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SHCIL Online payment

If you are a customer of Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL), now you can pay your Demat/broking related bills online. Simply visit their site and choose ‘Online Bill Payment’ (Blue coloured box). Then enter you Demat details. If you are a NSDL Client, select NSDL enter your client ID and select the DP ID from the drop down (if you’ve received the paper bill, you can find these details in that). Instead, if you are a CDSL Client, select CDSL and enter your Client ID.

Once submitted, you will be shown the Due Amount, verify if it’s correct and proceed to pay the bill (note that you can also pay excess amount to the actual bill which will then be adjusted in your next bill). Or, you can pay part payment and pay the remaining amount any time later before the due date to avoid late payment charges. If you wish to receive payment confirmation message, you may provide your mobile number or your email address on this page.

Various payment options have been provided, such as:

Credit cards: AmEx, MasterCard and Visa

Debit Cards: Visa and MasterCard Debit cards or various Banks and also SBI, BOI, UBI ATM cum Debit card

Internet Banking: Almost all the banks that you might be aware of.

Select your choice of payment, and then you’ll be routed through Billdesk service to the appropriate payment platform.

After the payment has been made, you will be redirect back to SHCIL Page indicating that your payment has been made successfully. This will be reflected in your account with in 3 days. If you paid on the last date, it will be counted as paid with in due time.

Note: If for any reason your payment was not successful and you observe that your money was debited from your bank, your bank will refund the same automatically with in 3-4 days after due verification.

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