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Car Battery lifetime

Different cars have different capacity batteries, but speaking about hatch-back cars in India (on an average) last for 3 years (give or take 1 year). When the battery completely drains down and isn’t good for charging too, its time to replace it with a new one. Exide battery, for say a Wagon R, costs Rs.3000 with 2 years warranty.

Car batteries generally recharge themselves when the Engine is turned On. But as they are after all batteries, they have certain lifetime. When they reach this stage, no matter how many times you recharge, the discharge happens that quickly.

If you have latest car model, you can find whether your battery is in good health or not just by looking at your instrument panel. When the ignition is turned on, all the indicators will glow along with the indicator for battery. When you start the engine, the battery indicator must go. If it doesn’t, it means that it is nearing its death.

If engine doesn’t start

If you didn’t observe that low battery indication and continued to use your car, one day will come when the engine won’t crank up. Lights may still work for a brief moment since they require less power than for starting an engine. You may also find that your keyless system doing mischievous things.

The only option you have then is to buy a new battery and get the old one replaced by a mechanic.

In case the car suddenly stops in middle of a journey, you should consider doing a ‘Jump Start’. You can find how to do a jump start in your car manual. It’s basically, connecting another cars’ battery to your cars’ battery and cranking up the engine. Once the engine is up and running, you should immediately consider taking it to a service station since it could continue causing troubles.

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