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Bypassing Home UPS

Having a UPS for Home appliances is a good idea. But there’s a drawback to it too, that is when the UPS malfunctions and you didn’t know how to manually by pass the UPS. The power to the loads connected to UPS will always ‘pass through’ the UPS. If the regular power is available, that will be used (passing through the UPS) and if the power goes down, the UPS battery will be used.

Since this is the case, imagine what happens when the UPS breaks down or something happens to the battery?

The loads connected to the UPS will NOT function, even if regular AC power is available.

Generally, this is the last thing that we expect from a backup power supply.

To avoid this, when ever there is any issue with the UPS, you just need to by pass the UPS as if there is no UPS at all.

Note: Not all UPS have the same technique to by pass them. It is better to consult the manufacturer or at least see the manual.

Normally, all you have to do is:

1.Switch OFF the UPS, using the ON/OFF button.

2.Remove the AC input wire completely, from the switch board and at the back of the UPS.

3.Disconnect the output wire that goes to the loads from the back of the UPS.

4.Plug in this wire to the switch board from where you’ve removed the AC input wire and switch on (the switch corresponding to the plug on the switch board).

By passing the UPS is done.

Now all your home appliances will function only if there is power, just as they did before you had UPS installed.

In this time, get your UPS repaired or your battery recharged or replaced and connect it again to have Uninterrupted Power Supply.

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  1. I have been searching for this UPS bypassing thing since almost a week. Where ever i searched, the info was very weak. Thank you, felt very good after when i could actually understand this Bypass stuff. Thanks one again.

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