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Now, book Sai Arati and Darshan online

Devotees who wish to visit Shirdi can now book they need online, starting with darshan and accommodation and if they wish can also donate online to the Sai Baba Sansthan or sponsor one days free Prasad bhojan. Users can visit the single website at online.sai.org.in to access all the above services.

There are two types of darshan’s you can reserve before hand. One is for normal darshan which is free. A total of 8 persons will be allowed per pass. The second type of darshan is Arati (or Aarti). This pass will take you to the Sai Samadhi Mandir at the time of the Arati chosen by you. As you may know, there are 4 types of Arati’s, Kakad (morning, 4-5am), Madhyan (Noon, 11.30 am to 12.40pm), Dhoop (Evening, 6.15 pm to 7.30pm) and Shej (night, 10pm to 11pm).

Normally, if you had luck, you would reach Samadhi mandir during these times and experience Arati for free. But if you don’t want to take chance, you can pay and be sure to be in the Samadhi mandir by booking the service online.

Fee for Arati is Rs.500 for Kakad and Rs.300 for remaining 3 arati’s per person. There is no fee for children under 12 yrs of age.

Similarly, you can also book accommodation at various Sansthan approved rooms. Standard Non AC room costs Rs.500 per night and AC room, Rs.900.

A convenience charge of Rs.10 will be levied for every transaction carried out through the internet portal.

Unlike TTD, arati tickets for Sai Baba Santhan are easily available online if you plan atleast a week ahead (you can book maximum 3 months in advance). So there is no need to approach any one for ticket. You can easily book yourself.

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  1. Need arathi tickets

  2. Ranjeet Kumar Das

    Help me to Sai darshan and to book Kakad Arati

  3. Chinni.someswararao

    pl understand I want December 18th kakada harathi(4am) tickets online pl help

  4. Please book kakda harathi for 10 members and please send me website in which should I book… plese help me in this booking.. fr Aug 6th.

  5. Hi,
    I am unable to book for 30th & 31st July Arati (Guru Purnima) on 60 days advance which is yesterday night 12 o’clock. But it’s showing UNAVAILABLE for both Arati and Darshan. Please help……….

  6. Hello,
    I am travelling with a small baby and urgently need Darshan ticket on 7th apr and Kakad aarti ticket on 7th or 8th Apr. Please help me urgently.

  7. Hi,
    I want VIP Darshan tickets on 7-Apr-14 and Kakad aarti ticket on 7th apr or 8th apr. Please help. Ugent

  8. Sir I request. You to arrange 1.00pm darshan. On 27. 4.2015 for two members. Please.

  9. Hello sir I want to present in kakad aarti on 14.02.2015 .Please help me my daughter’s birthday is in 14.02.2015 .really wish that my daughter could take the blessing of sai baba.

  10. i need 3 passes for mandhyan aarti on 15.10.2014. please help me o notify me

  11. subrahmanyam naidu. kilari.

    Plz gime direction of booking kakada harathi; on: 5-9-2014.

  12. Varinder Maggon

    We want to book passes for Dhoop aarti on 16/8/2014 , & Shej aarti 17.8/2014 , for four members. please help me and say me how to money send your account. And booking is confirmed.

  13. yalaka uday saikumar

    i want to book aarati on 24 june can you help me.

  14. Sai ji ,

    We want to book Kakad Arti & seej Arti for two person on 17-8-2014. Please help me.

  15. i want to book a aarti on 23 june..can you help me out…because i try so much but can’t book online..so please help me as soon as possible.

  16. I have been trying to do online booking for kakkad arti for the past 3 days but have been unable to do so…The page never opens ..how does one attend without booking online…pls help.

  17. Please contact me I cant book online for kakda arthi please help me.

  18. I am unable to know how to book online aarti darshan tickets. I am already registered and received a mail also, but i try to login it is not supporting, so please kindly guide me how to register.

    • What is the problem sir? If there is no one to help you, I can be of help. Please contact me (if you still need help) using the Contact link above and I’ll reply immediately.

      • Anonymous (Devotee)

        I waited to book Aarti tickets 60 days in advance for 3 consecutive days. As there is no time for booking (as in IRCTC 60 days in advance, between 8:00 AM – 8: PM) I thought of booking by 12 AM. Each night by 11:50 PM the online site for aarti/darshan booking goes down for maintenance. It flashes message – service is temporary unavailable, or shows some java script/code error, or site is down for maintenance. Around 12:15 AM the site is up, and when I try to book, none of the dates are available for darshan or aarti. How is it possible that all aarti/darshan slots booked within 10-20mts of maintenance time without allowing anyone to login? It means this is intentionally done by the site admin to create chaos, which is really bad. I feel cheated every time. I am really not sure what to do here. All I can say SAI is watching……SABKA MALIK EK……?

        • Assuming you tried this yesterday, 60 days from now will be first week of June. I tried and there are slots available to book in that time.

  19. Help me to book kakad aarti pass for 24/02/14 please Urgent


    For booking darshan and aarthi of lord shirdi sai baba. I am unable to know how to book online.

  21. I want to book only smadhi darshan on 14 october and 15 october morning darshan.

  22. How to book kakadi aarti tickets
    Please give me information.

  23. I am unable to know how to book online aarti darshan tickets. I am already registered and received a mail also, but i try to login it is not supporting, so please kindly guide me how to register.

  24. I am coming to shirdi sai baba mandir on 11th & 12th march 2013, i want details for the accommodation as well as kakad darshan details. We are three people coming on 11th 12’o clock morning. So kindly give me the details for the availability.

  25. b g srinivasa rao

    Dear swamy i want to take aarathi darshan on 29/01/2013 after 4 pm any time please
    help me.
    we [two] are coming from bangalore my self and my wife
    sai ram.

    • Natarajan Ramamurthy

      I have not received any reply to my e mail for booking 6 tickets for Kakad Arti on 29/01/2014 and the method adopted to pay the fees prescribed by the sansthan. Please help me. I am 73 years old and my wife is 69 followed by my relatives totalling 6 members are keen to witness the Baba’s Kakad arti. Hope some guidance will be provided.
      OM sai ram.

      • You can book online from online.sai.org.in site. Fee (Rs.3000 for 6 adults) must be paid online. You can book by going to that site and then to Darshan and select your aarti (kakad) and pay online. Aaarti tickets for 29 are available now.

  26. I want normal darshan passes on 7th jan and kakad aarti passes on 8th jan for 7 people.

  27. Hello i want kakad aarti pass on 9 th of jan 2013.

  28. I want kakada arathi tickets on may first week and i also want dharshan tickets.

  29. Help me to book kakad aarti pass for 15/12/12 please Urgent

  30. I am ravinder i need 6 arati tickets of madhya on 16.12.2012.

  31. muralibalakrishnan

    We require 5 kakad aarthi tickets on 25th December.

  32. I want to know how to book the ticket for kakad arathi at 6.15pm to 7.30pm so please help me by sending details to my email id.

  33. Need 4 tickets for kakad aarthi for the 24 th of dec. Pls let me know how to go about it.

  34. I want 4 passes for 2nd December morning kakkad aarti pls arrange it and in evening also.

  35. shrimati Manju singh

    I want to kakad aarti pass on 23 oct 2012.

  36. I want pass for 14 october kakad arti only.

  37. Please book called Seri for 6 for Tuesday morning tomorrow October 2012.

  38. Krushna Behari Mohanty

    PL tell me how to book kakad aarati ticket in online

  39. I want to book the ticket for early morning aarthi on 2 aug but i am not able to know how to book the passes. If possible can you pls book for 3 members.

  40. pls book for me two tickets shiridi sai baba aarti tickets.

  41. I want aarthi tommorow tht 29-06-12 so i need details how to book the aarthi in online

  42. pls tell me how to book pass to see arati

  43. i want two tickets to dhoop aarti (6.15 to 7.30pm) on 11.06.2012 please help

  44. please tell me how to book kakad aarti tickets online

  45. please help to book ticket for kakad arathi on june 21st of th year for 10 passes

  46. i want to know how to book the ticket for kakad arathi at 6.15pm to 7.30pm so please help me by sending details to my email id

  47. OM SAI RAM !!!! Sir, My name is Falguni Goyal and i have booked a room in Dwarawati for 4 Feb’2012 for 1 day only.My acknowledgement ID is : 69589
    I have given PAN CARD as ID proof, but before 3 days that pan card was misplace, we will try to find out it, but is there any other ID proof like voting card can be produce for Identification.

  48. Help me to book Kakad aarti passes for 20 Jan online

  49. help me to book dharsan and arathi tickets

  50. can u please notify me how to book kakad aarti tickets…
    its very important for us…
    it really matters

  51. darshan online


    Sri. Dikshit,

    On on behalf on behalf of Mrs. Kapoor, sister of Hon’ble Chairman, Principal Bench, Railway Claims Tribunal, who is a stronge believer of Sri Shiridi Baba, who is also aged above 75 years, will be coming to Shiridi Baba Temple for Darshan on 13th August 2011 Morning at 4.00 hours alongwith four others for “Mangala Stanam”. Request to kindly make arrangements for the darshan please. The necessary charges will be paid.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully

    Private Secretary

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