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Sreeram and Bhoomi in an affair? There are reasons

Is there something between Sreeram Chandra and Bhoomi Trivedi of Indian Idol 5 season? I observed few hints of some sort of chemistry between them in the last few episodes. Normally, if there is something like that, the local shooting crew who shoot the show would know it. The hints that I mentioned were from the Camera crew. When ever Judges say something good or bad to either of the two, the camera immediately turns to the other person to show their expressions and it happened quite a few times before.

Last Gaala was a Hema Malini special where Bhoomi was asked if there was any chance of love with any one of the 5 remaining boys. I thought ‘ab yeh pol kholnewala hai’, but she didn’t say anything about Sreeram except that he is ‘Mature’.

Also, on a different occasion when Hussain asked about the girl who sreeram wants to marry, Sreeram said that she need not be from a Telugu family. When asked if she can be a Gujju, he said yes and immediately to cover that up, he also said she can be a bengali, tamil, marathi etc..

Let’s wait and see if this turns out to be anything similar to Sourabhee Kapil jodi and I’ll not be surprised if it actually does.

He’s 24, she’s 21, both singer’s, what’s wrong yar?

Update: The show has been finished and its very difficult to know what’s happening between them now, if there is something going on that is. Individually, Sreeram is currently singing a few Telugu and Hindi songs and is also acting in a lead role in a Telugu movie. While Bhoomi is doing her own stage shows across Gujarat and Maharashtra with her rocking voice. That is what we know as outsiders, but at the back end, there could be a lot of thing going on, or, there could be nothing. Only time will tell.

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  1. NO NO NO sreeram don’t marry bhoomi shes too ugly for you man you deserve way better

  2. Well if someone love someone who are we to be in the middle of them…?

    I have seen Sri Ram saying “…. why only from south/ Telugu family girls?” when asked by someone about his marriage…..

    At the same time Bhoomi and Sreeram’s chemistry in Peeloon gana….. was very good….

    and Bhoomi’s expression was so exiting when asked are you in touch with that girl?

    so nothing wrong if both get married or not….

    But yaar pyaar tho DIL mein rahanaaa……… its not for show put up

    but its Devin… pure, eternal and everlasting…….

    God Bless All true Lovers…

  3. Bhumi didi… Krishna is right and i agree… you do not deserve Ram or singer career… you are time pass. so please NO NO NO.. NO Bhumi ever… never.. not for singing and not for Ram..

  4. Bhumi you should be a house wife.. your voice is so bad to hear… Tia was far better than you… so please forget about singing and go into kitchen and cook… nothing else please.

  5. no. not bhumi please. you deserve better gal than her for sure… she is prudy and with so much attitude… you r kind and down to earth so wait for some more time and you will get a right gal..

  6. sreeram iam very big fan of u i dont like bhoomi she not so beautiful i heard that u and bhoomi r in love bu t plaese dont luv bhoomi i hate her love me by manisha

  7. sreeram u r de best singer.u r the voice of india(andhara).u r the very good singer “ALL THE BEST”

  8. sreeram ur a gud singer ilike u soo much i hope u r de best singer dan bhoomi i hope u will get married with bhoomi “ALL THE BEST”

  9. i think Sreeram and Bhommi are in love.They will become good couple too.
    both are good singers, bhoomi ur luky if u married sreeram….

  10. People, it’s not a Sreeramchandra fan page, the writer is asking you your point of view about Sreeram and Bhoomi’s love. Get real.
    Anyways, yeah I think they both like each other after watching Pee Loon. And I’d love to see them together.. 🙂

  11. hi shreeram it’s me ur fan frm nepal. i love ur singing. u must deserve to be indian idol .i like bhoomi too.best wishes for ur future and.U and bhoomi were look beautiful couple together and wish u were a sucessful couple.byeeeeeee.luv u

  12. Hii sree ram dis izz kashifa ……..Congratulations dude ur in top-5,i’m happi fr dat ..May god bless u….AAP INDIAN IDOL BANENGE…….”ALL D VERY BEST”…

  13. shaik nayeemuddin

    Hi sreeram i’m nayeem i’m big fan of you.I love ur voice so much .i’m from andhra.

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