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Easy Movies member ticket booking

So you have a membership at Easy Movies India having pre-filled some money into your account. You book a ticket and the ticket amount is debited from your account. Yet, you are required to pay the ticket amount again at the theatre to get the theatre tickets. Wondering what’s going on?

Easy Movies India has a naughty system which requires you to pay for the tickets at the theatre to get the actual tickets even after debiting the money from your account, when you book tickets online.

Obviously you would not pay the money twice. Hence, when you pay the money at the theatre, the same amount of money gets credited to your Easy Movies account. Tricky yes, but it works.

It would’ve been a lot better if the member ticket print out itself was considered as final ticket, just like when a non member books online and gets the ticket (print out) from an easy movies service provider.

Will this system be ever changed?

Not in the near future. However, Easy Movies has plans to install Automated Kiosks at Member Theatre’s where members can print tickets and walk in to watch a show.

Update: This process is now changed and one need not pay ticket money at theatre, again, any more. But, you still have to exchange your easy movies india printout (or SMS) for theatre tickets. However, lately, I’ve observed that some theatres and multiplexes are are not even requiring you to take theatre tickets. You can get into the theatre with just the SMS or the print out.

Payment options and cancellations

As said before, unlike most other ticketing portal, one needs to pre-fill their account with sufficient money to book tickets. You can pre-fill your account with a minimum of Rs.150 and then in multiples of Rs.150 up to Rs.900 in one transaction. All payment options are available, including Internet Banking, Credit and Debit cards.

The FAQ on the Easymoviesindia site says the tickets can be cancelled before a specific time but for most new releases, it is not possible to cancel tickets at all.

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  6. New joining to easy movies, its good facility.

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    am using linux os.

    and send me easy movies customer number…

  9. Then what is the point in having an easymovies prepaid balance….it will always remain the amount i earlier credited….dis is some nonsense system….

    • No, about Rs.40 will be debited from your account every month as some charges. If you don’t go to movies, your balance will come to zero some day.

  10. govindaraju talatam

    its a great organization

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