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Sygic Mobile Maps Device code is blank?

Sygic Mobile Maps, as you may know, is a popular Navigation App for mobile phones using various third party Map providers. Now, I’ve purchased this for my Galaxy S Android device, with Maps provided by MapMyIndia. To activate this package, you will need the product code (a 16 digit alpha numeric code), Device ID and an Activation code.

I’ve received my 16 digit Product code from MapMyIndia, but strangely, I cannot find the Device code (or Device ID, both the same) any where. Not in the process of activation, nor at Settings-> About Mobile Maps.

The Device code field is blank. And I need it along with the product code to get the activation code.

Later, I came to know from their support that it could be due to the fact that my Galaxy S doesn’t have an ‘External SD card’. The 16GB internal SD card that comes by default with Galaxy S isn’t actually an SD card, but just a part of my phones Internal memory, at least according to Sygic support team.

I bought an ‘External SD card’ only for this purpose and yes, it was precisely the reason why there wasn’t any device code before. Once I had an External SD card and Synced Maps to that card, there was a Device code that I could use to get my activation code from

But what I fail to understand is why Sygic app failed to generate a device code when I tried to install maps on my Phone’s internal memory, since the Maps (and App) can be installed on either Phone memory or an SD card. Anyway, this is good since the terms clearly mentions one install per device ID. With maps installed in external SD card, I can now move the maps to any other phone, in case I want to, in future. Had it been installed on internal memory of Galaxy S, the maps license would have been limited to that single phone.

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  1. Dear Raghav
    I download 730 mb sygic but not loading into my iphone 4s

  2. João Pedro Machado Lemos

    Gostaria de receber o código para ativar meu mapa do GPS

    • As I said, if you have a Galaxy S, you won’t have a device ID. You’ll have to get a micro SD card and its always better to installed maps on a removable SD card since you can take your maps to any phone that you may use in the future.

  3. Same situation here. I found where it may be related to a file called SDCARD.DLL, and that it was available for d/l on Sygic’s website, but it’s not there (the link was broken). I’m waiting for an answer from Sygic.

  4. Sygic Mobile Maps Activation code?

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