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SBI Unhappy service

Unhappy with an Officer/ Clerk in a SBI Branch or did something go wrong with your ATM Transaction? Use the SBI UNHAPPY service to make a bank officials call you and solve your problem instantly.

As a Pilot project, SBI has introduced a new UNHAPPY service in Andhra Pradesh where an SBI customer can simply send an SMS as UNHAPPY if there is something that he didn’t like regarding the Bank’s service. The number to send the SMS is 8008202020 (80-08-20-20-20, easy to remember, too). It has said that over 16 thousand such unhappy customers have sent the SMS and over 75% of the problems were solved instantly, or with in a maximum of 48 hours. According to SBI, this project became so successful that they even consider filing a ‘patent’ for such ‘Instant redressal system’. This instant redressal system will also be expanded to the whole country by the year end.

How does 8008202020 work?

The redressal system is managed by SBI Staff in the State’s Head office and when ever they receive an SMS, they forward the complaint to the concerned branch and push the branch head to resolve it as soon as possible.

(The Fine details: Once you send UNHAPPY to 8008202020, you will instantly get an SMS in reply with an index number which identifies your complaint. The bank will call you in due time to talk to you about the problem you have faced. If it is something they can clear over phone, it will be done then and there or if there’s something wrong with your local branch and they agree with it too, then the Happy team will forward your complaint details to your local branch).

Once this is done, the branch head is required to write on a specially designed portal (for internal use) which will then be updated by the Staff in the Head office (the bank calls this as SBI Happy Room) as resolved, but only after confirming with the customer that their problem is indeed resolved.

Notably, only dedicated staff in the SBI Head office will have the ability to update, edit or delete the complaint which describes the efficiency of the system.

You can also register for SBI SMS alerts to get notified when there is a transaction in your account.

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  1. I have SBI SB account, when I tried to add third party it ask for Profiles password, but bank never provided one, once i went to bank done all the procedures but employees never respond or update details which they collected from us. now even after profile password it is say you are not authorised to transfer or add beneficiary, i need to transfer money urgently to my friend as he is in need but i am stuck here and help less.

    • You should have transaction rights to transfer money. You can’t do this yourself. You should unfortunately go to bank again.

  2. premlata sharma

    I had opened an FD @ 6.5% for 45 days in your SBI Bank Sector-5 Rajender nagar branch (branch code no. 04366) when I had enquired after 45 days, I was informed by one of SBI staff that FD has auto renewal process & it would extend for next 45 days own it’s own every completion period. After that I left that FD on auto renewal process. To known the status of FD I enquired on 24/08/13 again then one of your staff informed that your FD was close on 11/06/13 I enquired about interest status for the period of 11/06/13 to 24/08/13, they denied me for any interest for above said period.
    Please look into the matter & give me the interest for the above said period according to the rule of bank.

  3. I Have a Saving Bank Account in State Bank Of India.
    I have no internet Banking, Atm Card Service so i Applied so many times at my sbi branch but there is no response.

  4. I am going to your branch in indore (Agrawal Nagar ) for opening a currant a/c but Mr. kumawat was not responding & his behavior is very poor after i going to manager cabin but Mr. manager was talking with mobile. I stand his cabin 15 minutes but he is not responding to me.


    As per my STDR account with sbi mehsana branch I am submitted 15 H every year but every year deducted tds on my tdr interest while I am submitted 15H my tds amount not refunded by pay order or not credited in my sb account while my visit with sbi mehsana I don’t get any good response by sbi mehsana br. That result is I am going to the banking ombudsman. My complaint dt.28/08/2012 didn’t get any response by sbi or sbi mehsana brance tiil today so I am very unhappy and unlucky man in india with sbi and my loss of Rs.6135/ so all my account closed and transfer to other bank so no more any financial loss by sbi mehsana branch.


    Mine and my another Share holder name (Jagdish R. Khadia, false account has been opened by your Branch at C.G.Road Ahmedabad. We have already spoken on every alternate day since 2 months and have sent mail to your Branch manager Mr. Verghese and AGM Mr. Kothari and Mr. Rao. Till date no result at all. We are interested our money only not spoil any body’s career or Branch reputation.
    We don’t know why such time passing to collect the detail/Detail submitted submitted at the time opening accounts, we want see the photo and documents verified by your authority, but they are refusing that it is our internal matter and we can’t show you.
    Now, the last resort we have to file the Police Complaint to find out such culprits for whom your bank has issue Welcome Kit.

  7. SBI never looks to the small customers
    such unsatisfied service never found.

  8. The mobie number is 8008202020

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