
    aa rhi hai ek logo diya b to unhone upper dm k kra k de diye hai aur ve kh rhe hai dm in chote kaam me sign nhi karte hai . agar kanpur me kisi ne kra liye ho to plz plz tell me
    thx frd

  241. @ All

    Hii frndz , my doc. Veri. Was on 3rd feb frm West zone. Can anyone tell me the result date of west zone candidates…?
    Ya fir , all zones results ll b declared on same day..?

    Plz tell me..

    • @ rohan
      i think the result of every zone will be published on same day nd it is good . After 20 feb anyday result may out. bihar cand and jharkhand cand will play major roll in north and west zone.

  242. @ all

    total called in north zone 2700.
    Initially absent were around 350
    after 11 , 12 total present cand 2700-350+50=2400
    top 1600 will get job.
    800 extras
    400 talented cand from bihar , jharkhand , mp , chattisgarh , gujarat , maharashtra , west bengal will see thr name in east zone or west zone , and generally they will not join in north. 1st extended list will be published very soon.
    Now only 400 extras. And many talented are already selected in ssc , bank po , mncs (it comp) in last 6 months so they will not join , many girls getting job in godown will not join so 2nd merit list will be definately published after first list very soon. Fci had published 2nd extended list of its previous exam manytimes and at that time vacancies were also very less compare to this time so 2nd merit list will be definately published of our recruitment and also possibility 3rd merit list.

    So in 1 sentence the concluson is in north zone each and every cand will get job.

    Enjoy the world cup , india have won the first warmup match against australia. Nd happy valentine’s day. Make this day very special by wishing first to ur parents and all other family members.

    • Doston , don’t leave ur preparation of govt exam , enjoy the study and apply for other govt exam because u all are talented and fci is not ur final destination.

    • Pranay,

      Nice thinking brother. We like your this attitude of motivating others.
      Great champ.

      Have a nice day.

      All the best to all and celebrate the day with your soulmate.

      Warm Regards,

    • @pranay
      kya extended list waiting list wale candidates ki aati h ya phir they gonna include those candidates also jo waiting list m nhi aaye the.and total no of students called are 2600 yeh bilkul confirmed news h yaar.

    • @ pranay
      what abaut south zone.

      • @ kavita
        south zone is much different compare to all other zones bcoz all other zone can speak hindi fluently with thr local lang but u can’t . So very less cand of other zone apply for south zone but rest things of my comments apply to south zone also.

      • i am selected in north for account group and HYR is alloted me but i am intrested in RAJ or UP so any one exchange the sheet plz contact me on 09589010685

  243. ashish singh yadav

    kash gf hoti to Valentine’s Day ki wajah se kam se kam fci ki tension to kam hoti……

    • @ashish
      kya yaar tum bhi ajeeb baat kar rahe ho, gf hone ke baad hi to tension badti hai
      just jocking but take it serious

  244. Hi@ll
    Here no one know’s exactly why FCI has called the absentees.
    There is some strong reason to call the absent candidate
    May be possible that the candidate is less than the available
    seats Or the seats have been increased.So we may all can get the
    job there becoz it never happens that any organization has called the absentees.
    We @ll may get the job there.

    Thanks @ll

    • @anwar @all

      FCI called absent candidates to avoid future problems

      Generally there are a group of peoples who always spoils others opportunities.
      If they dont get job in any recruitment they will go to court and get stay order for appointment of staffs. But if FCI gives second chance to absent candidates, fci can say in the court that they gave second chance and there is no chance of improper advertisements.

  245. @ all

    Hii, i am from west zone. Kya koyi muze bata sakta hai , ki west zone ka result kab lagne wala hai..?,
    ya fir all zones result ll b declare on same date…?

  246. absentees present on 11th n 12thfeb was 70-75…
    also dont want to say about results..
    but what i got to know that results will be cming on 22th feb or after that anytime…

  247. Result 1st week of march…no need to give wrong info like n 25th feb, its for sure any day of 1st week of march…enjoy d cricket fever and keep n updating right info..
    All the best India.

    kskaranluv at


  248. Wait till last days of feb month for result…
    asli picture abhi baki hai!!

  249. usually second call (ya waiting list) tabhi aati hai jab kuch particular seats ke liye particular number of candidates call kiye jate hain aur unme se kuch log nahi aate hain.but in current scenario aisa lagta hai ki yanha par no. of eligible candidates is less than [or might be equal to] available seats.tabhi fci ne result nikalne se pahle try kiya ki wo vacant seats ko fill kar sake aur kuch candidates W/L ke liye bhi juta le.and according to me reason of such unavailability of candidates constitutes of some facts as low pay for people having qualification like B.E MCA & slow selection might be know that the fci ne IT branch ke form reject kar diye they.don’t know y.aur ab fir ye result mein late ho raha is liye possible hai jin bando[BE BTECH MC WALE] ke pass job offer hai wo apne job offer accept kar le kyuki koi kab tak apne employer ko talega[a friend of mine,selected in fci is leaving 4 bangluru to join wipro on 27 feb becoz he can’t refuse the offer due to unsureness of result date of fci].fir bhi chalo slow selection process ka mudda samajh mein aata hai kyuki ye recruitment bahut large scale par ho raha hai but fir bhi fci ko ek specific result date declare karni chiye.warna they might have to conduct another exam for same posts…

  250. can someone tell me is fci providing T.A to absent people who came for verification?

  251. @ deepak preity virat laxmi

    according to u total candidate around 90 + 30 means 120 , so what do u think , how many of ths guys had the only problem of counter sign certificate nd they were present before and how many are thr absent candidates specially in ad group .

    @ all
    how many of u selected in more than 1 zone and from which zone ur hometown is , u guys will help to waiting list guy. So reply

    @ deepak , shweta , priyanka , rahul , virat , ashok , rakesh , ashwani , ravi , shobhit , preity
    what is ur prediction how many students will see thr name in north and east or west. I think in north from 1600 around 200 to 300 will see thr name in east or west zone merit list.
    Must Reply…..

    • total candidates on 11-12 >>>>135-145
      obc issue candidate>>>>>35-45
      fit candidates on 11-12 >>>85-90
      ad group>>>45-65
      abd group>>>15-20
      acd group>>>15-20

    • @Pranay

      i think certainly it would be more than 300 have been selected from more than 1 zone out of would be somewhere between 400-500.

    • I am from Patne (Bihar) , selected in 4 zones east , north , west , and south . and my 9 frnds are selected in north , east and west zone and i am 100 % sure more than 200 students from bihar and jharkhand will see thr name in east and north or west. I have no idea of all other states and absent candidate will not creat big difference in final merit list , deserving cand ki kismat koi nahi chura sakta. and 99 % cand will get job in first and second extended list. So if anyone dont get job wait for 1 or 2 months more.

      Pranay u are doing a noble work , I read all ur comments ,U have many qualities but u are very down to earth person and no proud that attracts me most. God Bless U.

    • Hi Pranay,

      I guess out of 1600 we will find 80-100 candidates get selected for more than 1 zone.
      Your figure of 200-300 might be true. But we cant say how many marks they have secured in particular zone.
      I will give you example for more clarification:
      Suppose candidate X applied for North and West Zone. He secured 75 marsk in North and 50 in West. As we know FCI has called around 150% candidates of the vacancy. So at time point of time this fellow A would be claiming for both seats. But lets suppose cut off of North is 60 and west is 55. So this person is selected in only 1 zone not both.

      Thats why I agree with your 200-300 num of candidates called for Doc Ver for more than 1 zone. But according to me only 25-30% of candidates will be shortlisted in final merit.

      1 more thing I would like to convey to all is as there was no negative marking so huge number of candidates will found tied on equal merit. I read adv and they have if this happens then preference would be given to candidate having more age.

      This bring a new twist. Lets suppose Cut off of AD in North zone is 65 marks and there are 100 candidates tied at this merit and seats left are 40 then all the 40 individuals having more age will get the benefit.

      Wish all my friends All the very best.

      Warm Regards,

      • @ rahul
        dost , u may right but i think more than 1 zone selected are very talented so that they r selected in more than 1 zone nd most of them will be in final merit list in more than one zone specially bihari cand.

        • Dear Pranay,

          You may be true buddy.
          I gave my opinion. Lets see how the stars play their sides with us.

          And buddy go and have fun with your girl friend. I am sure you would be having more than 2-3.

          Otherwise you have lot of fans here.
          I ask all girls who are fans of Pranay to wish him this Valentine’s Day.
          He really deserve this.
          But maintain the honour of the blog.


    • I am not selected in any zone but my 2 friends selected in west and south zone but not in north zone.

    • I am selected in 3 zone , east north nd west. I am from patna (bihar) . And my many friends are selected in more than 1 zone.

  252. nyone from south zone???

  253. @ All North Zone
    I went to noida office 2 da since I thought dt I hv forgot to sign my attendance sheet on verification day i.e. 17th Jan .
    I met AGM Sir there who told me that my documents have alreday gone for processing and attendance sheet signature donot matter that much as all my documents were up2 mark and were submitted to them.

    I reached there @ 1:30 and since then 26 students have came there 2da according to the register records including.
    What I noticed is that majority of students coming were of AD group. Nly 1 ACD grp person and few 1 0r 2 of abd group.

    The result can cm anytime after 20 as told by AGM Sir

    • Gud newz preeti 4m ur the total attendence of acd group will be less the 20 per sure…might be few of dem also has obc issue…so nothing to worry…result expected b/w 19-25 for all five zones..

    • cross your fingers, wait for result and hope for the best..
      All the very best to everybody…:-)

    • dhnyabad preeti
      aapke dwara di gayi suchna se lagta hai ki bharti prakriya ka karya twarit gati se chal raha hai khaskar un antim do panktiyon se

  254. @all
    any idea about result date..

  255. Deepak laxmi and varun ke statement se clear hai around 80-100 candidates 11 ko noida gaye and 12 ko bahut kam ayenge because these guys learnt a lesson so most of them reached there on 11 . And inme se more than 50 % reserved cat ke honge jo pahle present the but caste cert lekar gaye honge and 20-30 hi ad group ke honge jo pahle absent rahe honge so guys inse merit list me negligible effect hoga , so don’t take tension and enjoy the warm up world cup match .

  256. around 200 candidate is supposed to visit in 2 days but most of them are jo pehle documents verification m reject hue the wo log bhi aa rahe i think 120-130 gonna make verification clear.i talked to a person working in FCI noida,he says tht there was around 110 students presents on 11 feb.

  257. @ vibhav @ admin

    i love u.p. and want job here . UP guys are talented they qualified many govt exam and even ias exam but kuch logon ke karan up ka pure india me galat impression hai , and in logon se polite manner me bat karne ka koi matlab nahi hai , inse inki lang me hi bat karna chahiye and corruption to har jagah hai but up ke development ke liye kuch to karo , yahan par mncs nahi hain , talented enginees , doctors , managers ko isi karan dusri states me job karni padti hai . Ok bye and leave this topic.

    • @pranay

      appreciating u 4 thinking about U.P. Corruption…

      but in meanwhile u r also responsible 4 that….

      corruption moves from bottom to top… and we r in the bottom (base ) of indian constitution…
      just abusing like tht u.p. waale aise hain ya waise , apni jimmedari s bachna hai…

      coz u r also belongs 2 u.p. n u hv gd managerial skill but ur this attitude show u r very selfish type person …. sorry 2 say u but its true

      if u actually want 4 some change thn change urself dude….coz u hv power 2 change

      sorry about this …i m very hurt

  258. total abseentes present on 11->>>60-80
    ad group>>35-45
    abd group>>10-15
    acd group>>10-15
    20-30 obc category ppl were also there cz of dm sign issue(they need not go on 11-12)…

  259. hello frnds..
    i went to noida today,nearly 75 candidates were present today.i came back at 3 pm so dont knw how many came after that.but till 3pm there were around 75

  260. hi everybody..
    is anybody have the information about number of absentees, who have reached to Noida center for their document verification…

    Thanks in advance…

  261. Can any one tell about salary for FCI AG III ?
    How much we will get in hand after dedudction of all taxes and PF etc. ?

    Plz Reply
    All the very best to all of you.
    Hope FCI would give joining of all Document Verified Student !!!

    • i think in hand we will get about 15 to 16 because this is 3rd grade clerical level job not officer level.

    • salary in hand will be 13000.i talked to a person working in FCI he told me tht u gonna get 11k to 12 k .but i think it must be around 13k in big city like delhi.and in small cities it gonna be between 11k to 12k.

    • @prakash
      i told u abt the salary
      our basic pay = 9300
      HRA 20% of 9300 = 1860(in city like bhopal)
      DA 34% of 9300 = 3162
      petrol abt = 1000
      tiffin abt = 500
      other = 500
      total abt = 17000 in small cities and HRA will be varies from metro cities .

      • 17000 total and after decduction u will get 12-13k.

        • Hi Virat,

          What I think is 12-13K is too less. I dont know how did you calculate this.
          5000 is huge amount to be deducted from gross salary.
          What I know is deduction for Income Tax is high rest are not significant amount.
          As our salary does not come in Taxable Amount so we sould be getting around 15-16.5K.

          But if you have done any valid calculation on this please do share it with us.
          Otherwise it would be the same as said above.

          Your comments are welcome.


      • 4r salary regarding, inhand salary 18k plus n gross 20k around..nw da increase 2 42.8 per..dis data given by south n west zone emp..

  262. @ashok,vikas,vivek,rahul,abha,deepak
    Thanks for ur opinion guys..
    I will try to memorize dt 2da, may be due to tension I donont rember that…
    Othrwise I wl go 2 noida office 2 mwr…

    THanks alot guys…

  263. One bed news that we can’t go in court against fci relevant suppli. Docu. Veri. Matter bcoz they have already mentioned in advertisement of category 3rd.
    Plz read
    =Management reserves the right to conduct additional examination/skill test or call for any additional documentary evidence in support of educational qualification and experience of the applicant.
    Am i right?
    plz reply me.

    • @prem

      this is not a bad news prem.
      because of you people only FCI had a supplementary doc verification for absent candidates.
      If they dont people like u take this issue to court and say that fci doesn’t give second chance to us.

  264. @ pranay
    i know u r nice human being and talented guy but many persons on this blog wrote comments for targetting u , so i wrote ur name so if someone writes anything wrong against u , don’t panic and think positive , this shows u are more smarter and getting success for achieving ur goals. And other who uses slangs or any bad words shows they are not good listener and speaker and thr ethics , thinking and culture are cheap.

    I am fine and preparing for mgmt trainee xam and pranay if u r technically good then apply for isro , ntpc and drdo . I will join any competeting xam coaching , thank u.

    • right haii…khete jab koi tum se jalee…toh samjo tum tarki kr rehe ho..i hope ur result must be positive..but wait toh krni hi pade gi..
      kab tak nobody knws..
      don’t be panic by other -ve points..sari duniya ko koi khush nahi kr sakta…

    • @ Shweta
      look u are from Gujarat and gujaratis people are soft and sweet speaker but i am from U.P. and in North specially U.P. , Delhi and Bihar thr is no value of innocent people over here because cheating and making fool to others is an ordinary things and thr is much difference in political and social life of UP guys and Gujarati’s guys. Ther is one proverb “Gujarati meetha khate hain and meetha bolte hain” thats the reason mostly richest businessman are from Gujarat . But here in every 2 guys 1 is leader and violent. Even the girls are not soft spoken and they are clever and they are right otherwise many boys try to flirt and use them , they touch girls in crowd so i think girls should be clever and intelligent enough in reading the face. But not all person are of this type , mostly illiterate are of this type. And the biggest reason leaders are corrupt and uneducated here.

      Ok leave this issue thnx for the complement and prepare well for mgmt trainee exam i know u are wise . Best of luck for ur prosperous future. And i always remember ur statement “I am not selected in West zone and I applied for only west zone . No blame for FCI , I was not prepared well , No problem i will try for other govt exam ” This shows u are positive , honest and courageous. On the contrary many person says i did well but organization din’t select me , thr must be some corruption.

      • @pranay

        it is gud tht u have gud feelings and respect 4 gujratis but its my humble request to you not to portrait such an image of your own state in front of other people bcoz of some guys.and leaders ki baat to chod hi do ab tum khud hi samajhdar ho main tumko kya A RAJA aur ADARSH SOCIETY ka kya example doon..
        leave this my point is only that “plz don’t generalize the character of whole state as CHEATER bcoz of some people”
        thank u.

      • i too agree with shweta pranay is d nice guy who always help others, and intellgnt also…

      • hai pranay. i read all ur comments.every time u came with ur cool n helping suggentions.according to that am saying ur a nice person. gud luck for ur future n most happiest life is waiting 4u

  265. Chances of result coming on same day for all the 5 zones are very high….poll results are also going unexpected…reserved category ppl are more then 40%..

  266. @preeti
    when we sit on the chair in front of verifier v generally forget everthng…i supos same is the case with u..verifier must have get it signed by u…but still if u are nearby noida u can just go n confirm…but chances of ur sign left are very very low..try to remember ” a sign hardly takes 2 sec” so can easily be out of mind…

  267. I respect ur words and remember u statement but thr was no beginning of writing any comment for targetting anyone from myside , if anyone wrote against me then i replied him. But i respect u and accept my mistake and say sorry if i used any wrong word or any wrong stmt for targetting anyone.

    Hey how r u and what abaut ur preparation for other govt exam i advice u to develop general awareness and maths skills (u wrote “i am poor in maths and reasoning”) and u can join any coaching of competetive exams.

  268. @shobit..
    my cousin is in DMRC as J.E. Elect. according to him
    . there is great chances of promotions b’cos of its policies & not a big as FCI…
    . U may spent ur whole life in NCR
    . accroding to ur post u have sufficient time for ur extra activities b’com there is 2 shifts from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm….
    .. at last decission is ur’s ..

  269. please comment in English everybody

  270. @ pranay , deepak , ashish , shobhit , priyanka , ashok , rahul

    hey guys pls don’t fight and don’t criticize others points. Everyone love his self respect and do not give reply to targeting anyone , whatever ur opinions express in polite manner . After all u all r mature guys pls reply in good manner and respect others views and thinking , if u don’t any comment avoid it and don’t write any comment that increases tension , pls try to solve the problems of others . I know u all are intelligent guys but don’t try to pull the leg of others.

    • Shweta,

      Its not at all pulling anybdy’s leg. I believe all parttcipants of Sriraj aware of those figures and it was true. So if somebody comes and challenge it then we should come forward not for our self respect but because of maintaining others faith of that point. Otherwise it would land others in state of more confusion.

      I am not willing to disturb any body’s sentiments, We all know what kind of situation we are at this point.

      Any how thanks for your valuable situation.

      Warm Regards,

  271. Hey evry 1 im frm north zone n my verificatn was on 17th jan bt
    mujhe to koi bhi attendence sheet sign krne ko nhe mili…

    I have just signed at gate entry plz hlp me out I m really tensed

    • NOrth ZOne candidate splz tell me at wht time the attendence sheet was given for signature or if any one hadverificatn on same day thn i.e. 17th thn plz tellme abt dt attendence sheet n all..

      • @preeti
        did the person who verified your documents not give you attendance sheet?
        I think this was the first step means first you have to signed attendance sheet then after they verify your documents.
        i think u are not remembering
        well any way i think this is not a great issue u can mail and ask them about it. just chill
        and in last

      • @preeti
        i m 4m north zone(17th jan ,acd), and yes at the time of doc veri attendence is taken by fci………
        attendence is taken when they check ur doc.

      • @preeti

        hi my doc veri was on 10th jan and i signed on register at the entry gate as well as the sheet given by the officer who verified my docs. they gave me attendance sheet when i reach in front of him for doc veri.

      • How can it b possible dat u have nt signed d attendance sheet? We had to sign d attendance sheet at d time when we were called 4 doc verification individually by d panel……… front of panel.

      • That was the Attendance Sheet which u filled up at entry Gate….

    • Hi Preeti,

      My Doc Ver was also on 17th Jan in Panel 3.
      I tell you what was procedure in that day.

      We had to mark our entry at gate. Then at time of Doc Ver they had asked us to sign on a sheet where they had mentioned our Roll Num and Registration Num.

      We had to signed that sheet and they were also mentioning our qualification on that sheet. I guess you would have definately signed that sheet. Try to memorise.
      Otherwisr if you are from nearby location of Noida then you should go to office.


    • Abhijith Mohankumar

      I’m attended the document verification of West Zone; and i was made to sign a document comprising of list of documents submitted, age and so on.

  272. i request all north zone candidates to caste there vote in “category poll” started by admin…

  273. i m confuse bw dmrc cra and fci
    dmrc pay scale is much than fci,
    i do not know about the growth in fci bt i know i will be station controller aftr some time
    a lot of project are in hand of dmrc,even in delhi phase 3 and 4 are to be done and also jaipur project
    the only thing that attract me to fci is its working days and working hours
    i want to study more , want to become a po in bank
    and want to do mba through correspondance

    my request is to all please tell if you know some thing about it specially to north zone candidate they can give right advise because i am not selected in north zone, so i am not harming their seat
    plz help me

  274. Result of all zones might come in feb only OR MAXIMUM by march first week…and joining will be in april of all the zones.

  275. West zone ad group obc expected marks above 65 kya chance hain mere

  276. look guys dont increase ur tensions by giving ur expected marks,jo hoyega wo thode dino m ho jayega,aise marks expect karna will be really i will request u all not to discuss expected marks usse bus tension badhega.2600 called -1600 seats,atleast 300 is absent or not qualified,and 300 must be in waiting list, so 2300 m s 1900.we r close .so dont wory tht much.

  277. @all
    hi friends! I have some questions that can not change merit order but unexpected
    1. Suppose a boy who applied in north zone and west zone, lives in Rajasthan
    now he qualified in both zones and after final result he get Jammu in North zone and Bhopal in west zone . tell friends what should he do now? because we all know the difference in physical environment of Rajasthan and Jammu.

    2.I think that most of the girls prefer General so same case here with a little change
    a girl who unfortunately got Godown in her zone but General in another zone

    3.suppose a boy lives in Jhansi (U.P) and he got jammu or punjab in his zone and Bhopal in west zone(Bhopal is much near than Jammu or Punjab)
    so i think this can create a problem and change the situation dramatically if FCI announces result of all zone on same date with same deadlines.

    if i m thinking wrong please correct me

    • Yes your questions are genuine. If it happens then I say it would be the best outcome from FCI.

      If we take other case suppose a female candiditate from Bhopal get result of North Zone and found herself selected in Godown in Punjab,while her result of West Zone is awaited.
      Now at this condition she would be in dilema of joining or not. Suppose she wanted to be on the safest side and joined this vacancy.

      Now suppose 1 week later , result of West Zone gets declared and she found herself in merit in General posted at Bhopal. At this point of time she would be cursing herself for not to wait the result of West Zone.

      So i would say its good if they declare all results at same time.
      Because it it happens then 1 seat will be occupied in 1 zone while other will remain vacant in other zone while can be assigned to some other candidate put in waiting list.

      So its good. Atleast one would be having choice instead of being in confusion state.

    • @ashok
      Now u changed the topic to attendence on 11-12…dere could not be any silly question as u r asking above..will not comment further on your baseless useless comments.

      • @Deepak
        i m not changing my topic now also, may be you didn’t read that one carefully. Given lines were not written by me, i just copied because u asked who wrote such type of comments. I didn’t blame anyone i just expressed what i thought after reading all the comments on this site corner. you are right i m new to this site but doesn’t mean that i am new to this topic
        now i let it leave on you in which way u response dear Deepak

    • @ Ashok

      yes bro; you are correct.

      Everyone wants to get job in his/her zone. If result of FCI for all zones will come on same day then it will be good for us.

      For example : If a person is selected in two zones, then he/she will opt for his/her zone OR nearest zone. It will save 1 seat in another zone so that anyone of that zone can get it.

      Hope for the best.

      xmanxzone at

  278. sandeep kumar from gurgaon
    applied for north zone(AD group)
    category SC
    expected marks – in bw 50-60
    somebody reply what r chances of selection..

  279. I am from north zone i expected 65/100 (OBC)

  280. I have some confusion guys……… plz tell me that at the time of doc verification, whether you signed two attendance sheets or only 1 ?

    • only 1 attendance sheet that i sign in verification room
      yes another sign i made on entry gate in a local register

      • @shobhit
        in which zone u signed at entry gate….in east zone i only signed at verification room

        • in north zone entry is made at the entry gate on d register and sign is to be dun at the attndnc slip..

        • yes u r right
          in east zone only in verification room mai sign hua tha
          actually muje lga ki ye question ab puca gya hai to west k liye pucha gya hoga
          east zone mai call lttr bhi unhone as it is vapas kar diya tha jbki west mai caal lettr par veriy ki seal and sign kiya tha

          • ladies and gentlemen here i would like to clear some points
            who cares about the entry to the gate of particular zones office, it is just a record who came to that one office, if you go in any organisation there also a visitor register maintained to keep track visitors.
            if you signed in the attendance sheet of your respective panel then it is MORE THAN SUFFICIENT so do not worry any more.
            call letter is not at all required for further process so does not matter whether your call letter collected or not. so dont worry here also
            in west zone they were signing behind call letter only for TA
            so be cool and wait for the result as i think every one who qualified D.V successfully will get job in its hand(again i m saying I THINK SO)
            ALL IS WELL
            thank you hahaha

    • Abha,

      There is nothing to worry on this part. If they have mentioned FIT on your check list or call letter then you are present.
      And they were getting signed a list by us at the same time of verification. So if you have signed that list (which surely u had) then you need not to worry.

      Registering your entry at the gate was mere to check head count came for Ver. But your presence will be shown by the list which you signed in your panel.

      All the best for result.


      • @ Shobhit, Priyanka, Rahul, Ashok
        Thank u guys. I signed 1 attendance sheet. I was really tensed ’bout it. I was asking dat ques for d north zone.

        n how do u know dat they mentioned ‘fit’ on ur check list or call letter? In my panel, nobody knows ’bout their status………

  281. how they prepare merit list? and
    i’m south zone and Panel 1………………..
    still i don’t understand wht is panel 1?????????????????

    any one reply plz………

  282. 70/130
    acd -general

  283. Zone-north
    expected marks-58

    @ all
    pls don’t discuss cut off , it will increase tension and controversy , pls discuss ur expected marks only.

  284. @all
    dear frnds plz give ur expected cuttoff 4 diff zones and different streams .and also expected marks in fci exam and zone that will help us in taking the right decision….
    my info_
    zone- east
    post-ag 3(general)
    marks expected-73/100
    ………………………..plz comment

  285. document verification for NE zone over today . statistics on 7th – 86 / on 8th-88 / on 9th 90. total appeared around 270 out of 300 . and in order of registration number. results probably on 23rd february.

  286. @ shobhit
    congrates once again. Look brother u r from u.p. North zone so i think u must prefer delhi location for job in east or west zone u have to face many problem for ex local language problem and gharvalon se bhi bahut distance ho jayegi and another thing delhi is hub of the mncs , govt jobs and u will get many opportunities over here for ur growth in terms of money , status , position , name nd fame. And the last as a customer relationship u will develop ur presentation skills , communication skills , attitude and personality. But fci me money jyada earn kar sakte ho and workload kam hoga .

    • @ shobhit
      ek bat aur north zone ki final merit list ane par mera result tum hi dekh kar batana , i will send my roll no to u.

  287. @ Admin

    in last blog i saw you helping pranay who was confuse to choose an option between icici and fci
    i have also same problem
    i am selected for east zone in fci ag3 for the post general and quality control (group ac)
    and also selected for the post general, depot and acount (group abd)

    and also i am selected for delhi metro custmar relation assistant job after clearing its written physcho and interview,

    please tell me which job will be better for me?
    where the chances of growth are maximum?
    where salary will be maximum and where i can carry on my study/prepration for future?

    • Since I was from a banking background, I thought I would help out some guys.
      But frankly, I have very little knowledge about DMRC. So, I’ll leave it for other knowledgeable people to comment on it.

      • @Admin
        thank you
        i asked it to you because i have no knowledge about both jobs and i can not belive on persons who says here that in depot or godown we can make a lot of money.
        becoz they are just student
        i am trying my best to gathering information about dmrc and fci after knowing that i m selected in dmrc
        i do not want to take any wrong decision
        so plz help me whenever you have knowledge about it

  288. @Varun

    Varun i need to talk u but ur contact no, is not reachable.please send ur alternate number, if any here or in my email id ashwani_anuj1987@rediff,com.thanks

  289. there is a lot of discussion going on fci result but no one knows exactly , in one comment someone declare the date and in just next comment he is asking about the date of result
    full predictions , assumptions are made by candidates . Some ppls are doing their own calculations with unexisted or some extraordinary formulas
    for example:
    Number of student(written test qualified) =570
    total students at venue =450
    15% will not join FCI (i don’t know how they calculated this, even how can anyone calculate this. may be artificial intelligence of zenith level)
    that shows how much eagerly waiting they are
    i think in this blog there should only five post (EAST , WEST , NORTH, SOUTH, SOUTH EAST) and remaining are just reply to the post in which he applied. After that every one should public his email id or create a new one only for FCI(this task is much easier than super computer calculations hahaha) and get connected by real time chat like Gtalk or yahoo .
    Any one like my idea , if any , can reply with email id

    let me start : i m from north zone
    email id: ab kya sabse pehle mein hi batauu. after first reply

    • Hi Ashok,

      I guess you are challenging the figures mentined by Deepak.
      I dont know where the concept of Artificial comes from in this concern.

      This is the collected data from FCI website and our disscussions. We all are here to put our comment (may or may not exactly true). Figures mentioned for Candidtaes particularly North Zone (ACD) are correct upto 90% percent.

      One more thing I would say Artificial Intelligence is no more virtual. If you have any doubt about these figures then do mention here. We will come up our facts which would force you to accept the output of so called Artificial Intelligence.

      And your idea of Super Calculation is good if you implement in some computation oraganisation. Here everybody is concerned with FOOD.

      I think others will like this.

      Infosys Tech, Pune

    • @Ashok
      u said this….
      “Number of student(written test qualified) =570
      total students at venue =450
      15% will not join FCI” …….i have read each post posted here…can u tell me who is saying this…i suppose u only are saying this with your artificial intelligence.
      u said…”i think in this blog there should only five post (EAST , WEST , NORTH, SOUTH, SOUTH EAST) and remaining are just reply to the post in which he applied. After that every one should public his email id or create a new one only for FCI(this task is much easier than super computer calculations hahaha) and get connected by real time chat like Gtalk or yahoo ”
      Everyday some new ppl come here n post…so it becomes impossible to convey all…. all these lines said by u are proper example of artificial intelligence..So Think Before u say Something.

      • wooooo!
        2 replies thats more than expected
        well that was just an example, now read this one only for u

        i do agree with u , just wait and watch till feb 25 , very less candidate around 20(TELL RAHUL AND DEEPAK HOW THIS 20 IS?) will go on 11 feb to noida bcoz fci din’t send any call letter , mail or msg to absent candidates.

        • Thats sounds good for everybody and all would be hoping this.
          Considering it to at its worst case we assume 50 candidiates will go.

          Any how lets wait for day itself.

  290. Kya net me 19 dec west zone ka paper kanhi upload hai ya nhai

  291. when fci north zone final results will come will come pl tell me

  292. i am applied for acd groups my verification on 18 jan in noida in panel 3rd other says that there r 509 can. called of ver.even success verification 420-435 what r chance for getting job in fci of me . i am ur candidate . what chance for allocation for me in up

    • @ manvi

      aapki calculation ke hisab se apke selection ki probability 1 se jyada hai , u r 100 % selected. And raha up me allocation to generally girls ko preference milti hai but ap ke written exam ke no par bhi depend karta hai. Result 21 feb se 25 feb ke around kisi bhi din a sakta hai , generally fci ki website monday and tuesday ko update hoti hai. Best of luck.

      • hiii pranay..

        i hav read ur all comments…..and u hav given very useful informations in ur comments….u r a nice guy,thanks 4 helping…
        but i hav a some queries…i hav applied 4 only west zone and frm unreserved cat.
        i m very tnsed about result….what will be happen??
        i think meri age other sabhi candidates k comparison me bhut kam h according to my marksheets. to age wise mujhe mere aur jaiso ko last me preference di jayegi kya????

    • yup maximum valid candidates from acd group can be 450 in north zone…a lot depend on how much of them are from reserved category…if we take 36% candidates to be of reserved category then candidates come down to 288 for 259 seats…for reserved category in acd group every1 will get the job 101%…n when one first extended list of fci will come then m hopefull that dere would be 100% ppl from acd group in fci..from other group after extended list there might be 90%-95% ppl in fci
      u can contact me at
      dpk.sood at gmail

  293. ashish singh yadav

    yar quility control wale main agreecultural walo ko preference deya jaayega………or sab group main sab 1 jaise hai…….yaar kam se kam ache se to pad liya karo advedisment ……..
    jis ko dekho wo he naya topic le kar aa jata hai………..

    • dear ashish
      muje aisa koi nhi mila ab tk jisne agri se graduation ki ho aur fir o level ka computer ya mca

      agri k sath comp ka koi match nhi hota

      aur agar hota hai to un bando ne technical post k liye bhi apply kiya hai, aur sbhi qualify bhi hue hain
      1% samj rakhne wale bhi technical ko prefer krte hain quality ki jgh par

      aur haan ek baat aur mere dost har exam ka ek cut off hota hai
      jisko clear krna jroori hai

      mera matlb un quality control k liye hai prefer to agri cultre ka matlab ye nhi hai ki phle sabhi agri ko fill krenge baad mai aur dekhenge

      aur mere dost tumko bura lge ya acha par ek baat mujko to yhi lgti hai ki agar bat objective aptitude test ki ho to b tech engineer comp se ya mca ka mind agricultre se to fast hi chalega
      aur vo merit mai high aayenge

      to 100 quality k liye agar 200 ne qualify kiya aur unme 20 agri ke honge jinko prefer kr bhi liya to fark nhi padta

      kyoki ye quality ki ya acount ki seats us group k liye bonas seat hain

      idbi ki spcl drive mai unko cut off par krne wale bande nhi mole
      delhi metro mai station control k physcho test mai sc st candidate mai kuch req cut off ko clear nhi kar paye written k baad bhi

      • ashish singh yadav

        yar sab puch rahe the kis ko prefer kiya jaayega to maine bola sab ko un ki merit k hisab se liya jaayega…..
        any way main bhi 2010 ka mca passout hu or saat main ministry of shipping(national informatic center) new delhi main job bhi kar raha hu
        yar adversitement main likha tha acd group k liye…….

        For Post Code No. 03:
        (i) Graduate Degree in Science preferably in Agriculture from a recognized University
        (ii) ‘O’ level computer qualification of DOEACC/Degree in Computer Science or Computer Application

        maine is base par apna comment likha ab fci wale kaya karte hai ye un ka tenstion hai…..
        any way congr…..for dmrc……

        • @ ashish
          sorry 4 my way of comentin on u
          maine aisa bas apki is baat par likha tha jisme aapne kha tha ki adv to dhang se padh liya kro

          maine kyoki is topic par baat kiya tha east zone mai, unhone jo btaya mujko vhi maine likha
          unhone ne yhi kha ki ek cut off k upar pass declare kre gyen hai
          aur agar unme koi agri ka hai to usko prefer krenge , yani ki koi agri wala ye claim nhi kr skta ki
          non agri science ko seat kyo di aur usko fail kyo kiya
          agar agri wale shortlisted mai hain to unko advantage milega
          aap fci kyo join krna chate ho agar aap nic mai kr rhe ho
          apka agar dmrc cra aur fci mai hota to aap kya join krte

          • ashish singh yadav

            koi gal nahi yaar………
            aap ne pucha why r u joining fci than u r in nic…k
            1yaar main bahut bada kam choor hu..mere par jayada work nahi hota…..
            2main apne ghar k pass he rahna chahta hu……
            3fci main growth k chance jayada hai than nic…….
            4 black money bhi ho ache earn hogi
            5yar work load na hone ki reasion se main pcs ki preparition kar sakta hu
            6 fci main aap 5 saal baad manager banene k chance hai chahe aap kuch kare ya nahi
            7 yar yanka working hours acha hai or overtime bhi nahi karna hoga
            8last reaseon yaar apne papa ji ka bussiness bhi dekta rahunga…….saath main apne mom dad ka khayal bhi rakhunga or unko koi problem bhi face nahi hogi………
            yar ye kuch reasion hai jis ki wajah se main nic chod raha hu……ye saari baat maine khud apne uncle(fci) or un k senior or unke friend jo assistance general manager the baat kar chuka hu……un logo ne mere ko fci k liye bola un logo ko mere se jayada experience hai
            both r retired person……
            rahi baat aap dmrc ko selected karne ki to bhai main fci he join karta kam se kam workload hoga saath main apne study k liye bhi time nikal sakta hu…….ho sakta hai dmrc main aap ko overtime ya workload ho jayada ho……ny way document varifecation k time par mere ko 3 person mile jo mca 2010 pass out nd workin in a bank nd crack the fci exam nd also dmrc ………j.s.s noida k the log……wo bhi bol rahe the fci main he aane ki…….
            ab yaar aap apne according dekh lijeye kis main aap ko jana hai….mere ko apne body ki requiredment pata hai main to us k according he calunga….

  294. Hi all obc candidates i have talk meera gaini mem on today about dm counter sign on obc certificate she told me that if u could not submit obc certificate with DM sign at doc. Veri. time then ok no problem plz do not come on 11 and 12 feb.and u must be submit DM sign obc certificate at joining time.
    Prem Jodhpur

    • we can have OBC certificate issued by tahsildar also. It was clearly mentioned in the obc format of FCI

      • No OBC certificate issued by Tehsildar is not enough you have to countersigned it by DC or DM, becoz i ask today with FCI officials.

  295. i heard that 1st preference mca 2nd mba 3rd n degree 4rth for fci ag III. Is it true? any1 reply me plz

    • oly written exam marks….now u came with ur misguided stories

    • @swati

      FCI give a preference only Agricultural degree holders….

    • @ swati
      from whr and which souce u got this info. And one more thing preaviously apne likha tha ki ap fci office gayin vahan kisi ne bataya ki feb fist week me north zone ka result a jayega , hum logon ne ap se pucha ki apko ye bat kisne batayi but apne reply nahi kiya.

    • @swati
      Dear no preference in it for education qualification
      Only priority is given to the marks secured in the written exam held for it . Means more marks in it u will get better rank whether u r mba or btech or bsc

    • Swati,

      There is no criteria of preferring a candidate on the basis of his\her qualification.
      However Qualification plays role in eligibility criteria.
      Individuals will be shortlisted in merit as per marks secured in written exam.


      • hey swati u hv dun i thought so that’s why u r giving u yourself a first preference, its a first time have heard that btech has more value than mca and mba, gud one yar, all d students r mad who do mba after btech and u r intelligent gr8 mam

        • @Swati: you are absolutely right , good one

          @others: read preference order form RIGHT TO LEFT
          after all she is also human being.

          @priyanka: don’t react so aggressive, who knows she may be in your department after joining hahaha

          • i m not aggressive at all, m just explaning it tht how can btech hv more value than mba plz explain.. nd i knw that anyone cn be in our deprtmnt in futur so we must hv gud relatns with all of them bt silly stamnts on this site irritate me..

            • @ priyanka
              maine bhi kal tumhare liye kuch irritating likha tha but shayad tumne pada nahi. Hahaha….

              • wht was it nd wht u mean to say, if u feel i m wrong thn its okk will not reply on any msg from now..

              • @ priyanka
                are yar aap to naraj ho gayi , jab apne mujhse icici ke bare me pucha to maine vahi apko ek funny reply bheja tha… shayad vo apne pada nahi…hahaha

              • @pranay
                mjhe naraz hne nhe ata nd maine pad lya valentin day wala na it was a joke nd gud one nd jo log yhn faltu k cmnts lkhte h na mjhe tnsn ho jati h, sb aram s 25th k wait kyun nhe krte

    • Actually, when i was inquiring about FCI in East Zone verification, d person who is giving d TA told me that B.Tech waaloon ko FCI prefer karegi.

      • @d33p

        east zone person who was giving ta was a very good person
        kuch ko vo bola ki btech prfer krenge kyoki vo b tech hoga

        mujse usne kha north se east mai aaoge kya?
        maine kha agr north mai metro mil gya to nhi
        to vo bola ki yha par kaam keval 11 se 3 hota hai timing bhale hi 10 se 5 ho
        maine kha fir to jaroor aaunga

    • @swati
      sab kuch bakwas hai ki btech prefer kiya jayega, kyoki ye nhi ho skta
      shayad aap west zone main gayin thi
      haan vhan par unhone bola hai
      maine pucha tha ki sir kb tak result aayega , kitna candidate call kiya hai
      to vo bolte hain
      aap to b tech ho na? haan haan aap to befikr hokar jayen ye to tripple o level ho gya
      aap befikr rhen

      bt remembr west zone ka zonal office mumbai hai, and bhopal fist time doc veri. kr rha tha
      muje to aisa hi laga kyoki east zone main bhut dhyan se dekha tha unhone sab docs ko
      aal serial no , name, rol no match kiya tha
      par yha par nhi

  296. hai friends.anybody plz tel fci ag III is there any qualification preference? plz reply soon…….

  297. Very much confused , any one pls reply soon.

    Are they collecting call letter and hall ticket from the candidates because they are collecting from some and not collecting from others.

    • @ mohammad
      they submitted call letter of doc ver in north zone with attested photograph.

    • in west zone they not collected call letter and admit card

    • @Mohammed,

      In south zone,there r 2 panels.panel I collected both the call ltr n photo copy of admit card but panel 2 did not collect it from the candidates.Also they told that call ltr n admit cards r not necessary for the selection u dont worry abt it.

    • do not be confuse about call letter
      coz call letr can be downlod from site agin
      it is depending on panel only they are collecting or not
      bt do not forget to sign on attendence sheet

      in west zone the not collect call lettr but the make a seal and sign on it
      in east they return it as it is

  298. kya koi mujhe ye bata sakta hai ki west zone me AD GROUP ke liya approxi kitne candidates bulay gaye hain .and docu veri ki last date kya hai plz reply

  299. Manoj i am also OBC from Jodhpur i cannot submit obc certificate with DM sign and they remark that u will submit this certificate with counter sign of DM/DC at joining time. And if we cannot submit obc cer. At joining time then we will only general candidate.
    But not failed in veri. If u want more info. Contact me 9214913219

    • same is with me iam obc at time of verification they told me my certificate is correct only i need to get it countersigned by dm and submit it at time of should i go there on 11th or i need to show it at time of joining?
      iam confused please help me..

  300. @ ashish
    thnx and chances in for each group are much enough , just wait for final merit list and 1st extended list and watch world cup and support for india pray for sachin to score 100 times 100 in test and odi.

  301. no one’s selection is guareented. i a sying this bcz i am from east zone.when i had gone for my document varification i asked one employee abt selection procedure,he told that 562 candidates were callet against 285 seats,bt whn i asked anthr emply he told that nearly 1000 candidates were called so which one is right they know.also abt salary i asked one of them said there is grade pay of 4200 bt another said i dont whts going on no one cn guess

    • hi all north zone
      fci is calling absentees because i think very less student attended the document verification fci is not having enough candidates so they r calling absentees.So guys dont take tension all will be selected

  302. guys dont worry and be happy,say all is well then everything will be ok.have faith on god.he will definitely help you.

  303. hello everybody,
    My Doc.Ver. was on 17 jan in northzone but at that time i wasn’t able to submit fci prescribed OBC certificate but they said they are clearing me in Doc. Ver. and i hv to submit the Fci obc certificate format on joining. But now they are calling absent candidates and those canditates whose documents are not proper. So should i again attend the doc. ver. as i got my Fci prescribed OBC certificate.

  304. hello .my document verification was on feb 2 ,south zone ,obc cat. i wringly entered my date of birth as 31 instead of 30.while document verification , i produced an affidavit regarding the correction of dob. they told its ok. but i m tensed very much that it will affect my selection.plz reply

  305. @ deepak
    deepak ji maine jo info di hai vo bilkul sahi hai and if u don’t like my comment avoid them and if u wish to give analysis u r welcome . I am helping here to all guys and not misleading them

  306. hi North zone -Haryana OBC cand.
    I belong to YamunaNagar haryana. I am facing the prob. of DM /DC sign. on my OBC certificate, Does any one who belongs to haryana -obc can please send me the scan copy of your OBC ceritificate for the reference who got counter signed by DM/DC of haryana state.

  307. check out the new notification on fci website……. yes they called absent candidates on 11 or 12 b/w 11 to 4 pm

  308. Save ur position whre u gt selected.. Dnt wry abt others.. Kuch b ho sakta hai

  309. @north zone:

    kya other candidates ka result absentees ke saath result ke saath mein hi aayega…ya absentee se pahle aayega?

    • ashish singh yadav

      yar jara sa dimag lagaye……jab result aana tha to wo pahle he de dete………..
      ab fci wale combine he result denge……..

      • yaar dimaag ki to batti lag gyi hai…
        in logo ne itna ghumaya hai.
        kam kam se ye log ek date to declare kar de result ki
        jisse kam se kam kuch idea ho paye..

  310. @ asish

    yadi fci esa nahi karega to joining ke time par hi 150-200 cand har zone main absent rahenge and fci ko 1st extended list bahut jaldi publish karni padegi.

    Main 10 students ke nam janta hun jinka 3 zones main selection hua hai.
    8 students ese hain jinka 2 zone main selection hua hai but apply 3 zones main kiya tha.
    5 ese hain jinka 1 zone main selection hua but apply 2 zone main kiya tha

    delhi , up is connected to bihar and mp. Rajasthan is by gujarat , maharashtra and ap. So in short thr is direct link between north – west as well as north – east. So around 100 bihari and bengali scored enough in north as well as east and 100 mp guys and gujaraties guys scored enough in west and north zone. So around 200-300 name in north merit list will get thr name in east or west zone too. But generaly they will go for thr respected zone means bihari to bihar (east zone) main hi jayega etc. Waiting list valon ko bahut jaldi chance milega.

    • @parnay
      dont put wrong n unauthonticted newz here without knowing any that may misguide many ppl..

    • So more than 1 zone selected cand indirectly helped us those who applied for only one zone and sabse jyada profit north zone valon ko hoga.

    • Yup u ryt dear

    • Fci website specialtest me bhi link a gaya hai for calling absent cand to ab tention chod kar world cup dekho , 12 se practice match hain india ko australia se match hai. Come on india rock the world.

    • ashish singh yadav

      @jain sahab
      nice jain sahab……..thanks for guiding………
      koi or info ho acd or abd group k baare main to do…….
      kaya chance hai acd group k???????

    • I think u r right pranay , you have proved ur smartness before , you r doing good work and it is fact if someone do good work many person try to stop him
      Is thr another new recruitment for ag 3rd in fci.

      • @ shweta
        no recruitment for ag 3rd at present date but you can apply for mgmt trainee ag 2nd post. And thnx for support me .

  311. ok guys after some days fci will again issue notice that candidate fails to attend written exam are invited again .because they are breaking their own advertisement rule by calling absentees, so also be prepare for that. its my guess…

    • hahahahahaha might be….fci will not worry if someone is selected in 3 zones..fci will give appointment letter for all 3 zones provided he is selected from all 3 zones…so many ppl might have to wait for first extended list to come..which takes 2 months time to come…

    • I wanna say 1 line to all absent guys

      jab kismat me likhe hon hathaude
      to nahi milte hain pakaude


  312. Pranay
    i think fci will announce common date for all zone appointment.

  313. hi can anybody tell me hw to know r marks wt v get in written test n wt is cutoff.
    they need to show it otherwis de wis mess it up like every gout exam.


    chalo acha hai tension pe tension diye ja rhe hai

  315. @ all

    in north zone , east zone , west zone mostly guys are common means many candidates of ths zones are selected in all these three zones. So fci will search all these name and will put ths candidates in thr respected zone and will remove thr name in all other rest zones . For example any name xyz . abc belongs to gujarat and he is selected in his west zone as well as nort and east. Then this name will be searched in all zone if matches exactly all data name , dob etc then his name will be removed in north zone and east zone bcoz each and every cand wants job in his respected zone. Otherwise he may not join or may leave his job so fci will have to face one more problem.

    This is my analysis and i am not 100 % sure.

    • ashish singh yadav

      @jain sahab
      logic acha hai yaar……….
      par fci karenge aisa i hope it is not possible……….

  316. @ ashwani

    i do agree with u , just wait and watch till feb 25 , very less candidate around 20 will go on 11 feb to noida bcoz fci din’t send any call letter , mail or msg to absent candidates. And ths candidates din’t expect they could clear the exam it was thr luck and they saw thr result very late after doc ver and other absent candidates due to thr late train but yar intelligent or serious cand reached noida or delhi 1 day before thr verification. So i think ths candidates will not play any role in merit list . If u file any case against fci it may stop recruitment and stay order will effect to all candidates. So be cool and wait till feb 25.

    • expected turn around from north zone on 11-12 is 120-200

    • declaration of result being late doesn’t affect me but have a cnfusn now i have to go for typing test of ssc i.e. on 14th feb and if i m selected in fci i will leave ssc, so one seat will be wasted nd just becoz of fci if they declare d result early may be i will not go, now i hv to go to save my position…

  317. @all

    fci is calling absent candidates and candidates with incomplete verification from every zone. means there is high possibilility tht vacancy has been increased or they have shortage of don;t take tension.fci is not fool that they will again afford for T.A.they r calling becoz they still have shortage, so guys don;t tension.

  318. @all
    Calm down now.Calling of absent candidates is not going to make much difference i guess.
    there would be very few absent candidates who would be coming again becoz fci didn;t send any call letter to anyone,mostly those who missed their train on a big occasion is likely to come,so don;t panic.few absent candidates will not make big impact on merit list.There r candidates who became agitated and r planning to file court case against this.i request to those don;t do all these else it could stop and postpone entire recruitment process that would suffer just wait for the result now.All d best.

  319. West zone ka docu veri kab over hoga plz reply.

  320. @Deeps,Abhi : Thanx
    @All : My doc verification was on 4th feb(West Zone) in Bhopal & done successfully. I would like to share my exp.
    1. Firstly u hav to register their when u go,no need of any doc,only u hav to write name,add,& other details on register.
    2.Later they will call ur name according to list.
    3. B ready with all doc. (doc. should b self attested,if not attested by any officer as it is not necessary,but if u carry its good & well)
    4. For open category : 10th certificate in which DOB is mentioned , Degree certificate ,etc.
    5. For reserved cat : 10th certificate,Degree cert, Caste certificate as mention by FCI format(if u don’t hav it,just carry state level cert which must hav sign of 1 of the officer prescribed in FCI form. & offcourse non-creamy layer certificate)
    6. Keep atleast 2 xerox copies of all doc, 1 with attested & 1 without attestation.
    7. Take xerox of ticket also,after submission of doc u’v 2 take form for railway fund. Take sign of admin. & attached xerox of ticket & admit card.
    They help so much while processing,so don’t worry, Best of luck 2 all.

    @whose verification has done :
    have they taken call letter & admit card? They hav not attached mine with doc. Wht about others?

    • they are not collecting our call letter and admit card because it is not at all required to process our candidature
      my document verification was also on 2nd feb in Bhopal that’s why i know it

      and one fci official said about result that it may take 45 days but not exact

    • @ nutan
      hi mera bhe west zone may 2 feb ko doc ver tha un logo ne mera bhe call letter and admit card vapas kardiya tha. woh sirf certificates le rahe the .

      jabki north zone may call letter le rahe the

    • No, they didnt took call letter or admit card. but had stamped and signed the call letter that it has been verified. so dont worry.

  321. Its really being unfair with us that fci is calling absent candidates now when they have clearly mentioned in the call letter that no second chance will be given to them.

    Really very unfair for us

  322. I dont think anybody will go on 11th and 12th …. coz there would hardly be any person whose DV would be missed due to any reason…. coz this is the thing which nobody wants to miss if he/ she has to join…. haan aise log jaroor absent hue honge kinhe join hi nahin karna…

  323. @ALL
    friends i am from east zone and had verification at 24 jan at calcutta (kolkata).i am in general category and have applied for AG3(GENERAL) expecting about about 70 marks out of 100 ….what is my chance in merit list..plz comment.

  324. calling abseentees didnt surprised me…
    but one thing surprised me…calling candidates who were present but were not able to produce there documents on there assigned date or ppl who were declared unfit can come again….this is purely illegal…now a legal case can be framed easily against fci…rather should be..

  325. [edited by Admin]
    this is the link ‘’

  326. @all
    dear all…. please leave the habbit of copying…
    notice is on page 13,times of india, 5th of Feb.

  327. well fci making fool us .why they are wasting our time.

  328. Finally FCI called the absentees for doc verification from all five Zones on feb 11 & 12. News issued in Feb 5th Times of India in page 19

  329. hi all please tell from where u got information that fci r calling absentees .

  330. hi North zone -Haryana OBC cand.
    I belong to YamunaNagar haryana. I am facing the prob. of DM /DC sign. on my OBC certificate, Does any one who belongs to haryana -obc can please send me the scan copy of your OBC ceritificate for the reference who got counter signed by DM/DC of haryana state.

    • was ur doc varif on 5th jan???
      i think i had met u there??

    • hello sb.i am from naraingarh(ambala).i hav faced the same problem on my doc. ver. at noida.From 2 years tehsildar has given the autority to sign on obc cert. FCI dont knw this fact. Now tehsildar has the right to sign on obc cert.
      contact me

  331. I asked fm hr dept regarding result of north zone, they told it will cm in march..

  332. @all

    absent candidates will be surely going to entertain on 11 feb, check out employment news of today 5-11, it has been mentioned there.

    • hi ashwani
      if they r coming on 11th feb why there is no notification yet in fci you please tell when this notification will be out in fci website

  333. Hi
    over return test result out on 14 dec and After 6 day Gurjar aandolan started on 20 dec 2010.
    6 jan 2011 end of gurjar aandolan.
    Doc. Veri. did start on 10
    jan Of rajasthan candidate.
    Gurjar aandolan only 5 and 6 distric of rajasthan.
    It mean gurjar aandolan did not totaly effacted doc. Veri.

  334. @ashish
    if u r from acd group contact me at 9813674959 or dpk.sood at…
    from where did u get this 435 candidates data

  335. hi @all
    @vivek is right there is no logic to
    call absentees and pay them the TA
    They already called the candidate
    which is xtra then then the
    there is no chance to call them

    Calling the absentees may be

    • hii frd calling absentees student in no rumour it’s true

    • “Food Corporation of India, Zonal Office (North) will not be responsible for any delay in transit of the communication in this connection. In case you fail for any reason to attend the aforesaid Document Verification, no supplementary document verification will be held thereafter.”

      This is what they wrote in the call letter…. so i did’t think they will call absent candidate…

    • ashish singh yadav

      i have talk fci nort zone they could not tell why the r calling absenties……but according me most of the people was affected by the gujjar aandola……so that it can be the biggest reason….
      yar deepak tell me what the chance of acd group in north zone…….
      they have called only 509 but 435 r illegible for the doc vari….

  336. Done my al 3 zones doc ver.. n regarding salary, posting,merit list etc .. If u hve ny query …den contact 2 me hyerakesh at

  337. woooooooo

    Another notification is coming,,,

    from FCI for the posts

    AG-III & AG-II

    now this time no need of ‘O’ Level certificate
    bcoz it is cancelled by FCI in this time notification

    and even the competition increases now,,,

    so start preparing,, from today it self,,,,

    • when the notification for Ag3 and ag2 gonna be out and is it for technical.and is it gonna for north zone also.

    • @ chaitu
      from whr u got this info another recruitment of ag 3rd.

      Any proof ?

    • @chaitu
      would u plz tell me from where u got that information.
      hv u any proof for ur comment.
      this site already mentioned that u u hv any proof.
      mention it properly Dear.

      Thanx n With Regards

      • @virat @Pranay Jain @sanjeev

        yes with in a week or two but before 28th feb
        there will be notification out by FCI
        AG-III around 400 & AG-II around 300
        but for which zone i have no info,
        and now no need of ‘O’ level certificate

        AND i have no magic wand to show u proofs in a sudden
        but u will come to know whether i am correct or not
        within a week or two.
        but i am sure 100%

        and absentees verification is on
        feb 11th (or) 12 th according to the zone & verification centre
        b/w 11am to 4 pm

  338. Hi i m from west zone my doc veri is over [3 feb]and i am fit also.main ad group se hun.result feb ke last me aayega.kya mujhe ye koi bata sakta hai ki west zone me dv ki last date kya hai.

  339. Hi @ All North Zone

    As everybody is saying that Fci is calling absent Candidate but
    what is the reason?
    Is the Fci has increased the seats so who so ever will
    attend the document verification they definitely get the job.
    Can any body guess the reason of calling absentees in Fci ???

    Plz esquire about this and post here.

    • they want to give one more chance to absent poeples…..
      thats why dey r calling them…about seat increase i dont know…..
      but they will not give job to everyone who succeeded in doc varification…..
      they will prepare merit list and waiting list on basis of written exam marks…

    • @ all North Zone

      Guys there is no reason for calling absent candidates because they provide lot more time to candidates for making his/her presence at doc verification venue. They already call well enough extra candidates in comparison of available seats , so there is no logic to call absent candidates and give them travelling allounces.

  340. Even I have called Noida office today .The HR department is saying that result will be out on last week of February for sure and absent candidates r being called in feb 2nd week for sure.

    • Thanks Dear…… This is the Info which everybody needs…
      Let’s Cross the Finger and wait for the Result…

  341. y they r calling absentees,becoz of this we have to wait 4 extra 15 days for results..
    it is totally illogical.

  342. @north zone
    welcome back…..
    on 9 feb all zones will be over with there verification,,,,
    in north zone absent candidates are called on 11-12 feb
    n final result on 25 feb ….may be before that…

  343. ashish singh yadav

    only for north zone…….
    i have talk meera mem they r saying result will be declare till 25 feb and they r calling absent people… wait every body………….

    • Ashish what is reason of calling absent candidate plz reply.

      • ashish singh yadav

        i have talk fci nort zone they could not tell why the r calling absenties……but according me most of the people was affected by the gujjar aandola……so that it can be the biggest reason….
        yar deepak tell me what the chance of acd group in north zone…….
        they have called only 509 but 435 r illegible for the doc vari….
        i m also acd group person and also belong from obc ……
        what the chances for me in fci?

      • yes…they have called absent students……..
        (ref… times of india 5 feb)

  344. Please Help me……..
    What are all the things to be done for OBC certificate like where to get signature.
    2. Is it must to get signature from magistrate or Deputy collector? or From deputy tehsildhar is enough?

    it is urgent …………………please reply.

    • @dinesh
      it is clearly mentioned in OBC format that.. if it is issued by officer below the rank of DM or Commissioner than it should be counter signed by any of above said officer… so it is mendatory to produce the same at the time of joining if u unable in doc. verification… as it was happened in north zone verification…

    • Krishna Kishore Guin

      Please check the comment of “Sreedev” at previous page on January 25, 2011 at 10:12 am. I have told him to place a Govt. Order to FCI if he can’t get the format of OBC of FCI. You can check the following Govt. of India. order regarding Community certificates…

      Order Web Site: “”

      Best of Luck

  345. @anju : Thanx…
    @All : 1 more Que. I want to ask that, I hav appeared for ACD group, & at the time of exam it was mention in the form that there will b 3 groups i.e General,Tech & Depot.(No Account) & now with call letter they hav mention 4 job profile : General,Accounts,Godown & QC. Now my Que is which job preferences should i mention in checklist, frm ACD group mentioned on exam hallticket or frm job profile which is mention in call letter??? So plz reply early as much as possible…. Thanx in advance…

    • you have to mention your group preference as you mention at the time of the form submission.
      because they have our online filled form at the time of doc verification.

      ssandeepinfo at

    • @ nutan
      it is mentioned in ur check list… if u applied for C or D with A and B than u should give ur first prefference from C or D…..

      in ur case it is compulsary 4 u to give C as 1st choise and than 2nd & 3rd is depend ur choise from A and D

    • @nutan

      U belongs to which zone.
      When will u have the document verification date?